Tuesday night ushered in the second Presidential Debate featuring President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, this time from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. This debate was structured as a “town hall” event with questions primarily coming from a pre-screened audience of undecided voters. The moderator was Candy Crowley, CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent.

Watch the complete 90 minute video:

Transcript: Flash Transcript from ABC News

Original Air Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Report from Fox News:

President Obama and Mitt Romney tangled in the opening moments of their second debate on the economy, taxes and energy – as the president tried to make up for lost ground in the wake of his opening debate performance.

The president was decidedly more aggressive Tuesday as the debate at Hofstra University in New York got under way.

He mocked Romney’s five-point economic plan and referenced Romney’s tenure at private equity firm Bain Capital.

“Governor Romney says he’s got a five-point plan. Governor Romney doesn’t have a five-point plan. He has a one-point plan. And that plan is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules,” Obama said. “That’s been his philosophy in the private sector. That’s been his philosophy as a governor. And that’s been his philosophy as a presidential candidate.”

Romney called Obama’s assessment “way off the mark.”

While Obama said Romney’s policies are “squeezing middle-class families,” the Republican nominee claimed president’s policies were doing the same.
“The president’s policies have been exercised over the last four years, and they haven’t put Americans back to work,” Romney said.

The two candidates frequently interrupted each other, in what was turning out to be a feistier face-off than the first round.

This debate was certainly much more confrontational than the first Presidential debate back on October 3rd.

The next and final Presidential Debate occurs on Monday, October 22, 2012.


  1. Our President won this debate hands down. He was there, he engaged and he did it using truth not trying to reinvent himself!

      • ^demoncarcass

        Your response is one of the few I can actually agree with and it frightens me that this type of response is so rare here.

        I have read every comment on this board and find it extremely unnerving that the majority of commentators on here seem to swallow everything fed to them by right-wing and left-wing extremists like it’s the nectar of the gods. This is why are country is allowed to exist as a corporate aristocracy, because people like the rest of you are too damn scared to think for yourself.

        Both candidates are completely terrible choices, the debates mean nothing, and the only relevant question is: “Over the next four years, which candidate’s party will be forced to placate a form of insanity which you can most tolerate?”

        While I find it revolting that this is the only choice we’re given, I can easily say the answer to that particular question is not “Mitt Romney”.

    • To Graycrab and anyone else who this “our President won”: please elaborate. Don’t start going around shouting praise for Obama without explaining why he deserves it. If you know and understand the facts you will realize that there is no winning with President Obama. He didn’t accomplish anything he promised 4 years ago. Unemployment is higher, education is worse, foreign relations are worse, the U.S. economy is about to collapse…. remember the near government shutdown last year? Perhaps you didn’t know about that. The plan to become energy independent is badly failing. In fact President Obama opposed the pipeline from Canada right out of the gate but now he has no comment about that. The fuel efficient vehicle programs Obama has tried starting are badly failing. So………please research these things I have just said before you say anything about our president winning. Be informed!

      • U sound crazy only reason things not going the way they should, is because the rebubs are not backing him because they want him to fail. So they are doing anything to get him out. Now pay attention and realize rascism still here

      • ^HMLS Grad

        After checking multiple sources of information, most of of them non-partisan public statistics, I’ll have to make some corrections to your post sir…

        Unemployment is lower, education is more accessible to the poor and the arts/humanities are finally receiving moeny, foreign relations are have DRASTICALLY improved and reputation of America across the globe has strengthened, the U.S. economy is recovering from the near collapse that came about due to deregulation of the types of business that Romney ran.

        • the statistics show less unemployment because more people who are being sampled in the surveys are saying they have given up looking for work among other wierd reasons they are not considered “unemployed.” Don’t give into to parlor tricks which are used to confuse you. I’m not saying that democrats use these statistics to confuse and democrats don’t. I’m only saying look to your left and look to your right and you will see there are many more people lining the streets without work and more people without adequate work. Education has not improved. Obama even admitted to this in the debate. He commented about his “initiatives” for education but he never said anything about it working because it hasn’t. America has strengthened across the globe??? We are being viewed as being weak by the other nations. The governement almost came to a collapse because congress cannot agree on anything and Obama failed to take charge of the situation.

          • Jobs LOST during Bush’s last year: 4.5 million
            Jobs GAINED during the last 30 months under Obama: 5 million

            Deficit when Bush took over: There was none! We had a $230 billion surplus.
            Deficit when Bush left office: $1.3 TRILLION

            So much for Republican economics. I’m voting Obama. No contest.

        • Not true america is comedy for rest of the world

          and having more and more people working for government agencies is recipee for no growth only beurocracy and powerfull socialist laws

          Romney seems like the type of man you need as he understands business I believe that as I think do most american entrepreneurs

      • Yeah, people talk a good game, but also fail to realize that Obama does not make the decisions, CONGRESS does, The Republican Party has complete control over the house as we speak, you all are not so smart!

        • And the democrats have the senate and they can’t accomplish anything either. Be fair and look at both sides. Both are ineffective and America’s bipartisan system is in a deadlock and failing. We need a third party (Reform Party) to break the deadlock and the never-ending cycle of choosing between the lesser of two evils.

        • Denise, Hello, do your research , Yes the Republican have the house but the Democrats have the senate. The Democrats were the majority the first two years …and what did they do ??

        • bah I spelled Promise wrong I bet someone will critique me on that rather than look at my point. well it’s late, that’s my excuse 🙂

      • HMLS Grad, It is my belief that over the past 4 years our President has had to recover from the mess that G.W. Bush created. Romney is quick to use the term “over the past 4 years” rather than stating the obvious which is that these problems started during the last administration. Romney also made it a point to bring up the Food Stamp percentage but the fact of the matter is with jobs leaving this country and our deficit growing (not doubling; 10 trillion to 16 trillion is not double)more people will need the help the Food Stamp Program gives. Is was the time wasted in Iraq because of Bush settling the threat Sadam Hussein made against his father that our deficit grew out of control. Had Bush gone straight to the source he could have saved the Nation Trillions. I also fear Romney’s comment about women being able to have a flexible schedule basically to keep them in the kitchen. As a working mother of 4 my family has helped to bring dinner to the table so that I may work. Their father is capable of making their dinner, it is not necessary for me to be home to cook. Family is the key; if you have a family to help you through these times or friends that are in need of assistance and you help each other than you can make it. As for believing in God, I do, but I certainly do not want church and state mixed. Romney will eliminate laws that allow women to make choices for themselves. Abortion should not be taken away; it should not be abused either but a woman knows if she can take on the responsibility of another child or not. If she is forced to keep a child or put that child into an already overcrowded adoption system, that is an injustice to the mother and the child. It is my belief that all things cannot be done in just 4 years; the President should be given the time to finish all the programs he has tried to put in place with the rejection of the republican party stopping him.

        • Didn’t you get the memo from Karl Rove & Rush Limbaugh, Tina? Human history began on January 20, 2009. Who’s this “President Bush” you keep referring to? Never heard of him.

      • First of all, I am seeing these facebook messages all the time where people are saying that one candidate owned or slaughtered or massacred the other candidate. I disagree that in any of the 3 debates shown so far, any candidate won, so I share your frustration at these comments. I also appreciate your interest in fact-checking.

        But in making these comments you should check your own. If you are referring to the near-government shutdown as the time last year in which we almost went into bankruptcy, that was caused by the Republicans, holding the majority in the house of representatives, refusing to increase our debt allowance without congress and the administration reluctantly ceding to cut spending on a few items in the government’s budget. And they refused to sign off on raising the debt ceiling until their demands were met, in effect, holding the nation hostage for their demands. That was not the fault of the Obama administration at all.

        But if you’re referring to another time when the government almost shut down last year, let me know, because i don’t want to put words into your mouth.

        For the record, I don’t like either candidate.

    • It dont care how much Obama talks the talk he has not walked the walk and I don’t think he ever will. He has had four years to do so. It could be that he was so uniformed as a president hopeful that after 4 years of saying it was Bushes fault he finally realizes whats wrong with this ountry, its the people who voted him into office.

      • only idiot would say obama Won anything

        he is odbviously spent force and way out of his league

        this is not 2008

        romney is encouraging growth Obama is encouraging more of the same if food stamps for almost all your population and rapid downward decline in your countries world position and standing Vote Obama

        • I think Richardeurope just defined himself as the only one.
          I have not seen Romney convincing at all, lot of speculation, few facts, only promises it is obvious he can’t keep. He just wants to win.
          I pay more taxes than he does, why is it that someone like him who makes way more more money than I do, pays way less taxes and he thinks it is fair.
          What the $#$#@#$%^@###

    • Are you claiming that Romney has a habit of changing his positions like a “perfectly lubricated weathervane” (as Republican Governor Jon Huntsman put it)? Here are a few Romney statements:

      “I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country.”
      “I am firmly pro-life.”
      “I think there is need for economic stimulus.”
      “I have never supported the president’s Recovery Act, alright — the stimulus. No time, nowhere, nohow.”
      “We’re going to cut taxes on everyone across the country by 20%, including the top 1%.”
      “I will not reduce the taxes paid by high-income Americans.”
      “I’m a moderate with progressive views.”
      “I’m severely conservative.”

      Does that sound like a flip-flopper to you?

      • Steve:

        If Romney were just a flip-flopper, his supporters should be concerned that he’s leading them to slaughter.

        But the fact is that he’s TRIPLE-FLIPPIN’-MITTEN.

        On Abortion, he said that he would FIGHT to keep abortion safe and available. (2) He said he was a-gin it. (3) Last I heard, he’s FOR it–in cases HE “chooses.” Yeah: pro-choice (his choice).

        Just like Michigan weather, if you don’t like Triple-Flippin’-Mitten’s stand, wait a minute.

    • Appearances can be deceiving. I would have liked Romney to have given less anecdotal responses. Having them not bicker like school children would have been nice. Obama Might not be perfect, but Romney is one hell of a gamble.

    • Really you want Obama out so your kids to have a chance? If Romney doesnt think teachers will grow the economy how will your kids have a chance? think about it. 1 teacher=1 job this can give another teacher relief because that 1 teacher can take some of the kids out of that over crowed class. an example for the young ones. Mittens is gonna raise the retirement age to 70. how much of a burden on your kids do you think you would be with that voucher system? you cant just think of the right now all the time. some times you have to think down the road.

    • Very right Stacy. I wish Romney would have made that point! Obama loves to talk about education. Where was he when 75K a year public school teachers in Chicago went on strike to ask for even more? Not a word from him! And his own kids go to private school. What a hypocrite! I wish Romney would have pointed that out!

  2. Obama seemed defensive and in panic mode. Just does not come across as a leader. I like him as a person but don’t feel he is the right man for the job.

    • I feel you Trey, I do. I’m going to go ahead and give this a 5 though, because you just weren’t assertive enough. Talk more about your feelings and less about actual reasoning and analysis, then I’m thinking you can raise your score a tad bit higher.

    • On what give some details, I have four years of failed policies to back me up agianst Obama where would you like to begin. Lier, lier, pants on fire only goes so far. LOL

          • A nightmare??? How do you suggest he should have handled the past 4 years?? What do you think a republican would have done?? Weren’t the tax cuts that Republicans favor still in place during this past 4 years??? You think a Republican would have waved a magic wond and fixed all our problems??? After 8 years of failed republica policy?? Let’s not be completely ungrateful and disrespectful.

          • if Romney is elected that nightmare you call Obama isn’t gonna be anything compared to what Romney brings. Romney doesn’t have his own ideas. an on several occasions he has been called out on them.

          • ow,ow,ow…that typical american ‘hidden racism’ again…
            Most ppl suffer a lot of being narrow minded… in that case you deserve nothing better than Mitt Romney.Good riddance.

      • Say, that red squiggly line under your words means you misspelled it.
        You’ll come across better if you can spell. “lier” is not a word. You mean “liar”.

      • You may want to use spell check. You lose the argument against Obama when you don’t know how to spell. It makes you look ignorant.

          • That’s right James, go on, boast that stupidity of yours. You have a myopia level of like 8 right now, but I came to the comment section looking for a 10. Try talking about how Obama is a muslim, perhaps claim you have evidence of his overseas citizenship, and you’ll get yourself a rating of around 9. Then, perhaps try out something about the debt being all Obama’s fault to display you understand nothing about the political system that which you live in. I think after you breach all those points, you’ll be looking at a solid 10. But besides that, keep up the good work, James.

          • Your right! Obama lied about our education, apparently people need to go back to school to learn the word “liar”. Let us just face the facts, both candidates are notorious for not telling the full truth. FAILED PROMISES will happen even if Romney is President, get that through your head and you will be better off.

          • You know what else is cute? Someone who ever believed a candidate could fulfill all their promises. One liar or the other. We vote because they pander. So do you. Get off your pedestal. Or, I don’t know, spit out some data and bark some more about failed promises. Like all little dogs, most people will walk past without caring. I don’t, because I think someone should keep you away from computers, just like obnoxious dogs should be kept out of public. But that’s just me. Eat your pride, because after this I won’t be reading your response. Nor will the people above. Someone will be indignant as I am, certainly, but they’ll get over it. The only “lier” I want to chastise here is whoever claims to have taught you how to spell. But hey, you never wanted to learn anyway, did you? Education is certainly not your hot-button issue. You’ll be happy with that aspect of Romney-administered government. Two can play the sarcasm game, sir.

          • Obama has been picking up the pieces of the last Bushwacked administration. The Republicans sank us into a toilet. It’s going to take longer than 4 years to pick up their stinking mess.

            • I would have to agree…. We elected that retard Bush for 2 whole runs of bull crap… Obama is working hard to fix those 8 years of pure RUIN! People are too hard on him. 8 years of a mess is gonna take more than 4 years to clean up.

          • You must be the guy who voted for Bush two administrations in a row and still thought he was great. Did you hear when that woman asked him how he was different than bush? What was his answer, a bunch of bullshit. Nothing real. Nothing that really matters. It’s going to be the same old bullshit.

          • I wish you could have thought about that before Bush’s second term (the second worst president in the history of the USA). He is the one who got us in this big mess. Obama started in a deep hole and what Bush did cannot be repaired in 4 years it does not matter who the president is, it will take a long time. Certainly Romney can take us in the wrong direction faster. And Ryan is just a puppet. He would be the last man I would like to see as Vice President.

