Earlier this week, in case you missed it, Speaker of the House John Boehner flat out stated that he was unable to push immigration reform because, essentially, he can’t trust the President to enforce the legislation as it’s written.

Report from the National Journal:

House Speaker John Boehner put a big dent in any remaining hope for immigration reform this year at his Thursday morning presser.

“One of the biggest obstacles we face is the one of trust,” Boehner said. “The American people, including many of my members, don’t trust that the reform that we’re talking about would be implemented as it’s intended to be.”

Saying that President Obama makes changes to the Affordable Care Act “on a whim, whenever he likes,” the speaker said he and his caucus harbor “widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws. And it’s going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes.”

Boehner makes a valid point, in many regards, since the President has unilaterally decided to change or simply not enforce laws with which his administration disagrees or parts of the health care law which are political obstacles.

That being said, what kind of impasse are we at in American politics when one branch of government says it refuses to function because another branch isn’t following the law?


  1. Boehner does not TRUST TROJAN HORSE OBAMA, the One Trick Pony; get line 147 million AMERICANS do not trust OBAMA either. Remember a nation of secrets is a nation of LIARS that USE fear to steal your rights and MONEY.

  2. Boehner is being disingenuous.

    Yes, Obama has agreed to changes on Obamacare, time after time. But it has been SURRENDERING to demands by others–NOT “whim.”

    There are other complaints about Obama that would be legit, but this one is not.

    Also, I am really sick of Boehner always saying “The American People” want this or that, when he can’t even speak for what his own party wants!

    • goethe bore — “Yes, Obama has agreed to changes on Obamacare, time after time. But it has been SURRENDERING to demands by others–NOT “whim.””…?!

      utter nonsense — like most of your posts….

    • Goethe – We are at odds again – I opine that Boehner was trying for immigration as a RINO but the House caucus said, no!, emphatically; and now he has to put a spin on it.

      However, the spin is very valid!!! This POTUS is totally untrustworthy!! he and his pen have modified many LAWS, The composition of the law (which is illegal) instead of how to implement or EXECUTE an existing law. Big difference in path of execution vs changing parameters and clauses.

      This POTUS is trying very hard to gradually change this nation to a dictatorship!!!

      • Sam: I don’t see where we are disagreeing.

        My comment about Obama was that on THIS particular issue (Obamacare), he has surrendered and retreated from the first day it was discussed. That doesn’t say anything about the other issues you have with him.

        And as for Boehner, my complaint is about demagogues who use the expression “The American People want,” which is automatically untrue, since “The American People” don’t agree on anything, and I resent the use of this phrase by politicians to put words in my (and your) mouth.

        • goethe kid — you are obviously missing the point again (as usual) — Obama has lied on every single issue, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, that is his MO, and that is what makes him untrustworthy.

          naming Obama’s lies will fill a book, so i’ll make it easy on you, kooky goethe — name just One Thing that Obama has not lied on record!

          the only thing i can come up is when he said on TV: “I’m not a Dictator….” — but then again, he was facing the camera, and we do not know if he had his fingers crossed behind his back…LOL!

            • kooky goethe — it is your posts that are irrelevant and oblivious….

              the topic is Obama is untrustworthy — reading comprehension should be on your list to improve your ability to reason, kid.

            • Oblivious: You’re the one with the reading comprehension problem. Yes, the topic is immigration, BUT Boehner brought up Obamacare as his reasoning that Obama can’t be trusted BECAUSE he changed guidelines.

              That reasoning is faulty, because Obama did NOT change the guidelines because he wanted to. He changed them because he was forced to.

              Using Obamacare is counterproductive, since it suggests that Obama would retreat on that issue, too–which is the opposite of what Boehner was trying to argue.

