One of the few who hasn’t denied any interested, he’s simply stated that he needs time to consider the prospects of launching such an endeavor. Well, count him a few steps closer as of today.

Report from the Washington Times:

Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon turned conservative sensation, is taking a major step toward a 2016 presidential bid by forming a political action committee and selecting the man who would run his campaign, The Washington Times has learned.

Emerging from two-days of meetings with supporters in Palm Beach, Fla., Dr. Carson told the Times on Friday morning he has selected Houston businessman Terry Giles to be his 2016 campaign chairman should he run and approved the formation of a PAC called One Nation.

“Now is the time to start all of the appropriate exploration and investigation, and put down the structure that is necessary,” Dr. Carson said in a phone interview.

Asked about the likelihood he will run for president in 2016, Dr. Carson said: “I would say we are definitely a step or two closer than we were a year ago.”

He said the outcome of the 2014 elections in which Republicans are trying to seize control of the Senate would be a major factor, and that his new PAC would try to support candidates with similar viewpoints as his.

“Obviously we are very interested in what happens in November,” he said. “And if the people also continue to show strong desire for me to run, obviously that would be an important factor too.”

He’s got a campaign manager and a political action committee. Clearly he is giving this a lot of serious consideration to the point of taking the next logical steps if he does decide to fight the 2016 fight.


  1. Ah, what passes for news these days. This is hardly a “scoop.” He announced it. And what is the news? That he hired a campaign manager. I don’t remember that being “news” in any campaign by any candidate of any party in the past.

    On the other hand, it would be nice if we would consider disingenuousness when we view candidates. He hired a CAMPAIGN MANAGER, yet is claiming that he’s not “yet” a candidate.

    I don’t think Ron Paul ever participated in such dishonest charades.

      • Not criticizing you. Just so sick of the silly “I’m not a candidate yet” so-called-news. It’s not really “news” until they DO commit.

        The 24/7 news cycle has given us all this non-news to fill time–like the hundreds of hours dedicated to “we don’t really know where the lost airplane is, but we’ll talk about the fact that we don’t know anything.”

  2. Carson is a decade too late — Obama used up the black card already.
    Americans won’t fall for it again, since they got burned last time.

    Now — REAL NEWS:

    “US” President Netanyahu warns our Gov “not to ever second guess me again”!

    What arrogance to know He can tell the USA what to do….!

    And naturally Obama & Co. does a 180 and obeys this Zionist’s orders to the USA!

    Time to impeach Obama and shut down AIPAC — enough shame!

    • Hmmmm seems to me you have it ass backwards. The UNITED STATES IS THE ARROGANT ONE DICTATING TO A SOVEREIGN NATION ISRAEL WHAT TO DO TO PROTECT THEMSELVES. And the kicker is IT ISN’T EVEN GOOD ADVICE WE ARE GIVING THEM. Bibi should tell President Obama “You should worry about protecting your own country and stop holding children hostages on your border like the Hamas.” Hamas has no qualms about strapping bombs to their children and sending them into Israeli markets and pizza joints why the concern about their children now?

      • Bob — are you one of these bought Christian Zionists, like Hannity and Bill O’Reilly (spouting Zionist propaganda while rightfully bashing idiot Obama, in order to justify the TWO WRONGS)?

        This video of bombing Gaza indiscriminately is soooo disturbing. Shows Israel leveling a housing block to the ground in one hour (regardless who lives there — Palestinian families with women and children, terrorists, Hamas — makes no difference, just kill’em all?)!

        But instead of an outrage from the USA, Netanyahu orders our Gov NEVER to questions his actions AGAIN!

        Shows who is in command of our foreign policy — a Foreigner, not an American!

          • Christian Zionist Bob — if it isn’t our problem, then why do we still give Israel 3+Billion Dollars a year in FREE Aid (mostly military)…?

            Christian Zionist Bob — what an unconscious shill you are, did you miss the point that when Netanyahu spoke, our leaders did a back-flip…?!

            • The ultimate definition of an “Ugly American’ where you think you can dictate to another country whether they live or die because you give aid. They aren’t a colony and YOUR PRESIDENT ISN’T GOD!
              We might as well stop giving aid to the one free country (and at one time the ONE ALLIE) in the Middle East. With friends like the United States has been in the last 5 years Israel doesn’t need enemies.

            • Bob — gotcha!

              You state: “They [Israel] aren’t a colony and YOUR PRESIDENT ISN’T GOD!”

              You are not an American — but EXPOSED NOW as an Israeli Zionist shill POSTING HERE (an American would have said: “Our President” not YOUR PRESIDENT)!

