Wednesday night saw the first of three Presidential debates, and one Vice Presidential Debate, in the month of October. The first debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney took place at the University of Denver in Colorado. The topics focused on domestic policy with Jim Lehrer, host of NewsHour on PBS, moderating.

Original Air Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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Report from the Wall Street Journal:

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney clashed over taxes Wednesday night from the start of their first presidential debate, with each presenting his plan as the best way to revive growth and help the middle class.

Mr. Romney said he wanted to eliminate “deductions, credits and exemptions.” He rejected charges that his tax plan would favor the wealthy, or make America’s finances worse, saying, “I won’t put in place a tax plan that adds to the deficit.”

Mr. Obama said his opponent’s plan would inevitably result in a higher budget deficit or large cuts to federal programs. “It’s math, it’s arithmetic,” the president said, later adding, “That’s not a recipe for job growth.”

The presidential candidates met at the University of Denver for the first of three televised presidential debates. The candidates ranged widely over other domestic policies during the first hour of the debate, discussing energy, Medicare and the deficit among other issues.

Moderator Jim Lehrer seemed to lose control often and let each candidate continue talking. I don’t necessarily think that was a bad thing. I think this was the first debate where the moderator did minimal talking and the candidates were given ample time to expand the discussion.

The next debate is Thursday, October 11, 2012 and will be between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan.


  1. A BIG Romney WIN! Obama seemed like he couldn’t be bothered to remain in the the debate any longer than necessary…late night anniversary dinner I’m sure.

      • Both sides will claim their Chosen One won — when the reality is that with either puppet in power America has lost!

        • Surfisher: Technically speaking, these things are not really “debates.” In a debate, you have a specific issue and argue points. Then you count up the points to see who won.

          These are not debates, they’re just competitive talking. In these things, nobody wins, but someone can lose. I think even Obama supporters would agree that Obama “lost” this one. He lost it in the first sentence, talking about his anniversary.

          There’s a line in the movie, The American President, in which Michael J. Fox says, “Mr. President, two hundred and sixty-four million people don’t give a damn about your life. They give a damn about their own.

          Apparently, Obama didn’t get the memo on that.

          • Well said. It also seemed tired. I will guess he is more tired about explaining the same thing over and over and hearing the same propaganda resurface. The difference between now and four years before is that it was baptized by fire. It seems to me that he is no longer willing to spend time on “competitive talking”. At least he seemed honest. At this I believe he won. In long term it may pay.

    • Well, Romney did do a nice job of bullying the moderator and interrupting. He did a nice job of dodging the question of how it’s mathematically possible to give the wealthy a $5 trillion dollar tax cut without raising taxes on the middle class or running up the national debt. He did a nice job of pretending that Obamacare is not Romneycare – which it is. But he was just selling the usual trickle down economics that Republicans always sell: “cut taxes for the rich, gut Wall Street regulations, click your heels together three times and wait for the magic to happen”.

      President Obama was burdened by the necessity of sticking to the facts. Mitt Romney has never felt that burden.

      • Romney did not bully the moderator, let’s not over dramatize here people. Obama kept repeating that Romney wanted to implement a 5 trillion dollar tax cut when Romney clearly stated SEVERAL times that was not what his plan was. Neither stuck to the topics and Obama did not stick to the facts. He was not a victim, his proverbial hands weren’t tied. He couldn’t even address Romney’s plan because as ususal he was not listening to what was being said. Common sense here people. If you restrict the wealthy financially, they can not create companies, and therefore jobs. IF it’s cheaper to operate a company over seas, what do you expect to happen? There goes our jobs. If you could discuss facts instead of opinions and exaggerations like “clicking your heals together three times” it would give your arguement more credibility.

        • @Kimberly: Romney’s tax plan expressly says he will cut rates by 20%. That’s a $5 trillion tax cut. If you’ve been paying attention for the last year, you know that Romney always says what he thinks the audience wants to hear, regardless of its truthfulness or lack thereof. That’s why Jon Huntsman called him a “perfectly lubricated weathervane”, while Gingrich, Bachmann, and Perry came right out and called him a liar.

          Regarding your claim about “restricting the wealthy”: we created 23 million jobs under President Clinton. President Obama wants to return to the Clinton tax rates. Why would that be a job killer now when it most certainly wasn’t when Clinton was president?

          • however, if you CUT taxes on the people who have the capability to create jobs, then they will create jobs, and they will make more money, and the people who then have jobs will make money, and the overall income will INCREASE, therefore, although the tax rate is perhaps lower, the over take for the government will be HIGHER. Basic percentages, supply and demand. Read a book about it. And where did you read anything about a tax plan that said a specific amount of 20%. Did it say for all people, because many middle class taxpayers only pay 15-18% of taxable income? You must have read that or heard in in Obama’s propaganda against Romney. I believe Romney’s plan WOULD call for a decrease in what the wealthiest people pay, which is approaching 60%, because that is ridiculous when they are the people who need to spend their money so we can all work.

            • @Teri: Again, Obama wants to go back to Clinton-era tax rates for the wealthiest Americans. Again, did those tax rates kill the economy under Clinton? Of course they didn’t. Everyone knows that.

              Furthermore, Bush DID exactly what Romney wants to do. He cut taxes, mostly for the benefit of the “job creators”. Did they create jobs in response? No, they certainly did not. We had the weakest job creation under Bush that we’ve had in many decades.

              One thing is certain: cutting taxes increases the deficit and our national debt. That means more taxes for our kids and grandkids down the road. Are you in favor of sticking it to our kids and grandkids just so we can give huge, unnecessary, unhelpful tax cuts to rich people today? Is that really what you believe in?

        • I expect the companies that operate on USA to pay taxes according to USA tax system. You want to produce in China because it is cheaper? How about if you have to pay a high tax because of that? The result: it will not be cheaper. This will make no longer attractive outsourcing jobs. You present it as some kind of fatalism… big companies will outsource jobs because it is cheaper… than sell the product to India and China. You want to sell it here, than… This alone kills much more jobs in USA than anything you may dream in your own doctrine.

      • Steve, you dont HAVE to raise taxes on the middle class. in stead of raising taxes, you lower government spending. if you tax the people who create jobs(also called the “rich”) those people will decide to invest in other countries with less taxes or at leas in countries where business owners are encouraged, not burdened.

        its as if you were applying to a job: will you choose a company that pays you less and requires more work? or will you choose the one that pays more and you do less work

        • Yes, Omar, we’ve heard the theory about the job killing effects of tiny tax hikes on the rich. But theory is irrelevant because we actually have evidence that these claims are false. What is the evidence? The Clinton years. Obama wants to go back to Clinton tax rates. That’s all. If that were really a job-killing proposition we wouldn’t have created 23 million jobs when Clinton was president, would we have?

          • yes and Clinton tax rates with a republican congress were LOW, at least way lower than Obama really wants them to be

            • Wrong, Teri. Clinton tax rates were higher than they are now. Bush lowered them substantially in 2001 and 2003. Remember? President Obama is merely saying that we can no longer afford to keep these very low rates for everyone. He is saying that the rates for the richest 2% of Americans should go back to what they were under Clinton, when the economy was booming. Hardly radical.

              Tax cuts for rich people today mean tax hikes for your kids and grandkids tomorrow. Don’t forget that.

      • a very good job. he was more lucid and clear than i’ve ever seen him, he was also more moderate that usual. when he had facts on his side he used them and when he lied he did it in a very convincing way. Obama was a little bit thrown off by some of Romney’s about faces, I think he expected it to be a very different debate.

      • Oh Steve,didn’t you hear Romney state over and over that he is not planning a 5 trillion dollar tax cut. Just because the ill advised President says the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over does not make it true. Why don’t you look back at what a wonderful job of trickle down economics did during the Reagan administration. The 80’s were awesome, the 90’s were inflated by a phony concept and we have never recovered from the mistakes and false hope that Clinton set us up for. Yes, let’s vote for more of the last 4 years. Go Steve. Ugh.

        • Yes, Colleen, I heard Romney SAY that. I’ve heard Romney SAY many things. But the fact is that the 20% tax cut that is the cornerstone of Romney’s tax plan IS a $5 trillion tax cut. Do the math. Maybe you didn’t follow the Republican primary campaign. If you had, you would know that Romney doesn’t worry much about factual accuracy. As one of his chief campaign strategists said, “we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers”. That’s one of the truest statements ever to come out of the Romney campaign.

          • Steve, you need to do the math… like i said, even if you CUT taxes on the rich, the overall take for the government, at least in the long term, will be higher because incomes will be higher and more people will be working…
            And what Romney said about fact-checkers he said because the “media” and “Obama campaign fact checker” were flat out wrong. Don’t believe everything you are fed by people who want to keep you ignorant and take away your rights.

            • Wrong again, Teri. If what you were saying were true, cutting all of our taxes to 0% (or very close) would lead to more tax revenue for the government. If you were correct, we would already be there. No-brainer.

              But you are not correct. In fact, cutting taxes always leads to a NET loss to the government. Cutting taxes always INCREASES the debt and deficit. Tax cuts DO stimulate the economy and that does PARTIALLY offset the debt impact of the tax cuts, but only partially. It’s that “partially” that you don’t seem to grasp.

              Mitt Romney said in the debate that there are 3 ways to bring down the deficit. One of those ways, he said, is raising taxes. This is Romney speaking, not me. It follows from basic logic that if RAISING taxes DECREASES the deficit, CUTTING taxes does the opposite. Tax cuts increase the deficit (and therefore the debt).

              Check with the CBO, Tax Policy Center, CPBB, the Bush Treasury Department, or any economics 101 textbook for more.

      • “…He did a nice job of dodging the question of how it’s mathematically possible to give the wealthy a $5 trillion dollar tax cut….”

        Did you miss the parts about what he believes fund government in the first place? JOBS. He wants to create more JOBS thus increasing the total tax revenue. Currently all those millions that DO NOT WORK are NOT CREATING TAX REVENUE. Why tax the people who create the jobs??? Why would increasing their taxes equate to more jobs? Yes, it worked in the DOT COM BOOM, but it hasn’t worked since.

        • Everyone knows that employed taxpayers fund the government. That’s why the Great Recession of 2007-2009 caused such an enormous spike in our national debt. 750,000 people were losing their jobs every month when the last Republican president left office. The last Republican president had the same policies that Romney has. They didn’t work then and they won’t work now.

          Again, President Obama wants to go back to the Clinton tax rates. Just look at the Clinton years and ask yourself: how many jobs did these slightly higher tax rates kill? Actually, the country created 23 million jobs under Clinton. So any argument that going back to the Clinton rates will kill jobs is obviously hogwash.

          One thing we do know is that cutting taxes automatically increases our national debt. Of course, you could gut government spending in order to pay for tax cuts that mostly benefit the very wealthy. If you do that you won’t run up the debt. No Republican has ever actually done that, though. Why not? Well, it’s because Americans get very angry when all this vague talk about cutting government spending becomes specific. You can’t actually cut “government spending”. All you can cut is Medicare, Social Security, funding for the military, funding for scientific research, funding for interstate highway maintenance, …

          That’s why people like Romney never offer specifics. They just say “trust me”. Well, I don’t trust Mitt Romney. He hasn’t earned it. Quite the opposite.

          • again, you are listening to what they want you to believe, Steve. You are just a propaganda puppet!
            And, you can cut government spending on PBS, funding for research that should be funded privately, help for the homeless and hungry that should be funded privately (the government should not have their hands in EVERY aspect of our lives), toilets that don’t really cost $10,000, Solundra (sp) debacles that cost billions, extravagant health care “reform” that has to be funded federally, planned parenthood government sponsored baby killing, wasteful government pensions for people like presidents and congress people who are rich and don’t need $400,000 a year for life after one term in office, or the salaries the congress and senate make, secret service fees for an abundance of vacations when a president should be running the country, or clothes and planes and secret service so his wife can do just about anything she wants on our dollar, social security for people who have pensions that are already over $4-5000 a month.
            One of the only actual authority that the federal government has, according to the CONSTITUTION, which seem to have forgotten, is national protection, so the “national militia” and foreign policy. This should really be the only money the feds collect. The congress and president should be volunteers and not life-time politicians and the IRS would not be needed because the states could collect a national tax for the national militia, who could be housed in the individual states when they are not abroad, and you would just have some small overseeing office to see that the money is turned in properly and that the military gets what they need. That is about it!!!. All these federal laws and mess is supposed to be under the sovereign authority of the individual states and local governments. Let the the local PEOPLE keep an eye on their local government actions and take care of their own. When it comes down to it and we have more of our OWN money to use, people DO help each other out and care for those in need and those who are hungry. People help friends get to work and find them job training. We could actually care for those around us instead of worrying if some higher tax is going to make us the ones in the welfare office. So, get back to the basics and quit forcing big government and socialism down our throats!
            And for that matter, social security was never intended to be ANY kind of American retirement plan. it was a short term solution to short term problem after the second world war and should have ended years ago. It is another entitlement program that the democrats use to keep people on their side, like medicaid and welfare and things like that. Also, why should people who have insurance plans like blue cross be FORCED to use medicare as their primary instead of letting medicare only be for retirees who actually don’t have retirement health insurance and have BETTER benefits with their own insurance. Did you know that the government makes you take medicare by a certain age and it HAS to be the primary insurance? People who are still working and who have their own retirement insurance plan should not be in medicare unless they somehow lose that. Ridiculous over-spending. My dad actually has an excellent retirement health plan that has great benefits, but is required to use medicare as his primary insurance, and all the strings and bells and whistles (not good bells and whistles) that go with it. it is such a hassle, much more than if he just used his other insurance with the supplement he has, too. pre-approval, limited doctors, ones who won’t take medicare, etc.

            • “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

              This is the first line of the Constitution, Teri. Note the part about “promote the general welfare”. It appears that you may have conveniently forgotten it.

      • Steve, the problem is that the president thinks the economy runs on simple arithmetic. It doesn’t…it’s incredibly complex because of all of the individual factors that impact the success or failure of the economy. This much is simple to understand, though: cut taxes on small businesses, and they get to use that money to grow. In a short time, instead of getting 40% of 10,000 dollars, the government gets 30% of 20,000. Meanwhile, that company has the money available to hire additional workers, whose income and payroll taxes bring additional tax revenues. Take some time to slow down and understand the logic behind what he says before dismissing it. It will take time for the changes to take effect, but that’s how it has to be with an economy this large. Small, quick fixes do nothing for the long-term health of our nation.

        • I’m sure the president is aware of the Laffer curve idea, Brian, which is what you’re describing. But it’s well known that tax cuts never pay for themselves. The CBO has looked at it. The Tax Policy Center has looked at it. Even the Bush administration looked at it. The finding is always the same. Tax cuts do stimulate the economy, but they don’t create enough growth to make up for the loss of revenue to the Treasury. Look at the CBO study on the Bush/Obama tax cuts showing that they added about $2 trillion in debt while Bush was in office and will add more than $4 trillion over the next decade.

          Mitt Romney knows that tax cuts add to the deficit. He said so explicitly during the debate. President Obama knows this too. The president’s position is that the gain we get from giving tax cuts to rich people is not worth the pain to the middle class that results from them. Tax cuts aren’t free, after all. They force you to either run up the national debt OR to cut deeply into things like Medicare, Social Security, defense, education, scientific research, etc.

          Mitt Romney can’t relate to middle class people. His remarks about the 47% show that as clearly as anything. He’s probably never changed a tire in his life. So it’s no surprise that he doesn’t understand (or doesn’t care) about the negative impact his policies will have on regular folks.

        • Yet, your example it’s not complex at all.

          Guess mine: close the loopholes that allow big corporations to have the same benefits on American soil as small companies, but outsourcing jobs, technology and evade taxation by keeping their incomes in offshore heavens. How about that? How about I will start believe your washy candidate when he will actually bring his money from Luxemburg and Cayman Islands and pay taxes as they are.

          Quantify as much as you want, some social problems cannot be quantified. In my opinion life, health… how would you quantify this?

    • I’m going to fire Big Bird, Elmo & Shut Down PBS… But my priority is to create more jobs in America! -Mitt 2012!

      • Back in the day when we had 6 channels to watch, and before the knowledge of the full impact of television viewing on young children negatively affecting their attention spans, PBS was a good thing. It provided ‘educational’ tv for children during the daytime when the other stations offered news or soap operas. Now, people who spend even the lowest amount on “cable/dish” can have at least 100 channels at their fingertips–and access to shows which are just as educational. It certainly isn’t necessary for the gov’t to continue funding PBS. Do you think we can keep spending with no cuts anywhere?? There have to be cuts, many cuts, and PBS is just one of them, and I hope they defund the National Endowment for the Arts too! Cutting those programs is certainly not a deal-breaker for me.

        You can clammer about Big Bird and ignore billions wasted in green energy, the President’s blocking of the Keystone pipeline, blocking American drilling on gov’t owned land all the while paying lip service and “saying” he wants America to be energy independent?

  2. Obama looked like he couldn’t be bothered to stand there with such an idiot. He worked very hard to not laugh on public tv about how dumb his opponent is

      • Eager just about sums up Romneys character, Obama is visibly the calmer candidate throughout the debate. If you applied those same characteristics to everyday test takers you would find that those eager to finish always receive a lower letter grade…

        • Calmer–if he had been any ‘calmer’ we could have called him comatose! Even his precious MSNBC couldn’t give him a passing grade.

        • Romney’s whole point was that Americans and individual states are smart enough to think for themselves and decide the best insurance for their families and for states to choose their own healthcare plans.

        • i am afraid america will prove him right. if the 3% of american could have produce more jobs they would have done it. there is no reason for government not to tax them more. where there is competition there is greed. doctors just want to make as much as they can, insurance just want to make as much as they can even if Ombama wanted to make as much as he can even if he were to be re-elected he knows he will not be there in 2016, if some rich private company screws you over you can’t get back at them if government screws you over you can get back at them.

          • So how do you suggest we get back at Obama for putting us 16 trillion dollars in debt??? I mean since you say it would be so easy.

        • He never said stupid but dependent yes. Why in the world is it so hard to believe that government can be smaller. The united sates has had the slowest economic growth in its history in 2012. the closest year to that is 2011. I am sorry but more people on government assistance and receiving college loans does not make an economy strong. Putting people back to work through small business and giving people that self worth, and drive to provide for themselves does . No one can deny that less people working not only means more people on government take but also less tax revenue. Romney’s plan of simply getting people back to work is a double threat by getting people off of government assistance, and maintaining an income that they pay taxes on and at the end of the day can feel good about recieving.
          I was raised with pride in my own ability to provide for my self and i think that is something that has been lost.

        • American’s are the smartest people on earth. obama is the stupid one for thinking people are going to go for his lies again… He should of been impeached because he was born in Kenya. He lied under oath. He wants to take away our rights. Right to religion, Right to bare arms, He will raise gas prices again, he bows to his masters the Arabs. (remember that) Please Google him or research him. Even the movie about his life! how can you miss that?

      • No revenue, Reduce deficit? HOW? DUE TELL? I WILL WAIT, THAT’S WHAT OBAMA WAS WAITING FOR… How was he schooled again?

    • Mitt Romney sounds too fake almost. Too overimformed almost programed. I know somepeople saw it’s preparedness but really? No. it sound FAKE to me. I think Obama totally was geniune with thoughts that occured to him onstage, his own thoughts not reherased.

      • What do you do for a living? Just wondering to understand what you just posted. What is your profession or job?

    • Ha, ha eric, nice try. Pres. Obama was more likely dumbfounded–he didn’t have a record to stand on and he knew it!! He couldn’t hold his own and even the MSM saw it!!

  3. Governor Romney came through with flying colors. He was prepared and came across as one who truly wants to make things better for the American people. Looking forward to the future debates.

    • Mitt wants to make things better for the American people by cutting his own taxes and gutting regulations for his Wall Street buddies. Fantastic. Didn’t we try trickle-down economics under President Bush? How’d that turn out?

        • NO the slaves are under Pres Obama’s programs as well as any other administration that wants to give men fish rather than teach them to fish. When you can get the SEIU to pay Mitt Romney protestors in Ohio $11/hr and who qualify simply because they are on some gov’t program and give them cell phones–you have chained those people neatly to the gov’t plantation. Don’t believe me, google it, you should be able to find the video clip, I think it was posted on MRC.

          • Actually, Obama believes in teaching men to fish. He also believes that it’s easier to teach men to fish when they’re not dead of starvation. These 2 statements are what the Democratic party is all about. Common sense.

        • Just to clarify, the national debt was $10.7 trillion when Obama took over. Most of the debt increase since then is a direct result of the Great Recession of 2007-2009. When you have recessions tax revenues go down and automatic government spending goes up. That causes the debt to rise. It has nothing to do with Bush or Obama, unless you believe that Bush policies contributed to the financial collapse.

          If you want to single out a specific policy or two that had added trillions to the debt, the biggest 2 are the Bush tax cuts (now the Bush/Obama tax cuts) and the wars. The tax cuts, for example, added $2 trillion to the debt while Bush was in office and will add more than $4 trillion more over the next decade.

    • I totally agree with you. obama has been Destroying America from the inside-out. Mitt wants the “Keystone oil pipe line” that will make millions of jobs for American’s alone. This is a Free Country and I don’t want obama the Dictator telling us what we can and can’t do. obama’s way of saving money is spending 5 million tax dollars on a bus so he can cruise around in. The economy has got even worse since obama’s been in office. obama has doubled the National Deficit. The list go’s on and on. Every-one please do research on obama.

      • You’ve been listening to Pres. Obama too long. Gov Romney was far more descriptive of what he thinks should be done than Pres. Obama ever was. Just what plan did Pres Obama give last night? Just what plan did Sen. Obama give 4 years ago? In 2008 it was Hope and Change!! Well, that “well described plan” certainly panned out well. I hope you can see my sarcasm, because I certainly don’t remember any plan given back in 2008, and four years later, he is just now trying to work on a budget?? Or what about Obamacare?? Wow, Pelosi said Congressmen had to pass it before they could read it. I guess that was supposed to be and example of the transparency of the new administration.

  4. Two observations: they should have had a fight doctor on-hand just in case one of those blows actually knocked Obama clean out; and if Romney doesn’t get the presidency he can always fall back on an acting career, staring in Desperately Seeking Ron Paulers.

  5. We didn’t learn very much from the debate. Romney’s plan wasn’t very detailed, he focused mainly on attacking Obama. Obama was being more informative but didn’t attack as much as Romney. I can’t wait until the future debates.

    • Only because Obama was stating complete false statements. Those had to be addressed and Romney did address them.

      • Thank you Truth. Glad some people noticed that one!

        Also, Michael, just what kind of detailed plan can you give in two minutes?? Obama was hardly being more informative. And just what plan did Pres Obama present??

        I think it’s rather funny that you say you can’t wait for future debates. Pres Obama couldn’t defend his past record on the economy during this debate. His own MSM couldn’t defend his performance, do you really think he’s going to have a better record to defend on domestic and foreign policy?? It took the White House days to figure out that the violence that took the lives of 4 Americans (including an Ambassador), and committed on 9/11 was terrorist attack!

        Should be interesting.

    • He didn’t “attack Obama,” he attacked Obama’s “facts” and ideology. Quit it with the class warfare and finger pointing. If you have to point, point at what someone has done wrong and figure out a better way of doing it.

      Obama wasn’t informative. Everytime Obama spoke, he misquoted Romney and Romney had to force a rebuttal to correct the midset of the audience.

      “Mr President, you are entitled to your own airplane and your own house, but not your own facts.”

      • MC: Actually, I think that was the most cringe-worthy point of the night. Romney was on a roll and didn’t need to be “too cute.”

        It was clear that the “your own facts” line was coached and he was just looking for a place to drop it in. It’s an old, trite line, and sounded so practiced that it made him look ridiculous. He didn’t have to do that to himself, since he was doing so well otherwise.

    • Michael…You must of been watching something else.(I beg you to do your research on obama). Google him or read newsmax or even check out words out on Facebook. By now all of America knows he is from Kenya and is not even Legally able to be The U.S. Prez.

  6. Romney says that we have the responsibly to protect the life and liberty of our people (albeit in regards to the military) but how is a woman who is raped going to trust that this “president” is going to abide by HER wishes?


      • The morning after pill reduces the chances that a woman will get pregnant. It does not put up a barrier that will completely prevent the woman from getting pregnant. It is not 100% effective.

      • The morning after pill is relatively new, and allowing it was hard fought. What if you can’t have it after the election? Mr. Romney has said that he NOW feels very strongly about the “Prolife” movement. So, @BRANDI, what if your precious morning after pill goes away?

      • People don’t go to the hospital right after they’re raped. That’s just not what most people do. Also, caps lock is on.

      • BRANDI that is one of the most disgusting things I have heard. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. There is more to rape then just someone possibly getting pregnant. It’s such a big issue mentally for that person. The morning after pill is not always 100% effective either, it’s the fact that ~some people, one of which is campaigning to be the leader of the country, just don’t believe in giving the rape victims the support they need.

      • I don’t think that “the morning after pill” was exactly what Terry meant in reference to protecting women’s rights and liberties.
        As a woman you should be ashamed of your comment.

        • @ Sam I could say the same to you…as a human you should be ashamed of your comment! I don’t necessarily agree with Brandi and I don’t dream to know what each woman would feel in a situation, what about that child’s rights and liberties? You only talk about how a woman would be affected but what about enfringing on that unborn innocent child’s right to live. Rape is horrible, but have we become that narcissistic and self involved that because we were wronged we have the right to enfringe on an innocent life? It may sound petty of me to say this but do 2 wrongs make a right? Because you assaulted me does that give me the right to assault someone else becuase I am hurt?

          • That is exactly the point I am making. Brandi had alluded that the only issue with rape is becoming pregnant and therefore dealing with it by using “plan B” (this is how I interpreted her statement).
            My comment only shed light upon the fact that the scope of the issue extends past the morning after pill. It’s up to you how you would like to interpret that. It is also up to you how you feel about contraception, abortion, or how you define life.
            In addition, “plan B” only works IF and ONLY IF the egg is unfertilized. It makes the woman release the unfertlized egg before the sperm reaches it. Plan B does not impact at all the zygote (which you refer to as an unborn child). Once the egg is fertilized (the zygote) Plan B is ineffective as the fertilized egg adheres to the walls of the uterus.
            It is unclear to me how you have come to the conclusion of two wrongs making a right and the eye for an eye example from my statement.

    • Honey don’t get swept up in the scare. You have to remember that no matter what, all laws passed have to go through congress and there is no way in hell that they would go along with the government stepping in and taking away a womans rights in that area. I thought the same thing until it was explained to me. I believe a woman has the choice of not being pro-life in cases of rape and incest, not as birth control. That does need to stop. But there will always be extenuating circumstances for every law, espicially when it comes to a persons rights regarding termination of a pregnancy.

    • So far the issue of rape is brought up when talking about abortion. These children are receiving the death penalty. When you legislate that rapist get the death penalty, then you can think about innocent lives receiving the death penalty.

    • rape consists of .o7% of abortions… everyone needs to stop acting like its more then half… its barley any… isn’t it sad that people who rape are smart enough to put on a condom but the careless children raised by stupid parents aren’t smart enough… sad…

    • Terry, you are just one of many who justifies killing another human being wrapped up in an evil package of ‘woman’s rights’. What about the child’s rights? Never before have we redefined what it means to be a person to justify our killing innocent babies. Did you know at 7 weeks they have hands and feet, clearly human? Guess what, if it’s not a person/baby, you don’t need an *bortion. God have mercy on us all for the senseless slaughter.

      • If u r not the victim, then you wouldnt know how hey feel. A woman got raped, then maybe one month later she found out she got pregnant. She doesnt know what to do. She cant get an abortion because that would be killing an innocent child. The baby started to grow bigger. Her tummy get bigger every month. She walk around and people asked her how month? Awww, congratulation!!!! She say, I didnt want this baby, I was raped. Nobody knows what to say after that.

        People can debate on this abortion crap as much as you want, but you wouldnt know how it feels until u were the one that got raped and later carry an unwanted child or will remind you of how u got raped every day.

    • I am pro-choice, in the sense that every woman should have the right to do whatever she wants with her own body. The problem is that people get all wrapped up in the idea that abortion falls under this category. NO because it is another body inside of that woman, and what about that baby’s rights?

  7. Romney started off strong but Obama picked up momentum towards the end. Obama looked far more classy, yet, Mitt Romney face(just look at his fake smirk when Obama speaks)was obviously coached. It appeared that Mitt started losing losing composure

  8. If the GOP would stand back & let Romney run his own campaign his own way, he might give Obama a real RACE.

    But since Republicans haven’t a clue/seem to have “forgotten” what Bush did to our nation, the sane folks will carry the day by reelecting Obama.

    • Gary: THAT would be a total disaster. If you let him do what he wants, he says things like, “I’ll bet you ten thousand dollars,” as if it’s pocket change.

      It’s clear that his GOP handlers did an excellent job of coaching him. This was not the doofus we saw in the GOP debates–that is, his real self.

  9. I still am confused on why people want to take on another four years with someone who is just a celebrity. He has no clue what he is doing or stating. He has his priorities screwed up and needs a reality check. Everyone is voting for him just for the color of his skin. I know this since I know several people who state that is why they voted for him the first time. Really!!!! I think that we need change….we need to change the president so we can get somewhere. We will get no where with Obama. Not only this but our family can not afford four more years with this president. We will all be bankrupt and lose our homes. A for sure depression is in store if he is reelected.

    • Barbara — really low blow in this day and age! “Everyone is voting for him just for the color of his skin. I know this since I know several people who state that is why they voted for him the first time.” It says more about you and your friends than it does the President!

      • Audrey, you do of course realize that the president himself admitted that more people voted for him just for the color of this skin than didn’t vote for him for the same reason in an interview about 2 years ago right?? However it is bad(and politically incorrect) to think that there are still people who base everything on race but unfortunately that is just a fact of life.

      • Audrey you are the racist. I am voting for President Obama because of facts and the issues. Check-out my comments. I never have judged anyone by the color of their skin. President Obama was raised by caucasian, therefore he is a white man in a interacial marriage. In Africa you get your race from your mother not your father. You are the one looking at skin color.

      • Audrey, it’s facts. Take the emotion out of it, it is a fact that people have said that is why they voted for him in the first election. Google it and you will see thousands of people attesting to that fact. With that being said, the rest of the comment was true, too. If we continue on the path for another 4 years we will all be dependant on the government which will end up bankrupt and we will become a 3rd world country. there will be no medicare, medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance or anything else if there is no one working to pay for it!

        • Well put Kimberly! And unfortunately, people are still saying it today too. I’ve certainly read enough articles and seen videos of this same poor reasoning. If we need to have a black president, we could certainly find someone more qualified for the job. IF color was the determining factor. (Which for me, as an AA, it is certainly not!)

          Go Mitt 2012!!!

    • Before Bush: My family was wealthy we had enough to start several businesses. Hell we even bout our own house… During bush: My father lost Lost 3 jobs including His own business(Best Restaurant for the area)and we had to move out of state where 5 of us stayed in a 5 of us stayed in a 2-3(3 den=bedroom) Obama: we moving into a 4 bedroom 2 story house and now i go to one of the best schools in the area (high cost but i barley made it)I have my own car, i pay for… list goes on—-> and Obama didn’t do anything ??? Maybe u r rich and gained taxes but tbh Obama made a difference in my life

      • No, according to BARBARA. Audrey was simply quoting Barbara and pointing out the absurdity in the statement (which Barbara made, NOT Audrey)

    • You can say the same thing that people are just voting for Romney because he is a republican. I know plenty of people who do that as well. Does that mean Romney shouldn’t be elected because ignorant people are voting for him as well?

    • You sound like hardcore republican supporter who voted for W.Bush 2 times. How many Mormons will vote for Obama? About 2%. How many Mormons will vote for Romney just because he is a Mormon? 98%. How many White Americans will vote for Romney is just he’s White? Since your so damn stupid & blind, it doesn’t matter if is Obama,Romney,McCain,Ron Paul, or Harry Clinton who becomes President in 2009, we still be a huge mess because you can’t turn the U.S.economy back to it’s feet like some wizard. It takes YEARS to recover the economy & don’t forget that our U.S.Congress has been refusing to work with both democrats & the President since he enter in office in Day 1. So please before your open your mouth, do your homework.

      -I’m republican/Ron Paul supporter

      • @ Adam Really?!? There is no other side to the coin… you are really going to say that democrats and the President have just been sitting at the table waiting and willing to work with republicans. Thats a load of bull. Neither side wants to work with the other. Maybe you should do your homework and/or think before you start telling someone else to do theirs.

        You are right about one thing though it will take YEARS to recover what has happened with the economy. Which is why I never understood Obama’s “cult like” following and the belief that he would have the economy “cleaned up” quickly.

        -I don’t think either candidate will “save” this country. I’m a libertarian.

      • @Adam “& don’t forget that our U.S.Congress has been refusing to work with both democrats & the President since he enter in office in Day 1. So please before your open your mouth, do your homework.”

        Do you not know that the Democrats controlled the House when Obama came into office? That’s why we got Obamacare–even though the majority of Americans didn’t want it!! They had the majority representation in Congress.

    • You are not smart! Or you are, and you are trying to take advantage of those who are not. Either way, the only numbers which hold water in this whole debate are those of the Clinton era versus those of the Bush era. Try to debate with fact and you lose! Sorry.

  10. As a small business owner. What is Mitt Romney talking about when he saids small business saying, “that American may not be a place to open a small business.” As a small business owner the option to move my business offshore is not a option. What type of small business is he think about. Again Mitt Romney is out of touch with middle class America. He still thinks that middle class is $200,000 to $250,000 per year. Also, if you live in a state that is either bankrupt or poorly managed think about what Romney said about the state taking care of your help care. Do you really want your health care in the hands of your governor? Remember Bain capial has a office in China. The Confederacy was in favor of states controlling everything much like they were their own country. I am not for big federal government, but not in favor of putting everything in the hands of our state government. Do you really want Mitt Romney making up numbers and constantly lying and changing his story from day to day. Are you in that group that Gov. Romney calls the 47% that doesn’t want to work. President Obama is obviously the better choice.

    • Lying? WHO are you saying is LYING? What about the “one” who gives lying a whole new artistic flair?

      And I suppose you think Obama IS in favor of small business, who says to those of us who own small businesses, “You didn’t build that.”

      Mr. Obama is only the best choice if you want to see this country go to its ruin – and that includes your small business and mine.

    • I agree here. As a country we should be working together to make an improvement to the “over all” not just for our own. Where does that get us. What if lets say “Texas” does well because we all choose to work together and we are all smart enough to understand that it’s our children who are the future so we need to work together,but another state doesnt feel like schools and children are the future so the state makes different laws to go by? So if I don’t like my state law, what do I do ,move to another state that has the laws I want? And then what? How many people can move around to different states to go hang with the others that share thier own beliefs? Wouldn’t this be deviding our country instead ,when you want every state to implement their own laws? You would rather us to think and only care for our selves? Well that doesn’t sound like America to me, that sounds like alot of other countries. We are known as a country as sticking together, thats what makes us great. Didn’t we fight to be here as one, as one nation, only to divide us, to let a state have ” temporary” power or untill the government “needs” to step in? REALLY? In the neighborhood I live in ,there are alot people who are not home owners, most rent and have other issues, alot do not have children.When we voted for more taxes which would fix everything along with streets and schools and roads ,people just heard ” more taxes” and shot it down. because of thier votes, our schools never got fixed, our streets are crappy. Most of those votes came from people who didn’t own a home and walk down the street or cared about the property around them, most of them didn’t see why thier money should go to fixing schools just because they don’t have children. And sadly most of those votes came from home owners that don’t have enough money to pay rent ,so of coarse no one wanted more taxes.But now ,everyone complains about the crappy road that has cost them lots of flat tires and just about everything else that needs to be fixed. People comlain that teachers have lost thier jobs because the school didn’t have money to pay them, they had to make cuts. People !!! In order to fix whats broke ,we need to spend money to get there. And things brake easy but repairing takes five times longer.Things need to get worse before they get better. There are no quick fixes. You can’t just cut taxes and expect things to get better.If we are in debt and America is hurting for money, then why are we still eating out( laziness) Why do we still go to movies? Why are we still shopping? Why aren’t people taking prople for room and board, six or seven people at a time, why are we not growin gardens in our back yards or selling chickens from our own yards and working three or four jobs to pay rent. Some people are way to lazy out there and have never had it rough, ask your grand parents. Try working how they worked. Things don’t just change overnight or in ” FOUR YEARS”. Great changes take time and money.

  11. I still haven’t heard anything out of Mitt Romney that differs from the policies President Bush pursued. Bush wanted tax cuts for the rich and got his way. Bush wanted to keep regulations on Goldman Sachs and BP light and he got his way. Bush believed in trickle down economics. Bush wanted cowboy foreign policy and he got it. I will say that Bush was much more honest and much less of a flip-flopper than Romney, but his ideas were the same.

    So, what were the results of our last experiment with these ideas? Well, we got the most massive economic catastrophe since the 1930s. We got a trillion dollar war of choice in Iraq that went onto the national credit card and cost 4000 American soldiers their lives and countless more their health. We got an incompetent federal response to Hurricane Katrina. We got a politicization of science and a gutting of science funding. We got a trillion-plus deficit and the largest debt in our nation’s history by far. One thing we did not get was Osama bin Laden.

    If the disgraceful behavior of Republicans in Congress over the past 4 years doesn’t convince you to vote Democratic, just consider that Romney is nothing but Bush on steroids. Exact same policies, but even more extreme and damaging to the middle class. Is that really what this country needs (hedge fund managers and oil executives aside)?

    • Well actually if he where another Bush that might be the best possible thing. If you will recall the economy was doing well despite a major terrorist attack which killed almost 3000 innocent people in our own country. In fact if you get down to the ABC’s of the situation the Economic collapse actually didn’t happen until the republicans lost control of the senate. In fact if you will follow it all the way through it started getting bad when republicans lost control of the senate. Became worse than ever when democrats had their super majority in congress and controlled the presidency, and actually the first improvement of any kind that was seen wasn’t until the republicans took back the house. If you don’t believe me check for yourself the numbers follow each other like B follows A in the alphabet. Cowboy Foreign policy actually kept us from losing a single Ambassador to foreign attack for almost 30 years, see where an apologetic foreign policy has taken us? Under Bush as well as I recall our national deficit was only around 600 Billion a year in it’s highest year(might check this number I am relying on memory here) Under Obama it has hit your 1.4 trillion a year(once again check this number as well) so if a trillion dollar deficit is your measuring stick I take it you won’t be voting democrat this time right?? Under Bush the National debt grew around 5 trillion dollars in 8 years while fighting 2 wars and dealing with one major natural disaster(Katrina). Under Obama we have gone up another 6 trillion dollars in 4 years with only one war and one major disaster. Once again the odds lean in Bush’s favor. Oh and BTW the reason he didn’t have a better response to Katrina is he was actually obeying the laws set forth by the constitution which prohibits him from sending military style aide into a state without express permission of the Governor of the state unfortunately unlike Obama who likes to sit around and blame stuff on everyone else Bush didn’t make a big deal out of it not being his fault he just accepted the lies and went on. Science I really have no comment on as to I haven’t followed politics as to how it relates to science however the only situation I know of which would evolve science and politics is the lies we have been told about Global warming. I do find it humerus that when those scientists had their emails released and was found out that they where intentionally falsifying the numbers to make it go in their favor that no one cared that they had been lied to instead everyone was just upset that those poor science had had their emails stolen. Does no on in this world care when they are lied to anymore??

    • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROMNEY=BUSH

      I’m starting to believe the people who think Romney did a better job were only paying attention to the tone of his voice and not the actual message of his debate. Most of his statements were open ended. He has no actual plans for anything and flip-loped through out most of his “beliefs.” Obama kept a cool head which might have frustrated many people but its not about the way you say it ITS ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY! Romney was like a kindergartner up there, Obama’s tone was most likely due to the fact that he had to WAIST most of his time CORRECTING and clarifying Romney Unspecific GOALS FOR AMERICA.

  12. Romney sounded like he was trying win brownie points with the public. He’s plan doesn’t sound feasible. Due to the history of the economy and what the President was handed it can not be down with his 5 points (topic:jobs and economy). If it was that easy it would have been done presidents ago. I am rocking with the President again! President Obama in 2012

    • What history books are you reading? History 101- SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM ALWAYS FAIL! What makes Obama think he can do it right this time?


      Nice try

  13. Romney sounded like he was trying win brownie points with the public. His plan doesn’t sound feasible. Due to the history of the economy and what the President was handed it can not be done with his 5 points (topic:jobs and economy). If it was that easy it would have been done presidents ago. I am rocking with the President again! President Obama in 2012

  14. If the GOP would stand back & let Romney run his own campaign his own way, he might give Obama a real RACE.

    But Obama is clearly a leader & is best suited for the oval office.

  15. Romney started out well, making Obama want to change the topic. Obama was sort of repeating himself at the beginning. At the end, Obama started gaining the upper hand.

  16. Well done Romney! On point, articulate and focused! I love his VP Paul Ryan! We need JOBS in America! We’ve been Taxed Enough Already! And spending is OUT OF CONTROL with Obama in office. 17 vacations in 4 years. Our first lady has 12 assistants, all other first ladies had ONE! I did not vote for this ObamaNation (dictatorship) and I certainly won’t vote it to stay. I love our American Flag!!! It represents FREEDOM and those who died for our country to be that way. Anyone who doesn’t like our constitution or flag needs to go back to where they came from.

  17. Romney won…..hands down! Couldn’t believe that the President was so tame in there. Romney was SHARP and knew his FACTS…crisp, articulate,knockout

    • He was confident in what he wanted to say but he never explained what exactly the loops were that he was going to tackle, why?

    • Using the word “Something” when describing a major point in your side of the debate doesn’t exactly strike me as articulate. He’s desperate for votes and we’ll see which candidate cracks under the pressure in later debates.

  18. Certainly better than McCain, still it’s easy to remain nebulous about miraculous measures to, among others, reduce the deficit without extra revenue from somewhere.

  19. I cant wait to hear more from the 2 headed Hydra. cuts cuts cuts, but the same entity can only do one thing spend spend spend.. They are just switching where the spending goes from obama’s salted pork stimulus to romney’s Bigger gunned military. Buncha children asking for handouts, Its the government who trades and distributes our currency so we give it all back go with something else and then whos debt is it? thats the fastest way to get 0 debt. let the Chinese collect on the fed for thinking they could make us slaves to a debt that isnt backed by anything of value besides a word spoken from the thin air the currency is printed from.

  20. President Clinton’s speech at the DNC convention was vastly more informative than this debate. So was the “secret” video of Mitt Romney accusing 47% of the American people of being freeloaders who “aren’t interested in taking control of their own lives”.

    It’s clear to me after watching Romney for months that Romney is the “perfectly lubricated weathervane” than Governor Huntsman said he was. Romney will say absolutely anything to get elected. That’s how he’s been able to flip flop from being pro-choice to anti-choice, pro-gun-control to anti-gun-control, a believer in global warming to a denier of global warming, a “moderate with progressive views” (Romney’s words) to a “severe conservative” (also Romney’s words).

    Along with his out-of-touch rich kid demeanor, it’s this etch-a-sketchy quality of Mitt Romney that defines him. Romney doesn’t care that it’s mathematically impossible to give a $5 trillion tax cut to the rich (mostly) without either raising taxes on the middle class or running up our national debt. He just keeps claiming that it is. Romney doesn’t care that his claim about President Obama gutting work requirements in welfare has been shown to be false by every reputable fact-checking organization on the planet. He just keeps repeating it. He doesn’t care that his economic policies are the same failed economic policies we had under Bush. He just pretends Bush never existed.

    If this country elects Mitt Romney, it will be demonstrating that it cares nothing about character, consistency, or truthfulness in its politicians.
    (of course, we did already elect Richard Nixon)

  21. Just the way Obama started, he’s just spewing a bunch of bull. Most people are not better off, but they’re suckers for punishment so they will vote for Obama again.

  22. Not everyone was rape goes to the hospital because they would be in shocked and scared and sometime wouldnt know what to do. What happen if the person who rape the victim was someone they know? Cant think of coming forward within 72 hours and take contraception.

  23. Hoesntly im not on Mitt ronmey side. im on Obama’s side. just because he didnt bring his game to todays debate. doesn’t mean that Mitt ronmey is gonna win. if you see the lastest polls. Obama is always winning. so im on Obama’s side.

    • He didn’t bring his game???His game is spewing out lie’s, hypocrisy, bad policy, and good old fashion trash talk at an unprecedented rate. When he first came on the scene 4 years ago, one first things he does is bring up “Race” which only causes contention and lack of unity. One of the big reasons he’s in the presidency is cuz he’s black(he’s not even really black just sort of black really) and that is just as bad as if some one got in the presidency just because they were white. My Uncle William is black!!!…DOES THAT MEAN HE SHOULD BE PRESIDENT??..Yes?!!!Oh goody!!…NOooo of course not!!! The only Real reason a president should be voted in is cuz he’s, well??Qualified(And I’d vote for a Qualified Black guy in a heart beat). Not because of “Heritage”(Is adding six trillion dollars to national debt heritage??Is interfering with state laws outside of Jurisdiction heritage??Is trying to slam the competition by childlike, dishonest tactics heritage??.)You know Obama play on the selfishness of General America. Focusing on wants and dreams instead of needs and reality. That is partially why a big portion of Americans like him. Women these days want to murder their children before there born(for selfish reasons) and they prefer the term “basic women’s health care.” I call it “Whoops I didn’t use protection and I’m at the peak of my career and that’s more important than the life of an innocent human so all just kill the life ruining accident.” (“Woman’s Choice” how about “Baby’s Choice”…Hey kid!You wanna live? Of course I do you idiot. Why ask such a dumb question?!) What about they baby’s health. Doesn’t any one care about that???……I was just expounding on one of Obama Immoral views there. And after that attack on Libya breaks out he’s all passive about that. And when Romney calls him on it he starts accusing Romney trying to Make him look the bad guy(When some one murders people you get on the case and don’t say “it’s to soon” Justice served quickly is best.Duh!! if you wait to long the perp gets away.) And that garbage about most Americans being better off since his election or whatever is a stupid lie that I hate. 🙂 You know…I could go on. But what is one mans opinion really.Go and honestly find out for your self.And don’t be like the average American and go let the TV tell you what to think.Do an honest study and evaluation.

      The reason he didn’t have any “game” is because he can’t give the real answers.If he did his entire campaign would be jeopardized if it not already is. Its hard to backtrack on lies and failures. He doesn’t care about America. Who ever would vote for that guy deserves him for a president. 🙂

  24. Mitt Romney want to open up more trade in Latin America. Which simply means we ship jobs to South America, Mexico, and other countries that big corporations can pay out slave wages and ship jobs outside of the USA. Mr. Mitt Romney small business can’t afford to open up business in other countries. What are you talking about when you say small business owner may not want to open up busines in America? Mr. Romney you are obviously for big corporations. Small business owners employ america, pays the the best wages and cares more for their employees. Mr. Romney you keeps saying what you want do, but what will you do? If large business get more tax breaks they will not hire more people in America. They will only concentrate on the bottom-line; profit. Small business concentrate on profit, but they employ here in America. Mr. Romney if Donald Trump is small business man, then my lemonade stand doesn’t have a chance. Mr. Romney since you don’t have a 5 trillion dollar tax plan anymore, what is your plan. One more question for you Romney supporters: That 4 billion people that stop looking for work that you mention, must be the 47 percent that mention that don’t want to work.?. I have met snobs like Mitt Romney many times before and they don’t notice the average laborer. Only time snobs like Mr. Romney notice the little man is when they spill their coffee while waiting on them. Mitt when are you going to present your plan? Your plan is pretty transparent in that you want to be the president for the wealthy. If Mitt is elect President we will have a tariff system, no middle class just the rich and a the poor. America if you are not awake you better wake-up. Imagine if Jefferson Davis were running President of the United States of America against Abraham Lincoln. Medicaid dollars going to states. States are going to control your health insurance under a President Romney. America think about the state you live in. Shout out to Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Missippi, Louisiana, and all you other Confederate states. Minority and the middle to lower middle class do you really want your state government controling your health care?

    • Right on the head!!! When I heard him say Latin America all I could think was how much NAFTA screwed us. Not only financially but on immigration as well. People who work for dollars a day migrate here in hopes of big money because their own countries are so screwed from slavery policies. Countries that are run by dictatorships or have governments that have been bought by american corporations and people like MITT ROMNEY!!! DEVILE IN A BLUE SUIT!!!

    • Well said! Thank God for people like you that have a brain. So sick of uneducated people ranting when they have no solid information to back it up!

  25. Amen to that Steve… from 47% freeloaders to Bain Capital to flip-flopping and saying anything to win the election… kudos to you as I couldn’t have said it better.

  26. I didn’t want to borrow money from China to kill Saddam Hussein. Yet Romney wants to borrow money from china to keep a stupid military.

      • Surfisher:

        I can’t give you a point-by-point, since I was doing something else at the time, but I commented elsewhere that (a) these are not “debates,” (b)Obama “lost” in the first sentence, and (c) it struck me as “rope-a-dope,” in which you let the opponent beat you up so that they tire themselves out.

        But I will say this as to facts: There were few. Romney kept saying that he was going to give you two Cadillacs in every garage, but it wasn’t going to cost you a CENT–either in taxes or lost services. Meanwhile, Obama said pretty much nothing. Didn’t point out what he’s been doing for four years; didn’t lay into Romney at about ten different vulnerable points.

        I know it sounds paranoid, but it seemed like someone told Obama to take a dive–perhaps to make the “horse race” more exciting (and profitable).

  27. Romney does not fully explain himself at all, he gives these round about answers that are very irritating. Obama spoke about plans that he has clearly thought through. Obama won tonight.

  28. Romney could even even explain the holes and on top of all he going to lower tax cuts and give more money to the military and gain w/out revenue sounds Brilliant …He wins and the APOCALYPSE begins

    • Fausto: That’s just what I was thinking all night.

      Romney was talking about cutting more taxes, spending more for domestic programs, spending a LOT more on the military. . .at every turn, Romney was talking about spending, spending, spending. He sounded all “tax-and-spend” without the tax, which means borrow, borrow, borrow.

      Budget hawk (well, sparrow) Paul Ryan must be wondering what he got himself into.

  29. I am an Obama supporter, but I am also an honest person. Gov. Romney did much better than I thought he would. BUT, I am also very confident that Pres. Obama, by deign, purposely held back during this debate. The President knows not to show all his cards during the first hand. He will not be so tame in future debates. I’m sure he didn’t want to wound his opponent so early whereas people would feel sorry for him going forward.

  30. Great Job to Mitt Romney! Great understanding of businesses and our econmomy. Great job of explaining taxes that we need for this country. Definitely Mitt Romney won President Obama. Way to go, Mitt Romney!!!

  31. All I could hear was Romney saying sparkly words that those who believe in the easter bunny and santa clause would want to hear. You can tell me until you are blue in the face that you will fix something, and state the constitution and what you won’t do because it seems like it’s not received well or as a good idea. The plain truth is, he never said HOW. I like to hear solid facts and real numbers. I like to be told in detail how you will do something, what it will effect, why and how it will benefit down the road in the real world, not in the land of coombaya. I think if Romney had good ideas that benefited all of the American people and not just those who are down for supply and demand or those that can go to rich parents and ask for money to go to school because they have it to give that would have made his actions in this debate good or out of the park. Particularly I like when he slipped and said “poor kids”… I think if he stated real numbers from a real plan instead of arbitrary what-if numbers (like I should HOPE someone’s medical deductible is NOT $25,000), I probably would have been interested in hearing more. He’s got nothing. He knows it. I just hope more of us are a little keener on that.

    • and you obviously were not listening. gov Romney explained exactly how he was going to it. and i starts by reducing the government programs which is a good thing less regulation is better for the people. he has plenty as well the difference between Romney and Obama is he has experience fixing problems and is will to work with both major parties to create a greater good, something Obama can not and has not done.

      • So how will i go to school if my parents cant afford to send me? That “government funding option will not be available for me”!

        • Misty,

          I am a middle-class American and just sent my daughter off to her first year of college. I can’t afford to send her either, but it’s not the job of the government and the taxpayers to pay for her to get an education. Maybe you can do what my daughter did. She worked and saved her money and applied for scholarships – while she was in high school. She is 18 and paying for her own education. So trust me. It can be done.

          • that’s EXACTLY how it should be done! good for your daughter! a college education is not a right, it is a privilege to those who work hard and are dedicated to receiving it.

          • I understand were your coming from but the government is trying get people in fields were there is a lack of qualified workers.

      • Jess, you still havent explained in detail how he will do that as Candice had requested. Which government programs? Will the programs he will be reducing really benefit the people? From what I’ve observed in the past, public programs usually benefit the people. Taking them away usually means that the service will only be available to people who can afford it.

        Casually eliminating regulation left and right will eliminate some of the good ones as well. What happens if they eliminate some environmental regulations for example (because now that type of regulation may increase costs for business) and they start dumping some kind of hazardous materials in your backyard. You will be the one to suffer, not Romney. Obviously this is an extreme example, but more subtle situations could occur. My point is you need to be careful and vigilant on what they decide to “reduce” and to really reduce the programs that are wasteful (like a commitee that oversees, oh I dont know, closing down a lemonade stand of a 5 year old because they dont have a permit for it. I’m not kidding, this really happened).

    • you go Romney! i believe in the Easter bunny and Santa Clause and proud of it. have a little happiness in your life.

  32. Governor Romney once again just delivered great things that Americans wanted to hear but STILL did not say anything about how he will enact these plans. Nothing on what he will do in regards to his tax cuts, dodd-frank reform, or replacement for Obamacare. It is really easy to look great in a debate when you have no plans for your opponent to critique!

    He kept the details to his goals secret and simply stated he will let the states handle it, or he will sit down with democrats and republicans and come up with a plan when he is president. He did this because if he revealed what he actually has to do to keep these wonderful promises he would face an embarrassing defeat in novemeber

  33. I am not a Romney or Obama fan, but Mitt was extremely prepared and educated in every area of the debate. He definitely won the night. Obama seemed tame and couldn’t really capitalize on what he has accomplished in his presidency and his responses to Mitt just didn’t hold water. I just can’t help wondering what is in Mitt’s bag of tricks regarding the programs he intends to replace. Very vague on this topic. I just can’t seem to get over the fact that he seems shady. Obama appeared uneducated on his own policies as well as those of his opponent. However, I think Obama has done ok in his presidency and as good as could be expected given what he was handed.

  34. i don’t really go with any of them but ill say this…we all know that the biggest problem is the economy…most people would just want a better president that can fix this economy or u can say a president that can make us pay less taxes and get more money…and that is what mitt is aiming for…u can notice that that’s all what his speech about…more jobs LESS TAXES but his plan doesn’t work without 1 important thing called MONEY $$ …the only way this can be accomplished is by increasing the deficit and mitt is saying he can do all this without increasing it which makes no sense…most people might vote for mitt because they just want more money for their self…and u all can agree with me on that…so after reading this u can tell that mitt would fuckin say anything just to get elected…im not saying that obama is better…im just saying that someone isnt being that honest.. 😉

    • Hmmm. I’ve also heard on the radio that business analysts (the guys from wall street) prefer Romney because they like his short term solutions to the economy and businesses. Academic analysts prefer Obama because his implementations have a long term plan to them and Obama’s solutions takes time to make a large impact.

      My appologies, I don’t remember the radio station I was listening to so I can’t reference my source for this bit of information. In my opinion however, I do beleive that implementations that any leader puts forth does take time to make an effect. It may even take 8 to 10 years to see a large impact. So it may take beyond Obama’s possible second term to get the full benefit from it.

  35. Romney wanting to kill Obama care big mistake! People with private insurance already have seen how much improvements the plan made with not loss but gain on benefits! Now lets get insurance to the uninsured not step back to the mercy of the insurance co.
    Obama is right! There is too many promises from Romney with no specific plans just talk.
    I can clearly see now that Romney is definitely a step back to a government that put us in this mess to begin with. Obama still cleaning up after previously administrations.

  36. Well if this was a bullfight, I would say Romney did a great job of being aggressive. This guy is not responible enough to be a world leader; President Obama is level headed and has been and will continue to be the right guy.

    • nothing will convince you. obama did absolutely nothing in 4 years. 23 million people out of work! he really cares.

  37. The both omit the biggest problems: GOV spending and the FED. They talked about taxes, but the GOV spending is the problem that affect the taxes and also the printing of money by the FED witch is inflation and everything get expensive.

  38. All I have to say is Mitt did a great job tonight. All you people who think Obama is a good president you need to wake up and look at the past four years. Another 4 under him and there will be no more America left. Obama talked about common sense tonight, anyone with common sense can see through all of the fluff that comes out of his mouth.

    • Clearly u did not HEAR what he was saying. He never said HOW he was going to do anything. Tax cuts and increasing deficit is not going to help the people who need help. Of course Obama hasnt done all he said he was going to do but he has a plan that America knows about. He was handed a load of mess that took 8 years to create. He is not GOD and can not fix it in 4.

    • Romney is more of a leader than Obama has never proven to be. i will be happy to vote for someone who knows what to do, you go Romney and run with it.

    • Sarah: There’s Libertarian Gary Johnson. You won’t hear him promising all the freebies Romney was passing out last night. Not to mention his unfunded mandates.

  39. While Romney has once again changed his statements of what he believes in, I do believe he presented better in this debate. He was clear and on point, always going back to “jobs”, however how he plans to “make them” is a little more nebulous.

    Romney’s statement on the role of the Federal Government (alluding to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) was more powerful. I do take offense to 2 things he said there though: 1 – He contradicted himself by saying he believes everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (apparently unless you are poor, female, or gay; in which case your rights will be curtailed under a Romney presidency), and 2 – “we are all children of the same God”; many Americans believe in different gods, and some of us don’t believe in one at all (no establishment of religion).

    I do not believe the President performed nearly as well as he could have. he seemed stoic and tired, not energized as Romney was.

    This does not change who I believe I will vote for, because Romney simply said, “You know all those things I’ve said for the past 8 months, forget about most of them. That’s not what I believe. He is, as was stated before, “a well oiled weathervane”.

  40. Well this debate was really good! Romney was a total superstar coming in the beginning, he knew what he was talking about, faced Obama and told him what was up all while Obama tried to derive the conversation and not really respond to Romney. Towards the end you started to notice some of Romney’s eagerness come out and interrupt Jim quite a few times while Obama started to gain the upper hand by staying serious and classy. All in all i gotta say that Obama aint gonna take us anywhere. The proof is all around us, taxes are killing us, gas prices are our nightmares, and who the heck cares about Obamacare?? Romney is gonna help bring this nation back up on its feet and establish a solid economy by helping businesses grow and run smoothly, honestly thats the way to go!

  41. Obama is ruining America. He is bankrupting it. Even leaders of other Country’s can see it and have stated so.
    Its so obvious. He had a chance to PROVE his abilities and he failed. Gov. Romney was made for this day for this time. He is perfect for the problems we face. Its like he was preserved for the perfect time.Gov. Romney has proven time and time again his abilities to succeed as a great businessman, a great steward of his State, his community and his family. He has turned around business’s and saved failing ones even for no reward or pay, Olymics being just one of many. He is far more qualified. And he is honest. Obama Lies, all the time!Obama just repeats stuff a million times until you believe the lie is true. Half the crap that comes out of his mouth is a lie. I hope you can see further than a win for your party, or birth control. Are you kidding me! There are bigger things at stake! you will eventually lose your freedoms because there will be nothing left of American. A honest leader. look closely at the life of Mitt and you will see the amazing things he has done in behalf of his fellow men. And who cares if he is wealthy. He earned it all himself, every bit. Obama is wealthy too! only it was all floated to him by others. If your only concern is birth control. Mitt supports it-in case of rape or life of the mother is in danger, as it should be. Life is not to be treated as a toy. yours or anyone else.The military you say? They are the people who are protecting you Butt every day and in case of crisis- they are the ones who will protect you. So ya, lets cut them down and make it week and see who you look to when a problem arises. hmmm what then? Mitt siad he will cut a bunch of programs that are paid for by China currently under OBAMA who isnt doing anything about it now. I am just shocked at how blind some of you can be. and luckily, how many have woken up from the stupidity of the past
    Mitt Romney will save our country if wise people will have the guts to speak up and support him and vote for him. VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY!! over obama anyday

    • I WILL! the only reason people are voting for Obama this time around is that they don’t want to loose their govenment issued food stamps and cell phones, not to mention all the other handouts Obama is giving them so they vote for him. I wonder if they know what happended to Greece when the government ran out of money and they could no longer give their people the freebees they were used to. they were mad and protested by destroying everything in their sight. I KNOW that if we don’t stop Obama, that is what will happen here. Obama likes chaos. the real reason he never does anything and plays golf is because he wants America to fail. He likes to spend because he knows that will bring America to its knees. VOTE ROMNEY!

  42. amazing. when obama talked about the things he’s cut from the budget the first things he listed was air force planes to protect our country and education programs to take care of our children. let’s keep the useless programs employing barrys buddies that control american lives and eliminate the ones that we actually need! brilliant…

    • Look at Chicago. Look at Detroit. Look at California. Look at all the poorest cities in America, all run by democrates. 2 million people have left California and have gone to republican goverened Texas. Chicago is so corrupt that there are so many murders and drugs everyday that we never hear about. they just found 2 football fields of hash right there in the neighborhood. what they are going to do with it is anyones guess. i think its time for these people to wise up and vote republican. at least they have the decency to meet with heads of state instead of meeting the women of the view.

      • And it’s my guess that you didn’t finish high school, due to your poor spelling and bad grammar, and lack of references to substantiate your claims.

    • You don’t hear very well. Obama stopped spending on air force planes because their cost effectiveness is unreasonably low. He cut education programs that weren’t producing good results. He’s cut other spending that wasn’t producing well enough and cost too much.

    • Cindy,
      I spent 6 years in the Air Force. You would be blown away at the sheer waste of money on such things.

  43. Holy cow. No wonder this country is going to hell. The people that inhabit it are truly ignorant and stupid. Can no one here use their own brains? And not just be led along by everything that these obviously BS politicians say? Here’s what’s gonna happen next. Both candidates are going to tell people what they want to hear, and make promises that they can’t keep, and the sheep that watch this garbage are going to vote for whoever they find more likeable. Then whoever wins is going to bail on his or her promises and do exactly what they said they wouldn’t. WHY? Because this country is beyond the point of no return. It’s time people realize that there is NO saving this country. We’ve deviated SO far from what we should be that LITERALLY the only way to get back to our former selves, is if we scrap everything and start over. We NEED to LET this country hit rock bottom. We NEED to LET this country die. And the sooner it does, the sooner we can start over. Alternatively, we could also use a nationwide revolution. That’d do the trick REALLY quick.

  44. Imagine 47,000 dollars. That is a lot of money right? Now imagine 47,000 dollars/sec!! That is a ridiculous amount of money, possibly even unimaginable. That is how much the national deficit has grown since President Obama took office. At about 0:20:30 Obama says that his government went from deficit to surplus… I guess he forgot about all that money they spent?

    Also, what do you think that much money is capable of doing for the citizens of the United States. Was our money well spent and carefully handled? Or were the few dollars you contributed to the government casually thrown away with irresponsible spending? I believe our government should learn the value of a dollar just like the rest of Americans who work hard for it and earn their share. Heck to our government a 100,000 dollars barely means anything. 2 seconds?

    By the way.. that is just how much they overspend. I’d hate to find out how much they actually spend (of our money) per second.

    • here here, bob! I cannot believe anyone would vote for Obama. he wants us to be like Greece, but i don’t!

      • Hey, you guys were not listening at all. At every turn, Romney was making the deficit worse. The ONLY way he said he’d cut was in closing loopholes (I’ll believe that when I see it), but then, he even gave THAT away, by saying he’d cut the tax rate, too.

        If you look at all the big spending Romney was talking about last night, he would be much worse for the deficit than Obama.

  45. How is it possible that the video of this event, which is so important and now broadcast across the globe through online sources, has audio issues here during the first 2.5 mins response of the president…???!!

  46. Well with the Obama’s track record, i dont think this guy is charming enough to fool all of you Pro Obama dependents… Look, you know there is something wrong when you have Republican bankers wanting to vote for Obama.. I actually work for one of the largest banks in the world, directly involved in the mortgage industry.. Dodd-Frank has done nothing but Monopolize the mortgage industry to the favor LARGE FEDERAL DEPOSITORY LENDERS (The too big to fail banks) in the the bill… Again, you know something is wrong when you have people like myself and various colleagues voting for Obama just to keep HARP around!

    So what If we cant make a million dollars off one borrower, but now we can make a couple of Trillion off of a pool of borrowers that are indirectly forced to use us by regulations in place! Thanks Obama!

    Look the real reason for this post is for the middle class to WAKE UP, you will continue to have people like us take advantage of you if you stay sleeping! I dont think either parties are for you! Sorry thats the reality!

    Both candidates favor large corps, one just favors the TEXAS MAFIA and the other guy runs with the GLOBAL banksters! You choose in 2012 if you want the same croak of shit from one guys ass or you want a different favor of shit from the other guys ass… I THINK THE ONLY REAL TRUTH TONIGHT WAS, THE WEALTHY HAVE OBVIOUSLY COUGHT ON THE THE GAME AND WILL DO FINE EITHER WAY! Middle class wake up to the game, and I dont mean by starting cup cake stores, and ceramic artsy fartsy shops! MAKE IT HAPPEN AMERICANS!

    • Josh, the fact is Obama’s four years in office was a disaster. time to hire someone else. maybe Obama will do better with his own talk show. he enjoys them so much maybe he should have his own.

  47. Guys, can you not follow the herd like sheep and listen to whatever other people say? Look at the debate objectively. What happened was Romney kept repeating the same plans he had, which don’t add up or make sense. He wants to reduce taxes that DON’T add to the national deficit? Really? You ALWAYS pay for tax cuts. Ok, so his plan to pay for those tax cuts is to find loop holes and exemptions to get rid of. OK, he didn’t specify which ones they are, but even then, adding them all up CANNOT pay for the $5 trillion in tax cuts he wants to have.

    I said to look objectively, so I’ll criticize Obama as well. $92 billion in tax cuts to green energy industry is a bit much, and we didn’t hear him defend anything, so that might’ve been a mistake. On the note that Romney is repetitive, he keeps noting that there’s this big government takeover for healthcare, and how they’ll dictate what treatment plans patients get. That DOESN’T HAPPEN.

    Moreover, Romney wants to PRIVATIZE social security and have vouchers for health insurance? Ok, he also said to have Medicare on the side so that people can choose. And if you let competition drive down the cost, that would make health care affordable, which is a noble cause. The caveat is, private insurance companies will grab all the healthier seniors, leaving the sick seniors to Medicare, in time that system will collapse. Without that safety net, seniors are going to be literally stranded to the mercy of health insurance companies. What if a senior has a pre-existing condition? Too bad. Nobody wants to cover him. The $762 billion that Romney keeps ranting about (that Obama took it out of Medicare), if he puts that money back in, that will just go back to the insurance companies.

    On the note of education, Obama said that federal government role is important, and indeed it makes sense. If you get rid of the banks as the middle-men, you essentially lower student interest rates and the overhead cost. Yet Romney keeps saying to “borrow from your parents.” Another mistake Romney made was to ‘grade’ schools and let parents decide which schools are good choices. Look, that is going to create even deeper socioeconomic divide between the communities: poorer schools are gonna get poorer kids, who are gonna do worse and worse. THAT’S the problem. Richer kids get to choose where to go. That problem must be fixed, and Race to the Top might fix that, but Romney doesn’t address any of those issues with common sense. I really don’t see how any news articles or anybody could say Romney won that one. Please, actually pay attention to the content.

    • you obviously haven’t been following Greece’s situation. Big government will bring our country to its knees and Obama knows it. he loves to spend spend spend. in the beginning of small one room schoolhouses, government had nothing to do with education. they taught reading writing and arithmetic. teaching is a wonderful thing and as long as there are teachers that want to teach, students that want to learn then life is great. the problem in todays society is that children have parents who do not support teachers and they don’t know how to disipline. if you google, how parents disiplined years ago, you will see that children respected their teachers and elders. so there you have pure and simple. now people have children but they want to “fulfill themselves” so both parents work. don’t have children if thats what you want because children need a parent who is not worn out and tired from working all day. this is common sense and logic.

      • mack, let’s be real. You want to go back to the era of one-room schoolhouses? 4Education addresses some good points, and instead of refuting them you offer a fairy tale version of the way the world works. The United States is not Greece, and in fact, Obama’s policies are making America less and less like Greece by modernizing government, cutting down entitlements (yes you heard me) and attacking cronyism. Put away your ideology and take a minute to actually read the comment above yours. If Mitt Romney can do bipartisan consensus, then you should try it.

      • You are correct. Teachers are invaluable but they are being underrated. However, another problem is that issue I was talking about. The poorer schools get poorer and the better schools get better. It’s logical to an excellent teacher to gravitate towards the better school with better benefits. And the not-so-excellent teachers get stuck at poor schools because they need a job. Then these poor teachers produce even worse students, and the community suffers. It’s a vicious cycle that if left alone, the divide will be so deep, it’ll be a major problem. My problem with Romney is that he didn’t address any solution to that problem. Again, leaving it to the people will produce that vicious cycle, that’s why government intervention is important in some cases.

        This leads to what you’re criticizing Obama on, about him spending so much. He spends because it is economic theory that follows the Keynesian school of thought, where public sector needs to intervene (government) in order to offset the private sector (individuals like us). The problem is that because jobs are so few, inflation is high, taxes are high and money is tight, we’re not spending enough. So what the government does is that they step in, spend on things like education, transportation, health care, energy, etc. to compensate for our lack of spending. His “spend, spend, spend” is trying to save the economy, you see. Obama knows this stuff because he has a degree from Harvard. The only problem is that he’s not spending enough, so it’s ironic that people are criticizing him for spending so much, when he’s not spending enough to cover this wide spending gap. His economic stimulus package needs more time, which is why a lot of people still haven’t ‘felt’ the impact yet, and why a lot of people are still tight on money. This recession is pretty bad, and will require an even bigger stimulus package, but I can assure you, Obama is on the right track. So the question is, where do we get this revenue? Romney also has a good plan to generate this revenue: cut taxes as well as deductions and exemptions, so the revenue stays the same, but us middle class bears less burden. It’s a perfect plan. The only problem is that, where is gonna find this much loop holes and exemptions to close off? Even if you find all of it, tax cuts are expensive, and it won’t be enough to pay for that kind of relief. That will increase the federal deficit.

        So you see, government intervention is necessary in some cases. Of course, too much is bad (tyranny), and too little is bad (anarchy), having a moderate amount is best. I don’t hate Obama or Romney, and I don’t love either. But I just think that if you look objectively and moderately, Obama’s plan makes the most sense.

  48. Fix the economy by ending the corrupt Federal reserve system, and focusing on the constitution and making this country a democracy again… im sick of the left/ right paradigm… we havent had a real president since JFK.. and i agree with the earlier comment about these two being front men and puppets to the Banksters.. PEOPLE as long as our leaders are bought and paid for and receive theyre money from the big banks, they will always only be accountable to the banking elite and their agenda while in office and not the welfare of the people..
    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a moneyed aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  49. It was clear that Romney had the upper hand in this debat. However, Romney was the upper hand due to, for instance, the partial failure of goals within projects as Obama care. Everybody knows it’s a complex project that just need more time.

    It’s a shame because nobody in the comments section don’t mention anything about how Obama has been blocked by the republican party with implementing the Obama Care program. It’s a beautiful idea which would be very successful if people would just work together.

    Also, Obama did not go in the offense whatsoever, what makes his cause not stronger but i believe, as a European citizen, that he took Gov. Romney’s ‘attacks’ like a leader should and did not cave.

    Romney is a worthy adversary with very strong sound but in my opinion, the American public would be better off with a democrat leading the country because he did not propose a solid solution to the problems.

    Don’t forget that Obama had to struggle with the enormous debt Bush had created and accomplished a lot on cleaning up after him.

    If i was an American citizen, I’d say; go with President Obama.

    • Obama had 4 years to work with congress and nothing happened. of course you would love to see America become Socialist. BUT, everyone in the world loves to come to America. So why would you want to destroy it? i don’t want America to be like a Socialist country based on high taxes. look what happened to Greece. thatcher, prime minister from the UK did wonders to England in the 12 years she was there. As an American citizen and an avid history buff, i would say that Obama is the worst “leader” we have ever had. he says I too much instead of we. he has done nothing for the jobless and has promised many things just to get elected. he has done of them. our deficet is the worse of all our Presidents combined. Hes arrogant, and the reason some people like him is because they are afraid of losing their government food stamps and cell phones. America is based on self reliance. big government is very bad. look at Greece. people there got used to getting free handouts and when the government had no more money to give them they got mad and rebelled.

      • Haha look at Greece… What a terrible example..
        Are we talking about countries such as Congo, Syria etc.. if we’re talking about democracies?
        “Look what happens with democracies”.
        If Greece is the worst example of failing socialism then the US would be the example of failing capitalism..
        The wealthiest countries (in any meaning of that word) are still European. Scandinavian to be more correct.
        A well balanced mixture of social classes a reasonable gap between the rich and the ‘poor’ ( would be lower middle class in the US).
        Not every government is corrupt. I’m a misanthrope nonetheless.

  50. Romney said that there should be less federal decisions. He said it because he hasn’t any ideas at all how to solve problems. What is the effect of this “leave it to the states” politics? It’s simply a lot of more administrative expenditure, more income for lawyers and at least the people who are being used as experimental rabbits. Romney has not the courage to prove character and to say: “This is how we’ll do it!” You can’t make it right to everyone. It seems Romney is a bunch of empty phrases who tries to deliver a kind of feeling but to make politics. Nobody knows how it ends up when he should be president.

    It’s a fact that nobody can clearly say what the answer on our main problems is because you can simply influence them to a better way or to a bad way. But one thing is clear: we have to influence them (not Romneys plan) because America is a strong nation which should prove it’s leadership in the world. Not with guns and violence (Romney) but with a brave commitment and a plan which is based on logic and not a kind of feeling (Obama).

    • flemming, Romney is a strong leader. stronger than Obama will ever be. Why? because of the middle east mess and the way our “leader” has handled it. yes, bin ladin is dead, but so is our ambassador and 4 others. not a single response from our “leader”. not a single response from the people murdered on the border, no talky to the Jewish leader, have to see dave, and so on and so on. i think he would be happier retiring early and possibly getting his own talk show, he’s on them enough.

  51. please all americans don’t live up to your international stereotypes re-elect obama, DO NOT elect this monkey in a suit, Romney is a moron pure and simple

  52. After reading a lot of these comments, it looks as though we should be investing in English and language arts teachers as well, not just math and science teachers.

  53. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! If you say you are going to do something about America’s debt, DO SOMETHING! If you make promises, KEEP THEM!! ( or at least make some effort) if we elect Obama again, shame on us!

  54. I think its quite hilarious that alot of people are saying “Obama didnt do this, and Obama didnt do that.” The president cant change anything by himself all he can do is propose something and then a vote must take place. I think he has had some good and some bad ideas but in neither canididates does there lay perfection. I know most of those naysayers voted for Bush… And that my dear friends are why we are in this mess anyways if there is blame to be placed. #TeamObama

  55. “?”I wonder if it matters that Obama is a fraud… Law enforcement after a 6th month investigation (on going) found his birth certificate is a forgery!

    Former Science Advisor To Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu And Founder Of Israel Science And Technology Declares Obama Birth Certificate Forged: Slams U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, And U.S. Courts Lack Of Action.“”

    • Fly: I took the bait and used your link. What a total waste of time. There’s no “proof” there. If you go to three other sites, they give finally you games with software that require an 800% magnification and such silliness.

      This is such a non-issue that even the GOP is begging people to stop wasting time on it.

  56. I think Mitt did well, but still falls short. Everyone knows this. Barack is not perfect of course, but he seems to be the best suited candidate to push this country FORWARD, not Romney-Backwards. He had 4 years to unravel, defragment and organize the entire corrupted internal structure, of course theres still lots to do. Its clear Obama is the guy for the job. He actually cares about people, especially the middle class ( rightly so ). Mitt Only cares about himself, people like him and corporations. ( Whoever this ‘MACK’ guy is, trolling all the comments… please, do something more constructive with you time…)

  57. Another great display of politricks, I hope the people of this country will wake up to the reality that this 2 party system is doomed to fail anyway. Either way we vote, democrat or republican, it will be one side fighting the other with no winners and we the people as the biggest losers.
    I cannot believe one of the biggest attacks the governor had was the support of green technology! Drilling more and more oil to become energy independent is completely out of touch with reality! These finite resources will run out in the blink of an eye, and where will we be? China is already way ahead of us in solar, wind, etc. and this is the wave of the future! It is the only way we can hope to progress, the past is gone and we must move forward in a way that is sustainable.
    Both sides will BS us to death, and it’s time we reformed this political system. Everybody wants more money and luxury, but that will only lead to failure. The road to success is paved with sacrifice, focused intention, and true strengthening of our communities through adaptability and innovation. We must draw from what we have, our freedom, to create strength in our unification. Competing with each other can only take us so far before we realize we are all one and can only win if we see ourselves as one family with no winners and no losers. Wealth is not what makes us successful, success can only be measured by our happiness, health, safety, and freedom. I hope and pray for our collective awakening.