        • Goethe – I agree about your thoughts on “The American People want,” simply because now it is a very mixed bag. I am not even sure that “The American People,” are the same group as “We The People.” There are so many who THINK they no longer want freedom they want the benefits of a Nanny state but don’t understand with that comes totalitarianism and will eventually put more rules on them than they can stomach, especially when they grow over 50% and the Payers decide to take a leave of absence from the U.S.

          And voter fraud also takes a toll which is why Dems don’t want Voter ID. If we could ever find an unbiased set of poles with the proper parameters, we find what “We The American People want,” Often because of People W/ Low-Info syndrone, it is the MSM telling People what they want, and hence politicians will parrot that back into a circle.

          Either way if a law is passed that isn’t exactly what Obama wants, you can count on him either ignoring it or using his pen to counter or change it. NOT GOOD!! and he still owns the Senate and the Justice Dept. So he will never be called and held responsible.

          You should look at Evelyn’s comments on the ‘gop-establishment-bailing-on-christie-jumping-to-rubio’ thread and she does parrot what a lot of how “We The People.” want.

          Even Obvious below has good points about illegals and the effect and twisted thought on the “We The People.” in the U.S.

          • Sam:

            Precisely. Whenever a politician says “The American People Want,” you know he is being dishonest, and he KNOWS he is being dishonest, because if “The American People Wanted” just one thing, he would not have to say it, right?

            I am also a little uncomfortable with “We The People,” since it is quoting the Constitution, and suggests that anyone who doesn’t agree is somehow “UnAmerican.” We saw where that led us back in the 50s.

            So when I hear someone refer to “We The People,” I mentally put a little ® at the end–We The People®–so that the segment of “the people” is identified as a specific brand, like Coke® or Pepsi®. That makes the claim true–for that segment.

  3. Immigration “reforms” — what a PERNICIOUS catch phrase!

    Federal Law ALREADY states if you enter the USA without a VALID US Entry Visa (as in Tourist Visa, Worker Visa, Student Visa) you have broken the US Law and are to be deported upon capture! Period.

    Therefore, all illegal aliens here must be caught and deported! Just ENFORCE THE LAW that’s already in the book — End of story!
    Here is WHY they must be deported:

    The illegal Mexicans — let’s stop calling them Illegal Aliens (which sounds all encompassing and thus politically correct), since it is Mexicans that comprise 99% of the illegals here — are nearly reaching 30,000,000 in the USA, and thousands more are INVADING our nation by illegally crossing our borer each week!

    30 million illegal mexicans is about 10% of our 312 million US population — that is an extraordinary HUGE number of criminals that live in our land, collect OUR wages and OUR benefits while breaking The Law, by the very fact that they became criminals the moment they crossed our border illegally!

    Mexico has about 116 million population (THESE STATS are reported by the Mexican Gov WITHOUT DEDUCTING THE PEOPLE THAT LEFT THEIR NATION (these they do not count, since they do not track them) — so, IN REALITY Mexico’s current population is LESS than 86 million, and gets smaller each month !!!

    30 million illegal mexicans here represent that OVER a THIRD of Mexico’s population have left their nation and have invaded ours!


    If this train-wreck continues on its current path — Mexico will be depopulated in a few years and will become a non productive desert. USA will be overrun by an additional 80 million illegal Mexicans (on top of the 30 million that are already here), and will collapse under bankruptcy — since only so many real Americans can work so many hours to support all the politicians AND the extra Mega-Mexican-voting-block they want HERE, so these politicians get to be elected ALL the Time by the Mexicans they brought here!

    That this is the Democrats goal is easily seen — since Dems don’t care about our Free Republic, but only care to get elected, no matter what!

    What’s worrisome is that the Rino Republicans are are taking a page of the Dems book — and want that Mexican voting block here, to vote for them! Silly as it sounds, these Rinos think they can steal them away from the already entrenched Dems that love criminals in USA to prosper!

    THE INSANITY of all of this is that in order to curry votes, both the Dems and the Rinos are willing to sacrifice two nations (Mexico and USA) just to get elected (or reelected) to office!

