Another fast moving story but here’s an open thread to post thoughts and comments. There are so many major international stories happening right now and we haven’t even touched on Russia and the Ukraine.

Report from NBC News:

The United States dropped laser-guided bombs on ISIS artillery in Iraq on Friday, the Pentagon said — the beginning of airstrikes threatened a day earlier by President Barack Obama.

The bombs, 500 pounds each, were dropped by two Navy F-18 fighter jets near Erbil, the strategically important city that serves as the Kurdish capital, and where the United States has a consulate. ISIS was using the artillery to shell Kurdish forces defending Erbil, the Pentagon said.

The fighter jets took off from the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush, in the Persian Gulf. The mission marked a return to U.S. military engagement in Iraq, three years after Obama removed U.S. forces.

Obama, in a speech Thursday night from the White House, said that he was authorizing airstrikes to protect American interests in Iraq and drops of food and water for tens of thousands of refugees trapped by ISIS on a mountain in Iraq.

After getting out of Iraq, President Obama is forced to commit the US military to a continued role of security fighting against radical Islamic terrorists who have established a foothold in the northern part of the country.


  1. Being serious for a moment. Does anyone believe that simply air strikes will do any good without putting boots on the ground which according to the administration is a definite NO? I’m not talking about “humanitarian aid drops” but strategic air strikes against the ISIS. When you (President Obama) announce your intentions of pulling out well in advance and have no regard to the out come taking punitive “pin prick actions” (I believe John Kerry referred to them in Syria) isn’t going to matter.

    • My problem with American foreign policy is that we always wait until something goes wrong before we do something (assuming we should be doing anything outside our borders).

      First, we should have intensive diplomacy that tells other countries what matters to us, and to find out what THEY really care about.

      Second, we should have long-term “what-if” plans for every possible contingency. We shouldn’t have to think about what to do–now. We should already be prepared.

      BUT–again, why is this any of our business? And why are WE attacking “the Islamic State”? Iraq seems doomed to becoming three states–Kurd, Sunni, Shi’ite. This gang wants to take over the Sunni part. They’re Sunni.

      Saudi Arabia should be concerned, since “the Islamic State” wants to rule over their peninsula, too. But the Saudi’s have been funding “IS” against Syria. Just as we funded al Qaeda against the Russians.

      GHW Bush knew how to handle crap like this–begin by building the largest LEGITIMATE coalition (not some sillyass “coalition of the willing”). Then, act together. The “First Gulf War” was the only war we made a profit on. And it was our shining hour.

  2. It will be curious to see how the current world situation plays out and affects the EVOLVING foreign policy views of Sen. Paul in his presidential ambitions.

    • I agree. He has tried to walk with one foot in the Libertarian camp, with the other tapdancing with the NeoCons.

      RON Paul says we started the trouble in Ukraine, that there’s nothing but propaganda spewing about the downed airliner, that Gaza shows Israel’s true ambitions, and a lot of other stands that Rand will totally reject. YET, he thinks Ron’s supporters will wander, willy-nilly behind him.

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