  58. This was a completely different Romney from the one we saw in the spring. I realized that the spring Romney knew that he had the nomination sewn up, so all he had to do is coast. In addition, the other candidates seemed to think if they knocked each other off, THEY could be the one to challenge him. So this was the first time Romney was the “challenger.”

    As for Obama, I’ve been saying all along that only racists think he’s a good speaker. He only looks good if you don’t expect him to be able to talk. Also, of course, he hasn’t debated for years. You could give him that. Even so, Romney gave him had LOTS of opportunities to slap him down, and he never really did the obvious thing: (1) this was the situation four years ago, (2) this is what we did, (3) this was the result. There was none of that. Quite amazing.

    I guess there are two possible explanations for Obama’s performance: for conspiracy theorists, he was told to take a dive so that the horse race would be more exciting (and profitable).

    The other theory is what Mohammed Ali used to call “rope-a-dope.” Ali would lean against the ropes and let the other fighter pound him to the point that the other fighter would get tired and Ali would come after him then.

    If that was his strategy, we could have a replay of 1984. Walter Mondale similarly beat up on Reagan in the first debate that year, but Reagan surprised people by coming back in later debates and won a landslide. I don’t think that can happen, of course. I’m just saying there’s precedent for a comeback.

  59. Romney had some good comments,
    politically speaking, but it does not mean he would be a better president.
    I believe to be a better president you must also also prove that you can listen to people adapt to situations
    and defend yourself without loosing your destination. Obama was extremely patient to Romney’s consistent
    criticism. Romney repeats himself a lot more then Obama. Ironically Romney does the same things his sons do,
    and he ended up believe himself throughout that process. Unfortunately for him, the actions he took in
    massachusetts, he was not able to explain thoroughly. Obama on the other hand is able to give concrete examples
    of the plan he has though out. He can make links to how granting or removing money affects the chain of institutions
    from taxes to medicare to taxe breaks, from education to jobs and slow decrease of debt. America is going through
    tough times and fixing what was done by the Bush presidency will take time. There is no magic recipe. Mitt Romney
    wont fix the problem by lowering everything. Money has to come from somewhere and unfortunately for Romney its the
    rich people.





  61. Romney showed me desperation with every interruption of the moderator. He continued to talk over the moderator throughout the debate ANNOYING!!! And that smirk…

    • Maybe if the moderator was doing his job Romney wouldn’t have had to try to interrupt him. Look it up, Obama had almost 5 more minutes of talking time.

      • Mario: I didn’t put a stopwatch on it, but I got the transcript and added up the lines (with partial lines added to make full lines).

        Obama spoke 487 lines
        Romney spoke 541 lines

        It’s normal to perceive that the guy you don’t like is talking longer. . .

    • likes Mario’s comment*…the moderator was not doing his job…he was not holding Obama to the rules of the debate if Romney wouldn’t have stepped in he wouldn’t have been able to talk…ever

    • Amy, Romney showed what a LEADER does! He takes charge and thats exactly what I saw Romney do! HE TOOK CHARGE! I think that Obamas look of boredom and for help from the moderator was juvenile!
      What annoyed you is what needs to be done with our enemies around the world!

      • Took charge or drive it over the cliff? Because they look very similar to me and you got me confused…
        Looking and being… this difference comes to us through history since Plato… appearance and Being. For those who love Plato… I think he drive it over the cliff…

  62. Romney was a stand out.
    Unfortunately, neither of them can implement the real change needed. We need a complete overhaul of our election system. Anyone running for office should not be allowed funding from corporations or private entities. That type of funding fuels corruption and typically dictates policy.. Let them tour and debate on equal platforms from state to state with a set budget that is equal for all candidates running.

    • One Love: I agree. If you can’t vote, you shouldn’t be allowed to BUY votes (with campaign contributions).

      ONLY registered voters should be allowed to donate to a campaign.

      Corporations, unions, other countries, and other groups should NOT be allowed to manipulate our system.

      • Here I will disagree a little. Money as other things may influence people behavior. If you have to cut contributions than you will have to cut access to beautiful women, because I am pretty sure beautiful women are sometime more powerful and belligerent than hostile countries. Also if you hand the money, even under a certain contract, this alone does not guarantee the result. You seem to take organized people as a different entity than the “register voter”. But the entire voting system in America works against this premise. The vote of some is always delegated to someone else until the top.

  63. All I’m going to say is that, as a middle-class American family, our gross income has gone down about $4,500 (we are still at the same jobs) since Obama took office and my net income after TWO pay cuts went down even more because my taxes went up, my insurance premiums went up (to cover the increase in costs to my employer for Obamacare), my fuel bill has doubled, my grocery bill has doubled, and my electric bill has increased by 30%. I can’t afford to vote for Obama.

    • Our family is in the same boat as yours. I have lost my job and my husband has not had a pay increase in 4 years. Our health insurance has gone up. In fact all of our bills have gone up. I too can’t afford to vote for Obama. I hope more people realize this truth.

      • Oh, you guys must be part of the 47% then… I’m sure if you vote for Romney he will make it all better for you.

    • Look, I understand what you’re saying, but I believe you don’t have the right angle. “The Great Depression” is just a history lesson and it is better this way. The thing is that we were facing something similar at a global level. What you describe (and I regret to say it, please do not take it the wrong way) is in fact a great social success (even if seems to be a dare economical price to be paid).
      The main debate here is about money, specifically about taxes. One argue that a flat universal tax is the best approach, maybe even a tax cut because they “create jobs”. (It makes me smile how they use such a egalitarian view when is about their money and when is about other things they accuse the other part as being “communist” precisely for what they perceive as an egalitarian approach.)
      The others are thinking that the tax should somehow reflect the income.
      If you want “to put yourself in the situation” as existentialist do simply think how offering a tax cut to multimillionaires could have been changed your life for better? Unless you are, there is no way mathematically and economically speaking to be in a better position as you are today.
      It is not ideal. It is not something you would like or anybody would like for this matter. But cutting taxes for companies that are producing mainly in China and keeping their money offshore can’t be a good answer. I am sorry, but I will start believe in your candidate when he will bring the money he has offshore on an American bank and pay taxes as it should have done it already. Don’t you find anything wrong with this picture?

  64. Every time I hear Romney speak I am more convinced that he is the guy to vote for, and just the opposite for Obama. They both have a public service record and it speaks volumns all by itself. Romney got things done in spite of having to work in a hostile house; improved education and health coverage in his state without breaking the budget, just for a small taste. Obama had a blank check, control of both sides of Congress for two years. He could have pushed through anything he wanted, just as he did with the bailouts and Obamacare. Instead, he did nothing that helped the common man and couldn’t even come up with a budget that his own party would endorse.

    • Bob,
      In response to your comment, I would like to agree that Romney looked better prepared for the debate in the way he spoke to the public, but he had no details in anything he promised to do. Where Obama spelled out in detail almost everything he claimed to do particularly on the Deficit. Romney’s situation and Obama’s situation are a little different. Romney was working well in a Republican with Democrats situation where the Democrats have not tried to block or filibuster anything that comes through that might help the people. The Democrat state representatives care about the people at a higher priority than some partisan war that the Republicans started with our President. A war to keep Obama to one term no matter what the cost to the people.

      Obama has had to deal with situations like when Rand Paul(R)KY filibustered the Jobs for Veterans Bill to grandstand a belief that he has about a foreign policy issue at a time where we need all the jobs we can get especially for Veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. Also, Mitch McConnell(R)KY, the senate minority leader, made a vow when Obama was elected to keep him to one term. Don’t forget when government employees didn’t know weather they were going to have a job after the weekend was over just because John Boehner(R)OH had a beef with teen parenting help being supplemented by the government.
      Obama’s first two years were very productive and helped a ton to stimulate the economy and stop the downfall that we were headed to and bring the economy back on a slow incline.

  65. Obama was not at his best. He seemed tired. Seemed not in a mood to debate at all.Romney contradicted many of his own views and positions that he stood for so far in the campaign. He was trying to woe the 47% that he apparently despised by referring to ‘jobs’ again and again . I am not an American, but I have lived there for a few years and hence interested in the politics. While Obama may not have done everything he promised 4 years ago, he still seems to be the guy who ultimate interest is in making America strong and I feel that Romney is opportunistic and has his loyalties else where.

    • EXCUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do we let an olympian get a second shot at the gold – he/she is probably pretty beat from all the practice etc. Oh wait – NO – the BEST is the BEST. Period. EXCUSES are for second place.

  66. Romney said he’d repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, then said he’d give the states the right to make their own health care acts. This would be starting over and be a waste of time. If the states created health care for all, it would also create new taxation at the state level, and such taxation creates income adjustments at the federal level, reducing federal income. Why should we abandon a much needed affordable health care act and start completely over? This law has already been deemed legal by the Supreme court.

    Romney said he wants to help build the Keystone Pipeline. Is this where you want your tax dollars to go? Doesn’t the oil industry have money enough to do these? If it doesn’t, it shouldn’t count on taxpayers to give them money. Let them borrow to keep themselves alive, just like the Federal government borrows to give you food stamps when industry abandons you!

    And lets get one thing straight. Government can only provide incentives to industry. Industry is the one that hires people. Industry is finding all kinds of excuses not to hire. It should be obvious that the employment rate is industries’ fault, not Obama’s!

    According to Romney, the economic mess is all Obama’s fault, not industries’. It should be clear that Romney’s plan is the same plan that got us into this mess in the first place. It is profit driven, not people driven. It is highly likely that his plan is conservative and old school capitalism that cares more about profits than people. It’s high time that Americans got affordable health care, and it’s also high time that corporations started taking some social responsibility.

    Romney will not disclose his economic plan because he knows it is extremely unpopular. Social responsibility? That’s for socialists, not capitalists, even though our constitution says it’s here “to provide for the general welfare.”

    Wall street favors Romney. Big business favors Romney. And all three are running scared of Obama and are trying to frighten you. Why? Because Obama wants to redistribute the tax burden fairly. He is even willing to borrow to hire you or support social programs to keep you alive and healthy. Where is Romney on that? He’d probably say “not profitable”, but changes that to say “it’s all Obama’s fault.”

    Don’t be swindled!

    Lastly, lets make one obvious observation: Tax breaks for wealthy corporations don’t create jobs! The top 10 percent have received tax breaks for 10 years now. Where are the jobs these tax incentives were meant to create? Many have been lost during the last 10 years. Why? Well, it’s not Obama’s fault. It’s industries’. They’re here for one thing, and one thing only — profits.

    Don’t blame Obama. Blame the big corporations that can and should cough up an extra five percent in taxes. Obama is the right man. Romney is completely wrong for this country. And what he said and who he addressed, lost him this debate. He spoke to Obama, not you. Did he look you in the eye and tell you his plan? He doesn’t have one for you…. he has one for big money interests, and that includes his own.

    • All American wrote: “Romney said he wants to help build the Keystone Pipeline. Is this where you want your tax dollars to go? Doesn’t the oil industry have money enough to do these? If it doesn’t, it shouldn’t count on taxpayers to give them money.”

      Romney never said he wants to USGOV to FUND the pipeline, just that he would build it. The oil companies are already trying to build it, and President Obama’s policies have prevented it. All Romney would have to do is end the policies that are blocking the building of the pipeline. The oil companies would do the rest.

      • Agree with History Prof. Pres. Obama policies have made it impossible for Oil companies to build this pipeline.

      • The oil deficit is a serious issue, maybe not handled well. The idea was to obtain energy independence from other sources. In theory sounds good, we invest now to develop new technologies…etc., but what if it doesn’t work? Maybe it worth working on a plan B, even if things like BP didn’t encourage cooperation with oil companies.

    • One thing to say, Obama is a socialist. I’m not saying that all his views are completely wrong but all we have seen is a decline in this economy since he took office. There have been other presidents before him who have inherited debts and so forth but have turned the economy around with the right policies. Obama needs to learn true economics!

    • I completely agree with you. Romney is making ideotic suggestions that do not really present a plan. Obama has been there for 4 years has had a taste of the real mess that was left to him, a mess of not four but 8 years of bad Bush administration. Selecting Romnney would mean to go back those 4 years Tthat Obama has been in administration and taking a road into a great depression. I believe that Obama needs this next 4 years to continue with the plans he started from his first election. Lets not blind ourselves to a candidate who is not looking for americ’s wealth, but for his own.

      OBAMA all the way!

  67. i think romney swept the floor with obama and came back with strong arguments when obama accused romney of taking $5 trillion when romney said no im not going to take that from taxes im simpley going to reduce it. and had good arguments for dodd frank, and taxes, and defacet, romney all around had good arguments and so did the president but romney had better things for the militarty so he is a great pic for president

    • Guard:

      Obama’s problem is that he didn’t stand firm on the point. Here’s the fact:

      “Romney proposes to reduce income tax rates by 20 percent and eliminate the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax. The Tax Policy Center, a Washington research group, says that would reduce federal tax revenues by $465 billion in 2015, which would add up to about $5 trillion over 10 years.”

      • I heard Robert Reich (Clinton’s former Secrety of Labor) comment on this list night. He stated that the $5Tr. figure was based on assumptions that Romney would not be able to accomplish his other goals in the policy. Interesting assumption. Now, what are the figures assuming Romney DOES achieve his other goals? No one is saying (except Romney, but he is, of course, biased in Romney’ favor).

        • Prof: Sure, and Martians might drop off cash they’ve been wanting to give us for a long time.

          The issue was the cost of that particular giveaway. Period. If he can find magic underwear ways to cover it with other income, that’s a separate issue.

          • You won the argument here. It seems that we should believe in tooth-fairy now!
            But if I have to chose one between believing in tooth-fairy, martians and Rommney I will be at doubt. Statistically speaking it seems that they may be martians…

    • But they are just “arguments” we can all make ourselves sound great, but that doesnt mean is true, or we can prove it. Obama based his responses on facts and to me thats all that matters cause that is the true, not arguments that will be forgotten and lost!

  68. Okay,
    I have been a small business owner for the past twenty years. I never been crushed the way Obama crushed me. He is a true small business killer. For him, Gov. and big corp. own all and everyone is a slave.
    Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about $4,500 reduction in Mid Class. I’m talking about a complete crush to the poor house and bankruptcy. Obama is a cogressman, he should have stayed there.

    • MB: It wasn’t Obama, it was the Great Recession.

      And I’ve been a small business owner for 33 years.

    • Really? Obama is on crushing form then as he managed to do that to the entire world! and 6 months before he even took office! Now thats impressive…

      Obama has been busy crushing small business here in England since mid 2008 too.

    • Absolutely!

      What those that have an anti-business owner, stick-it-to-the-man attitude, don’t seem to understand, is that small businesses are the foundation of American growth. Google doesn’t create things, they let a dozen small business fight to the death developing new technology and then buy the winner. Those small businesses are the one’s that create new product, new industries, new technology and most importantly, during that process, JOBS!!

      I had 12 employees five years ago. I’m now down to 2 because of the health insurance hikes, tax hikes and overall decision making going on in our current government. I’m not going to blame Obama. I think that’s counter productive. As a small business owner, I know that I can’t make my company succeed alone. The people I employee are part of that formula and their decisions effect my businesses success. So, I can’t point the finger at Obama. Instead I blame him for poor employee direction, bad choices as to who he hired to help him and overall management decisions within congress. However, with that said, he also doesn’t carry with him a heavy enough hand nor the small business experience to understand and fight for what needs to happen.

      Romney gets it. Like Obama, he won’t be able to fix it alone, but I think his confidence and history in business, although some find his choice of words offensive and sometimes just plain irritating, will be what will help him guide congress into making better decisions. On a side note, just because he doesn’t have the charisma that Obama has, or the well-spoken polished speeches, doesn’t have anything to do with his business sense, nor his ability to lead this country. That stuff can be taught and coached by public relations coaches and speech writers. You can’t teach someone hardcore, gut level, business instinct. That only comes with years and years of experience with a health dose of successes and failures along the way.

      I’ve been preaching this to everyone I know. If the government would give me some payroll tax breaks and some health insurance breaks, I would absolutely be hiring more people again. Then those people would pay taxes on the money they make as they dump it into the local economy. Then as a result, my business could grow and I could hire more employees and the cycle would continue to exponential work like it’s supposed to. The way free enterprise was originally designed to maintain a constant cash flow from the spending consumer to the businesses who then pay their employees (which includes me, I am an employee of my business and pay the same taxes as the employees) who become consumers again that pay taxes to the government which offsets our deficit.

      I don’t understand why that is so hard to understand for some people.
      – Businesses can’t afford to hire people
      – Then people have no money to spend
      – Ultimately the government has no where to collect taxes

      BAM! The deficit grows bigger by the day.

      Romney understands and wants to fix this.

  69. Mit Romney has many qualifications that Obama does not.. but I think the most important is a BUSINESS OWNER and what is the country other than just a large business. More government is not needed. The federal government is here to protect the people, not run their lives – Ronald Reagan. Give the states back their power and let the federal government simply protect us, not run every little aspect of each individuals life.

    • You have a poor understanding of the role of government, sorry for being so direct. A country it is NOT a large business at all! This is an heresy put forward by Republicans. It has absolutely no foundation. A country has also an emotional baggage, it is even more offensive to think this way. All the people who died in wars… they died for their country, not for a business, not for the money.
      If there are no rules it is anarchy. Now it depends of the school of thought if it’s good or not, but the anarchy means the absence of state.
      I don’t want to enter in the state vs federal power issue as it is more complex and your views are too derailed. Please remember: neither the state or government or country were ever a corporation and definitely “having a business” do not qualify Romney at all for the office, if something would clearly disqualify him.

  70. I think that the United States should be ran by someone else…….. sorry its just my opinion!!!!! and Obamas not doing what he needs to do.. he is awful!!!! but who ever wins wins right? well good luck and please give is a better president!!!!

  71. Obama did not do well in this debate…that said I am not convinced that Romney can do anything for our economy. Bush messed it up for 8 full years, and it has been 3 1/2 I don’t think that we can realistically expect that Obama should have fixed this. Do we see any changes? I do. The reality is OBAMA can not get us jobs, nor can Romney. The jobs that Romney is talking about creating are not going to be for the middle class american but a boom for those private companies supporting him to make trillions. The second reality is that for years 1% of Americans are not sharing their money with us, they only share with each other..Obama will require them to share the wealth. A redistribution of wealth is definitely needed.

    • Hi Lisa, First of all I’m not part of the 1%; I wish I was but I’m not! That said, WHY does the 1% have to share with you, me or anyone else but their family! I work for my family, not yours and vice versa! If someone has the wherewithal to become a millionaire, more power to them! Let them open a business and create jobs and yes, give them an incentive to create those jobs! We give our children incentives to get good grades, employers have incentives for their employees, etc… give them tax brakes to create jobs so the masses of unemployeed will again be gainfully employeed!

      Ooooooo; ON A SIDE NOT, ask our President why we bailed out GM and there are 11 GM divisions in china! Cadillac’s are made in china! YES, I SAID 11 DIVISIONS!!! Don’t believe me… watch Dan Akerson, the pres of GM speak! SOOOOO WHERE ARE THE JOBS? WE BAILED THEM OUT AND THEY ARE MAKING AMERICAN CARS IN CHINA!!! DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? as per dan akerson, we are committed to WORKING with china FOR china and with china….A COMMUNIST COUNTRY! Why weren’t we (American people) put first when they bailed out GM? We (American people) are simply a means for the power hungry to acheive their status seat!

      • It is not about “sharing”. It is about paying taxes. Nobody ask anybody to share their wealth, but to pay a tax according to their incomes. You make it sound like charity which it clearly isn’t. If you want to ask a question will be “why people with higher incomes should pay higher taxes?”. For this we will have to discuss about the state and the role of government. The simple answer is “because they consume more”. The Republican defense is “they are job creators”. From here further comes the propaganda (aka Fox News = Orson Wells).

        I am a libertarian as political view and I should be close to Republican doctrine. The problem is that Wall Street is not the free market as we learned about it. You are deceived that you protect some inherited values rooted in American soil, like hard work, love of God…etc. This is not TM Republican Party and are characteristics that may be applied to people of any religion, culture, political background…etc. Stop watching Fox News and met some people with real problems.

        What is wrong with making American cars in China? I do not understand the issue especially in the world as it is today. Why people with money prefer Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus…etc. These are not Americans at all… Do you know what car your candidate is driving? I will give you a hint: it is not GM. That’s what pisses me off, the hypocrisy. A Mormon preaching God lessons is highly offensive for a real Christian, ask the Pope as the Vatican do not recognize this sect as Christian religion… but you all go along. Hypocrisy from the very beginning.

        The issue is money, namely paying taxes according to the income vs flat tax. I give you an example. Let’s say you go to a restaurant with your anti-abortion anti-gay-marriage neighbor and he drinks wine and champagne and eats lobsters until he pukes all night long with five geisha, where you just drink water. It comes the tab and you split it. How is this fair?

        Simply put it the “job creators” you’re talking about consume more oxygen. If you want to live in society you have to follow some rules of the society, now it depends how you see the society.

        In your society, for example, children should not be treated if they are ill if they do not have a health insurance. You paint a stupid picture with American cars made in China… who cares? Think about your Republicans opposing such laws that deny treatment to children… how about this picture?

        • Greg,

          Just so you know…I am a mormon, which IS ABSOLUTELY a Christian church. In researching the mormon church you will find that the word “mormon” is actually “slang” that was given by unbelievers in the 1830’s and it just kind of stuck with the religion..but the real name of our church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am a member…I am a christain. Our church teaches of Christ and The old and New Testament. We also have a book called “The Book of Mormon” (where they got the slang name from) which is an account/history of Jesus Christ visiting the people of the America’s after his death and resurrection. I found it offensive that you said you used the words “offensive for a real Christian.” I am a real christain. Our church believes in christ and teaches of christ. Just so you know.

          • Marlynn, I have nothing against your religion and I do not consider other religions to be of a different quality. What I don’t like is the hypocrisy. You may consider yourself Christian, but the problem is that it is not seen as such by Catholic Church. I don’t enter into Theology as I am not interested in religion, but I can give you a few examples that you may know from your own experience. For example your bapthism it’s not recognized. To become a Christian the Catholic church ask Moromons to be rebaptized…etc. Clearly there is a problem. Either your religion is really Christian and the “Book of Mormons” carry some spiritual value, or not. Generally God loving people will not see with good eyes Mormon religion, however, they close the eye when it’s about their republican candidate. That’s hypocrisy. My remark is in this intention, not as a negation of your religious values.

            You would like understanding and recognition I guess. Why these principle do not work with Obamacare? What Christian will deny treatment to a child? Now this washy candidate change colors as needed, but at root Republicans do not give a shit. They just throw some bones, otherwise social = socialism in the indoctrinate minds of Fox News viewers.

            The real republican is a capitalist pig and I mean it in the true meaning of the word. F**k the world around, what it counts is the bottom line, more specifically MY bottom line. I am just amazed that the America is so divided, if people would really understand what is going on the figures should be 95 – 99% vs the rest. At the end of the day in their books you do not count as a “social person”, but as an investment. Nothing more untrue.

            It is absurd to divide and dispute something so essential as health. Obama says that an insurance company should not spend more on investments or return of investments, than in providing health. It is absolutely impossible to establish rules at the state level in this context.

            Maybe the answer to this question is in the envy your pity candidate shows when is saying “something so big should be bi-partisan”. True, if your health, your family health, your grandchild health…etc. worth something than you know how you should vote. How will you be able to quantify such a huge social improvement? There are deficits and deficits, but it is one thing to carry the country in a nonsense war, than fixing some of the today’s social problems.

            A very simple economy lesson will say that when you don’t have enough money prioritize. What are the Obama’s priorities? Well… the most important is clearly fixing the health care system – this seems to be his “historic mission”. What can be said of the other candidate? “We create jobs”?!? How about closing loopholes like those who allow him to have money in offshore accounts and paying little to NO taxes at all? Let’s start here if you are serious about this issue. The crock will chose the money and will f**k the people, be sure of that.

            The same envy will be seen when it will become a discussion about foreign policy. The true is that Republicans will flex their muscles as usual, but at the end of the day in history books it is Obama that killed #1 terrorist and enemy we had. You want to talk Bush?

      • Why should the 1% share? If you know anything about privilege it’s that it is self perpetuating. America is not a land of equal opportunity. It would be nice if it was, but that’s an impossible dream. Making those 1%ers share a little bit more will not knock them off their perch. All it does is help pull the government out of debt and give more people more opportunities to have a chance. Those who are not in the 1% do not have the same opportunities to succeed as those in the 1% do. The money they make – for the most part – is based on the fortunate life position they have found themselves in. It shouldn’t be seen as such a bad thing for someone who is very rich to give a little more to the government that helps give them the wonderful lifestyle they enjoy, in order to help those who have very little opportunity to even survive a chance.

        And if you are someone who has used the system to pull yourself up by the bootstraps, good for you! Why wouldn’t you WANT to contribute a little bit to help others follow in your footsteps?

        And it’s not communism, socialism, or any other ism. The economy is still every bit a free market. Just higher taxes for those who can afford it, in order to help get our government out of debt – which will be better for everyone in the long run.

    • “A redistribution of wealth is definitely needed” are you a Communist or a Capitalist?
      I don’t think you understand how our economy works. If a private company (small/large business) grows that means they can hire more people. Sure they can make a profit by growing. Is that too bad.

      • It is not redistribution as in Communist doctrine. There redistribution means from everyone what they can give and to each and every one equal. Here is about paying taxes, plain and simple. I will try to lay it very simple: if you want to live in society you will need a state. To have a state each member of the society give up to some of their rights in exchange of having guaranteed others, this is the contract. To sustain the state all members should pay taxes. Now the question is “why people with higher incomes should pay higher taxes?”. The answer is the same as at the origins: for the good function of the society. We want to live in a society where Women should get the same $ as man for the same work, where health of our family is secured and other things like that. What is the society in which you want to live in and don’t give me the Fox News propaganda, think about a little bit by yourself.

        Nobody redistribute anything. We do not split Rommney houses between Detroit homeless as you are mislead to believe by a strong propaganda. It is plain and simple about paying your tab. It is about taxes. Your candidate did well moving the money offshore and obviously he thinks that all people will do the same. It should be an incentive for the billionaires to keep their money next to their bad, namely tax cuts.

        You really don’t see it? This argument makes me puke and only a thief may think this way.

    • @Daniel: I think you need to re-look at what Communism and Capitalism is. We live in a Capitalistic society where there is free trade, where anyone can have an opportunity to get where they want to. The problem with most Americans is that they are too lazy and I was one of them for a long time, but hey I am taking control of what I want to make!
      Obama’s plans with actually raise taxes more than they are now. Small business owners will lose more employees if he is re-elected for that reason. If you knew anything about how this country came to be the way it has, is by people creating small businesses. Sure the private sector may be good but we need small businesses to be able to feel comfortable to invest in this country again not fear for the next four years.

      • Unfortunately economics, math and life is against you prediction, so…
        True people still believe Nostradamus predictions, so I guess Fox News predictions may not be that… futuristic.

    • Wow, Bush messed up our economy? Decades of failed legislation, mostly passed under Democratic agendas, created the mess that cumulated under President Bush. Was he the best president? No. Should we have gone to Iraq? Probably not. Should we have handled Afghanistan better? Yes. Did Bush mess up the economy? No.

      Study programs like the National Housing Act that established Fannie Mae, the securitization of mortgages, and let Fannie Mae become a publicly traded company. Check out the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (under Carter-D), and the adaptations made in 1994 (under Clinton -D) that tried to open housing up to low income families. These “encouraged” banks to lend to people without enough money to pay for the mortgage. After the crash of the Internet Stock bubble, (can’t blame that one on a president, it was good ol’ American greed and stupidity) Greenspan kept interest rates too low for too long which indirectly led to the housing bubble (once again, caused by dumb lending practices and good ol’ American greed). Greenspan served under Regan-W, so you can’t really blame a party.

  72. Cut backs are a must.. But Romney will not get the votes needed to do this. No rich person is gonna allow this.. WHY!!! they don’t want to stop spending they love spending.. So middle class people don’t be fooled… The rich run this nation.. end of story and no president can help you.. cause they need their vote.

    • Actually more people in America who have debt are middle class or poor. So is not the rich who love to spend. They, actually, make money.

      • It never occurred to you that some people borrow money just to stay afloat?
        It is really stupid what you say.
        Neither by quality, nor by quantity of spending you can’t compare the two designated social “classes”. If you borrow money to send your kid to school is one thing and I believe all people should be able to send their kids to school; If you just bought an yacht or f**ked another company and put the huge profits in an offshore heaven, let’s say Luxemburg or Cayman Islands, as your candidate… it is another thing. wtf!

  73. Obama is the one to vote for. He actually CARES about America. If Romney gets elected he will change his mind about everything and make our lives HELL. He says he’s going to do all these things to change America, yet he doesn’t have any proof what so ever! Or he says he’s going to do something, then he changes his mind. As of Obama, when he says he’s going to do something, he sticks to it no matter what and I believe that is the man we need to run our country!
    IF YOU ARE NOT RICH vote for Obama, because if Romney (a Republican) becomes elected, he’s only going to care for the Rich.

      • CHANGE was the platform Pres. Obama run on 4 years ago. Did your life change for better or for worst? I know my life and my neighbors is down the toilet with Pres. Obama.

        • It depends. Do you know what kind of laws Republicans object to? The most important and effective laws in things like public health, for example, were taken under democratic administration. For example the right of every children to be treated for any illness. The fight against per-existing conditions…etc. Are you one of these millions of Americans? I am asking you because if you are, than pretty much you are in a better now than before.

          Your dear Republicans oppose to all these, but drive the country off the cliff with two wars and one president.

          The irony is that Obama killed Obama and this must cause so many white nights to Fox News. In the end this president proved much better than all Republicans expected and this must make them feel awful.

          Does the cost of gas carry any value? Yes. More than the life of somebody dear? No. Stop wining about small things and take a look at the big picture. We ended a war. We are close to universal care. Many other victories were achieved, for example against credit card companies fees. The big picture and the question is different: “Am I today in a better situation than if I would have give a huge tax cut to billionaires that create jobs, only in China?”

          I said it and I will say it again: Mormons are a sect, not a religion according to Catholic Church/Vatican/Pope. Disregarding this fact, I will start believe the Mormon when he will bring the money he made from bankrupting companies that he currently keep offshore in places like Luxemburg and Cayman Islands. When he brings the money in United States and pay taxes I will become a believer. I may even consider to convert to Mormon religion.

          • If one could get insurance AFTER one were diagnosed with a disease, who in their right mind would ever pay for insurance until after one were diagnosed with a disease?

            Insurance is a wager, plain and simple. You are betting that something bad will happen to you, the insurance company is betting it won’t (actually you’re betting that you will pay less in premiums than you will incur in costs and the insurance company is betting the opposite, but none of this changes the gist of my argument). Forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions isn’t analogous to making bookies take bets on horse races that have already been run; it’s EXACTLY the same thing.

            *Of course I’m only talking about the initial diagnosis–if you have insurance and then are diagnosed and then have to change insurance companies, there should be a stipulation that the new company honor the agreement that you had with the first.

            • This is your angle. Others may say this should be the cost of doing business.

              Think at the following example: Not any business may work with the Pentagon. You should fulfill some requirements regarding, for example, state security.

              Why not being a provider of insurance should require some requirements? The health of the population is not a good factor for you?

              You want a metaphor, this is it. It is not as much as betting on dog races after the race is finished, it is more about paying the entry ticket.

              Rest assured there will be PRIVATE businesses that will accept this rules of the game and will make profit. There are already!

              Obama is just a decent guy, he is asking the insurance companies not to make a higher profit than providing health. What is wrong with this? Compare it with the working for Pentagon example. I believe one of the requirements will be not to export the defense technologies to the enemy. If we’re talking just profits, as it seems to understand the insurance market, than a company in defense technologies may find a better customer in the state of Iran. So this company should work for their bottom line? I hope you will say “no”! So why you do not accept an entry health plan for all people as the price of doing business? We spend trillions on unwanted wars and we cannot fix the healthcare system. Why doesn’t bother you?

          • Just so you know…I am a mormon, which IS ABSOLUTELY a Christian church. In researching the mormon church you will find that the word “mormon” is actually “slang” that was given by unbelievers in the 1830’s and it just kind of stuck with the religion..but the real name of our church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am a member…I am a christain. Our church teaches of Christ and The old and New Testament. We also have a book called “The Book of Mormon” (where they got the slang name from) which is an account/history of Jesus Christ visiting the people of the America’s after his death and resurrection. I found it offensive that you said you used the words “offensive for a real Christian.” I am a real christain. Our church believes in christ and teaches of christ. Just because the Catholic church doesn’t recognize it.. doesn’t mean that we are not a Christain Church. There are almost 15 million members around the world. So before you bash my relgious views, please find out the facts. Thank you.

            • Just so you know, mormons are actually not Christians. Its like saying Muslims are Christians, You don’t believe in the teachings of Christ you believe in the teachings of mormon who is actually an angel (A satanic angel) not Jesus Christ. Where there are contradictions in the bible and the book of mormon you just ignore those verses or rip them out of the bible. Don’t call yourself a christian. If you don’t believe in The Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and ONLY savior, and in the HOLY trinity then no, you are not a christian.

            • I reply to this, I have nothing against your religious views, but against the hypocrisy of those that are member of the Catholic Church. If you have a problem in this direction I do understand it, but you have to take it with the Pope. It is the Vatican/Holy Father/Holy Church…etc. that deny your access to heaven. To be real Christian you have to be baptized. Catholic church currently do not recognize your baptism. I understand what you may think and feel about it, but I am just stating the facts. Mormons are not Christian according to the Pope.

            • Joy,

              I am not going to argue with you about my church. What you said is not true and if you did more research about my church you would find out that we recognize Jesus Christ as our “only Savior” I do not worship Mormon or consider him my savoir in any way. I believe he was a prophet, sent by Jesus Christ, to deliver his message/gospel. I will not say anymore unless you do really want to know more, not just fight argue with me about what you “think” my beliefs are about. Clearly you don’t know what I beleive.

          • You still haven’t answered my question: If you could wait until you were sick and then get insurance, why would anybody pay for it in advance?

            • I gladly answer you to your question:

              ” If you could wait until you were sick and then get insurance, why would anybody pay for it in advance?”

              First of all because you may want to have more benefits on your plan. It will still be competition on the health insurance market, you may look at the countries that have universal care like UK or Canada. It is not a single plan for all, it is still competition. You may still want a double room instead of a single, you may want dental, accident benefits, benefits in case of death, you may travel…etc. You may have a special need, as when you have a risky job, like scuba diver or firefighter…etc.

              Secondly you may want to avoid paying premiums.

              There may be caps on the spending for pre-existing conditions, even if the president says it is not fair, it is room to debate.

              You must understand that generally speaking people without insurance didn’t afford it in the first place. You put the problem as people are evil and want to deceive insurance companies, when in fact people generally want a hand when they are down.

              Also, generally speaking, there are very rare cases where, even for pre-existing conditions, the insurance company not to recover and make profit. The thing is the insurance companies are so greedy that they want to make only profit.

  74. There is at least one serious OMISSION OF AN ENTIRE CHUNK OF ROMNEY’S SPEECH at the beginning of the transcript linked from this page. Watch the section between 3:00 and 7:00 and Romney lists out his 5 point plan. This ENTIRE SECTION is omitted from the text transcript.. What’s going on here?

  75. Its simple if you owned a business that was failing as amaerica is, would you go to a lawyer for help or a proven business owner?

  76. Romney is a chameleon. He gets more blue when he stands next to Obama, and more red(necked) when he hangs with his own people. I don’t find him to be trustworthy.

  77. Romney dodged most of Obama’s comments by outright lying about the issues that he expressly advertised on tv for months. He made every effort to sweep his track record under the carpet while attacking Obama’s stance on every issue with lies and interrupted him repedately with non-sequetors. Romney is quick to manipulate the situation but without any plan to help the middle class even begin to exist again. Also for the record. Coal and nuclear power are NOT “Clean”. And fracking for natural gas should be a crime. It is a scientific FACT that wind power CAN provide enough power for the ENTIRE grid, In every country,

    • New technology is making coal burning much more efficient (clean). And since when does America have “classes”? England has a class structured society. Elistists and entitlement receivers think in terms of “class”. The only class we need in America in in school.

      • Doctor Rik:

        In my experience, one who claims that there are no classes belongs to a privileged class. It’s not necessarily even ill intent, it’s that the classes are quite well insulated from one another.

        I’ve been up and I’ve been down, and I can tell you, there is no comparison in what life is like.

  78. The housing problem came from a lack of regulations, mostly of Frannie and Freddie. There was a hearing in the senate with members of the Federal Housing Finance Office regarding the unsustainable weakness of the control over Frannie and Freddie, the wording of which originated in the white house to increase regulations of the 2 organizations (increase regulations on frannie and freddy) which was struck down by the senate (most notably by Barney Frank.)

    The war in Iraq was executed under the Bush Administration using a plan developed by Colin Powell while he was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, under Bill Clinton. Iraq Liberation Act of 1998…read it. Bill Clinton’s administration was the first to call for regime change in Iraq, oddly supported by his senator wife in 2003. Go back and read the calls for regime change from the democrats.

    The common denominator between the Clinton and Bush administrations is Colin Powell.

    You cannot blame Bush for every single thing.

    Do what a responsible voter is supposed to do and do your own research. Trusting that people talking about a debate on the news are experts is asinine; they get paid to raise ratings, not IQs.

    Trust yourself to make the right decisions, not the guy who gets paid a billion dollars to run for president.

  79. I AM a Medicare provider. I get paid about the same as when I first started practice, although money is worth about half as much. Medicare “fraud” can be interpreted as failing to record certain Medicare required notes. It’s very difficult to conform to the system just to submit a claim for services. Claiming to reduce government cost by going after provider fraud is sort of like claiming to fight crime by beating up on your sister. Not to mention the drop in my income.

  80. I heard a lot of rhetoric in Obama’s speech. But yet, there are those supporters of him that do not see the light. Or just want free stuff. More government means less private sector. Don’t believe me? Read history. And, as far as companies with private planes, etc., they worked hard. Obama wants to penalize you for your dreams. Get a clue.

