Only days after the 2014 midterms, talk of 2016 is growing everyday (welcome new traffic) and supporters of Hillary Clinton are wasting no time in prepping the groundwork for her likely (inevitable?) run.

Report from USAToday:

Groups backing Hillary Rodham Clinton’s likely candidacy, for instance, plan major gatherings with donors in the weeks ahead. On Nov. 20, a super PAC called Correct the Record will hold a lunch with current and prospective donors in New York City. A day later, top donors to another pro-Clinton group, Ready for Hillary, will meet for a strategy session.

“When the clock struck 12, the Republican and Democratic presidential races sort of started, even though we don’t know what the field looks like,” said David Brock, the founder of pro-Democratic American Bridge, an opposition-research group. Correct the Record is an American Bridge arm focused on defending Clinton’s record.

Another pro-Clinton super PAC, Priorities USA Action, is starting outreach to contributors “to begin building for the 2016 cycle,” said Peter Kauffman, the group’s spokesman. The group had avoided fundraising until after the midterms.

For Hillary, Republican wins in the 2014 midterms could be a benefit since it will take some focus off President Obama. Hillary will be able to run against Congress, a body with lower approval ratings than a root canal, and avoid being tied to the Obama administration.


  1. Nate;

    I disagree! I don’t think Sec. Clinton can distance her self from the administration after her questionable results serving through the first four years. Or at least that should be the focus of any republican candidate. Is the Democratic party dead? NO not by a long shot but this repudiation of the administration will carry over and make it harder to sell her big government and the War on Women malarkey. How many republican women won in this past election? Finally as I believe Nate pointed out previously (and if not Sen. Paul did) “If the Clinton brand is so popular why did the candidates they campaigned for get trounced?

    • I’m not saying she can distance herself, I think that will be the strategy. I think she will run on a platform of “here’s what I would have done….”

      • I agree. The Clintons never really got over the fact that Obama beat them. While they did stump like crazy, they’re going to portray that loss as “Barry’s fault.”

        They’ll point to Bill’s surprising popularity, and say they can give you a “two-fer,” and that, as you say, things would have been different if Hillary had been the top dog for the past six years. They’ll try to paint the 90s as Camelot revisited.

        On the other hand, I still think people will still be sick of the Bushs and Clintons and Romneys and anyone else who seems like royalty. I expect a new face to pop up for Dems, and if the GOP can’t find a new face, too, good luck to them.

        • It was hinted even back in the 1990’s that we had a duel presidency with the Clintons. I pointed out my opinion on the naïve view that Mrs. Clinton will be able to mirror her husbands economic success in the “Hillary Channels Elizabeth Warren……….” thread. As far as things being different the past 6 years we can only speculate but based on how she has been handling gaffes lately it doesn’t seem likely.
          I hope you are correct about some new faces popping up on the national leadership scene. I’m ready for one or two in both parties.

          • I sure hope so. If we have a Bush-Clinton run, I’m going to turn off all media. If Willard runs again, I don’t know what I’ll do.

  2. The only thing Hillary can do is raise a ton of money trying to buy the election — I’ll bet there are enough anti-Americans that will fill her coffers to the brim.

    Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. said it best when gun-grabbing advocate, the anti-American Zionist billionaire Michael Bloomberg, spent a ton of money to unseat him: “I trust the voters. The voters can’t be bought.” And Sheriff Clarke was proven right — he won!

    This same anti-American billionaire Michael Bloomberg (the former Mayor of New York City that banned Big-Gulp soft drinks and salt at tables in restaurants…?!?) spent 50,000,000 Dollars ( $50,000,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!) of his own money trying to buy votes for the gun-grabbing candidates he financed in 2014 — and got his Zionist teeth kicked in, for they all lost!

    The message is Loud and Clear — you can buy all the ads, but cannot buy our votes!

    The same will happen to Hillary — the people will question: “What is wrong with you, to need so much money to run?”
    And the answers to what is wrong with her are many and very disturbing.

    Read below how this American Patriot stood up and defeated a world-money-power Zionist (with a net worth of $34 billion, he is the eleventh-richest person in the United States and the sixteenth-wealthiest in the world) — the anti-American Michael Bloomberg:

  3. 101 reasons why all Real Americans should pull for Hillary Clinton to become the Dems nominee 2016 (since she is the one candidate that is 100% guaranteed to lose, and thus suck dry all funds for the other Dems):

    1) This election showed that Clinton has become a dirty word — wherever she and poor hubby campaigned, their chosen lost!

    2) Whitewater — Insider trading enriches Hillary, and when the Clintons are in the White House, the person that could testify on Hillary’s criminal insider trading, dies “mysteriously”. And the rest of The Hillary Clinton Dead Pool:

    3) “Who cares” — she exclaimed on the Benghazi deaths of Americans under her watch as Secretary of State.

    4) There is so much American blood on Hillary’s hands, that even a Pontious Pilate can’t wash way!

    5) – 101) Come 2016 Hillary will be so old, ugly and decrepit, that no heterosexual male would ever vote for such a hag on looks alone!

    Go Hitlery, go!

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