    As kids growing up we were taught that if you broke the law, you got punished, and when you obeyed it you got rewarded.

    Now these SICK politicians have turned it all upside down — if you are a lawbreaker (an illegal mexican) you get rewarded with many, many freebees; BUT if you are a law-abiding US citizen, you get penalized (work some more so your EXTRA taxes get to pay for the criminals that are illegally in your nation)!

    Time to vote such scuzzy politicians out of office, and Save our Nation, before it’s too late — 2014 is the start to vote for the Tea Party and Libertarian candidates!

  4. Boehner is not a Speaker conservatives can call on to push their side of any issue. He must be handled in a manner that gives him the appearance of “calling the shots”, but in reality it is the Tea Party wing that controls the final voting pressure and decisions in the House. If you believe differently, think on this, watch for Republicrats shift right as election approaches because people are fed up with the “middle of the road” GOP. As early as last month the Repubs. had the say on the final votes on issues positioned to the middle. Now, due to various speculation by the party coming from the recent retreats ( Senate and House), watch for the swing right on all issues, except budget. j/a

  5. My state is second in the nation harboring illegal immigrants. In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security estimated that there were 1.68 million undocumented immigrants living in Texas. Add about 500,000 to that and you may be coming close. It should be noted, that about half of the undocumented immigrants in the United States came here legally on visas; they just never left The Texas state budgetary impact of undocumented immigrants is in education (by far the biggest expense), health care, and incarceration. The enrolling of their children in school is simple, parents simply show proof of residence—a gas bill, say. It’s a violation of federal law to deny a child an education. However, their presence here also creates jobs, as immigrants pay rent, buy groceries and clothing, eat at restaurants, sign cell phone contracts, buy cars and gasoline, etc. They, also, answer our doorbells, clean our houses, watch the children, mow our lawns and wash our cars for minimum wage, more often for less.

    The SB 774–known as the ”Gang of Eight” immigration bill — still languishing in the House states that the border must first be secured before any further steps are taken. The Texas border (Rio Grande River) is 1,254 miles long. Texas will receive 110 miles of fence in the Rio Grande Valley, where it is expected to cover 70 miles, broken up into 21 segments that resemble a conga line of tiny worms. Our terrain is suppose to protect the remaining 1,144 miles. The Rio Grande is not a swift river and can be waded, with few exceptions…running 3 to 5 feet deep. They will use the Predator B drone, an unmanned plane with powerful video cameras that can track action on the ground and can fly for up to twenty hours without having to refuel. Drones cost $4.5 million a pop, not counting the millions needed for the equipment and men to operate them.

    There is 6.8 million illegal Mexican immigrants in the United States, with 2.8 million living in California, 1.68 million in Texas.

    • tess — reads like a poorly written school term paper (full of inaccuracies and doctored to fit what your liberal teacher expects, so you get an A).

      what grade are you in…?

      • Obvious… you really need to stop flaunting your complete absence of brain function. If you find an inaccuracy then post a proven counterpoint. Ridicule is the only weapon you possess and you will soon self-destruct..

        • Tess: Oblivious doesn’t argue specific points because he can’t. So he reverts to name calling and generalizations.

          It would, indeed, be refreshing for him to say, “I disagree on this point because–” but then, of course, he’d have to back it up.

        • tess — did you Google that, too…?

          you, and kooky goethe, are the laughing stock here…why the two of you keep on posting can only be described as masochistic behavior — seek help!

          • Oblivious: You lie to yourself.

            There’s only one person who has been ridiculed and criticized consistently by a number of the rest of us–and that’s you.

            And, with all due modesty, if I or Billy or a few others, are off here for more than a week, we have been welcomed back by several people. If you’re gone for a week or month, have you noticed that you are not welcomed back?

            But don’t go away. We need a buffoon to make the rest of us seem normal.