  81. Romny has some good points about the middle-class families. As a college student wanting to go on to graduate school however, I’d give it to Obama.

    • Wouldn’t you love to have a job to pay for your education rather than have the government giving you the money? Where do you think that money the government would give you comes from? When the government gives money to a student, the school, by default, increases your tuition. You will be in the same boat and school just became more expensive for everyone else.

      Education is important to you right now. What about the rest of Pres. Obama policies?

      • It didn’t occured to you that it may be because your candidate is keeping the money offshore and is, if not evading, at the very list abuse of some regulations? Wouldn’t be better if all billionaires will bring their money in American banks and start paying taxes at the very least as everybody else? I am pretty sure that only this alone will cover for a few generation of students. Wouldn’t this be better?

        Somebody is a great mathematician or musician or anything else, but you want him to work at a fast food to pay for his college. Wouldn’t the society be better with a full time mathematician or musician than an insane Clint Eastwood portrait?

        So you have stop evading/abusing of the tax system, bring your income on US soil and pay your taxes on one hand and… send a student to have a crappy job to pay for a mediocre college… hmmm… so difficult call… I wonder if the student would have been your son or daughter… so difficult to chose… because Rommney is so… business owner…

  82. The President talks about lowering taxes on the middle class during his presidency. That is not true. I have not seen a reduction. I have actually seen an increase on my taxes. He has simply changed the places where he is taking money from. He reduces property tax but increases some other tax. Take from the rich to give to the poor only makes the rich upset and the poor without incentive to become rich.

    I like Romney’s plan. The deficit is a huge problem and needs to be addressed now. I like it that he may not lower too much tax but the idea is to get more people working (more people working = more tax dollars for the government) and decrease government spending.

    With regards to education, I like Romney’s idea of not paying for my student loans but rather allowing me to have a job so i can pay for those loans myself.
    Pres. Obama just wants to increase government spending to pay for my student loans – which is appealing to the 47% that vote for Pres. Obama.

    They both suck on foreign policy. For now my vote goes to Romney.

    • Daniel,

      The government is not paying for anyone’s student loans. I speak from experience. Students pay their student loans, even if it takes them the rest of their lives. And it’s gonna take a lot longer than that when all these minimum-wage, no benefit jobs keep being created under Republicans. You cannot get out of paying for your own student loans, unless you die (you might starve to death), or pay it back in terms of years of service under a goverment program (this is not an entitlement, by the way). So again, in summary, neither Obama nor the government pays for your student loans….YOU do. If you don’t, they do not go away. They will hunt you down ruthlessly and take every dime you make from you, before it ever hits your pocket. If you own anything, they will take it. They will wipe out any bank account you have and garnish your wages and they will flat-out refuse to drop your payments to something reasonable or manageable. And best of luck to you paying them back on 8.50 an hour. Hope you live to be about 230 years old…’re going to have to.

    • Like mari cooper pointed out, the student loans you have to pay them back. Many republicans use loosely terms that are by no means synonyms. Loans are not free money. “Social” does not mean “socialism” and so on.

      Speaking of taxes, why don’t we start with your candidate that is keeping money offshore evading fiscality in US? Do you really think that having more low income jobs will result in more taxes than actually taxing the big fishes that are doing everything is in their power not to pay taxes?

      Trickle down economy does not offend you at all?

      Nobody is sharing anything. It is about paying taxes that your candidate currently evades doing it. “Closing loopholes” means different things for your candidate: he is thinking to kill social programs such healthcare programs, education programs…etc. Obama is thinking to make these people that evade taxation to pay their taxes. There is no comparison, even if it’s true that something have to be shut down, it is just a matter of “what”.

      I end up saying that I didn’t know that you need “an incentive to become rich”! This make my day. Thanks.

  83. Yes, let’s not pay for health care because it is wrong. The “job creators”, Christians, anti-gay-marriage, anti-abortion…etc. lead by a great Mormon leader that evaded paying taxes in America because he just “delegated” the thing to others that may happen to defraud some companies and move the money offshore, even if Luxemburg do not actually has any shore…

    Yeah, let’s do this again or even better, why bother with this pale republican candidate… let’s bring Bush again and drive this country into the ground… Let’s do that.

    I was amazed especially of the explanation regarding the “small companies” where I heard something of the form “the big fish is eating the small fish and that’s the ocean”. I mean, the 1% not rich, more-than-some-countries-rich people do hire smaller company, for example they may need catering for their parties, somebody to cut the lawn…etc. It is that obvious! Of course, the example was some “electronic company”, but let’s not forget what he really meant to say.

    I am disgusted with the hypocrisy I see around starting with the fact that Mormons are not accepted as Christians by Christianity rule. This guy do not even believe in the same God as normal Christians do, I do not want to make a point from religion, but the Republicans do and I am just astonished what kind of courses they did on their Colleges so they push a Judas as Jesus Christ? Do they really believe people will buy it?

    I understand the secular values of Republicans, but the world is changing. There are gay people, they always were. The same with everything else. At this point is not even a discussion about issues or a comparison of some doctrinal points of view. It is really the unwillingness of some people to accept that they lose. The Republicans right now are precisely this: sore losers.

    And why most middle-class Americans intoxicated by Fox are mislead into this gigantic sham? The answer is simple: for billionaires to get more tax cuts. The end game is always money. It always was.

  84. If you want to kill the US, then elect Obama, but if you want US to grow, then elect Romney. US is built on life, liberty, and persue of happiness. If you take these away, our rights will go away. God made this country so we have to live under God.

    • This is plain stupid propaganda. We forgot killing the natives, slavery, civil war…etc. You are simply uneducated. Have you ever heard of “Bill of Rights”? Do you have any idea what is the function of constitution? Wtf are you talking about?

      “Flatus voci” if you know what it means. Cartman from South Park would have said “shit”, but I want to be polite. So stop shitting.

  85. You guys need to shut up! Deal with it! You voted for Obama years ago and you encouraged mitt romney to run for pres. They are both stupid. Deal with it!

  86. My experience in nonverbal communication tells me that at many times, Obama was lying. Notice how often he blinks his eyes while speaking, just as the most basic of observations.

    • Or he could just be suffering from dry eye, a common condition in people his age who do a lot of reading or paperwork. Speaking from experience as an eyecare professional.

    • Or he could just be suffering from dry eye, a common condition in people his age who read a lot or spend a lot of time doing paperwork. Speaking from experience, as an eyecare professional.

  87. I’m a student. My opinion is that Romney is really stupid. I mean raising the tax just to cover up the debts. If you want to balance the budget than take it slow. Yeah, I know Obama just made a huge debt in this country, but raising taxes only for the countries good. Come on. How about the people? Especially the poor ones(To those who it may concern, no offense) they are going to be homeless people out on the street(if they can barely survive) just because of you, Romney. If you believe about jobs, then why are you raising the taxes. I’m confused. How are you doing it for the “jobs”? In the middle of the typing this, why in the world would Romney state the word loser, in a debate. Seriously, why in the would would anyone say that? Vote for Obama. To those who disagree with me, think about Romney’s theory of “believing” in jobs. Raising the taxes JUST to balance the U.S. budget.

    • Are you deaf, or did you just not watch the debate at all? Romney clearly stated that he WOULD NOT raise taxes on the middle class. I would say that judging by your little temper tantrum there, you should take a close look in the mirror next time you have the audacity to call someone stupid.

    • If I remember correctly, Obama was the one who wants to raise taxes. Romney actually said he wants to focus on job creation so that we won’t HAVE to raise taxes to reduce the deficit. Please go back and re-watch the debate and get your facts straight.

  88. Romney comes across as being so much more intelligent. I’ve never believed a word Obama says. Everything he says is a smokescreen. He doesn’t seem to know what he is talking about…it’s all blah, blah, blah…to help our country please don’t trust this man any longer.

    • I strongly disagree. Think only to “Obamacare” – this is a huge piece of legislation. You may say that you disagree with Obama’s views and argue against, but serving Fox News propaganda it is hugely irresponsible. This piece of legislation alone change the course of history. There were times of great inequality, “blacks” and women to name large groups. Why you people are not at peace with such legislation? Why don’t you ask your candidate to bring the money from his offshore accounts and pay the taxes?

      As you formulate the sentence show very little meditation about the subjects at hand. It is not a question of belief. Believes are not true or untrue, they simply do not carry any true value… they are believes. Maybe this is the problem with all republicans… I don’t mind that somebody believes something different than me, what pisses me off is the hypocrisy and I will state once more time: Mormons are not Christians. If God is the first value, your Mormon do not believe in God as you “know” it. It is just the same word, but have a different meaning. Mormons are a sect not recognized by Catholic church. How is this for your strongest belief? Don’t understand me wrong, I do not have anything about any religion, it is the Republicans that make a point every time possible. Fox Christmas propaganda is the same since beginning, people change.
      Republican believe they believes are quintessential when they are not, they are simply ancient. The Bill of Rights in time was amended to include things that weren’t there, why can’t you be at piece with universal care when your candidate had actually run such a program? Again, another hypocrisy. At the end of the day one candidate propose social (not socialist) programs. The other is just looks and is simply what was left after deciding that Ron Paul do not look presidential, because all the others were simply unfit.
      The whole Republican propaganda is based on such obvious misinterpretation: social = socialist, regulation = communism,…etc. If somebody launch a smokescreen just open Fox News.

  89. I would just like to say, how about these people who get food stamps more or less buy fraud, saying they are homeless and they are not, if if people need it fine, but to lye to get it, this should be investigated, some get much more then othere, and they are not homeless

    • Really, Elaine? We should start a witch hunt for food stamp fraudsters? You may imagine how low somebody may be to stole food stamps! This is the fraud you care? The fact that your candidate evade US taxation by keeping the money offshore does not bother you at all?

      I am amazed of the food stamp crusade. People, it’s just a social aid, will not make anybody rich. Mind all the companies that outsource jobs AND keep the profit offshore. These are the real defrauders, not food stamp users! My God!

    • On the contrary, Obama talked primarily about what his administration has accomplished INSTEAD of answering what his plans are for the future. For that, he should have a “time-out” in the corner.

  90. Clean coal technology is NOT renewable energy. I had never heard of it before watching this debate, but how can we as a species move forward by continuing to deplete Earth’s indigent natural resources? I’m disappointed in Obama’s stammers and his lack of preparedness for this debate, but even more so in Jim Lehrer for ignoring the transgressions of the time limit imposed to answer questions, but specifically for favoring Mit Romney’s extended remarks and replies to nearly every question. Have the balls to say “time’s up,” Jim!

  91. All said and done. We need a drastic change to our medical system. Foreign policy and squeeze on our entitlements. Else we go from a desirable country of post ww2 to current European state so please give mitt a good chance with all the love for good old and great USA.thankyou, From a group of private physicians,

  92. Suggestions to both candidates:
    1. cut military and end the war in Afghanistan
    Reasons why:
    a. Having served in the military in a combat unit, and construction units we are paying way too much on contracted services.
    b. The majority of contractors (American and Non-American) take advantage of military contracts and there is very little independent public oversight onto what contracts are getting awarder and their costs.
    c. Cost of contracted services typically triple under military contracts.
    d. Unless, the candidates can explain if there is going to be an immediate financial benefit from mining the trillions of minerals in Afghanistan then we need to end the war in Afghanistan ASAP. We, the American People, are tired of throwing money away in Afghanistan where the only beneficiaries are the military contractors.
    e. We need to take the military savings and rebuild our roads, bridges, utilities, schools, parks, etc. WE NEED TO MAKE THE U.S.A. an attractive place to visit for tourist not only from overseas but from our own states. -Moving money is how we make money.

    2. Taxes: Anyone above 250K should pay higher taxes.
    a. The basic business goes like this: I find the client, I charge the client, and I negotiate the lowest possible salaries to my workers, along with providing as less as possible to them; and I pay utilities. Client’s Payment – (Overhead + Salaries + benefits)= Profit
    I pay an amount in taxes from profits.
    If business people will always do their best to negotiate the lowest possible salaries for their workers what is wrong with them paying a little more in taxes than their workers?

    3. School System: Ensure every individual has their shot at a technical school or University by working with police departments to ensure truancy is reduced to “0” Zero. Students with low academic achievements should be warned of their loss opportunities as they go through the school system and upon graduation should be given a choice to go directly into the workforce, or a choice to remediate their education level to attend a technical school or University. Inculcating a sense of industriousness and citizenship into every student from grade school to senior year is a must.

    4. The Global market place: Government needs to reach out to nearest neighbors and make alliances to create industries that stand the China competition, i.e. Latin America, and Canada. However these alliances must safeguard the environment and foster good working conditions.

    5. Stop the outsourcing of good manufacturing jobs. U.S.A. has the best quality of product, why do we need those products to be Chinese?. Keep good manufacturing jobs in the U.S.A. by providing government aid to those companies suffering from competition from the Chinese market. This aid needs to draw a compromise from American companies assuring top notch quality and providing lean production in order to get assistance from government.

  93. PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE FOR OBAMA!!! You see, I make money when the economy is performing horribly. Romney will fix the economy, so where will I be? Out of a job. You all have to do more research before blaming Romney. Obama is not in the middle class…he is wealthy! MILLIONS!!! I’m not for the rich, but I would like to be rich. (I’m thinking of moving to China as they grabbed all available opportunities to take as much of our manufacturing jobs and what has Obama done?) Have you heard of or recall of the Japanese 101 list? That was a republican president that pushed it. Again, I’m not for one party or the other, but further homework needs to be done. In 1995 Clinton loosened housing rules by rewriting the Community Reinvestment Act pass; THANK GOD…I got a sweet loan on my property – no docs needed. Bush should not have taken us to IRAQ. Alan Greenspan warned us about the typical American over-leveraging and NO ONE listened, but then again…he spoke so eloquent, no one understood what the hell he was saying. So, to wrap this up…I’m in a conundrum. I made pretty good money during Obama’s term, so why do I want the gravy train to stop? I’m republican…but telling everyone (including those without jobs) to PLEASE VOTE FOR OBAMA!!! I need my SIX figure income to continue…

    • My God, you are so misinformed. China as India they are agricultural countries. They have some economy, very concentrated in a very distinct area that is treated differently than the rest of the country, but generally they are very very very poor. There is no liberty, there it is real communism. You want to move to China, guess what… you are free to go. When vice-versa do not work it is a problem, can’t you see it?
      By the way, China did not grab anything. It is “Designed by Apple in California. Made in China” attitude of your candidate that encourage such things. From the two of them only one has money offshore, only one is abusing the fiscal rules of this country to pay less taxes. Of course is complaining the taxes are high, everybody wants lower taxes, the question is at what price and to what end?
      From what and how you’re saying it I guess you can make 6 figures only by winning to lottery. Please do tell everybody to vote for Obama!

      • You obviously don’t know much about economics or history. I don’t have 100 pages to write all the details behind every word I write. So, in short…I MAKE 6 FIGURES NOW…not in the future and not from government HANDOUTS. My SIX figure income will only nicely continue if the economy continues to grow at the snail pace that it is growing at..or do you want to debate me on that fact. Every American wants a cheaper product, yes including yourself. Thus we want to pay the lowest price possible and manufactures want the lowest bid on cost development with some government security. When China manipulates their currency and plays games with trade, that’s taking advantage of all THEIR opportunities. The same way Japan did with us in 1980’s. Are you now going to argue with me that Japan did not keep Cadillacs on ships and at the docks to TEST every single button before giving them approval to be sold in their country. Yeah, that’s fair trade. Since you know so much about trade deficits…you need to tell OBAMA there is no such problem with China and that he needs to correct the United States Census Bureau’s reports: I can care less who you vote for, but PLEASE KEEP MY 6 FIGURE INCOME COMING…AND COMING. The higher the unemployment rate…the more LCD’s I buy from CHINA…i have 4 now and looking to get an 80″ baby FOR MY BEDROOM!!!

  94. face it people 1+1=2 not 6 like obama likes to tell you all. I love watching obama on tv because he is an inspiration for many. its just the fact that you cannot payoff debt by borowing. not in theory, not in reality

      • You’re NOT speaking of Carter, are you? Obama’s policies have only exasperated a bad situation. You can go back to Dodd-Frank to look at the housing mess. You can go back to Clinton about the export of American jobs. You can go back to Clinton for the cut in defense which had to be rebuilt following 9/11. You can go to Obama himself as to the security failures that we have suffered over the last 3.5 years: either to the attack in Libya (which Obama got us into by going AROUND Congress and ignoring Ambassador Steven’s own warnings about the conditions, or the notice that Obama’s admin was given 24hrs in advance of the attack), or the Underwear bomber, or the shooting at Fort Hood when all the signs of an imminent attack were there, and other ways in which this administration has been asleep at the wheel. Ben Laden? Obama used BUSH’S intel. The same intel that Obama and Pelosi said was illegal, is the very methods that provided the whereabouts of Ben Laden. The whole Benghazi thing was about OBAMA’S pep rally at the DNC. The claim “GM is alive and Ben Laden is dead” was their bumper sticker cheer. The protest in Libya was in response to THAT. They carried posters of Ben Laden. They had a banner saying “We are all Ben Laden.” Then the President and the UN Ambassador and the Secretary of State joined the chorus of a false-narrative, lying to the American people. The economy that we’ve enjoyed is OWNED by Obama. He’s had four years to affect his CHANGE. Do you like what you’ve gotten so far?

        • Thanks Michael for pointing where the real blame for the economic collapse belongs. It was the progressive socialist liberals like Frank, Dodd, and OBAMA who used government pressure to get Banks to lower their underwriting standards to extend home ownership to individuals and families who were not qualified to pay the loans. This was socialism social engineering at it finest. The banks all relented when Frank and Dodd got Fannie Mae to agree to buy these “subprime” bad instruments from the banks. When Fannie Mae promised to buy these bad loans, the banks felt like they had no risk and no choice but to go along with the demand of the “community organizers” like Obama’s law firm that were demanding the banks make it easier for unqualified minorities to get home loans.

          THIS was the root cause, not banker greed. The root cause was liberal politicians extending the privilege of home ownership to people who hadn’t earned that privilege by inducing banks to give subprime loans to unqualified buyers. This flooded the market with buyers and inflated the prices of housing creating a huge bubble built on really bad investment decision that were facilitated by socialistic policies and fannie mae’s complicity.

          Now, the socialist thieves, who demand to share the fruits of virtue without actually being virtuous, are lying to the public and suggesting that the way to cure the consequences of prior socialistic social engineering is to implement MORE socialism.

          The fact is that all social programs constitute a violation of the separation of church and state. The government not only has no legitimate authority to impose an egalitarian moral framework on us; but its only legitimate purpose is to protect us from individuals, groups or nations that would use force or threat of force to force one man to surrender the fruits of his labor to support someone else. The government was explicitly proscribed from making any law that interferes with an individual’s right to make his own moral choices in accordance with his individual conscience. Yet, egalitarianism’s “social justice” religion has been imposed by the government as the state’s official moral philosophy.

          We’ve strayed so far from the essential principles and doctrines of individual liberty that were enshrined in the Constitution that most people no longer even question the legitimacy of the government’s involvement in social engineering.

          • Hilarious, Feste. Rush Limbaugh would be proud. The crash had nothing to do with Wall Street greed or its multi-trillion dollar game of mortgage poker. It was entirely due to an obscure Carter-era law designed to prevent redlining.

            Of course, your brilliant theory doesn’t explain why Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and Wamu failed, or why Citi, Goldman, Merrill, BofA, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley et al had to be bailed out, does it? What government law forced these banks to create trillions in mortgage-backed securities and trade them like Capone? For it is a fact that most of the damage to our economy was due to BETS on mortgages, not the mortgages themselves.

            Your theory also fails to explain why there was a bubble in commercial real estate at the same time as the bubble in residential real estate. Fannie/Freddie/CRA have nothing to do with commercial real estate.

            Your theory also fails to explain why there was a global housing bubble. Fannie/Freddie/CRA don’t influence housing prices in other countries.

            Your theory also fails to explain why all of the “socialism” was happening under Republican leadership. Remember, Republicans controlled Congress for most of 1995-2007. Republicans controlled the White House from 2001-2009. Remember?

            In short, your theory fails to explain anything in the real world. That’s why nobody outside of the right-wing fantasy bubble believes it. It’s garbage.

            • Steve clearly is a collectivist in love with government, and someone who will vote for the most liberal collectivist president we’ve had since FDR. Intellectualizing moronic ideas must be his talent as well as the profound distortion of the truth.

              The economic crisis of 2008 was caused by government intrusion into the market by employing severe Keynesian economic policies (for which can be blamed on both Democrats & Republicans);

              1. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — These leviathan corporations are creatures of congress and are officially known as “government-sponsored enterprises” or GSEs. Fannie and Freddie do not extend mortgage loans to home buyers. Instead they make it possible for other institutions to participate in lending on an unlimited capacity. This whole process spurs an unnatural amount of mortgage lending than would otherwise have taken place. This artificial diversion of resources into mortgage lending inflates home prices well beyond what is natural.

              2. The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) — Government agencies of various kinds were putting a tremendous amount of pressure on financial institutions to make riskier loans in the name of “racial equality”. This was an attempt by collectivists to “level” the playing field for those who were less fortunate – and so we brilliantly had low income folks buying homes – and ten to fifteen years later we go bust.

              3. The Government’s artificial stimulus to speculation — Lending innovations like 100% loans became institutionalized features of the mortgage industry, particularly when the Fed had made banks flush with reserves to lend. The push for relaxed lending standards for low – and middle income borrowers was pervasive and systematic enough that it eventually spilled over as widespread standards to even the higher-income borrowers – many who saw home buying as investments. These easier mortgage terms available to speculators would lead to a surge in demand for housing – which would then lead to increases in home prices that had the unintended effect of enticing even more speculators into the market – many of whom were not in a financial position to be speculating.

              4. Pro-ownership tax code — Government at all levels; local, state and federal, developed hundreds of little programs intended to encourage more and more people to buy homes. This channels more artificial demand into the housing sector. Developers constantly get handouts, free land, new roads, and tax privileges to build new homes.

              5. The Federal Reserve — When the Federal Reserve pushes down interest rates by increasing the money supply, it encourages a boom in the production of relatively longer term projects that include raw materials, construction, capital goods in general. The boom in construction and real estate over the past decade, made possible by these low interest rates, is the perfect example.

              6. Bailout Mentality — Financial institutions in the market have been allowed to operate in the confidence that they, and the entire system as a whole, will not be allowed to fail, and that in one way or another the American population will absorb the loses. This bailout mentality of the financial market began to culminate in 1994 when Greenspan bailed out several players in the financial market. This behavior would go onto to be known as the “Greenspan Put”, which states that when markets unravel Greenspan will come to the rescue.

        • It’s really funny and naive to point to Clinton for 7/11. Let me bring it down to facts.

          The attack happened under one of the mandates of one of the worst presidents ever that I do not even want to write his name as it viruses my computer. As Commander-in-chef he has FULL responsibility, disregarding anything else that may happened previously.

          Osama have been found and killed under Obama presidency where as Commander-in-chef he gave the final order.

          These are FACTS. You may confabulate and speculate as much as you like, the above stated are hard to deny.

          “Exasperated a bad situation”? This is insane! In a huge economical disaster Obama kept the country afloat. Americans felt a lot less the disaster and if this was not enough he struggle to implement social reforms that will move America further. The republican solution would have been some economical Darwinism, without Obama at this moment under a Republican president America would have been in the worst economical crisis ever. What you republicans refuse to understand is that sometime “stable” is good, especially when you are free falling.

          Social reforms does not mean socialism, you should be really indoctrinated, uneducated or stupid to confuse “social” with “socialism”.

          The days of communism vs capitalism are long gone. Republican doctrine is like dinosaurs. Of the well develop countries in the world America is the only one without universal healthcare. This is not “communism” or “socialism”. Brits have it. Aussie have it. Canadians have it. Neither of these countries strike me as “socialist” or “communist”. More than that, the doctors in this countries are not poor and the healthcare system do not have lower standard at all.

          It is the Fox News propaganda and people ignorance that try to explain a social phenomenon through bad math coming from highly motivated corporates that owns America and are driven only by financial gain.

          As a matter of philosophy, history and economics, the social Darwinism, Mill utilitarianism and things like that are just part of a history. Free market is a myth today and in history only one example of free market is known to have worked: Hong Kong.

          The problems we face are no longer the problems of communist Russia times. Still the Fox propaganda follows the same old regime of indoctrination as if the problems were the same. They are not.

          A country is not a corporation as you are lead to believe, it never was. Not even in theory.

          I am sorry, but I will not play the blame game when your Republican candidate is so corrupted and it NEVER was the first choice not even for you republicans! This is insane! It’s like civil war, Republicans are dying hard and rally behind a second-hand person that IS at least a second-choice choice for YOU. It is absurd to promote what more than half or you do not believe in. Why are you such a sore losers? No spirit of cooperation, just plain simple and stupid Fox propaganda.

          There are no intelligent Republicans at this moment because all have to stay behind something they do not believe. The all have to fall in line and the indoctrination is at maximum. The only one with brain was Ron Paul, everyone else had so many faults that don’t even worth to mention. Sexual abuse, living the wife…etc. Now this guy that is Mormon, but has to be supported by Catholic church, normally Republican, but under the circumstances where Mormons are not recognized by Christian church. So even the American Catholic Church had to fall in line to support something they clearly not believe in.

          This is everything republicans are doing right now: fall in line heavily indoctrinated.

          Should I go on with the level of hate and hypocrisy accumulate within republicans today? If somebody has to wake up it is you.

          • Greg, I mean this in the most respectful way but, you are a moronic hanging participle straw man spewing left wing cool aid drinker. The reason that Mitt Romney was not we conservatives first choice is because he is too damn appeasing, TOO damn moderate, period dot, end of story. All the things that would make him a good choice for a moderate voter, are the reasons real Republicans and Libertarians don’t like him. So, you might have included that piece in your statement. As far as the Mormon thing, the fact that you even went into that whole diatribe speaks volumes in itself, but let me enlighten you. I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian, we consider ourselves to be the authenticate original Church of Jesus Christ and the Apostles from an Apostolic standpoint, and from a historical, and from a Theological POV. My point is that I am about as Traditional as a Christian can be, short of being a Monk living on Mt. Athos. That being said, that last time I checked, this was a race for the Presidency, not for a Hierarchic position. Is Romney in favor of limiting the size and power of the Federal government and giving more power to the states, where they can better ascertain, monitor, and affect change in their own predicament? YES. Will he at least attempt to de-fund these federal government offices that have been nothing but a waste of space, oxygen, and money for decades now? He says he will…e.g., Dep. of Ed., Planned Parenthood…etc. Will he allow Sen. Paul to do a full audit of the Federal Reserve? You can bet the Tea party and RP will be on his heals every fricken day until he does. Add guns, taxes on the middle class, and corp. taxes, projecting strength instead of weakness and not cowering to the Islam o-Fascists to the list and he has my vote. I could not care less about his Religious choice, other than their affect on his “social” policies, which seems to be just fine.

            • The reason we rational Americans do not like Mitt Romney is that he is a pathological liar. He’s Nixon. We don’t need another Nixon. If I were a “conservative”, I’d consider the very real possibility that Romney is lying to me, too. Dogs will bark and liars will lie. You’re happy now that he’s mostly been focused on lying about President Obama’s record, but you may well get your turn.

              You’re obviously welcome to believe that tax cuts for rich people do more good for the average American citizen than the Department of Education. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, no matter how delusional or absurd.

              President Obama has positively decimated al Qaeda. He brought back bin Laden’s head on a pike. Is that your idea of “weakness and cowering”? Puh-lease. You sound like another chest-thumping chicken-hawk to me. All talk, no action.

        • Everyone is concluding that it is Obamas fault about our economy but in reality he has helped America in a lot of ways. I think Obama has changed America in a good way. Mitt Romney to me seems very unselfish, rude and a liar. That is my opinion. I think we should all look forward and really think about all the things Romney and Obama talk about.
          They both have different views but to me only 1 has that point to help students in school and the ones in college and the ones about to go to college. Obama has the votes for all the students simply because of the points he gave and that eagerness I see in him to helping students.
          Every vote counts, please make your choice wisely.

        • The previous president added over 13 trillion dollars to Americas debt. This is do to the war on terror that was never talked about or put into a budget. So that money has to come from us the tax payers. Under Obama plans he has only save 3 trillon dollars additional from the debt of America,which aint much but at least he is not adding to it.

          • seal35, you are taking the figures from Fox News I suppose. It is insanely incorrect what you’re saying.


            “Here’s the budget history in brief: The 2009 fiscal year began Oct. 1, 2008, when George W. Bush was president, and ended Sept. 30, 2009 with Obama as president. By the time Obama took office in January 2009, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office had already estimated that the federal government would end fiscal 2009 with a $1.2 trillion deficit because of higher spending and lower revenues.

            Obama added to the 2009 deficit, but not by much. We found that Obama was responsible at most for an additional $203 billion. The government ended $1.4 trillion in the red that year. The deficits were about $1.3 trillion each year for the next two years, and this fiscal year just ended with a shortfall of nearly $1.2 trillion.”

            203 billion (at most) is by no means equal with 13 trillion, unless you are doing Republican Arithmetic. In Republican Arithmetic this is quite possible, like “The Impossible plan” (that in fact it is not a plan at all, just a uncooked idea and plenty of propaganda) of The Great Mormon:

            Interesting we had tax cuts the way proposed under poopoobush administration and and it lead nowhere near to figures estimated, but again, in Republican arithmetic where you confuse 203 billion with 13 trillion this confusion is explicable by a phenomena called indoctrination.

            “Romney continued to struggle to explain how he could possibly offset such a large loss of revenue without shifting the burden away from upper-income taxpayers, who benefit disproportionately from across-the-board rate cuts and especially from elimination of the estate tax”. Unless general population has f**king estates of over 5.1 million and I do not know about it, this cut has nothing to do with middle class, small businesses, working families…etc. This is a very good example of abuses in the favor of billionaires and corporations. Social programs are not necessary under your doctrine, but tax cuts on estates over 5.1 million are necessary indeed.


            Get your facts straight and repeat 1st class in a hurry in order not to use Republican Arithmetic when you’re doing your grocery shopping. You may end up paying 5,000$ for salad dressing.

          • Me no like Carter. Carter no invade wrong country by accident. Carter no turn $230 billion surplus into $1.3 trillion debt. Me like Dubya more better. Me also love Reagan and Bush I. Them quadruple national debt. Me like. Reagan sell weapons to Iran and lie about it. Me like. Iran our friend right?

      • Do you remember the bumper stickers with the letter W? That W stands for “Worst President Ever”.Remember the false reason for the latest Iraq war.Resulting in largest deficit ever fighting 2 wars that was off the books.Look at positive job numbers for the last 30 months.Doubling of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and counting.Now in comes Romney one of the very people who created the mess we are in.This man is trying to lie his way to “The White House” so that he can bring back the money that he and his friends stole from hard working people,pay no taxes on it so we can borrow this money and pay intrest on it.That’s his main motivation for running for president.He tells the truth when he thinks he’s off camera,uses dog whistle ads to play to his so-called base,Mr. Etch-a-Sketch will tell anybody anything he thinks they want to hear for they’re vote.The United States of America is not a corporation,we don’t need a CEO we need a “Honest President”.Remember the last liar we had? He got us in this mess in the first place.

      • If Democrats are keep whining that Obama was handed a mess and had to enlarge the deficit because of it, all you are arguing is that Obama was just continuing Bush’s mess than trying to change it. So, which is it?

        I would love to have a blame my predecessor get out of jail card whenever I can’t better the projects that I have taken over and do it for 4 years without getting fired.

        • DC10, the problem is that Republican propaganda is doing Republican arithmetic. The deficit handed by Bush was 1.3 trillion. Obama was responsible at most for an additional $203 billion.

          You can argue that the promise was to reduce the deficit from 1.3 to half and we are now at 1.2 trillion per year, which is by no means half. These are facts. You cannot just makeup numbers and Democrats do not have to play the blame card, common sense and arithmetic should be enough.

  95. The two of them are battling over how different their plans are. Imagine how far we would have come if each President throughout history had built off of the progress that the last President had provided’ rather than changing so many things or viewing so many things “differently”.

    • “The two of them are battling over how different their plans are. Imagine how far we would have come if each President throughout history had built off of the progress that the last President had provided’ rather than changing so many things or viewing so many things “differently”.”

      …….or, even better, if it was the same guy the entire time, then it would really be the same thought process and ideas with no change throughout! oh oh wait, that would be a dictatorship wouldn’t it.

    • Obama is doing exactly what Bush did. He didn’t change anything. Bush expanded Govt healthcare. Obama expanded Govt. healthcare. Endless wars. Bombings. Drone attacks. Guantanamo is still open. Patriot Act still upheld. NDAA. SOPA. Fed run amok with endless spending hyper-inflating the markets. Value of the dollar is in the toilet. How exactly has continuing a corporatist society helped? What we need is someone whom is actually different than these hack liberal-fascist politicians. Romney is not that man either. Neoconservatism is Liberal-Fascism-light.

  96. Obama has created a debt that amounts to what George Washington thruough George W. Bush combinined. The Navey Seals that captured and killed Osama Bin Laden gained their information fron Guantonamo Bay torture tecnices that were implemented under Bush/Cheney….how can you get info from someone willing to blow up themselves? Torture…that’s how.. Obama hasn’t done shit…he is the worst president ever….he doesn’t even have a valid birth cirtificate…he is a fraud..trying to bankrupt the United States to gain the New World Order. He talks shit about Romney being rich…wouldn’t you rather have a president who knows how to make money as opposed to someone who received government loans for all his “acheivements”? Obama is a fraud. Ron Paul was the best choice, but if you want this S.O.B. out of office, vote for Romney……

    • gerogie also racked up more debt than every president before him combined…. the economic model has been built this way, its just now that these policies of an inflationary approach to economics have begun to catch up to Americas wallet in the past decade or so.

      • President Obama inherited the worst economic downturn since the 1930s from his Republican predecessor. Anyone who has taken Econ 101 knows that the national debt automatically skyrockets during huge recessions. Why? Well, fewer employed people means less tax revenue. Fewer solvent businesses means less tax revenue. Lower GDP means less tax revenue. At the same time, automatic government spending on things like unemployment benefits and Medicaid goes up.

        This is why we’ve seen such an uptick in debt under President Obama. It has very little to do with “Obama policies”. The Bush tax cuts and the wars have also contributed significantly to the debt increase. The president’s Recovery Act contributed a good bit, too, but that was a one-time emergency measure designed to prevent a 2nd Great Depression. Notice that we didn’t have a 2nd Great Depression. Instead, we’ve added back over 5 million jobs in the last 30 months or so.

        • Steve,

          It seems you missed the CNN analysis immediately following the debate; the “5 million” jobs Obama claims to have created is actually only a net gain of 125,000 after factoring in 4+million jobs lost. That’s kind of similar to the “5 trillion dollar” tax cut Obama also claims that Romney is going to implement. That estimate ignores additional revenue created by closing loopholes and tax credits and also assumes that when faced with decisions, Romney will automatically side with the rich and fail to shield the middle class. You should not be so quick to accept everything the Dear Leader and TRMS tell you as fact. Do some homework! Our country depends on the vote of a truly informed electorate.

          • What are those loopholes that Mormon preach Mike? Certainly not outsourcing jobs. Certainly not making fiscal rules harder on those as him that are keeping their fabulous gains offshore evading American taxation. Trickle-down economy is what the Mormon is preaching, certainly not for the good of small businesses or regular people, but for people like him. The same words are used “closing loopholes”, but different meaning is attached.

            The success of Fox News propaganda is the very fact that you think are fighting for jobs or for small businesses or middle class, when in fact you are just manipulated and indoctrinated.

            Trickle down economy cannot work today as it didn’t worked in the past. The jobs created during such a rich period for billionaires who get the tax cuts are in fact created by small businesses, because I don’t think the outsource of jobs will stop or offshore heavens will close or the Mormon will pay his taxes (aka The Mormon Miracle).

            The “benefits” in terms of jobs are more likely the result of killing social programs, which means we’re committing suicide. If you think a little you will realize how stupid the concept of trickle down economy is, refuted by all economists everywhere in the world. It is qualified as “economical voodoo” and honestly it is so stupid and offensive!

            Basically we give tax deductions to those that are not paying taxes, billionaires as your Mormon who keep part of his gains offshore and kill the constitutional right of any American to decent health care. Stop being so naive…

            Obama will remain in history if you want it or not as one of the best presidents ever. You just lack perspective. I’ll give you the headlines:

            He killed Osama.
            He is the first “black” president.

            You lack understanding of what constitutional rights mean and how important is
            “Obamacare” = the constitutional right to decent healthcare.

            Do you want to compare with poopoobush?
            Two stupid wars

          • Mike, I said “5 million jobs created over the last 30 months”. We have had a NET creation of private sector jobs in every single one of the last 30 months. Every one. That is a fact that you can easily verify using BLS data (unless you’re a senile loon like Jack Welch and believe the comical right-wing conspiracy theory about the numbers being fudged).

            Yes, we lost 4.3 million jobs during President Obama’s first year after losing 4.5 million in President Bush’s last. But he took office at the exact peak of the deepest recession since the 30’s. What do you expect? A complete turnaround overnight?

    • The national debt is just one parameter. There are also other parameters that you seem not to take into consideration. I liked Ron Paul, he is good libertarian, the problem with this school of thought is that it looks well in theory, but never in practice. I like it as political philosophy a lot, unfortunately social problems cannot be resolved “by themselves”. There is no “invisible hand” that will fix them.

      As you mentioned Ron Paul you are not yet forever lost in indoctrination. What I suggest to you is to consider other parameters. For example the health of general population.

      Obamacare is the main objection. Why? Republicans argue as usual with a simple textbook Adam Smith “invisible hand” type argument. People (and probably healthcare providers) look for their best interest as the Insurance companies and from this fair faith the outcome must be accepted as the best possible result. The argument is classic, beautiful, but do not apply to healthcare (as in all honesty it does not apply to politics or economy, it will tell you this any good philosopher or economist).

      Health, especially when you are in the subject in case, cannot be quantified. If somebody close to you is sick, God forbid, you cannot quantify how much it worth to have him/her healthy. All the numbers that are put down (and should be put down for other reasons) cannot be used in a social formula.

      In my opinion universal care should be included in the Bill of Rights, plain and simple. As it is stated that people of all gender and races are equal. In the same way this is not socialism, but the very guarantee in practice of freedom, universal healthcare should be regarded in the same context. All people of all gender and races should be equal in pain.

      Try to understand what is the end game here. There are deficits and deficits, the last president created a huge deficit going into a stupid war. There will always be deficits, you should consider also if it worth or not. The war in Iraq? Unworthy as the president. Universal healthcare? Think about it as you vote for the history now.