      • Hon,
        if Romney is lying right now in a presidential debate, can you imagine how much lies he’s going to produce when he gets elected. If he gets elected, let’s hope he doesn’t, how do you know he’s going to carry out his plan. ‘Cause trust me, people will say anything to get elected. Especially Romney. I understand Obama’s plan has not been great success. But you try to get a whole entire nation who was originally in a $4.899 trillion debt in four years. Tree’s don’t even grow leaves that fast. I’m not saying Obama is smarter than Romney, but at least the words come out of his mouth is mostly accurate. Under this condition right now in this nation, it’s best for us to have a president that knows what going on. Right now, Obama can change his plans, fix his mistakes. If Romney gets elected, then he’s probably going to change everything, or at least most of what Obama is doing. Thus, we basically start this whole process over, going the wrong way. Honestly though, who even know what Romney is going to carry out. Do you want a president who tries his best to fix the economy, and equal social and political rights for everyone. Or do you want a psychopath who does not understand what’s going on and basically change women rights. That’s something we’ve been fighting for since, I don’t know, wayyyy before WWI. You may not value women’s right, but if it was guys that were put in this situation would you think otherwise. I’m just sorry for people who think Romney is going to help the nation.

        • Really? Does anyone ever think a candidate will ever tell the truth the whole time? Has any candidate ever told the truth all the time in the history of any elections. I think not. More to the point, you really think Romney is lying any more than Obama? They are both politicians and both “say anything to get elected”. The question is, what are their track records. Action speaks much louder than words. Also, if you think America is not a Business as much as it is a Country your need to open your eyes. This American Business is falling apart and personally I want the guy who has been successful at Business to get us out of it. Stop worrying about who is lying, be cause they are both lying, and they are both speaking some truth. Whats important is their track record.

      • Spell out the failed policies & tell me what “Wrongly” had to offer that is different… Oh yeah u can’t because he doesn’t even know or don’t want to share his big details….

      • Spell out the failed policies & tell me what “Wrongly” had to offer that is different… Oh yeah u can’t because he doesn’t even know or don’t want to share his big details…….

      • It must be easy to forget 8 years of false flag wars, profiteering, Wall Street economic rape, and the Patriot Act turning out to be a attack on the Bill of Rights. Obama walked under an avalanche and it didn’t stop just because he got elected. You can’t stop a train wreck in progress just by changing engineers. Many so called “failed promises” were prevented promises stalled by a Congress hell bent on resisting anything and everything put before them. It is clear Republicans intended to crash the rest of us just to reclaim the office. Let me add that neither party is worth the powder it takes to blow them to hell so long as private money can control elections and legislation. Federally fund elections now!

    • can i please ask you what Romney was lying about? please let me know because from the last time i checked, gas and energy prices are through the roof. You idiot, do not say he was lying because Obama is lying and doing anything he can to cover his butt for not doing anything for the past four years you idiot

      • U want another pres like Bush then vote for the Raise taxes for the poor and cut taxes for the rich white guy. Only want to see the rich get richer
        and the poor get poorer, leading to the poor killing off each other to servive. Population control a part of the New World Order is what they it is going to take another 4 years to fix what bush messed up.it took 8 to jack it up its gone take 16 to fix.

      • Remember that time that a problem such as a highly over-powered and all pervasive market, and multi-trillion downward economic spiral were fixed instantly and didn’t require very expensive damage control to help the poor and middle class survive?

        Remember that time that the world became a utopia overnight and real positive social and economic change didn’t take many years, most often decades?

        Me neither.

      • John, why do you feel the need to try to offend people over the internet, using words like idiot, on a political format. It shows no class, intelligence, or regard for others, that being said.
        Wouldn’t it be a shock if for once America didn’t dictate world energy cost and petro-dollar on capitalist consumption budget but had to play by the rules too? Eu is paying 7-8 a gallon, its not like Obama is not working- (the future is not in fossil fuels) but that we’re transitioning into a new world of global energy consumption that takes time to stabilize.

    • Apparently research is not your forte. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics. http://www.bls.gov/opub/mlr/2011/04/art1full.pdf Chart 1 says a great deal.
      Chart 3 shows the insane rise in government employees and should cause a great deal of concern. Note the drop in state and local employees. The farther removed from THE PEOPLE (federal) the more THE PEOPLE lose control of their lives.

    • I don’t know, maybe the Republican controlled congress whose sole mission was to defeat Obama?

      You think might have had something to do with it?

        • Two years in a governmental political office is like the equivalent of 20 minutes to write a book report.

          Big problems get solved by long term solutions. This impatience and ignorance puts a straight jacket on the ability of well doing politicians to influence change and gives more opportunity for exploitative politicians to take seats of power.

        • James, lost his job…will probably never get on his old ‘level’ again, if ever. Yep, he’s a republican…because his daddy wants him too. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to vote. After nov. 6th; just another disappointed Romney- voter who lost…better get used to it!

        • Using the super-majority to push through a purely democratic political agenda is not a way to build a lasting economy or make long lasting impacts. It would have simply been completely revoked as soon as the super-majority was lost. When Obama originally drafted up his health care plan (for example) he purposefully included many features originally suggested and supported by republicans in order to make a bipartisan policy that would survive a change in leadership. His plan was repeatedly shut down in congress solely based on the fact that it was “Obama-care”. This constant stalling is what kills our economy, and is strangling our country. Obviously, compromises need to be made on both sides of every argument, but disagreeing based solely on party lines WILL end America.

      • We would have been much worse off had the Republican House of Representatives NOT put a stop to both the Obama Administration’s and Senate Democrats’ destructive policies. The Democrats’ continually abused critical policy issues to attempt to achieve political gain, all at the expense of the American people. The Republicans are the only ones that kept some glimmer of sanity in the goverment process. Romney/Ryan 2013!!!

      • Interesting viewpoint, considering that the Republican controlled congress passed his damaging ACA. I would hardly say that their sole mission was to defeat him, after they agreed with his lobbying (groveling).

      • Sorry to contradict you but the Congress was not controlled by the Republicans the first two years of Obama’s admin, the Democrats controlled Congress. They have controlled the Senate the last 2 and the Republicans the House. Harry Reid in the Senate has blocked ANY substantive legislation presented by Republicans from being presented in the Senate, thereby bringing Congress to a halt. This has not stopped Obama from governing by executive order and unlawful “legislating” by various departments.

    • Ah, fantastic James, simply great. This is what I was looking for, I’ll rate you a solid 9 for this one for your solid lack of analysis. Next time try toning it down to something along the lines of “OBamA suxsks!” and you’ll hit that 10 you’ve been striving for.

    • James, I agree with you that it makes no sense the spellchecker argument. This is not an Academic paper, it is a board, people may write from their phones,…etc.

      I disagree with everything else you are saying.

      I’ll begin saying that most of the changes Obama have in mind take more than 4 years, probably more than 8 years. One example was given in the debate: energy efficiency. Because of the regulations, in the future, because of the energy efficiency constraints, good will come. The problem is that you want the results now. What it will happen in your opinion? Obviously Romney will change the direction, will demote the regulations in place and will just mess up with things. Obama said that, for example, public land has to be used now, not when the company that sign the lease wants. Romney will change this, how will you benefit? Nobody is stupid to produce now when they can wait for the price go even higher.

      You may say that Obama was not able to make all the changes he promised, but at least he was consistent in everything he did. You should account the fact that most of Republicans behave like you, have what may be called tunnel vision and are united in hate. It is difficult to work something when your partner is digging your grave from day one. Republicans ended to be partners and work for the good of Americans starting the day one. They made a mission in stopping anything what this president proposed. This level of hate was never reached in American history.

      I have nothing with your spellchecking abilities, but you are full of hate and unwilling to see some huge things that are in front of you. If you cannot see the fact that your candidate is not Christian, that he is just doing the very rich people’s game proposing tax cuts that benefit first and foremost the rich, than, possible for regular Americans; that he is just a sketchy character, avoiding paying taxes, keeping his money offshore and promoting and sustaining offsourcing… if you are not able to see this when they are right in front of you, than what remains to be said? What is up to debate?

      I am sorry you are not able to see how Romney cannot do anything but destroying this country.

      You are talking about falling policies? You said you have been wait 4 years? How about Bush? We wait 8 years and dig us in the worst crisis ever in the modern history. Keeping things afloat it’s great when you hit an iceberg. When you do even more, as Obama did, this could only be appreciated.

      Obama didn’t cut the deficit in half, but he added very little to the deficit. Romney proposals will certainly add a lot more than Obama. The deficit is only one indicator, the problem is that this deficit will be caused not by healthcare reforms, like Obama propose, but of things like a very predictable war, as Republicans are warmongers and this is the only way to mask their real goals and “justify” deplorable tax cuts for the richest. War, huge tax cuts for the richest… this will add to the deficit. If I have to add to the deficit I would rather add because healtcare, education programs, not for cutting taxes for the rich or going to war once more.

  3. If you are going to call someone a liar make sure you have evidance to back it up, like obamas school records and birth certificates, ha ha,he said he went to school but no one remembers him in school or graduation photo’s and people are still waiting and looking.

    • Another solid 10: presentation of simple misconceptions presented as facts. Its as if you did some research yourself, perhaps a thorough reading of a peer-reviewed chain-email? Solid myopic 10, once again.

  4. I am 32 years old. I graduate with a BA in Business Administration in about a year. I have 2 kids to take care of and a husband that went from making 500 dollars a week to having to take a job at McDonalds that brings in less than 200 a week. We are in POVERTY!! What are you as president going to do to fix this issue? I am hoping there is a job available to help get my family back on our feet and in the meantime, I see how nicely dressed and the big parties that you all throw not to mention how much this debate cost alone! I can’t even drive my car too far because it cost too much in gas. My goodness people, use some common sense. Stop letting these people make the shots. They don’t know what they are doing and they don’t give a shit about none of us, NONE OF THEM!! All they care about is the money in there bank accounts! We need someone who cares about the blue collar worker! ROSEANNE BARR FOR PRESIDENT!! She at least gives a damn….you can write in in on the ballot at least that is what they claim…don’t know if they are being honest about that, they lie about everything else :/

    • I don’t see what pointing out your own situation does to the argument. There are plenty of people in worse situations than you who are doing well and not passing the blame for their unhappiness and misfortune on the government or the president himself. I agree with you in the sense that one person as president or another is not going to get your husband’s job back, but then what are you expecting? Why are you even on this site. Instead of venting about the disappointment you have in American leadership, why don’t you use your American liberties and go pursue your happiness without stressing about who is in charge. Grab you destiny, get off this site!

    • it’s people like you who enabled our nation to be where we are today. Roseanne Barr??! For cryin’ out loud, get a clue! maybe if you stopped watching tv and educated yourself out of your ignorance, you would be able to identify the new politicians who have integrity & real ideas to turn our monstrous debt-laden gov’t towards a fix. this obama guy golfs more than he governs, lies more than pelosi, and is determined to keep his power no matter what the outcome of this election. barack hussein obama is the most divisive president America has ever had! Class warfare to the max, and this in the 21st century. Read into his Executive Orders.

  5. Romney makes more sense. When Obama talks like he hasn’t been President the last four years. The economy is way worse than it was four years ago. The administration is picking winners and losers. Its not a dependable playing field.

    I give this one to Romney.

    • The economy is not worse than it was, this is insane.

      In the last 6 months of Bush administration we lost 3.5 million jobs.

      The recovery, even modest as it is, is still a recovery and by no means may be compared with the Bush disaster.

      Common sense will tell you that nothing can compare with Bush administration and you should stay away from comparison with Bush. You missed some indoctrination lessons I guess…

      • Greg, What issues took place during the Bush administration that directly affected the US economy , do your research. What issues took place during the Clinton administration
        again that directly affected the US economy. do your research. The difference between now and the last two administrations was that President Bush and Clinton , had some good programs and some bad that comes with running a business however they were both good leaders, they lifted moral, were able to work across the isle. Sadly the President we have today is not a leader, he has some good ideas but has failed to lead, has failed to reach across the isle,these obstacles are not new to this administration. It is as if this President has said I give up but still wants the prestige of being President.

  6. Oboma is really out of touch with the American people. Obama was on the attack the whole time, and he did not answer any of the questions directly, he spent the whole time attacking Gov. Romney. Oboma has done nothing to bring gas prices down, gas has gone up. When Obama took office; gas was $1.87, and now gas is $4.38 were I live, so clearly he has done nothing to lower prices.

    • Not to be rude, but government has nothing to do with gas prices or in any market pricing. People need to take micro and macroeconomics because then people would understand that, us demanding more causes a rightward shift in demand on a ppf chart, this in return causes prices to rise. As Obama said we need to find different types of energy to use, which will shift the demand for gas and oil down. This is the only way to reduce price levels. I will give you that the President has not found a better/cleaner energy that is as efficient and that can be put on our education system as well. Both candidates make good points.

    • 1. Gas is traded on the free market; supply and demand create the price, not the president.
      2. Out of touch? I think Gov. Romney out of touch thinking that not taxing bank interest will help out the middle class. How many of you in the middle class make a significand amout of money on interest over the course of a year?
      3. Both the candidates only attacked each other, that’s what candidates always do in debates. Its easier to make the other guy look bad than make yourself look good.

    • Gas was $1.87 ?
      Where on earth do you live???

      But yes, clearly what a large private oil company does to their prices while the economy puts more focus on green energy is the measure by which you ought to rate a president’s performance.

      Making an intelligent decision requires that you step outside of just your own experience and look at the entire picture. Perhaps if you take some sociology courses or travel abroad to other nations, you’ll see things in a way that makes more sense.

    • i don’t know where you live but it seems that you are just repeating some crap you heard Gas has been at the min. $3.599 since bush was in office. hell it got up to $5.00 a gallon in Cali. in 06

      • Obviously you live in the socialist state of California spreading lies is their forte.

        CA gas avg price when Bush took office 01/20/01 $1.582 and when Obama took office 01/20/2009 it was $2.064 a difference of $.482 for Bush in 8 years. Gas now is $4.623 giving us a difference of $2.559 for Obama in less than 4 years.

        Typical Obot you make up your own figures just like your president.

        Facts from US Energy Information Administration: www,eia.gov

        • Mango, I think you are right, I seems I remember people complaining then about fuel prices being too high(under 2.00) and saying the reason why was because Bush was an oil man, he is helping the big oil industry. HA

    • Obama did a few things to lower the price, unfortunately the price went up. However you tend to blame the president for the price of gas as for everything else. Why? What he was supposed to do and he didn’t? How he add up to this price? I may accept he failed here if you can prove it. Stating a fact doesn’t explain it.

