Obama/RomneyThe first in the series of Presidential debates between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will be happening tonight at 9pm et, 6pm pt from the University of Denver in Colorado. The debate will be 90 minutes long with a focus on domestic issues. We will have the live stream embedded so you can watch the debate right here on this page.

Full Video: Oct. 3 Debate Full Video

Air Time: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 @ 9pm et / 8pm ct / 7pm mt / 6pm pt

Channels: ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and more including CNN Espanol and others

Moderator: Jim Lehrer (Host of NewsHour on PBS)

The debate will focus on domestic policy and be divided into six time segments of approximately 15 minutes each on topics to be selected by the moderator and announced several weeks before the debate.

The moderator will open each segment with a question, after which each candidate will have two minutes to respond. The moderator will use the balance of the time in the segment for a discussion of the topic.

Following the broadcast, we will have the full video of the debate available for viewing. Check back for links.


  1. The “debate”: Give ’em Circus and bread.

    (As bread gets shorter the Circus must get bigger….)

    • I don’t know much about Gary Johnson, which is exactly why I agree with you! This country should stop being a 2-party country. There should be EQUAL maximum advertising allowed by law, and no one candidate or party could legally exceed the advertisements of another. This would instantly and simultaneously change campaign budgets, enforce equal airtime for each candidate or party so we the people can make more-informed decisions, and finally it would drastically disturb and potentially disrupt manipulative campaign funding! If you can’t do anymore advertising than allowed by law, then it doesn’t make sense at all to bow to investors with self-interests and morbidly selfish motives.

      • This is so true!! How can they expect people to make logical decisions when voting, when you only hear about two of the candidates, if it were a law [campaign time and funds] then the election would be fair for both parts – the candidates and the voters. Most American citizens [adult] can’t even name six of the forty{ish} parties.

    • Gary Johnson will be let in when he polls high enough to be let in. There are rules to who is in the debate, because otherwise everyone would be in.

      • A candidate can’t reach the numbers required when they are not in the polls. Any candidate that is on enough ballots to conceivably win enough electoral votes should be included. I believe that would currently be 4 candidates.

      • No, one the only rule should be if you are on enough state’s ballots to win. Right now there are only four people qualified: Obama, Romney, Johnson, and Stein. So everyone would not be let in.

  2. A poll today says that 51% think Obama will “win” the debate, and only 29% think Romney will “win.” Two to one. So if Romney is not totally blown off the stage, he will surprise almost 3/4 of the people. And the horse race will get tighter.

  3. never trust polls in my opinion. considering it only polls a few thousand people versus the millions. Just have to see on election day.

    • I am a little wary, since polls need to say if they are reporting on general public, registered voters, likely voters, etc.

      However, here’s the difference between polls 21 days before the election and actual results:

      National Presidential Polls:

      1972 – Wrong by 0.9% – Favoring REPUBLICANS
      1976 – Wrong by 0.6% – Favoring DEMOCRATS
      1980 – Wrong by 7.2% – Favoring DEMOCRATS
      1984 – Wrong by 0.6% – Favoring REPUBLICANS
      1988 – Wrong by 1.5% – Favoring REPUBLICANS
      1992 – Wrong by 1.0% – Favoring DEMOCRATS
      1996 – Wrong by 5.1% – Favoring DEMOCRATS
      2000 – Wrong by 3.2% – Favoring REPUBLICANS
      2004 – Wrong by 1.0% – Favoring DEMOCRATS
      2008 – No Error 0.0% – Favoring NEITHER

      Most of the “errors” are well within the stated “margin of error” expected. Obviously, 1980 was off due to the fact that so many people didn’t make up their mind until the last minute that year.

  4. Like it’s going to change the outcome. Americans love debt and I can give you about 53 trillion reasons why. (53 trillion dollar figure is what Americans owe to various financial institutions) Then there is the national debt and unfunded pension funds

    So either way, Obama or Romney, Americans will get what they want most, more debt, much more debt.

    • Hello sir, no offense, im not questioning your intelligence. im a researcher, i want to know how did you get your statistics from. again its for purely educational reason and for my own fact finding mission. if im not aware of something id like to know about it from someone who knows it with proof. im not saying you are wrong, its just recently in my research i found things which kind of turned my whole conception of the economy. you figure, do not exactly reflect my findings. however your claim(may not be literally) tends to be consistent with my research. my findings show our debt is much more than what is shown.
      email: [email protected]

  5. This debate has all the makings of a showdown at the OK corral!!! Whereas the middle class will be debating the upper class that has much more to lose unfortunately money will not win this race,

    • upper class middle class? hey moron. obama is unqualified and come the evening of nov 6th watch the red state crush you democrats for ever

        • Agreed. All of the other posts that I have read here so far are tasteful and thought provoking. Yours is an ugly contrast to the dialogue. Please keep it to yourself.

      • I agree with Evelyn and Gray, people who use that language are actually in a frantic state, we all know who the m—n is!!!

      • i have a dollar bill on the back it says In God We Trust……………….do i need to make any further comment………

      • Hey, red states suck up tax money from the blue states. Crush us, and what’re U gonna do?

        I assume some of this relative impoverishment has to do with the miserable state of intellectual development and prevalent backwards thinking that’s endemic to this benighted red-hued portion of the USA.
        People who think Obama is the antichrist.
        People who deny global warming is happening.
        People who think evolution is a conspiracy against that old time religion.
        People who think religious freedom means freedom to impose their religious views on other people
        People who are still fighting the civil war.
        People who think God sent Katrina to punish gay people in New Orleans.
        People who are too damn interested in who sleeps with who.
        People with a higher divorce rate than the blue states.
        People who think they ought to control a woman’s uterus.
        People who get all their info from Faux News.


        • 100% with “Cogito”. Lol and i like how the person that was name calling shut up after everyone jumped on him/her. That gives me hope that there really are nice people in this world filled with hate.

        • Ha ha ha ha ha ha

          Once again, I live in Texas, where Perry, the man who wrote the book “FED UP”, has single handedly lead our state from prosperity to a budget with 65% based on federal aid. Agreed. People hate government aide, but most people work at jobs where at least a month of every year they work is paid via government subsidies.


        • Faux news lol lol lol lol

          All we watch is faux news. We have no news. We are chickens without heads.

        • Yes, and it’s called “Bible-B-E-L-T” and what it derived from.

          Unquestioning obedience to authority and dogma always results in corrupt businessmen.

          Think rationally and be free.

  6. Unlike John Elkington, I’m still holding my breath and expecting to see the climate change agenda playing an important role in tonight’s debate between Obama and Romney. This is the final stage of the US presidential elections and a serious domestic policy can not afford anymore to leave the climate change agenda out of sight. Let’s hope candidates show us it doesn’t.

    • typical dizzy left wing woman. emitions and no common sense. volcanos cause more environmental damage than your imaginary climate change. you and obama will have to go back to the streets and begin to organize again after november 6th. why are liberal women so small in mind and large in belly?

          • “and cows produce more pollution than man”

            And who domesticated/propagated cows? Agriculture is a human creation so environmental impacts of agriculture can be attributed to humans.

      • Typical right wing fool. The style, punctuation and grammar of your own response reveals your own ineptitude. Its not about the comparative magnitude of possible change, its about constant and new change. Why don’t you stop feeding your own ego and leave the science to those who know how to interpret data. While your at it you could also leave insulting people to those who can adequately articulate themselves.

        • The one rule of being a grammar Nazi: do not make grammar mistakes in your post about someone’s grammar mistakes.

          “While you’re at it you could also leave insulting people to those who can adequately articulate themselves.”

          The more you know. Also…

          How’s my grammar? Call 1-800-Let’s get back to the issue.

    • Seriously? Global warming? Maybe if 12 different countries weren’t trying to blow up US Embasseys right now, things would be so warm for you sweetie. But as long as the oceans don’t rise and you have free birth control to have your “free love” with the other tree huggers, life will be good? Grow up!

      • What’s wrong with free love? What’s wrong with trees?

        Also, there are no countries trying to blow up US Embassies (correct sp). Certain fanatics and fanatic groups may have a strong anti-American attitude, but we’re not at war with any countries.

        Finally, life is good! Enjoy it while you’re alive.

      • Either you provide birth control to those who cannot afford it, or you pay for the babies that they have and cannot afford. These children end up on welfare and the state has to take care of them until they are 18. Not to mention, these children need schooling, reduced lunch, and health care. All of this would be paid for by the state. I would much rather pay for someone’s birth control, then have more children with parents who don’t want them.

        People are going to have sex no matter what. Giving them a way to stop making everyone else pay for it is well worth the small amount of tax dollars.

        • Stop giving them money for having more babies, and the babies will stop. As for giving them cotriseption, most health clinic give away condoms (The most effective form of birt control other then abstanace) Unless you are going to give them a month long birth control shot when they get their “Im to lazy to work check” (Not talking about single parents trying to goto school and better them selves), what makes you think they are going to ue it???

          • Tell it Steve. keep borrowing from China and we will have to take on their policies (one child)

  7. Yes either way the country will get more and more debt this is vary true but honestly the country will have to go into a state of “depression” that is the only way to get out of debt because you meted to hit Okk bottom to get a push for the top.

  8. I don’t think people like debt….I believe they just don’t think of it as debt….They like what credit can give them NOW….More like instant gratification or high-fat fast food…..i.e., let someone else take care of my body once I have had the fun of abusing it….

    • ^This guy. We are wired to want that instant gratification, and people don’t understand that you get bigger pay-offs by being patient.

  9. “debate”? More like a 3 ring circus complete with snake oil salesmen. Gonna be jam packed full of things you want to hear. A fake scripted debate with two puppets designed to give the illusion of choice such as coke or pepsi.

  10. Foreign Policy???? What about the ECONOMY? As ussual a debate on a subject that
    requires the least amount of brain power to argue, and an issue most of us care
    the least about!


    • How about “Quit parroting the garbage sloganeering you hear on Fox (Faux) News”

      Why don’t you sit down and READ a bit – about ANYTHING – from different sources with opposing views. Then MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND. Or (and this is even HARDER), entertain the notion that things are so complex that you have to actually maintain an open mind and some ambiguity.

      “It’s simple.”

      No it isn’t.

  11. I want to hear about the Tar Sands XL Pipeline and them realizing the magnitude of the social and environmental genocide they will commit if they allow this greedy project. I want to hear about gun control, and more precise reforms they need to make like enforced background check. Stop being so vague, policies are enough vague, and US citizens are not the ones on 2008 election. A grass-root movement had grown and we are not anymore a mass of illiterate people, so DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FOOL US.

  12. For Both: Why is it that we seem to have so much money to send to other countries and yet our national debt continues to grow? It seems to me that the government is setting a poor example for our children and how to manage our finances.

    • they are borrowing money to run the country and give to other countries. I don’t think any of the leaders took economics. But my real opinion is they do know what they are doing and don’t care. as long as their pockets are lined and they come out with a very big fat safe retirement.

      • As soon as we take away the pensions of Congress in Washington and put them on Obamacare, perhaps they will start doing their jobs. The founding fathers did not intend for Congress to have permanent jobs….they should have term limits just as POTUS has. The Congress needs to get a “real” job in the working world. There should be PRIDE in the working people. After all, WE pay their salaries. What other “occupation” has the workers determining their pay and pay raises? Not too many.

    • US gives the least amount of foreign aid per capita than any other developed nation. Not to mention alot of it isn’t food or roads or vaccines, but arms. BTW, need I remind you the gov’t was in the black and near balancing the deficit before Bush II. And a nice chunk of the debt you’re worrying about went to give further tax breaks to millionaires. Who’ve had their taxes cut by about 2/3 since Eisenhower. The country is becoming a banana republic, with wealth increasingly concentrated in the hands of an oligarchy – a privileged wealthy class. So foreign aid should be the least of your worries.

      About the 47% who “don’t pay taxes.” Firstly, plenty of them are paying Social Security. Secondly, those who get the earned income credit are working poor. And what this boils down to in part as that real wages haven’t gone up for the average worker at all. But corporate bigwigs’ pay has gone thru the roof (the oligarchs again, taking a fatter and fatter slice of the pie.)

  13. Debates should include foreign policy and national security issues also – would be intersting to see what obama would come up with for responses.

    • We discussed that on another thread. The debates are run by a commission of JUST Republican and Democratic leaders, so they don’t want us to hear from anyone else. Now they are saying that a candidate has to have a 15% rating in the polls to be included.

      Of course, if he were included, he’d soon have more than 15%.

      They’re so afraid of what Gary Johnson has to say that the Republican Party sued in Michigan to keep him off the ballot here.

  14. Why Cant we have Financial AID for those american citizten that owe more then the homes are worth? all i like is an equal share to become debit free like the banks

  15. Financial Aide??? I say lets abolish taxes, Entitlement Programs and Limit the size of Government to what its supposed to be… If they need money to operate then just use the Tariffs that were initially set up to fund the government. Big Government (OVER REGULATION), Entitlement Programs, and Taxes will be the downfall of this Republic and that’s just what The Man wants.

    • Wow, Johnny. I’m not sure anyone would want to live in that kind of society. I enjoy having police officers, hospitals, cancer research, and many other things that our tax dollars pay for. If you went to college, taxes helped pay off that interest on your Stafford loan. If you have ever driven a car, then taxes helped maintain the roads you were on. Trust me, a world without taxes is not ideal.

    • Oh, yes. Let us by all means use 18th century ideas for 21st century problems. Read a book.

      Why are you using the Internet? It wasn’t around back then.

      By the way, I see you are using capital letters for some nouns, just like they did in the 18th century. What’s that?

