As most people have pointed out, Hillary Clinton has largely avoided the topic of gun control, especially in 2008 when she was running against Barack Obama. This week, however, she broke her silence on the topic and called for increase gun control laws and a reduction in the “article of faith,” as she calls it, that says Americans should be able to carry a weapon anywhere they choose.

Report from the National Journal:

Speaking at a National Council for Behavioral Health conference outside of Washington, Clinton was asked about the role guns play in suicides. While Clinton said she supports Second Amendment rights, she added that there needs to be a proper trade-off between safety and freedom, and that things have swung too far toward the latter.

“I think again we’re way out of balance. We’ve got to rein in what has become almost an article of faith that almost anybody can have a gun anywhere at any time. And I don’t believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people,” she said. [Emphasis added]

She referred to recent high-profile incidents of minor disputes in movie theaters or parking lots that escalated into lethal shootings, saying, “That’s what happens in the countries I’ve visited that have no rule of law.”

In other words, Mrs. Clinton is in favor of new gun laws though she didn’t get specific as to what she might support or push as President. She admits this hurt Bill Clinton in the 1990s when he pushed hard for the “Assault Weapons Ban,” which was a ban on semi-automatic rifles that met certain aesthetic guidelines.

Is this a good move for Hillary to make? Is she trying to avoid someone running to her left on this issue for her base?


  1. Wonder what would have happened to Mr. Bundy’s cattle if the Feds were the only ones armed? That exact situation is why the people must have the right to keep and bear arms….even assault weapons. Most americans know it. This is why Hillary will lose. She can’t count on a failing economy to give her a boost, or a robust one to spring board off of. When the unemployment rate drops, not because people get jobs, but because people leave the work force, you don’t have a good economy.

    Hillary would be better served if she just said…vote for me because I’m Hillary and leave out what she believes in.

  2. Josh…using sensibility…the men who wrote our Constitution had no viable insight that man would develop a Gatlin gun much less an Assault weapon. In 1940, who even dreamed of a Bomb that could level cities and make the land uninhabitable? I live in a gun happy state. There is no law (nor one about to be passed) that would take away our old 45’s and the more sophisticated hand guns that have followed. The rifles and the shotguns are exempt. So, exactly what is the glory (outside of vanity) in a civilian owning an assault weapon that can kill a multitude of people without releasing the trigger once?

    One of the primary reasons our economy is improving but not escalating is the wage scale. The increase of employment in April (2014) was in low paying jobs–business services (75,000), retail trade (35,000), food services (33,000), construction (32,000), health care (19,000) and mining (10,000). These groups do spend very penny they are paid but it takes decent wages to move an economy. Everybody talks about the unemployment rates, forgetting it is a lot of guesswork. The jobless rate is calculated by taking the total number of unemployed people and dividing it by everyone in the United States who is working or looking for work (where in the world would you find an honest number for either side of such an equation).

    As for Hillary, her greatest liability is that she is a woman. Second, her name is Clinton. The House Republicans have forgotten Immigration and their heavier responsibilities to concentrate on zeroing in a Select Committee to beat a dead horse called Benghazi again. Political gains before helping the citizens of America.

    • “The rifles and the shotguns are exempt. So, exactly what is the glory (outside of vanity) in a civilian owning an assault weapon that can kill a multitude of people without releasing the trigger once?

      That is inaccurate. Very few people own a fully-automatic machine gun (shooting without releasing the trigger once).

      Semi-automatic AR-15 rifles require pulling the trigger every time you fire a round. Don’t confuse “assault weapon” to mean “automatic weapon” like a machine gun.