      Romney is to blame for a lot more than that. He evade paying taxes by keeping his gains in offshore accounts and for this offer the lame excuse of “blind trust”. He is interested only in tax cuts for the richest, but has to offer something for common people, so he vomits some trickle down economy for the masses and here is how we get in the gutter once more. He encourage outsourcing being a “pioneer” of outsourcing, including outsourcing jobs. He is part of a sect, Mormons, that are not Christian. You may paint in any color these facts, you may try to explain them or excuse them, at the end of the day, Romney is with his rich guys as it ever been, disregarding common sense, regular people and pissing on us with Charity and shit that we do not want. We want fairness. If we pay our taxes, we want at the very least, those with higher income to pay the same percent as we do. We want to stop outsourcing jobs. We want to combat tax evasion and loopholes that allow rich people to make money on ordinary Americans, still avoiding paying their fair share of taxes or not paying taxes at all by keeping their money in offshore heavens.

      I don’t know… If you feel something wet and hot on your pants it is Romney pissing on you.

    • I think that we should all understand that both candidates are crooks an that both deserve to be held accountable for their lies. We need to wake up as a nation and realize that together we all hold the poer. Supply and demand! We stop depending on oil, “clean coal” an make steps to demand new products that have no or less destructive natures, and we can really step in this century. No longer controlled by Halliburton a d other insider trades. We can push forward. Expose lies. And demand a better future for all. Instead of growing the dicotomy of lies. Expand on truths.

  7. President Obama was more aggressive than the first debate. If he would have been more assertive that would have been Presidential, as it was he seemed bitter and shallow. Therefore my undecided vote goes to Romney. Not just because of that but it defiantly showed his true colors.

    • Well Micheal your complaning about your gas prices here in America why not check other places in the world such as The Bahamas were gas is $5.89 a gallon …come on you’ll are fortune

    • Michael, with all do respect, the way your putting it makes your decision sound shallow. President has not changed his positions and Romney changes based on the demand and it’s hard to tell what he really stands for. As far as the aggressiveness of the president, when Romney manipulates the truth in a debate, it really makes it hard to not attack him because President Obama’s job is not just to described his plans but also to show Americans the dangers of going with Romney – I’d do the same. Also, please keep in mind that the past 4 years, the tax laws of Bush administration have been in place which also makes me really afraid of what Romney’s policies would do to this country. I think he’s gonna create an unmanageable gap between the poor and the rich and take American down a terrible route and pass the point of no return. I also think it’s not fair to attack a president so harshly for not having fulfilled everything he promised in 4 years. IT’s practically impossible, especially with a republican house whose priorities have left me baffled. God bless you and our country 🙂

  8. The stupid grading the stupid. I love it! Too bad the only thing we’ll all have in common with these 2 JOKERS is how they’ll SCREW us after Election Day.

    The Exponential Function will be the Cruel Taskmaster, especially on the downward slide. But you “graders” are just too engrossed in the “Theater” to actually get what that means.


  9. I am a Canadian citizen educated in the United States. I am interested in the person who will defend liberty and justice for all.

    I have listened intently to both presidential debates. Mr. Romney presented an articulate, hope-filled and practically minded vision for America. Mr. Romney is a hard working family man with exceptional collaborative and business skills and a track record of proven success.

    President Obama’s failure to defend his record speaks volumes. His attempts to demonize his opponent are shameful, nothing more that bullying tactics straight out of the Saul Alinksy playbook. Mr. Obama has offered little in terms of real progress and recovery. Obama’s HHS policy threatens freedom of religion. He said nothing this evening to alleviate the real concerns of religious organizations who, given no other option, are suing the Obama Administration for Obama’s attempt to destroy the inalienable rights of American citizens.

    • Are you sure you’re a Canadian? We’re we listening to the same meeting? Everytime Romney declares he’s got a 5-point plan….I’m waiting to hear even the first point! He keeps deferring to the fact he can’t state what targets he’s going after to cut back on because it all depends on what compromises he’ll make when ‘working across the aisle!’ Come on….he doesn’t even have a target!!!!
      Did anyone ever ask how Romney defines a ‘small business?’ Is it just a single proprietor? Cause you know, Donald Trump is a single proprietor of many businesses and I don’t think he’s hurting on any level.

    • Right on point, Wendell! I always note that persons from other countries observe & think more critically about protecting our freedoms in the USA, far better than we born and raised Americans. So sad.

  10. What about the facts. Deficit has grown along with tax rates and unemployment. Overall the past 4 years have not gone well and by that I mean in Delaware applied bank just cut 1600 jobs. I want Romney for president because Obama is far from completing his goals from 4 years ago let alone the next 4 years.

    • The Deficit? Really? this is to everyone: if you get a loan for $100 with interest you may pay back $150 how much interest do you think is on a Trillion? we were already in the hole when he got in office. it took Bush 8 years to get us there and you think 4 years is gonna get us out? you guys need to get real this is some serious stuff out here. why do you think Romney does not want the wealthy to pay extra taxes cause it will effect heis pocket aswell.

      • You’re talking about interest, if Obama couldn’t keep up with the interest then it will keep growing. We need the deficit to decrease and the least he could of done was keep it the same. Personally neither of them are right for the job but Obama had 4 years to make an impression on the country. Romney was a good Governor and should be given the same chances as Obama.

      • Greg, Governor Romney idea is simple and If you will go back and review the debate and listen you may actually hear it. When you heavy tax a business it leaves less money for operation, less money for expansion which means less money for payroll. This is the fear of many on President Obama’s health care bill because it is actually a tax, if you will actually read it (the plan) you will see why so many small business owner are reluctant to hire right now. It is always a challenge for the sitting President to reach across the isle to resolve issues and to reach a happy medium that my friend is politics. However it has been done by many good leaders in the past, President Obama has failed to do so. it is as though he just does not want to be bothered with it so he just does not do it.

  11. i think romney needed to be more specific on what he was saying, he really didn’t answer the questions. i think obama did a great job answering and he has done a lot this four years. hopefully we get to see another four years of his great work that he has done for america(:

    • I’m usually a democrat (hated Bush, loved the Clinton years), but i’m siding with the republicans on this one, 4 more years of “great work” from Obama will turn the US into a bankrupt third world nation. Another thing is Obama keeps saying that we should tax the wealthiest more and more to keep up with the deficit when they are already providing 60% of the revenue, sounds like pretty socialist and borderline communist to me, that’s what the Russian and Chinese revolution did too, blame it all on the rich and start taking more and more from them.

      Remember this, its not a good ideal to bite the hand that feeds you

    • Truth be told, both dodged some questions.
      Romney was blank on woman issues.
      Obama did not discussed (and he can’t) the missing guns scandal.
      True, Obama did things; the problem is that he did less than what was expected. This exigency come from his people, not from Republicans. The Republicans will vote as a herd, but if Obama loses independent, undecided voters and disappoint more Democrats as he did in the previous debate, chances are he will lose.

      It will be awful to have an unwanted president, not wanted by his own, Mormon, sketchy person, rich and promoting the richest of the country, open to tax evasion, offshore, outsourcing… What many Republicans do not understand at this point is that Romney will bring the country to collapse. It will be a lot worse than they imagine for the very reason that tricking down economy doesn’t work and it never worked. There will probably be a new war, deemed necessary as any other Republicans wars, that will serve as a smokescreen for policies that favorize the richest.

    • Sandra I’m listening to these comments, and I don’t hear any comments from you that show were obama gave specifics at all. I agree with our canadian friend Wendell and he is college educated, with a sound grasp of what really went on. Obama’s whole campaign has been ” demonizing ” Romney,and once Mr. Romney finally got to face his accuser on stage at the first debate, look what happened, the poles started changing drastically. And the specifics you heard from Obama last night, what were they, all I heard was the same rederick, lack of subtance, that his campaign adds had. Romney on the other hand had specific fiscal numbers and numbers from different timeframes as well as specific on exports and china. I never heard one fiscal number come out of Obamas Mouth only general rederick spewed from his attack adds. Go back and watch the replay online and Sandra and you will see that I’m right. Be honest with yourself and re-grade that debate with some research, and an open mind?

    • see, Gov. Romney isn’t being vague. like he has said, he has his baseline ideas, then he plans to work with the dem’s in congress to get a bipartisan plan to get this country on track. but Pres. Obama has not even come close to his promises. i do not doubt he means well. but he does not have what it takes to get it done. and he said that Gov. Romney couldn’t be a commander and cheif. this is coming from the man who claims sole responsibility for Osama Bin Ladin. Obama was golfing thirty minutes before the operation. and he not only use it for personal gains, he didn’t even think of operational security. he even told the world what navy seal team carried out the mission. we shouldn’t even know seal team six even exists. Pres. Obama only cares about getting elected. his smear campaigns against Gov. Romney are offensive. and it shows the character of our “great” President. :]

    • Sonja, I would like to know that we are reading the same book. Maybe I missed some pages. Can you please elaborate on some of the great things President Obama has accomplished ?

  12. I thoght obsma lied over and over. Just looking at him and the vice president makes me want to puke. I don’t see how in the world he has done anything but hurt this country in the last 4 yrs. America needs a change. I want to know y when old people that have their homes pàid for and mayb has lost a partner and the other gets alsheimers abd r having trouble paying their bills they r forced to sell their home and move into a retirement home where the governmen

    t has control of their money. Obama is a real

    smooth talker a terriffic liar and if i noticed he didn’t mention God tonight at all because he don’t believe in him. This man is EVIL. Nobody has mentioned about no increases on

    • Wow, a very well-reasoned response. Did you, Hilbulyn, by any chance go to Harvard and obtain your graduate in literature? If not, if you were to show them this fine piece of rhetoric, I’m sure they would quickly just officiate your indoctrination as a Harvard grad as soon as possible. I’ve been grading the others in their myopia pretty highly, but I’ll have to step it up for this one- this one is just too intelligent- 11/10.

    • I hope God forgives you for judging the President this way. No man is deserved to be called EVIL like that, especially our President.

  13. The President is trying to sugar coat his last four years of failure with the Economy. The president talks about how great he has done getting alternative energy going in the U.S. Watch O’Reilly Factor. They confirm that all of the alternative energy companies which have started under the Obama Administration are going bankrupt. President Obama has accomplished nothing positive. But lets go ahead and say it, “yes President Obama, you coincidentally were in office when the War in Iraq ended and Osama Bin Laden was found.” Kudos to your timing but that does not even come close to outweighing the damage you have done to this country. And shame on you for trying so hard to appeal to a poorer and very large portion of the country who doesn’t know or even understand the facts and making them promises of a better life which will not happen if you serve another 4 years.

    • Oh, you know what Grad, I think I saw that segment too! It was just great how O’Reily used an ENTIRE, whole one instance of failure from the stimulus to then just say the entire stimulus was a failure. Simply great how Bill just circumvents reasoning with a “fuck you logic!” and concludes he knows everything. I like the cut of his jib, and yours too, if you agree with him.

    • Oh you watch Fox News! That explains it now.

      But yes, being in a very very bad financial situation, I was very thankful for the increased benefits I received to help me out. I do like to eat food on occasion after all. Now that I’m getting back into school and back on my feet I can get into better work soon…that is, unless Romney takes away my health insurance. I’m not a millionaire so I really hope I don’t get sick under a fully privatized healthcare system

    • Watch O’Reilly Factor? What do you want to hear from Fox propaganda machine? Check an independent reviewer, a non-partisan organization… something… Fox News? You base your political opinions on Fox News? You are irresponsible.

      • and where do you get your news Greg? CNN, Huffington Post, NYTimes, ABC, NBC, CBS, where?? FoxNews is certainly not perfect, but they are the least “propagand-ized” of all mainstream media, who i might add are one of the biggest causes of ignorance in America by their blatant, irresponsible, obama-maniac reporting

    • You are so right HMLS Grad, and any president that doesn’t acknowlege God and first time in history wants seperation from Isreal, and can cause as much unrest in the middle-east as Obama has, well, it adds up he is, and always was a muselam, and that can’t be tolerated in this United States. I wonder if anyone on here realises that if that Idiot over in Iran complete’s his goal to a nuclear weapon, We won’t need an economy, we can all kiss our politically correct asses good bye.

  14. Romny won100%.
    Obama lie al of time and he sale AMERICA,he worst president for all times,
    Go Romny go!
    ROMNY GIVES good thinks for peaple and for contry.
    Romny winner
    Obama loser
    that is all!

    • Perhaps your opinion might carry more weight when you have an education. I believe you meant:
      “Romney won 100%. Obama lies all of the time and he sold out Americans, making him the worst president of all time, go Romney go! (Apologies if my interpretation was incorrect, please amend if I missed your meaning.) Romney gives good ideas for people and for the county. Romney is the winner of this debate. Obama is the loser of this debate. That is all!”

    • You might consider learning how to spell the name of the person for whom you plan to vote into the Presidency of the United States. Just a suggestion. “RomnEy” Seems like there is a correlation between a person’s lack of education and their willingness to vote Republican. Just an observation.

  15. Why can’t they just talk about the issues, and stop lambasting one another. The whole dbate can be summed up this way, “My boat is bigger than your boat!”

  16. I dont care who won I Look at the ideas, and yes we have to accept what they say unless we have their actions to look at and copare their words with actions. Lets take the ideas of tax.
    Obama wants to cut taxes in certain areas if you spend your money in the right place for example tax credits for EDU.
    If you like the goverenment inflenceing how people spend there money nd on what, this is great,and ths is Obama’s ideas in general. Let government help spend your money by giving tax cuts in certain areas ie healthcare. this is what he stated tonight
    I don’t want government teling me how and on what I spend my money.
    I would rather just keep more of the money I work hard for and spend it how I want.
    To sum up the difference in general Obama wants government control and dictatoship, Romney you have to take him at his word, less government.

  17. No higher taxes on the middle class. What has been increased on the Obama care system for the past four years. Middle class are paying more for gas,food,clothing,medicine, and general health care. I can’t afford Obama. Just wait when you get sick and you are refused medical care. Nancy Pelosi adivised wait till it passes and then we will tell you what Obama Care is about. Does anyone know as of yet what Obama care is? Romney is the winner in my book.

  18. I am very regret i missed the righ time of Obama and vice-President agueing who has the original vedio,pls tell me,thanks a lot
    or send it to my email adress

  19. I think that Romney made a lot of good points about what Obama really have done for the past 4 years that he has been in office. The facts are really there, he tripled the deficit of this country more than any president that’s been in office. Obama has promised many things, but hasn’t kept them. I think Romney won this debate.

  20. Romney’s answers for most questions were either “my five point plan” with no details, or one copying Obama’s own positions. Romney just says what people want to hear, with nothing to explain how he will do it because it’s not possible.
    On another note, why do so many Romney supporters here seem to have trouble with writing? Maybe that kind of person is easy to fool.

  21. I was planning to vote for President Obama but now I changed my mind ,I will go Governor Mitt Romney.
    I don’t care for either party ,I care for a better life for me and others in this country.I can’t run around and teach and judge other country and other people ,lets make our-self better before we point figures to others.
    This year I vote for Mitt Romney ,please governor utilize this change to bring the country back to prosperity or I will be the throw u away next time .Do it or get out.