      Fox News propaganda say many stupid things like the second-hand-third-pick Republican candidate that has nothing original: you will put your children and grandchildren in debt. Like I said, it will always be debts. But they left out that choosing Obama you will leave your children and grandchildren with the RIGHT to decent healthcare, no-mater what. You really don’t have a good feeling for this?

      Come the Mormon and what happen? Extravagant budgets for defense (not requested by the department of defense, where we are and we’ll always be first). Another war, this time with Lybia or Iran? “Jobs” as leftovers in a trickle-down economy? Even this argument isn’t today what it was before, because free trade, huge international corporations, vastly outsourcing and offshore heavens. Cut more taxes to big corporations and they will outsource more, because according to the same conception businesses will follow their interest and it will always be a place where to produce cheaper anything, now is China, tomorrow may be I don’t know what country from Africa. Also big corporations will always thing why to pay any tax, no-matter how small, when I can pay no tax at all? So what will be the benefits? A slightly increase of jobs and more profit for billionaires. How can you be fooled to put at risk the health of your children and grandchildren for such economical voodoo?

      Trickle-down economy is the worst concept possible, any reasonable person should be offended, don’t you think?

    • 1. Great Recession of 2007-2009
      2. Bush tax cuts
      3. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

      These are the major drivers of the debt increase under President Obama. Nothing else even comes close. The debt would be much lower if the economy hadn’t been such a bloody trainwreck when he took over.

    • This is incorrect, just a matter of Fox News propaganda. Back to the earth, Obama is responsible only of (maximum) 203 billion.

      “Here’s the budget history in brief: The 2009 fiscal year began Oct. 1, 2008, when George W. Bush was president, and ended Sept. 30, 2009 with Obama as president. By the time Obama took office in January 2009, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office had already estimated that the federal government would end fiscal 2009 with a $1.2 trillion deficit because of higher spending and lower revenues.”

      Don’t worry, what poopoobush f**ked, he f**ked good.

      I will repeat this idea: there are deficits and deficits, it is important why were accumulated, what was achieved, what is the end game. poopoo bush drove the country over the cliff with two wars and made huge tax cuts to billionaires. Obama propose the constitutional right of every American to decent health care. How these could be equal? You are willing to accept the stupidity of the last president, but you have no understanding for ACA. If you speak here about collectivism or socialism you must have a very low IQ and probably your dog is writing your email. The abolition of slavery is not collectivism or socialism. In fact the ACA is at the same level, not at the level you are lead to believe (ie about insurance companies and regular insurance plans, it is not about the money).

  97. Wake up Americans! We the people are what is needed to make things better. Get healthy and stop eating processed food (no excuses that healthy food is expensive because its not in the long run, i could go on and on about this topic), stop buying crap from Walmart and support your local businesses, don’t have kids unless you can afford them (I’m 27 and waiting) and live modestly. Grow your own garden, buy a bike and avoid driving your car when possible, cancel your cable, just cut back a little. Don’t rely on politicians because they are in it for themselves. It is also too hard of a job, things have spiraled out of control unfortunately.

    • Your sounds incredibly ignorant. Of course it is easy for you to post on a website and say “eat healthier, grow a garden.” (The world would be so much better if that were truly possible for all people.) But given the obesogenic environment we live in, it will take far more sophisticated and complex methods to combate these social constructs of disease. I suggest you read into the current literature on the topic.

      Please speak more intelligently on a topic if you decide to speak at all.

      • “Your sound incredibly ignorant.” I would seriously check my grammar when I insult the intelligence of another.

  98. LOL
    “The second topic, which is you said you get a deduction for taking a plant overseas. Look, I’ve been in business for 25 years. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I maybe need to get a new accountant.”

  99. “change you can believe in” B.S.
    the ONLY change I’ve seen is: the price
    of food has gone uP & so has gasoline &

  100. Absolutely!

    What those that have an anti-business owner, stick-it-to-the-man attitude, don’t seem to understand, is that small businesses are the foundation of American growth. Google doesn’t create things, they let a dozen small business fight to the death developing new technology and then buy the winner. Those small businesses are the one’s that create new product, new industries, new technology and most importantly, during that process, JOBS!!

    I had 12 employees five years ago. I’m now down to 2 because of the health insurance hikes, tax hikes and overall decision making going on in our current government. I’m not going to blame Obama. I think that’s counter productive. As a small business owner, I know that I can’t make my company succeed alone. The people I employee are part of that formula and their decisions effect my businesses success. So, I can’t point the finger at Obama. Instead I blame him for poor employee direction, bad choices as to who he hired to help him and overall management decisions within congress. However, with that said, he also doesn’t carry with him a heavy enough hand nor the small business experience to understand and fight for what needs to happen.

    Romney gets it. Like Obama, he won’t be able to fix it alone, but I think his confidence and history in business, although some find his choice of words offensive and sometimes just plain irritating, will be what will help him guide congress into making better decisions. On a side note, just because he doesn’t have the charisma that Obama has, or the well-spoken polished speeches, doesn’t have anything to do with his business sense, nor his ability to lead this country. That stuff can be taught and coached by public relations coaches and speech writers. You can’t teach someone hardcore, gut level, business instinct. That only comes with years and years of experience with a healthy dose of successes and failures along the way.

    I’ve been preaching this to everyone I know. If the government would give me some payroll tax incentives and maybe some health insurance incentives, I would absolutely be hiring more people again. Then those people would pay taxes on the money they make as they dump it into the local economy. Then as a result, my business could grow and I could hire more employees and the cycle would continue to exponential work like it’s supposed to. The way free enterprise was originally designed to maintain a constant cash flow from the spending consumer to the businesses who then pay their employees (which includes me, I am an employee of my business and pay the same taxes as the employees) who become consumers again that pay taxes to the government which offsets our deficit.

    I don’t understand why that is so hard to understand for some people.

    – Businesses can’t afford to hire people

    – Then people have no money to spend

    – And ultimately the government has no paychecks to take taxes from

    The result… a growing deficit.

    I realize there is more to it all than this one change, but I think it would be a very big step in the right direction.

    Romney understands and wants to fix this.

    • You situate the healthcare issue at the level of common economy, when the issue is in fact at the level of constitutional rights. You don’t see the end game and you don’t understand the issue. You cannot explain a constitutional problem through simple arithmetical example of “If I hire more people, even if paying less taxes, added it will be more than it is now when I have less employes”. I’ll try to explain.

      First of all you are fooled to believe it is about “jobs” and “small businesses”. It is not. The economical theory promoted, this trickle-down theory should tell you clearly that is about big corporations, not about you. The argument is IF they do it better, you will eventually do it better. This IF shows precisely what is about.

      The argument does not work based on the same premises, because outsourcing and offshore heavens (where your candidate is keeping some of his profits in order not to pay taxes). So they make you think that you do your own fight, when in fact you’re doing theirs.

      But I was saying that it is a matter of constitutional rights, not an economical issue. You must understand this. From the economical point of view, it is better to have slaves and probably you may find very poor people in forgotten places that may even regard being your slave as being better then their current life. It is economical better for you. It is, according to the slaves, better for them. It is a win-win result. However, it is unconstitutional.

      This is the end game: the constitutional right to decent healthcare. Don’t lower it to the level Fox News explained it.

      Your second-hand-third-pick candidate will say something along the lines “it will destroy the insurance companies and people who have insurance today will not have tomorrow”. If you put together the entire argument you will see it is FALSE.

      All people are guaranteed the right to decent care.
      Some of the people will not be able to exercise this right.
      True + False = False.

      The universal healthcare is implemented in UK, Canada, Australia…etc. Healthcare does not cost more in these countries. The price of premiums is not higher. The price of insurance it’s not higher. Very simple, this is the rule of the game and the private companies adapted to the rules and only good things were seen in the life of people. There was no crush when the laws were implemented in these countries, the healthcare is not inferior, doctors are still very rich.

      Please understand, we are talking about a constitutional right to decent care.

  101. I’m NOT voting for either one. the politicians are all out of touch with the common working class.
    NObama signed the N.D.A.A. which nullifies our Constitution.
    NObama signed marriage for gays law.

    American citizens need less government intrusion in our lives.

    It is so obvious where the U.S. is goin’ & the direction we’re headed. yet we’re sitting on our hands doin” nothin’.

    Obamacare is socialistic medicine. the government in charge of your health dictating what is better for our health. tellin’ us “time for flu shot.” right.

    • Pedro, by not voting you are sitting on your hands. Make your vote count and if your not satisfied with the way things are going now, vote them out. Help the situation get better by putting in your vote. We need every vote we can get. Thanks 🙂

    • I do not understand what is “socialistic medicine”, but it’s a good thing that you do not vote as you sound very Republican to me.
      I say it many times on this board, you are indoctrinated so much that you do not understand that social and socialism are not the same thing.
      Obamacare is the constitutional right to decent healthcare.
      Obamacare like systems exist in UK, Canada and Australia. They do not strike me as socialist at all.
      Obamacare like system was implemented by your Republican candidate in his state. I don’t think you believe he is a socialist?

      Please read:

      And stop watching Fox News propaganda and think on your own.

    • Pedro…you need to make a choice and make your vote count….My parents have that same outlook and attitude: as–its not gonna make a difference and I tell them boldly–they don’t make a difference either..and it the loose attitude they have that will- in time take this county further into deterioration. WE THE PEOPLE is part of “OUR” Constitution. If “WE THE PEOPLE” do not vote then in time “WE THE COUNTRY” WILL NOT COUNT OR MATTER IN THE WORLD..We are a “Super Power” and a great nation because the principles of our forefathers was written.

  102. What this country needs more than anything, more than any policy or tax reform, is a LEADER. Someone who can work with both parties to come to some sort of a consensus. All this President has done is divided our country and set us all against each other, violently. Like Gov Romney said, they worked endlessly to push a healthcare plan through that is EXTREMELY flawed, all for the sake of getting it passed. Imagine if more time had been sent making sure the ACA had more support from both sides.. Simply put, America needs LEADERSHIP in DC, someone who can compromise with a mediate the Congress so we can actually make PROGRESS. no more division in this country, we cannot afford it any longer!!!

    • Interesting hypothesis. What would you say if you knew that top Congressional Republicans met during the first few weeks of the Obama administration and agreed to automatically oppose everything he proposed for political reasons? Is that your idea of “leadership”? Because that’s exactly what happened. (Also note that the Republican minority in the Senate has carried out many more filibusters than any other minority in U.S. history.)

      Isn’t it comical to hear Romney bash the ACA? The ACA is the same plan Romney implemented in Massachusetts, for crying out loud! It was designed by the same people. It has the same features. As Professor Gruber at MIT (who was a top consultant on both plans) said, “It’s the same fu***ng plan!”

    • I assume you want to say that your Mormon can be the leader of the Free World? Isn’t it ironic?

      Don’t you find ironic that A NON-CHRISTIAN may be regarded as a leader by God loving people?

      Don’t you find ironic that a guy that was kind of 3rd choice for Republicans is now the new Joseph Smith Jr.?

      “(…)they worked endlessly to push a healthcare plan through that is EXTREMELY flawed, all for the sake of getting it passed.”

      This is not your regular healthcare plan, it seems that you do not understand it. We are talking about the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of every American to DECENT HEALTHCARE. The resilience in making such a historical change should only be admired.

      • Sorry Greg, but the moderator should not have allowed you to make false claims about our nation’s Constitution. Healthcare is not a constitutionally afforded right, period. Nor would it be under Obamacare. Do yourself a favor and READ the Constitution. Then, read the great bill you are so proud of – something the legislature should’ve done before passing it. Oh yeah, that’s right, Nancy Pelosi told them they had to pass the bill to see what was in it. FOOLS!

  103. Imagine how far off we would be if progressives just came out and SAID what they believe and how they REALLY wanted to fundamentally transform this country. We then wouldn’t have to spend so much time and effort to reverse previous courses and keep this a free nation.

  104. I can’t believe how many people have been willing to turn a blind eye to the fact that you do not change your name to Barack Hussein Obama II from Barry Soetoro if you are not Muslim. In an interview he slipped and said “his Muslim faith” when the interviewer said “you mean your Christian faith” he said “oh yes my Christian faith” I never forgot that.People say Romney is bad because he is rich.. Well so is Obama.. At least we can see where Romney made his money. Obama has traveled the world since he was a kid but wants to play the poor black kid to the rich white guy. Nothing wrong with earning your money. Romneys lineage is from Mexico. Came here and worked hard and became something and supported America with service. What’s the Obama story? Shrouded in mystery. Talk about concealing things. Last I saw Romney gave more than the requested tax records and if he followed the tax law leave it alone. If not the IRS would have eaten him alive.

  105. How can I choose, if one option is similar to past policies that no longer work and another that does not take into account the vast range of individuals and states that cannot fully support drastic changes under federal law? It doesn’t matter if one’s Republican or Democrat. They both made points I support, but in the long run it comes down to what works for everyone and the redesigning of fair changes.

  106. Romney sounds a complete fool. He is doing whatever and saying whatever he thinks will get him a vote. As soon as Romney touches the office America is gona fall apart, worse than when Bush was in office. Romney is rich, but not through hard work. Politicians make there money off campaigns, bets and deals. Romney wouldnt know what to do with dollars in his hands. You can see Romney’s desperate and I think its hilarious. HE wants to repeal Obama’s Healthcare Plan, but can’t explain how he would replace it, he’s lying about caring about small business, if your not rich you’re s.o.l! Go Obama!!

    • Dude, Micheal, you’re thinking emotionally and not logically. That’s why people who put forth the time and research to get to know the performing records and future plans of each candidate judge your false assumptions to be idiotic, blind sighted and full of hot air. I am a college student, 19 years of age and have spent the past year working full time to help build, start, and run a family small business without having any received pay. I’ve looked into what Romney is proposing and guess what? I’m freaking excited and really hope that he becomes President. One reason why I’m really wanting Romney for President is because he knows business and how to make it succeed. He will put forth programs that will personally benefit me and my business and that will help nurture our expansion and allow us to create jobs for others. Research has shown that Obamacare will have the opposite effect. The truth is there, the real job is just opening your eyes and ears and decide to think about it. I am putting my faith in Romney!


    • “Romney is rich, but not through hard work. Politicians make there money off campaigns, bets and deals. Romney wouldnt know what to do with dollars in his hands.”

      Michael, Your response is very poorly thought out. It seems you know nothing of Mitt Romney at all. Did you know that he in fact turned down the inheritance his father left for him? He donated it! He then built his wealth from scratch. You say he wouldn’t know what to do with our money!?!? He used other people’s money (investments) to make them money (return-on-investment) for years and very successfully. You are a fool. Think before you speak, or write, or VOTE!

      • I know what he should do with our money. He should keep our money in the very same offshore heavens where he keep them. This way we will pay no taxes.

        I know, your Mormon is the new Joseph Smith Jr., no doubt about it. I am waiting the movie…

  107. obama sucks. the most interesting observation i have picked up from looking at obama supporters is that most of them are really (for the lack of a better word) STUPID. All they know is that they think Obama is better. Most Obama supporters are also of some ethnicity. Of course let all these immigrants choose our president. And do not give me that “we are all immigrants garbage”. OBAMA SUCKS

  108. Quote for the debate that BO didn’t jump on and pissed me off “The second topic, which is you said you get a deduction for taking a plant overseas. Look, I’ve been in business for 25 years. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I maybe need to get a new accountant.” How do you not attack that statement, that means you would have taken a deduct for shipping jobs overseas if you could have, which in turns means you shipped jobs overseas. Game over

    • You’re an idiot. Period! It’s a game to liberal idiots like yourself. I don’t want politicians “playing” with my life. I really can’t believe how stupid you are. Stop putting your hand over your ears and eyes, and jumping up and down like a spoiled brat.
      You need a good ass whoopin. I’m the guy to give it to you.

  109. This is the most intelligent debate I
    have ever listened to between Obama and Mitt Romney. Debate that made the moderator Jim Lehrer loosed control in University of Denver in Colorado. Obama is making sense but Romney is using the power of SWOT analysis.

  110. wow. I really like how Obama tried to make Romney look like a liar by repeating his lies…only truly making himself the real liar lol. Does he think Americans are stupid? Ok well maybe some people are ignorant, but honestly it was pretty obvious he was spinning lies the whole time. The fact is that the facts show how poor of a job Obama has done. Everyone that is still for Obama have obviously not been awake in this world and economy and refuse the facts. I understand small business. My grandfather started from scratch his own business. He always put his money into other small businesses and supported them. This is how profit works and he explained it to me. You have a business and spend your money to support other business. If you have high taxes for a small business they are not making enough profit to spend and then your killing businesses and also not hiring people to work for you. Wake up people…..WAKE UP! Use your God given brains for the life of you please! Your only killing America and your future kids if you don’t. You say Romney is rich? Is that your only backlash? Do you yourself not want to be rich? Well you may say he gets it from this or that, but there are plenty of facts, history and records showing he worked and sweated for his money he earned rightfully. So are you saying he does not deserve his money because he is smart and earned it? Are you freaking kidding me! You expect a free handout? Well here is your free handout….GO STUDY THE FACTS! I did. I have spent hours upon hours of research digging through crap to get real answers. I wanted to know exactly who Romney is and exactly who Obama is. I might not agree 100% on everything either of them have said or done, however I agree that Obama is a liar. However he is not stupid…he is smart…he is playing the race card/the poor card/ the sympathy card, but the fact is he is doing opposite of what he said and covering up with his beautiful speeches that if any human truly used their logic would understand he is just trying to paint a pretty picture so he can purposefully screw the future up for his own selfish incentives. That is just my personal opinion though. I honestly did not want to vote for either guy, but the more I learn the more I feel I should vote for the lesser evil. Unfortunately there is a lot more wrong than any one man or government can fix and honestly we should not have to rely on the government to fix it. Unfortunately we have people who do not want to work hard and feel everyone else owes them because of their poor choices. We do need to be more self efficient and reliant and help others. Even if you voted Obama I would help you if you needed help regardless…this is what people need to see. As much as I am upset with Obama I would be more upset about everyone not helping one another because of personal opinions and beliefs. I do understand we each are entitled to that which is why I have taken advantage of posting this comment. I speak so strongly and passionate because I have spent a lot of time and effort to understand this because I care about my future and my kids future and I feel we each have that responsibility to take the time to learn and if we don’t we are only slowing the progress of our selves and our future.

    • Amanda, you should make use of paragraphs. I understand why you are not using them, because you are incoherent.

      Where do you find these “facts” you’re talking about? From The Book of Mormon?

      How about using non-partisan agencies for a change?

      Nobody objects that he is rich, we’re not naive, we’re objecting to the fact that he is evading paying taxes by keeping a great part of his money in offshore accounts and this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated.

      I object to the fact that he never was your first choice, in fact was kind of the third choice for you, God loving Republicans that you are stuck with a Mormon, which is a NON-Christian. In his religion, Jesus Christ do not play the same role, if you want facts, that’s a fact.

      Trickle down economy never worked, still you all Republicans are fooled to believe it is for the benefit of small-businesses, middle-class families…etc. It is not. It is just a huge scam. This is another fact.

      You thought Obama will be weak in foreign policies, still he killed Osama. I am so repulsed by the fact that most of the Republicans are not at peace with this fact.

  111. I find this whole debate a bunch of crap. Lies, lies and more lies.
    This health care is NOT free. Key word: If you have health insurance… idiot… with all these Americans out of work how are we going to afford this? With the cost of food; energy; gas; etc rising faster then the cost of wages… how are we going to pay for that?
    Romney is right!! People are not hiring because if they do it will affect their insurance they have now!! I could only find a part time job (20 hours a week) after 2 years of looking and I didn’t get unemployment because I was denied!! It might look good on paper… but we are living in the real world here. I got severely sick recently and with no Insurance (not yet eligible) I was unable to see a doctor. I didn’t have the money! I lost my car; my savings during this mess. Thank goodness my house is paid for or I would be homeless!!! I never saw a doctor. I had a Medical Assistant come to my room after an ambulance had to transport me to the hospital because I collapsed with a blood pressure of 240/178 …. so show me this free Health Insurance you promised? I am sure others can afford to pay their bills on a measly $400 dollars a month! I would say that’s a big drop from the $3k I used to make!!! Piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. You should be called Pinocchio Obama the way you lie but that would be an insult to Pinocchio.

  112. Firstly, the position of being President is the act of being a figure head. He incorporates the embodiment of the American People. Second, conditions of how the state of economy currently is and has been in for the last few years does not get fixed within a term. Whether Obama is still President or Romney takes over, the time that it takes to rejuvenate the economy will still surpass the next term. Taxes will increase, even with tax cuts and so forth because of simple inflation that persists.

    At the word of job creations, we look at the industry of technology and how the advancement of things are now compared to 10 even 20 years ago. Automation becomes the form of sourced out jobs that we can see exist in our grocery chains. One monitor for a station of 6 self checkout machines. Technology has helped in productivity without the necessary manpower behind it as much. We look at the coders and developers of whom creates these tools that are to help us progress. But these tools eventually take over the need for the extra personel. Take also into account banks, and the way ATM are set up. You can pretty much skip the line waiting to deposit your check, check your balance, pay bills, or even do loans. Databases are checked against your credit then give you an automatic response to whether you qualify for something or not.

    On another look there are jobs, whether we look at them discriminatively or not, that are available. We may be over-qualified or underminded when taking them, but you do what you must to take care of yourself and anything else in life. The effort equals the payout. And one key issue is education. Without critical thinking, without being able to analysis, design, and implement better structures of how to do things, we can not progress in even the lowest levels of the working class. We need to be smart to get out of recession. We need to work for it. Small little breaks in taxes do not change the amount of people who are not willing to work.

    Either way a new term is coming. Do not knock on Obama that has done some change and implement steps for the future. And do not praise Romney for something he hasn’t even stepped into yet. The next term will not produce the immediate results we all hope for no matter who is President.

    • This is one of the best comments I have read in this website. I thank you for having such intellect and for motivating me to make a post.

      A few things that run through my mind as i read a lot of the comments

      -I really can’t understand why people keep attacking other people for expressing what they feel about either candidate, its a good thing to have a discussion but you don’t have to insult people just because you feel that you are the embodiment of america. If you disagree with someone just state your point and explain to them why you disagree with them.
      -Obama lies and so does Romney. People forget that this is politics, there is little honesty here.
      -I know that security is a main issue and it should be but the truth is that we should strengthen security within our nation not go off to other nations and waste so money fighting pointless wars. I feel that we could have done a better job at tracking Osama and getting the job done with covert operations with military support not going in guns blazing.
      -The economy needs time and better policies. The small business sector needs to grow at a faster rate than now and it needs the help of the government to do so.

      To everyone who may read this I have only one thing to say. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!, WAKE UP. ALL OF US ARE PLAYING FOR THE SAME TEAM stop picking sides and regarding yourselves as the model american. United we stand, divided we fall.

    • “Do not knock on Obama that has done some change and implement steps for the future.”

      It looks that most people do not understand the importance of “Obamacare”. Obama is gladly accepting the terms as it is how it will be remembered in the history books, but Republicans did a great job hiding the real value.

      Obamacare = The constitutional right to decent care.

      This is a huge and it definitely shape the future of America. The only problem is that people seem not to be aware of its importance. Republicans make it sound bad, but Democrats do not make it clear either. They issue must be re-stated and discussed in the proper context.

      • “Obamacare = The constitutional right to decent care.”

        Maybe I am daft, but you seem to be reading a different constitution than me.

        • You are daft, but you’re right that the constitution doesn’t explicitly guarantee access to healthcare. In fact, it doesn’t explicitly guarantee much of anything. It does contain all of that pesky language about “the general welfare”, though, doesn’t it? (so vague, so in need of reinterpretation by each succeeding generation. That couldn’t possibly have been what the framers intended, now could it, Vanight?)

  113. Jim L. needs to retire now so he can get grandfathered in to the Social Security and MediCare systems ;).

    But seriously, we need a better moderator who has the guts to actually moderate and not get stepped over.

    • Why? This is propaganda, you cannot possible know what is “required” in Rommney’s mind as he never lay it down. Is healthcare required? Is education required? Hmm… another person voting blindly.

  114. The most important thing any citizen can do after these debates is to fact-check them. That means both your candidate and the other candidate.

    Mitt Romney has a long history of dishonesty and flip-flopping. That’s indisputable. Romney lied about “you didn’t build that”, about “Obama gutting work requirements in welfare”, about “Obama doubling the deficit”, about “Obama spending 90 billion on solar and wind” etc.

    But also note that the president said many things during the debate that weren’t true. One thing he kept doing was acting like Paul Ryan’s godawful ideas were the same as Romney’s. Romney is not quite as extreme as Paul Ryan. That’s just a fact.

    I will say it doesn’t speak well of Romney that he picked someone like Paul Ryan as VP, a guy who wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program and privatize Social Security.

      • There aren’t ALWAYS 2 sides to the coin. When Romney says that Obama doubled the deficit, that’s an indisputably false claim. In fact, the deficit is lower now than the $1.3 trillion it was at when he took office. What on earth could the “other side of the coin” be?

        When Romney says there are 5 independent studies to support his tax policy fantasies, that’s a verifiably false claim. In fact, 2 of those are editorials (hardly studies) and 2 of those are from Romney advisors (hardly independent).

        Pretty much everything Romney said about the Affordable Care Act was factually inaccurate. He wasn’t alone on this one, though. President Obama’s claim that the Affordable Care Act is responsible for the recent slow growth in health care spending is highly dubious. He’s forgetting about that little thing called the Great Recession. Gas prices also fell precipitously at the end of Bush’s tenure. Had nothing to do with Bush and everything to do with the economy. Same story with healthcare spending.

        I suspect that your problem, Vanight, is that you can’t conceive of the possibility that modern Republicans simply lie at a higher rate than modern Democrats. Since you can’t face that very real possibility, your only other option is to assume the fact-checkers are biased. Shoot the messenger.

  115. Romney has the ability to look you in the eye and lie. No fooling around, just I never said that. The Republican voters must be very forgiving. Thet elect liars and fools who steal from the poor to give to the rich. Can’t you tell when people don’t really have your interests at heart?

    • It is said that reptiles do that. Republicans are cornered as the world as they see it is gone and can’t catch up with reality. If you open Fox News now and watch a show (because these are not news strictly speaking, but intensive propaganda that not even Orson Wells thought about it) from the cold war era it is the same. The world changed in the meantime, but they are locked in their doctrine and can’t see it. Christians that support a non-Christian, a Mormon. Mormons do not believe in Jesus as you and me, but they turn a blind eye here. Amusing to me is the fact that the Mormon was not their first choice at any time, but now he is a leader, someone who create jobs…etc. I know, he is the new Joseph Smith Jr.

  116. I think we should reelect Obama since he knows what’s going on. we can see what other party in can do in 2016.

  117. I really think Romney is just bull shitting. Every time Obama raise a question, he just dance around it, not answer it directly. His plan sounds good, but it is just too ideal. It is not gonna work out in the real world! he’s gonna screw up! He said he’s not gonna kill jobs, but creating it,and yet he’s gonna combining the agency,and cut back the employees in the government. Liar!
    You may argue that under Obama’s presidential, things didn’t work out like he had promised. But it is not easy as to solve a math question. there’re so many variables to consider. I think if Romney win the election, the situation is gonna be worse. I think we are better off with Obama as a president.

  118. This is why I fear for America, I understand that with half of your population under the poverty line that economics is currently very important, though I would be more afaid of the measures that the Republican party will go to for “security”.

    It has been said that Obama used Bush’s intel to find Osama (bin laden not Ben laden)if this true, why didn’t Bush take him down? I can’t be certain but I would speculate that he being in bed with the Bin Laden family (yes, I do know that the Bin Laden family denies that they have contact that he is the black sheep) perhaps the fact that it would bring a speedier end to the war, or because it was Pakistan not Iraq that was hiding him. Oh what a scandal that would have been if he was still in office, I wouldn’t be suprised if this information came to him before his second election(bushs). Lets hope noone bombs and invades America because they’re pissed off a what Canada is doing aye?

    Land of free speech, unless your muslim, jewish, aethist, buddist, hindu, seek, or anything other than Christian. Other countries (Iraq) can’t have secerts but you have several different agencies to protect americas secrets. You cry about all the cilivations killed in 9/11, yet I don’t see a single tear for the thousands women and children killed in Iraq 10 years earlier in a protected bunker (9/11 a counter strike perhaps) America sets things in motion than blames whoever they need to get what they want. We invaded them long before Alqada (sp?) did anything.
    America says that the secrets are to protect the troops, or perhaps so they can say oops that was an accident when they kill thousands of civilations in a TARGETED Strike. This was during the time of BushSnr.

    The only times I have seen America in peace times(if you can call it that)is when a Democate has sat in office.

    I think America needs to revaluate why they are in recession, and have put most of the world into recession (go China that is one strong economy, thanks for keeping us afloat, Sincerly Australia) World war 1, world war 2.. all ended in a depression. This war in the Middle east has been going on for over 20 years now! Alot of the younger voters have been living there entire life in War, but they didn’t know it because of the secrets and cover ups by the American government. Now can you possibly be suprised the world is in recession? Thats is the only contant of war, people, places, resons change but recession, depession is the only constant!

    It took 20 years of war with the middle east to get us in this mess but America demands one man to fix it in four years. For anyone not sure, ANY measure that the DEMOCATES tried to pass through to help was voted down by the Republican party.

    Republicans have not only destroyed themselves, the self-proclaimed ‘world leaders’, but also the rest of the world. We all have a stake in this election American or not, think about that when voting. Every voter in america is now accountable to the rest of the world.

    Kristy Gempton

    • Kristy,

      Your idea of America has been filtered by our left wing media who have had an agenda to make the Republican party look like the bad guys. Most Australians tend to associate more with the Democratic party because of the socialist leanings. Oil runs this world and considering America is the biggest consumer of oil, we have a vested interest. Unfortunately, the oil war in the Middle East is a necessary evil until we find a sustainable alternative.

      • War is never a necessary evil. Whenever any innocents die is not a necessity to make the world run. I agree with Kristy and I’m neither republican or democrat. Titles and names are stupid. I look for the best candidate for America and the American people which neither are in this election. It comes down to the lesser of two evils OR a rise against the corrupted. I can understand your disagreement with Kirsty due to her not being a citizen of the US, but I am. I was born and raised here and I am scared for my life. This is not a free country anymore, no matter who wants to argue differently. Because we have free speech? But it’s restricted to what the government and courts will allow and not allow. The right to bare arms? The right of free press? Do these two not hint freedom for government to take any actions they wish? Call me a skeptic, America is bomb in itself. We fight for what we want instead of talking or negotiating. We are the MODERN DAY NAZIS of the world!

        Born and Raised in Minnesota, USA AND am not proud of my Country today.

        • It’s not that its a nescessary evil but is an evil that will always be in this world. It has always been a battle between the naivity of the youth over the knowledge of the old. Americans always scream “FREEDOM!!!FREEDOM!!!” when they themselves abuse it. “You can do whatever you want”, “you can be whoever you want”, “reach for the starts and have everything you can”. Americans more so than everyone else around the world can never be content of what they have. Is it bad to wish for freedom? No but it is bad when you are requesting all the freedom in the world. It is Americans themselves that took FREEDOM as a fundamental part of American culture and abused it causing the government to restrict those freedom.”Americans want to have guns?” What for? Japan barely has any and unless you are part of the defense force you can’t have anything more than a .357 revolver and requires you to be a cop! Because Americans want freedom they forget that in order to have something another must be given in exchange. This has been an alchemic law that not only applies to science but also to every single part of human society. Freedom is exchanged for security and vice versa. Learn that principle and stop complaining.

          • I need you to consider your last 2 sentences & then consider the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin. He said:

            “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

            If you want to know about true patriotism, look up the words of Jefferson.

        • Jordan & Daraghuman,
          Really? Are you guys so dull? Please get informed before you opine other wise you will feel stupid with simple rebutals.
          Jordan, Titles and names are stupid? seriously? Tell me that you are not an anarchist..oh sorry that is a name, so how you classify things. I am a republican because I believe that the founders created a system of government by the people and for the people, which is a system with check and blances without a king. We as americans became to confortably that let the system slip and became in this socialistic demon(another name but who is counting) inside our free market of ideas and commerce system that is corrupting our lives and is taking over our freedom. I think that if you are not proud of your country you could leave freely, that is the beauty of our freedom but let us fix the monster it have became. The right to bear arms and freedom of press shouldn’t be abrogable, we the people must not allow it so it is not excuse to say that is the government prerogative. Hey but I understand, you come from Minnesota, progressive nation (yeah I know another name that clarifies the damaged caused by Fabian socialists to your state). You dont like names but you call USA “modern day nazis”, how convenient huh? No one wants a war but if someone comes to my home trying to kill me I will deffend myself; and if my neighbor has been attacked and requires my help, I will help and act in consequence. Pretty much what has happend in all our great American history. Read history and learn from it because those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it and we are now in a turning point where America (maybe another stupid name for you huh?, should I say USA?)could be destroyed from within.
          Daraghuman,tell me when we abuse freedom. When we gave it to Europe and the rest of the world with our model of republic? Remember France copied our revolution but they fall into an empire with Napoleon. Please don’t make Japan an example of liberty for right to bear arms, they are still an Empire with an Emperor in a long lived dinasty. ADo you know why they have gun control? High suicide rate. Yup, harakiri is easier with a gun. Or maybe you are saying that we abuse freedom ofrom Spain’s colonies when we given them liberty from the crown like Puerto Rico, Cuba and Philippines, and then we allow our filthy free market ideas and companies in their countries giving jobs to people and creating wealth for them? “Alchemic” law? what the heck are you talking about? Are you trying to apply chemical principles to freedom? Oh Lord help us! I think you don’t now much about freedom because you dont give up your freedom for security, once allow it you lose both. Well written by GottaBkidding. You can not apply chemical principles of equivalent change to ideas. I suggest you to learn about it before you talk about a thematic that is not your forté. Read the federalist papers, great discussions that gave origin to the US constitution. You know that a nobody likes wars but if you allow me, it breaks my hear when I think about the US civil war. It was a necessary evil to defeat evil itself. Thanks to it slaves were freed and the union preserved but can you imagine what would happened if the confederates won? Can you imagine what would happened if Japan would have won over US? China woul be Japan teritory and US would be over an evil empire? What about the Nazis in Europe? or the Chinese in Korea and Taiwan What about the Soviets over the cold war and the missil crisis in Cuba? You know what happened in Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba and Somalia. You see a simplistic law can not be applied to a human essence becauseis much more complex. United States has been the beacon of freedom, everyone oppressed in the world come to our shores. We are God’s city in the hill, a hope for all humanity but today we are in a cross roads, President Obama is making our country more dependent and dangerously taking up our freedom. This election is not about a man, his likeability or wits; it is about an idea, the idea that man can live free. And as Ronald Reagan said “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same” if US loses its freedom, to where the rest of the worl will run to?

          • Wow…What freedom lover is saying is so straight. If any one can’t see what he’s saying is true there warped in there thinking.

      • Kristy, you are grossly misinformed if you think America is the only government with secrets. Every “Family” has secrets they don’t want shared. Australia? You bet they have secrets as well. No offense intended but reading your post is as if I were reading a poor quality version of the left wing media. I can also see by your comment about “Christians” being the only group allowed freedom of speech, that you’ve yet to exercise your freedom of speech as a “Christian” while standing on American shores only to receive the stinging backlash of mocking and name calling from the liberal left Democrates. Please ask your own government and your own liberal party the same questions. And while you’re at it, please put another shrimp on the Bar-B!

    • First of all, Kristy, what do you know about America or our current economy or government since you live in Australia, which is not a republic, but a socialist economy? The middle east has been and will continue to be at war indefinitely unless at some point the Muslims who practice Islam decide that everyone else, especially Christians, are not the infidel and the enemy. End of story. Has nothing to do with whether the USA decides to keep intelligence information on what goes on over there or anywhere else in the world. No one is claiming that Mr. Obama should have fixed everything in the almost four years he has been president, just that he should not have determined to pass anything he could to make it WORSE. He put policies into effect and helped legislation to pass which DOUBLED the national debt. DOUBLED!! He ignored the law of the land and made decisions on his own claiming that congress was out of session, but intentionally waited until then to do those things. He is SUING the states for protecting their own citizens by helping to enforce the immigration laws which are CONSTITUTIONAL. He talks out of both sides of his mouth by saying on one hand that states can’t enforce immigration law because it is the domain of the Federal government and then doesn’t allow the feds to enforce it and gives free stuff to not only all of the voters of the democratic party, but all the people here illegally. And then wants to grant them legal status so they can vote for him too. It is all a concerted effort to buy the votes of the needy through their ignorance and hunger and needs. That is what the Catholic church and the nobility did so many years ago to keep the poor workers who were not rich nor noble in ignorance and poverty. That, along with religious freedom, is why many people fled TO the new world, and we should not have to be in that same boat again. Literally or figuratively. Have a clue what you are talking about before sticking your nose into another country’s business! And learn to put together a sentence.

      • Teri,

        What did Bush do for our country? I would love to hear your answer. Do you have a better idea? I doubt it. Just because you are from America does not mean you stand up for American. It is a huge difference. Everyone talk about this economy as if they care. This economy was a mess before Obama became president and it will take greater than four years to come up with a way to pull us out of this mess. It’s amazing to me how everyone can fault Obama for trying to make things happen but when the previous presidents were in office, there was nothing to say. I agree with Kristy, in some aspect. We need to reevaluate our plan.

      • Actually, Teri, Kristy has several very good points. What she knows about America is probably what people from most countries know about America. You apparently forget we’re living in the 21st century and now have the internet and television through which programs from other countries are easily accessible. The world is watching the United States. They’re no longer ignorant of what goes on here. And yes, much of what goes on here impacts the rest of the world and its economies. So essentially, to tell her to mind her own business because she lives in Australia is basically to ask her to become involved in ours.

    • You make some points, but I’ll have to disagree with the idea of censorship. I don’t think you are censorship in any way, look how we bashing presidents here. I do believe there are big propaganda machines, like Fox News that distort the true and make fiction sounds or look true. The worst-last-president, for example, come out with “weapons of mass destruction” idea that was repeated again and again until it become a general belief for many. In the end it show up to be just a convenient excuse for a warmonger who drove the country of the cliff.

      China is not a strong economy, it is still an agrarian country.

      I believe and agree with the “American exceptionalism” and I will say that America is the engine of the world.