      • The MP-44, or Sturmgewehr as it was dubbed by Adolf Hitler (literally “assault rifle” in German), was a rifle designed by the Nazis in 1944 that delivered the firepower of a machine gun. Select fire gives the shooter the ability to either fire a single round of ammo when they pressed the trigger (called “semi-automatic” fire) or fire continuously until the shooter removed his finger from the trigger or the gun ran out of ammunition (“fully automatic” fire). The two most popular designs to be adapted from Hitler’s MP-44 in use today are the A-47 and the M16. You are right that the ability to fire in full-auto mode is generally unavailable to civilians, but the fact remains that the detachable mags still allow them to fire longer without reloading. And semi-automatic allows the gun to be fired as fast as the shooter can pull the trigger. The AR-15 design (the civilian version of the M-16) is one of the most popular designs in the United States with the reason being that this weapon can easily be changed, reconfigured and tweaked until it exactly suits the shooter’s purpose. Legion Firearms say they produce and sell high quality, highly accurate, and easy to maintain (do not have to oil) AR-15 rifles for the growing military, law enforcement and civilian markets. The AR-15 I viewed cost $2500.00 complete.

        I came by the above information during a tour through Legion Firearms in Temple, Texas. By the way, Legion Firearms calls it an assault weapon.

          • Business has very little to do with personal likes and dislikes. There are eleven gun manufacturers in Texas that I know of, plus the firearm dealers and gunsmiths. If you visit Texas, be sure to go to the quaint little town of Granbury. The Chamber of Commerce doesn’t mention it and even “the old folk” won’t give directions but two gun manufacturing plants operate there. One, Bond Arms is the largest manufacturer of Derringers in the firearms industry. Their plant exterior appears to be the two barrels of a derringer.

            My view on guns may not be what you believe. I have no objections to handguns and a good Winchester rifle. I think the Bowie knife is more accurate and dangerous than either of those. I do object to the repeating mechanism for the general public and our police force. If you can’t kill a bird, animal or human with two shots then you need to slink home and practice the skill. I offer no objections to the high powered repeater for the Armed Forces during Wartime.

    • I am not into the “blame” game and I know that you are intelligent enough to realize that the fact that Hillary is a woman and bears the Clinton name is a liability. Facts are not indignant rhetoric. I offered no praise of Hillary in my post so why all the venom?

    • Tess Liehard — WOW. Your most ludicrous and unsubstantiated posts so far (and you’ve had some dizzies before)!

      LOL — where to start with this mess of yours?

      Anywhere I guess — since your hodgepodge of outright lies, inaccuracies, false suppositions and dead wrong dogma are peppered throughout:

      1) Liehard: “…the men who wrote our Constitution had no viable insight that man would develop a Gatlin gun much less an Assault weapon. In 1940, who even dreamed of a Bomb that could level cities and make the land uninhabitable?”

      A) The men that wrote the US Constitution were much smarter than your polluted brain can comprehend. They had seen the advent of the rifled Kentucky Rifle in person (which decimated the Musket bearing Britts from a long assaulting distance). They saw the future of arms development and recognized that the Kentucky Rifle would be the assault rifle of choice to defeat the British. So, when the 2nd Ammed. was written it Specifically STATED that the Citizens shall not be infringed to own and bear arms that are on par as US soldiers carry! Small arms — rifles and pistols — NOT cannons, mortars, cart-carried machine guns, etc. or Nuclear Bombs; as you idiotically state!

      2) Liehard: “So, exactly what is the glory (outside of vanity) in a civilian owning an assault weapon that can kill a multitude of people without releasing the trigger once?”

      A) No such fully automatic weapons can be sold to the general public — so your term of such an “assault” weapon is an OUTRIGHT LIE (do better googling, little sciolist next time…LOL)!

      3) Liehard: May 9, 2014 at 8:22 pm entire post …!

      A) What utter tripe trying to backpedal from the previous idiocies you posted. Funny stuff — LOL!

      4) Liehard: May 10, 2014 at 2:16 pm entire post …!

      A) Further idiocies as if the ones before where not enough…LOL!
      Priceless: ” I have no objections to handguns and a good Winchester rifle. I think the Bowie knife is more accurate and dangerous than either of those.”
      LOL, LOL, LOL — if the Bowie knife is more accurate and dangerous….than why not BAN it…instead of the lesser “evil”… guns, that YOU and your ILK want to do?

      Tess Liehard — please, keep on posting, for your contributions are an eye-opener how the defunct liberals want to take away our freedoms, and destroy Our Republic!

      Thanks again, and looking forward to many more of your posts.

