A fresh revamping for the 2016 election cycle. The site now works as a “responsive” design meaning you’ll see the same site on a desktop or mobile device and it will scale appropriately based on screen size.

There will be some bugs to work out so I appreciate any and all feedback, both good and bad. If you find anything that doesn’t work, please let me know so I can fix it.

Please give it a test drive, make some comments, and let me know what you think. My goal was keeping a simple, easy-to-use interface while updating it to be compatible with web standards of today. The original design, from late 2009, was unable to cut it any longer with the proliferation of mobile decides which now make up about 50% of all traffic.


    • So you’d prefer the front page stories stacked rather than the blocks side by side? I kind of agree, I was skeptical of that change but wanted to get some feedback first.

      Can’t go back to the old design, it’s too old and inefficient for anything but desktop visits.

      Thanks for the constructive feedback.

      • Nate — I see that you added ‘Recent Posts’ to the right side (as it was before). This makes it much better — seeing their chronological order. If you make this print bolder (and possibly bigger…different color?) that would make it perfect. The blocks on the left side will then be fine as ‘newspaper’ type page.

        • Like I said, a work in progress. My goal is to keep things as close to the old design in terms of placement. I hate it when sites redesign and nothing is where it used to be so I’m trying to prevent that. I’ll work on the font sizes and colors today. Things look a bit too small to me.

  1. I like the new set up. It’s modern and convenient. Maybe no one is posting Surfisher because they have nothing to say as opposed to hearing their own empty voice.

  2. Here’s my 2-cents. The old design had two places to get back and forth to other threads. This only has one, and it’s sort of hidden at the bottom. I guess once we know it’s the tiny line at the bottom, it should be ok.

    • Are you looking at this on a desktop computer or a mobile phone? I thought you often use a phone so this should work much better for you.

  3. Two cents more: I found it confusing that “next post” refers to the last post, and “previous post” refers to the next post. But, no big deal.

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