    • Kristy, you sound like a typical brain washed EU socialist despite your more southern location. I dont know much about Australia other than it was once a British Pineal colony. You definitely sound like many of my friends in the UK in what you “Think” is going on in America. What you believe is actually the opposite, albeit there may have been some truth to it 25 years ago. The Pendulum has now swung the other direction to the point that there have been some situations that have almost violated our constitutionally guaranteed right to the freedom of Religious expression. I live in one of the most Liberal / Socialist “Republics” (if it can even be called that nowadays) in our Nation, Oregon. We tried something called the Oregon Health Plan. What happened? It bankrupted itself and made Oregon a magnet for illegal aliens and dead beats. What else did it bring? The 2nd HIGHEST unemployment rate in the nation. Yes, we are known for our trees, beer, weed, and being “weird”. People really don’t understand what motivates this President because they have not read their book, or focused on his background. That is where the story is. If America wants to know where the President wants to take us, just ask his 1/2 brother who is living in a box in Kenya. Obama is an Anti-Colonialist Marxist, bent on reducing American wealth, prosperity, and power. If that is what you want for American, then go ahead and vote for him. And for all you Pink hand types, if you think Obama is going to bring down “The Man”, he is “The Man”.

    • You know Kristi. You don’t even live in the U.S. We get to see both sides. Liberal and conservative. In countries like yours It seems as all you know is liberal. I’m an american and I live in German which has a social Government and the people can’t see past there nose, most of them any ways. I once had a German tell me that I should learn German(cuz my German is not very good. lol) so I could go on a German website and learn what was going on on the U.S. ….They have a bias media and all there imformation on America is from diluted hand me down facts. That German thought I could learn something from that website.Bless his poor little heart. You really can’t say nothing till you’ve lived in a nation torn down the middle by democrats and republics.

    • Kristy, why is it that America is responsible for the rest of the world when we have our own issues here? Because the good ole US of A stands behind other countries when they need help. We have the best democracy in the world. The best constitution that allows us to be different and voice our opinions whether it be on Presidential candidates, religion, pro-life/pro-choice or any other issue we want to discuss. The rest of the world would love to have our freedoms and because of this, I believe they are jealous and have to throw stones at how we do things. We are not perfect and never will be, but we have stayed a super power for a long time. I am a Republican and will vote Republican (because I have that right) here in America. In my opinion, Republican candidates are stronger willed, more mind set to get our country moving and will NOT back down to any other nation. And they sure as hell aren’t going to apologize for our country. That pisses me off worse than anything about Obama. He talks out of both sides of his mouth depending on who he is talking too. I am scared to death that Obama will move us toward socialism and that is NOT America. America is a capitalist government and should remain that way. That is how we have grown and how we remain a super power. Not working our butts off and handing to everyone whether they need it or not. I have no problem helping people that are trying to help themselves, or people who are genuinely disabled or babies/children. It’s the people having kid after kid sitting on their butts collecting welfare for every child they have, driving a 1980 Cutlass Supreme that’s worth $1200 and has $3000 -$5000 dollar rims and sound system, while they are getting their nails done or tattoos or cell phones with data plans. Seriously??? Get up off your butt and get a job! With Romney, he will do his best to create jobs for these people. They can work a job, get paid, pay taxes and take some of the burden off of the rest of us.

      And the rest… I agree with Rodger and Teri… they both made points I agree with 100%

      • *** sorry *** meant to say “republic government” and “capitalist econonmy” but got fired up and my fingers typed faster than my mind.

    • Kristy,
      If you are so unhappy with America having a big economy that affects the rest of the world so much, get off American websites and get on Austrailian ones; tell your countrymen to beef up your economy.

    • Kristy,

      I hope you do know that both World Wars did not end in a depression. If anything they got us out of them. World War II got us out of the Great Depression because the war effort created hundreds of thousands of jobs. War is one way our country has made money. Also, America is not the main source for the worldwide economic collapse. It also had to do with Europe unifying under one currency, so when one countries economy started to go down, it dragged the rest of Europe down with it. Lastly, I agree with Rodger, you cannot make any decisions based solely on what the media says when you are outside of said country.

    • Kristy, you got it. In a nutshell.

      The sad thing is, a large portion of our population is completely blind to this, because they don’t read. They don’t read real news (only “newz” which is slanted to feed into their individual biases). They don’t value education, or learning for its own sake. They never applied themselves to learning how to think critically, and identify flaws and logical fallacies in what they are reading or watching. They’re not capable of reading all sides of an issue *before* coming to a logical conclusion after all of the facts are in. They’ve already made up their mind, based on whatever rhetoric that their favorite political party has spun. And then we wonder why the rest of the world thinks we are idiots. Instead of learning how to debate logically, they resort to name-calling.

      Conservative and Liberal – those are not dirty words. If you assume every conservative is a die-hard stick to their guns, uneducated redneck, then you’re an idiot. If you assume every liberal is a bleeding heart, socialist loving environmental nazi, you’re just as much of an idiot.

      Our country is ripping itself apart from the inside, by focusing on our disagreements, and catering to the most extreme elements of society.

      • Sunan,
        You and Kristi got ignorance in a nutshell. And no one sees liberal as nazi”s”.
        They cast that racist stuff at the conservitives teeth. By the way I always see both sides of an argument.And i love how you condemn name calling then use the term “idiot” for people have “ilegitimate” veiws of their oppossing parties.

        • I said ingorance cause you agree with Kristi but your completely right about
          our media being bias and that people latch on to one view and never really know enough about what they believe and what the other side believes. And your also right about people having distorted views of political parties. I spook to soon about what you said. Sorry. My dad was kicking me off the computer for a bit cuz he needed it so I didn’t have time to answer right. But Kristi still doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

        • I said ignorance cause you agree with Kristi but your completely right about
          our media being bias and that people latch on to one view and never really know enough about what they believe and what the other side believes. And your also right about people having distorted views of political parties. I spook to soon about what you said. Sorry. My dad was kicking me off the computer for a bit cuz he needed it so I didn’t have time to answer right. But Kristi still doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

          • Rodger, as you said somewhere else, name calling shows the writer’s problem, not the victim’s.

            While you may not AGREE with Kristy, that does not make her “ignorant.” She was quite clear and respectful in her post. And if she doesn’t have a right to speak from Australia, what gives you the right to speak from Germany?

            Also, while I may not agree completely with her analysis, it is amazing to me that people from other countries know more about us than a lot of WE do. Besides, do you really understand Australia well enough to call them all “liberal”? Could you describe them with as much detail as Kristy described us?

            Seems to me, we should welcome views from abroad, since our media only give us the American view, and that’s all most of us want to hear. If there’s any issue, anywhere in the world, all we care about is if it’s “anti-American,” or “pro-American,” rather than what that country’s own concerns are.

            Back to name calling, it reminds me of the Korean comedian who was called a “gook.” Her response was that if you’re going to be racist, at least get the nationality right. In this case, YES, liberals HAVE been called Nazis, and I’ve seen the picture of Obama dressed up like Hitler more times than I care to mention. But like the comedian, at least get your terms right. A rightwing extremist epithet is “Nazi” and a leftwing extremist epithet is “Communist.”

            • I have a right to speak from Germany cuz I’m 100% born and raised in the U.S. till I was fourteen and most of the time I’ve been in Germany I’ve been around the Americans here and working on an U.S. post. American politics still affect me here. And Iv’e I have spent about 8 months in the last to years in America. And I use the word ignorant(a state of being uninformed,lack of knowledge) in it’s proper context. Most Americans seem to think it means stupid. Its not the case. And if you were trying to insinuate I was name calling by it I really don’t think saying some one is ignorant is calling a name. No hard feeling by the way. You still seem sensible.
              And what I know about Germany is its a socialist country is everybody seems holds a socialist view here and every German seems to like Obama. I’ve not talked to one German about politics who didn’t like Obama. And I heard that Australia was Socialistic so I assumed it to be like Germany. And the thing i don’t like abut views abroad is that they always seem to take the liberal side cuz most countries only have one side and that side is being ingrained in their heads through the bias media. So views from abroad have a tendency to always be this government should solve all problems by getting their hand in every aspect of our lives kind of stuff. I don’t believe in giving government to much control.
              And I’ve never heard a democrat called a Nazi before.
              and I always considered Nazi a word for extreme racists even though I new they were also communist. I guess I am ignorant of that. Was any ways. You learn something new every day.
              And the one reason I say we shouldn’t even consider about the other country’s views is that they are doing not so good themselves and also that were getting closer and closer to a one world government and we need to remain separate because nations are the checks and balances for global stability and freedom. These American views that are being pushed on TV and stuff aren’t even the American views America used to hold. Our media is pushing for EU style policies as it is. The world is trying to get all the nations to have the same type of government(It would be hard to run a one world government unless there governments and policies agree). The transition is incremental but will be successful if we don’t do something. If you can’t see it…this is what the Obama administration seems to be all about. We’re on our way to world communism.

            • Rodger:

              OH, ok, I see. It’s only “name calling” if you refer to them as a noun. It’s not TECHNICALLY “name calling” if you use adjectives. So it is perfectly respectful to say someone is “idiot-like,” as opposed to just “an idiot.”

              Would it work with adverbs? “You could not have spoken more stupidly”? That’s gentlemanly, right, since you’re not using a noun.

              I think I get it now. Thanks.

            • Ignorance(a state of being uninformed) is a completely legitimate word when used in context. And cannot be compared to terms such as “idiot like” or “You could not have spoken more stupidly.” But I would have to agree with you that adverb offense is same as name calling. And I’m sure I let a names slip out. But I try not to make it a practice.

    • Kristi,
      I think you are not only misguided but also ignorant. You live in a country under a commowealth that still pedge allegiance to a Queen or a soon to be a king that you support with your hard earned money. Dont come to me atalking about liberty, freedom of speech, fredoom of religious or anythingha related. Learn history first in order to have an intelligent discussion. By any chance do you remember who saved your sorry derriere from the Japanese invasion? Yup, United States as well as we did wit Britain and the rest of Eurpoe in worl war 2. Do you know why United States has to be the police of the world? I answer that to you very suscintly; because has been the only superpower with the technology to decimate all the world and empire over it and yet has not done it because we are decent people that believe in freedom of the individual for making their own destiny. Can you say the same of China, the former Soviet Union, North Korea or muslims countries? No you cant. they dont respect women, the child or other religious belief. We have been a deterrant for evil forces taking over the world. For all the coomies, socialists and social democrats making an opinion here just first learn the whole history before you spit your venom. remember a Unites States was attacked the very first time by muslims in 1815 when we were minding our own business. Then we knew that the muslims hated everyone else just for not being what they are, and now they want o impose thei agenda on us. Same thing happened with Japan in 1941 when they attacked Pearl Harbor. If you are not proud to be an american, just move out but I guarantee you will be back kissing this american soil. That we are indebting the word? false, our freedom was the reason the world has prospered economically everywhere. Just think about the things united states has given to the world, knowledge and technology, purpose, capitalism or free market, individual responsibility, no under a king, a queen or a despot. If you know history probabaly you would know that the comunists in Soviet Union killed more that 20 million of their own people. The revolution in china more that 60 million. The nazis 10 million, 6 of them jews. Nooo my friend your comment scrath stupidity if you don’t really know what are you talking about. I came to this country from Venezuela and I can compare the two systems, you drones and leftist don’t know because you have no comparison point. The republican party was the one that emancipate the slaves, the ones that have the first black people as representatives to the congress, the ones that fought the KKK the democrats approved so earnestly, the ones fighting the first civil right laws. Look it up, learn and save more people from ignorance.

  119. Voting Romney!!!
    I’ve read through many of these posts and have come to the conclusion that “Greg” must be Obama in disguise. How on earth can you claim that Mormons are not Christian people?? And all because the Pope says they are not? In my opinion, the Pope is over the Catholic church, not over God! The Pope is just a man. A man that will die and be judged by our God. End of that argument.
    Greg, you also pull out the “off shore accounts” in just about every posts I’ve read. Well, in my opinion, if I had that much money, I would put it in off shore accounts also. Who would want to pay that much money in taxes?? Not me and definitely not me if I were rich. I’m not rich, I’m middle class and work hard for my money. I also want everyone else that is able to work to have a job and work to pay taxes like I do. I don’t know about you, but I would love for everyone to do their fair share of paying taxes so there isn’t a select group paying taxes while others sit on their butts and reap the benefits of others. Also, you keep talking about not taking care of children with illnesses… where is this coming from? ObamaCare is doing that and to our elderly from what I’ve read. I also read from the ObamaCare that if you don’t purchase health insurance in some form, you will be fined. Every year you don’t have health insurance the fine will increase. Yes, that will help people who can’t afford even the basic health insurance now.

    Kristy, in reply to your posts…. The Middle East have been in war for longer than 20 years. There will never be peace in the Middle East, no matter who is sitting in the seat of the President of the United States. And yes, we have Freedom of Speech. That is why we had an Atheist who wouldn’t shut up and had prayer taken out of school and the 10 Commandments taken down in all federal and state buildings. She basically tried to take God out of everything she could before she was shot and killed, along with her son and granddaughter and buried in an unknown location for a while. (She was shot and killed by an employee of hers that was greedy and stole money from their organization) That is probably why we as a country are going downhill. Taking God out of crucial areas of our lives has had an affect on this country and not in a good way. For you to say that only a select few have Freedom of Speech according to their religion is ludicrous.
    There are many other issues I would like to talk about, but I’m tired and have the freedom of going to bed right now. 🙂

    Greg, I won’t be reading or posting anything else, so feel free to bomb me with everything you want.
    🙂 Have a Blessed Day
    Romney for 2012!!!

    • Alicia, you try to excuse a condemnable gesture of evading paying taxes by saying the taxes are high. Funny is that never, not now and not before (under the poopoobush administration when there were massive tax cuts for upper-class incomes) the upper-incomes had to pay higher taxes than middle-incomes, au contraire. So I question your understanding of “fair”. If I pay my taxes and you pay your taxes, why your candidate shouldn’t pay the taxes? Because he has more money than us? So the law do not apply equally? So you rather evade the law than paying the taxes? Interesting argument…

      “Obamacare” is not an insurance plan, but the constitutional right of every citizen to decent healthcare. Why Republicans leaders oppose to recognize this as constitutional right? It is just evil or does it hurt their bottom line? I don’t know. All I know is that they manage to diminish the importance of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare”.

      Think at “liberty”. It is not enough that some are free or even the majority is free. It counts if no one is slave === all are free.

      It is the same think with the healthcare. You are brought down to discuss about insurance plans and costs. These are not as important as the principle. Liberty cost as well, but nobody
      complains that it cost too much. The insurance companies will adapt (they already begin doing it) and it will still be a market where you can discuss and chose your insurance plan. Doctors will still make a great living, insurers will still make big profits. You do not have to believe me, you can look at the countries that have universal healthcare. Take a look at the doctor’s salaries. Check private insurers from that country (Canada, for example) and you’ll find they are profitable. I don’t understand how somebody may opposed in good faith to such a beautiful piece of legislation that will ever change the course of history. (It is usually mentioned here that your Mormon, in fact, implemented at state level a very similar plan).

      It is only the rule of the game that changed: no insurer should deny the right of healthcare based on arbitrary conditions. It is so simple to understand, I guess the difficulty of understanding come from the fact that you downgrade a constitutional right to something that it’s not.

      I do mention your candidate offshore accounts as it is evading taxation. He is doing it conscious, with intention. I heard some republicans complaining about “food stamp fraud”… how does this compare with outsourcing jobs and keeping gains (from trading with American entities, on American soil) in offshore fiscal heavens? It’s worth mention it every time because it show lack of character. If you don’t like a law you may fight about it, but it is incredibly irresponsible to close a blind eye to your presidential candidate. If this person cannot pay his taxes, what example does he set to Americans? If you have money, keep them away? Amazing!

      I said it many times, I don’t care about one’s religion, what I do care is the hypocrisy. How can you contest the highest authority on Earth – the Catholic Church and the Pope? Then who should I believe, Fox News?

      Mormons are not Christians. I do not dispute they are religious people. But they are far from our understanding of the Christianity. We have Jesus Christ as our Savior and we do not recognize anybody else but Him. Muhammadanism have Muhammad as spiritual leader. Mormons have this guy called Joseph Smith Jr. that somehow dreamed what a prophet named Moroni told him, hence Mormons. If you believe in Jesus Christ, I am quite sure that you can’t believe in Muhammad or Moroni and the theological differences are huge.

      This is such a close case that don’t even worth dispute it. I do not object based on religion, this is Fox News job on every holiday. I object to hypocrisy that made it possible to have a non-Christian supported by American Catholic Church and pushed forward by people like you that they declare themselves God loving people. “There is only one God…”

      Freedom of speech commentary is meant for Kristy, I have another opinion and I expressed it, but it is nice that you mention a constitutional right. It should be very clear now what Obamacare means: it is a constitutional right to decent healthcare.

      • Greg,

        By reading your comments about “Mormons” it is obvious that you know absolutely nothing about them. I’m sure you have heard these things from others, because if you knew for sure you would not speak in such a bigoted way.

        If you look at their chapels, the name on the building is The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. “Latter Day Saints” (LDS) to distinguish from earlier “Saints” (believers of Christ) 2000 years ago. I’m quite sure you have never stepped foot in an “LDS” church, because if you did, you would find pictures of Jesus Christ through-out as the obvious theme and belief. If you had attended any of the Sacrament, Sunday School, or any other meetings, you would see that the message is about Jesus Christ and how “Mormons” reverence Him as the ONLY Savior of mankind.

        The name “Mormons” is NOT the name of the church, but the name the “world” has called them. The word Mormon comes from their belief in “The Book of Mormon” which is sometimes referred to as the “Mormon Bible.” The truth is, LDS members use the King James version of the “Bible.”

        The Book of Mormon is about a group of people who were in Jerusalem around 600 BC just prior to the destruction from the bad folks in Babylon. This group of people was warned by a prophet to leave and migrate to America. The people settled locations in Central America from Mexico to upstate New York. Many of their ruins can be found through-out these areas. They had prophets who recorded the dealings of their people and their Lord from 600 BC to approx. 420 AD. Shortly after Jesus Christ was resurrected, He visited the Americas and proclaimed His message to the righteous people there. This event was recorded by a Book of Mormon Prophet. One of the last Prophets to write, compiled all of the writings of the Prophets into one book. His name was “Mormon.” Mormons son, the Prophet “Moroni” also wrote some things in the book and deposited it in a safe place in upstate New York. These writings were to be revealed at a later time when the people would accept it in a “FREE” country that would allow religious freedom, where any viable “Christian” or other Church could grow and prosper.
        “Now you now the rest of the story.”

        You need to understand that the LDS folks do not see Joseph Smith, Moroni, Mormon, or any other “Prophet” as anything more. No more than any other “Christian would see any of the “Prophets” who wrote in the Bible. There is only ONE, Savior and Redeemer, and that is Jesus Christ.

        If you truly want to know about “Mormons,” CONSIDER THE SOURCE. You do not go to a “Ford” Dealer to find out about a “GM” car.

        • Mormons really don’t in wholly trusting Christ for forgivness. So it’s really a cult of sorts.
          I remember my dad talking to Mormons about the Bible and Christ and one of them started crying.

          • As much as they want us to think they are, Mormons are NOT Christians. If the world really knew that Mormons actually believe that at one time Lucifer (Satan) and Jesus were brothers and because “Jesus” was chosen by Eloheim (God) to be Savior, Lucifer became jealous and rebelled. He was then cast down to earth from heaven with 1/3 of the angels who’d followed him. Interestingly enough, there skin all turned black! The black were not permitted into the Mormon church until after a big stink was made and suddenly, one of their top “prophets” had a “new revelation” that blacks could now be accepted into their church.
            This is a doctrine of faerie tales. The “Jesus” and “God” they believe in is not the same as Christianity’s “Yeshua” (Jesus) and “Jehova” (God). They also have NOT found archialogical evidence of their existence in South America! Just because they say so, doesn’t mean it’s so. Jesus had no brothers in heaven. The Judeo/Christian God, Jehova, didn’t turn people black because they were being punished. Check out “the god makers” book by Ed Decker. Ex-high ranking Mormon who wrote several books and filmed a couple of movies about what they believe. Sad but they also have the highest suicide rate with their teens. PS. The library has these resources listed but all the copies of Deckers materials have been checked out “indefinitely.” Go figure.

            • Wrong. Every single race known to man has ALWAYS been accepted and welcomed into the Mormon church. You’re probably thinking of how they were not able to hold the priesthood. That’s the closest thing I could think of to what you were talking about.

            • CS,
              I am LDS and Christian. We don’t believe that the angles that were cast down with Satan were cursed to be black and we are not racists. Infact, we don’t even believe that Satan, or the angles cast down with him, have physical bodies. Someone with out a body can’t be black. My recommendation for you to understand this would be to read the Book of Mormon. If its just faerie tales it wont hurt and then hopeful can understand us better and stop being so rude. Or, in any case, understand your facts better if you are still going to be rude.

            • If you want to call Mormons “Christians,” you have to call Muslims “Christians,” too. Muslims had their prophet, Mohammed; and Mormon had their prophet, Joseph Smith.

              I’m not saying Romney should be disqualified from running, but as far as I’m concerned, if you have a “prophet” with new books after Jesus, you ain’t no “Christian.”

        • Jared, my source is The Holy Father Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church that expressed their position in this regard. If you question this source based on your storytelling personal experience I certainly cannot reach you.

          Take your pick regarding valid sources:

          I will say again, I don’t question their religiosity, but theological speaking they are not Christians.

          “You need to understand that the LDS folks do not see Joseph Smith, Moroni, Mormon, or any other “Prophet” as anything more. No more than any other Christian would see any of the “Prophets” who wrote in the Bible.” – I find this offensive.

      • Greg,

        I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (I’m a mormon). I AM a Christian. Jesus Christ is the savior of ALL mankind. His Atonement is the CORNERSTONE of our religion. You have been sadly misinformed. If you want to know about our church… go directly to it. Anti-mormon sources will only feed you lies. I agree with Jared. Don’t pretend to be expert on something you quite obviously know NOTHING about. We are not a cult. We choose to worship the way we do. And the beauty of America, is that you can too!

        • Megan, I am sorry we get lost in this argument. I know Mormons are religious people, I never meant to get sucked in this kind of argument, but truth be told it is not me, but the Catholic Church that established that Mormons are not part of the Christian Church. Is Catholic Church wrong? This would be another discussion and maybe this is not the place for it.

          My objection was towards Republicans that when it comes to religion they are very beligerant even on small and insignificant issues. Fox News will blow up of proportion every year around Christmas some story, usually about a public school where something uninteresting happened, to make their point (which is a wrong point that religion should be admitted in pubic schools). Yet, when it come to the Mormon issue, they do not whisper a word. There still are people on the Republican side that enunciate fantasies such as Obama is Muslim or is not American, even that it is not his real name! Yet, Romney can easily flew above any critics of the religious kind. Why? Simply because Democrats will not pick a fight when it comes to religion.

          If Obama were openly Mormon, can you imagine Fox News propaganda? This hypocrisy was the thing that I wanted to address. It was never my intention to dispute your religion. I apologias if more than this pass throw without my intention.

          • I’m truly trying to make some sense of what you just said… and I’ve come to the conclusion that you honestly have no idea what you are talking about. EVER! Go get informed… about everything! I don’t know what you mean by “mormon issue”. I wasn’t aware that there was one. And yes… the Catholic Church is 100% WRONG about Mormons not being Christians!

            And when it comes to Democrats quietly sitting by when it comes to religion. Think again! They push for all sorts of things that bring up religious and moral issues. I wont get into them, because I will not argue with a dolt like you any longer! Go ahead and say whatever you want. I’m not taking the time out of my life to read anymore of what you have to say!

            One more thing. Obama is far from being mormon so your little example is stupid!

            Romney for President!!!! Not because of his religion, but because he can clean up Obama’s mess!

            • Sorry, In reading over that, it sounded way rude! I didn’t mean for it to come out so harsh. I do love being a member of my church. It makes me feel very defensive when others attack it. I apologize!

            • Just for clarification issues, the reason the Catholic Church does not regard the Church of Latter Day Saints as a Christian church is because it denies the concept of the Trinity. As in, the Father , Son, and Holy Spirit as three separate and yet the same Being. Therefore it effectively denies that Christ is God. I’m not taking an opinion on this, but simply stating that the Trinity has been a cornerstone of mainstream Christianity since very soon after it’s creation (Since about 110 with Ignatius of Antioch) Despite differences from the Protestant Churches the Trinity is also a vital aspect of this multitude of believers as well. Considering how heavily a part of the Christ God is to the Catholic Church it is not actually as surprising as you’d think when they say Mormons are not Christians. This of course is an entirely different subject from say , Mormons are good people or Mormons live Christ like lives. The core issue is, is it possible to claim one is a Christian when they deny a massive aspect of Christianity. I am just providing some light on the subject not arguing for any particular side here. I just think most people don’t understand that aspect of Mormonism.

            • If Romney’s elected (God forbid, because he’s a criminal who was APPOINTED as the Republican “nominee,” by stealing Ron Paul’s and possibly other candidates’ votes and delegates to make it look legit), the mess he’ll be cleaning up will be what’s left of Bush’s mess that Obama hasn’t finished cleaning up. No president–Republican, Democrat, or independent–could clean up, in one term, the mess Bush left as a result of his two terms.

        • To further clarify the reason ANY Christian entity or true believer in Christ (as the only begotten Son of God) would not regard the LDS Church as a Christian church is also because the LDS teaches that Jesus was born as a result of Mary and God having sex. There is no hint of any such thing anywhere in the Scriptures, except, perhaps, in your own Book or Mormon, and to believe such a teaching invalidate an essential doctrine of the Christian faith–the virgin birth. A major criteria in the determination of whether a segment of the Bible is truly a part of the inspired Word of God is whether or not it contradicts other key elements of the Bible as a whole, since the Word of God itself, does not contradict itself. However, several LDS doctrines and the Book of Mormon do just that, as do the Aprocrypha of the Catholic Bible. In The Revelation of St. John the Divine (the closing book of the Bible), it states, “…If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” The Catholic Church gets around this by inserting the Apocrypha before Revelation, but the Apocrypha are not generally accepted by Prostestants because they are not part of the Hebrew Scriptures, are contradictory to other parts of Scripture, and are of questionable authorship and authenticity.

        • I never comment on blogs, but I feel I must for an issue like this. I think there are a lot of great aspects of Mormonism that look really appealing… but you cannot claim mormonism is Christianity. They do not believe that Jesus is the only way to be saved from hell (which hell is not an eternal place for people anyway in mormonism. But more importantly… there are two things that completely seperate Mormonism and Christianity. One, Mormons deny the Trinity- which is an essential Christian doctrine. But more than anything- They don’t even believe that God is one. People can become God’s if they are “good” enough. That is an absolute heresy. I studied Mormonism for years. Thought about converting toward the beginning, but the more I looked into it the more I knew that the two (Christianity and mormonism) could not work together. They are not the same.
          I could give you 100 verses in the Bible that controdict things that Joseph Smith, Brigam
          Young, and a ton of other prophets have said. If you want to claim mormonism is Christianity, please read the scriptures in the Bible. They cannot work together. Though I deeply wish they could. I am not saying this to be condeming or judgemental. It just needs to be understood that if you believe you can become a God- That is not Christianity.

    • Greg, I can not believe that you are so ignorant and nobody here has challenged you about you ignorance and your irrational comments. First, you are repeating the same stupid lie that all the drones and emocrats rpeat for character assesination; Romney not only had paid taxes but he is paying a corporate tax wich is coming from money already taxed. In top of that he give 30% of his income to charities, much more than any of us combined here and certainly more than Mr. Obama in his whole life. Second, your simplistic analysis of taxation needs a rebutal. If I am paying taxes, why I should give up more of my hard earned income in order o “give” forcefully to other by people and plans I not agree with. I rather give directly to my fellow american in need than to an inneficient government that gives my money to someone that won a lottery (if you dont beleive me look it up, it is in the news). What is laughable is that you as a socialist think that everyone should paid the same amount of taxes; should 45% of the people pay taxes that currently dont pay any taxes? should rich people taxes be as low as ours in porcentual terms? Should be the absolute amount paid by rich people have a limit? one million, two million? you know your premise is dishonest at worse and disingenuous as best. Third, healthcare is not a constitutional right; here you are showing your supine ignorance and stupidity but also you are trying to misguide people less instructed here. Your rights are given from God and they end where other people’s rights beging, and among others are life (that comies, liberals democRATS always trump when they allowed abortion for any stupid reason, Liberty (which allows you to buy the insurance that youw ant and fits yours and your family needs, choose the doctor you want and the hospital or clinic you like; also the one that allow you to do whatever you want without trumping other people’s rights) and the pursue of happiness (idem as the last point). In the bill of rights are the rights granted by god or nature that as a human are intrinsec to your humanity; freedom of religion, speech, assembly, redress of grievances, bear arms, etc. etc.. Obamacare IS NOT a right BUT IT IS A TAX and an impsotion of government over my healtcare. This kind of centralized and governement controlled healt system never had worked anywhere in the world. WE HAVE the best healthcare adn decent system in the world. In my country you die in public hospitals, in Canada the wait for years for a procedure, same in GReat Britain and other parts of Europe. People from all over the worl come over here for complicated procedures that nobody perform in the rest of the world. Even Indonesia and Singapore with the cheap and modern helatcare they have can not treat their own people. They just have touristic healhtcare for the rest of the world. So why i have to be forced to get into a system that I know wont be efficient and will restrict my persxonal and my family helathcare? just because your socialistic idea that we all are in this? Why I have to pay for my child insurance until 26 years old when he/she is healthy and capable of pay for their own? So the governement is teaching my child to be a dependant instead independant? You are promulgating the comunist propaganda that never had worked efficiently anywhere in the world. In Sweden they freaking monitor your life to see if you really need healtcare or not and they tax your assets off to the ground but they are happy. Same in Swiss and Norway but guess what, they live in little apartments the size of my family room. Fourth, so as per your thinking yoiu want us all slaves right? because that is what the care act does: IMPOSESS A TAX AND IT IS A MANDATE DIGN OF A KING. I dont know if I can make some clarity in your mind because I can tell you are only repeating the talking points of liberals and leftists.Your “beatiful piece of legislation” is a monster that takes over many areas of our life. Fifth , not only that one more proof of your ignorance is saying that the pope is the head of the church but also your bigotry and partialization is evident; not only that the Pope is the reason that gave the origins to our country when the pilgrims came here for freedom of religion but also you dont know anything about Christianity. You are a bigot when you speak about Romney as “your mormon” candidate; should we be against about Harry Reid that is a mormon too and wants the taxpayer money funding the cowboy poetry in nevada to never end? your bigotry is evident when you can not beleive that a non christian is supported by the catholic church.For me mormons are Christian because as i did they called Jesus Christ savior as i did, but also other religions know about Jesus. Muslims think he was just a prophet, no the son of God, and Jews beleive he was just a religios man but no the deliverer God himself promies to his people in Israel. Thinking about Barack Obama as a muslims for a great deal of his life and knowing that if he converted to the christian faith he would be an apostate to muslim, is Presidnet Obama non qualified chirstian as a president? or is he still a muslim in power? Do you have a problem with that? I do if is a radical islam and he tries to impose his faith on me. If he is a Christian, isn’t he a worst kind of Christian when he assisted for 21 years to the hate-divisionist church of reverend Wright who preached about racist divisions and the damnation of america? You are so misinformed and misguided that I dont know if you are doing it on purpose. Then when Jared challenge you about your ignorance you show a refence of an article as your deffense. Man, I am telling you, that Kool-Aid you drank poisoned your mind. And last You mention Fox news like is bad and distorted information but you dont say anything about the mainstream-liberal-leftist media (MSNBC, NBC,CBS, ABC)that have been lying to us for years, covering up for Obama in Libyagate or like their “journalists” coordinating questions to Romney whn he was right about a terrorist atack in Libya. They have no credibility, that is why the american people have abandoned them. I will suggest to you to get educated and informed, stop drinking the kool-aid and think and research for yourself, not only one source but the originl sources, you have shown here that you are an ignoramus and a talking point repeater.

      • Freedom lover:

        I cannot believe that people are still trying to peddle that “double taxation” silliness.

        The so-called logic is that a corporation pays taxes, so its employees or stockholders shouldn’t have to pay anything at all. Income is income. You pay tax on income. That’s why it’s called an “income tax.”

        If you follow that silly “double taxation” logic, no one would EVER pay ANY tax, because some time after the bills were printed, some person paid some tax with them.

        Corporations pay corporate tax. People pay income tax. Two different things. Next thing, you’ll be saying you pay income tax, so you shouldn’t have to pay property tax for our schools, or sales tax to run your state.

  120. Well what i have top say is i onesly vote for president obama. i say that beacuse it is nice that what he has a vision for is to help the people with welfare housing and lots of healthy foods(etc etc). I say no romney because hes trying to take away all that in this debate i onestly vote obama god bless america land that i love stand beside her and guide her through the and the light with above to michelle obama and her beloved kids god beless you guys amen.

    • well Alyssa, perhaps if someone besides Obama were president and someone besides the democrats were in control of the Senate, you could be helped to HELP YOURSELF, learn to write a complete sentence and get a job to support yourself and get good food and a nice place to live.

      • Teri, I am sorry but what you said to Alyssa is so rude, I had to say something. To assume the things that you said are horrible. Further, to comment on her sentence writting… really? You do not know her life and feel lucky yours is so wonderful and a cut above. Not that this will have any affect on you, but to Alyssa, you keep saying what you want to say, your thoughts matter too!!

    • You people are so ignorant. Espcially of each other. Women are the worst. This country is headed down the drain. Neither candidate gets my vote.

      • I’m for Romney cuz he’s the lesser evil. If Obama gets in again he’s going to abuse power even more. And I can’t bear to hear his thank you america for choosing me and there no limit to what we can achieve speech.Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Lie lie Lie.

        • Sry about that I didn’t capitalize America.AMERICA…that’s better.Another 4 years of Obama and It just might be america…or New Iraq or Little China or New New Mexico….Or something like that.

  121. I must agree that instead of putting each down we should be trying to see what works best for everyone. I feel that obama deserves one more chance to prove himself. I mean after all people claim they are not racists and they believe in equality but yet in still there is so much division. We need to get a grip and realize that we need to have the best representing us. The poor, wealthy and middle class need someone that will consider each class of people. I feel it is selfish to only focus on yourselves and how your children will be taken care of and forget the rest. Sorry to say Matt not voting only give people like that power. Every person that don’t gives power to mess and therefore shouldn’t speak against it one way or another. You should make your voice count. The reality of it is no one person can change it in four years only because it took longer than that to mess things up ponder on that.

    • Obama Pushed racial issues and division with all that a black guy couldn’t eat at a restaurant 50 years ago,and me as the first black president is heritage junk. Whats done is done. We don’t have to resurrect the past when ever it seems convenient. One of my earlier replies to an Obama sympathist had something about that in there and I think Ill post it again.Oh no I’m starting to sound like a broken record. oh well…forgive me.

      “He didn’t bring his game???His game is spewing out lie’s, hypocrisy, bad policy, and good old fashion trash talk at an unprecedented rate. When he first came on the scene 4 years ago, one first things he does is bring up “Race” which only causes contention and lack of unity. One of the big reasons he’s in the presidency is cuz he’s black(he’s not even really black just sort of black really) and that is just as bad as if some got in the presidency just because they were white. My Uncle William is black!!!…DOES THAT MEAN HE SHOULD BE PRESIDENT??..Yes?!!!Oh goody!!…NOooo of course not!!! The only Real reason a president should be voted in is cuz he’s, well??Qualified. Not because of “Heritage”(Is adding six trillion dollars to national debt heritage??Is interfering with state laws outside of Jurisdiction heritage??Is trying to slam the competition by childlike, dishonest tactics heritage??.)You know Obama play on the selfishness of General America. Focusing on wants and dreams instead of needs and reality. That is partially why a big portion of Americans like him. Women these days want to murder their children before there born(for selfish reasons) and they prefer the term “basic women’s health care.” I call it “Whoops I didn’t use protection and I’m at the peak of my career and that’s more important than the life of an innocent human so all just kill the life ruining accident.” (“Woman’s Choice” how about “Baby’s Choice”…Hey kid!You wanna live? Of course I do you idiot. Why ask such a dumb question?!) What about they baby’s health. Doesn’t any one care about that???……I was just expounding on one of Obama Immoral views there. And after that attack on Libya breaks out he’s all passive about that. And when Romney calls him on it he starts accusing Romney trying to Make him look the bad guy(When some one murders people you get on the case and don’t say “it’s to soon” Justice served quickly is best.Duh!! if you wait to long the perp gets away.) And that garbage about most Americans being better off since his election or whatever is a stupid lie that I hate. 🙂 You know…I could go on. But what is one mans opinion really.Go and honestly find out for your self.And don’t be like the average American and go let the TV tell you what to think.Do an honest study and evaluation.

      The reason he didn’t have an answer is because he can’t give the real answer.If he did his entire campaign would be jeopardized if it not already is.
      He doesn’t care about America Who ever would vote for that guy deserve him for a president. :)”

      • Roger,
        What your saying is completely insane. Your basically stating that Obama became president under the thought of affirmative action, which went away years ago. Obama is the first President in countless years that is seriously trying to bring people together and help each other, and our country, survive, and build! Romney is a straight up liar that is saying anything he can right now to get people to vote for him. His idea’s and policy idea’s change continuously without facts to back them. People like you seem to think that one president is going to change everything for the people and that you can just sit back and complain, or think the next guy is going to change things for the better, while you do nothing. Romney, and most people see only themselves, and their own little world without awareness or concern for those that cant afford basic life essentials, that have pre-existing medical conditions, large families with not enough income, and look at it like it’s just their problem while you go the the beach. Obama is transparent and honest and most people simply don’t like to see the truth, they like to live in denial, their ignorant bliss, and blind hope sitting their lazy ass on the couch waiting for the free handout. People that have money, and a good job, good health, stable life etc…can easily look at taxes as unfair, but some people were simply born into unfair circumstances and they need a hand up. The reality is very few people ever really want to genuinely help without getting something out of it. Obama is trying to reach those people, and Romney thinks his State control is a better approach, but it’s simply more of the same “let the good do good, and the others fail” Because greedy ass people will continue to take and use up the poor, and the weak, and without regulation and someone leveling the playing field a bit, they will continue- just like moving jobs over seas now to pay even less for labor! The rich, and corporations can afford to pay a little extra, the struggling middle and lower class cannot! Your clearly very narrow minded!! Ohh, and by the way, fuck the any comment about the national debt, he saved us from dropping into the possible worst depression in history!! Bush, his wars, and the momentum of problems that he created and were still in motion for years when Obama became president is the main debt issue!Do yourself a favor, get educated!