  16. Obama will win to run the 14th amendment corporation called the USA, he doesn’t have to be American because you’re not American. You’re European serfs.

  17. Reduce the government; okay does this include the military? We were placed into two wars, not one. I hear one group talking about war with Iran and Syria. Small government should start with NOT going to war. P.s. same folks want to increase military spending 20%.

    • RASCIST!!! What have Muslims done to you??? Some people need to freakin know what islam is to even criticize… Just because some jacked up muslims are terrorists, that doesnt mean all of them are.

    • Obama is Christian…and why should that matter?

      He has been president for the past three and a half years. If he was somehow influenced by terrorist groups, then I don’t think he would have sent those Navy Seals on a mission to kill Osama Bin Laden.

    • Ooo that makes a lot of since! (sic) Re-electing one Christian, notably the more Christ like, over another obviously means that our country is going to be run by Muslims. And of course that would be a terrifying thing because every single Muslim is out to kill all good Christian Americans, but not the Muslim supporting kind that is allowing them to take over the country. Oh and of course “separation of church and state” means that religion should clearly be the deciding factor in a political race, and certainly a much more important factor than intelligence or rational thought.

    • Surfisher: That’s really well done.

      Of course, it would also be entertaining to watch Mittney debate himself. He has at least three stands on every issue.

    • Agreed Bob Dole.

      That stupid little Perot screwed things up for you didn’t he. You warned us about how Clinton’s policies were making America insecure. Tsk tsk.

  18. One of the rules is that the candidates cannot interact. That’s too bad. It would be great to let them go at it. Neither of them are very good in unscripted situations. If they asked each other questions, we’d see how they really are.

    The Lincoln-Douglas debate included CROSS-EXAMINATION and REBUTTAL. Ah, the good ol’ days.

    • Goethe, by the way is a hero of all elightened people.

      Agreed, it is a shame. By Ben Franklin’s ghost we need a good fight.

  19. Today, when a concerted effort is made to obliterate this point, it cannot be repeated to often that the Constitution is a LIMITATION ON THE GOVERNMENT, NOT ON PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS- that it does not prescribe the conduct of private individuals, only the conduct of the government-that it is not a charter for government power, but a charter of the citizens’ protection against the government…. Now consider the extent of the moral and political inversion in today’s prevalent view of government. Instead of being a protector of man’s rights, the government is becoming their most dangerous violator; instead of guarding freedom, the government is establishing slavery; instead of protecting men from the intiators of physical force, the government is initiating physical force and coercion in any manner and issue it pleases; instead of servgins as the instrument of objectivity in human relationships, the government is creating a deadly, subterranean reign of uncertainty and fear, by means of nonobjective laws whoe interpretation is left to the arbitrary decisions of random bureaucrats…” That was written by Ayn Rand in 1962 and still applies today. Forget Romney and Obama…. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!

    • All hail Austria. Gotta tell ya those Austrian Economist are becoming popular again, I do not no know why. Nice though to see large areas at Barnes and Noble selling their books. Thanks Ron Paul

      Ron Paul isnt running. He is already back to being a congressman from Texas. Good guy, repect him, but the only reason he mentions them is the last time he read about Economics was when he was in college back in the 60s when those guys and their archaic philosophies were still taken seriously. It’s like talking to a psychologist about Freud they’ll say all we still follow of his is Fight Flight reflex.

    • Oh and seriously, anyone who quotes Ayn Rand should be kicked in the nuts. I am so sick of hearing about her. I’ve read all her crap, hated them all, and will tell you when I talk about her most people have no idea what she wrote because people only read the cliff notes. I deeply imbittered woman who is scared about facsism. If she were alive today she would be a Democrat. Look at what she stood for, she would not want policies that endear the corporations over the people, that is what Atlas Shrugged is about. In addition, she would also hate the PPACA because it will benefit insurance companies more than citizens. Therefore, while sharing some of the views of DEM, she would more than likely vote third party. That is why Ron Paul likes her, because reading her leads you to him. Duh!

  20. Driving around Sacramento, California today, 10/03/12 running errands all over north, south, east & west side and did not see one bumper sticker or sign for Romney/Ryan but did see lots of signs for Obama/Biden.

    • I’m in Texas Deb, and see more Obama than Romney. Agreed. If we conducted polls based on bumper stickers then we have something.

      • I don’t know what that means. A bumper sticker denotes someone who is willing to permanantly deface their own property for an election that will be over shortly. This speaks more to me of the intelligence level of someone who would do that.

        • What, y’all can’t figger out how to peel of a bumper sticker? Golly gee.

          Actually, it’s the same as lawn signs or wearing a button. But frankly, if one thinks an election is actually important, a little automobile defacement seems worth doing. There are more important things than a shiny car – to some of us.

          All of this signage is aimed at folks that make up their minds based on what other people are doing. So it’s a form of campaigning, targeted at those who are comfortable imitating others. Not the sharpest pencils in the electoral pencil case to be sure.

          • Agreed Cog.

            Honestly, the presidency is a smoke screen to make us ignore Congress. We should have televised debates for important congressional races that might shift the majority to minority.

  21. Think about it…. Empty promises delivered between the Greek columns. Think about those promises…especially to the young people and those yearning for a more civilzed political discourse. Think about all the promised positive change if only this one man was elected. Now think about the young people who were hopeful, the regular folks willing to take a chance on someone they knew nothing about, for a shot of a new and positive way. Now……think of all the ways the one man has kept his promises. Think of how hard he has worked to bring the country closer together, to get money out of politics, to remove race from the equation, to be the most open and transparent administration in history, to end wars and to make us loved and more secure around the world. After all that thinking, what do you think will be the result in this election? Forget the polls. How much passion is there for this one man and his promises and his hope. How many young people and regular folks are hoping for more of the same. And then think of how many people in this country believe in this country….remembering the coming together after 9-11, and love of nation, freedom, and liberty expressed by so many. Think of all that and picture the outcome on November. I bet…..a clean sweep.

    • I wish it was that simple. In my state preachers are openly talking against the GOP candidate on the basis of religion, which is so James Buchanan 19th century of them. (For those of you who are unaware Jame Buchanan started a war with Mormons during his presidency to change public opinion. It backfired.)

      Were there empty promises? Yes, but is there a presidency without them. I wish I could say yes, but even Washington was foreignly entangled and split his advisory cabinet into factions as he warned the nation about “foreign entangements” and “factional differences.” To me that is not the issue.

      The issue today is domestic policy, which under the two presidency theory Barack Obama is a horrible domestic president, yet a decent foreign president. This should be Romney’s win, and if it is close or a win for Obama, I doubt that a Romney win is possible. Please read the commentary by Rush last week when he doubted the GOP can win, and if a loss is inevitable it might be time for a new party.

      • Decent foreign president? Why because he okayed the military to kill Osama? That does not make a decent foreign president, that just makes him competent. Our world standing has falling in the last 4 years. We are no longer seen as a leader. We have seen only increases in foreign entanglements and things are starting to turn for the worse. We have seen numerous anti american demostrations, just had four of our embassy personnel killed in a terror attack and another two agents killed on our border. Syria is slowly collapsing and is getting closer to a regional conflict and not just a civil war. This is good?

        • How about the 300 Americans killed in the Beirut bomb blast under Reagan? It’s not as if any president has control over all this stuff. How about Clinton sitting on his hands while 800,000 were slaughtered in Ruanda. How ready are you to send in the Marines everywhere? (War is good business. Invest your son!)
          What do you think (think! think! try it, even though painful!) should be done in Syria – by us? It’s not the same as in Libya (read the facts, stop shooting from the hip). Even Libya was dicey – it was a tough choice.
          The world is a complicated place. And we don’t know the half of it. I think history will judge Obama. Too soon to tell. It looks like Biden was right – he advised no surge, just go after Taliban as needed. Afghanistan looks like it will be Obama’s Vietnam – of course he inherited it.

        • Yea, thanks for shoving that Osama in my mouth, I don’t remember saying his name. I believe if you say it he appears and does the Avacadava spell.

          Really his efforts in foreign policy aren’t really him, they are primarily via his secretary of state and V-P. The again, talk about body parts in mouth, Joe cannot speak without seemingly dropping Obama’s political balls.

    • Huh? Clean Sweep for who? Who has tried to get the country closer together, be open and transparent, to end wars, to make us loved, to remove race from the equation? I hope you are not referring to Obama. Everyone of these items he has doen the opposite. Are you joking?

      • Mike Buck, watch the knee jerk, because Pitch reads like he has your same concern. As for me, we are both beating our heads on the same wall.

        • I was trying to figure out his point. It was clear at the beginning then became confused near the end.

          • It seems he is step by step trying to convince himself how Obama broke his heart. I was there too, so were a bunch of us. The oldest lie in politics is a promise for change. Now we have FORWARD. What the F is that?

  22. Interesting how the emotions rile up during elections. Very much like the football stadiums so many of us demanded block grants for, got, and then watched our home team get pounced week after week to watch ticket sales amd boosters run for the hill. It is an election, not a competition.

    This being said, what issue do we all want addressed to night at the first presidential debate? (please do not get partisan in your answer, that only means that you fear a loss)

    Keep in mind my lean is towards civic involvement, and for us as citizens to slowly disregard political culture of the Elazar model for the Civic Culture of Rice/Sandburg.

  23. This is no longer a Democratic Republic. If you study your Aristotle, our country is a form of oligarchy. It’s a PLUTARCHY. Imagine that…

    • Agree. Forget Aristotle, what about Pericles? Aristotle was a professor, to Pericles’s politician. Aristotle talked about it and Pericles did it. Thing is America is the first country to attempt democracy. Greece did not truly have one. Their city-states were run by landowners who voted for the governance of the city state. The regular people did not have a legal say in squat. So, forget Greece.

      The founders put Rome, Greece, and Enlightenment, put them into a blender, and squeezed in a bit of deism to add zest. Then waited until the 12th amendment, 1828, 15th amendment, 19th amendment and 26th amendment to actually allow us to vote.

      Now why are we not. Take Texas, where I am from, we had less that 42% of our state participate in the 2004 general elections, when the campaign included one of our own. In 2008 we had a 1.3% increase (called the Obama bump; yea) that still put us at 43% participation. Why do we not have more control? When offered, we would rather not be bothered. We should change the name of our country to the United States of Apathy.

      • Apathy might be a good thing in light of an uneducated populace. It scares me to think of those making decisions concerning our course. You don’t have to agree with me but please have a valid reason for your vote. If you don’t, please stay home.

  24. I find it interesting that the media claims that Romney needs a “knock-out” punch to pull ahead. It’s as if they’re raising the expectation bar of the people so if he doesn’t make his “knock-out punch” they will claim that Obama “won” the debate. Just another example on how the media is backing up Obama.

    • I don’t agree with the liberal bias rhetoric. That is not as true as it is claim. There is a corporate bias, which is a fact based on their share holders. No argument.

      From the sounds of the talking heads, and the Romney camp themselves they are prepared, however, the “conservative” media has started to openly turn their back on Romney, which is absurdist in the worst degree. Not that I am for either, or will ever openly state a stance, I believe you run the horse that brought you to the derby, and you do not shoot the poor thing in the leg right before the race.

      Both candidates have skeletons, and honestly, Romney walks into this thing with a president who is not at all strong in the domestic sphere. This should, technically speaking, be a cake walk for Romney. That being said, Romney has changed his campaign 5 times since the convention, which will easily pidgeonhole him. Give Ryan a few years and he will be a far better candidate.

  25. Me, ten minutes ago: “Oh yeah, the first debate is tonight, great!”
    Me, five minutes ago: “Oh, I guess I’m early. I’ll just scroll down and take a look at the comments…”
    Me, now: o.O

  26. We clearly have had a crisis of leadership in America through several presidential terms now, but people, part of the problem begins at the basic level of education, comprehension of, knowing how to read, write, spell and properly USE the beautiful English language.

    Sorry folks, but the ignorance of some of the individuals posting these comments, the lack of information about current or proposed new policies, about the candidates and just the lack of knowledge about simple spelling and grammar are disturbing enough to me to set off my creepy-meter when I think about these same people voting soon.

  27. Blow off the Barry/Bainboy boredom. The real debate is the Bill O’Reilly/Jon Steward online “Rumble in the Air Conditioned Auditorium” on Saturday. They’ll say a lot of stuff you won’t hear tonight.

  28. Jill Stein is more than qualified to be President, and The Green Party platform is the only political platform that will advance America into better times.

  29. Hey how about we all shut up and watch the debate. I mean seriously we are all here to watch Romney and Obama debate not you fools.

  30. Frick and Frack….But i would like the president to make Romney open up when it comes to women’s rights, abortion, Gay Rights, Same Sex marriage….

  31. Are they going to keep their promises? Why embrace us while you don’t even really care? Why promise us things you don’t keep? Why debate while it’s only either one of you will go ahead and dominate us? Why talking about humanity while all of you put money over everything?

    • And you are sure of this how? I would not necessarily called that being slammed. In my opinion, as of now, both are near a stand-still of sorts.

    • I have to assume you make over $250,000. You should vote for the president that best represents you. If you are not middle class , with no problem supporting your family, balancing bills , increased inflation, then Romney may be the guy best for you. If you are middle class, normal middle class, not just lower higher class, Obama’s plan supports your interests more.

      • Obama’s plan does not support middle or poorer classes at all, infact it will supress any chance the blue collar worker has at the american dream.

        • boy, your analogies sure do reflect reality. *sarcasm* maybe if you could explain yourself instead of spitting out outcomes then you’d get people to believe you.

