With establishment support for Chris Christie seeming to taper off and no firm commitment yet from Jeb Bush that he’ll launch a campaign in 2016, some within the Republican Party are looking to the Hoosier state and Governor Mike Pence to fill the perceived void.

Report from the Washington Post:

For a governor who says he is focused squarely on his home state of Indiana, Republican Mike Pence keeps popping up elsewhere.

There he was in Palm Beach, Fla., in February, evangelizing free-market conservatism and drawing a standing ovation from wealthy donors at a private dinner. In Germany last month, he assailed what he called President Obama’s “policy of conciliatory diplomacy.” In Milwaukee, he urged the Republican faithful last week to “never relent.”

Pence is also quietly cultivating influential Washington figures such as Bill Kristol and Gary Bauer, while becoming one of the loudest voices attacking Common Core, a set of education benchmarks that has sparked a revolt among tea party activists.

The moves bear the hallmarks of a potential run for president in 2016 — and some GOP leaders have begun talking up Pence as an under-the-radar standard-bearer who could return the party to the White House, according to interviews with more than two dozen prominent Republicans. They say the talk-radio-host-turned-congressman-turned-governor has the capacity to electrify grass-roots voters while uniting the constituencies that make up today’s deeply divided Republican Party.

“Pence could bridge really every group — the social conservatives, the fiscal conservatives, the foreign policy conservatives,” said Chris Chocola, president of the Club for Growth and a friend of Pence’s. “He’s not viewed as a fringe guy.”

In an interview with The Washington Post, Pence acknowledged that he is weighing his 2016 options amid calls from some supporters to consider a presidential run.

“In the last few months, people have reached out,” he said. “I’m listening.”

Pence hasn’t been a name in the spotlight but he does have some solid credentials to run on and he is appealing to many factions of the party.


  1. “…to fill the perceived void…”?!

    LOL, Nate — still fascinated with Rinos that have ZERO chance?!

    When it is clear that the only viable choices the GOP has (if it wants to get a win, and NOT BECOME EXTINCT with another loss in 2016) are Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

      • Surf: I agree. But there are two problems with that. One is that if he’s not being honest about his real intent, how can you be sure how he will govern?

        Second concern is that after people pretend to be something for awhile, they may convince themselves, because they have to look at things differently, and associate with those who are true believers.

        • goethebehr — Nah, I’d trust Rand Paul a thousand times more than the Clintons, Barracks and Bushes that lied their way into office!

            • Goethe – i haven’t checked but is Paul changing his story (ideology) from listening to the people or is he a straw in the wind? The real key is if he were to be elected, whatever is the ideology the voters elected him on is the one he stays the course with.

              I’m not sure Clinton or Bush(es) ever wavered from the ideologies they run on – only Obama misled the people except with the promise for change. “Hope” certainly went in the shi!!er.

            • You win on that one, Goethe – I would hope Paul would pander to the conservative / libertarian needs and hopes and renewal to the Democratic- Republic of our nation and Constitution and ensuring all our legal citizens are voting as is their right and actually obligation. I’m sorry that Democrats / Liberals / Left are so desperate for votes they encourage, convicted felons, non-citizens/illegal aliens, and the dead to vote and the legal citizens to multiple vote plus rig the process to falsify numbers.

              Jail-served time felons after five years of a clean record and employment should get that voting right back. That was more-so where Paul was coming from in the article – The Voter-id law itself isn’t bad to him. The left will always twist a republican’s speech to falsely inflict mixed ideology. As a matter of fact Paul actually said, “showing your driver’s license (as proof) to voter is NOT a bad idea.”

              There isn’t a soul in these U.S. can nullify the need to prove you are who say you are, live in that district, state, country, and have the democratic right to vote for representatives to represent you – once per election!!!. Even if the individual is stupid/illiterate or english language deficient, there will always be a campaign worker ready to assist. The only problem is – is the person helping always helping the person voting or just adding a number to their rolls.

        • goethebehr — sadly only a POLITICIAN can win!

          The Ron Paul experiment proved it — an honest man that speaks the TRUTH ALL THE TIME has no chance!

          (I won’t go into all details, but there are enough lessons in this — having won many delegates in states, Ron Paul’s delegates were subjected to getting beat up in Louisiana, disallowed legitimately won delegates in many states, by the RNC under Reince Prebius dictates, where Ron Paul won the caucuses, and even finally banned from speaking at the Convention)!

          Having established The Fact in Practice (which is better than mere theory)— that an Honest Man has no chance winning the Presidency; we are left with the conclusion that only a professional Politician can!

          That’s inescapable Logic (sadly)!

          The Bushes, Clints, Barracks all say the right lies — in order to do the wrong things!