              Keep on posting here, Dear Mossadist, and I’ll bebunk all your Zionist propaganda here!

              That’s a promise — from a Real American!

      • Christian Zionist Bob (it’s good to own the media), but;

        Former IDF Soldiers turn Whistle-blowers on Israeli Terror Tactics:

        “the amazing distance of what is actually happening, and what is being reported by the media…”

        “who decides which Palestinian house is to be destroyed — the Israeli officers on the field”

      • Christian Zionist Bob (it’s good to own the media), but;

        ALL Israeli youth are FORCED to join the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) as solders — refusal to do so lands most in jail!

        And saying that “Defense” is an acronym for OCCUPY foreign land — definitely puts one in jail!

  3. Surfisher;
    On the other side of “You Decide Politics” is a man named D.E.Landreaux who writes extensively on the Mid-East problem. I never see you post anything on your beliefs over there. This thread was originally meant to deal with the candidacy of Ben Carson and we are getting away from that here. Let’s focus on the topic eh?
    Oh ….and while calling me a “Christian Zionist” may make you believe you are in command of the discussion it has no affect on me what so ever.

    • Christian Zionist Bob — you opened the door by responding to my posts (as who is the Real US President, and who runs our foreign policy).

      And no matter how you obfuscate, I got you nailed as a Zionist tool!

      Why don’t you cry to Nate and beg him to sensor my posts, so you don’t look the fool.

      • When did I ever complain that your post need to be censored? I answered your post for the simple reason of it being wrong in my opinion. There was no “DOOR BEING OPENED” by me as you infer. You are the one who opened the door with this thought thread.
        You can peg me as what ever you like. As you remember I refused to answer you on numerous occasions because I don’t think to highly of your name calling and low intellect. Seeing that we can’t agree and this thread started about Ben Carson I bid you farewell.
        P.S. Your last name wouldn’t be “Hedges” would it?

  4. On Carson – Unfortunately Surfisher is correct, America will not let another Black (regardless of who he is) as POTUS for a very a very long time – Obama fk’d that up, and Blacks or Browns won’t vote for him cause he is a Pub & Independents because of Obama & Dems because 30% wouldn’t vote non Dem even if the Dem was al Qaeda.

    Surfisher – You are very obviously antisemitic (specifically anti-Jew – Semite actually includes Jews / Arabs). Maybe you are a Terrorist at heart or least sympathetic to the Muslim Fundamentalists – both Shi’ite and Sunni. As a correlation for the present day I suggest you have a neighbor lob some grenades in your background and on your roof and exactly your reaction. From a historical standpoint look up Semite and that is who occupied that land prior to the Jews civilizing it. A few years ago (1917 Balfour & 1947 the U.N.??) granted that that land become a Jewish nation where all flavors of Semites lived previously. In ’48 .5 to .7K Arabs either left or were forced out because they did not want to live with Jews. They found that no other Arab nation wanted them so they wanted to come back and claim what they thot was theirs. Both “tribes” have valid claims but using Terrorism is not the way to go.

    • Sam:

      I didn’t realize we were having this discussion, since I didn’t know I had to change my Disqus settings to get replies from others.

      As I said before, I don’t believe America is ready for another Black president, back-to-back. When I said it before, I was called a racist for it. C’est la vie.

      As for the Israeli invasion:

      I object to the current action being called a “war.” That’s like calling a dad beating his 6-year-old with the buckle end of his belt–a “fair fight.”

      This began because of missiles sent toward Israel (but hardly ever hurting anyone, ever). Since the missiles do no harm, why do they do it? Because if they don’t, the world totally forgets that they are there, languishing, anguishing–and they’ll be doomed to another 60 years in the concentration camp that is Gaza. It’s an act of desperation by people who have no power.

      And the response? Over a thousand Palestinians dead, including hundreds of children, oh, along with THREE Israeli civilians.

      Can it REALLY be conscionable to destroy Gaza’s ONLY power plant–and gloat about it? Is that really an ethical or even legal use of force?

      Gaza’s problem is that they are under Israel’s boot, and nobody in the world cares. And when there are negotiations over their fate, they’re not even asked to the table.

      I think Israel has a “right to exist,” but I believe that a Palestinian State has just as MUCH right to exist. Israel has consistently denied Palestine’s right to exist.

      If there were such a separate state, the Palestinians would have “something to lose.” Now, they don’t. So they do dumb things. Gut-wrenching.