  22. Romney flubbed horribly on the Libya assertion. Got really embarassed and noticeably shrank afterwards. Obamas rebuttals were much sharper, exposing Romneys point for point. Far more presidential. Romney was the picture of insincerity.

  23. Amazing that the people have been bamboozled into thinking that either Barack or Mitt are a solution — when both are AGAINST these principles upon which our Nation was built!

    PRINCIPLES we must stand by!

    “A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have….” Thomas Jefferson

    “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

    “When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered.” DOROTHY THOMPSON

    “Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will.” FREDERICK DOUGLAS

    “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.” —Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution (Philadelphia 1787).

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” EDMUND BURKE

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ABRAHAM LINCOLN

    Voting for either would be legitimizing the further corruption that seems to have no end!

    VOTE for Garry Johnson — or face the dire consequences of failing to do so — TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!

  24. The fact that Romney is a member of a political party that was willing to risk the reputation of this country on a international scale (and in fact resulted in the USA losing its AAA rating) because they didn’t want to cooperate and allow Obama the possibility of doing something positive for this country; that the party would rather debate and attempt to defeat ‘Obamacare’ 31 times rather than reading and voting on any jobs bill; that the party couldn’t be bothered to try and even share the same aisle to discuss matters important to the country other than chanting the mantra of ‘Obama is a Muslim’ or ‘Obama is a Socialist’ to pretend they were working and earning the tax dollars they are paid is the very reason that I will NEVER vote for any candidate that belongs to a party that is MORE interested in advancing their agenda than helping the rest of their countrymen. If you think Romney can control this motley crew then you really are deluded.

  25. Both had good moments and both had so-so moments. Picking a “winner” of any debate is not the same as what happens behind closed doors, but I give the edge to the President in this one. That’s my opinion. Romney wants to hammer the President using his “facts” of today, whereas the President is explaining that the starting point was pretty bad 4 yrs ago and so there was much to fix, but they are getting it done. Speaking of 4 yrs ago, the Bush administration didn’t represent a “normal” Republican administration, either, because there was a war to fight and lots of things happened as a result. People should not try to compare apples to oranges. What’s key is figuring out the best policies going forward. Which administration’s policies do you want to put your vote on? Sure, there can be significant opinion on how the President’s policies worked thus far, but let’s not forget about Congress and how bills get passed when the Congress is Republican-heavy. It’s tough.

  26. This was not a debate about policies, but a ‘sale pitch show down’ between two competing brands of the same product.

  27. 1st point. Maybe you can’t get a job because you are incompetent and lazy. There are tons of jobs in my sector and we can’t find qualified people. Do you feel so entitled that you should be paid 100k for 40k work? Get a life and make proactive choices or go be satisfied working at Target.

    2nd point. Failed policies in the last four years? How about failed policies in the last 40 years? Seriously, don’t pick out a segment in time to critique without looking at the history.

    3rd point. The vitriol of the last 4 years is unprecendented and incongruent with policy. I wager that at least 40% of voters won’t vote for Obama because he is Black. Get the F over it. We are all one race and are all human, and frankly, white guys, the brown man will win in the end. You’d better get used to it.

  28. The first part of the debate looked much like the first one, with Obama badly losing….

    Subsequently it was not so much that Obama starting winning but that Romney seemed to lose his bearings a bit, and it began with Candy Crowley shockingly budding in on the side of Obama with his terrorism claim from the Rose Garden.

    Here is some initial Fact Checking, and better coverage of that.


  29. I had been a republican my entire life, until Bush Jr. After his first term, I changed.

    Here is a simple fact: Romney is wanting to enforce his false religous beliefs on the country. That is factually wrong for him to do that and he should not even be allowed to run for presidency. Electing him would be no different than voting in a Taliban.

    To think that 8 years of republican neglect is going to be corrected instantly, especially when dealing with the same republicans in the house and senate, is being blind and stupid.

    Most people against President Obama are simply against him because of his race. Racism has been proven to be stupid for thousands of years now, yet people still choose to think that way. That’s choosing to be stupid. It’s time to grow up.

    The only thing that President Obama hasn’t done that he should have done is, have a beheading on the White House lawn of all the bankers and lawyers that casued this financial bust.

    • Let’s talk about stupid. You’re saying that Romney should not be allowed to run for presidency because of his religious beliefs? Now who’s being racist? I feel stupid just by reading your comments and if every American thinks like you, God help us!

    • Let’s talk about being stupid. You’re saying that Romney should not be able to run for presidency because of his religious beliefs? Now who’s being racist? I feel stupid just by reading your comments. If every American thinks like you then God help us!

  30. After The 8 Years Of The President Bush/ Vice President Cheney Disaster, Now You Get Mad?

    You didn’t get mad when the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount and appointed a President.

    You didn’t get mad when Vice President Cheney allowed Energy company officials to dictate Energy policy and push us to invade Iraq .

    You didn’t get mad when we illegally invaded a country that posed no threat to us.

    You didn’t get mad when we spent over 800 billion (and counting) on said illegal war.
    You didn’t get mad when President Bush borrowed more money from foreign sources than the previous 42 Presidents combined.

    You didn’t get mad when over 10 billion dollars in cash just disappeared in Iraq .

    You didn’t get mad when President Bush embraced trade and outsourcing policies that shipped 6 million American jobs out of the country.

    You didn’t get mad when they didn’t catch Bin Laden.

    You didn’t get mad when President Bush rang up 10 trillion dollars in combined budget and current account deficits.

    You didn’t get mad when you saw the horrible conditions at Walter Reed.

    You didn’t get mad when we let a major US city, New Orleans , drown.

    You didn’t get mad when we gave people who had more money than they could spend, the 1%, over a trillion dollars in tax breaks.

    You didn’t get mad with the worst 8 years of job creations in several decades.

    You didn’t get mad when over 200,000 US Citizens lost their lives because they had no health insurance.
    I can’t believe how so many has forgotten so much. Be honest with your selves. President Obama hasn’t done anything worst than past president. It’s only because of who he is that makes you so angry.

    You didn’t get mad when lack of oversight and regulations from the President Bush Administration caused US Citizens to lose 12 trillion dollars in investments, retirement, and home values.

    You finally got mad when a black man was elected President and decided that people in America deserved the right to see a doctor if they are sick. Yes, illegal wars, lies, corruption, torture, job losses by the millions, stealing your tax dollars to make the rich richer, and the worst economic disaster since 1929 are all okay with you, but helping fellow Americans who are sick… Oh, No, we can’t have any of that! Come on, grow up!

    • Great summazation and conclusion of the actions when Republicans were in power! I also agree that it was not really the Republican vs Democrat split that divided this country back in 2008….rather I saw a strong reaction to the fact that the USA finally did what it had always was proud to proclaim – that ANYONE can be president but obviously some understand that statement to be qualified – ‘only if your skin is not a different color from WHITE.’ I also wanted to add for those commenting that Obama is running up the deficit is that maybe a basic course on how ‘credit’ actually works will help you understand that funds currently paid out include payments on a credit bill that the Republicans charged up! Also, a refresher course in ARITHMETIC would probably help for any supporters of this particular Republican ticket!

  31. Hello reading over these comments especially the some of the ones that say they are for Gov. Rominey helps me understand why the President says we need better education system. I am USA Military Veteran and I am sadden by the public memory of how bad things were four years ago and especially when they think a President has a magic wand to make it better instantly. Am I happy the way we are has a country no, but the fear of dread is not hovering like it was then(four years ago). To speak in truthfully I think if the President was a different race or nationality you would not have all these naw sayers on the job he is doing. As far as the debate it does not matter everyone has made up there minds who they will vote for. I just pray that everyone think back four years ago how bad things were, when you cast that vote

  32. There is ray of hope to move ahead and get out of vote on 6th November to endorse incomplete mission of President of Obama

    • Every presidents mission is incomplete – the unfortunate truth is, we can elect leaders, but we ado not live in a dictatorship – where a president can simply stamp it out and say “make it be so…” – the truth is the bipartisan road block in this country is the REAL issue that needs to be addressed… when we require majority by-in to make things really take shape how do we ever, whether critiquing a Dem or REP – how do we ever truly hold that one individual responsible for failure or success – what we must begin to understand is that we need to elect LEADERS – not REPUBLICANS or DEMOCRATS and as many of us know from our own careers – Rome was no built in a day, but if so desired it could surely be fell in less…. I will say, my oen true dig on the Democratic Candidate at this point is no how much the GOP would like to muffle the noise – the statements Romney has made about the %47 has not been lost on us at all and many of which were Republican voters, and likely many that are praising him post debate – BUT that is called brain washing – if they say it on FOX then it mus be so… were they looking out for you before Obama… seriously that administration had even the most faithful GOPs up in arms as well. Be fooled if you must, but at least take yourself out of the equation – don’t fool yourselves – at least make them work for it…

  33. Good luck to Obama! There may be a president but there can only be one king, GOD!! However, Obama is honest,respectful and had a mess to clean up after Bush. Romney is a Liar, the Devil himself and this country would be hell if he is elected!!!

  34. President Obama said in the beginning that he would need two terms to change the economy around. All Romney did was interrrupt people.

  35. Romeny did not win this debate. Running your mouth, interrupting the host and giving me stories about one time at bandcamp,how you “understand” what I’m going through does nothing but irritate the living hell out of me. You are trying to gain the trust of people…I get it whatever that’s old politics to me. That was at a time when we didn’t have to worry about things like “Do I have enough money for groceries?” “Do I have enough money for gas?” I am a member of the younger generation… we are ALWAYS put on the back burner. I’m tired of hearing about what Obama did and didn’t do. This is a new election and a new term. As a second time voter WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HELP ME? I’ve seen two debates and have heard nothing but “lower rates” and that you’re going “to create jobs” HOW? I don’t want a broad answer, this is my life you are talking about. This isn’t some popularity contest for you to say “haha I won”. The people that are voting are actually paying attention this time. Take note of the woman who said I’m disappointed that Obama didn’t do everything but I’m terrifed that if we bring another Republican candidate we will be in the same mess all over again. I hope,wish and pray that we don’t get screwed over again next term.

  36. Wow well the president accomplished his goal of trying to label romney as a liar. After everything the Governor said he called him a liar weather it was true or not Obamas goal was to label him as lying and its not working I just dont believe anything Obama says anymore.

    Second I loved how the president would take his 2 minutes to explain his views and the next 2 minutes bashing romney going way over his time allotment, but any time romney would bring up Obamas failed record or try to explain himself the president would complain about the time and the Mediator would jump to his rescue.

    Third Oh and congratts Mr. President on not ansering one question that was posed to you. Really you labled the attack on the embassy one day after it happened a terrorism attack? Presidents response “Please proceed governor” and then went on to interupt Romney nine times saying “Candy? Candy, Im-, about foreign policy, I just wanna make sure that-” and so forth. In other words I dont want to answer that because I just lied to the nation, Again!

    Third OIL and Obamas claim that our foriegn dependency on oil is down. Thats because no one can afford to buy fuel. and 23 million people who are not using 30 gallons of fuel every week because they are not driving to work. when you sit at home collecting food stamps and unemployment you are not buying fuel. Wow Obama is way out of touch.

    and forth that last question can you debunk the misperception. Romneys answer was great truthfull and complete. Obama on the other hand side stepped the question and again went on to attack romney, this attack was about the 47 percent in obamas view that 47 percent being veterans taking advantage of gi benefits and veterans disability. Not bringing up the 23 million people who are unemplored living off the government and the 49 million people on food stamps because Obama has no clue or plan, on how to get them working again.

    Romney won
    he chose not to stoop to the presidents level of flinging POO and Lies

    • First off, you said third twice. A little thoughtfulness when you’re writing your posts can make you a heck of a lot more credible.

      Also, as an undecided voter, I’ve been doing my best to watch these debates with an open mind and keep myself informed. You’re just absolutely wrong in saying that Obama was the only attacker or the only one who interrupted in this debate. They both were cutting in on the other’s time and taking too long, and interrupting, and walking all over the mediator.

      People get too entrenched in their own ideas and fail to see what’s actually happening. This is a tragedy in our country. Use some critical thinking skills! Having your own opinions is your absolute right but at least make sure you’ve seen both sides and are drawing on REALITY and not just what you want to see.

      • I didn’t say he was the only one interupting. Not once. Could it have been implied? Sure, I’ll give you that, but only because I didn’t want to make my comment any longer than it already was. If you want a better explanation then here you go.

        Go back and watch the debate again and notice that behind the debators there is a timer. Now watch both Obama and Romney as the clock windes down, I did. When Romney’s time ran out he tried to wrap things up. When Obama’s turn came around he took his full 2 minutes explaining his points. If he actually had an answer. Then as his time ran out he switched to bashing Romney. Now I timed this for 1 1/2 minutes on one of his rants. When Obama didn’t have an explanation or an answer he spoke about things that were completely off topic then went on attacking Romney.

        I have studied both sides of this Presidential Debate 4 years ago and again now. 4 years ago was the time to keep an open mind for Obama and now it is the time to look at his failed track record. Now is the time to have an open mind for Romney. President Obama has not impressed me and I feel that our country is in dire need. we need to do what we feel would be the best for this country. I feel that Obama is not it!

  37. I thought it very rude of gov. Romney to frequently interrupt the way he did. He lacks basic etiquette and likes to repeat himself ” I know what it takes.” I probably heard that sentence 20 times but he doesn’t have a sure plan of doing it. At least Obama can go into specifics about his plan no matter if u agree with it or not.

  38. Make sure on the next debate the moderator is not Candy Crowley. It should be someone that is undecided on the election. She was clearly with obama and they didnt let romney talk. He got interrupted several times and she wouldnt say anything. Obama would come off topic and she wouldnt say anything and when romney came off topic she would quickly say the topic is this and that.
    Fyi. I wanted to vote for obama but Now im going with romney since the first debate.
    I am democrat but prefer romney than obama.
    Thanks obama to make me 1000 dlls richer i bet against you back in 2008 and i won. I bet that obama was gonna take usa down and that there was going to be more poberty in usa. Obama wants to give health benefits to everyone but then small companies would fire people because that would bankrupt the company

  39. I think Obama won this one. We can all agree that they both lie. It’s politics people come on now. To be honest we NEED Obama to recover from the Bush admin. It’s idiotic for people to say that this man, Obama, has done NOTHING for us Americans in the past 4 years, he’s done WHAT HE CAN. And from the jump said that “it wouldn’t be easy” What George Bush did with the 8 years of presidency was DISGUSTING, and then came someone who brought some HOPE for us, he’s TRYING to do well, his plans make more equal/fair reasonable sense. He states his position on issues and addresses his plans, don’t give up on him after one term when you gave a dumbass, Bush, two years. That’s sad. YOU TRY BEING PRESIDENT AFTER AN 8 YEAR RUN OF DUMBASS BUSH! Neither man is perfect for the job, and yes Romney has his benefits and brings good ideas to the table, but right now I think we need someone like F.D.R and that, in my opinion, is President Obama.

