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Could We Have a Real Trump-Biden-Amash-Ventura Race in 2020?

This is, indeed, an unusual year, even without considering Covid-19. It may go down as the year third parties broke the two-party...

Quirks! Our Electoral System is Really Weird

There has been a lot written about the fact that two out of the last three presidential elections put the “popular loser’ into the...

Democrats Find Victory With Suburban Voters

Democrats scored big victories in Virginia and Kentucky last night, while Republicans held on in Mississippi. In what's being viewed as a preview of...
Pete Buttigieg Fox News Town Hall

2020 Presidential Election News Roundup (May 22, 2019)

We've been covering news roundups of the Democratic primary, but it's also worth expanding this format to include more aspects of the 2020 presidential...
Joe Biden 2020

Poll: Democrats Not Thrilled With 2020 Candidates

Now that we got that messy midterm process out of the way, let's get on with the main attraction. Democrats are already organizing Presidential...

Joe Biden Still Best-Positioned For 2020 Run

There are a lot of new and interesting names in the 2020 Democratic field, and then there's former Vice President Joe Biden. As far...

Democrats Preparing for Wide 2020 Primary Field

With as many as four dozen Democratic candidates currently considering a Presidential run in 2020, the field could be the largest seen in years...

Donors Say Sen. Kamala Harris is Running for President

Senator Kamala Harris, of California, has become a rising star in Democratic Party circles. She just recently headlined a fundraiser in the Hamptons where...

Facebook Founder Prepping 2020 Presidential Run?

It's never too early to start looking down the road at the 2020 Presidential election, so from time to time stories crop up worth...

The List of Democratic Candidates to Challenge Trump in 2020

As the Trump administration hits the first 100 day mark, many Democrats are eagerly looking to the four year mark with an eye on...

RNC will allow Iowa GOP to hold Ames Straw Poll in August

After much controversy and debate, the Republican Party of Iowa has been given permission by the Republican National Committee to once again conduct the...

Jeb Bush begins attack on Hillary at closed-door fundraiser

Make no mistake, the Republicans are very clear on the fact that they believe Hillary Clinton is the favorite to win the 2016 Democratic...