      • Goethe – If you go back far enough into history, Arabs and Jews (Semites) are brothers and the Jews formalized a religion in the Bronze age (>1300B.C.) and the Arabs didn’t formalize a religion till 632 A.D. – So when Big Daddy decided formally in ’47 to give one brother’s people (Jews) a specific land mass to consolidate; the other brother’s people got pissed and left that area or the Jew brother kicked them out.

        Then in ’67 the Arab brother got a whole bunch of buddies(?) together and started a 6 day war – the Arabs got their butts kicked and lost even more land. The area that they had left was occupied by Arabs called Palestinians and the land renamed to Gaza and West Bank.

        Sadly, the Jews started to put restrictions in and the Palestinians were weak so they called on outside brothers(?) to help. As it turned out these brothers became fanatics and terrorists. All Arabs (at least 90 some %) follow religious passages that declare that any non-Muslims (including Jews and Christians) are Pond Scum and especially the people in the homeland of the brother Jews must be eradicated.

        The Jews were smart enough to build an alliance with a Big Daddy called the U.S. who helped them build a defensive missile system to protect them from brother Arabs. That specifically !! is why there aren’t more dead Jews. The Arabs would probably give their left testicles if their rockets would get thru the ‘Iron Dome’ and kill thousands of Jews.

        It is pure blind thought to think that the Arab terrorists are firing rockets just to get attention – they want to eradicate Jews, pure and simple.

        The native Palestinians are being seriously USED by fundamental Terrorists and putting Palestinian children up as shields. Hamas is NOT Palestinian – they are terrorists from all over the region – they could care less, even cheer if a Palestinian child is killed.

        Hamas fires thousands of rockets day after day, even during cease fires – they could care less if all Palestinians are killed if they could just kill all the Jews.

        The Jews are past the point of caring what the world thinks – If some asshole is going to fire a rocket at them they are going to take ’em out.

        Goethe – I have no skin or emotion in this mess – but this is an outside view.

        • Sam;
          It would seem the people annoyed by Israel missile strikes are fixated on demanding a “Proportionary response” where if a Hamas missile hits in the middle of a vacant lot they expect Israel to do the same. They are upset that Hamas is using indiscriminate and inaccurate bombing while Israel’s is pinpoint aerial bombing. The United Nations even indicated this past week that Israel may be brought up on “war crimes” because they have “The Iron Dome” and aren’t sharing it with the Hamas. This “tit for tat” strategy for waging war sounds an awful like the people we have here in the States that demand “Equal Outcome” but is asinine to expect Israel to fight a war with people who swear “Death To All Jews” and wish to wipe your country off the map. As I’m assure you are aware “tit for tat” will do nothing but prolong the conflict and get more of your people killed and maimed.This is why Hamas must rely on terrorist tactics such as kidnapping, land mines, and suicide bombings as their main weapon.

          This game boy mentality seems to be catching on in United States politics as well where we show our intentions beforetime by announcing a withdrawal date months ahead of when we are going to pull our troops out and Speaker Boehner announces “Congress won’t impeach the President” nor “defund unconstitutional acts” by the President.
          When you stick your finger in some ones eye often enough and they have a past history of a strong defense capability (as you outlined) and your technology stinks you can expect to get a good ol’e fashion ass kicking. This isn’t disturbing or gut wrenching ….just head scratching why anyone decides to constantly go that route.

          • Bob: regardless your silly circumlocutions, the fact remains that Israel is nothing but a terrorist State — the new Nazis — that won’t stop expending into Gaza until they exterminate all Palestinians there and make that land their own (Israel has already started this process with their illegal settlements there)!

            What’s left of Gaza has become a concentration camp under Israel — and that’s an indisputable fact.

            • Surfisher:
              I have yet to hear or see where Israel Is not advocating Palestinians right to exist outside of the Palestinian rhetoric and programmed propaganda films aimed at gullible Americans in order to draw sympathy.

              My writings aren’t “circumlocutions” but commonly referred to as expressing a thought in a coherent sentence without reverting to name calling. Try it sometime!

            • Bob — I was being nice calling your writings on this subject circumlocutions (while many of your other posts are very astute and correct).

              So, here is my conclusion — defending Israel makes you a Zionist shill.

              Do you also support AIPAC — answer this (so all can see your REAL stance).

            • I will have to read the AIPAC policy statement than I know at this time to answer that. I will answer at that time.

            • Bob — you need to be educated on AIPAC…?!

              Wow — and I thought you had a handle on US politics…..

            • Bob: Israel is “denying”Palestine’s right to exist by standing in the way every time Palestinians have tried to form a state. Currently, they just want to be seen as a state in the United Nations.

              And, of course, Israel’s lapdog (USA) goes along, and since we’re a pitbull lapdog, we get our way, or I should say, we get Israel’s way.