        • How would Obama’s plan hinder the American dream? Allowing small business to grow, making it easier for people to pursue entrepreneurship , to compete with larger business.Small business may not be the creator of most jobs, in the case of America today , but before big business everyone to an extent was a small business owner, either with a service or product. Big business has done well too , with research and development that small business most likely can’t afford but being dependent solely on the private sector is just as detrimental as being dependent solely on the government. The idea of either being to powerful could be terrible. Right now, the middle class is shrinking , and the reality is that the middle class that still exist is struggling as money flow up quicker then it comes down. I love profit, profit is good , but it’s not being used for more jobs in the private sector because we, the american people, aren’t cheap enough of an expense compared to other developing countries. We can cut taxes for large corporations as well as the wealthy , with the hopes their personal goal is to spread wealth below, but we can’t trust an organization meant to keep as much as it can for the people currently involved , to help with job creation to end the deficit. It is a complicated scenario, and there are many angles.

          The future generations, graduating with debt, with low starting salaries, can not benefit without the help of an entity that doesn’t see people as an expense on revenues , but as an investment for future growth.

          If you have been successful in this country with it’s principles of freedom and tolerance , it is a responsibility,a duty , bigger then money , to help keep it this way.

          Capitalism only works when it has a heart, and currently the government , not by itself that is, can provide that heart that is lost in the heat of remaining most profitable.

  32. So far, Romney appears to be more in control. Has facts and figures at his finger tips. Obama ohs and ahs a lot. Romney as good as said Obama keeps telling a lie even though Romney has refuted it a couple of times, regarding the five trillion figure Obama keeps saying Romney will raise taxes 5 trillion.. Romney says he has said a couple of times, that he won’t.

  33. Can we please find a moderator who is not obviously biased! He should not be allowed to interrupt one candidate and let the other have free reign. UNACCEPTABLE!

  34. I have had four jobs in the last four years and have remained current on a majority of my bills by draining my saving and 401k which was to be a safe haven for my retirement. That is now exhausted. I have not been able to refinance our home because I don’t have enough in savings for the equity deposits now in place by our lending institutions. By trying to remian current and maintain good credit, I have penalized myself and my families future. Those who chose to default have not been held accountable (to a certain degree and I’m simpathetic to certain situations). How can I afford to send my three children to college? Extremely challenged!

  35. What Obama neglects to mention is the impact that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 had on our economy.

    • Two wars, one made over false assumptions that were manipulated by the media, and tax break for Americans! A big mistake.

    • So does Romney, not sure what Obama worships, never see him going to church since he had to leave his church he attended for 20 yrs…

  36. I’m for Obama, but I actually think he blew the first part of the debate, at least with the general public. It’s hard to fight the strategy of “Nuh uh, i’m not doing those things I’ve been saying the whole time, i’m only gonna do good things people like!” Just make up a new stance on the spot, what can the other guy say? lol

  37. the moderator has lost control he cannot just let them keep talking regardless who they are when time is over its over they are not the moderator

  38. Obama is getting cues from Jim, Good stuff. How come do you think Obama is taking so many notes? Hmm? Hmm? Just maybe if he pays closer enough attention he may turn this economy around afterall.

  39. This narrator is anything but neutral…he is letting Obama ramble on while constantly interrupting Romney to cut it short…

    • I completely agree… I just heard the moderator interrupt Romney four times- yet let Obama talk on and on. And talk about rambling… I think Obama talked about education, medicare and the kitchen sink in his 3 minute segment!

    • Richmond Public Schools got back 14,000 dollars this from Cigna because of Obamacare, which was refunded to the teachers.

  40. I think Romney has Obama on the run concerning the jobs. I think Romney is doing very well. Now Obama keeps going back to what happened. He has nothing new. I think Romney’s views are finally coming through.

  41. Why don’t they just take a page out of Scott Walkers book. He managed to balance Wisconsin’s budget even though it nearly cost him his job.

  42. they both lied, the real unemployment rate is over 11.2%. Not below 9%. Don’t trust what they said about numbers. It is only for their own goods.

  43. I think it is funny how according to Romney people relying on Medicare are the “poor.” Lots of Americans rely on Medicare who are not “poor.”

  44. Wow really Romney is going to cut Sesame Street. Now that will fix the economy, higher education issues, student debts, unemployment and the deficit. Excellent idea…..REALLY I say again – WOW he really is a winner!

  45. The number of times a person blinks is supposed to indicate truthfulness. Does Obama ever keep his eyes open?

  46. Why is Obama bringing up issues Romney couldn’t have effected, but, being president, he could have? Like the teacher who doesn’t have seats for her students… That’s a shitty deal, President Obama, why haven’t you done anything about it? And what was Romney supposed to have done about it?

  47. The moderator is letting Obama talk on as long as he wants. The moderator even interrupted Romney to let Obama respond. Then, the moderator told Romney he had a time limit to respond. There’s needs to be a new moderator for the next debate.

  48. This is a substantative “woodshed beating” being delivered by Romney. Sorry, folks. On the FACTS, this is a shutout. On the rhetorical BS (ie: My Grandmother) it may be closer. But, BS walks, money talks.

  49. This is kind of embarassing………..Romney is quite astute…..I am not sure our president is faring well.

    • “Douche” must be defined – by you – as “knowing what he is talking about”. Go learn something. It’s pathetic.

      • Knowing what he is talking about means changing the subject and repeating himself without giving actual arguments half the time. Romney is not a douche, he just needs to “go learn something’ and in this case, how to debate respectfully. That is the candidate you are supporting. ‘it’s pathetic’

    • Yeah, Romney is a douche but he is not a racist. His mentor and consul is not a racist preacher spewing rhetoric about white people. Most of you think it’s not reality that Obama hates whites. You fools will learn the hard way. As Obama said it’s like they haven’t taken the bullet out yet.” Of your Heads”.

  50. Too technical for me. Just don’t let I lose my job, and don’t raise my tax…and a bit of over time will be appreciated. Go Obama!

  51. Amazing how the so called president is shown ALWAYS alone on his 2 minutes and given more time and even questioned by the moderator and Romney is shown with the Muslim American hater, and given less time and interrupted. AH the American way. Every time the Poo Black Boy gives the evil eye to the Moderator, wow he takes action so poo boy can further his lies and deceit. Romney, of whom is not my favorite has wiped up the floor with the Saudi Prince Backer of his Harvard education. Amen to the truth

  52. I agree with you. Obama is not doing well. It is obvious that Romney knows his stuff. Tough changes have to be made. The country was founded on states having their own control. Smaller Federal government

  53. They both make very good points on different subjects. As viewer we should be allowed to vote during the debate on who’s view we like on each point.

  54. The President is blinking so much it looks like morse code. This is a sure sign of dis-ingenuousness. Bottom line is that Obama is a believer in “central control”, at the Federal level. Do you believe that the Federal Government is infallible, and capable of everything-for-everyone? If so, where is the proof?

    Right now, Lehrer is thinking “I have to support the guy on the left – but I’m not sure why”. Nobody with an IQ above 90 could be buying the nonsense coming out of the mouth of the current POTUS. But, he will keep interrupting Romney, as instructed.

  55. Obama, all he did was bring up old facts and figures instead of the answering the questions , just like four years ago. Obama is a master at changing the subject!m all false facts and figures and no clue how to get the economy moving. Mitt is eating his lunch

    • At least Obama gave facts and figures and not misinformation. Romney and gang come up with rhetoric that has no basis in truth and it amazes me that his followers just blindly believe this dribble. Ugh….

  56. What about the young people filing for SSI, SSDI, who are “disabled” and never work again? Ever a follow up?
    What about the vets who have NO services when they return home?
    What about people receiving benefits? Put them to work; clean the parks, the schools, the roads
    What about young females who choose NOT to get pregnant? Why do they have to pay for birth control? – ALL BIRTH CONTROL including the nuva ring, the IUD, should be included, not just pills, should be covered in full by INSURANCE!

  57. This is soooo wrong…. Its like Obama did not do his homework and it at the front of the class like Bart Simpson….

    • What did you expect, really? He’s been doing everything BUT “his job” for almost 4 years. Talk shows and fundraisers are not the same thing as working. He wasn’t qualified when he was first elected, and he’s still not qualified. If you ever needed proof – you sure are getting it tonight.

      • I never needed proof…. Obama never deserved to be our President… If Americans who have never voted in their life, and they have been of age to…. I am sure they voted for a few significant reasons… insignificant to who should be our President 🙂

        • And bush did..wow…Obama is doing a great job, get in line. You will change your mind near future…join the winning team of Obama

  58. I’m not voting for Romney, but this is getting ridiculous. This moderator is awful at his job. He can’t keep anyone in line and he’s showing obvious bias towards Obama. He better not be back next time, I want a fair debate.

  59. There needs to be a change in the government. Romney needs to be President and his plan needs to be in effect because look where Obama took us.

  60. Obama never answers how he can create jobs. Romney clearly has shown that he should lead this country. Only hillbillies and stupid people will vote for GOD-HATER OBAMA

    • I resent you calling people “hillbillies”…..I’m from the south and believe it or not we are not STUPID…..

  61. I think Romney has interrupted the moderator several times!! Romney tells just as many stories as Obama does. But Romney is vague! he says we will do this, and if it doesnt work , we will fix it, and he just seems to go off in dreamland. Seriously? No revenue?? Sorry, I think if you arent careful you are going to choke on that silver spoon.

  62. I am Canadian and six months in Florida(Interested!!)
    The moderator is doing a poor job.
    Can’t he control the speakers?

  63. Romney is just lying through his teeth. He shipped jobs overseas and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth the same as Bush. He killed his dog and he’ll kill the country – we’re on the path to prosperity, let’s keep going. Nobody is going to go bankrupt now because their dad has a heart attack or mom has breast cancer.

    • Are you twelve or something? You are (presumably) watching a debate, and responding with empty platitudes. “He killed his dog”? Hardly. It was in a dog-crate on the roof of his PARENT’s car. Obama ATE a dog. Every dollar Romney has – he has earned. He wasn’t born wealthy. He BECAME wealthy – on his own. Go learn something.

  64. Everything Obama is saying is CONTRARY to his record. He CLAIMS that his plans “will work”, even when they have NOT worked. I’m sorry, but the proof is in the pudding – and we have no pudding. It is almost like he is running against himself tonight, only pretending that Romney is the guy in office.

  65. I am really upset that Jim Lerher could not stop Gov Romney from interrupting Pres Obama and cutting in when it was not his time. He allowed Gov Romney to even talk over him. Jim did not have control as a moderator and I was pretty surprised. BE SURE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN THE NEXT THREE DEBATES. We know Gov Romney is pushy. My niece was at the Univison forum and saw how Gov Romney behaved and caused the channel to retape his introduction! DON’T ALLOW IT AGAIN!

    • NO! Obama has had numerous- over the time limit, uninterrupted segments- yet the moderator interrupts Romney every chance he gets. Completely obvious who he is voting for!

  66. Romney is doing a lot of talking, guessing, and assuming…Easy to talk when you haven’t actually done anything; what’s that you say? Oh, Who got Bin Laden? Who got Equal Pay for Women? Who got Health Care for everyone, who leveled the middle class, bailed out the auto makers, banks, and….so what did Romney do? Check–nothing but talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and talk some more while flying away in his jet. Women for OBAMA!

  67. Niether of these guys are following the moderator well. Get Queen Latifah or Rosie up there – they wont let them talk over them!! LOL

  68. Nate – Obama didn’t get us here – Bush did with his wars and arms and oil money for his family and rich cronies. Romney will do the same – he’s already said that he will keep the low tax rates for the 1%. who got the benefits of the crash – the rich people.

  69. nice Mitt is taking credit for the Democrats that passed health care in Mass, and blaming Obama for the Republicans that screwed up the bill — 1,000+ pages — niiiice

    • What’s nice is to hear a liberal finally admitting that the failed MA healthcare plan that so many liberals blindly attribute to Romney was a Democrat healthcare bill.

      Trying to say that Republicans screwed it up is just stupid when the bill was primarily a Democrat bill.

  70. OBAMA is all LIES. I run a small business and I NEVER EVER RECEIVED a $3600.00 tax break
    These last 4 years have been horrible under Obama.I used to have 13 employee’s , now I have 1

    • Funny. My business has actually tripled in the last few years under Obama. I have added several employees. I think you are pointing a finger at Obama….but three more are pointing back at you. Time to recognize that the only person running your business is YOU. Not the president.

  71. health care has been increasing by 14% over the past 5 years. The rate of increase is older the AHA, when everything is implemented it will decrease costs.

    • Obama is doing great on medical care. He did improve medical care, which is what the U.S.A needs, at the moment.

        • You’re right! All those immigrants, how dare they all come over here from other places in the world, the Native Indians were here first! Oh, you mean illegal immigrants. Well if you can’t distinguish between the difference, how am I supposed to take you advice on what health care *really* does.

          • Illegal immigrants are not American citizens, they were not born here nor should they have any rights here… I am sure you are smart enought to realize that…. But maybe not

          • NickW, there’s a big difference in reality to an immigrant and an illegal immigrant. Only Democrats ever try to penalize immigrants. Only Democrats ever try to help illegal immigrants.

            And no, citizens of other nations who enter and dwell here without authority have no right to demand medical care, schooling, or even food. They have the right to go home and demand that from their own nation or come here legally, and demand it as a citizen or legal alien.

      • Yeah, now the elderly can rot and the rest of us can “hope” we’ll be the next in line to get what we really need.

        Medical care hasn’t improved. Maybe for a select few it has happened to improve only because it’s easier for them to find the money to be covered, but that’s only a temporary thing until Obamacare gets so costly that the elderly aren’t getting the care they need, hospitals simply cannot spend the money they need, and we’re waiting on prioritizing lists.

