Could we see a repeat of 2012 on the GOP side if former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Rmoney decides to try his hand at presidential politics for a third time? That is what Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer is claiming, at least based on the premise that if Jeb Bush doesn’t run, Romney will consider it.

Report from the Washington Post:

Mitt Romney has said time and time again that he has no interest in running for president a third time.

But, on Sunday morning, CBS’ Bob Schieffer said not to write off the idea of a 2016 campaign by Romney so quickly.

“I have a source that told me that if Jeb Bush decides not to run, that Mitt Romney may actually try it again,” Schieffer said.

During a political panel discussion, the “Face the Nation” host said that he has been told that Romney will consider seeking the Republican nomination for the presidency in 2016 if former Florida governor Jeb Bush chooses to sit the race out.

Count me skeptical since Romney has pretty much unequivocally said he’s not interested in another ride on the campaign train. Still, I know the sentiment exists among some on the GOP side who still believe Romney is a very electable candidate and would be a good choice in 2016. Really?


  1. It has been reported that chief MSM reporter to the Republican party “ANONYMOUS SOURCE” has been admitted to White House General hospital with delusions of racism, homophobia, climate change deniers and unbridled capitalism on the part of the Republican party and is believed caused by his overdose of “Kool-Aid”. Mr. Source has a history of rabbling unconfirmed, incoherent rumors to the liberal media which he says comes from his informant “Harry the Worm.” Past rumors from this informer to Mr. Source include Gov. Romney not paying taxes for 10 years and Mr. Romney’s minority grandchild. Dr. Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Mr. Source will stay over night and released tomorrow after new micro chips are implanted.

  2. Romney knows how he would be treated by the media and doesn’t need that crap. If a Republican IS elected in ’16, feel sorry for him or her. After the reverse racist, Liberal, protect Obama MSM sat on their hands for eight years – they will pull out all stops to rabidly ravage a Republican again!!!

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