              If we were smart, and if the world were smart, we would do whatever we could to allow the building of an INDEPENDENT Palestinian state–because if they had “something to lose,” they would see things differently.

            • Goethe:
              Israel offered to cede parts of Israel for a Palestinian capital in 2000,2001 and 2008 and Palestinian leaders refused. Clearly territory is not the issue to the Palestinians here but Israel’s existence. In addition the Palestinians refuse to continue direct negotiations unless Israel makes concessions on the very issues that are to be negotiated.
              You are welcome to your opinion but lets not airbrush history.

        • Sam: Yes, I do believe that Hamas sends missiles just to get attention. They KNOW they’re not going to hit anything.

          Where they make their big mistake is by being indiscriminate. If they focused ONLY on the illegal settlements, they could say they are making a point–and the world would get their point.

          As it is, nobody condones the rockets.

    • Sam — I’m disappointed at your labeling me as such.

      I am anti-terrorist, anti-Nazi, anti-dictatorship and anti-Zionist.


      Unfortunately, while the Muslim NUTS fall under category 1 and 2 (terrorists and dictators), the State of Israel covers all four!

  5. Americans were loved everywhere you traveled in the Free World in the 1960′ and 1970′ — from personal experience. Even in 1984 in West Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Italy, Spain (not France) — saying I’m an American was a positive.

    Then it all changed until we became the most hated people in the 21st Century!


    Because as the decades passed, the US Government became an unilateral arm for ever increasing military support of the Terrorist State of Israel — AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) kept on growing until these Zionists got to determine who got elected for political office in the US. And thus the snowball effect of our downfall started.

    Unless we, Real Americans, put a stop to AIPAC, it’s only going to get worse for US!
    Remember the 1972 Olympic in Munich, Germany?

    Arab terrorists killed a few Israeli athletes (in protest of the State of Israel killing thousand of Palestinians).

    No Arab terrorists killed any American athletes back then! Why? Because at that time we were not their enemy — only the Nazi State of Israel was.

    This despicable act of killing innocent Israeli athletes, gave a big media putsch to the Israeli Lobby in USA, until they now get to have the final word which American gets elected, and which one does not (owning the mainstream media for decades is a nearly insurmountable advantage, since they get to brainwash generations).

    So, in 1972 no Muslim Nuts attacked US! Neither in the 1980’s — when we were helping them to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.

    It all started AFTERWARDS — in the 1990’s, when AIPAC had clearly taken control of our Gov and UNILATERALLY started supporting Israel’s policy of Scorched Earth to expand their Territory, and we did everything they told us to do! How shameful is that!

    This is the POLICY that created Muslim terrorists, not just going after Israel, but FOR THE FIRST TIME going after Americans, and the USA!

    And the more we support The New Nazis, the Terrorist State of Israel, and their daily genocidal atrocities — the more Muslim terrorists will be created against US!

    The solution is easy — cut off ALL Foreign Aid (starting with Israel)!

    End AIPAC — as a foreign subsidized entity that is working against USA!

    Warn the Muslim World that once we’ve cut cut off the poison that is Israel, if they ever harm a single American — we’ll turn them into a wasteland!

    • Our “Muslim Brotherhood” loving President seems to think the same as you and how did that work out?

      • Bob — what a silly reply.

        Just because Idiot Obama got one right from 10,000 wrong — it’s called statistics — he was bound to find an acorn, as a blind pig does once in a while.

        Still, you have not answered — do you support AIPAC (and what it stands for)?

      • Bob: get educated on the most powerful and the most pernicious anti-American Lobby in USA — AIPAC, the ones that get most of our congressmen and senators elected…who then have to have to follow this American Israeli Political Action Committee dictates (Zionists, Inc… in short) or else NEVER get reelected!

        The few that refuse to follow AIPAC are the Tea Party and Libertarians — thus, the media gets to destroy them.

  6. Surfisher;

    Yes I research things before I give knee jerk responses. I find it makes you look less a fool . You should try it sometime.

    Case in point your link to a “You Tube” video on the AIPAC was put together by a group called “American Free Press” who has writers that are described as “conspiracy theories,Anti-seminitic and Holocaust deniers”. One writer named James Edwards host a show entitled “Political Cesspool” and is broadcast as a service on the NEO-NAZI “STORMFRONT”

    The above came from the Wikipedia on “American Free Press”:


    • Bob — shooting the messengers, in order to discredit the truth…?!

      Yep, you are an anti-American Zionist.

    • Silly Bob — what utter nonsense.