        Sure today a few more people have easier access to medical funds than used to, but under Obamacare, tomorrow, not only are they not going to get that easier access, they’re going to find it even more difficult than they did before Obamacare because at least before Obamacare medical coverage wasn’t so tightly reigned into the control of government, people could find other sources with some work and dedication.

        We’re already starting to see it. They’re already talking to my own grandmother about not being able to provide her with what they used too be able too.

  72. I beleive if you have the ability to think and reason you should clearly be able to agree that Romney is winning this debate.

    • I hope so, and if Obama is going to do what Clinton did to make the deficit disappear why hasn’t he already done something in 4 yrs, instead he has grown it to the highest ever…. Hope America realizes where we are going if Obama wins again….

        • Yes, she forgot. Republicans like to pretend that all of human history began on January 20, 2009. They have to, in fact, because the alternative is admitting that the last Republican president was one of the biggest disasters ever to befall our great country. And once you admit that, there’s no way you can support Romney. After all, his economic plan is nothing but Bushonomics on steroids (as President Clinton put it).

        • No, but we were in a decline when Bush took over from Clinton. And then suddenly we had wars that Democrats were resolute on making Bush look bad doing. Maybe with more cooperation rather than demonization, it wouldn’t have taken so much out of our economy because Bush wouldn’t have had to spend so much just to placate the Democrats so that he could get the funding he needed. But ifs and buts don’t make the world go round, however, what we do today will. That’s why I won’t make the mistake of voting for Obama, nor supporting such a cutthroat and underhanded party as the Democrats.

      • If you watch romney, he always has the last line. That is insecurity as he can’t leave obama be the last to speak even when he was appointed to be the last one. And what about his saying we have the trickle down approach now in government, when it is a fact that the republican approach is always the trickle down approach. Must be that he doesn’t want to be associated with it.

      • That’s because Obama has nothing to lose. He doesn’t care about this nation, so if it fails, no biggy to him. If he wins, then he has power to continue his agenda. Either way, it doesn’t really affect him, so he’s doesn’t have much to be all fired up about.

        However, Romney actually cares about this nation and where it goes, and what happens to it, and he’s honestly afraid of what’s going to happen to this nation if Obama gets reelected, so it’s natural he’d seem a bit more agitated. Like Ron Paul who also cares in always looking agitated about where this nation is heading.

  73. Romney sez, in his health plan, if you don’t like your health insurance company, you can go get a new one. Yeah, right. If you are rich, also healthy and younger than 55. Like he says, the 1% are doing ok and will keep doing so.

    • Except if you actually listen to the rest of what Romney says in that specific quote…he goes on to say that the Middle Class has been getting buried the last four years, and it is the Middle and Lower Classes that Romney is going to provide relief for. And the bigger point Romney made was that the health insurance companies won’t be able to discriminate against pre-existing conditions and other such issues that make it difficult for individuals and family to get insurance.

      • The gap between the rich and the rest of us is growing at a faster rate than ever before due to policies put in place during the Bush era. Whom have they looked after and where do you see any change in their position? Why do you align yourself with their arguments and policies? When have you ever been at the forefront of their concerns and why do you think you are now? Their coat tails will get you more of the same. When, like Romney , you can hide your wealth in offshore accounts, foreign currency,offshore investments and precious metals then take up the republican banner.

        • When have I been at the forefront of their concerns? Hmmm. Let me think, Romney hasn’t been in office but mentions constantly his belief in helping the Middle Class and those involved in Education. Obama hasn’t shown me one thing that puts my concerns and issues at the forefront. Obama wants to dictate his own agenda and legislation but not compromise on anything, except his policies and thoughts on issues are on their way to making America implode. If there is no compromise, as has been the last four years basically, then nothing can really be done for the majority. Obama wants to push through his personal ideas without asking for input from anyone else; America is a Democracy not a Dictatorship.

    • Don’t be a tool.

      There are a bunch of insurance companies to choose from. Romney wants to ensure it stays that way. He doesn’t want it to become what Obamacare will turn it into, all insurance companies being essentially the same, meaning that if it’s not working for you, you’re screwed because you can’t go anywhere else.

      But guess what, the Democrats in Congress, they exempted themselves from Obamacare, proving essentially that we, the common people, will be stuck in our insurance under Obamacare while they, the rich, are able to choose what they want for healthcare.

      Why don’t you think about that for a bit.

  74. Democrat supporters here are giving a glimmering illustration of their lack of intellect, and willingness to simply swallow the party line. There is no more critical thought in this sect – just blind allegiance. It is beyond pathetic – it is TRAGIC how shallow and juvenile these attitudes are. Zero understanding of the Constitution, or even basic Civics 101.

    • The blind allegiance was when a Senate of republicans acted like a bunch of sheep to oppose AHA. Your shallow comments show how much intellect you actually have.

      • And, by the way, SHEEP don’t go AGAINST the flock – SHEEP follow in unison – ie: “we must pass the bill to see what’s in it”. It is PATRIOTIC to stand against something you disagree with. You define Patriotism as “going along”, and have the NERVE to make a “sheep” reference. Make fun of your own haircut much? Don’t wade into waters with me – you aren’t NEARLY equipped.

      • And on a minor note, the Senate is controlled by Democrats, not the Republicans. So it would be a Senate of Democrats, not a Senate of Republicans. The Republicans control the House.

    • And I think it’s exactly the other way around. Haha. Standstill…

      Fact of the matter is, Romney will butcher this country, Obama only a little bit less. If you vote, vote for the sickness that won’t kill you.

      • …he says, as the butcher is chopping up his future with QE3. Go learn something. Or, better yet – just go.

  75. Obama keeps repeating the same falsehoods about Defecit and Health Care. Romney successfully restored healthcare in Mass on State Level. Obama wants it at Federal Level. Obama raised the defecit, period.

      • People these days expect everything the moment they want it. Everything has become so fast. And reality does not work that way. 4 years ago we were in a financial crisis almost as bad as the depression. The young people do not know what that was like. It took many years to get out of the depression. This is something that will take years to get out of also.

      • Yeah, I remember 4 years ago when the economy finally had enough of what Congressional Democrats were doing since they won Congress in 2006.

        And I remember how our economy really started declining only after Democrats took control of Congress. I remember the conveniently timed economic collapse right before election day that managed to win Democrats more power in government than any other party in the history of the U.S.

        I remember how our economy didn’t improve at all from the time it started falling under a Democrat Congress in 2007 until AFTER Republicans won the House and started blocking most Democrat economic legislation and finally forced Democrats to work with them in passing economic legislation.

        I remember how the economic experts threatened us with BETTER conditions than today if we did NOT pass the Democrat bailouts and stimulus’.

        I remember how Democrats utterly refused and to this day still refuse to acknowledge their part in this economic catastrophe.

        And I remember all of this because Obama has to this day, not let anyone forget it . . .

        And that’s I won’t be caught dead voting Obama . . . actually . . .

      • And do you also remember everything that Obama promised but didn’t do? Because I certainly am intelligent enough to know that he increased our national debt…not decreased it.

  76. The “Cleveland Clinic”? Can you imagine going to any hospital in the US and expecting “10 doctors” to come running up to you and work out tests and treatments? What WORLD is Obama fantasizing in????

    • What will actually happen is you’ll be running to several clinics trying to get a higher priority.

      And the doctors won’t be looking for you because their won’t be enough of them to even see the current load of patients.

  77. Here is a FACT! As billing dept for Ambulance service, last 3 years have seen substantial decrease in % of insurance payments, in Medicare billing difficulties, in Medicare allowable charges!

    • That’s because Obamacare is pushing out medicare to the sidelines, and the elderly are going to get shafted because of it.

  78. Obama is stumbling all over the place without his teleprompter, yet tomorrow, all the mainstream media will proclaim him the Victor Supreme without equal! Clinton’s coat hanger boy – George Stephanapolis with be wetting his pants for Obama – you wait and see….

  79. But healthcare should be left up to the individual STATES, according to the Constitution. The Federal government should not be regulating healthcare. Each state’s situation is different. Romney’s healthcare bill in Massachusetts really has no relevance. A State should have the right to do that. It is against the Constitution to regulate healthcare.

    • A load of BS. Healthcare is not unconstitutional please read it.

      The healthcare in Mass works, coined by dems and signed by Romney. It has no relevance for you because you’re affraid the Mass bill would work for the country too?

      And indeed a state SHOULD have the right, but there is NOTHING unconstitutionally about country wide affordable healthcare. Show me the facts we can discuss it here if you like.

      • Yeah, the bill works alright, so long as Federal government is there it bail it out.

        That’s where you’re liberal logic stops, so allow me to lead you through to the logical conclusion.

        Federal government doesn’t have a higher echelon to bail them out when Obamacare finally costs too much. MA had Federal government, Federal government doesn’t have anyone. That means we crash and burn, like Greece. I’m not even getting through am I?

  80. if you type in “obama.com”, the first thing it brings you to is How much to you want to contribute!
    where are all the details on the plans???

  81. Wow, this is pathetic. If Gary Johnson wasn’t excluded from the debates, he would THROTTLE Obama and Romney. They both are just two sides of the same coin, babbling about the same statist conceptions of overspending and increasing the deficit, among other things. Just background noise.

  82. You people say Obama has the moderator on his side, but he’s constantly been cut off during the part on healthcare.

  83. Why are people bouncing on this teleprompter thing? Bush also used teleprompter and even THEN stumbled all the time.

    • Because Obama can’t brainwash people when he hasn’t rehearsed and planned out what he should say and how he should say it.

      So, he has to avoid answering questions directly and answer the stuff he’s rehearsed for.

  84. The moderator, Jim Lehrer was way out of line by favoring Mitt Romney and admitted so when he only interrupted the president. It was more apparent when he asked the Governor to respond as to why the president is wrong. He also never gave a clear instruction to respond through the moderator.

    • Oh please, interrupting once or twice is nothing. Most moderators do that. The only reason he interrupted Obama was only because Obama refused to answer the questions he was actually asked.

  85. Wow.. Romney is Rude..First he was rude when he went to Europe and now Rude in the debates talking over the speaker and Obama…and he always adding a spin without giving facts (facts that are True, published know facts to all people)

  86. I honestly thing Romney needs to ask Obama about the money that is being taken away from Veterans, something that they were promised a housing allowance while in School. This was apart of the contract and he decided we didn’t need a place to live during breaks between semesters.

  87. I remember getting in a car accident in 86 when I was in high school. There were six of us in a car. The ambulance medic told us that we had to go to the hospital. My friend and I walked home and four of my friend went to the hospital. They all got $200 bills for their ride to the hospital. Maybe the FACT is that Ambulance service has been robbing us for too long!

  88. OBAMA-His national security…He has none. When Korea accused USA of planning an attack on them and wanted to talk with ALL world leaders, OBAMA WENT ON A TALK SHOW OR GOLFING, AND SENT WHOOPIE GOLDBERG
    OBAMA , you are a joke.you lost my vote

  89. Diana, are you alone drinking wine? Get dumped by a fellow who has a few bucks? Why are you against sucessful folks. Tell me, I am curious…..oh wait. No Im not. Have another glass from the box o’wine. Hey Nita, you are either drinking from the punch bowl, truly uniformed, and or you are an obvious idiot.

    • You need to prepare yourself for the simple fact that people MUCH smarter than you are – right now – thinking “this is not going well for the President”. I fully realize that no amount of evidence will persuade you. In fact, you’re so sold-out that no amount of evidence is even necessary. However, for the rest of us… the ones who actually PAY taxes, and take responsibility for our lives – well, you don’t really factor in now, do you? Arms extended at the waist – palms upward. “Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee”. What would we do without you?


  91. Moderator: “Would you say you have a difference of opinion with the governor on education?”
    Obama: “This is where budgets matter.”
    That was a yes or no question.

  92. I would cool with sending money from public schools to private if private schools had the same standards of public, but they don’t. By giving vouchers to parents takes money from public schools. As a single man I paid school taxes, why should I pay them if when people who chose or can afford to take their children to private schools, don’t have to do so. It is ridiculous.

  93. Has anyone noticed the 150% increase in just about everything at the grocery store and gas station the last 4 years?

    • Wow, Did you notice that gas was 5 dollars a gallon the night before the Democratic Convention selected President Obama as its candiate for President in 2008? His mere present lower gas cost until BP staged that leak in the gulf.

    • Gas was over $4 per gallon in the summer of 2008. It’s substantially lower than that now. Of course, the Great Recession of 2007-2009 did result in some temporary price deflation. Gas prices did fall temporarily at the end of 2008 as the economy was collapsing.

      Overall, though, inflation has been MUCH slower over the last 4 years than it traditionally is. The inflation rate last year was 1.4% (yes, that does include food and fuel). Compare that to the average annual inflation rate of about 3.4% and you can immediately see that inflation is not a problem right now. That’s just a myth being propagated by extremely biased right-wing propagandists like Fox News.

    • 150% increases in everything? You mean $10 milk? $10 for a gallon of gas? $20 paperback novels?

      Nope, I haven’t noticed anything of the sort.

      • agreed 150 is an outrageous number, but then of course you can’t do simple math. 150% on a $3 gallon of milk is $4.50 not $10…..

  94. the 1% crashed the economy – do we want to hand it back to them? Romney wants everybody to be able to send their kids to private school – can you afford that? no, but with their tax cuts the 1% can and your kids will get lousy education left to the states which will be bankrupt. could you have borrowed money from your parents to go to college? no, but the rich kids go on your dollar from tax cuts.