        • tess — you sound like you are mexican, not an American….

          why don’t you lead the 30,000,000+ mexicans that are illegally here in USA, and take them back to Mexico — so they can improve their nation according to you…and STOP DESTROYING OURS!

          • Obvious…Again, you are openly humiliating yourself.. There is six million Mexican-born illegal immigrants which make up only 52 percent of the unauthorized population of the United States(Pew estimates]. The rest of the top ten illegal immigrants are Guatemala (480,000), Honduras (320,000), the Philippines (270,000), India (200,000), Korea (200,000), Ecuador (170,000), Brazil (150,000), and China (120,000). The millions that poured onto our shores from Cuba were never considered illegal immigrants, given immediate amnesty. Are you going to round up all the non Mexican illegals and lead them home?

            • Tess – it is amazing that you should even know those stats and if ICE knows that much about illegals – why haven’t they rounded them up and send them home. They are breaking U.S. law and cost us more than make for us. take them outside the 3mile limit and drop ’em.

            • tess — googling again…when Google posts what the US government wants you to hear on “touchy” subjects…?

              how naive is that!

              In 2012 the REAL estimate was that there were 21,000,000 illegal Mexicans in the USA, and since then, that number is climbing at an accelerated pace — the estimate for 2014 is 30+MILLION!

              By 2020 half of Mexico will reside here!

              By 2030 — there will be NO Mexico (since 80% of their population will be here) IF THIS TRAVESTY CONTINUES!

              tess — you are the poster child for what Obama and his Dems stand for — the total destruction of the USA by lies made to look like “truth”!

              SHAME ON YOU!

            • Oblivious:

              “There will be no Mexico.” Pffft.

              OK, smart guy. You complain about Tess supporting her arguments with research.

              Where, exactly, are you getting YOUR “facts”?? Otta yer butt??

          • Sam…As you must have guessed, if you have a Texas bloodline that runs back through the 1800’s, you don’t have a burning hatred for Mexicans. We fought them and won but we don’t demonize them. Mexicans are not lazy, they do all our menial work for mostly below minimum wage An illegal immigrant in Texas cannot get on the welfare programs…no food stamps or housing for them. So they clean our houses, mow our lawns, cook for us, watch our children, wait on us at Sonic with a salary of $2.00 an hour plus tips, pluck the chickens, dig our ditches, shop at our charity and garage sales for their clothes, and I have never seen a Mexican on the street holding a cup or begging. The main problem that seems to irritate many people is that if a child is born on American soil, it is an American citizen. This is the law of our nation, regardless of nationally, and should be respected until it is changed by the courts.

            Believe me, Sam, ICE knows. They wear blinders in Texas. One of the most over-used phrases in the State of Texas, if a Company needs temporary cleaning or lifting work, is “get a Wetback”

            The stats I quoted are from the Texas Monthly. A magazine that accurately tells it exactly as it is. I was surprised that the Canadian illegals weren’t in the top ten.

            • tess — in other words:

              you are supporting illegal Mexicans taking away low-paying jobs from American citizens in Texas…such as American teenagers that used to cut our lawns, work in fast-food places…for generations before the Mexican Illegal Invasion?!

              have you no shame…?!

            • Again, Obvious, you spoke without thinking. Texas (Anglo) teenagers no longer mow lawns. Very, very few work at the fast food places. What Mexican Illegal Invasion are you referring to? Invasion means invading a country or region with an armed force. The United States invaded Mexico in 1845.

              I take it you are using the word shame as a verb. As in ‘take down a peg or two”. You forgot to think again.

            • Tess —

              Glad you agree that the reason “Texas (Anglo) teenagers no longer mow lawns. Very, very few work at the fast food places” is because these TRADITIONAL TEENAGER JOBS are now taken away from America’s youth by Illegal Mexicans, that have criminally entered our nation by the very FACT that they have made an INVASIVE INCURSION across our sovereign border, with unknown intent , since they lack any ENTRY US VISAS to do so LEGALLY (which Visas determine if the ones entering our country legally are TEMPORARY Students, Workers or Tourists …as per US Federal Law).