      The Kingdom of Judea lost their lands in Roman times — about 2,000 years ago — so have no valid claim on them.

      Why not give Greece half of Turkey now — since they lost it 800 years ago.

      Or Belgium back to France?

      I expected some semblance of intelligence from you — but your blind support of the Foreign Nation of Israel to the DETRIMENT of our USA — denotes you to be either a Zionist shill, or a nincompoop.

      • Surfisher;

        Boy you are such a gullible fool! “Presstv” which you give as a link to your above post is “A 24 hour English language news organization OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN BROADCASTING”

        That’s twice you used links that are views from the same people who swear “DEATH TO ALL JEWS” What’s that called again? Oh yeah “USEFUL IDIOTS” Don’t waste my time with these so called expert videos.

        • ZioBob — 2nd time you attempt shooting the messenger, hoping to stop the message.

          AIPAC is a cancer in American politics — and your support of this pernicious Zionist organization makes you their shill.

          I got you pegged — you are not interested in Libs and Dems losing so we can restore our Republic. Your interest is in conservatives winning, that hopefully will continue to follow the war agenda to protect the Nazi-like State of Isreal at the expense of more American lives.

    • Just for Fun (posted this but it disappeared, sorry for reposting it):

      Next James Bond movie will feature a new super villain: “Obama, the Man with the Golden Pen”….

      What’s the difference between Simba and Obama?

      Simba is an African lion, Obama is a lyin’ African….

  7. “Four pro Israeli items were removed from the 2012 Democratic platform by president Obama. One being “The United States should continue to isolate Hamas until it renounces terrorism.” The removal of that line was an indication that President Obama was about to give legitimacy to Hamas.”

    From the article entitled: “Do Democrats Regret Stripping (And Not Replacing) Anti-Hamas Language From 2012 Platform”

    • ZioBob — posting a Zionist site “Yid with Lid” to have your message heard, while bashing my posts…trying to kill the messenger in order to stop the message?!

      LOL — I got you spotted 100%, kid!

      You are nothing but a little Zionist shill that wants to protect your precious Fascist Israel, and cares naught about the restoration of our Free Nation — the Republic of USA!

      I got you spotted, and you ain’t gonna get away with posting your tripe here — in other words: “Make my day, punk!”

  8. Just for fun:

    Next James Bond movie will feature a new super villain: “Obama, the Man with the Golden Pen”….

    What’s the difference between Simba and Obama?
    Simba is an African lion, Obama is a lyin’ African….

  9. Nate: Perhaps you remove anything but “Carson” from this page and start a new page for the Israel. Most people don’t know we’re having a heated discussion on the topic, since they didn’t give a rip about Carson.

    Then, we could have a new discussion page about Israel. It could any of several angles, such as, “will the cease fire hold this time?” Then, we could move all the Israel discussion to that page.

    • Goethe — too much work.

      All Nate has to do is change the Title to: “Ben Carson a non-entity in upcoming politics, while Israel a major issue!”

      • Yeah, but my point was that we’d have to start a NEW page in order to announce that this discussion is going on. People saw “Carson” and yawned, so they don’t know this discussion is happening.

  10. I was thinking about the founding of Israel he other day, and I looked at it from another angle.

    During WWII, Catholics were also persecuted by Hitler, although to a much less degree, of course. But let’s say the Europeans felt bad about that, and wanted to get rid of Catholics, fearing that they might have to pay reparations, or for whatever reason.

    What if they decided that Roman Catholics should be resettled around Rome, which is the center of their faith? What if they moved out all non-Catholics within, say, a hundred mile radius of Vatican City. Puts things into a different perspective.

    The idea of a reverse diaspora was a really bizarre idea. It’s not like Russian or American or Polish Jews were going “home.” And part of the problem is that most Jews don’t look like the Jews who really did live there. Most intermarried with Aryans, and are not the same. So the comparison to Catholics above gives a different light.

    Another problem is that Britain had taken charge of the area from the Ottoman Empire. And it was their idea to move in a bunch of Caucasians. It’s important to note that EVERY nation in the area was AGAINST the founding of Israel. That gets into the concept of “self-determination.” The world community should have negotiated the point with the neighbors. Taking people for grated is why we keep getting into these problems.

    I’m not arguing against Israel’s “right to exist.” I’m just saying that I can understand why people in that area feel that it was another power grab by colonial white folks.

  11. Bob: You’re actually making an argument for Surfisher’s viewpoint. Why on EARTH should an American presidential political platform focus on such minutia? Hamas is totally irrelevant to America’s well being.