      • I hope you’re joking. Obama is not respectful, he stood there telling lies about Romney’s policies and plans, saying that Romney believes one way when Romney had just got done saying his position was the opposite. In one instance Obama said that Romney has no stipulations in his plan for pre-existing conditions in health insurance…Romney had just finished saying one of his main issues was that he thought it was wrong to be denied health care based on pre-existing conditions and his policies allotted for change in those areas. Maybe it’s just me, but I think lying to American’s about the person’s beliefs who is standing right next to you is extremely rude. And talk about pushing view even when not wanted, Obamacare wasn’t wanted by most, Congress stalled in passing it for as long as they could because no one wanted to enact something that was so dysfunctional. I won’t even begin to discuss foreign affairs.

  95. Just like Clinton, everything is about Obama – his wife, his grandmother, his kids, and himself… This attitude completely supports his role of the federal government in telling YOU what’s best for YOU. It’s all about him.

  96. oh yeah let’s grade the schools so the rich kids can go to the good ones, and those who are left can go to the lousy ones – great plan Romney.

    • Obviously you dont have kids!! Of COURSE we want to know which schools are good! How does that mean poor kids will go to bad schools?? Its up to the parents, good parents will choose good schools – *IF* we have that option!! Why not have that option!?! Geesh Diana do your homework…Obama is an anti-american communist who has a completely different agenda than you obviously know..

      • Hey, Chelsea, pass some of that glue you’re sniffing. I’d like a look inside the right-wing fantasy bubble that you live in. President Obama prevented a 2nd Great Depression, liquidated America’s biggest enemy, decimated al Qaeda, brought the troops home from Iraq, is in the process of bringing the troops home from Afghanistan, staked his political future on an Affordable Care Act designed solely to give middle class Americans more healthcare security, cut taxes for small business over a dozen times, and fights every day to expand opportunity and strengthen our middle class. If that’s your idea of an “anti-American” communist, you’re beyond help.

        • I am not a “lefty” or a “righty” actually…but I have been researching Obama for months…I went into it actually liking the guy. I mean I didnt know anything about him, and really wasnt into politics at all…but when I started discovering the truth…WOW…really? YOu dont think hes anti-american…or at least WAS at one point??? Why did the church him and Michelle went to for 20 years, was run by anti-white, anti-american, anti-goverment reverand???

          Oh and dont you remember he said 4 years ago that he would bring home the troops the FIRST week he became president?? What did he do? He sent 30,000 MORE!! Again…everything he said he WOULD DO…hes done the EXACT opposite!!

          WOW four years later…hes “thinking” of bringing them home hey? Yeah let me know when that happens…right now hes desperate to do anything or say anything to get re-elected…unfortunately, the company that is in control of the election ballets, is owned by the Democrats BIGGEST donor!! Hmm…what a coincidence…so unfortunately I think election fraud will take place…not a big suprise knowing Obama as much as I do.

          Anyways…I could go on and on…but like I said, you guys are all Obamatized…but will pay the price soon. Obama is hoping for a WW3, its been stated ON CAMERA, that it will be a great opportunity to bring in a new world order that Obama wants so badly…

          Ahhh anyways…NM…I guess you will just all have to see! ‘nite!!

      • you are clearly ignorant and your comments about our president are imbecilic. i am a mother and parents put their children in the best schools they can. there is incomprehensible inequity in the quality of education from school to school, district to district. parents who can afford to live in ‘good neighborhoods benefit from “good” schools. A voucher system will NOT work. First, the best private schools will NOT accept them! they cost too much and have an interest in keeping their student body exclusive. Second, ehat happens when the privae schools who do take vouchers fill up? Third, how will the private schools find the staff and resources to bring the disadvantaged students up to par with their existing students? Reform of our failing public school system must occur, but privatiation is not the answer, nor is bashing parents for choices they, obviously do NOT have.

        • I have seen examples of a voucher system for a small school district in Maine. Some students used the vouchers to go to a ‘better’ school. This took money away from the original school district, which then affected their budget. There are many overhead costs that a school district has, such as salaries, busing, etc. The vouchers take away the ability for the district to meet their spending goals, because the amount of money that goes into educating one child directly is not the same as that child’s slice of the alloted founds.

  97. Oh Nathan, you really hit home there. That is exactly what this country needs-all professions though, more union jobs for overpayed, underworked employees. This not a derrogitory statement about teachers. And maybe you are a teacher so God bless you and the work you do but come on, really? Do you really need a union, do ya?

    • Why are the best educated, educated in union states? Take a look at the stats. The farther south the less unions the dumber American children get. And I would never tell a teacher that they are under worked. The ones I know don’t stop working until they go to bed.

    • Many teachers that I know (I am not one) actually use their own money to purchase supplies for their classrooms. They may only be teaching students directly for 6 hours a day, but they more than make up for it with the amount of time that they spend preparing lesson plans and grading papers/homework. Unlike other professions, teachers cannot contractually strike or protest, so a union is there to represent their needs without disrupting the school’s functionality.

    • Kalendar: Yep. You purchase one term in office in a small state, and for the rest of your life, they call you “Governor.” You don’t even have to serve the term. If you can’t handle it, you can quit like Palin, and they still call her “Governor.” Shouldn’t they call her “Half-Governor”?

      Oh, well, so anyway, Chris is right. Romney has been running for president for five full years now. Unlike you or I, he doesn’t have to work for a living. But some people still think he knows what it’s like to be us. Truly amazing.

  98. If your house hold is in debt what do you do…both work and bring in more money and cut back on spending. That is exactly what Obama is wanting to do. Romney is only interested in cutting back…that way takes longer and is harder to do. Instead of thinking with your colour meter…think seriously about what you would do when your family is in debt. As for medical care….the problem is that Health Ins. has notoriously told people that they have a pre existing condition and they can’t be helped…go ahead and go with a Health Ins company…when they tell you that you are not covered, don’t come running complaining about health insurance. And as I sit here and watch this…Romney keeps on interrupting and not following the rules of the show. Get it right or are you still watching with your colour meter. And after reading some of the posts…I would say that the US government needs to, no, it is absolutely necessary that they spend more money on education. Only ignorance spews some of the hate, some of the obvious bigotry, and some of the stupidity that I have read on some of these posts. Yes Obama has spent a lot of money on green jobs…if we don’t then our world will be very different in the next 10-20 years. If you live in the South in the next 10-20 years you will have living in a desert…you better start caring about Global warming…its a fact and and proven. Keep your head in the sand any longer you may become instinct.

  99. Romney’s plan change in every question…He is just talking to get votes to make people vote for him.All his lies are adding up to his face, interrupting and breaking rule like a greeting kid.Mr. Romney stick to what you’ll offer and tell us exactly what it is that you intend to do.

  100. Jim Lehrer is a bad host…. He should not be hosting the next debate. He can’t control the candidates and obvious bias towards one on time and interruptions.

    • Jake: Actually, Lehrer did an impressive job of staying out of the way, I thought.

      And you can’t really blame him for Romney getting in 541 lines to Obama’s 487. Romney was more of a fast talker.

  101. vote for mitt, obama isnt helping us at all, he’s just spending more money! The middle class does need more paying attention to.

  102. Romney has been a gentleman and professional all through the debate. Obama does nothing but stand up there and insult Romney to his face – and with lies and innuendo… not to mention he couldn’t tell the truth if he held a gun to his head.

    • The diplomat is really the President, Romney is acting like he is running the debate.Tell us what you’ll do Mr. Governor. Obama is real and natural. Romney dont care if we suffer, all he care about is the oval office and his lies thats why he does not want us to know what his plan is.

      • Actually its the other way around…do your homework…Obama’s whole demeanor is a LIE! Romney is not afraid to show exactly who he his…face it, hes a nice guy…he cares about people and it shows…Obama…well he refuses to give his own brother $2000 to better his life in Kenya!! Thats just the tip of the iceberg…do your homework..unfortunately its people like you that will be responsible for ruining America. I am in Canada, however if Obama is elected, not only will your country be ruined, but ours too…

        • I like my Obamacare Chelsea and our president. Obama’s demeanor is “cool” like the air in Canada and as laid back as a sarung in Indonesia. If he is elected, my children will be better off in the future. You don’t look like you have any children, so you are probably concerned only about monetary gain. Obama will win!

          • Go Nathan! President Obama is a true leader, who is not afraid to do his job unlike Mr. Romney who wants to sit back be president and the LEAVE THE WORK TO THE INDIVIDIUAL STATES..seriously. I wish President Obama would have pointed out how many times Mr. Romney used the phrase, “I’ll leave that to the individual states to decide.” Sounds a little lax to me. President Obama is proactive for the middle class trying to protect their education and homes. And making sure you don’t lose everything because you or your children have a preexisting condition that costs four times more for basic health care premiums under Mr. Romney’s plan. I am sure Mr. Romney is a nice family man, but President Obama is intelligent, resourceful and controlled. All traits he exhibited tonight.

  103. Fact is ….This country is in such a financial crisis that it will take another four years to begin to see any kind of major difference. Obama did not get this country into the position that it is in now. How can one man fix in four years what has been created over decades of different approaches. The problem with this country is that we don’t give anyone a sufficient amount of time to make anything work. If it doesn’t show change in an ample amount of time we give up. We need to get on a path and stay there. President after President…..we need to focus on one strategy and make it work. Tweak what needs tweaked but good gracious quit doing such drastic changes.

  104. Jim Lehrer.

    Worst. Moderator. Ever. EVER.

    Romney is absolutely dominating Lehrer, while Lehrer interrupts the President constantly. Obama politely defers to Lehrer while Romney ignores him and continues to attack the President and lie through his teeth and then ignore Lehrer and do it again.

    Obama wonkishly says what he thinks is the best policy. But only if he sheepishly thinks Lehrer will let him talk. Most disappointing debate I have ever seen by a Democratic candidate.

  105. Yes Mr. Romney. There are many people hurting. It was republican policy that created the recession; it was republican inaction in Washington that has prolonged the mess that was created. No we don’t want you or the same policies that created this mess.

    • This isnt about George Bush….this is about choosing the person who will be the best leader. CLEARLY NOT OBAMA!! OBAMA has racked up more debt than the first 41 presidents COMBINED!! Obama has completely NOT only lied about everything he said he would do – but he has done the EXACT opposite of what he said he would do.. Come on you guys, open your eyes please!!!!! I do not want Canada to become a crap shoot too because you were “Obamatized”…go to Youtube and watch a video/documentry on what is REALLY going on behind closed doors…type in “Obama Banned” or “Obama deception” ….get the facts…

      • Romney is proposing that we go back to Bushonomics: reckless deregulation, tax cuts for the rich, and trickle down economics. So it IS about Bush. We’ve already seen the fruits of Republican economics. The last Republican president left the country LOSING 750,000 jobs per month. That’s the fastest rate of job loss since the Great Depression. The last Republican president left the country with a $1.3 trillion dollar deficit, more debt than the previous 41 president combined, and an economy in a death spiral. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. We know that Republican economics is a failure. There’s no need to make that mistake again.

      • Chelsea, you clearly do not understand facts. The post you are responding to said nothing about Bush. i believe you also mentioned you are in Canada, so I fail to see why you think your comments are valid regarding a U.S. Presidential debate. Do us all a favor and piss off, eh?


    • I voted for president Obama the first time and he again has my vote for this coming election. He has a good heart and doesn’t take any side. He does things for the better not for worse. Like he said he never promise to be the perfect president and to be a perfect person. I believe he is doing a great job as well.

  107. The winner of the election will be the one who answer the question
    “How are we going to pay the 16 trillion of debt”

  108. Obama is an embarrassment around the world with his Proclamation 8387 – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month, June 1, 2009. I don’t care if you are straight or gay but “president” issuing a sexual proclamation.? Really? And Obama”care” that will mandate that all abortions or killing of babies must be covered. Holy God, help us please bring our country back to sanity and a sound upright morality where we can pride ourselves of being a wholesome and sound nation based on Your law and not the laws of foolish blind men where they enact proclamation so they can frolic in their man-condoning sin!

    • But look at all those living babies that will live because they health care. Are you really living if you are to sick to go to work or school. No. Healthcare should be a right for everyone, not just those that can afford it. And if you’re as rich as Romney of course you’ll like private medicine because money is no issue. Holy God… Are talking Morman, Muslim, Jewish, or Christian?

    • Please read the Proclamation itself. It doesn’t contain anything about frolicking in sin. It does states the following:
      ” These issues affect not only the LGBT community, but also our entire Nation. As long as the promise of equality for all remains unfulfilled, all Americans are affected. If we can work together to advance the principles upon which our Nation was founded, every American will benefit. During LGBT Pride Month, I call upon the LGBT community, the Congress, and the American people to work together to promote equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
      Now, Therefore, I, Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2009 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. I call upon the people of the United States to turn back discrimination and prejudice everywhere it exists. ”

      Please read closely the parts about equality, rights, discrimination and prejudice.

      • My governor just past a confederate pride month – isn’t that like having a Nazi pride month in Germany? Gay and Lesbians can’t visit their loved ones in hospitals in some states because they are not family. I support the president on this. He is great!

    • wow! i do not support homosexulaity, but i do support a person’s right to choose that lifestyle, just as I support one’s right to practice whatever religion s/he chooses, or none at all. Is romney and his polygamist, racist mormon church principles of the “Holy God” you reference. If so, no thank you! I disagree with abortion, but i’ll take OBAMACARE over No CARE anyday!

    • Abortion is a free choice. Obama is not saying he is pro abortion but giving women who choose to have abortion the health coverage they need to do what they choose to do. Working at healthcare facility I’ve seen young women come in for these kind of procedure. This procedure IS already available or offered on many insurance plans. Here is an example, in cases of rape victims, some of these women elect to do this procedure not because they want to condone sin (or what nots), they were rape and they don’t want to raise a baby that they are not ready to have. Everyone should be able to have the right to choose what they want to do with their life. If your religious then follow your beliefs if you are not then you also should be able to follow your belief. I’m sure people know and can decide what is right or wrong for them. Do not speak of others and/or be so judgmental.