    *BTW you guys do realize that the president can’t really control gas prices right….?

    **If only we could mix the two together, my vote would be for her/him!

  40. OK, simply put – repeating “I know how to do it..” to every question, but not detailing what that means as Romney did is exactly why he is il equipped to govern the great US. I ask you this, have you ever went to an interview and been asked specific question and responded with “i know how to do it..” without either being smart enough to follow-up with knowledge, experience or at min. a plan to utilize the resources that do have the ability to “know how to do it…”

    AND biggest one of all – on what planet was the price at the pump anywhere the $1.80 mark in 2008… seriously people? I am not an expert, but I am pretty sure that coincides with a brief moment wehn we took a few barrels out of the reserve to magically drop the price in hopes to help perpetuate Republican presidency. AND was promptly followed by a spike well above the avg. $4 mark AND I recollect driving through portions of the south where hand written signs indicated that no fuel was even available — WHY? because crazy manipulation of resources or personal gain is unstable as hell and created chaos at the pump…doh

    • I also wanted to add that the comment ‘I’m not sure of the specific detail of how I earn my money….it’s all managed by a blind trust.’ Is that how the Governor proposes to run this country, be the front man for the ‘blind trust?’

  41. I agree with HMLS Grad. And would like to add through all of the misleading and misconceptions that Obama is desperately portraying about Romney. I still believe that Romney is the more qualified candidate. Obama WAS more “present” in this debate, aggressive, and cunning. However he is not convincing. More attacks on Romney and less policy. This does not include victory at the election.

    Still one more debate to go. I would like to see Obama be more convincing and less of an attacker. Romney is doing well in convincing why he is more qualified in my opinion. Maybe he is the better the risk to take in order to get our country back on its feet.

  42. Republican polices are always short term antibiotics to cure the problems they created by the same solutions that never look at the big picture. They are morally bankrupt, they rape the earth with no thought to the future just to appease the rich and to keep the blue collar worker life support machine pumping. To provide a future for our kids and then their kids, we must be morally responsible and this takes time! Never be tempted by the poisoned carrot they Romney dangles in your face!

  43. This debate was closer because Obama was more effective at personal attacks. The central issue in this election is still the same. More European style government mandated crony capitalism, or a return to a free, fair and meritocratic market based capitalism. I do not see much benefit of keeping Obama on for another 4 years. He has not done a great job. There is very little chance Romney would do worse and every chance that he will do a lot better. The point is: Obama has been President for 4 years. What is he talking about when he talks about things he wants to do? Why did he not do them already? In a second term he will be a lame duck anyway for most of the time? There is not much more he can do with a country so divided. Better to pick another CEO now!

  44. Voting for either Barack or Mitt would be legitimizing further the corruption that seems to have no end in the aim to destroy Americans’ Freedoms and Prosperity!

    If Barack or Mitt win — Free America ends in 2012!

    VOTE for Garry Johnson — or face the dire consequences of failing to do so — TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!

    (Would love to write-in Dr. Ron Paul — but ALL indications are that such write-in votes for Ron Paul will be screened and then thrown out — that’s how much the Establishment fears the Good Doctor!)

  45. President Barrack Obama won this debate. He was engaged and alert. He stood for the people, unlike Romney who just wants to help the higher class. If you are really going to talk about gas prices and the highness of them, trust me Romney will not help you there. He is a millionaire, in what way in hell would he relate to someone who complains about gas prices, he can pay for that easily. Its pocket change for him. President Barrack Obama can not change all the wrong doings he had to take responsibility for, when it was not his mistake it was the Bush’s administration. He cannot change everything in 4 years he needs more time.

  46. Obama or Romney? You decide!

    But what I want to point out is that the setting this debate took place in was much friendlier, warmer than the first. In the Denver debate, the candidates seemed to be remote and isolated on a much too large stage, the audience was hidden in the darkness, the host was placed like a prompter at the base of the stage, also far away. Both candidates were glued behind their lecterns.

    In the 2nd debate, the circular arrangement put the candidates as much in the center as it connected them with the audience. The audience became a part of the debate. No entrenching behind lecterns, both debaters moved across the stage and could express themselves with words as well as with body language.

    The completely different settings might had an influence of the outcomes, I think. Maybe the Hempstead setting favoured Obama, as he is the more charismatic leader. The debate was heated. Romney might have done well in the Denver dabate because it made him look at least as presidential as Obama and image was more important than charisma. The debate had a coolish atmosphere.

  47. When I left the US for overseas in Aug.2008, I used to pay for gas $4.35 and Romney says $1.86 that doesn’t reflect the fact. That means that gas prices just the same 4 years ago.Thanks

  48. Obama clearly won the debate, but this seems not to change the bad opinion left by previous debate. He used a little to many arguments ad personam per my taste that will probably infuriate Republicans even more.

    I am not sure if he won independent votes as most of the subjects were out-of-reach.

    The gas price at pomp is an easy idea to grasp; “investing in future”, “your car will make twice the distance in the future because of the regulations that force manufacturers to be efficient” do not address immediate future and is quite difficult to understand for most of the people. Also it is unclear how this regulations will not rise the cost on manufacturers side…etc. Overall, where Romney serve the price of gas at pomp gave something concrete and easy to understand, where Obama gave what may be perceived as an ideal, but not an immediate solutions. People are looking for immediate solutions and Obama needs votes now.

    Is true Romney continue to lies about deficit, propose himself as a know-how type of guy and suggests the country should be run as a business, which is a stupid idea as a country it’s simply not a business and it never was. Again the “blank trust” excuse for not paying taxes…etc. Overall the same Romney we know. Problem is the Republicans vote for him anyway, as a herd after smoking marihuana. At this point it is unrealistic to believe that there is any republican disposed to critique, analyze and change his/her belief. These cards are dealt. Republicans will vote for Romney despite anything and all. Obama should connect with “his” folks and win independent and undecided votes.

    What surprise me is the inability of the President Obama to connect with undecided voters. If he cannot win these undecided voters, it looks he will lose. People do not understand things like it has to be bad before being good and all are interested in real-life examples.

    Undecided voters tend not to answer to ad personam arguments. Unlike Republicans, they do not vote out of desperation or out of hate.

    I think Obama should bring more down to earth his message to gain votes. It is just an opinion.

  49. Thank You President!! Barack Obama has shown what is he really capable of doing! Surely it is so easy to analyze one who already has been in the offece for 4 years,but despite the fact Romny lost the audience for his first debate arguments and off topic claims. Barack Obama were clear and more strive. He has achived the reforamtion of what J.W.Bush did over his time in the office. WELL DONE BARACK OBAMA!!!

  50. Three things:

    1. Obama did not answer as to why when extra security was asked for Libya they did not send any.

    2. Why is Obama ignoring one of our biggest alies which is Isreal but has time for The View?

    3. Republicans are not deperate nor do we hate people thats an ignorant comment and intellect was actually in the statement until then.

      • If you mean how republicans are going to provide for the people, you got it wrong. They are going to make it possible for the people to be able to work, they are going to give them opportunities so they can provide for themselves.

        It is impossible to have a successful economy when their is so many people living off foods stamps, depending on the government to give them money, and other people just milking the system. Everyone has to be able to provide for themselves, and that starts with being able to get a job and making enough money to make a living. The governments job is to protect our constitution and whatever else is essential to make that possible, not providing for the people or regulating business and trade and providing us with healthcare or any of that.

        Now before I go on too long, I will just say that Romney is right for the job, he will bring back what this nation was meant to be.
        Also, it’s funny that I’ve never really heard of a democratic citizen in poverty, they usually seem to turn republican when that happens. I wonder why?

    • J 4300,
      you are right on everything you just said. Its amazing how much this administration points fingers and blames the other party. It is funny to watch how it has created a “frenzy” of blame. It is not an accident that the frenzy is being created, it is by design.
      ITs to bad we cant just get rid of all the bull**** and just vote for the guy that is best to run this country . The division of this county is greater than I have ever seen it in my entire life.
      On the Lybia issue, no one took responsibily until Hillery Clinton came out two days ago, Monday oct 14. 2012 and took blame (which actually was not hers to take) tryng to cover for Obamas stupidity. Obama only took blame last night during the debate and used the phrase “the buck stops here” which also came from Hillery Clinton while she was seeking the presidential nomination. She used that exact phrase stating that the buck stops with the president of the United States and no where else. HMMM food for thought on Lybia.

    • Two things:

      1. Please try to find moments, when also Romney escapes questions (hint: there are many, since both are politicians).

      2. Please try to quote the moment, in which Obama told, that Republicans hate people (another hint: There is no moment, and so there is also no loss of intellect of the debate).

      –> Stick to the truth instead of cheap populism!

    • You are talking about ally that can never provide any national interest. On the contrary, our tax money goes to Israel for free and no advantageous. Is that the national interest we talk about? In addition to, we spent billions for war just to protect them in middle east without any national interest. We need to analyze who is our friend and who is blood sucker.

  51. I don’t know what anyone is thinking but my husband has been out of work for 4 years now, we heat our house by woodstove, shut off lights, cut coupons. We went from middle class to poverty, Obama is killing the American spirit. I want my husband to have work again, Romney is the man for the job.

    • Im sorry to hear your in such hard times, yes Obama has caused the middle class to go to poverty. My husband has been with the same company for 11 years and I had to go back to work and we still have a hard time making ends meet. Our health insurance just went up $2000 this quarter, so those numbers Romney is throwing out are no joke. We are going to be insurance poor. I don’t care what anyone thinks about Obamas polotics, I just know what he has done is not working for the American people and I want REAL CHANGE NOW.

      • Are you that sure this have nothing to do with years of bad policy from shitty bush?
        How can it be better with Romney?

        Romney is essentially a criminal, avoid paying taxes by keeping his money in offshore heavens. He favors outsourcing. He favors high tax cuts for the richest and justify it with trickle-down economy that never worked and it will never will. It’s easy to blame Obama for everything that happened in your life, but you should compare with the alternative. Can Romney do better? We were in the biggest crisis in the modern history and now we start to come back, even if just a little, it is still better than the trend we inherited by bush.

        Now you want Romney that will switch back to bush policies and will simply destroy the country? For what? For a new war that nobody wants? For tax cuts for the richest? I would rather suffer a little and fight for healthcare and education with Obama, than bring the country to collapse with this scum of Romney, a non-Christian left over, unwanted by Republicans and presented as Messiah now. I remind you that he was Republican’s third choice after herman caine and rick perry.

        • Oh man, you have bought the media hype hook line and sinker. I think a bit of fact checking might be in order before you post non-factual stuff. It might be news to you, but both sides lie in the hopes of making the other guy look bad and getting people who don’t check their facts to vote for them. Before you post stuff, you might want to go here and see if you’ve got it straight. I warn you though, truth does hurt and you might read things you held as true aren’t actually as they seem–from either side. It’s going to take an open mind on your part–www.factcheck.org.

    • I wish folks would wake up and see the bigger picture here! Clearly Obama had to use the past four years to clean up the mess that has been made by the previous president. Society is lazy and thinks things should just be handed to them. Change comes from within, Obama can only do so much without the help of his people. Maybe your spouse needs to look towards different revenues for work! It appears to me folks are complaining of living circumstances but are not doing anything within themselves to better themselvese either. My thoughts…

    • The republican idea of job creation is like Communism. Great Theory, completely impractical. Tax cuts for the corporations will NOT guarantee job growth. Hasn’t happened, Won’t happen. Why should a corporation spend more money to expand in an international economy that’s struggling??? So no, a Republican is NOT the answer. If you would like your husband to find a job, we need to hope that President Obama is re-elected, and that the republican congress will allow him to actually do something for the benefit of the middle and lower class. That means lowering taxes as he has done, giving incentives for bringing jobs back to the U.S. Romney will give tax breaks and incentives to export jobs, because THAT’S THE REPUBLICAN AGENDA! President Obama will bring jobs back home. A Democrat is who you need.

      • Bryan, Really? Jobs have gone down the tubes in the last 4 years, I am paying more tax now than I have ever paid. I am paying higher gas prices than I have ever paid in my life, My family is considered middle class and I just watched my insurance premium increase $2300 a MONTH. Gas prices have increased more in the last 4 years than they had in the 10 before that, ALL this under the Obama administration. People for as long as I can remember always blame the president before them for the bad things and this administration has been wonderful at doing that, I would just like for once to see an adminastration stand up and take responsibily for what has happened 4 years later since they started in office. If Obama is re elected believe me you, we haven’t seen nothing yet.

    • Funny how you completely ignore the 8 straight years of economic decline that directly lead to the recession AND you husband’s unemployment. Funnier still how you think that 4 years will correct any of that. Especially considering that Congress has done nothing but impede progress. It isn’t Obama’s fault you two are in poverty. It is Bush Jr. Yet, you will vote for a man that will push us back into similar times as the 8 years of the Bush Jr. administration. Kudos to you and all other ignorant, republican Americans.

      • Hey completely Amazed, You are once again showing the attitude that democrats have toward the americna public. Kudos to you sweetie.

      • You must look at who control the house, and how many bills was blocked by them. Wen the bill that the President submit the republi-cants blam the President for failure. Gm was a prime example. lmao

  52. As a foreigner (who doesn’t gives a shit), I say Obama crushed Romney. However, America really deserves a Romney presidency. And I better start to learn Mandarin.

    • You have the right to voice your opinion under our great Constitution, however I’d like to let you know that as an American who DOES give a S***, your opinion is completely worthless.

  53. It is soooo unbelievably sad and totally obtuse the remarks that are following this Debate. I am an American living abroad and being removed from the day to day experiences of the American people, I must say that I am very clear that the question should not be who won or lost this Debate but we as Americans should ask ourselves..What do I believe that the President should have achieved in his 4 years of Office; given the state of the Union when we elected him in the first place? Was 4 years enough to clean up the mess caused by 8 years of the Bush Administration. Can we completely trust Mr. Romney? Do we abort the mission that we have entrusted to President Obama 4 years ago in the hopes that he doesn`t get blindsided by congress another 4 years or do we regress to voting for a Republican who will bring back the Bush years? From an American point of view in Europe we as American continue to make ourselves and our Government look weak every 4 years because it just baffels how an election is reduced to a childs playground discrepancy.

    • Can we trust Romney?!