    We are so focused on Israel that we have endangered ourselves. Did you know that the Republican platform has only ONE reference to Egypt, our long-time partner–and that’s to say they should be nice to Israel. The Dem platform, likewise, tells Egypt and Jordan to be nice to Israel.

    Why do we want to prevent nuclear weapons in Iran? The GOP platform says because their nuclear program, “threatens America, ISRAEL, and the world.” (p 50) Such nonsense. And why is our main purpose in life to protect Israel, anyway?

    Free Trade? Well, it’s our pact with Israel that’s important (p.6).

    Human rights? The platform says THE UNITED STATES cannot support the human rights program as long as the UN disapproves of Israel’s actions. (p. 45) Why on earth should WE abstain because of THEM?

    There’s an entire section pledging “unequivocal” support for Israel (p 49). Why is that the only country we care about? And why “unequivocal?? That’s my complaint. No matter what Israel does, they know their “big brother” will beat the snot out of anyone who complains.

    And it’s not just the GOP.

    Dems promise “unshakable” commitment to Israel (p. 26). So, again, no matter what they do, right? During the Vietnam War, people shouted, “My Country, Right or Wrong.” Now, I guess it’s “Israel, Right or Wrong.”

    And why do Dems have to specifically mention Hamas, when they promise to–
    –Have an “Unshakable commitment,”
    –“a strong and secure Israel”
    –“DESPITE BUDGETARY CONSTRAINTS. . .increase security assistance to Israel EVERY single year”
    –“ensure Israel’s qualitative military edge”
    –“deepened defense cooperation”
    –“funding for Iron Dome”
    –“steadfast opposition to any attempt to delegitimize Israel”
    –“sustain Israel’s identity as a Jewish. . .state”
    –“no lasting peace unless Israel’s security concerns are met” IN OTHER WORDS, not only will we do what we can, but we will do what they tell us to–to ease THEIR “concerns.”

    I am not arguing against Israel. I’m arguing against OUR neurotic submissiveness to them.

    • Goethe:
      You missed my point on my post. It wasn’t “Why on EARTH should an American presidential political platform focus on such minutia.’ It was President Obama had all intentions of abandoning Israel and legitimizing Hamas years ago and it should not come as a shock that’s why he wanted it removed. The line which was removed stated “The United States should continue to isolate Hamas until it renounces terrorism.”

      Do you honestly believe that America “Is so focused on Israel that we endangered ourselves”? That if we abandoned Israel Islamic terrorist would leave us alone? That if Iran got nuclear bomb capability considering it a threat is really “NONSENSE”? I suppose you do if you if you truly believe American relationship with Israel is based on “FREE TRADE” or the United States needs “U.N.APPROVAL for our foreign policy toward Israel. Why is Israel the only country that “we care about”? Because it is THE ONLY STABLE GOVERNMENT IN THE MIDDDLE EAST and HAS PROVEN TO BE THE ONLY TRUE FRIEND TOWARD AMERICA THERE. “Israel right or wrong” of course not but Israel is the only country that can be relied on in the Middle East not to take irresponsible actions that need to be sanctioned. Israel doesn’t take any military action on the spur of the moment unless they are provoked. This is what “Our neurotic submissiveness” as you call it is based on. Which is a lot more solid reasoning than President Obamas opprobrium belief of referring to the ISIS as “A bunch of Jayvees” and expecting peace with “NO VICTORS AND NO VANQUISHED” as he recently told Thomas Freidman of the New York Times.

      But the world has learnt a long time ago about President Obama what Mark Twain said: “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.”

      • ZioBob — as an Israeli shill you failed miserably with this post, again.

        Full of so many illogical suppositions, postulations and downright mindless ramblings — that it’s hard to start where to debunk your Zionist propaganda (for that’s all your post is in its gist).

        Here is the logical way of putting it FACTUALLY:

        1) Israel is a Terrorist State under a dictatorial Neo-Nazi Zionist regime. Terrorist state, for they commit terrorist acts on daily bases against a helpless people — the Palestinians — whose lands were stolen in order to create the illegitimate State of Israel. Neo-Nazi — because Israel has turned Gaza into a virtual concentration camp. Zionist, because that is their mantra — to destroy all non-Jews in order to cede such peoples’ land with Jews (as seen by their illegal settlements in Gaza that are ever expanding, BY DISPLACING/ELIMINATING THE NATIVES THERE)!

        2) You gibe: ” (a) Do you honestly believe that America “Is so focused on Israel that we
        endangered ourselves”?
        (b) That if we abandoned Israel Islamic terrorist
        would leave us alone? (c) That if Iran got nuclear bomb capability
        considering it a threat [to USA] is really “NONSENSE”?