    • Have you heard of separation of church and state? Sort of what we were founded on. Plus the bible says obey the law of the land. His 10 ten laws had said nothing about same sex marriage or abortions. Would you take the baby of a rapped woman? And we are humans, morality is only means so much from one person to another. The fact that you ask God to fix other people goes against what He is about. People like you who can’t stand with your fellow man instead of judging are not Americans.

  109. Jim did a good job cutting each speaker off when needed. Obama did talk a bit long winded on his responses and Romney was more succinct. I thought the content was factual, sincere, and a healthy discussion. Romney definitely did take some clear stabs at Obama toward the end of the discussion.

  110. Everyone is talking about the last 4 yrs. when it has been a trend of the super rich Bush family including Reagan that has brought this country to its knees ,NOT OBAMA . Obama is doing a great job and we need him for another term to get back on track. It is a small mind to only look at 4 yrs.

    • I agree with you. It’s not Obama’s fault. Our government is in debt because of Bush’s term. Obama step in and made changes. Of course it is not going to be easy and fast but he is trying his best.

      • Sorry, his best isn’t good enough. 4 years and the economic situation is still in a nosedive? We need new blood in the Oval Office. When it comes to economics, I trust a businessman over a community organizer.

  111. I wish he had called Romney out on about the outsourcing tax cuts and mentioned how the GOP Blocked all efforts in breaks to bring our jobs home. But great debate. Romney has changed his story again and again, and told people completely false info but they will eat it up. And I think Obama did a great job in replies. This woman has no idea what she is talking about.

  112. Romney can’t explain in detail what he will do for America people. I want details…I want to see THE PLAN. I’m glad President Obama called him out on it. Romney keeps saying he wants to cut down taxes…how? if Romney can’t explain in detail what he will do then I’m sorry you can’t have my vote.

    • Seriously? Hope and Change was a solid and transparent plan? That was Obama’s tag line for his whole election campaign in 2008! Hypocrite!

  113. Nathan, you believe in God? Another shock. Maybe when you pray tonight, pray your boy will do his homework for next debate.

    • Jane, that comment sounds KIND OF RACIST! Obama is not my ‘boy’ he is the president of my country. He is leading my country in the right direction. I wish I could say to you “Love or Leave It!” But you were probably saying that to the hippies in the 70s.

  114. As a Canadian watching these U.S. debates I am very unimpressed. We in Canada have a much better debate experience than this. Obama and Mitt Romney were both unimpressive. The debate was way too controlled. I also don’t believe in your commentators. The entire presentation has a very canned, scripted feel to it. It’s too bad you don’t have a third party in the U.S. Obama and Romney are both opposite sides of the same coin. What if the future requires a new coin? In Canada we have something like that. Your debate had nothing of that.

  115. ok rommneys close felt like i was watching another one of his stupid commercials, i’m sorry i think obama got the raw end of the stick from the get go, i think rommney will tank us and take us further into this and be another bush. just a laughing stalk of america

    • When people are laughing at you to your face when you can’t do anything about it due to politics, it means you’re doing something right, and they’re trying to belittle because they’re threatened by your resolve.

      When people are laughing behind your back when you can’t do anything about it due to politics, it means they’re playing you for a fool and using you for their own ends, and they want you to keep thinking your smart so that you’ll keep letting them use you.

      The former looks bad, but will never be taken advantage of and their enemies won’t do much other than throw idle threats.

      The latter looks better, but they’ll always be taken advantage of, used at the expense of their people, and their enemies will become far more bold. Idle threats are nothing, and that’s what we got under Bush. Under Obama, we get very few idle threats, but our enemies have regrouped, are almost as big as they were before the war, and are now even coordinating attacks all across the middle east.

    • I heard that Canada has been having its own neoliberalism problems recently. I do love the broad-based health care popularity statistics, though.

      • Most liberals don’t even realize that you’re actually insulting the Canadian healthcare system. They probably think you’re actually complementing it.

      • Crask:

        Nanos Research poll showed 86.2% of Canadians “support” or “strongly support” their system.

        A Strategic Consel survey found 91% of Canadians prefer their system to ours.

        A Harris/Decima poll found 82% of Canadians prefer their system to ours, while eight percent (8%) said they’d prefer ours.

        A Gallup Poll found that only 25% of Americans are satisfied with the quality and availability of health care here–while 57% of Canadians were satisfied with theirs.

  116. hi everyone i live in massachusetts and Rodney continues to say what he will do for health care, well i pay much dollars for my health insurance for a family plan. He also, raised taxes and Masschusetts taxs are at 10.2%. He gave tax cuts to the wealthy and will continue to do so. Rodney did not answer when he was asked by Jim if he agreed on the voucher in health care.
    People of other States communicate with the middle class and thirty thousand a year or less,working workers if Rodney did any justice by us.NO he did not.
    He is to protect the wealthy, and the big coorprate buisnes. He does not care about small buisnes

    • Yeah, well I have family in MA who have told me that Romney actually did a pretty good job there.

      As for the healthcare, Romney likes to take responsibility for it, but we all know that Democrats were the main power behind that bill and why it bankrupted your state. Oh that’s right, Federal government bailed you out.

    • Wil, start a small business and vote for the person who will support you with that. Romney primarily supports the wealthy. If you have a small business, I respect that. If you don’t , think of your employer. I’m sure you deserve more than what you get paid because I am sure you work very hard. Imagine if you lived in an environment where you could use your hard work to compete effectively and fairly with your own business.

    • There will not be any brighter future in our country with Romney so he can stay in his current position as a governor.

      • I completed a semester at my university in 2008 then left the country to live in Europe for two years. I unlike many have lived in two different types of economies. I will graduate next May and I see a better future with a capitalist government that Romney pushes. That is how America became great and it will keep it great. Romney 2012.

      • Cat: Actually, Romney only paid for one term as governor. For the past five years, he’s been out of work.

  117. Yeah go ahead and screw the wealthy,oh by the way,i hope with our college educations,there will be some wealthy person to hire you so you can make a salary,other wise eat your degree. also people paying for private schools also pay there taxes so public schools can still give subpar educations. Also how can you listen to a president who has been on the govt. tit for so long he couldn’t survive in a private corp anywhere in America. Wake up get out of your party affiliation and follow the facts.

      • Funny, I was thinking the same thing as Nick…

        It is a sad fact that so few of the people complaining about the massive debt problems realize they started when Reagan had us all visualize a stack of dollar bills to the moon and back twice. As of 1980, debt had dropped from 120% of GDP in 1945 to around 30%. By the time Bush Sr. left office, it was over 70% of GDP.

        That creative visualisation stuff really works!! Or possibly we can blame Reaganomics/Ryanomics.

      • Yeah, pretty sure that’s his point. The rich are the people who hire you. The rich are the people who give you a job when you earn a degree.

        He’s probably talking out of the same frustration we are all in, only he’s smart enough to recognize the reality of life.

        You think government can afford to hire everyone? You think you’re friend is going to pay you a doctor’s salary to operate on him?

        No, it’s businesses that hire you to do all of that, you know big rich businesses who have the capital to hire people to turn them a profit. You get money they get money, albeit much more than you, but still everybody wins.

        When government collapses because it can’t afford to pay everybody, that’s lose lose situation. You understand lose lose?

  118. Romney has still not been very specific on any plan and from everything I’ve read, he plans on bringing back Bush’s tax cuts, which is what hurt the middle man from the beginning and gotten this country into this huge mess. YES, I am blaming Bush. He created a humongous mess that takes more than four years to clean up…it may take up to eight years just to start clearing up. Romney was too sketchy when it came to details, as usual. When he said, “help your poor, I mean the low income people,” that spoke volumes. He cannot relate to the middle man. How can he run the country in our best interests?

    • He mentioned that the reason his plan is not point by point specific is because he believes in bipartisan proposals. He–unlike Obama–is willing to listen to both sides of the arguments and come to a final decision on what needs to be done. That doesn’t mean that he does not have concepts he wants to stick to, he has specific ideas that he believes will help to fix the issue, but he is at least willing to consider what the opposition says. Romney even laid out his broad spectrum concepts near the end of the debate when he was asked, but he said that he knows that if he puts a piece of legislation down and says “My way or the highway.” that isn’t going to get him very far, so he wants to have discussions about the solution to the problem. And if we want to start talking about people that can’t relate to the middle man, Obama has no clue what we actually need. He wants to please everyone and promise “puppy-and-unicorn-and-cupcake” concepts to the U.S. and hope that we will blinding follow yet again.

      • He does not believe in bi partisan proposals. If he believed in bi partisan proposals , all his issues would sound bi partisan and not conservative. He does not go point by point because he is either unprepared , or knows exactly what he plans to do when given any sort of influential power. He is running for president , not a position given with out trust earned.

        • Did you watch the complete debate? Romney was anything BUT unprepared. And he GAVE specific concepts he is supporting and urging for. But he isn’t glued to those concepts in the way that Obama glues himself to his way or the highway. Romney IS interested in bipartisan proposals, notice in the debate there were many times when Romney AND Obama said that they agreed on certain issues. But let me ask you a question: “Define what you would consider to be a bipartisan proposal or view?” Because the way you make it sound, you want Romney to give a clear, cut-and-dry, no-interest-in-others-opinions answer to all questions. You talk about trust needing to be earned. Please tell me where or how OBAMA has earned your trust!

      • If you believed the puppy-and-unicorn-whatever promises, it’s sort of your fault for being so naive that you can elect one person for any office in government and think they’ll be able to fulfill all those promises, whether they intended to or not.

        • Agreed. I didn’t vote Obama to begin with. My point is that Obama still tries to sell those kinds of concepts and clearly can’t deliver on his promises. He is simply hoping that those promises will cloud the judgment of people long enough to get him a second term.

    • We wished Romney had been given more time for details in his plans, but this was a debate and not an education in details of their plans. One thing is for sure Obama’s plans from 4 years ago didn’t work, now he says what he has done is laid the groundwork for the success in the next 4 years. The fact is that he has no clue, he just hopes it works, same old stuff that didn’t work his first 4 years.

    • I think he wants to wait to consult with experts and his appointed staff before laying out an official plan of action.

      I mean it’s great to hear a plan laid out in advance, but it’s pretty naive for any presidential candidate to think that they have all the answers before first consulting experts on the matter with the understanding of what’s going on and been going on.

  119. How come Green Party Candidate Jill Stein was not part of the debate? She could have injected unscripted ideas that might be used by the two parties the media decided are only ones worthy of coverage. Remember the value Ross Perot’s ideas brought to the 1992 presidential race.

    • You think a left-controlled media is going to allow for such a radical variable? Please! Democrats would need plenty of time to carefully craft their words to make the other person out to be a moron.

    • I’d rather have Bush as a president. There is no way Robmey will ever be president, he’s just loud. Obama has always projected a cool personal and that is what he did tonight. It just that everyone that watches Fox News thinks THE LOUDER THE BETTER! Obama won, won, won, won!

      • Did you watch the debate? Obama lost, lost, lost, lost, lost! Romney wasn’t “just loud”; He was passionate, accurate, and prepared. Obama had no clue what he was actually doing. He doesn’t know the most basic points or principles of economy and he stood there telling bold-faced lie after bold-faced lie; trying to say what Romney’s beliefs and views were when Romney had just stated something completely different more than half the time. You can’t say a person is wearing a green shirt, when they are standing next to you in a purple one. Obama was unprepared, uneducated on the facts and consistently tried to bob and weave his way around the issues and questions brought to him by giving answers that were focused on not giving his own policy but on how Romney was wrong, and 9 times out of 10 the “facts” he mentioned on Romney were completely false! Romney proved his intelligence and passion for America tonight. Obama just looked like he was pissed off, clueless and desperate–all of which are true.

  120. All I heard was Romney disagreeing with all him statements for the past two years. I hate that I voted for him in the primary. Wish Cain would have kept it in his paints! He would be way more entertaining them Romney.


    • Patrick, remember there are arab-american citizens. If you find an arab name funny,you might be in the wrong world. There is nothing wrong having an arabic name in the USA.

  122. Look, Romney clarified that those are principals on bringing America back and that there are various solutions to it. For example, he stated that tax for the middle class will be cut, possibly there isn’t 1 right solution, and he mentioned some solutions such as stabilizing federal spending. I work in America, so do my friends, we all work for a corporation. Corporations create jobs, and America needs jobs. Romney has a proven track record. let him try and if we don’t agree, we impeach him.

    • Those corporations don’t seem to be doing much in the way of creating jobs right now, do they, but don’t worry, the CEOs will still get their bonuses.

  123. 70’s? You found racism in that comment? So if I asked for a sandwich made on white bread from my girl, would that be also wrong? Okay Nathan, you are a little upset. I can see that. I get it. Your man lost the debate. Do not bring up prejudice if you are also seated in the congregation at Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church!

    • Nathan is in Jeremiah Wright’s church? Did I miss something here?

      Hold on now here! I think we have reached the point where you are just making stuff up!

    • You called him a “boy.” That is racist. Sorry if you’re only 18, then you’re only ignorant. But you threw in the Rev., so I assume that you knew what you were saying and that you have been called out, and being called a racist isn’t that cool in 2012, but we know it still exists. In my eyes my president, our president won the debate. Romney just proved that he can be louder than him.

    • Yes, that is also wrong. Make your own sandwich. Also, this is the President of the United States. I think it is safe to say that since he did not pass a bill proclaiming black people over white people, he won’t in his next term.