        • Todd Todd Todd,
          If you have truly read and understood my other comments you’d know I do not consider Romney the “Savior of the U.S”…And as to to whether he’s in whole a liar. I don’t think him all honest. For me, the game is, get Obama out of there before he destroys all. Romney clearly has more pros than Obama so he’s my choice. And yes I am narrow minded. Thank you! People who think they have an “open mind” are more pron to believing trash because they never settle there mind on the truth. I asked an open minded person once…”Isn’t the truth the truth no matter what any one believes?” And he said “Weeelll not really”…We can’t just except everything.Some things are wrong…and some are right.Social health care is WRONG. Have you every lived In a country with social health care? I’m living in one right now, Germany, and I know people who have “All Powerful Government Health Care” The doctors don’t do all the necessary tests, the spend very limited time with patients and the health care very shallow for people with this kind of health insurance because it covers didly squat. But people in Germany with private insurance get everything. So people who can afford private insurance get worse help. Private insurance becomes to expensive for the lower class when Government Insurance is in play.We need freedom in the medical world or we will experience a decline in Hospital care. By the way…We would have as many “needy” people in America living on welfare and trying to get every thing from the government(When they are getting there government hand out there actually getting it from We the People who actually work)Don’t get me wrong…There are needy people in the U.S. and should be helped and given heath care.But lots of the people on welfare are on it just cause they can.My sisters boy friend is on welfare and he really just doesn’t have any work ethics(And don’t say that it’s cause he’s unfortunate cuz my bro got work in that town at three different Jobs just in the last two years.The reason he couldn’t get a job is cuz he doesn’t want to take a factory Job or some lower job. So he goes on welfare)The government should not be paying people to be lazy.Help should be restricted to to people who need it.Your the one who’s looking to government to solve the problems. When some one I know or some one in my neighborhood needs money or help or I see a special need. I dish out the money. I help that person. I try and help bare their burden. I don’t look to the government. If every one would help the people around them we wouldn’t need all this government “help”.Your government is trying to control you whether you know it or not and they will tell you any kind of lie to get you to believe in them.We don’t need more government “help”…We need more We the People following Biblical pricipals(Loving God first of all and others as ourselves)Though the government needs to play its role.But only it role. Protecting the God given rights of the people who are paying them to do so and not making up there own rights and passing laws that help there own agenda.Men lust for power.And when given opportunity they seize it.
          One thing you have to understand is that democrats push all this stuff that looks good on the surface but really isn’t what it looks like.The government is getting more control in the process. Socialistic Governments are failing the world over.Why would we want to do the same? Our country functioned best as a republic.If you don’t believe…Go break out your history books.
          I’m thinking your the one who needs a little education. I’m afraid you haven’t yet been exposed to reality…Yet…

          • What I’m trying say about Romney being honest is that its really to early for me to know for how honest or dishonest he is.I dont know if I consider a change in policy dishonest.

          • Hi Rodger,
            I think some of your facts on the German healthcare system need to be elaborated.
            Government healthcare doesn#t cover a lot of smaller expenses anymore because people used to get prescriptions for everything and built up there own apothecary at home on the systems expense. This concerns medicines for colds and things like that.
            But the real benefit of the Government healthcare is that if you get really sick, you are always covered. If for example someone gets cancer it’s covered no matter how long it takes to treat.
            So to say it doesn’t cover “didly squat” is in my opinion simply not true.
            I’d really like to know what you meant when saying it.

        • Todd, I agree with you. Obama is the best thing that ever happen to this country. In addition Romney says he will give arms to Syrians. . . the last thing this country needs is another war. Come on people!!! Nobel prize economist Joseph Stiglitz said. . . If we had a health-care system that was as efficient as some of the European systems, we’d have NO DEFICIT. Let Obamacare happen! I grew up in Europe and would love to see a different health care system in this country. Vote for Obama!

        • Todd, I have to correct you on Affirmative Action. It has not gone away. I work at a university, and it is very much a part of what we have to read and agree to in order to remain an employee. As for it having anything to do with Obama, that’s a topic I won’t engage in.

        • Stop Drinking the kool-aid Todd. Seriously? Bringin unity? No more divisive president than this one.Healtcare, immigration, budget, debt, foreing policy, economy, jobs, gas prices…just to mention a few areas where he has been completely divisive.
          Also his personality trends such as arrogance, petulance, despotism, ineptitude,incompetence, egomania whic makes impsossible to negotiate or to have a humble servant to us. Remember the president is our employee, he owes us accountability.
          Don’t be naive or ignorant; seems you have been fed with the liberals talking points.

      • Are you arguing heritage or tradition? Traditionally….
        Americans has invaded, raped, committed genocide, spread fatal diseases, promoted slavery, kidnapping, adultery, human trafficking….
        And now we are suppose to be the spitting image of what is acceptable in the world? America needs to get over itself and find a new strategy to promote peace, unity, acceptance, diversity. Maybe talking is too much work for the President. Maybe he, THAT’S RIGHT HE!(maybe a female president will change the fatal techniques?), has better things to do than to talk to other countries to find alternative solutions. Ever look up the real reason for terrorist attacks against the American soldiers or even 9/11. I know what most of you will say….I’m a conspiracy theorist, but I’m not. I have proof and fact from research that the attacks against us are due to our troops INVADING lands that do not want to be bothered with changing their political ways. Is that so bad? Why is it our place to correct them anyways? People are killed in America daily. People are raped, kidnapped, tortured. Citizens should be actually helping their country on their country’s grounds. You can’t fight for your Country if you’re not home to see what’s happening and where things need improvement (i.e. economy)!

        • Jordan,

          Are you truly American? I ask this because you speak of tradition which is something that people do repetitively like habit. In which case, you, if you are truly an American and since you just clumped all Americans into participating into the traditions you mentioned, also participate in those traditions.

          First, you mentioned that Americans “invaded.” What are you refering to? Are you refering to pre-colonial days when the Europeans came over to the Americas and took over the land? Those people weren’t Americans yet. They were imperial Europeans. Or, are you refering to invasions like what we’ve done in wars with us pitted against others? If that’s the case, how can you condemn Americans for doing what any country would do had they the wherewithal to do it in order to win a war? We have enemies everywhere and there exist governments who wish nothing but for us to be destroyed. If sending special forces to destroy specific threats that exist for our country is what it takes, then so be it. It’s a sad choic to have to make, but if that’s the best option, then I’m for it.

          Second: rape? Last I checked no morally sound individual in this country condones rape. In fact, we have strict penalties against such atrocities. What exactly are you talking about Americans having a tradition of raping people? Is that a tradition you follow being an American?

          Third: genocide. List one group of people that we’ve wiped off the face of the planet or tried. Last I checked, Americans actually saved peoples from being annihilated. Remember WWII?

          Fourth: spreading of fatal diseases. Have you ever heard of the Center for Disease Control? Isn’t that an American institution designed to actively prohibit the spread of disease? Wouldn’t that mean it’s actually a tradition to get rid of fatal diseases? What exactly ARE you talking about in mentioning this as a tradition? Or do you make it a tradition when you have a fatal disease to walk through airports or something?

          Fifth: promoted slavery. Really? After everything we’ve done in this country to abolish slavery not only in this country, but in other countries as well? What tradition of slavery are you seeing? What I see is people of all backgrounds becoming more and more equal in the eyes of each other, people of different opposite genders seeing each other with more equality every day, people in the work place becoming much more protected from their employers than ever before and employers treating their employees much better than every before. So, what tradition of slavery to you see? Do you keep slaves in your backyard or have slaver friends or something?

          Sixth: kidnapping. Have you ever lived or learned about the things that happen in Texas and other Mexican border states? As far as I can tell, the cartels and the like make a tradition of kidnapping than anything this country ever has decided to implement. I personally have never thought it a good idea to make a tradition of kidnapping. I don’t believe that any of my American friends would see differently. Maybe I just keep good company. Is it that you do not if those are the traditions you see?

          Seventh: adultery. This may be the only thing on your list that you have that can be even close to being true. The truth of the matter is most people in this country still see adultery as being a bad thing. It’s a weakness people have. It’s becoming less and less of an issue as time goes on, I think, especially with people being much more sexually free and active. So, in order to be nice, I’ll give this one to you, though I don’t believe it’s a tradition… yet.

          Finally: human trafficking. See the fifth and sixth points I made. Bottom line: slavery doesn’t happen legally in this country.

          So, now I’m thoroughly confused as to how you can see those things as being tradition unless you aren’t truly American. Do you live in North Korea and miraculously have free internet access and have been brainwashed into thinking that you actually live in the U.S.A.? Or maybe you really live in Cuba… Now I wonder…

        • Jordan, you’re absolutely correct on this. That’s exactly what Ron Paul tried to point out, which people take as conspiracy theory. One need be neither a conspiracy theorist nor a traitor to recognize that our country is not the nation our founders once established, or that we’re a nation capable of doing wrong. You’re correct that we need to get over ourselves. Our Constitution states that our militia was intended ONLY for our defense; not to police the world or occupy other lands indefinitely, under the guise of establishing a form of government we’ve ceased to have ourselves. When we’re taxed mercilessly to pay for illegal wars started arbitrarily by a president with no regard for the people and our Constitution, who didn’t even consult Congress about them, wars which have nothing to do with defending ourselves against attack, we’re no longer a democracy, much less the REPUBLIC the nation was established to be. Had Ron Paul been nominated, as he should have been, instead of having his votes and delegates stolen by Romney and his operatives in order to make his “nomination” seem valid (yes, that actually happened; it was caught on videos across the nation–it’s not a conspiracy theory), Ron Paul get us back on track to the nation we started out to be, based on our Constitution, with a sound monetary system.

    • One more chance to prove himself? Four years of 8% general unemployment, 15% uneployment for blacks and 17% for hispanics, price of food rising 6%, gas prices doubled, less opportunity for small business, more dependency on food stamspo and unemployment. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? Are you for real? do you live here ins USA? Radical muslims in the governement, corruption ad nauseam like fast and furious that killed american people and thousands of mexicans; corruption like Jeffrey Immelt, the president of General Electric and Obama’s appointed for the council of jobs and competitiviness, the guy outsourced thousands of jobs to china, made 4 billions of dollars and didnt pay any taxes. What do you want me to tell you so you can research the facts? This country is a disaster, Obama drove it to the ground with the progressive-socialist agenda. He is a liar,remember when he said that the debate for healtcare would be televised? no, it didn’t happned they shove it down to our throats with the supermajority in both cameras in congress; He lied about libya, he lied about fast and furious, he lies everyday he refers to Romney as he is nit paying taxes. Please dont be that ignorant. Ronald Reagan had worst situation in his first presidency and he grabbed the bull by the hortnes and in TWO YEARS the economy created 12 million new jobs and he reduced the taxes. One more time to prove himself? he despises America, four more years and we all will end in tears. Go watch the movie 20116, know the guy, research the facts. I won’t tell you ro read a book because I sensed you are not having or showing an ability to absorb ideas, maybe you are naive and gullible. knowledge

  122. It is too bad that we can’t have Obama as Pres. and Mitt Romney as V-P. I think that would be a winning ticket all around!!

    • Barbara..Your insane. but I like you. How about Paul Ryan as President cuz he seems to be the only one that knows what he’s doing. Hes the kind a guy some one assassinates cuz he would actually be helping America instead of lining bankers pockets while bankrupting America.

        • RR:

          Yeah, what was willard thinking? Every gun-totin’ maniac across the country is going to be packin’ heat if willard wins, cuz, the next in line actually has a brain.

          He should have pickeds someone like Biden. . .who would be. . .Palin.

    • Sorry Barbara…I should not have called you insane.But your Idea would end up being the biggest longest cat fight the world has ever seen.

  123. Greg, you keep saying that it is a “constitutional right of every citizen to decent healthcare”, but yet it does not state this anywhere in the Constitution of the United States. Are you including this because of the ” promote the general Welfare” in the beginning of the constitution? Because even this does not say that we are all guaranteed health care or health insurance. Or perhaps it is the article 14 that is talking about how laws will be imposed or not imposed that states ” nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Is it the “life” that it states in this article?? Or perhaps the “liberty”? I’m still not seeing it.

    I agree we need something to happen, but I think it would be better to go after the insurance companies and make it more affordable for the people. Charging anywhere between $500 – $2500 a policy a month (in my region) is NOT affordable. We have a low cost of living here, so I couldn’t fathom what people in New York, California or any of the bigger states would have to pay. There are SO many things wrong with this “Obama Care”. You stated that the doctors would make a profit. I have 2 friends that are doctors and the profit is not their main concern. Their main concern is having their hands tied by the government instead of being able to treat the patient as they need to be treated. A concern of being told how many patients a day they can see and treat. And the list goes on. Saying that it works in Canada is not what is going to work for us. Last time I checked we were a democracy, they are a constitutional monarchy. But I’m sure if Obama get re-elected we will be headed into socialism and everyone will be sharing their wealth, whether they worked for it or not.

    And Matt…. you seem to be by your comments, an egotistical, anti-social person who spews vitriolic hatred when he’s throwing a temper tantrum. Ignorance would be not implementing your right to vote. Just my opinion. 🙂

    • Voting for the lesser of two evils, still gets you evil.

      Has anyone noticed the Barack creature looks more and more like a chimpanzee, and the Mitt creature like a statue in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum…and that both are liars and cheats that hate Free Americans!

      So, are you going to vote for Plastic Man or Monkey Boy…hoping whichever one of these evils “wins” will destroy our Free Nation at a slower pace…?

      Or, are you going to take a stand against these two anti-American subhumans, and vote your conscience instead!

      Gary Johnson is THE ONLY ONE TO GET YOUR VOTE — if you are a Real American and want to save our Nation!

      • Voting for a third party is just about the same as voting for the no one.You see.We live in a ignorant society and most people are going to be voting for the Runners with big campians whom they see on the TV all the time, and plus the electoral college has the final vote with the say so any ways.Voting for a third party is like betting on a lame horse at the races. “It’s not gonna win.” hhhhmmm…Vote for the Obama who lies, cheats, has a bad running mate, has a horrible record and has a funky agenda. Or….Romney who seems to be less deceptive,has a good running mate, has minimal unexplained plans(though some are good) and hasn’t proved himself to be an utter dud?…YET…Or…Bet your money on the lame horse?(And I’m not saying evil of Gary Johnson)I’m for Romney getting in.

        So are you going to vote for “Titanic America” or “Lets Patch Some Holes” or “Vote For Me Even If No One Else Does, At Least You’ll Feel Good Inside!!” I don’t base my decision on cosmetics either. If a hunch back of Notre Dame could tow the line…he’d be my choice. My conscience says vote for the best man(Romney’s the best of the two any ways) that has a chance ti win no matter what he look’s like. When there’s a cheap hot dog, a hamburger , and an Imaginary oh so distant steak. “Take the Hamburger” .

    • Hi Lisa. What I suggested is that the end game is this, not that is clearly stated in the Constitution. Many things were not stated in the Constitutions, this is why we supplemented with the “Bill of Rights”. The end game is to have the healthcare guaranteed under the Constitutional Rights. We cannot play this game at the level suggested by Republicans as it is not about a particular insurance plan, but of the principle.

      I agree the discussion was dragged this way thanks to propaganda, but it is not (at least) primary about this. I would have not been concerned if more republicans were ok on the principle, but objected against the implementation.

      It concerns me that most of the answers are some form of social Darwinism and as society we are very divided when the principle should have been widely accepted by any reasonable, good or God loving person.

      It is impossible for the doctors to have the hands more tied down than not being able to offer any healthcare at all to some American citizens that do not have any insurance (and the number is very high). This is a categorical distinction. The others are just a matter of degree.

      Speaking about the people with insurance this time, I do not see how the doctors may have the hands more tied down than they are. Insurance companies do not accept many things, put arbitrary caps and because they are not regulated as they should be, they can do whatever they want with their profits. I do not see healthcare as being a field where some actors may be allowed to follow their “natural” driven to profit/cash behavior and I don’t see at all how this could be “good” when it is clearly evil.

      You said it yourself, insurance may be very expensive, it is not hard to imagine that some people simply cannot afford to pay it. Many republicans answer in cliches and imply some social Darwinism, no surprise many of the entries written by Republicans in this blog are very radical and quite offensive. Like saying most of the Obama supporters are a minority in a bad way or talking about food stamp fraud when the big fishes are (still) keeping their moneys in offshore accounts.

      I understand that Obamacare has problems in implementation, but what doesn’t? This should not make us reject the principle. This should not make us so dangerously attached of our point of view, like the republicans are right now, to reject everything, to abstain from anything constructive.

      I understand why big fishes do whatever it is in their power to change Obama with anybody and I mean literally anybody (as it was kind of 3rd choice for Republicans, isn’t it?): because it hurts their bottom lines.

      I do not understand why so many regular people oppose Obama. I guess they are buying into Republican premises and they are indoctrinated so much that are lead to believe it is about their bottom line as well.

      Well… I hate to bring it down to you, but it isn’t. We should start with the concept of “trickle down economy”. How can you buy into the premises of “if big fishes make more money, small fishes will make more money too because there is more food in the pound”? Even if there is more food in the pound, big fishes will still eat small fishes and the food per small fishes ratio I doubt it will be better. Why should we accept this as the best outcome?
      There is no guarantee that big fishes will not eat small fishes.
      There is no guarantee that it will be food in the pound.
      It is very likely that big fishes will still make food by outsourcing jobs as it always be cheaper.
      There is no guarantee that they will pay the taxes, even if we agree to cut them. Take for example your candidate and his money in offshore accounts.

      Why don’t we start questioning this principles?
      Death make us all of us equal, is this socialism? Why don’t we accept some equality in pain and sufferance?
      How could it be better to give tax breaks to guys that are billionaires when people like you are complaining about the high costs of insurance?
      Why should we implement an economical principle rejected by all reputable economists?
      Why to believe in makeup numbers from a fictive revenue resulted from tax cuts to higher-income citizens after 8 years of tax cuts under the bush administration that proved in fact what was clear from the very beginning in the theory, namely trickle down economy is fictitious. What cannot work in theory cannot work in practice, still we were misleaded and we pay a high price, yet we are ready to make the same mistakes.

      I have many questions like these. Everybody Republican needs to tune down a note the social Darwinism attitude, this make us more likely animals than social beings or God loving beings. Social and socialism are not the same thing. Participating to society does make everyone a social being not a socialist person. Helping somebody in need make you a good Christian, not a socialist.

      A little compassion and some good faith will show you the way. Not everything is about money and the well being of very rich people should not really concern a regular person (at the very least) more than social reforms in a highly divided, highly degraded society or more than the very right of having decent healthcare.,-Many-Tax-Benefits-Increase-Due-to-Inflation-Adjustments

  124. You know what drives me crazy. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I hear one thing on one news channel and then I hear another thing on another channel. How can a man make an informed decision these days and filter through all the bipartisan junk. How do you know what is true in the media these days, they only offer one side of the story a lot of the time.

    Can someone please tell me where to find the facts? Where are the numbers?

    • Its very simple to weed through all of the bipartisan junk. You simply listen to what both candidates say and the information repeated by newscasters and make an informed decision about who you agree with more.

      • Exactly what NOT to do. This is voting your heart based on what the media or politicians tell you. You MUST do your homework. Look at their recods. Know what you believe and what they believe, too. If you’re too lazy or stupid to do your homework, PLEASE DO NOT VOTE!

  125. Well first off OBAMA got destroyed by Romney. I feel bad for all the democrats who are going to vote for a president that can’t talk in front of people without a teleprompter. With this 2012 debate I think of how ridiculous it was when president Obama kept putting words in Governor Romney mouth. Oh and that Obama phone that’s funny too. Obama spent over 8 trillion dollars that’s more than any president combine in AMERICA’S history he also said he would cute the deficit in half which he hasn’t he’s doubled it. imagine what he will do in another four years, I don’t think that we should give him another chance to fix this country he will take it down even more. Also Obama promised he would fix a lot of things and the only thing that he said he fixed is that he stopped the war. but if you want to keep your Obama phone then vote for Obama. I also think its funny that every time you talk to a liberal the always bring up president bush he spent a lot of money but nothing like Obama, Obama said he would cut the deficit in half cut taxes, lower taxes. but he made everything worse and doubled it and it doesn’t seem like democrats get it. But it’s close and hopefully something will change.

    • What is really entertaining about this post is your complete lack of knowledge on the topic and the obvious pre-choice of Mitt Romney for president. To imply a candidate was destroyed by the other is simply a false statement and one made by an uneducated bafoon who knows nothing about politics. Clearly you watched as Romney spoke of all the claims Obama did not follow through with which may be true. But simply because Romney talks about Obama’s failures and provides his own moderately amusing ideas for how to fix things, does not mean that he won. Obama is speaking from a significantly more privileged position and it was unbelievably apparent that he knew far more about what he was talking about than Romney did. Mitt Romney very obviously remembered a large number of miscellaneous facts, of which some were completely fabricated by study firms that he is on the board of, as well as Dick Cheney. And to rap this all together the most laughable aspect to your little comment here was that Obama raised the deficit 8 trillion dollars… oh yeah, did he? You should probably do a google search on that one bud. As to your teleprompter comment, obviously you know how good of a speaker Obama is with a teleprompter which is one reason why he was such a good politician as well as good choice for president… Simply because he is an incredible speaker with one and not as good without out proves virtually nothing. Go ahead try it… and just watch how it is when Romney does it. It’s called reading and thinking, they happen at a different pace. But swell try there to a rather uninformed and satisfied republican. Classic

    • Again this nonsense?

      “Here’s the budget history in brief: The 2009 fiscal year began Oct. 1, 2008, when George W. Bush was president, and ended Sept. 30, 2009 with Obama as president. By the time Obama took office in January 2009, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office had already estimated that the federal government would end fiscal 2009 with a $1.2 trillion deficit because of higher spending and lower revenues.

      Obama added to the 2009 deficit, but not by much. We found that Obama was responsible at most for an additional $203 billion. The government ended $1.4 trillion in the red that year. The deficits were about $1.3 trillion each year for the next two years, and this fiscal year just ended with a shortfall of nearly $1.2 trillion.”

  126. Well for everyone to put down both candidates is dumb of all of you! Instead we should focus on the importance of what needs to be done. And for the comment to be made that President Obama should’t be in office is offensive. Evidently, he did something correct that more citizens voted for him instead of Republican candidate. Come on people use your heads, both are reasonable politicians. If Romney is elected I guarantee he would not have the power to make a picture perfect economy in four years. It just WILL NOT HAPPEN!

  127. I will say only this. If the rich want a tax brake then they should pay us a fair living wage. Determined by local prices (food, gas, rent prices)would determine the local fair living wage.For every dollar that wage goes up a calculated amount of tax brake is given to the rich. So if Minimum wage is lets say $10.00 and living wage is $18.00 dollars then the rich would get a 8% tax brake(or some predetermined amount.) and the poor and middle class would then pay the tax.Also giving the consumer buying power thus making the economy prosper. There for,.. more money changing hands,and not sitting in some rich fellows bank account. The rich not moving the Millions is what is causing many of the issues today. Get them to move and invest that capita so this world can go round. No offense to the rich, but if I had 60 million in my bank account I would be paying my employees a great wage. Lets reword the rich with a tax brake in exchange for fair living wages. Anything else is just the rich in control of our government..SDW

  128. Jobs LOST during Bush’s last year: 4.5 million
    Jobs GAINED during the last 30 months under Obama: 5 million

    Deficit when Bush took over: There was none! We had a $230 billion surplus.
    Deficit when Bush left office: $1.3 TRILLION

    Romney’s plan to return to Bushonomics (tax cuts mostly for the rich, trickle down fantasies, deregulation of Wall Street) is foolish. That should be obvious to anyone who was alive and awake 4 years ago.


      • Sorry, Joe, wrong-o. Government jobs have actually DECLINED under Obama. The 5 million jobs created in the last 30 months are PRIVATE SECTOR jobs. You really need to stop getting your information from Rush Limbaugh.

      • The jobs were mostly created in the private sector. You showed bad faith, as this thing run on Fox News as well. It is common knowledge the jobs were in the private sector and they are higher than projected. I suggest you to be consistent with Fox propaganda at least, this way you can lie and deceive yourself constantly and coherently.

      • Greg:

        Better check your facts.

        This is the only depression in American history in which government LOST jobs. Ordinarily, when business crashes, the government temporarily hires people.

        Government jobs have DECREASED by 3% since Obama took office. That’s one of the things contributing to the unemployment number.

    • You may be against tax cuts for the rich but please think about this…..
      If the rich are heavily taxed, they will take their money elsewhere. This then means that they take the jobs that are wrapped up within their means of earning elsewhere. This in return means even less money for the government and finally in means less jobs for everyone else. Please just think of that one before you scream about taxing the rich. Before you shout to much at me, my financial means put me in the low middle to lower class financial section so I am not going to have my so called millions taxed because I don’t have it.

  129. Before 1980, the total national debt was far below one trillion. Reagan presidency at the end of 1988 recorded the national debt reached $two-trillion under the better-off policy first more than trillion in American history. George H. Bush added $1.40 trillion debt. George W. Bush added $4.36 trillion debt by the tax-cut in the name of economic boost and better-off policy, the more for the rich and the less for the poor. But which was a fake pump priming policy for the presidency in order to make voters fascinate with the flavor and taste of Karl Rove’s artificial sweetener and which was the major culprit for the new debt of $4.36 trillion in the John Boehner’s and Paul Ryan’s clapping sound. The end of 2008, the national debt reached $10 trillion including interest of at least $300 billion pe ryear.

    • Cyrus, How convenient you forgot all the democrats presidents that added more deficit to the debt huh? Carter, Billy Boy “i have not sex with that woman, and now your new messia Obummer.

  130. Will you also be posting the Vice-Presidential debate too? If so, how quickly? I had planned on showing it to my Social Studies class on Friday so that we could discuss it. I wanted to double check before I made plans.

  131. Lets vote for Romney cuz Obama had his chance to flop.And plus I’d like a change of senery. Instead of the same old Obama Care, Obama Phone, Obama this…Obama that. “Obama Does’nt Care”
    would be a better title for his health care.

  132. From an objective observer:

    This is why I fear for America, I understand that with half of your population under the poverty line that economics is currently very important, though I would be more afraid of the measures that the Republican Party will go to for “security”.

    It has been said that Obama used Bush’s Intel to find Bin Laden. If this true, why didn’t Bush take him down? I can’t be certain but I would speculate that he being in bed with the Bin Laden family (yes, I do know that the Bin Laden family denies that they have contact that he is the black sheep) perhaps the fact that it would bring a speedier end to the war, or because it was Pakistan not Iraq that was hiding him. Oh what a scandal that would have been if he was still in office, I wouldn’t be surprised if this information came to him before his second election (Bushs). Let’s hope no one bombs and invades America because they’re pissed off what Canada is doing aye?
    Land of free speech–unless you are Muslim, Jewish, atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, seek, or anything other than Christian. Other countries (Iraq) can’t have secrets but you have several different agencies to protect America’s secrets. You cry about all the civilizations killed in 9/11, yet I don’t see a single tear for the thousands women and children killed in Iraq ten years earlier in a protected bunker (9/11 a counter strike perhaps). America sets things in motion then blames whoever they need to get what they want. We invaded them long before Al-Qaida did anything.

    America says that the secrets are to protect the troops. Or perhaps so they can say “oops“ an accident when they kill thousands of civilizations in a TARGETED Strike. This was during the time of Bush.
    The only times I have seen America in peace times (if you can call it that) is when a Democrats sat in office.
    I think America needs to revaluate why they are in recession, and have put most of the world into recession—WWI, II all ended in a depression. This war in the Middle East has been going on for over 20 years now! A lot of the younger voters have been living there entire life in War, but they didn’t know it because of the secrets and cover ups by the American government. Now can you possibly be surprised the world is in recession? That’s the only constant of war, people, places, reasons change but recession, depression is the only constant!
    It took 20 years of war with the Middle East to get us in this mess but America demands one man to fix it in four years. For anyone not sure, ANY measure that the DEMOCRATS tried to pass through to help was voted down by the Republican Party.
    Republicans have not only destroyed themselves, the self-proclaimed ‘world leaders’, but also the rest of the world. We all have a stake in this election American or not, think about that when voting. Every voter in America is now accountable to the rest of the world.

    Kristy Gempton

  133. Dear Romney,
    Stop interrupting people. You’re just plain rude.

    And this right here is why I’m moving to Australia.

  134. It is obvious that the left is people who want something for nothing, looking for a Government hand out. They have had a lack of motivation to get an education or technical skill, and settle for a 4-5 day a week easy job with little demand and with weekends off.The unions are also a part of your party, getting more money and benefits for laborers, than what their job position deserves.People who are successful, have worked to get that status. Now we are looked at like we are evil for making money, by the left. The left is also a bed of atheist, sexual deviants,socialist, anti-american and anti-Constitution minded people! Did I mention a ignorant sect that believe the main stream media! Liberals need to stop whining and get a job! If you can’t succeed, live with in your means!

    • John, you pooped so much trash from your mouth that makes me vomit. As you are just a vermin I will not dignify you with a reply containing arguments or facts. I just want to remind you that you are speaking of more than half of American adult population. This will entitle any non-American, let’s say a Canadian, to qualify all Americans to be as described by you. (Sorry, I just made an argument). I suggest you to Go back to your cave and eat your fruits.

  135. Fact-check them. Fact-check them both. Especially “your” candidate. Don’t let either of them sell you a bridge in Brooklyn.

  136. I like how all the Romney supporters keep touting that he won this debate. People, a debate isn’t like a boxing match or a horse race, where so-and-so gets the upper hand, then loses momentum, then whatever. It’s a forum where candidates address issues that this country faces, and argue on which approach is best. Then the viewers decide on whose views that they agree with, and NOT just blindly follow the herd. Debates are places where you become informed, so that you can make informed decisions. It’s not where you go in with a preconceived notion that so-and-so is better, and come out declaring so-and-so won. Be an educated voter and listen to the debates objectively with a moderate outlook on things. I did that, and saw that Romney had an outline of his plans, but even the outlines make no sense. Obama had detailed plans drawn out. So even if we have to declare a winner, I’d say Obama won. A winner is not determined by how aggressive your tone was, or how quickly you spoke, or how much you interrupted the moderator; a winner is determined by how smart you are and how well thought out your plans are, and how well you articulate them to your audiences.

    • Unfortunately, in debates there are winners and losers. Obama dis such a bad job in this debate that it clearly went to Romney. The fact that Romney won the debate by saying huge lies that could have been easily challenged at the very least, it’s even worst. Maybe Obama was constipated or something, but he performed poorly. The rules of debates are not as you state them and this is not really a debate in that particular sense. Here is more a question of perception and Obama was perceived badly and clearly lost.

  137. It’s a sad day when out of millions of people, the only choices to lead us all are two pieces of scum. And what’s worse, people that can’t actually spell out the word ‘because’ are trying to debate about it. This wasn’t the only debate. Your opinions don’t actually matter. Mine doesn’t matter. Either way this is going to end badly. In my opinion, it will end worse with Romney. But like I said, my opinion doesn’t matter. What America needs is something completely different. As stupid as it sounds, we shouldn’t elect a politician. We should elect someone who actually has decent values. If we want to be crazy, maybe even an atheist. Religion shouldn’t even matter at all in cases like this. But whatever. I’ll end this scatter brained ramble.

  138. I have a question, do you want the perso who fought Bin Ladin or the one who will kill your kids minds? Just saying……………………………………………………………………..

  139. Government does not create jobs. They just give tax breaks for companies so they can do so.Remember, our government sent jobs overseas. Remember NAFTA.In 2014 it will cost those companies that sent their jobs overseas more to send their goods back to the United States.All about profit. Romney is one of those people that voted to send our jobs overseas.REMEMBER?

  140. Wow, the sheer idiocy of some of these comments is alarming. And the hostile idiots….. I don’t even know whether to laugh at or be alarmed at those people.

    I’ve re-watched this debate 3 times. Romney still said very little (unless you count lies and deflecting questions as points of valid substance); my vote is still going to Obama at this point (Romney will never get it; I’ll vote 3rd party before I vote for that fake bastard). All the women-any-minority haters can suck it.

  141. There is so much talk about being a Mormon. What does this truly have to do with the effectiveness of the future leader of America? Do you not remember who Obama’s past minister was?!?
    As for the so called shock wave of Americas recession, I am currently living in the UK, yes I am an American and proud to be so. The state of the economy here is bad as well. This however cannot be blamed on the fall out of America. It come straight down to the fact that our banks made some very bad decisions through loans and investments as well as the fact that the previous government decided to give everyone money to sit around doing nothing. The more money they gave, the happier people were until there was nothing left. We need to now make amends to these decisions, which will take time. It is easier to point the finger at other governments but when it comes down to it, did we not all enjoy the time that we were spending? I think you will find that most governments are the same. Spending billions will not create more money. Just as the UK has done, we need to make spending cuts.
    Unemployment has jumped in America, national debt has doubled, close to tripling it, do I need to go on? Given another 4 years of this, what else will Obama do? Obama care may sound wonderful to outsiders. In many countries it is believed that if you do not have insurance in America, that you will be left on the street to die from a gunshot wound. People need to realise that there is help out there for all, Obama care is going to cause taxes to go up so much that the average cost of things will cost a great deal more and in return the poor will not be able to afford to feed and clothe themselves. Do the math.

    • They’ve shown us the math; Romney/Ryan, however, have not. While I concede that I too believe that the president’s proposals are too modest, at least he can outline what he’ll do, demonstrate the math, and show *how* his goals are achievable. Romney/Ryan have shown us absolutely *nothing* to back the lofty promises they are making. All they do reiterate those goals.

      And let’s not conveniently ignore the fact that there were EIGHT years of Bush that has created most of the deficit Obama inherited; a deficit of over 10% of GDP, which still stands at 7.8% today. That people are surprised that Bush put our economy on the path down the drain is only a testament to the average citizen’s ignorance on the matter. While he has not been perfect in terms of the economy, Obama has still managed to actually make progress; which he did, btw, with a largely Republican Congress trying to stall and block every step of the way.

      Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, and Harry S. Truman all reduced public debt as a share of GDP, while the last four Republican Presidents (George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford) all oversaw an increase in the country’s indebtedness. That’s a fact.

    • Also, if you’re another one of those that honestly believes Romney’s faith will not inform him, then you clearly aren’t paying attention. The fact that he even has to play up being religious and oh so “Christian” (because although Mormons have always considered themselves “a peculiar people” before, that cannot be the case now that it wouldn’t be politically expedient), speaks for itself.

      Also, (and this comes an interview done by a Mormon named Joanna Brooks (who even has a blog called Ask Mormon Girl)) a prominent Mormon feminist named Judy Dushku attested to the fact that Romney had consulted “Salt Lake City” regarding what stance he was or wasn’t allowed to take in his quest to become governor of Massachusetts. Apparently, she heard he was taking a pro-choice stance in Massachusetts; and as a Democrat, feminist, and fellow Mormon, she went in to see if she could work for his office. According to her, this is how their dialogue went (because she wanted to understand his stance better):

      Romney: “Yes, I’m definitely for choice”
      Dushku: “Great, we agree on that.”
      Romney: “In Salt Lake, they told me it was okay to take that position in a liberal state.”
      Dushku: “That doesn’t make me quite as happy. I’d rather know you really believe it.”

      Not to mention that he has said he’s apparently made a decisions “on the merits”, and then “prayer had changed his mind” before.

      Do you want to know about the Mormon church and whether or not they’ll attempt to influence politics? Look at Prop 8 in California, and how their church galvanized their members to push the legislation. Provo, Utah’s newspaper, The Daily Herald also has recent news stories/articles about a new MTC (Missionary Training Center) that the church had been trying to push for, despite protests from some in the neighborhood that is surrounded by Brigham Young University. Read about how they had church/ecclesiastical leaders extended “invitations” to the members who had been protesting, and what happened in that situation. And then ultimately (just 1 day ago in fact), probably largely due to the negative reactions to the controversy of their involvement at this point, the church has now miraculously pulled back on their plans for the building.

      So please…. Don’t tell me that the Mormon church tries any less than any other religious organization to influence politics (in fact, they’re probably better at it than others), or that there is no evidence to support Romney’s reliance on his faith and his organization in terms of his politics; because that is an outright lie.

  142. Am From Ethiopia. I know this has least to do with me than you guys!! But, what i don’t get is that why do Americans Vote for the candidates? I mean at the end, the Electoral Collage is the one that votes on who gets to be the President!! That is why mostly the President sees no obligation to the people who voted coz He has other priorities than the average American!! He must give back money to the people who elected him to get power!!! There are no Democrats and Republicans!! There are only Layers and thief!! I really don’t get the American people and their way!! Another reason is that when one elects the president, one expects what he said will come true!! The reason why Obama didn’t achieve what he said out to do is that The same people who elected Obama elected those ass hole Republican senators and Representatives!! I mean is it that hard to understand that the President and the senators must have same ideas about most things? Why would u elect someone with a different ideology with the President???? hu? Do the math!! Blame your selves!!

    • Ma’am I am from Africa too, however unlike you I understand american politics. The American people still have a voice and unlike your war torn country, we don’t let dictators like Haile Selassie run us over. If you don’t understand and would only vote for Obama because he is black please shut your ass up and high tail it back to Ethiopia.. We don’t need idiots like you disturbing the peace. And please learn English grammar and punctuation before commenting on a forum… ????? abiy.

    • Abiy: Nice to hear from you.

      The Electoral College is an odd institution. I don’t know of any other country that has one. It was instituted at the beginning because the Founding Fathers didn’t really know how their “experiment” in democracy was going to work. So they thought if people elected “electors,” then things would be more civil. Also, it was meant to help maintain the power of the states, since the “electors” are from every state.

      The Political Parties are also a problem, as you suggest. They are two groups who fight back and forth for power, but it is really the power they want, and if they really solve problems, they will have fewer “issues” to run on. That’s why we really need to allow at least three or four parties to be heard from–so it’s not just a back-and-forth of the same people in power.

  143. There was alot of speaking of what should be done to our country..when will there be a change? An actual change? Obama speaks of Savings and the other speaks of taking from others and then taxes are spoken of as well. Although, I am a Professional Worker, I cannot afford to pay anymore taxes, I don’t even have a home. Our Government is living rather well, that will always be a target. Leave the people of America alone. Why can’t the Senate and other High Government Officials carry the torch for once. It is not fair, they can’t say that they are hurting with us. When they are able to do what they want and travel happily wherever they want. Meanwhile, several Americans like me and the rest are trying to figure out how we and our kids will eat, get clothes for our kids and when a job offer will be extended, etc. To me, this election is many promises can be made but, the President is not the only one who can say and sign. There are other in the Senate, Government that also say, yes or no. When everyone else in the Government is all in one page and can agree on the well being of our Countries future then speak to me and I’ll listen. Im tired of hearing promises that aren’t kept. Understand THAT

    • Manman: What a COOL question!