        (a) Absolutely — OUR EXCLUSIVE and ever increasing military and political support to the foreign nation of Israel to the near exclusion of all other REAL THREATS; one example, Latin Illegals INVADING our Nation in ever increasing numbers that denote an Absolute IF NOT stopped NOW, eventual DESTRUCTION of our American Way of Life! It ain’t Hamas that’s invading the USA and threatening Our Way of Life!

        (b) Letting Israel stand on their own (afterall, they are Big Boys — got our best weapons and even free Nukes from US), AND STOPPING ALL SUPPORT OF THEM, won’t magically erase the damage we have done. Crazy Muslims will still have a scab to pick with us, but in a few years… YES, we will be mostly Islamic terrorist free!

        (c) If Iran gets a nuclear bomb in a few years, or decades, YES — IT WILL BE ABSURD TO THINK THEY CAN LOB IT OVER TO THE USA! So are ZERO Threat to US…only a possible threat to Israel…NOTHING ELSE!

        ZioBob — in conclusion: you are poor logician, but an excellent shill.

        • Surfisher: I obviously disagree with Bob, but I don’t think it’s fair to call him a “shill.” To be a shill, you have to speak for something, knowing that thing is false. The dictionary example is a “plant” in an audience, who pretends that a bogus product is great, to help convince prospective buyers. But the important element is that the person knows better.

          I think Bob fully believes that Israel is all-good and that Palestinians don’t deserve any rights. And so, he’s not a shill. . .just the opposite: he’s a dupe. He has fallen for the media hype, and since Ron Paul is the only politician who has ever dared question our stand on Israel, Bob is in good company.

          Even Rand Paul is now saying we should continue the multi-billions in aid to Israel–when he has said he’d like to cut off ALL foreign aid to EVERYONE.

          Rand is more of a shill than Bob, since he knows better.

          • Might as well add Obama to the shill list. He also knows better. He came into office promising to work for peace, but here we are, paying reparations for Israel’s attacks, and throwing billions more military aid at Israel, so they can do another attack later.

            There’s no way the Palestinians could see us as “even-handed,” and who is supposedly arranging cease fires? Egypt. Are you kidding me?

          • Goethe — Bob knows very well what’s going on, he is no dupe, BUT TRIES TO DUPE Americans as the media does.

            Bob is a Zionist shill — don’t be naive to think otherwise.

            • Surfisher: You think two-dimensionally. You think there is a holy truth, and all people agree on that. It’s just not so. Good people do disagree, and good people do see things differently.

              In this case, you may see Israel as a bunch of white people dumped into the middle of the Arab world–armed to the teeth with the most advanced weapons–and dedicated to constant expansion of land and subjugation of their neighbors.

              But some people really do see Jews as having suffered enough. so we gave them “our” land there, pushing off the Palestinians and putting them on reservations is not different from what the US did to Native Americans, and for the same reason–and just as legitimate. And, of course, they have a right to “exist” there, so nobody has a right to attack them. And the people who believe that way can’t imagine why you aren’t defending these “persecuted” Israelis.

            • Goethe — nonsense.

              There is truth and falsehood — they are two opposites and nothing can exist between them (Logic). There is no such thing as half-truth or half-lie, just as there cannot be a half-pregnant woman.

              You let your emotions run, when you should use only cold hard logic (you’ve been guilty of that many times, trying to make the guilty of a falsehood feel “better”).

              Bob is a Zionist, and his yarmulke is too tight on his head, to allow him to think.


            • Surfisher: You live in such a black-and-white world, which you redefine to fit on a regular basis. You claim there are people who are “all good,” and people who are “all bad.” Nonsense. Real life is just not like that.

              For instance, you condemn Bob as a hypocrite, just because you don’t like what he says. And You continue to consider Rand Paul a perfect saint, even though he says he wants to be seen as a “friend of Israel.”


              I disagree with Bob on a LOT, but I believe that he honestly believes what he says. I do not believe that you honestly believe a lot of what you say.

              I still think Rand Paul could be a good president–but not without faults. You don’t allow him to be human, since to err IS human.

  12. Bob: I hope this is posted in the right place.

    Yes, I “honestly believe that America is so focused on Israel that we endanger ourselves.” The Afghan War made sense for America, as a response to 9/11. Just about everything else we do in the Middle East is to attack Israel’s neighbors for Israel’s sake, not ours.

    Oh, yeah, Israel, our “true friend,” which purposely sinks our ship and kills our people, and has spies in our government, but mostly, commits atrocities that our politicians feel that we must justify in world opinion. That just makes us look foolish and subservient/submissive.