          Would you instead welcome a professional politician that says the wrong lies — in order to do the right thing?!

          I know it is disgusting to us regular folks — but it’s a fact, and I’ll take Rand Paul (since he is his father’s son, and won’t let us down once elected, regardless what he MUST SAY to win)!

          Try and remove your rosy glasses — today’s America is not JFK’s, but the monster world of a Kenyan pretending to be US President, with his killer-bitch-of-Benghazi in wait to finish US off!

          • Surf: I’m not that cynical.

            Yes, it’s true that the establishment did everything it could to crush Ron Paul. BUT he almost beat them, anyway!! So you have to wonder what if Rand ran the same campaign.

            Ron was old and little and frail, with a gawky look. He had also run many times, so he didn’t seem like a “serious” candidate.

            Now look at Rand. He’s tall, young, healthy looking, physically aggressive, alert, and seems fresh.

            I believe if Rand ran on Ron’s EXACT platform, Rand would whip up the same enthusiasm among a lot MORE supporters, without the skepticism. And I don’t think the GOP establishment would be able to get away with its tricks against the kind of majority a sincere Rand would rally.

            It’s just sad to see him turn into such a “politician,” and I am not convinced as you are that he can change back–or would want to.

        • goethebehr –“Surf: I’m not that cynical….”
          May 13, 2014 at 7:09 am

          Geothe — what a well reasoned post.

          I wish what you state would be true, but I’m the one being cynical this time — while you are not.

          The Ron Paul mistreatment cured me of all illusions that “Honesty is the Best Policy” in today’s US Politicking.

          I’ll disagree only with “…not convinced as you are that he can change back–or would want to.”
          Rand Paul will always be his father’s honorable son (and that’s what scares the RINOS, even with Rand’s placations to the GOP)!

          All the machinations Reince-the-RNC-tyrant is currently making are designed in the long run to NIX Rand Paul, or any other Republican that even dares to lean Tea Party — with the end result of RINOS allowed only!

          What Rand Paul is doing so far is amazing — maneuvering in Rino Shark infested waters, that are poised to devour non-rinos, while still sounding his father’s message of responsible, small Gov, that respects the US Constitution (and all that comes along with such a boon — but, just read between the lines FOR NOW, good people)!

          • Surf: I’m usually not cynical, except as a joke. Cynical jokes are tasty.

            I’m universally skeptical, but I also have a belief that things will eventually work out, as Hegel said.

  2. Let’s face it, you have to be a media star,unfortunately in this entertainment age. Pence is not one and so mainstreaming America would not care. Hillary has the coverage and is “SO COOL” SO SAD !!!!

  3. I have always appreciated Mike Pence, a man with solidly conservative credentials and a long record of honorable service to America as both Congressman and most recently Governor of his state. He was well appreciated by my former boss (now deceased) conservative icon Paul Weyrich and it seems to me he would make a great addition to the ticket for 2016. The only question is whether it should be Pence/Cruz or Cruz/Pence and I would prefer the latter from the simple standpoint that Ted is better known at this point nationwide (especially after the 21 hour stand taken against the socialized medicine bill opposed by fully 2/3 of the electorate and at least 83% of doctors to this day) and if the GOP is wise enough to put forward a Cruz/Pence ticket for 2016 the party has the very real opportunity to win back the White House and become a catalyst toward helping America to get back on track as a nation thereafter. While Hillary should not have a chance being married to impeached Bill and in light of her disgraceful involvement in the Benghazi “what difference at this point does it make?” treason, it will be a good idea to see the Republican party putting forth a very strongly conservative ticket to go up against her that year and it seems to me that Cruz/Pence would be unbeatable. Well done!

    • Victoria DeLacy — Paul/Cruz is the only winning combination; any other is just wishful thinking.

  4. I have been a R. Paul guy since day one, but Victoria has some good points. Who ever gets the Independents’ “eyes” should also get the Koch’s support and through marketing and advertising blow Clinton, Soros, and Steyer out of the water. Actually the Kochs should start their own marketing campaign to put on “white'” hats and also go after Reid and Assoc. over Solar Energy in NV.

    Most of all though, a set of Pub/Libertarian/TeaParty (whatever) candidates should start a 2-1/2 year long campaign not talking about each other but talking about the incumbent party and how since 2006 it has caused so much grief on the American people and their nation, and even more so the specific fixes.

    • samreusser — 2014 midterm elections (a few months away) will set the tone. If all goes well as expected, Libs and Rhinos will get voted out, and Tea Party/Libertarians will gain enough seats to set the course for 2016 — a return to limited Gov and reinforcing the 2nd amendment, which is the ONE-AND-ONLY true guarantee that the constitution and all other amendments remain the Law of the Land!

      The only way to save our Free Republic…short of another revolution!

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