      • Surfisher…Uncoil and realize there are more descriptive exclamations than the outmoded LOL.
        You wrote: “LOL — where to start with this mess of yours?” So,Let me lead you.
        1) (A) From: Rifles of Colonial America, Volumes I & II by George Shumway “It is generally accepted that the American longrifle evolved from the Jaeger rifle brought to the colonies by German gunsmiths in the early 1700’s. Jacob Deckard from Pennsylvania forged a long rifle called the Pennsylvania Rifle. If aimed correctly it had a lethal hit at 200 yards.” George Washington, a participant of the French Indian War, saw the effectiveness of the long rifle. As General in the American Revolution, Washington called for and assembled 1,400 riflemen who carried the Kentucky (his name for the rifle). The woodsmen were used as scouts and snipers before battle to bring down clearly marked British officers before the two forces could confront each other”. General Washington did not give them credit for winning the war. He gave that credit to another German immigrant, Baron Von Steuben, a Benjamin Franklin protégé, who quickly taught Washington’s little army about musket handling and bayonet use, with primary emphasis on maneuvering”.
        Unfortunately, you can’t quote the second amendment correctly or sanely discuss it so there is no argumentative value.

        2) (A) In its 2011 annual report to investors, Smith & Wesson Holding Company noted that there was a $489 million domestic, non-military market for “modern sporting rifles,” a euphemism for auto-loading, assault-style rifles. NRA research coordinator Mark Overstreet reported that, from 1986 to 2007, at least 1,626,525 AR-15-style semi-automatic rifles were produced and not exported from the United States. Overstreet suggested that you could use trends in NICS background checks to project future sales of AR-15-style rifles. As of Nov. 30, 2012, the total number of NICS background checks increased by 50.4 percent since the end of 2007. Meaning there are at least 2,446,294 AR-15 rifle owners in the United States.(Overstreet’s statement from Heller v. District of Columbia).

        4) (A) The Bowie knife is ban in many states. You cannot carry it concealed in Texas as you can a handgun.

        • Tess Liehard — are you still under the misconception that I was debating you?

          I only debate my peers — the likes of you I instruct. If you are not capable of learning, the fault is not mine….

          What you posted above displays your limitless ability to Google, and still not comprehend anything at all.

          But you are a good Liberal parrot, so are welcome to parrot your dead dogma some more…as I said, your posts only help our cause — freeing our Republic from the likes of you and your ilk.

          Thanks for posting!

          • Surfisher..I understand you are not debating are not even clear on the word peers. A peer is someone at your own level…so what is your level? Obviously, you cannot teach (instruct), you cannot debate, you insult without cause so who would desire to be one of your low level peers?

            Instead of degrading Google, you should embrace all it has to offer. Books that are no longer in print can be found on google, magazines starting in the thirties are there to be opened and read, it can be a refresher course. And you could discover what the word Republic really means.

  3. Darn — just when I had high hopes that Hitlery Clinton will win the Dems nomination, she has to open her stupid mouth and neg the 2nd Amendment.

    Now this opens the door for other Democrooks, that may actually have a chance of winning…!

    How sad!

  4. Bob..I offered no excuses…go back and read. I did not say she was at a disadvantage…I said it was a liability and that is a fact. As for the criticism, I don’t know her sentiments on that subject but I assume she has heard more bitter comments than the one you wrote.

  5. I won’t be able to respond too much about the 2nd Amendment or Hillary before the rage causes more cancer cells to return. Clinton’s correct – the gun laws are “out of balance”, the Gov (State & Fed) have too much control over “the Citizens”. already. Maybe there aren’t “9,000”, or 20,000 gun laws but there are several hundred Fed & State, a lot of which are redundant. National Firearms Act (1934), Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 (1968), Gun Control Act of 1968 (1968), Gun-Free School Zones Act (1990), have the strongest regs of creating “Gun Control” –
    Sadly, these laws are the ones that keep the Sane, Law Abiding Citizens from protection against Tyranny and crime encroachment – As these laws do everything they can to give the mentally ill and crime seeking wide open doors to cause felonies!