      Smiling, shaking hands, mugging for the camera:
      (candidate a): “Smile it up, goofball, you’re going down.”
      (candidate b): “[ha, ha] I slept with your wife last night.”
      (candidate a): “I thought you preferred little boys.”
      (candidate b): “[ha,ha] I hope you die on your way home.”

  144. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

    And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. 2 Timothy 4: 3,4

  145. For me It’s not a matter of who represents what party or what they’d do about our countries economic issues. But I believe it should be a matter of who has the correct beliefs in the Lord and how they’d apply it to the “new aged” America.

    • WHO CARES WHAT RELIGION THEY ARE?!?! It shouldn’t matter what god they believe in or if they don’t. It should only matter that they care about our country, and what they will do to help our economy.

      • Do you believe in GOD? It starts out with believeing in out heavenly father and applying HIS qualities to action to help everyone, period. Knowing the truth, will set us free. Doing what’s right, will set us free. Loving one another as your neighbor, having everyone carry out a balance effect, will be delivered with greatness.

        • Darlene that is ludicrous, Goverments should operate on what is best for the people not based on the fairytales of an outdated, barbaric and ultimately fabricated book.

      • I agree and i am onley 13. I know the barberic idea of there being ONE god is ludicrous. If somebody doesnot belive in that god they go to hell and burn for all eternity is even MORE ludicrous! I belive religion should not be a huge part of the presedential election, we need to vote for who can do good for america and not just vote for who says they belive or dont belive in god.If i knew someone was going to do good for america even if they were a satanist i would vote for them. WAKE UP GUYS !!!! i cant vote because im 13 but YOU CAN!

        • Aurora… You need some help with spelling 🙂 but I think you have the gist of it. So young and yet so “wise”… at least among these posters! “And a little child shall lead them.”

      • Can someone please tell me were the seperation of church and state is located in our constitution or any other documents writen by our so called founding fathers.
        I know our country was founded on Christianity so why would they exclude themselves from a government they actually founded ?

        • It is found in the first line of the first amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

          Have you ever read the constitution?

        • Rex:

          That has been a mater of debate since the Founding.

          I think the clearest PROOF that the Founders believed in SEPARATING church from state is that NO WHERE in the Constitution, and NO WHERE in the Bill of Rights will you find the words God, Jesus, Christ, Creator, or any euphemism for God. The ONLY place any such word appears is in the DATE (“year of our lord”).

          That doesn’t mean we’re an atheist country. It just means that the Founders were VERY careful not even to use terms like “God-given right.” While using such poetic language throughout, that HAD to be intentional.

          Basically, their attitude is “Believe what YOU want, but leave me the f*ck alone.” [Probably not exactly in those words.]

        • Glynis did explain this aptly, but there is actually an answer. Remember, our founding fathers came here for religious freedom. The Church of England and the government were nearly synonymous. Jefferson wrote a letter in reply to a concerned friend in Virginia about this issue. The phrase is found in that letter, wherein Jefferson assures his friend the intention of the first amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” is to keep the government out of religion, and was not meant to preclude religion, God, or faith, in the government.

          Now, we see how this idea has been twisted, and is used as a ‘law’ to prevent us from mentioning God in school, lest we offend someone, or posting the Ten Commandment, or putting a cross on a grave. Our fathers did not intend this.

          • Chef:

            I totally disagree. The Founding Fathers were VERY careful about EVERY word they put into the Constitution AND the Bill of Rights.

            You will NOT find “God,” “Jesus,” “Allah,” “Yahweh,” “Buddha,” or “Joseph Smith” in the Constitution. You will not find “Creator,” and the ONLY time they used “Lord” was to tell the date:
            “Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven.”

            This was not an error. This was not a mistake. This was not an oversight. This HAD to be intentional. The Constitution is a document outlining how HUMANS should deal with other HUMANS, and it is clear that they saw government as how HUMANS will deal with other HUMANS–without dictating Crosses or Crescents or Stars of David or Magic Underwear.

            I think their attitude was clearly, “believe what YOU want, but leave me the frick alone.” That’s what freedom is all about.

            • Dear Goethe Behr,

              Thank you for taking the time to comment. I stated this rather poorly, and I am grateful you helped me see my error. When I mentioned the Church of England and its relationship to the English government, I meant to say, this is where they came from, and they did not want this model. They did not any specific church or religion to have sway in our government. Today, when we think of ‘religion,’ we generally think in context of a certain denomination. However, I meant it in the sense of spirituality. I believe you are correct in that they did intend for separation of church and state, as in any specific church or denomination; however, all of the founding fathers were deeply spiritual, (although I think one was agnostic); most people were during this period of time. If you will read their personal journals, biographies, or certain books about the framing of the constitution, in their own words they were, ‘guided by Almighty God.’ By reading their own words you get a deep sense that they felt the discovery of this country, the framing, and the revolutionary war efforts were supported by God.

              Now, whether you agree with their position is not the issue. If you choose to mock their beliefs, that is certainly your right as an American citizen, just as it is to burn the flag, the very symbol of that right and freedom, ironic as it is. I think that in memory of their sacrifice, along with honoring the flag, and the constitution, we must exercise tolerance. Don’t mock simply because you don’t believe the same way. If my child’s teacher wanted to teach some Jewish songs about Hanukkah, as a Christian, I’m not offended by that. I celebrate the learning and appreciation of other cultures.

              That was my point

            • Chef:

              I only object when people want to turn over the government to the Christian Mullahs we have here.

              While I am sure that the Founding Fathers had “Christian” morals, I think it’s pretty clear that they did NOT think religion had a place in politics of any kind–evidenced in their VERY careful exclusion of ANY religions reference in the Constitution OR Bill of Rights, and their back-handed reference to “Nature” in the Declaration. These were not stupid men. They were both brilliant and circumspect.

              Jesus said you should not make a big fuss about religion, after all. I should think “Christians” should listen.

          • Thank you chefoftheyear, you are correct. Let me further add that, the term “Church and State” was derived by lawyers and the court system. Our founding fathers did not intend to completely do away with religion in government, just that our government Will NOT create ONE relegion for all. This is a country founded by Christians on behalf of the ONE true GOD!

  146. I’ve been reading the comments on this site and for the most part it seems as though no one is actually thinking in an intelligent manner.
    YES, I am an American, born and raised. I am 52 years old and I have lived under different Presidents, of BOTH parties.
    That being said, the biggest problem is PARTIES. Everyone is afraid of making up their own mind without the permission of their select party. Come on, NEITHER of the parties have an answer to the problems in this country.
    We need jobs!! We need them here, not outsourced to different countries. It is not now, nor has it ever been, this country’s obligation to supply jobs to ANY country except this one. We have millions of people that would happily answer a phone or do “shit-work” that seems to find its way overseas instead of here in America. It’s cheaper, correct? Well, how about getting unions under control,not forcing health insurance coverage responsibility onto employers, hell, even giving companies that keep the jobs in the county the tax breaks instead of allowing and even encouraging them to send the jobs elsewhere.
    We need health care? Yeah we do. But more than that we need the medical cost to come down. There is no reason to pay over $200 for one x-ray of your wrist! NONE. I understand wanting to make a profit, but damn, quadrupling your cost is more than making a profit. The cost of one doctor visit is upwards of $65 AT A SUPPOSEDLY FREE CLINIC. Why?? It cannot possibly cost that much to have your blood pressure, weight and height recorded before you speak to a doctor. And NO ONE’S time is worth that much. Perhaps we need to re-evaluate the amount of money Doctors and other medical professionals make.
    Balance the budget. Yup, needs to be done. But, if I’m not misinformed, the more people we have working, the more taxes are paid. The more taxes that are paid, the closer to balancing the budget. NOT that jobs alone are going to fix that mess. We also need to stop “loaning” money to other countries. Especially when they have a disaster. Before you get all huffy, let me explain. We have had disasters here within the confines of this country. More disasters than we are willing to admit. WE don’t help OUR OWN!! How the hell can we possibly think of helping others when we leave our own with no help, no hope and no way out?? Increase taxes on those companies that make the most, that especially means the oil/gas companies and the companies that outsource their work. MAKE THEM PAY FOR BETRAYING OUR COUNTRY!! If we are going to give tax cuts, give them to the common man/woman that is working everyday to try and improve their own and their families lives. LOWER EDUCATION COST!! Keep in mind that NOT all children are the same and they sure don’t learn the same. STOP STANDARDIZED TESTING!! Assist the schools that do not have up-to-date education materials and supplies. STOP paying PAST PRESIDENTS, senators and congressmen!! IF YOU RETIRE FINE, but that doesn’t mean you need to have us pay for everything including your postage!! Last year we paid over $3 MILLION dollars for the three living ex presidents!! That doesn’t include their wives expenses, either!! It’s not like they don’t get paid for doing speeches and such, Clinton earned over $10 million and George W. Bush over $15 million LAST YEAR. Think “retired” presidents should have to live on Social Security?? I DO!
    Just my thoughts, and hopefully the thoughts of some other Americans.

    • Teri: Actually, we’ve had a lot of discussion about the failure of the two-party system, and how we desperately need at least one additional party. Also, the debates should include any candidate who qualifies to be on enough state ballots to get 270 electoral votes.

      We’ve had a lot of horse race talk, but a good deal of it has been about strategy and commenting on how things seem to impact the public. Only a few of us seem to be drones for one candidate or the other.

    • Teri,

      I completely agree with you!!! Everything you said is what I couldn’t put into words and I am glad you did, especially about the health care stuff. Why does it cost so much? Why doesn’t the goverment regulate the costs instead of giving me socialized healthcare? My daughter recently had tubes put in her ears, her surgery lasted less than 10 minutes, but costs close to $2,ooo? why? I also have taken my child in for a MRI after a nasty fall and bump on the head, 1 x-ray cost us $1400 hundred dollars, even with insurance we paid $500. My mother had appendicitis (sorry if spelled wrong) $20,000 for that surgery, with her insurance she still had to pay over $8,000. She is a widow, living on social security…there is no way she will ever be able to pay that off in this lifetime. It seems like they can charge us whatever they want and expect us to pay it because it involves our health. Maybe I just don’t understand the whole picture, but it seems like doctors and pharmasutical companies are way overpaid!! Every doctor I know lives in a big house on the hill with more money than he knows what to do with. It just boggles my mind!!!

      • me and Teri,

        The cost I believe has alot to do with recouping non payment for services, that’s where the illigal immigrant problem comes in, also health insurance too expensive so alot of people end up not paying their bills. Still I do not believe in Government run health care

      • So your daughter’s surgery cost less than 3 new 64GB iPads. Really? Trained medical professionals, high tech equipment, sterile environment, all of whom have student loans, all of whom have to afford malpractice insurance, all of whom have salaries and insurance themselves, with all the administrative paperwork that needs to go with it, and it was less than 3 iPads?

        • Sheila,
          Yes, they have loans to repay,etc, but what is the point of the ipad? Who the heck has three ipads? I, and apparently others, don’t even have one. The cost of electronic items are not relevant. I only own what I feel I need to keep myself gainfully employed and in touch with my family. $2000 is a lot of money for a lot of people. I wish I could say I have a savings with that much, or more, but I don’t. Like many, I live paycheck to paycheck and a $2000 bill can be devastating.

      • me,

        First… an MRI is not an “X-ray”. The reason health care costs what it does is because of all the people who simply don’t pay for their care. Of course there is a book’s worth of technical reasons that break it all down… but, in the end, it really just amounts to the fact that paying customers take up the slack of non-paying customers.

  147. Well, I am a conservative, but I will admit that Obama is a good speaker. I just wonder how 50% of the country could be duped by him. Apparently the 50% that votes.

    • I am very pleased by this website and how some people respond to these debates. Just like most of you, I do not believe that political parties should dictate what election result must be. Before even I go down to Democrat or Republican, I must find out if a candidate (an individual) is qualified to be a president of my country or not. I agree that President Obama is a good speaker; however, as far as completing the tasks and promises that he made 4 years ago (“Yes, We can”), he failed! Regardless of his party, Democrat, he should not be a president anymore. as an engineer, looking in every company that I could have worked in and now the company is relocated from California to Costa Rica, I can promise the democratic plans are not working, or at least won’t work at this moment (BTW, I am not Republican nor Democrat). Taxing big companies (2% Wealthiest) doesn’t do good for us (BTW, I am still student and poor as sh..). We lost all our professional careers over India, China, Philippine, Costa Rica… On the other hand, Romney seems to be alert and smart about the economy. His plans seem to be more realistic or at least don’t drown the whole nation like the Obama Health Care does.

  148. my thing is you can create 300 million jobs but in the end you will still have people unemployed no one thinks about nor talk about the convicted felons that are really trying to work and provide for there families most real jobs will not hire them and about education we need to step it up to advanced learning last but not least we shouldnt have to pay high anything that is healthy educational or protection of our country the government should want the healthiest smartest and most protected

  149. I completely agree with you Teri. As a student I sometimes do not understand what the standardized tests are on, but that may just be that I am in an 9th/10th grade class when I am an 8th grader.

    • Jonathan K: If you are an eighth grader, you’re quite advanced to even be here. Congratulations, and welcome.

  150. If we lowered and put a ceiling on gas prices, it would turn our economy around so fast. We must lower gas prices and we can. The big oil companies are controlling our country and the world.

  151. Taxes: Lower them for all middle class, actually there is no middle class any longer, it’s just lower class now!! We’re either on unemployment or out of unemployment living on streets because there are no jobs!! I can understand giving a family a tax break on taxes, but what about the single person? There are so many divorces now that there are more singles now than married! So why not be fair with the single’s tax break at tax time too? Singles are supporting themselves, married couples without kids have two incomes! The richer class should have to get taxed more, it wouldn’t kill any of them to give a little more to get us out of this mess a little faster!!

    Social Security: Lower the age to 62 to get FULL benefits since we’ve already earned our portion anyways. The younger generation would have those jobs we retire on to build their future and America faster too!! Raising the Social Security age to 72??? What are you nuts, God, half of us aren’t going to make it that far with the stress this economy has us in!!!

    Health Coverage: Teri, I agree, why do we have to pay so much for our premiums that only leaves us a huge bill anyways??? First it’s the premium that is high, then walk in the doctor’s office and pay a large co-pay and then when it’s done and over, get that huge bill in the mail!!! What in heck did the insurance pay??? The doctors (like lawyers) get to charge their ‘OWN’ prices and get rich off all of us!!! Their charges definitely need revamping!! LOWER!!!

    Helping other countries: That totally needs to STOP!! Our country is in such a hurt and everyone is feeling it every night they go to bed!!!! Our people come FIRST!!! We keep borrowing and borrowing and loaning and loaning and pretty soon we’re going to be called “Americhina”!!!!!

    Salaries on the hill: Yea, look at those salaries being paid !! The American people are paying those salaries while the Americans are on unemployment (have to pay taxes even then)…why is it they all get huge raises each year????? Why is it their retirement is more than one American can make in a life time??? While we all sit down to our peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner, we’ll think of how we paid for your cooked, served fancy dinner each night!!!

    Military: We don’t need our military cut back on any more…we’re already tolerable enough to be demolished!!! Our military is our strength we only have left. And they need help when they get home too…not ignored like they’ve been!!!

    Welfare System: That definitely needs revamping!! That has totally got out of hand!! That needs to have more CONTROL. It was mentioned some states have considered drug testing before getting a check…YES, we have to get a drug test to get a job..fair is fair. Then we work for that money to pay those who don’t want to work!! Don’t get me wrong, there are mothers, families out there that really need it, but there are alot of them that are taking advantage of that system!! Years ago they had representatives who went to the people’s homes to check on them once a month…that went right out the window!! That’s when the welfare system went to hell. Most of these ones who don’t want to work, got welfare to pay for their drug habits and most of the time the kids go hungry because of it…when is someone going to get welfare in order again to help this mess????

    This is the only way to describe this mess we’re in….America we’re going down like the Titanic!!! Excuse me, about 75% of America have already hit the bottom of the sea!!!!

    I’m sick of hearing all these PROMISES…promises that never happen!! We are in deep deep trouble and we need someone with some back bone to get this all back on top!!!! We need America back!!!!! We need someone with a HEART, NOT ONE WHO IS ONLY THINKING ABOUT THE PRESTIGE OF BEING PRESIDENT!!!! FOR ONCE, DO SOMETHING!!!!! Bring this Titanic back up!!!!!!!

    • I think this is in agreement, or perhaps just a randomly placed rant. Middle class, non existent or at least wrongly defined. If any family considers $250K per year middle of the road, there’s a lot of hard realities you’re missing out on… I recommend you drop down to less than 100k with 2 working adults….. Healthcare…Sure use government buying power to drive down costs. Patients are customers, don’t forget that. Patients have a duty to be informed if the doctor or insurance provider is shady, get rid of them and find something or someone worth your hard earned dollar. Consider buying healthcare like hiring a lawyer or buying a car. If your car is repoed or totaled, the sales person won anyway. If you go to jail or get convicted, the lawyer is paid regardless. If you die or get sicker, the doctor gets paid anyway. Free enterprise applies to medicine as well, get the most bang for your buck and make sure you always have the right to choose who gets your cash. Only in America do we select ms america from 50 candidates and the president from 2… So stupid…We’re voting for the biggest crook… Welfare…Work or starve..Got kids? No worries, the state will take them just a little better than you. Planned parenthood? Sure, if you can’t support yourself, be sterilized, why put anyone else through your misery? Pay and pensions for elected officials…They should work for free and have no pension, it is public service after all right? Requirement to be elected for any public office should be compulsory military service…You no fight, you no president, congressman, etc…. Then if you cut defense spending, I agree… Social security…Keep your commitments, if you make promises keep them. If something needs to change, make new promises to those whom you have not made commitments. If you’re not going to give me social security, stop taking my cash… Foreign trade…. use the rest of the world…that’s what we’re good at. Buy cheap shit from other countries and turn it into gold here at home, but don’t sell it back to BRICs countries. Sell it to other losers and make out.. Taxes…Please, leave them alone…We know uncle sam will get his cut either way. No raising, no lowering… Cut costs…Make me feel good about what you are doing with my cash!!! Deductions? Poor people should get them, and rich people should not. Deductions for business? Sure…You hire people, you pay less, you get rich you pay more. Religion…Get it out of your mouth, people believe what they want to. If they need a pastor, they will write theirs in, otherwise be a wise business person and manage our money wisely.

  152. When I graduated high school the government wasn’t even in the top ten suppliers of jobs in the United States. Ten years after I graduated the government was the number one supplier of jobs in the United States. Now the U.S. government supplies more jobs than all the companies and corporations combined. And all the libs in this country think corporations want to monopolize and control everyone. This government has grown completely out of control and is ineffective in almost every category. We go around the world and try and convert everyone else to become democracies and capitalism while we are converting into a socialist nation. How did we get so messed up.

    • Eric:

      If you’re looking for someone to cut government, you probably don’t want Romney, who has been promising everything to everybody, including a horrendous increase in military spending–on things the Pentagon does not even want.

      As for efficiency, there are things that are better done on a public basis. I’m not saying to grow the government, but the goal of free enterprise is to maximize profit–period. It’s ridiculous to call them “job creators,” since their goal is to eliminate jobs, to maximize profits.

      I’m not saying that’s bad. That’s the system we live in. And it is likely that individuals will find different ways of doing things.

      And while I think the government can do some things better, we need to make sure we have strong “whistle-blower” laws, so that government employees will be able to point out inefficiencies or any corruption.

      • Eric you are the man!!!! I wish people could see as clearly as you and I. I too would vote for u if u were running for president

    • im sorry to say that eric is deluded to think america is a socialist state or even close to becoming one . romney is vacuous drone more concerned with victimising those american society has marginalised than actually having any capacity for proactive thinking,

  153. Please Predsidential candidates… Please tell us what your plans are in regards to the abuse of Medicaid! My gosh! I worked the Census 2010 and 98% of people in projects were just waking up around 1:00. Only to get in their care registered in someone elses name so they didn’t lose benefits to go trade their pop at the pawn shops for money to go buy drugs from the drug dealer. Or go to the ER to abuse the hospitals and fake dying for drugs!

    My God if the were to get a job you punish them by stripping everything and putting them in a poverty level nobody can exist. Why not support small businesses and strip some but not everything from them so they can actually make enough at a small business job and maintain a level of survival.

  154. As an interested observer of American politics from the UK, I am always amazed at the way in which the US has deliberately set up a constitution that guarantees American presidents cannot achieve their aims, and nevertheless allows voters to blame Presidents for their failure! Surely it is time to reform the constitution to prevent the situation where decision-making has become virtually impossible?

    • Stuart:

      I think that was the idea. The Founding Fathers didn’t want the country to change with each new fad or fetish. So they did make it hard to get things done. If they’re that important, people should agree, right?

      The problem is not the Constitution, it lies in the hyper-partisanship that the Founders argued against.

      Generally speaking, The United States will do the right thing. . .after we have explored all other options. . .

  155. Stuart: I cannot completely disagree with you. However, as an American, I will say that their is a reason why the president is in the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government. His decisions are final. I myself have several views on what we should do. I am using neither using purely the views of the Democrats or Republicans when I, as an American citizen, give my public opinion: what if, upon graduating high school, everyone without a major disability served twelve weeks in the military. They wouldn’t be in danger overseas, they would be going through basic training. It would teach future generations discipline, which at this moment is desperately needed. Each overwight or obese child would get into shape. Upon graduating the military, those going off to college would get a small scholarship. Those not going to college could either stay in the military or have learned a valuable skill to further their careers, such as engineering. Either way, the unemployement rate would be lowered. Some people may think this is very close to or is socialism. You are entitled to your opinions, and I respect that.

  156. The Lord is the reason we are all here. To feel any different is ridiculous. Taking God out of everything is the reason we are in the trouble we are in. That being said we need to vote for the candidate that has the Nations best interest at heart.

  157. My name is kayla and I believe that obama is the right choice for us to vote for because he has a better plan for our economy, Mitt Romney does not care about the middle class. He only cares about the upper class. He needs to raise their taxes like obama wants to so that the middle classes taxes can be lowered. The rich businesses and people are just being selfish and greedy. The only reason most of them support Romney and not Obama is because they don’t want to pay a lot of money. If they are already rich, What’s wrong with them giving a little more money to the government to help out a little bit. They are going to easily earn the money back. So i want to encourage people to get out and vote for Barack Obama.

  158. I TOTALLY AGREE VOTE BARACK OBAMA. EVEN THOUGH HE HASNT KEEPT ALL OF HIS PROMISES HE NEEDS MORE TIME O AND IN THE NEXT FOUR YEARS IF EVERYONE VOTES FOR HIM HE CAN KEEP THOSE PROMISES. Obama was left with these problem from other president he can not just snap his fingers and make it happen. He needs our help you can not just expect one man to do all of those things and fix everything in 4 years. These problems have been building over decades. Over the next 4 years if we vote for Obama he will fix the problems better than Romney.

    • I have to disagree Kayla. Obama House was majority democrat for the majority of his term, but I’m not saying that is an automatic out. It is all the other things he has done or not done that sealed the deal for me. When he said, “Discussions will be transparent (obamacare), and then it is done in secret. He tells us he created 40,000 new jobs, but a third of those were government jobs, which means they need more taxes to pay them, meaning we have to pay more. He keeps telling us we need a balance budget, but he himself double it.

  159. Goethe: You might want to read the Declaration of Independence because it clearly says, “One nation under God.” You can believe what you want but this country was founded upon Christianity.

    • Sarah:

      With all DUE respect, you are TOTALLY full of crap.

      As I noted, the Founding Fathers were VERY careful to write the entire Constitution AND Bill of Rights with not ONE mention of God, Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, or Buddha. It was a CONTRACT only between MEN (women were considered worthy much later). 😉

      And your statement could not be more false. You “quote” things without ever having read them.

      Here’s what the Declaration DOES say:

      “to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them”

      It relies on the laws of NATURE and doesn’t even say YOUR God, it says NATURE’S God, because the Founders were mostly “Deists,” not Christians. That is, God only dealt with humans THROUGH nature, not on a personal basis.

      Yes, it DOES say men were “endowed by their Creator,” but that was only to justify the concept that men should be considered equal–a radical idea at the time.

      Also, using “Creator” gave us the “authority” to stand up to the King–who was considered the voice of Britain’s God. So we countered the “Divine Right of Kings” with our own claim to knowing EXACTLY what the Universe is thinking and wants. Pretty crafty, I should think.

      I am NOT saying you can’t believe what you want to believe, and I notice that you SAID I may believe what I want–but that’s clearly NOT what you really think.

  160. This is truly disgusting.. To see things such as religion persuade you people to choose a candidate worthy of being a LEADER?!?!?! It’s so sad that it almost makes the whole thing funny. But this is your’s and my future. This should not be taken lightly. Clouded judgement based on your false God is going to be the ultimate downfall of society. Go on praising your rendition of the same story told a thousand times as the world crumbles. At least you wont have to think for yourselves.

    • The world is crumbling because of the immorality of man. Certainly you are not suggesting it is due to God? Your candidate is the most pro-*bortion in the history of the US. Convince yourself that the killing of human life is OK because man has decided it is and disregard the evidence of a small person desperately trying to avoid the tools of his/her destruction seen clearly on an ultrasound. Watch the movie, my friend, then justify your position to elect a candidate that so adamantly supports the destruction of the most vunerable of humans, at any stage of life.

      • My candidate is not on the ballot, but it should be noted that there’s only one Protestant on the ballot this year, plus two Catholics and a follower of a false prophet.

        And while I don’t condemn Romney for following the “false God” of Joseph Smith, I do condemn him for worshiping Mammon.

            • Chef:

              Don’t be embarrassed.

              When I went looking for it, I couldn’t find it at first, even though I had the quote in my head. It seems that newer translations don’t use the term, for some reason. Doggoned kids.

        • You are crazy if you think anyone running for president isn’t in love with mammon! I care if they know how to use mammon! Lol

          • R-R:

            Actually, there are lots of pathetic reasons that humans put themselves into political competition. I think worship of Mammon is probably behind worship of Hubris, and unfortunately, Ares (Mars), maybe a bit of Hermes, but mostly, I suppose, it’s delusions of being Zeus.

            Christians won’t get what we’re talking about, of course, but people like the Mormon Bordom, who has unlimited Gods will get it.

            • Goethe,
              I will have to agree with Hubris! I’ve been following this discussion, I am a republican and also a Christian. But I’m not closed minded and I think everybody is entitled to their opinion. I actually like some of your posts lol (being a republican) and I’d like to hear your opinion on the movie “Obama’s Deception” if you’ve seen it. If not, you may know about the Bilderburg(not sure on spelling) Group control of the presidency and do you think Obama is a puppet?

            • RR:

              Our government is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the corporations.

              All the blather about “regulations” is a smokescreen. Most regulations exist at the behest of one corporation to stifle another.

              Most of the issues are also smokescreens. The candidates scream about issues from abortion to the deficit, but regardless of which candidate gets in there, the do nothing–and the reason they do nothing is as long as we are focused on things like abortion and gun control, we are not watching them shovel the wealth of the nation into a tiny number of hands.

              Surfisher has provided many links about Bilderburg Group. And, yes, sometimes you can see the change in a candidate, when they get in there and are told what they may and may not do.

              As for this election, it’s not about party. It’s about someone like Romney, who has destroyed the wealth of other people–and therefore, the wealth of the nation–and put the money into his hands. He IS the problem.

  161. Guys/Girls I am 15 years old, let me spread a bit of Wisdom. You Weren’t Created by: A Big Bang, you didn’t just evolve from monkeys (if that is the case then why aren’t monkeys still evolving.) You Were Created By A Very Powerful, All Knowing God

    • Very wise 15 year old. The universe is so complex it would be impossible for chaotic mistakes to create what now exists. Evolutionists even admit that there are no transitional fossils/intermediate forms to support their theory. A turtle has always been a turtle. Even British evolutionist Richard Dawkins made the following observation ‘”and we find many of them already in an advanced state of evolution, the very first time they appear. It is as though they were just planted there, without any evolutionary history. Needless to say, this appearance of sudden planting has delighted creationists”‘. Note that many great scientists were creationists: Newton, Pascal, Pasteur, Galileo. These men founded and developed the key disciplines of science. Arthur Compton, Nobel Prize winner in Physics said ‘”Science is the glimpse of God’s purpose in nature. The very existense of the amazing world of the atom and radiation points to a purposeful creation, to the idea that there is a God and an intelligent purpose back of everything…An orderly universe testifies to the greatest statement ever uttered: “In the beginning, God…”. Read How to Know God Exists: Scientific Proof of God.

  162. People!
    Let me tell you a simple history of religion in our country and its influence in our government.
    The first religion to influence America were the Protestants. They fled from England to America to be free of religious persecution. They were a branch of the Catholic church. They found that at the time the catholic church was corrupt so they wished to worship in their own way. When the Catholic church denied the Protestants their way of worship, they were chased out of England. They landed in Holland and lived there for many years. When America was found and the promise of land for anyone who’d pay their own way to get there, the Protestants began to migrate. One famous group that I’m sure (and hope) all of you have heard of are the Mayflower pilgrims. Many of them were Protestants. Now even though many of the founding fathers were not Protestant, many were deists. Deists believed that God created them then left them on their own.

    So YES, our government was influenced by a religion. And NO, our country was NOT FOUNDED ON A SEPARATION OF STATE AND CHURCH!!!!!!! It was founded on the influence of the Protestants. The separation of state and church was not implicated until religious politics were controlling the government. Congress passed the law to keep one singular religion from ruling our country.

    Now can we please stop these religious politics and get back to the debate.

  163. y cant we have two persident huh i think that obama and the other guy shuold both run this and i think it shuold be a show called american persident and see who can sing act and do other stuff and we can cast our votes by cell

    • The Obama lady reminds me of an argument I heard years ago about requiring people to take an IQ test in order to vote. The camera guy asks her why she doesn’t like Romney, “Because he sucks!” Now, there is an intelligent answer. Translation: “He didn’t even try to buy my vote with a free cell phone that is not a necessity.” I heard somewhere there are 16 million people currently receiving this ‘benefit.’ If you are unfamiliar with the Obamaphone, anyone on Medicaid or welfare can receive a free cell phone from the government, (meaning tax payers), with no bill. Here is an example of Obama’s ‘redistribution of the wealth.’

      I viewed a disturbing video clip from ABC News of President Obama speaking with Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Does this trouble anyone? (

      • Chef:

        Actually, “Romney sucks” may be too concise an answer for you, but that pretty much sums it up.

        I gave Surfisher a longer answer than “Romney sucks,” but that was the gist of what I said, anyway.

        As for the old clip of President Obama in Russia, what you don’t realize is that he wasn’t talking to “Prime Minister” Medvedev. He was talking to “President” Medvedev, who was a lame duck, with Putin coming back to the presidency. Clearly, Obama put off Medvedev, since Medvedev didn’t have any power, anyway. The net effect was just to put off ANY negotiation for a year.

        If he had negotiated with Medvedev, he would have had to start over AT THAT POINT with Putin, and Putin would have BEGUN negotiation at that point. It was a very smart move.

        • That’s beside the point. The exchange merely illustrate Obama’s trend of saying one thing and doing another.

          • Chef:

            Dude. Do you want to retract that, before we get into the mile-long list of flip-flops Willard has engaged in? Seriously.

            The Russian example was a matter of putting off Medvedev, because he was a lame duck. If Obama had agreed to something, you might have a point, but he didn’t. He just said, yeah, yeah, sure, sure, we can talk about what you want next year. It was a simple, direct put-off, and deftly handled, I think.

    • Yep, he has a plan for health care that will require working class folks like myself to pay for healthcare for the unemployed and the under employed. This is exactly why he should not win. Why should I or any other working class citizen have to pay for health care for the people who only want things given to them instead of working for the things in life, like they should.

      • Is anyone else aware there is a new tax starting in January which is part of Obamacare. There will be a 3.8% tax on the sale of homes over $250,000. You can check it out on I was talking to a realator who was unaware of this new law, he said incredulously, “What do houses have to do with health care?” “My point exactly.” That’s his plan.

        I agree that healthcare needs to be changed in a big way, but Obama’s method is not the way. At least we have the best care in the world. Countries that have moved to socialized healthcare, the ones who can afford it, come to out country for care.

          • That’s funny. I went to the link you provided and here is what it says, I’ll cut and paste it for you: “Mixture of true and false information: False: Healthcare legislation imposes a 3.8% tax on all home sales. True: Healthcare legislation imposes a 3.8% transaction tax on profits over the capital gain threshold.” Further down it states the threshold is $250,000. So, if you sell your home for more than $250,000, 3.8% goes to Obamacare.

   (same link)

            • Chef:

              Nice “cut and paste.”

              Unfortunately, I DID read the article, and let me undo your disinformation.

              You now agree that your main point was a lie: there IS no “tax on real estate.”

              The “true” part of the statement was VERY generous to you. The tax is on CAPITAL GAINS.

              If this is you PRIMARY RESIDENCE, there’s no tax at all.

              AND–the only time it counts is when your **PROFIT** on the house is $250,000. Now then, you may want us to believe that Obama has restarted the housing bubble, making us all rich. I don’t think so.

              THEREFORE, it is VERY unlikely that you’re going to get a $250,000 **profit** at all. BUT in case you find a sucker to give you more than you paid, then the house would probably have to be worth at LEST TWO MILLION BUCKS.

              But I still don’t think you’re going to find someone to give you a QUARTER-MILLION-DOLLAR **profit** on a house–so the whole premise of your tax is ridiculous.

            • Goethe Behr,

              I don’t understand how you interpret “Mixture of true and false” to mean “Absolutely false.” The tax does exist after all, and even though it won’t effect all us little people, doesn’t make it less true. However, you are correct in that I was completely misinterpreting ‘capital gains,’ as it has been a while since econ class, and for that I apologize to all. This is an example of ‘tax the rich mentality.’

              When I reexamined the law, I, like you, was thinking this law doesn’t make sense. Then I saw the other example. No need for a sucker, it’s called inflation. If you bought a home in 2004 for $300,000, and sold it 12 years later for $600,000, that would be a capital gain of $300,000. The principal home clause applies if you sell your principal residence, and then you may exclude $500,000 from the taxable portion.

              So, I guess we were both incorrect on some points. Hope this clears things up.

            • Chef:

              Because the first line was “mixture of true and false,” but it IMMEDIATELY pointed out that YOUR assertion was 100% false, but the “true” part was that there’s a tax on capital gains.

              As for your fantasy that “inflation” will boost your home’s value and cause a huge capital gain, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

              BESIDES, if you sell your house and buy another, it doesn’t matter, since you primary residence is NOT taxed as capital gains, up to a half million. But it is the PROFIT that is taxed, and if you make a half-million PROFIT on the sale of any home, you know what? I think you SHOULD be taxed on it.

            • Goethe Behr, It wouldn’t let me reply to the last entry for some reason.

              All that is beside the point. The point is there is laws in the healthcare bill no one knows about yet. There is stuff in there which the congress men and woman who voted for it are ignorant of, illustrated by the incredulous statement of former Speaker of the House, Nancy Polosi: “We have to pass it, so we can find out what’s in it.”

            • Chef:

              Your reply is a “mixture of true and false.”

              TRUE–it is true that you never know the repercussions of ANY law until it is in effect.

              FALSE–you fell for the baseless propaganda that home sales as low as $250k would have to pay the tax. As noted, ONLY PROFITS from capital gains would pay the 3% tax, and by “profit,” it’s the amount made in a transaction AFTER costs–so a house would have to be several million dollars to see a $250k profit–and even that is a fantasy in this market. And more importantly, in this case, if it’s a primary residence, it’s exempt, anyway.

              While we cannot know repercussions of ANY law, it is just DISHONEST to claim a result that is patently untrue.

      • The rich, are the people who help out our economy the most, the more money they have the more things they buy, the more people it takes to create those things, therefore creating more jobs, and helping our economy. So why should they tax more on the rich? They deserve their money they earn and it helps everything out.

        • Madeline:

          That is TOTAL malarkey. When rich people get more money, they do NOT go out and buy a car. Their money goes into paths such as highly leveraged derivatives–which don’t help the economy, they hurt it.

          You need to understand Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. People seek what they NEED before what they want, and that means if people of LOWER income levels get money, they will run out immediately and buy things they have put off–even food, in some cases.

          Actually, you are offering the “Demand Side” argument, that if consumers have money, they will spend it. That’s opposite of the “Supply Side” argument that you’re trying to make, which says that rich people are SOMEHOW “job creators.” It’s just not true. The goal and purpose of every company is to produce as much as possible with as few people as possible–that is, eliminate jobs.

          Actually, the argument is not about taxing the rich “more.” It’s just eliminating the tax kickbacks that they keep getting, which is driving up the deficit, without helping anyone, except the tiny few.

          • I like the way you put your argument. It is well thought out. However, I think Madeline still has a good point if you look at it another way. They do spend more money, they have multiple houses, and they probably don’t clean, cook, and do the lawn care by themselves, they hire others to do all that. They go on more vacations, and they eat out more, spending money, putting more money into the economy. You say they don’t create jobs, but just looking at the top 1% income earners (because those are the stats I have) 81% are entrepreneurs, that means business owners, meaning they directly create jobs.

            How do hedge funds hurt the economy? I’m not implying one way or the other, I would just like your opinion.

  164. I guess u can say that Obama and mitt did a good job but I think that Obama should get another chance . he did not do good for u the last couple of years but he said that he will try his hardest to make this 4 years easy Obama is a good president I least that is what I say and always will

  165. Mitt Romney should win because Obama is a freak anticolonizationist. He is a crazy lunatic who blames everything he has done on others. He’s the one that wanted the job. Also the only reason Obama was voted for was because he was black and held up to lower standards than all the other white candidates.

    • Math:

      Yeah, what were we THINKING to be against colonialism in World War II?? And that Revolutionary War nonsense–how distasteful! We were COLONIES and we should have REMAINED colonies.

      And, alao, you’re right, what were we ever thinking when we got rid of Slavery! Imagine what our productivity would be if we paid NOTHING for labor (except for whatever chitterlings we didn’t want, anyway).


  166. ohh well obama won and for the person that said people were only voting for obama because hes black, your simply wrong he is going to do good for our country unlike romney going to run us to the ground. romney doesnt know how to run masechusets, why would he try be president….. ?
    honestly it doesnt even matter hes most likely going to run for president again so for now obama stands tall !

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