  124. Romney won that debate all the way! He was more prepared and did not stutter on his answers. He stood strong on his issues we need people working instead of receiving money for free.

    • When is the last time Romney worked? He buys and sells and the workers that he buys or sells win some but lose most of the time.

      • He worked for free 1999-2002 for the Salt Lake City Olympics, then he was the governor. I assume that is work, but he is retired now. Actually most of the troubled companies he was trying to save, succeeded, some were to deep to save. I got a question. If a company is on the brink of going out of business and you save it, but had to let 25% of the workforce go, did you succeed?

      • President Obama stated that under Romneys plan kids will have to ask their parents to send them to college. He says he has made it his goal so all people can go to college. Yeah right, my family is middle class we make less than $200,000 a yr but my kids can’t qualify for loans unless I consign them or they get unsubsidized loans where interest begins on them the day they take them out. It is not my children’s fault I did not plan for their future due to divorce and a long struggle myself to get through college that I can’t afford to pay for their college but under the present system they are punished. Lets face it only the rich and the poor have the great opportuninity of college at the present time. My kids get to pay as they go while working or wait till they are 25yrs old so they can go off their own income. Yeah Obama tell me again how you are for the middle class because I know my eye sight is good and I’m not seeing it. We need a new approach not the open promises from 4 yrs ago. My life has only became worse and oh yeah I’m in the medical field and I as well as most of my coworkers despise Obamacare.

  125. Romney knew what he was talking about and it shows. It was very obvious that Obama was annoyed to be there. He answered the questions with very long, confusing answers. When he asked questions, they were accusations, and Romney pointed out the inaccuracy each time.

    • Did you watch the same debate I did? Although to be fair, I wish the democrats were more willing to bring up the 100 year record. Anybody looking for Ryanomics which is almost identical to the Warren Harding/Calvin Coolidge/Herbert Hoover plan to work should be aware, not only of the damage it has done, but also of the fact that when we actually did fix the problem, the results speak for themselves.

      The economy grew more under Franklin Delano Roosevelt than under all Republicans since 1914 (when they started keeping inflation adjustment statistics) *combined*.

  126. I’d just like to say that I don’t want to climb any ladders, I’m fine where I am. I just want my money to be able to stretch the same amount as it used to. Simple things (groceries, gas) seem to cost so much more than they used to. Yes I understand inflation. I’m sick of all these lies. Do i think Obama is a terrible person, no. Do I think he’s a great President, no. If this were my interview for the position, I would have to pick Romney. Obama just isn’t in office for Americans.

  127. BTW, I love all the funny jokes you liberals come up with. Despite all the facts you just state something and accept it as true. I personally like to hear facts and reasoning. Nathan, Romney is just loud…….really. Just LOL.

    • Mike, what facts has Romney presented? You like to hear ideologies and just run with it? “Principles” of his that promise bringing our nation to stability.

      The problem with ideologies is that they provide an answer without providing facts.

      Liberals and conservatives can both be naive when it comes to issues, but Obama’s “math” has a give and take to balancing the budget.

      Romney’s plan , from what he is saying, is to cut taxes on individual people and corporations, and cut programs that help large amounts of people.

      I work for a company making record profits, and they have cut budgets for donations dramatically , only honoring contractual donation. Why? Because that makes great business sense but it doenst make people sense.

      If you leave issues to the private sector only, good for the common good of people will become less and less.

      • Kristian, should we be compassionate to other human beings, yes. Should I no longer be able to tell you what my tax dollars pay for, no. Is it my job personally to pull this country out of debt, no. Is it my job to provide food for your table, no. I’d love to make a difference for everyone in the world but in all reality I have a hard enough time now making my family’s life livable. I have noticed through personal experiences as well that people are always there to borrow or take but when I’m the one needing the help and compassion they are suddenly absent. Funny….

        • Do you know someone with cancer? Well, your tax dollars go to cancer research.

          Did you go to public school in the US? Your tax dollars paid for that.

          Have you been killed by terrorists? Your tax dollars prevented that from happening.

          If you really want a list of where your tax dollars are going, then you should try to stay more informed. Noone is going to give you a list of where your money went.

      • BTW, if you work for such a terrible place, why don’t you quit and give the job to someone less fortunate. Is it because then you would be the less fortunate one? We are all so compassionate until someone ask for a REAL sacrifice. I know people/corporations are greedy, but at this point if they aren’t the one’s pulling in the money and dispersing it someone else will fill that gap. Should it be the government? I work for a corporation who then in turn pays me for that work. That’s a relationship. The government takes my money in the form of taxes and uses it as they see fit. Maybe it benefits me, maybe it benefits an illegal alien or unemployed and no longer looking person. At least with the corporation I get to choose where my money goes and a ton of that money will stay local. I have a better relationship with the corporation than the government at this point.

  128. Good one Nathan. I just read your comment about the less educated in the south. You mean rednecks? Do ya Nathan? Something agaist the southerners of this country? Yeah, and I am racist>

    • No I’m saying the southern states do not have UNIONS! Unions support teachers and make them more professional. They get better feed back and do a better job. It has nothing to do with the South. Actually FL has pretty good schools.

      • Please come to Buffalo NY where the cost to educate a student in a public school is more than the cost of the most expensive and exclusive private school with only half the graduation rate. If only vouchers for private schools were allowed it would solve the whole education problem and let the free market decide what schools are best.

  129. point, if you make more than $250000 a year you should vote republican, its a no brainer. vote democrat.

  130. Where are Romney’s spicifices he has plans but does not explain what they are . Sounds alot like Gov. Scott Walker of WI!! When I asked my republican friends well didn’t you vote for him they all said tes and came back with the comment but Walker never explained what he was going to do???

  131. Not to defend Busch, but same war. Clinton went in from air bombings, said “stand down or we will destroy you” over in months. Busch thought he was wise and was going to save lives by going in from the ground. Ended up killing more and lasting more than 10 years. You have to finish what you start. Things would have turned out different if he went in from the air. A mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. But this one cost us billions of dollars and lives. The remedy for our salvation has not been presented to us. Obama is horrible, Romney is worse. The lesser of 2 evils is Obama. I wish someone capable of running the country would run. Even I have better ideas that would fix this country. A mentally challenged person or Mickey Mouse could do better. But we don’t have many options. I hate to say this…ahhhhh….vote Obama. Not the solution, but it’s all the hope we have.

  132. one big point,has the american people (the working class)or mid class, got fogetfull. rebublicans caused this problem and allways will, vote democrat.

  133. I still haven’t heard anything out of Mitt Romney that differs from the policies President Bush pursued. Bush wanted tax cuts for the rich and got his way. Bush wanted to keep regulations on Goldman Sachs and BP light and he got his way. Bush believed in trickle down economics. Bush wanted cowboy foreign policy and he got it. I will say that Bush was much more honest and much less of a flip-flopper than Romney, but his ideas were the same.

    So, what were the results of our last experiment with these ideas? Well, we got the most massive economic catastrophe since the 1930s. We got a trillion dollar war of choice in Iraq that went onto the national credit card and cost 4000 American soldiers their lives and countless more their health. We got an incompetent federal response to Hurricane Katrina. We got a politicization of science and a gutting of science funding. We got a trillion-plus deficit and the largest debt in our nation’s history by far. One thing we did not get was Osama bin Laden.

    If the disgraceful behavior of Republicans in Congress over the past 4 years doesn’t convince you to vote Democratic, just consider that Romney is nothing but Bush on steroids. Exact same policies, but even more extreme and damaging to the middle class. Is that really what this country needs (hedge fund managers and oil executives aside)?

    • i suggest you get a job and a free Obama phone which my working family will sacrafice things we now can not afford to buy. Enjoy we will just keep working harder for you and yours so you dont have too.

  134. Everyone acts like one or the other of these guys is the bigger liar. The truth of the matter is both will disappoint you. The difference here is that Obama has been doing it for four years already and the only CHANGE I see is a bad one. Come to think of it Romney could run on that same slogan “Change!”. I don’t pretend to know how good of a job Romney would do as president, but I have a hard time believing it will be worse for my life than Obama has been.

    • The key question you have is, “Which president is offering policies that most resemble the New Deal?” 1933-1942 was the only period in modern American history where we grew at over 10% a year and we did it from a starting point that had many of the same problems we have today.

      Over and over again you hear people saying you can’t raise taxes on the job creators, but that is really “You can’t raise taxes on the campaign contributors.”

      Unfortunately change happens slowly. We can’t fix all the problems that started in the 80’s and in some cases the 70s or even earlier overnight. But Clinton showed us that in a neoliberal drought, even a watered-down policy that doesn’t fix many of the long term problems can still lead to a strong relative improvement.

  135. Watching CNN attacking Romney on every FACT was very biased. The unemployment numbers are definetley skewed even at 8.1 percent. Please let the facts be known. The future of our country depends on it.

  136. In all the spinning I have heard nothing of his anniversary. I think he really would have been dining and dancing with Michelle.

  137. I like Axelrods tie. It makes him look like a winner. But after his comments he and Obama are both big losers.

  138. It’s a sad day for America when Romney spouts rhetoric with obvious disdain for what makes this country great, and he’s heralded for his “PERFORMANCE”. Is this Broadway, or a country with real problems? What happened to character, and vision? I’m part of the 48% he “doesn’t care about”, and all I can say to his privileged ass, is back at ya.

  139. I would not want to be under a president who has yet to provide details on the policies that will affect me and my family. When are the details coming out when it’s too late!

  140. After the passage of 4 years we finally know what OUR PRESIDENT meant by his slogan HOPE and CHANGE– HYPE and all my administration will leave you with is CHUMP CHANGE. OBUMMER is a failed president. He needs to leave office. His vision of the U.S. is not the vision Americans have. He and his ilk have sold us out to foreign interests. Romney is a self-made man–his father, GEORGE ROMNEY, was a self made man. Americans who learn hard, work hard and achieve the American dream deserve respect and emulation– not ridicule. ROMNEY is the leader we need. Slick talking OBUMMER was at a loss for words in this debate because he is an incompetent and his incompetence has finally been exposed!


  141. Romney do I want to be caught by surprise? Give me some back-up? You have no connection to the middle or lower income. You did not convince me especially when got so hyper you did not allow the moderator to talk. If you don’t listen to the moderator why would I think you would listen to me?


    October 3, 2012 at 11:21 pm · Reply

    I still haven’t heard anything out of Mitt Romney that differs from the policies President Bush pursued. Bush wanted tax cuts for the rich and got his way. Bush wanted to keep regulations on Goldman Sachs and BP light and he got his way. Bush believed in trickle down economics. Bush wanted cowboy foreign policy and he got it. I will say that Bush was much more honest and much less of a flip-flopper than Romney, but his ideas were the same.

    So, what were the results of our last experiment with these ideas? Well, we got the most massive economic catastrophe since the 1930s. We got a trillion dollar war of choice in Iraq that went onto the national credit card and cost 4000 American soldiers their lives and countless more their health. We got an incompetent federal response to Hurricane Katrina. We got a politicization of science and a gutting of science funding. We got a trillion-plus deficit and the largest debt in our nation’s history by far. One thing we did not get was Osama bin Laden.

    If the disgraceful behavior of Republicans in Congress over the past 4 years doesn’t convince you to vote Democratic, just consider that Romney is nothing but Bush on steroids. Exact same policies, but even more extreme and damaging to the middle class. Is that really what this country needs (hedge fund managers and oil executives aside)?

  143. Listen, people, it’s simple: if we vote the way the rich want us to vote, then maybe we’ll get jobs.

      • I can give you a piece of my blueberry pie, its piping hot if you’d like. Ill share it with Mr. Van Steuben. What do you say guys, can we all get along and not try to stop us from being excessively greedy worldwide boys. How dare they ask us to not buy our 5th yach, 10th home and request us to run a government that is fair and square with descent salaries, working conditions, environmental laws and treat people like humans, not slaves. That would be terrible for US!!Let’s pretend that we are not building new plants in China as this debates go on. Label people different race lines discriminat against Brazilian Indian bloodlines and replace it with Black Brazilian and influence CIA demographics by making us think that when we land in Brazil we are in Cape Verde according to demographics lobbying for personal motives that is. Change of focus off a private matter. Okay if we dont address BUILDING in a communist country not trade which i believe there is no law at this time addressing building can we stop or curtail some of it. Ford build here, GMC GE not China we are in a recession for God’s sake!! Is it in the best interest of America to continue building in China? Okay, will we allow this building pattern to go on and then have to ask for more tax hikes on the over $250,000 in the year 2017, again and tax code reforms. If the excessive greedy CEO’s of Ford, GE, GMC and others dont want to negotiate , or agree to any concessions what do we do. Cut the poor, electricity, food stamps, ship all the poor Mexicans back to their country, place people on 700.00 month on SSI because they dont have a Bachelors? The poor, the defenseless is the answer. Meanwhile VIP excessive greed, corruption, unaccountability for money spent or shifted into other spending headings in their books goes on? We have to support their VIP living that they are accustomed to? It always was being done but now the greed is excessive. President is trying to do his best but with rich opposition, Adelson alone donated 110 million or 10 million to Romneys campaign. Obama had to go out and fund raise to stop negative ads and comments at only $2,500 a plate events the celebrities few of them on $25,00 a plate. Only 50 showed up to contrast that ONE BILLIONAIRE contribution of Adelson. That is just one billionaire imagine? We cant change horses at this point in mid stream. Vote Obama! Please or we will be doomed!!

  144. All the dollar’s spend on the campaigning ;To use to help the kids in this nation for clothes food medical care that that the person to put in office!

