Only days after the 2014 midterms, talk of 2016 is growing everyday (welcome new traffic) and supporters of Hillary Clinton are wasting no time in prepping the groundwork for her likely (inevitable?) run.


Report from USAToday:

Groups backing Hillary Rodham Clinton’s likely candidacy, for instance, plan major gatherings with donors in the weeks ahead. On Nov. 20, a super PAC called Correct the Record will hold a lunch with current and prospective donors in New York City. A day later, top donors to another pro-Clinton group, Ready for Hillary, will meet for a strategy session.

“When the clock struck 12, the Republican and Democratic presidential races sort of started, even though we don’t know what the field looks like,” said David Brock, the founder of pro-Democratic American Bridge, an opposition-research group. Correct the Record is an American Bridge arm focused on defending Clinton’s record.

Another pro-Clinton super PAC, Priorities USA Action, is starting outreach to contributors “to begin building for the 2016 cycle,” said Peter Kauffman, the group’s spokesman. The group had avoided fundraising until after the midterms.

For Hillary, Republican wins in the 2014 midterms could be a benefit since it will take some focus off President Obama. Hillary will be able to run against Congress, a body with lower approval ratings than a root canal, and avoid being tied to the Obama administration.

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