The Republican National Committee (RNC) has been working feverishly since 2012 to reign in the number and frequency of televised primary debates. If you were a reader of this site in 2012, you’ll recall the lengthy list of debates and forums witnessed in the last cycle.

Report from John Dickerson at Slate, who also linked back to our very own 2012 Presidential Debate page for reference in his article (yay me!):

The Republican National Committee is taking a step Wednesday to fix this problem. At the RNC’s spring meeting, it will announce the formation of a standing committee on debates. The committee will select moderators, evaluate rules, and determine the number of debates. The total number is likely to be half of the previous cycle, and the committee will likely agree to remove delegates from any candidate who participates in a debate outside the party structure. The move will be a test of whether order can be restored to a primary process that gets more unpredictable every election, and whether grass-roots activists will tolerate the top-down meddling.

Up to this point, the debates have largely been organized and produced by cable and broadcast networks in cooperation with the candidates and state-level Republican Party organizations. According to the new guidelines, the RNC will now retain complete control of sanctioning debates, picking moderators and setting the schedule.

We’ll have the full details once the information is officially released from the RNC detailing exactly what kind of control the changes will entail.


  1. Wow. Talk about regimentation and control!

    I was expecting them to punish states that have the audacity to welcome candidates to their state

    –but I find it hard to believe that the party oligarchs are planning to punish CANDIDATES who dare to SPEAK without permission.

    • goe the behr — believe it!

      The RNC party oligarchs have carved their Fiefdoms, and will NEVER let go of their belly-filling control there (their motto is: “F%#ck the Nation, and F%#ck whoever wins, I’m still GONNA-BE King in my backyard!)

  2. “and the committee will likely agree to remove delegates from any candidate who participates in a debate outside the party structure.” …. LOL

    Stalin would be proud of this!

  3. I don’t have a problem with choosing Moderators and telling Liberal oriented media outlets to go suck eggs – but I do have a problem with candidates having debates outside of the RINO franchised network. You’d think the Dems had someone on the inside designing the breakup of the Republican Party.

    • Sam: Clearly, the term “Rhino” is obsolete. Since it’s clear that the establishment Republicans are big-biz shills whose goal is to crush the grassroots–and since they own the rights to the name “Republican Party,” YOU are the real “Rhino.” You should take the hint, let them go their own way, and build up the Libertarian Party.

  4. Oh my God! The plan to punish candidates that participate in debates outside of the ones they host! How has this Nazi like attitude come to appear within the Republican party. That’s something you’d think the Dem’s would come up with. Whoever suggested that idea should be run out of town on a rail……………..not LOL

      • Charles: Surfisher read your post the opposite from how I did. I read your message as saying “not LOL,” as in, it’s not a laughing matter.

        He read it as Bill Murray did on SNL–“[statement]. . .NOT,” meaning “the opposite of what I just said.”

        Please clarify.

        • Geothe — he thinks GW is the greatest…for giving us the Patriot Act, the TSA and NSA…(and not being responsible for 9/11, in order to gives us all these goodies, and attack Iraq for no valid reason, too)….

          Charles Hill
          May 13, 2014 at 9:20 pm · Reply

          George W. Bush and his administration are to be congratulated for many things, none of which are related to the occurance of 911. You just want it to be true, so you insist that it is. You watch too much CNN and MSNBC news.

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