              When a few do it in a few years years — it is an inconvenience.

              But, when Several Million Mexicans have done it, and keep doing it even more — it is called An Invasion!

              Learn the definition of words — for even as a pedant you are a failure.

            • Obvious…You rant without rhyme or reason. There is no such thing as a traditional teenager job., at least not Texas. Only in a Disney film will see something of that logic. Illegal immigration (whatever their race) is at it’s lowest ebb in forty years in Texas. Wading the Rio Grande without a weapon with a minimum of one to four people at a time cannot be called an invasion in any fashion.

              Somethings you might want to ponder:

              The landmark 1982 Plyler v. Doe Supreme Court decision, states are required to provide all students with K-12 public education, regardless of students’ immigration status. Although the Court did not declare education a fundamental right, it was determined that a “public education has a pivotal role in maintaining the fabric of our society and in sustaining our political and cultural heritage; the deprivation of education takes an inestimable toll on the social, economic, intellectual, and psychological well-being of the individual, and poses an obstacle to individual achievement.”

              California, New Mexico, Texas and Washington—allow undocumented students to receive state financial aid. Students without legal immigrant status are ineligible for federal financial aid.

              Fifteen states—California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington— extend in-state tuition rates to undocumented students through state legislation. Two states—Oklahoma and Rhode Island— allow in-state tuition rates to undocumented students through Board of Regents decisions. In 2013, the University of Hawaii’s Board of Regents and the University of Michigan’s Board of Regents adopted similar policies for undocumented students to access in-state tuition at those institutions.

              Nationally, each year around 8,000 non citizens enlist in the military. (to protect you)

              According to February 2008 data from the Department of Defense, more than 65,000 immigrants (non citizens and naturalized citizens) were serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces. This represents approximately 5% of all active-duty personnel. The top two countries of origin for foreign-born military personnel in the U.S. are the Philippines and Mexico

            • Tess – you make a good point, LEGAL immigrants are people that desire to make the U.S. their new nation and are or will become productive citizens or will take their skills back to their home of origin. We should and do welcome these people and hope they stay and most hope the gate would be wider open for these people.

              However, ILLEGAL immigrants are not and should not be welcome. Nor are they allowed into the Military

            • Sam… The law does state that an illegal immigrant cannot join the service, And what does it take to circumvent that law. A good High School Army, Navy, Marine Recruiter, who can get an LPR status for a teenager in a week or two and, glory be, when that teenager gets his diploma, he is an enlisted man.

              If your American genealogy traces back to the 1600 and 1700’s then your blood is from illegal immigrants who were searching for a better life. I do believe in immigration laws for the present time. My problem is with their execution, If the United States can pinpoint Bin Laden’s bedroom, why can we not find ALL illegal (not only Mexicans) in the United States and decide their fate…deportation or citizenship. My biggest thorn with immigration is: January 14th, Cuba is allowing Cubans to leave by any means of their choice. All they’ have to do is walk off a airplane or out of the water anywhere in the United States and are immediately awarded refugee status (which, by the way, includes all the goodies of welfare subsidies). This change could lead to many thousands of new Cuban refugees every month, joining the two million Cubans and their descendants already here. There is no pathway to citizenship for a Cuban…no requirement that they speak English or given citizenship tests. After one year of residency, a Cuban is given American citizenship if they want it. So, why are other immigrants so despicable and Cubans given a free ride? No one dares ask Mario Rubio or Ted Cruz.. Ted Cruz’s father waited something like 37 years to accept his citizenship. Where is your outcry that Cuban refugees are a drain on our welfare system, our education system and that old mantra, taking jobs from Americans?


    “Boehner Says He Doesn’t Trust The President On Immigration”


    “Conservatives Don’t Trust Boehner On Debt Ceiling Negotiations”

    (or much of anything else)

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