Everyone basically knew but this is the first instance where Jeb Bush has openly admitted to a room full of people that he’s actively exploring the possibility of a 2016 run.

Report from Politico:

Jeb Bush on Wednesday was the most vocal he’s been about considering a run for the White House in 2016.

The Republican told a crowd of about 200 people at a Catholic Charities fundraiser in New York that he is “thinking about running for president,” according to an attendee.

The response came to one of the first questions posed to Bush at the Union League luncheon. After his answer, the room went wild, and then someone said they hoped he would take the step.

“Would you call and tell my mom?” Bush quipped, a reference to his mother Barbara Bush’s comments that there have been enough Bushes in the White House.

The former Florida governor said he would make a decision right after this year’s midterm elections.

Among those on hand was former CNBC host Larry Kudlow, who urged Bush on, the attendee said, and John Catsimatidis, the former Republican candidate for New York City mayor.

Bush was praised by Kudlow for his focus on immigration reform and urged not to back down.

Isn’t it pretty inevitable that Bush decides to run in 2016? He’s got a growing number of establishment backers so what is the downside? He’ll have the money necessary to fight off attacks and he’s got name recognition, be it good or bad.


  1. While it was clear that Jeb is an honorable and dependably life respecting man for the way in which he fought in the attempt to save Terri Schiavo (murdered by starvation/dehydration in his state) from euthanasia, I really don’t think it is a good idea to run yet another Bush. When “W” ran there were already calls of “dynasty” from the other side and one can just imagine how that would intensify under the attempt to get yet a third into the White House. The best candidate I see out there in terms of the ability to win an election for the Republican party is Senator Ted Cruz. If they select RINOS like Christie or “yet another Bush”, it’s likely to be over before it even gets started. Cruz would bring in not only the conservative base but also the Hispanic vote which is important.

  2. The thing is, people who like to have lots of attention want to have people thinking–and guessing–they’ll run. If you say, categorically no, they ignore you. If you say, categorically yes, you’re also less interesting. But if you keep them guessing, you’ll get more attention than you want.

    So I don’t think the comment necessarily means anything other than, “look at me! Look at me!” And as Nate says, what’s the downside?

  3. Another Trilateralist — third Bush, the charm to finish the USA?

    1) Father Bush — did he have a major role in killing JFK? After all, JFK was against secret societies that would run our nation! And Bush was a Trilateralist.


    2) Son Bush (GW) — caused 9/11? After all, CIA protocol envisioned such a scenario, to give untold power to a Prez, in order to subjugate the free citizens by removing their constitutional rights, under the false flag of “national emergency” — the Patriot Act, which still remains as a “valid” law!

    Watch this SUPERB documentary, and make your own conclusions!
    *9/11 — the plane truth*:


    3) Now Jeb wants to do us in…by following his Pa’s and bro’s footsteps?

    Enough is enough!

    Since all the Bushes claim Water-boarding is not torture — why not have them all water-boarded on national TV. And see if Papa Bush admits to playing a major role in killing JFK, and GW admits in having his CIA give a hand to Israel’s Mossad in orchestrating the 9/11 tragedy…?

    • Anybody that believes G. W. Bush’s administration was responsible for or made possible the 911 tragedy is a conspiracy theory NUT! George W. Bush was one of the most honorable President’s this country has ever seen. He would never be a part of such traitorous activities. Everyone on this comment page should respond to your irresponsible and lying accusations. I realize this government has participated in activities domestically and overseas that they should have never been a part of. Accusing the Bush administration of causing 911 to occur is pure trash talk not borne of any facts.

  4. Bobby — ‘911: IN PLANE SITE’ is a award winning film that asks the questions that many like you (the true wearers of tinfoil hats) are afraid to hear the answers! Since when asking questions has become a dangerous activity?!

    This 1 hour documentary does not instruct you what to think, but rather raises the questions that need to be answered. But, someone like you, would rather bury his head in the sand and clap his hands over his ears while whinning loudly: “Nah, nah, nah, naaah…” in fear of even hearing the questions, let alone what the answers might be!

    You have not even watched it, but you presume to comment disparagingly…what an utter hooligan-like behavior!

    911: IN PLANE SITE (DIRECTOR’S CUT) – Documentary:


    • Why am I posting this — because I think Americans have had enough of Bushes and Clintons…may they all eventually move on to much warmer climates….

    • Pros on flying jet planes say: “nearly impossible for most professional fliers, let alone amateurs, to fly jet liners in such virtually impossible maneuvers”! No way these Muslim Shits flew these supposed jet airliners into the World Trade Centers, let alone the Pentagon!

      So who did it, George W. Bush…? Water-boarding for GW…anyone for it…to find out the real truth?!

      Watch this short (11 min) video:


      As a mathematician, I would say that GW made a fantastic calculation — 0.00001% Americans killed (about 3,000 on 9/11) to get 312,000,000 (Three Hundred and Twelve Million) Americans on the road to subjugation!

      That’s the deal of the century — GW is to be congratulated!

  5. George W. Bush and his administration are to be congratulated for many things, none of which are related to the occurance of 911. You just want it to be true, so you insist that it is. You watch too much CNN and MSNBC news.

    • Trilateralist George Bush Sr — wanted NWO (New World Order) in his own words:


      His son, GW, was the same rotten apple from that crabtree! So, expended on his father’s anti-American designs — are you this blind NOT to see the freedoms we’ve lost from these scumbags?!!!

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