      I think the question is this.. Can Obama do better than he did in the past four years? He has the same plans as he did then. His plans didn’t work. What makes him think they will work now?

      • Honestly, could any HUMAN(Dem.) have made a difference and clean up the state that our Country was in afer Bush? Seriously…what will Romney give us that we have not had. Pres.John Coolidge said it best when he said, “The Business of America is BUSINESS” Please cast your vote and let the chips fall where they may. America needs to get down to the business of taking care of domestic affairs.

      • Well, so far some of the have worked. Well look how how much the republicans dislike him. 1st of all when they talk about him he is very seldom addressed as President. They so often call him Obama and not President Obama, I wonder why. Now you do the math. All other presidents was addressed as president by the republicans. President Obama is a very intelligent president and man. I know why that is, in the work place and other places the people do not talk about the President because he’s a black man. Look at the debate only one question was asked by a Afro-American. Many white Americans still can not accept a black man being in charge. Romney disrespected the president and was caught not telling the truth many times. That is all he does. It was showed that he could not control the debate. LMAO.

  54. Hatred has increased during republicans’ international policy proportional with their action. We need more friends worldwide than enemies so that we can export more than imports and decrease our trade deficit. This will help our economy to grow and increase American standards of living.

  55. One of the things that was repeated over and over during the debate by Romney is that the President doubled our national deficit. Are we forgetting that the government nearly shut down three times beacause he attempted to address the national deficit, but Romney’s croneys in congress refused to do their jobs and come to an agreement to lower the national debt? America is sick of the lies and politics. We want people who will DO THEIR JOBS for a better America and stop arguing over ideals.

  56. Heres a concept people need Jobs to work Romney wants people to work and help people to afford life again Obama goes on vacations and talk shows

  57. I am not apart of the 47 percent. The President is not a magician. He can’t magically give anyone a job but he can make policies in order for the country can make jobs . However, we need a Congress to make that happen but because of Politics he can’t push it thru. People are benefitting under Obama by:
    1. your kids can go to college and still be under your health plan
    2. pre existing conditions are in the past and insurance companies can’t deny coverage plan
    3. no caps on insurance
    4. Look at the roads. Thanks to the America Recovery ACT which equals more jobs.
    5. Green Energy Act = more jobs
    6. Taking our military out of the country= American lives saved and not throwing money out the window.

    the list goes on and this is only in four years. What did BUSH do? WAKE UP AMERICA! Obama is a Great American President.

    • I am absolutley terrified to think of what would have happened had Obama been in office during 9/11/2001 Some of you are too young to remember that day but had he been in office that day we would probably not be here today to discuss these issues. Gas $1.98 gal when he took office,Gas now? My family insurance premiums are UP $2300 PER MONTH more than they were last year, Colonoscopy $1500 after insurance, really you think the insurance thing is so great? Wait until you have cancer and government gets to decide if you get treatment or not. Don’t listen to the poloticians, they are good talkers, look at what is really happening in America and what is behind the scenes not what is in your face on CNN. Don’t fall for the dumbing down of America. Hmmm you really think that being able to keep your kids on your insurance while they are in college is something Obama did? Better dig deeper. And don’t fall for if its on the internet it must be true 🙂

      • Gas is largely due to international demand and supply. Gas price change weekly, the president is not in charge of that. Inflation causes everything to go up including gas prices, there is waay too much emphasis on gas prices.

        • Lisa , First off I had kids in college under my health plan before Obama came into office, Therefore that was not Obamas invention;

          Second Health care has never been able to claim pre existing condition if you never had any lapse in your insurance and or if you were not treated for it in the past. You see there are always conditions to being able to have your cake and eat it too.

          Third Now my health care is 3x higher than it was last year thanks to Obama care; Those are the facts, The facts are what affect the American people on a day to day basis,

          And last but not least NO CAPS ON INSURANCE? Just where do you think that money is going to come from to pay for the no cap, its going to come out of your pocket whether or not you have ever had any major medical care, Remember, every person in America is going to be insured. That is what Obama said.

          Personaly I would be a little more impressed if he would have said there will not be one hungry child in america. Hunger is a lot bigger problem in this country for young and old than anyone cares to even pay any attention to.

  58. In my book, neither man ‘won’ the debate. From some of the comments, I discern that the Republicans are at fault, because they have control of the House. One has to be fair; however, and also consider that the Democrats have the Senate and the are standing in the way of progress as well. Mr. Obamas most critical failure in my view has been his inability to lead and get the two sides to work together. It is apparent to me, that both sides are unwiling to work together, are ineffective, and America’s bipartisan system is in a deadlock and failing. The election or reelection of one man is not going to provide a fix to this monumental problem. What we do need is other options in the form of a third (or even fourth) party to break the deadlock and the never-ending cycle of choosing between the lesser of two evils.

    • It’s not the Democrats who are filibustering everything in Senate. You only have one party stopping everything in both the congress and the senate.
      The lack of bipartisanship is one-sided. The amount of which the Democrats have been bending over backwards to appease the Republicans just to have them say ‘no’ is insane. Bipartisanship means compromise. No sane person can expect your opposition to agree to everything. Yet that’s what the Republicans are doing.

    • I agree. However, such a change would take years if not decades to accomplish.

      The U.S. Constitution does not vest to the President the authority to enact laws. This function is reserved to the Legislature. However, when the Legislature is unable to or fails to enact legislation in the best interest of the country, whether for political or personal reason(s), there should be fail safe. There should be a third entity to emphasize the true function of government, and when necessary, apply pressure to ensure that the President and Legislature are working together.

      • Very well said! While such change might take years, perhaps if we start now, we might succeed in bringing about that much-needed change for future generations.

    • Wasn’t it Mitch McConnell that said their primary goal was making sure Obama was a 1 term president from the start? Republicans have been filibustering everything since and gave real havoc to pass any form of budget. The problem isn’t Democrats this time its the entire Republicans party being unified on every single issue and not willing to compromise on anything. Their number 1 goal was not helping the American people it was political from the start.

  59. Obama clearly won in this debate. The difference between the candidates has never been as crystal clear as this second town hall debat. Romney is less educated on how the US government functions, his facts and background knowledge of government roles, what Obama has done, and foreign policy in general is lacking. Yea, the economy is down. Thanks to Bush’s 8 years. You think Obama, or anyone, can fix it in 4 years what Bush’s 8 years has destroyed, only in a dictatorship, and fortunately we have a democracy. I knew Romney was somewhat distant from the middle class, but it became vividly clear that he is both racist and sexist. His tone with “the Venezuelans, binders of women, and those Chinese” is condescending to the point that his plan doesn’t even come clear because I was so focused on how discriminating he was. This is not the man that I want running our nation or representing our country. He’s an embarrassment, think of his failure in representation at the London games… He just had to sit there with a smile and a handshake, instead he infuriated the entire nation with his criticism. I think I’ll give Obama another shot to fixing our nation. With him having the balls to tackle the health care debacle NOW, ending the Iraq war, buffering the US (world) economic collapse, and movement towards green energy…. he definitely shows promise to investing in our nation’s future. I just know that electing Romney, a man so distant from the struggles of the American people, is setting up our nation for the final blow to failure. If he can’t successfully lie to me, a political novice, on television, how can he be a successful politician.

  60. As a student abroad in International Relations, I would like to say that two things are important in the election, Economy and Foreign Policy. I know that Romney is good with money hence his aid in the Olympic Games in SLC, Utah. No debt! Obama has been doing good with diplomatic affairs.

    It seems like our country is not doing so well on focusing what is important because we give more news coverage to the campaign and less to things like lybia and keeping our citizens safe. I exhort every citizen to vote with their heart and their head. These are both good people trying to help us. Give them both respect, please.

  61. After last night, I believe it is quite clear that debate moderators should not be from television news organizations because they have such egos and desires to be a strong part of the presentation and have a part in the debate. Moderators should moderate the time and a switch to cut-off the mic on long winded debater’s response, but moderators certainly should not take a speaking role in inserting themselves in the debate by making comments, corrections, facial expressions, etc. Moderators should be nothing more than an umpire on time clock used to keep things moving. No comments from the peanut gallery! Maybe election poll workers, registered voters , non-union school teachers, referees, policemen or women, television or radio producers, etc. would make far better moderators than egotistical television news types.

  62. I can’t believe how dumb you so called college students are now. Put down the weed and your “Socialist Beliefs”. You keep going with your beliefs and your gonna find that you have wasted your time & money going to college to better yourself. Socialism doesn’t work, period. Oh yea, tell me clowns. How many poor people have you ever given you a job? Wake up America, it’s time to go back to work!

  63. obama could have put the nails in romneys coffin for good if he had talked about the menial jobs he created like staples. who in the hell can take care of a family on a staples salary. besides it hard to get any customer service there. just like the bush administration unemployment was around 4 to 5% however, people was working two to three jobs to make ends meet. this was with a surplus, the surplus that clinton created. the tresures was raided by the republicans bush and company to start expensive wars. wars that was not needed. it was personal with bush. sadam tried to kill his daddy remember america. romeny is selling the american people a lie. the economy is turning around, jobs are being created. romney can’t do any better than obama, romney is on a i will say and do anything to have that power as president of the united states.

    • Are you serious, you think standing by and watching all those people lose their lives in the twin towers by an act of terrorism did not warrent a war? Did you watch those two planes go into the towers? Did you know anyone personally who was affected by 9/11/2001? I think it was personal for a lot more people than just BUSH

      The total of people who died in the 9/11 attacks was 2996 (2977 victims and 19 hijackers).
      In the World Trade Center and near it there were 2606 persons, including:
      1762 residents of New York
      1402 persons in Tower 1
      674 residents of New Jersey
      658 employees of Cantor Fitzgerald L.P.
      614 persons in Tower 2
      87 on American Airlines Flight 11
      60 on United Airlines Flight 175
      59 on American Airlines Flight 77
      40 on United Flight 93

      During the attack on the Pentagon 125 military personnel and civilians died.

      355 employees of Marsh Inc.
      343 firefighters
      175 employees of Aon Corporation
      37 Port Authority police officers
      23 police officers
      2 paramedics
      1 firefighter was killed by a man who jumped off the top floors
      On the airplanes there were 246 members of the crews and passengers. All these people died.

      That makes it PERSONAL to AMERICA!!!!!!!!
      What would OBAMA have done? GO ON VACATION? Say that this was anger because some one posted an offensive video on youtube? DO you realize what would have happened had that been ignored?

    • Does anyone remember Haliburton???? How much they charged for ‘services’ that we later learned was very much inflated compared to other companies. Weren’t there ties between the Cheney clan and this company????

    • Sad thing is I have already loaned(gave)the government more money than I have. In the 70’s social security was a voluntary retirement program,(not everyone paid into it) today you face prison if you don’t pay it. 401k, voluntary, guess whos trying to get their hands in that now OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Obama said that he is used to be interrupted??? as in Biden?. Is that when Mitt told him to sit down that he will get his chance to talk?

  65. I’m tired of hearing that because Romney is rich he is evil. It shows he is a man who knows how to run a business. I heard yesterday that Romney paid 52% tax on his income last year. Sounds to me he is paying his share. We need someone who can get this country back on track again and it’s NOT Obama!

    • Keep in mind that one is taxed on the resulting ‘income’ after you get to deduct certain items. The way the Romneys earn their money allow them to take advantage of many deductions that someone earning less than $75,000 cannot utilized. Percentages are relative measurements that change depending on the base you use. Relatively speaking, Romney paid a smaller proportion of his net income compared to what his secretary did. So he ends up with more discretionary income meaning he’s already paid for his house(s), car(s), afford his own cooking and cleaning staff, can buy the yacht, the elevator for his cars, polo horses, etc., while the secretary is struggling to use whats left as discretionary income to make payments on a mortgage, food, car, basic clothing and supplies for children.

  66. I am not an American,but i love to watch political debates and speeches… Bottom line is-they are all the same,promises,resolving crisis issue… But in fact you got really great products that people love to use all over the globe. And the problem is that for us in Europe your products are limited and it is not fair because we are consumers. For example,some tv shows shown in America can not be bought in Europe,and as much we wanted to buy something or watch it,or even pay for watch it you dont allow us…. I think that main goal is to export as much as you can,that will rise your economy. And I do agree that Obama is the right choice!

  67. Personally I’d like to see both candidates actually answer the questions presented, but of course that’s too much to ask. But here’s my opinion on the election… The reason that people came to this country in the first place was for freedom. People wanted basic human rights and the liberty to believe what they wanted without being punished for it. Liberty and justice for all, Created equal, etc. etc.
    I would rather have the economy go down hill and keep this country a place that welcomes and gives equal rights to all, than give up my rights with no guarantee of compensation through governmental improvement. Would you sell your rights? That’s the question I ask. People have forgotten the principles that this country was founded on. I want my friends and family to have the right to work equally and earn equally, to marry equally, to control their bodies by personal choice, to not have to worry that church and state will reunite… I don’t want someone to tell me how to love or how to live. I work hard for what I do have, which is not much.. and I don’t mind working harder if I get freedom along with it.

    That being said, I don’t care who other people vote for, but for the sake of what I believe and value.. I’m going to vote for Obama.

  68. It is actually pretty weird that Americans can be so obsessed with your “foreign policy” and oil. Why do you care so so much about what happens elsewhere. And don’t get me wrong, we appreciate how America keeps us safe from nuclear threat. But why Libya? There is oil there. And why not Syria? There is no oil there.

    Anyways.. Keep in mind the following: Obama’s term is under republican congress rule. So what can he really achieve? Romney’s fortune lies around the 250 million dollar mark. So what are his true interests?

    (ow and by the way: our income tax is 52% above 60k USD and we do fine. We have better healthcare and a lower deficit. 32% (or whatever) above 300k is just laughable)..

    (ow and a second by the way: we pay 12 dollars a gallon, and we still do fine).

    (And the last by the way: we have 28 days of paid vacation a year. This is one of the main reasons we do fine..)

    Your “problems” seem pretty insignificant to me….

  69. Regarding the TERRORIST/Terror comment…

    First, note that even in the debate, Obama recalled that he told the American people that he was going to “hunt down those that committed this crime”. It is exactly as that, a crime, and not a terrorist act nor terrorism, that Obama characterized the attack on Sept 12. Let’s look at his remarks at the Rose Garden on Sept 12 2012 from his very own website.

    “And make no mistake, we will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people.”

    “Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.”

    In the beginning of his remarks, he calls the terrorists simple “killers” and also condemns the video which he is blaming for the attack. Near the end of his remarks, he says:

    “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.”

    Notice that he is speaking in general, and not at all characterizing this specific event. This is why to begin with, he mentions “acts” and not “act”. Immediately following when again promises to seek justice for this “terrible act”. Throughout the remarks, he refers to the terrorists as “killers” and “attackers”, and he refers to the act as a “crime” and a “terrible act” but never as “terrorism” or “terrorists”.

