This move could be significant for a few reasons, some of them related to Hillary Clinton and her possible bid for the presidency in 2016. Aside from that, there could be more shoes to drop in the investigation if this committee has greater power than the current congressional committee, which it most certainly will.

Report from NBC News:

House Republicans announced on Friday their intention to form a special select committee on Benghazi, intensifying already highly-charged GOP scrutiny of the Obama administration’s handling of the September 2012 attacks that left four Americans dead.

The committee will be led by GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina.

“It’s clear that questions remain, and the administration still does not respect the authority of Congress to provide proper oversight,” House Speaker John Boehner said in a statement. “This dismissiveness and evasion requires us to elevate the investigation to a new level. I intend for this select committee to have robust authority, and I will expect it to work quickly to get answers for the American people and the families of the victims.”

Past select committees have included members of both parties. A spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that Democrats “have not been contacted by Speaker Boehner or the Republican leadership concerning a select committee proposal.”

The announcement comes after newly released documents reignited the controversy over how the White House and the State Department crafted their response to the attack. Republicans allege that the White House knowingly misled the public about the origin of the assault in order to bolster claims that terrorist groups had been weakened during Obama’s first term; Democrats say that the GOP has fueled the controversy for political purposes alone.

Will there be any further revelations as a result of this or have we learned all there is to know? Is this a witch hunt or a worthwhile endeavor? The answer to that question is typically based on your political views.


  1. Nate — “The announcement comes after newly released documents reignited the controversy over how the White House and the State Department crafted their response to the attack.”

    Post a link to these new docs — so we can read the text, in order to informatively respond to your post.

  2. This goes so much deeper than a lie about why for election reasons – The White House is thrilled if they keep the focus on some stupid lie about a video vs reality instead of exposing the real, whole truth!! Benghazi was not protected and Steven’s ass not covered because Stevens was supposed to be captured by al Qaeda and ransomed later. In addition the CIA / Stevens were taking guns from al Qaeda and running them to Syria. BHO and Clinton willingly and purposely left Stevens hung out to dry for what he thought was an undercover CIA gun running operation to Syria via Egypt. And it was al Qaeda’s guns running away.

    BHO & Clinton lied about their video scheme, it’ll take a few huge important whistleblowers with immunity to confess to the Benghazi cover-up and get at the real truth!! After all it’s only four American lives murdered – two State’s Diplomats and two CIA’s (by RPG – one shot for range and two shots for “effect”).

    • Sam: I remember when Benghazi first happened that I thought sending Rice all over the TV was a bad idea for the administration. It was unseemly, and appeared to be an effort to defend the Obama claim that al Qaeda was on the run. I was “shocked, shocked” that politics was going on in here.

      But the critics have been playing a lot more politics. The worst example was that the ENTIRE issue was “Obama’s fault” during the 2012 campaign. Hillary was not mentioned. Then, after the election, it’s ALL “Hillary’s fault,” and Obama is hardly mentioned. Hypocrites.

      I agree with you that there SHOULD be investigations of the CIA and any actions regarding Syria. But you know that is not at all what this is about. It’s about making every possible claim and charge to keep the story going, hoping they’ll find something that will make “the American People” care.

    • samreusser — Jail for Life without parole, for both!

      or we no longer have Justice for All…!

  3. For a President who is constantly preaching to others about being on the Right Side of History” the results of his stumbling foreign policy proves he seems to be caught flat-footed every time. In fact when recently asked by Fox News Ed Henry what his foreign policy was he was unable to give a response nor can anyone defend an accomplishment of Mrs. Clinton while Secretary of State. Our allies don’t trust us, our enemies don’t fear us and the Benghazi attacks cuts the administrations narrative of the al-Qaeda being dismantled.

    • But Thomas Friedman of the New York Times argues it isn’t President Obama’s fault that our foreign policy is inept but revives the Jimmy Carter excuse of a malaise in the American public. Well past administrations might have had a little to do with it also he says but the issues of the day aren’t shaped by President Obama but by public views and the President is following those views.

      The article entitled: “It’s Not Just About Obama”.

      Anyone out there buying this?

      • No: Obama and Hitlery Clinton should be jailed and put on Death Row for their complicity in the 4 Americans that died because of them!
        Then, perhaps one of these two criminals in office, would bury the other one with FACTS to escape the Chair and vie for Life in Jail instead!

        If you caused the deaths of 4 Americans, do you think you’ll escape prison for life. or the electric chair? NO! But if the Gov’s elites do it — they get a free pass, because they are more ‘equal’ than the rest of us??????!!!!!!!!!!!

        How sick is this! Wake up America!

        The many faces of pure evil:

        and the worst of all: “What difference does it make, only 4 Americans died…!”


        Citizen are put in jail, because their children are selling lemonade of their parent’s private property…! AND THE COPS will come in busting 10 year old’s lemonade stands?!?!

        But killers of Americans are not to be bothered, let alone arrested, since they are Top Gov officials…???!!!

        Wake up Real Americans — what’s wrong with this picture!

        WATCH THIS (and cringe in disbelief)!

        John Stossel’s *Illegal Everything* (for Real Americans):

      • Bob: I think that’s overstating it. Yeah, America is sick of war, but I don’t think that’s what our attitude about Ukraine is all about. Why SHOULD we care?

        Let’s look at it from the Russian side. Let’s say we had an important military base on a small peninsula or island, right next door. And let’s say our “enemy” suddenly has undo influence in the small body of land, turning them against us, which we find very threatening. Do you think we’d ever invade that small area?

        Oh, wait. We did. Bay of Pigs, 1961. The difference was that the Cubans didn’t speak English and didn’t consider themselves Americans.

        Ukraine is where the Russian state was born. They were always inseparable. Let’s say Quebec somehow took over control of Canada and the English speakers were being mistreated. Might we get involved? Would anyone else in the world care if we did?

        • Goethe:

          I’ll assume you are referring to the Thomas Friedman piece and not mine above it. I don’t agree with Friedman so you won’t get any argument from me there or in favor of us invading the Ukraine for that matter.

          I along with quite a few of our allies have a deep suspicion of the United States coming to anyone’s aid if they were attacked. 1961 was a different time with different leaders and different circumstances. I don’t believe we could use that scenario today. America today feels the same way you stated….”Why should we care?”

          • Bob: You are correct. I was referring to the article at the link you provided.

            I should add an addendum. When I say “Why should we care?” That’s not the same as “I don’t care.” The point is that I don’t see why it’s any of our business what Russia and its neighbor/former-integral-part do.

            If someone can show me why I should care, I would consider it.

            Staying out of other people’s business is not the same as “isolationism.”

  4. The Gov elitists can get away with murder!

    But real Americans can be jailed for having their kids sell Lemonade!

    Wake up Real Americans — what’s wrong with this picture!

    WATCH THIS (and cringe in disbelief)!

    John Stossel’s *Illegal Everything* (for Real Americans ONLY):

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