    • Adelson alone 10 million or 110 million to Romney!! The rich! Obama had to attend fundraisers at 2,500 a plate. The celebrity hall paid 25,000 a plate only 60 showed up. How is he going to block those negative comment ads, etc. Vote Obama! How many plates would have to be paid to contrast the 10 million of one person.That would be terrible for US!!Let’s pretend that we are not building new plants in China, while this debate is going on. While they keep building new plants Ford, GE GMC etc we are leaving more Americans without work and providing jobs for the Chinese who are now looking to build up an airforce and setting or building nuclear reactors. How can we catch up? If the pattern or building continues in China which it will due to cheap labor, overworked staff no human rights laws, polluting the environment no OSHA laws a free for all a heaven for investors we are doomed. What is going to be the solution for 2017 more tax hikings ver the $250,000 tax code reforms? Import Export reducing the red tape? Again Candiates CHINA building needs to be addressed. President Obama has to have his schedule of 2013 calendar loaded with CEO negotiations. No more gay rights, abortion meeting, The View, dancing with the stars. Building in China is not in the best interest of the United States especially now!! We need to remain in good relations with China we owe them trillions, how do we do that if we cease building? How would they react? Call back their loan? We need sit down with FORD who has two plants 760 million dollars to be built in China we need to cancel those buildings and build in California for Asian market and Florida Caribbean and South American markets. We pay the penalty for canceling the building get them home now. CEO president for Ford right now stands as a traitor supplying jobs, information, technology to the Chinese in a dire time of need for American people. This is not in the best interest of the United States. A traitor? Building is the issue here folks, not trading. Is their a law on Free TRADE again TRADE with communist China. Yes, the placed a LAW, a LAW that it is discriminatory to not trade with China but it is not with Cuba! LOL Check that out! But is there a LAW on BUILDING NEW PLANTS in communist China? Anyone can answer that question? Please no temporary fixes on taxing okay the over $350,000 will pay a trickle of 120.00 more per year WOW! Can they afford that? Its a drop in the bucket for them. We need JOBS, China building issue. We need to stop trading top secrets of technology with them on aircrafts. Russia with weapons. They have billions of people and have a different outlook on life than we do. They work till they drop, suicide rate is high and they are tired of their rulers. We hve to vote Obama we cant change horses in midstream He took over in 3 1/2 years trillions of debt and the loan from China to Bush. Dont blame this President for Republican blocking bills, arguing power struggling being uncooperative with everything he has suggested. Then there are people in the deep south that dont like the President because of his COLOR! They are dirt poor in trailer homes run down ones but will not vote for what they call a colored man. They prefer to have vouchers for Medicare in the year 2023 and ruin their childrens grandchildrens life regarding healthcare, Romney willcut their electrical help, remove food stamps, stop Pell Grants for the poor to receive a college education. This cutting the poor route instead of addressing the China Investors buildings. Look at Ford building in China google it. Ghana gold mines google it look at what the new capitalism has done. Slave labor, mistreatment of humans, no health insurance. They treat their dogs and cats better than HUMAN life!! Meanwhile VIP excessive greed, corruption, unaccountability for money spent or shifted into other spending headings in their books goes on? We have to support their VIP living that they are accustomed to? It always was being done but now the greed is excessive. President is trying to do his best but with rich opposition, Adelson alone donated 110 million or 10 million to Romneys campaign. Obama had to go out and fund raise to stop negative ads and comments at only $2,500 a plate events the celebrities few of them on $25,00 a plate. Only 50 showed up to contrast that ONE BILLIONAIRE contribution of Adelson. That is just one billionaire imagine? We cant change horses at this point in mid stream. Vote Obama! Please or we will be doomed!!

  145. At this point Im not voting on who I want to be president..Im voting based on who I DONT want as president…both options are….eh.

  146. I am embarrassed to say that I voted for President Obama last election. He took us from bad to worse. I am tired of him passing the blame. What we need is a leader. Not a celebrity. I have known that he wasn’t the right man for the job, but was uneasy with Mitt Romney. I assumed they were equally incompetent, so I figured I’d sit this one out. However, Romney appeared head and shoulders more prepared and more of a leader last night and he won my vote. Please don’t let me down Mr. Romney.

  147. The interesting thing about all of these opinions is it displays nothing more than each side trying to blame the other side for your own problems. Like watching Rush, and Hannity blaming then “Liberals” and the Democrats blaming Bush. If any of you really think that the President is running the show, then you better wake up. This is a capitalistic society whose sole purpose is to make money. It’s a free for all with no compassion. “He who dies with the most toys wins” attitude”. Bush didn’t cause the recession, we did. For those of you who bought houses that you couldn’t afford and had to have the “Beemer” and at the same time didn’t have a dime in savings, well you got what you deserve. It all boils down to personal responsibility. The government is driven by a small handful of people that I jokingly call the “10 rich white guys” (see campaign contributors) All presidents are just reacting to what the hypothetical “10 rich white guys” will let them do. The great thing about America is, the possibilities are endless. If you work had and play smart, you can’t lose. If you continue to make bad decisions and expect someone to take care of you, which many Americans do, you will lose. Quit thinking that a President will fix your problem. They never have and they never will. Instead of blaming each other, work smart, save, don’t have debt, and try towork together for a change. No administration in the past 40 years has affected me at all. I took care of myself. That’s what makes America great.

  148. The debate did not and will not change who I’m voting for. Last night Gov. Romney was was puppet and you could easily see the strings being pulled, his responses were scripted. President Obama was very low key and I did not see the need for him to attack Gov. Romney even though much and most of what Romeny said was actually the untrue and he contradicted alot of his own policies. So the statement that Romney made about his 5 boys, really related to himself because he lied, lied and continue to lie. Even though President Obama did not mention the negative connotation of 47% made by Romney, most if not all of you undecided voters just didnt get it because you are the 47% that Romney is talking about that actually feed off of and is government dependent. An you are part of the 47% that Romney will have an ambulance pick you up from your apartment and drop you off at the hospital. Now with that being said, if last nights’ debate was enough for you to vote for Gov. Romney, then you are as undicisive and he is. People, this is only the first debate.

    • With that said…It wasn’t Governor Romney who was lying through his teeth last night. That man was President Obama, who stood there telling bold face lies to the American people about Romney and his “supposed” plans. Romney stated his ideas and hopes for the future. And Romney’s comment about his 5 boys, was because the President was straight lying over and over again. Romney said, he had 5 boys so he knows what it’s like to hear the same thing over and over from someone hoping he will finally believe it, but it just isn’t true. He was making the point–as he had to many, many, many times in the Debate last night–that Obama needs to get his FACTS straight and stop trying to lie to the American people. In the words of Romney, Obama is entitled to have his own house and his own plane, but not his own “facts”. You claim that those who are voting for Romney are indecisive, Romney made his points as clear as he could last night. Tell me, what are President Obama’s plans, other than cutting $716 billion dollars from Medicare and continuing to place blame with everyone but himself.

  149. Gary Johnson is the only person in this race not beholden to the large campaign donators.
    Let’s make a real change, Gary Johnson for president

    • Gary Johnson? Great use of a vote. I would be amazed if Johnson garnered a whopping 0.002 percent of the vote.

  150. I don’t get why people are still in for Obama. Last four years was already a mistake. Do we really want go “forward” on the wrong direction? Americans wake up. Romney is not perfect; but he is a better correction.

      • Sure, if you want to live in a military-industrialist super-state with capital pouring into the Third World to finance a new world order and ever increasing military expansion threatening complete economic collapse, labour standards reduced to Third World conditions, and the middle class finally and decisively annihilated with rising unemployment as jobs are replaced by globalization and automation. If you want the United States to become an expansionist police state, the pariah of the world, living in a moralistic “leave it to Beaver” fantasy world, where the rule of science and rationality is replaced by the rule of religion and the media. Sure, if you want all these things and more, vote Republican!

    • How on EARTH do you think you can tell what Romney will do? He has taken at least three sides of every issue.

      If I were you, I would be very, very afraid, because he keeps scrapping ALL the issues on which he “won” the nomination.

      Likewise, he is now talking about compromising with Democrats, and bragging about how he “surrendered” to Democrats when he was figurehead in Massachusetts.

      When he ran against Ted Kennedy, he did such an “Etch-a-Sketch” campaign that Ted said if they it had lasted two more weeks, Romney would have endorsed Kennedy.

      • Both men are total opportunists. Ayn Rand would turn over in her grave if she heard Ryan’s claim to be an Objectivist in the context of his speech to a Catholic university in which he claimed to be a Catholic with equal sincerity. The key to his success is his ability to morph into whatever his audience wants. This is not the quality of a statesman.

  151. The debate between these two was quite clear. Romney has business leadership,and was successful as a State Gov., even Obama confirmed this. Let me put one thing to rest for EVERYBODY out there. His overseas accounts I can guarantee are accounted for. He is required to file a FBAR report EVERY year. If this is not done the IRS will take the accounts funds and the penalties ARE very high. Don’t you think he would have all his ducks in a row before running for any politcal position???? By the way Obama’s tax rates have been released for 2013…. Intial rate 15% 2nd 28% 3rd 31% 4th 36% last 39.6%. Child tax credit goes from $1000 per kid to $500. This will effect ALL middle class!!!!! The “rich” never got the $1000 CTC anyway. Bush middle class rate was %15 Obama is almost double! By the way I am an accountant for 28 years. LIES is what Obama does best.

  152. Open Letter to Mitt Romney

    It is obvious that you will say anything to be elected as President of the USA.

    But why set your sights so low? Think bigger. A man such as yourself should not limit his true potential.

    I would suggest President of the Universe.

    Why fight so hard to take on the extra baggage of the 47% – people you clearly despise.

    While you are strongest – right now – hammer out a deal whereby you and the 1 % that you cherry pick are ceded autonomous territory in Utah.

    Full USA military protection and none or very low taxes on profits. You are the dealmaker, you set it up.

    Why promise 12 million new jobs to the USA when you can contract them to your owned industries?

    China needs to be contained, controlled … you and your superpack buddies, wall street investors do that.

    Israel wants help in shutting down Iran. You guys work out a price with DoD and make it stick. Sure, contract out the US armed forces..

    It is clear that you believe every problem has a business solution. You could be onto something. And no term limits.

    Mitt, you wouldn’t be happy as POTUS. As long as there is a bigger title out there, you will be vectoring to it.

    I believe that you have a good heart and that you will keep centered USA interest. You could do so much better as an Independent

    • Voting for the lesser of two evils, still gets you evil.

      Has anyone noticed the Barack creature looks more and more like a chimpanzee, and the Mitt creature like a statue in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum…and that both are liars and cheats that hate Free Americans!

      So, are you going to vote for Plastic Man or Monkey Boy…hoping whichever one of these evils “wins” will destroy our Free Nation at a slower pace…?

      Or, are you going to take a stand against these two anti-American subhumans, and vote your conscience instead!

      Gary Johnson is THE ONLY ONE TO GET YOUR VOTE — if you are a Real American and want to save our Nation!


  154. I feel the government is based on lies, the canidates are like horny men they tell you anything to get in your pants (office) and when they have accomplished their task the real truth comes out! No one man can solve the worlds problems especially when he faces soo much opposition. Romney is for the rich and thats obvious, he does not care about the little people and the little people shouldnt care about him. We all didnt start the race in the same position so that Free Market, Individualism B.S. is not going to work unless they take everyone’s wealth and assets and everyone start off at a zero balance! One your mark! get set! go! Bet you millionares dont want that…..

  155. Stop building in China!! We dont want to ask for tax hikes again as a solution to the economy or a temporary fix for 2017!! Vote Obama! CEO Ford, GE, GMC, etc need to meet with the Presidents Order to address that he has to address an order for the better of the American people and economy. We need to stop Ford’s building GE and others that are on the drawing board and we need to pay the breach of contract fees of penalty.

  156. Obama was tired, runned down from fund raising against Billionaires for Romney. Adelson alone gave the Romney campaign 10 million or 110 million. That’s a lot of moolah!! Obama is attending fundraising events at only $2,500 per plate dinner events he has to attend to beat negative ads etc. The 60 celebrities that contributed $25,00 per plate on a celebrity Hollywood event also still cant catch up to Adelson ‘s giving. To catch up with one Romney donation of 10 million that’s a lot of plates. Imagine, just one contribution. I wonder who those Latinos and I use the accent, when I say “Latinos” in South Beach are supporting? All filthy RICH! Self centered! and Very insensitive people I relate to many of these people as Hitlers. They overwork slaves, and look the other way on how they are mistreated. Mexicans of INDIAN color, Brazilians, Venezuelans only the pure white both side ANGLOS through and through and they will take a DNA to prove it!! Chicago’s cell phone guru Irizarry a RAT who stresses also cells of people. This attitude needs to change and we need to disclose these white supremacy Hitler profiling of people.

    • Nah Obama the best most realistic and transparent president we have ever had since John F. Kennedy. Let Obama stay on board and get this country back on track. He is a good president and should be well supported. What a wonderful family he has beside him also. Michelle is terrific . Don’t lose vision and hope by being negative about this change that will do us all good. PC

  157. This blog is not exactly a “scientific sample,” but I think it illustrates the point I have been trying to make.

    Between the first debate and the second, the comments here were overwhelmingly pro-Romney. The Obama people were dispirited.

    Then came the veep debate, and people complained that Biden was too aggressive, but his goal was to fire up his base, and if you’ve noticed, the responses SINCE Biden/Ryan has tilted toward Obama.

    Every reply I just opened was pro-Obama.

    That’s why I say that Biden did exactly what he needed to do, regardless of what the media say–He didn’t turn the tide, he put the brakes on the slide. And even the trend here has changed.

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