    In 801 words, he mentions “terror” only once, in the above closing parts of his remarks when speaking about America’s values and in general terms about “acts” and not this specific one. He specifically and not generally mentions both the terrorists and the terrorist act several times, and never calls them either of that. Furthermore, in this speech like in many others given by the administration, he specifically condemns denigrating religious beliefs. Islamists do not denigrate religious beliefs of non believers, they kill them.

    Obama was referring to that video and laying blame there instead of at his own doorstep. It is he who supported the Islamist takeover of Libya, it is he who ordered thousands of Libyan soldiers loyal to their government bombed to bits, culminating in a mob lynching of Gaddafi and his son (not very different from what unfortunately befell Ambassador Stevens). And worse of all, after doing that it is he who kept Christopher Stevens and his staff starved of the security forces they demanded (and were generously offered by General Ham at no cost to the State Dept and with no strings attached as we learn in the Committee Hearing) so that they can fall like sheep thrown to the wolves.

  70. Both candidates refuse to even mention the real problems facing our nation. Neither brought up the idea of rethinking our monetary policy, our general interventionist foreign policy, the growing reach of the executive branch, the theft via devaluation of our currency by the Federal Reserve, the growing and unnecessary police state and a failing war on drugs which has led to the United States to imprison more of its own citizens than any other country in the world. They also refuse any real solution to medicaid, medicare and social security.

    And the debt? Neither Romney nor Obama even pretend to pledge to cut spending, only to cut proposed increases. The Ryan Budget doesn’t balance the federal budget for decades.

    None of these critical issues were even addressed.

    Wouldn’t it be great to at least have another voice in this process? Competition is good for almost everything, yet the one party system comprised of democrats and republicans have barred every other viable candidate.

    Gary Johnson is running on the libertarian ticket. He is on the ballot in every state. 2 term governor of New Mexico. Why do you think the Commission on Presidential Debates is so afraid of allowing Johnson onto the stage?

    Please look Gov. Johnson up http://www.garyjohnson2012.com

  71. For anyone who’s interested, I tried to distill the debate, and tried to provide the answers the candidates gave to the questions. In a few places, they went off in different directions without answering the questions, so I didn’t bother to print that. Likewise, if they give an answer that is part relevant, I tried to use only the part that was relevant:

    1) Gov: Will I be able to support myself after I graduate?
    ……………..R: I know how to create jobs.
    ……………..O: I’ll build manufacturing jobs, provide incentives, rebuild infrastructure

    2) Prez: Is lowering gas prices the job of the energy department?
    ……………..O: Didn’t answer question.
    ……………..R: Didn’t answer question.

    3) Gov: Would you cut mortgage, charitable, child tax, education deductions?
    ……………..R: Didn’t answer question.
    ……………..O: I’ll build manufacturing jobs, provide incentives, rebuild infrastructure

    4) Prez: How would you rectify inequality, such as women making 72% as much?
    ……………..O: My first bill was Lilly Ledbetter, health-care will help
    ……………..R: I hired women in my Mass. cabinet

    5) Gov: How do you differentiate yourself from Bush?
    ……………..R: Unlike Bush, I’d be tougher on China, focus on S. America, balance the budget, and champion small business
    ……………..O: Gov pioneered outsourcing to China; when I tried to be tough on China, he said I was being protectionist; Bush didn’t propose Social Security voucher, Bush embraced immigration reform, Bush didn’t want to stop funding Planned Parenthood

    6) Prez: How did you earn my vote?
    ……………..O: I cut taxes for families and for small businesses, ended Iraq War, focused on al Qaeda’s leadership, passed health-care, rein in Wall Street, created 5 mil jobs, saved auto industry; plan to end wars, rebuild America
    ……………..R: Prez didn’t bring unemployment down to 5.4%, didn’t reform Medicare and Soc Sec, didn’t pass immigration plan, didn’t cut deficit; poverty has increased

    7) Gov: What would you do about immigrants without green cards?
    ……………..R: Automatic green card if you are a science or math grad; employer verification to eliminate jobs for illegals, but give illegal kids easy pathway; I’d encourage self-deportation by making it hard for them to stay
    ……………..O: We’ve beefed up border patrol, focused on deporting criminals, provided pathway for students who’ve been here; Gov said he’d veto Dream Act and encourage “self-deporation”; We tried–Republicans blocked reform; Gov has said reform is not something he’s interested in supprting

    8) Prez: Who denied enhanced security in Libya?
    ……………..O: Didn’t answer question.
    ……………..R: Didn’t answer question.

    9) Prez: What have you done to reduce assault weapons?
    ……………..O: I’ve enforced laws, increased background checks, want to find ways to stop violence of all kinds, Gov was for assault weapons ban before he was against it, we need to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally disturbed
    ……………..R: Auto weapons already illegal, what about Fast and Furious?Gov: How will you bring outsourced jobs back home?

    10) Gov: What are your plans to bring outsourced jobs back?
    ……………..R: Going to reduce business taxes, enforce trade rules, reduce regulations, protect patents
    ……………..O: Will lower tax rates, need to close loopholes that make it profitable to outsource, will double exports, we’ll focus on increasing higher paying jobs

    11) Gov: What is the biggest misperception about you?
    ……………..R: I care about 100% of the people
    ……………..O: I believe in free enterprise

  72. The decision is this; do we want to continue as a Republic or do we want to morph into a blend of socialism/communism. The first four years of President Obama’s policies have laid a strong foundation for socialism. As for me, a first generation American whose family left communist Russia because the Government believed they should take from the successful and spread the wealth. The plan FAILED. everyone became poor! No one owned businesses. People couldn’t even afford homes – 20 family members lived in a flat. Food lines were common. No clothes, no heat, no electricity. That is what happens under this Gov’t plan of – Trust us, we will take care of you. RUN,RUN,RUN from this!!!!

  73. I’m confused by the people who see Romney as the person who will sort out all your personal problems and Obama as the cause of them. Do you think anyone who got into power 4 years ago would click their fingers and all the bad stuff in your life would just disappear? Do you have any understanding of the issues government has to sort out for an entire nation on a local and global scale? That and and please all the people, the proactive,the hardworking and the moaning layabouts alike?

    The people who complain about Obama still want their Social Security, Cobra, Medicaid and Medicare; they are ALL Democratic policies which Republicans disagreed with. When ‘Obamacare’ is fully up and running you will benefit from it whether you like it or not! I just don’t understand how people on middle and lower incomes can agree with a system based on anyone and everyone else except people on middle and lower incomes! Still, they expect Obama to hand every individual in the land a solution to their problem lives in 4 years. If you couldn’t sort your lives out under Bush’s 8 years, who do you think is responsible for that? Not every Republican supporter suddenly found themselves living a terrible life between 2009 and today, it’s just ridiculous! Yet, you want to vote for a man who really doesn’t care what happens to you because you can’t benefit him in any way and aren’t even on his radar!

    These comments are for the most part very personal and again OBTUSE! I suggest you all vote for the Man that you believe will do a better job and remember that promises will be made but one a candidate gets into Office, there many things that we the People will not get insight on and there will begin the breaking of all of the glorified Campaign promises. Wake up America and do the right thing for you. EXERCISE YOU RIGHT TO VOTE.
    IN MY OPINION and I underscore MY OPINION…September 11th,2001 happened because we as a country appeared to the foreign world extremely weak and ludicrous afer the poorly, poorly display during the Bush/Gore election. Talk about a country DIVIDED!! We went from SUPERPOWER to SUPERSILLY!!!
    Good Luck and Good Night America you will always be the Land that I love.

  75. I am an undecided voter.
    I would like to pose this question and don’t know who to contact to try and get this asked.

    Congress has the power to write new laws and ammend existing ones. How do you plan on implenting your policies especially if the Majority Party in Congress is not yours?

    Both Candidates need to have an answer. Romney has never served in Congress, and Obama is likely to face at least one branch as a minority party. I want to know how they plan on working with Congress.

  76. Obama will take us back to the great country we used to have when Clinton was President,,, Rommey will take us back to Bush era….

    • We don’t have the country we had during Clinton’s era. The world is a different place. A person who states what you have without looking at history is a fool.

      During Clintons presidency, we had a surge in the economy from the world’s greatest invention: the internet. The boldly state that we should just go back to policies that applied to that time, the time of the dot com bubble, is foolish. Raise the taxes back to the levels of a prosperous time when we aren’t prosperous now? What on earth is wrong with you?

      Lets raise the prices of gas! Lets raise the taxes! Yes! But oh crap, lets ignore the 23 million underworked/outofwork/unemployed and lack of disposable income to support our ridiculous spending!??!

      Oh, and “JT”, let’s also place more policies like the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 that created the housing crisis only 10 years later.

      • The person who thinks that 4 years is enough time to get us out of the sewer that Bush had left us to die in is and IDIOT. It is ridiculous to call Obamas tenure a failure considering the real situation that Bush left as his shameful legacy. Mitt using that against Obama is a spin on the actual tremendous and commendable job the best guy for the job has been doing and continues to do. What kind of idiot would choose someone who only talks about how good it could be but has no plan. Essentially he’s saying “Vote for me I promise I have a great plan but because its so great I can’t tell you what it is- but trust me and vote for me just because.” The person who falls for that… I D I O T. That?s why most people who proclaim they are voting for Romney have that crazy eye look permanently stuck on their face. Because the lights are really bright in the home but nobody is home. Idiots.

        • I agree with you. Romney the “Mormon” will baptize the entire U.S to become Mormons. If you think you’re F### now wait “if” Romney wins.
          President Obama won this debate undoubtedly and has my vote.

      • The Taxpayer Relief Act was not what caused the Housing Crisis. The Housing Crisis was caused by an unregulated Wall Street/Big Banking Industry that encouraged those who could not afford it to take out loans with balloon payments, it took loans and divided them into multiple secondary and tertiary loans which were then sold to numerous OTHER banks who then took out INSURANCE that paid out if the loans failed. Yes, the economy runs in cycles, but it can also be mucked up by fiscal policies that government encourage borrowing without revenue generation, e.g. running up the country debt through War appropriations not put on the books while at the same time decreasing or ELIMINATING taxes on very profitable corporations and individuals. Those policies come from the Republican party — run up debt while decreasing taxes, so when the economy takes a dive you can blame it on the next (Democratic Party) Administration. It’s simple boarding school maturity that comes from entitled rich boys who never had to earn a dollar through actual labor.

        And the “huge deficit” that Fox tells you was run up by Obama? He actually decreased spending, and put ON THE BOOKS all the debt that Bush was hiding. But it’s more fun when you don’t have to actually learn facts, and can just repeat propaganda.

    • Oh really? In what universe? “My plan (which is a 10 year plan, 6 years of which he wouldn’t be in office to make sure stayed in place) is to reduce the Federal deficit by $4 trillion”…. hmmm, we have a MORE than $4 trillion deficit in the 4 years since he took office ($1.4 trillion, about $1.3 trillion, $1.2 trillion and $1.1 trillion respectively since Obama took office according the Wall St. Journal). But, you know, way to ‘balance the budget’!

      BTW, the balanced budget in the “Clinton years” came from a Republican controlled Congress with Newt Gingrich at the helm. Also we had a vibrant economy, something we don’t have under Obama … barely over 1% growth per year because of crippling economic policies that prolong our nation’s economic woes. Businesses are sitting on cash because they can’t trust the administration, so they don’t expand hiring and capital investments.

      But keep smoking that crack about how great it would be if you get another 4 years of the last four years.

    • Hello JT

      Obama says women are becoming increasingly the breadwinners in american society
      In Russia top job a woman can have is mother and wife

      ? ? ?

      dump your federal reserve stop printing money then giving it all too china go back too the beginning United States you need too

    • are you stupid? Obama has put us in 4 trillion dollars of debt!!!! youd think if he actually had good plans for the nation, he would have done it in the past 4 years. obviously none of his plans work

    • I agree with you. The President is correct and Romney is a “LIAR”. People for Romney (the Mormon) have smoke up their A##. Romney contradicted himself and lied through the entire debate. Are the American people that stupid with short term memory? Romney over and over again contradict his ‘own’ commericals.
      Romney has no plan and wants to start another war with Muslems and the Chinese in which Americans would lose.
      Romney, where are “all” you tax papers for the last 5 years. Where are you hiding your money, in Swiss Accouts? hmmmmm.

      • Are you some sort of atheist radical? You seem to feel compelled to point out that he is Mormon in your posts as if everyone should actually care. Now before you say “Only I D I O T S wouldn’t care”, read what you are typing. I am an independent, majored in communications, and experienced in formal debates. I do not see any contradiction in Governor Romney’s speeches. If anything, I think he is rather repetitive and needs to add more detail. Your argumentation, however, is weak and all over the place. It’s like you’re trying to cover everything in only one sentence each. I understand that there are people that already have decided who they want to vote for, but if the reasons you gave are the same reasons you are voting for President Obama (which aren’t even reasons why to vote FOR President Obama, but just against Gov. Romney) then I advise you pay as close attention to the final debate as much as possible. Then, try and reason why you are going to vote for President Obama. Then, instead of attacking Gov. Romney and calling supporters an ” I D I O T”, maybe tell me why I should vote for President Obama. Calling people an idiot is not the best way to convey your support for President Obama. It creates resentment towards you and causes the opposite effect that you are wanting. I assume you want people to vote for President Obama, don’t you? If you do not, then I guess you can just keep doing what you’re doing. I will relieve you and say that I am an undecided voter.

  77. The moderator was terrible, hand fed the questions for Obama and led him the entire way all along interrupting Romney twice as much. Debate still a draw which is a shock….Obama’s lie on Libya will haunt him till Nov.

      • But you can also understand that when Obama mentions 5 trillion being added to the deficit he has no facts. He’s just pulling a number out of his ass.

    • the way obama handled libya was in my opinion the way it should have been handled, alltho i may have stepped up secirty much more then he did an of course pressed for what really happened as im sure he did as i see he took it personal.