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    And at that time, Tess, the Militia were, and lot of the time still are, the ‘people’. the 2nd Amend. was designed with the right of every citizen to have the right to bear arms for protection against encroaching governments – foreign and domestic – and that the citizen be “armed to the same capability as the opposing force. Maybe the Gatling gun hadn’t been invented yet, but the cannon had and no one (except maybe the encroachers) had a problem with a ‘People’ owning or stealing a cannon to be an equalizer. Do a deeper background research why we have a 2nd Amendment.
    Is being a Democrat and desiring a big controlling government on the verge of Facism so important so as to tie our hands, make sure we are defenseless against our Gov and in our homes (or our kids at school) that you are will take away a constitutional tool that helps keep us free.

    As for Clinton, as stated earlier, she has done nothing significant as a Senator or as SecState – EXCEPT – be BHO’s lapdog and help strategize a set of failed Ops that killed four of our own.

    But never fear – the MainStream Media will give her a free pass and never truly vet her just as they never vetted BHO (or, truly, any Democrat).

    • Thanks Bob – Actually I think I use cancer as a crutch sometimes. Don’t know if you know it or not, but cancer cells are most often created by emotion. Our angers, and stress lower our immune system and let malignancy in. Cancer’s favorite food is sugar / glucose. however cancer can’t survive in an Alkaline system. I had a one time bout with Prostate cancer in ’05 and cured it (guess what, I was going thru a divorce). I’ve had Lymphoma since ’08 and been in and out remission. (not surprisingly my personal and financial life has been very rocky since ’07).
      I’ve already decided that it ain’t going to be that mean ol’ cancer that takes me out – most likely an unbelievable pain heart attack.

      However, sometimes, being the old (73), hardheaded, Kraut that I am, i sometimes get all worked up and let emotion get control – that when the cancer can sneak back in. So I go non- linear and puke it out and then let it go – no lingering anger

      Thanks again for the thought, but it’s all good!!!

    • samreusser — spot on!

      I’ll add that the 2nd Amend. is to ensure that US Citizens own and BEAR arms that are equivalent to the ones regular US Soldiers BEAR ON THEIR PERSON (not cannons, machine guns or nuclear bombs…as Tess Liehard spins it in her sickening liberal false propaganda attempts — but pistols and rifles, with the same capacity and firepower) so the Citizens are on par with the grunts!

      Stay strong and healthy and blessed! Don’t let brain-dead scum like her affect you other than with laughter…for the idiot liberal shill that she is, exposes herself to be nothing but a vile Dem Apparatchik liar with each post!


      • Surfisher – there is a dichotomy about BEARing arms. There should be no limit (cannon RPG/SMAW/MK-153, machinegun M240 / M27, nuke suitcase or M65), but insuring that the “people” stay sane and mentally untroubled. Weapons of such power and capability are usually subject to a Chain-of-Command and crosschecks are in place for all the expected reasons. Never-the-less, limitations on what the “people” can own is an infringement on the 2nd Amendment. The MAIN purpose of the 2nd Amend. is the defense against Tyranny and Fascism (i.e., our own government).

        • sam —

          “A gun in your hand saves your life — a phone call to 9-1-1 = dial-a-prayer….”

  6. Surfisher..I think you just broke a record. In one sentence you attempted to label me with seven derogatory traits and according to the Oxford Dictionary (in the same sentence) you called me “A member of a communist party apparat”. I’ll just file that under “Insulting without Cause”. LOL.

    • Tess Liehard — clueless sciolist.

      Having problem with the word Sciolist on Google (your only source of “knowledge”), and using the entry of Socialist, instead…?

      Aside from proving yourself of being a Socialist, you truly confirm yourself a Sciolist, too, since such would not know the meaning of the word…being sciolists….

        • Tess Liehard — LOL, obviously you do, to keep on replying.

          Getting embarrassed again, not knowing the difference between Sciolist and Socialist (but mouthing off, nevertheless).

          Your pretend “knowledge” is on par with your “knowledge” of geography — confusing Costa Rica with Puerto Rico (do you want me to pull these silly previous posts of yours…to refresh what memory you have?)

          As I’ve said many times: keep on posting your silly liberal tripe — it only helps the cause of Patriots to see how dead is the Dem’s dogma!

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