    I seldom agree with Surfisher, but yeah, with “friends” like Israel, who does need enemies?

    • I respect your opinion but we hardly are Israel’s attack dog simply because they give the word.

      Talk about being ‘SUBSERVIENT” we have attacked more countries under the cockamamie guise of being “U.N. peacekeepers” or under the “humanitarian” umbrella BOTH OF WHICH ARE extremely foolish reasons to commit our troops into world police or social workers. The United States has done enough stupid things over the past 50 years on their own to be looked upon by the world as “FOOLISH” and untrustworthy especially OUR CUT AND RUNNING BY NOT HONORING OUR COMMITMENT ONCE WE GET INTO A FIGHT TO FINISH IT.

      Lastly I’m not sure what you are referring to by “sinking ships and killing our people” but saying Israel commits atrocities would be judged on what side of the incoming missiles accuracy you sit on. If Palestinian/Hamas terrorist are inept and stupid enough to constantly stick their finger in some ones eye by lobbing missiles into Israel they deserve to get an ass kicking. As far as accusing Israel of spying it would be naïve to expect America of being innocent of spying on Israel or anyone else……..just ask ANGELA MERKEL .

      • Bob. Dude.

        Read your post. To defend our submissiveness to Israel in their corner of the world by saying we’re idiots elsewhere? Doesn’t it strike you as proving my point to attack the U.S. instead of trying to come up with a reason to support Israel??

        As for the ship that was attacked, killing 34 of our sailors, it also shows how we shrink before them. REMEMBER THE MAINE, but forget the LIberty. . .

        I remember the news reports in 1967. It was during the 6-Day War. The United States sent ships, hoping to observe the situation, and Israel purposely attacked our ship, warning us that they were kicking ass (with our most advanced technology), and they did not want any interference.

        The ship, in international waters and flying our flag, was repeatedly buzzed by Israeli planes before the attack. One flew so close that the Israeli crew and American crew waved at each other.

        And, finally, you also make my point by saying it depends on the accuracy of the missiles. The Palestinians KNOW they are not going to hurt anybody with their pop-guns. But anytime they stop attacking, the world forgets, and they languish/anguish in silence.

        • Goethe;
          Well there you go again misunderstanding my post. No where in my post am I even suggesting WE ARE SUBMISSIVE TO ISRAEL NO LESS DEFENDING DOING IT……..THAT IS YOUR INTERPRETATION.I said America if anything is submissive to the U.N. and does enough stupid things on it’s own for the world to judge us untrustworthy.

          The situation in the Middle East has changed DOZENS OF TIMES SINCE 1967 AND YOU EXPECT ME TO DEFEND SOMETHING THAT HAPPEN 47 YEARS AGO UNDER GOD KNOWS WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES? Are you serious or simply using this as a straw man argument?

          And finally you are justifying the Palestinians missile attacks of endangering Israel as innocent child pranks simply looking for narcissistic acknowledgement? I can only equate this with someone who was mishandling a revolver believing it was empty and it went off killing someone they would be held responsible. Hey Putin can say he didn’t think the Ukraine rebels weren’t really going to use those missiles to shoot planes down. And with misguided logic like that you accuse the U.S. of being submissive to Israel influence? I suggest you look in the mirror for submissiveness.

          Obviously we can go back and forth for years on this and not change either of our minds. We have went 66 posts so far and got no where. Therefore we should agree that we disagree. I’ll even let you have the last post!

          • Bob: I never expected you to change your mind. I doubt that ever happens. And since you and Surfisher and I were the only ones who saw the discussion, it was largely a waste of effort. But, statistically, the idea of throwing unlimited funds at Israel and never, ever expecting any influence with them, or respect, for that matter, was rejected two-to-one in this instance. . .

          • ZioBob says: “The situation in the Middle East has changed DOZENS OF TIMES SINCE 1967

            So, according to Bob, if it happened 47 years ago — this historical fact should be erased, since it is TOO OLD, so no longer “valid” in today’s perspective. Wonder if Bob is willing to delete the Holocaust from History — since it’s even older…?

            GOD KNOWS WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES?” — the circumstances are absolutely clear, Israel attacked a known US ship in Neutral/International Waters and killed 34 Americans, and was never held accountable here in the USA then, and EVEN TODAY (shows how much political sway this Zionist State had back then in 1967 — how much more do you think they have NOW…?!)


        • Goethe — one thing surprises me… why Sam (the Cuban Missile Crisis Navy Veteran) has not shown his ire at his navy shipmates of the USS Liberty being killed by Israeli military in 1967…?!

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