      • If you review the debate you will see that Obama lied about what he said in the Rose Garden the day after the Terrorist attack in Bengazi, The way he handled it was nothing more than a lie to all of the American people, You will see that the only time he mentioned any act of terrorism was while he was speaking about sept 11, 2001. He lied about that and he insisted during the debate that he said that the attack in bengazi was terrorism the day after when he in FACT did not until 14 days later, HE LIED TO MILLIONS OF AMERICANS. He even went on the View and said that they were still gathering information weather or not that was a terrorist attack. If he stood in front of AMerica and lied about that what else is he lying about? His MAIN and most important job in his office is to protect America. Is he really doing that? Read the transcript for yourself of what he said after the Lybia attack, decide for yourself if you think he handled Lyba the way it should be handled, I guess he handled it ok if you like being lied to by our President on an issue as serious as that. http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/09/12/remarks-president-deaths-us-embassy-staff-libya

  78. Well i have been sitting here reading all these comments. Well I have only one question, and maybe we all should ask it. What has improved in our lives in the last 4 years?
    Well here is want has happened to me. My take home retirement has decreased by $400 a month. Why you ask. Well Obama gave two tax cuts. One was reducing the about of social Security that you pay in. (not very bright when SS is failing in my humble opinion.) Since I am retired, I did not get this break. Second tax cut was to allow medical insurance premiums to be taken out before calculating the Federal tax withholding. This applied to everyone except retired Federal workers. Also we did not get a cost of living increase (but neither did ones on social security) for 2 years. But, our medical insurance when up and up each year. Even this last year it went up more than the cost of living increase I received. Gas is higher, Electric is much higher, food is much higher. When I retired in 2004, at least I could make it, now, barely can make my house payments. Oh yea, my house was worth $200K back in 2004, but now it is worth 60K, and I owe 134K. My mortgage is not a Fanny May or Freddy mack, so I don’t qualify for help. So the answer to my question, is HO I am not better off. Are You?

  79. Most Obama fans on this board are so blind tha if Obama walked out at the next debate and said his plan was to destroy this nation, they would back him, explain what he meant, and probably say he won the debate as well.

    • SOME people. But to get my vote you need to make me understand and support your views. It’s not a “I’m going to destroy the nation! Vote for me!”

    • Well said but I must play devils advocate. I say this as a conservative… These me can be said for Romney supporters, that they so detest Obama that they would vote for a frog if it were running. My collective take away from all the debates is that our country needs to wake up and start forcing both of the candidates to talk about all the issues, using facts. I’d love to see a debate where a question is asked, both parties answer and while they do someone is fact checking… Live! This IS the age of information, why not use it to reward honesty and catch lies and “cherry picked” facts!?

      • The reason they dont do that is because it is up to you as an American citizen to do your own fact checking and draw your own conclusion. If you just want to sit back and watch tv and not do your own research and fact checking from more than just one source your going to believe what THEY want you to believe, you lose the ability to form your own informed and educated opinion.

    • You want mitt romney to win so bad..that u try to make the American people go against OBAMA! Really your retarded comments have no purpose at all and your messed up for trying to change peoples opinions..you have no life at all and must be 10 cause you sure act like it!!

      • You may think that others are “acting like they’re 10” and “have no life at all”, but may I just point out that you are also reading all the comments that are being posted, even Max’s so-called immature one. Maybe you should be the one who needs to get a life. Also, at least Max can capitalize and punctuate correctly, and doesn’t stoop to using very informal, even offensive, grammar such as retarded.

    • Max: If you have nothing of value to say, you’re only illustrating the point by repeating a silly comment.

    • Max: If you have nothing of value to say, you’re only illustrating the point if you repeat a silly comment.

    • Well Max, you are entitled to your opionion. When people use name calling and finger pointing at those who express their opinion inspite of others not agreeing with it, well that is the best way to detract from the real issues. When you start feeling anger you start acting on emotion instead of logic. This great country of ours is made up of many many different Races, religions, opinions ect. That is what makes it great, the fact that you are allowed to express that opinion even if it doesn’t go along with the consensus.
      In the first election Obama created a lot of hype and people got very excited, he is a master at creating frenzies. Now he is creating a frenzie that Romney is wanting to spend more money than he(Obama) has already,(Thats just not true) well Obama or Romney is going to spend it one way or another,(Even though Obama spent more than all past presidents combined) which one is goning to do the best for America in that process? Romney+business man for 28+ years or Obama+6months experience in the U S senate? Who is Obama? Where is his experience? He has no past experience except now 4years and 6 months. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Think about it, ARE you Better off today than you were even last year, I know I am not. 4 years ago I could go to the gas station, fill my car, go to the grocery store buy one weeks worth of groceries(including snacks) for family of 6 and pay my utility bills and mortgage and make my car payment on one pay period!!!! Not today. I ask again, are you better off today????? Are any of you feeling the same crunch on the household budget.

  80. Sorry should have read it twice, should have been “amount of Social Security” instead of “about of Social Security”
    and I mistyped “HO I am not better off, Are You?” It should have been “HO I am not better off, Are You?”

    • Tom: Thanks for clearing that up. I thought you meant, “HO I am not better off, Are You?” instead of “HO I am not better off, Are You?”

      As for your home value. You are REALLY not trying to blame the HOUSING BUBBLE that burst in 2006 on Obama, are you? Seriously?

  81. Sorry should have read it twice, should have been “amount of Social Security” instead of “about of Social Security”
    and I mistyped “HO I am not better off, Are You?” It should have been “NO I am not better off, Are You?”

  82. We have a two brilliant men team with ambition and drive and fiscal intelligence, running against one old man who enjoys mudslinging and a liar who thinks Americans are too stupid to check the facts for themselves… I’m a highly capable young woman, do not insult my intelligence and tell me what you have done when I can go back and check the facts for myself. I graduated a year and a half ago with 2 degrees and then went back to school for a license that I can’t use because there is no work… I say it is time for someone else to get a chance to improve our country not give someone who’s proved incapable the opportunity to put us more in debt with his fiscal irresponsibility (obviously since he cant get a budget approved by others in office consistently)

  83. You know what I think is crazy? The amount of people so incensed by the fact that decades of damage have not been fixed in 4 years. President Obama is the least responsible for all of these problems people have in this current day. To blame him is short-sighted and ignorant. We are in a recession, brought on by several presidents, both Dem and Rep. To call on Obama to FIX these problems is insane. And I worry that if Romney is elected, he’ll benefit only because we are finally experiencing some growth. He will be there on the upswing, just like Clinton, who was referenced earlier to have HELPED in creating this financial crisis. He let the the Glass-Steagall end, which protected us and required transparency from the banks. Let’s not forget that when things are good, we shine the light on whoever is in charge, EVEN if it has absolutely nothing to do with them. How else do you think Clinton pushed through SO much big business legislation?! Now Obama is here, and we all want to blame someone, so it’s him. But, being honest with yourself, you know that WE, THE PEOPLE, are to blame. We want those higher up than us to make decisions while we hopefully reap the rewards.

    Obama rocks. And for those of you who don’t see it, I feel bad for you.

    Plus, has anyone ever heard of “the separation of church and state?” Because Ryan and Romney sure as hell haven’t. I don’t have to practice your religion to be an American, and I definitely don’t want anything to do with their extremist religious beliefs.

    • Yeah, you’re right REBECCA. He can’t fix the problems in just 4 yrs. ONLY he has made it worse in just 4 years!! Your ignorance is so obvious & reflects that 47% mentality. There is also no such thing as “separation of church & state”, which you would know if you actually read and study our founding documents. No one is asking you to “practice our religion”, as you are FREE to worship any god you like IN THIS COUNTRY! Perhaps you ought to ponder, “How did I get here, and what is the purpose of my life”? If you evolved from monkeys, then I can certainly understand where you are coming from…

      • The market crashed in 1929 and in 2008.

        In 1929, Hoover was new. He let unemployment go from 3% to 25% by his last year.

        That didn’t happen this time. In fact, unemployment didn’t even get as high as it got under Reagan.

        Record level stock market. All-time record corporate profits (beating last record in boom year 2006).

        It just proves that trickle-down economics doesn’t work–but the corporate economy has NEVER been this good.

        They’re just keeping it to themselves.

    • Rebecca, as much as you think Obama “rocks”, you haven’t been paying much attention to Obama’s presidency. I don’t think everyone who was voting for Obama was hoping that he’d do away with the country’s problems, I believe that that the people were just putting their faith into someone who they thought would keep the country’s economy stable for at least the last 4 years, and their hopes for a good term with Obama came out with negative results. So I think even you could agree that the American people have a right to be disappointed, let alone pour their faith into a new man, a new leader. But what these Romney supporters are actually doing is voting for someone else because they feel that Obama Isn’t deserving of another term, but for what reason? All Obama supporters are, are impatient people who have been hurt too much from Obama’s decisions that they’ll do anything to get Obama out of Office. And I know this because I’m a Romney supporter, I’ve been hurt indirectly from Obama’s poor decisions. But to get to the point, if any progress has been made in the past four years, it’s been negative progress. Your false accusation of saying that we Romney supporters were thinking that Obama would solve all of this country’s problems was wrong, we were just hoping that he wouldn’t make anything worse, but he did.

  84. Romney has no policy besides attacking Obama and focusing on the bad economy, which was caused by the Bush Era. Romney is looking to get into office and make himself more money by passing business policies, and screwing the lower class. Half of Romney’s answers simply avoid the question, and dropping generalities. Everyone forgets all the things Bush did to create this bad economy, which was directly caused by mortgage backed securities going bad because the banks were approving tons of risky loans, and government allowing banks to sell them off and releasing their liability. No tax on dividends and capital gains soley benefit individuals with net worths of greater then $1 million. The only economic benefit Romney will supply will be to his pockets, and those investing in his elections.

    • Josh,

      In 2008 alone, the United States government allocated over $900 billion to special loans and rescues related to the US housing bubble, with over half going to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (both of which are government-sponsored enterprises) as well as the Federal Housing Administration (which is a United States Government agency)

      On December 24, 2009 the Treasury Department made an unprecedented announcement that it would be providing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac unlimited financial support for the next three years despite acknowledging losses in excess of $400 billion so far.
      The Treasury has been criticized for encroaching on spending powers that are enumerated for Congress alone by the US constitution, and for violating limits imposed by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 that was passed by the United States Congress on July 24, 2008 and signed by President George W. Bush on July 30, 2008.

      WASHINGTON (Reuters)Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:11pm EST

      – The Obama administration pledged on Thursday to back beleaguered mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac no matter how big their losses may be in the next three years.

      Get your facts straight Josh before you blame Bush for the housing bust; the bank bailout and our economic woes! Obama’s solution to EVERYTHING is to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND. “Hope and Change” has quickly turned to “Disort and Blame!”

  85. We need someone new just like we did 4 years ago, might as well give Romney a shot! Obama’s retorts are foolish! Natural gas has not increased! My family lives off that income and they are STRUGGLING. He said gas prices were lowest when he came into office because we were coming into a depression… WTF sense does that make. Please send him back to wherever he was born!

    • By that reasoning why not every American pick up a gun and pass it around to see who gets the only bullet loaded in it. Why not just waste your vote; you already wasted your opportunity to critically discern which falls right in place with my assessment of Romney supporters. Permanent crazy look (please see any random picture of his wife); and no reason other than “why not?” to vote for Romney. Woemen who died fighting so so that you can have the right to throw away your vote would be so proud or you. Romney is not pro-feminine but why should you care. You don’t respect your right because you don’t know nothing about how lucky you are. You must feel really good about yourself knowing that you can take for granted what others have died fighting for. Way to go.

  86. As a UK national, I watched this debate (and others) with interest. I expected President Obama to refer more to the fact that the current tough economic times being experienced in the US are largely down to the previous administration. Returning to that administration (albeit under a new president, Governor Romney) is not, in my opinion, the solution to the problems. Indeed, Governor Romney failed to articulate any of his proposed policies. As a voter, I would be deeply concerned about the number of promises he makes without any logic or explanation to back them up. I think that four years has not been enough for President Obama’s administration to carry out their work given the fact that so much of it is intrinsically linked to external global economic influence. If I were you, I would grant his administration more time.

    I have tremendous respect for America and it’s citizens, and I sincerely hope that the outcome of this election will be a favourable one for you all.

    • Jonathan:

      Nice to hear from you.

      We have an unusual practice over here of preemptive propaganda. For instance, ever since Spiro Agnew in 1968, the media have been called “liberal,” so they feel they have to prove otherwise.

      When a military hero ran against a deserter, the propaganda attacked HOW MUCH of a hero the hero was.

      And now, Romney, who is vulnerable to attacks on his “trickle down economics,” has been given the line, “trickle down government,” which makes absolutely NO sense at all. But it confuses the matter enough to neutralize the original term.

      And, as you note, Obama is not allowed to point out that something was due to the past, because the Romney people have repeated over and over and over that Obama supposedly “blames others.” That neutralizes the, well, truth.

    • i agree his administration needs more time, some things romney has pointed out seem to make sense as well, but if your the president getting all the fatcs an investigating things thoroghly like i think OBAMa does he needs congress to help out as well an not block things nor make it hard to get things done as they have been an proven to show or stonewall either.i dont likje the 60% tax on the rich should be 50% maybe taxin g the rich more an more just hasnt worked neither has taxing the middle class tax cuts for the middle class understandable and reasonable. keeping companys in america an providing american workers or workers with visas also a good, i kinda understand the need to keep the american dollar at good to great value but the dollar is over rated really as well as any other form of money anywhere, getting richer an richer having all one could dream of plus more is just greed making other fit into your class makes sense even biblicaly.reforming crinminals also makes sense as well. giving thos e from other countries an born in america makes sense. USA has always been bipartisin as written in the bible we should all work together for the common goals for our selves , are children an grand children for and futre generations,teamwork! democrat or republican or otherwise.

  87. O.K., you all say,”Well, Obama did this, and Obama did that”, but what would you do if you were president? You think its so easy you try it! espeacially the situation Bush put us in!

    • jump on the “Blame Bush” wagon, James. It works great for BHO. I hope you will be very happy with the marxist government you are so hoping for.

  88. The problem is, too many Americans watch too much tv which is controlled by big concerns. So no free press. Also most of the Americans eat too much fast food, they’ll become fat. So they move less and they become fatter, also it is scientifically proved that too much unhealthy food makes you fat and also dumb. The people have less energy, think less and loose self confidence. But before you think about yourself you blame the others.AND NOW you say that Obama is like the worst and so on. That cuz of him everything is turning bad!? PLEASE! He wasn’t the president the last 20 years. Only four. It is hard to change your own life within 4 years. He has to change all your life’s within 4 years. The republicans are definitely more responsible for this, but you all are scared of terrorists so you stopped thinking about they politics You behave like the stupid kids who when they want a toy can’t wait till christmas by getting angry about they parents. Did you elect there somebody else for being ur dad or mom too? Also he is not a magician- your republicans do everything to block him his ideas laws whatev. So one big problem in the us is that even if the reps and the demoks are different they still should work together but they don’t. It’s always just a 4 year long fight for the next president.
    By the way- most governors, politicians senators are really really rich, they’re actually businessmen. And what they want to do in their work life they not stopping by becoming a politician- making more profit. They are the elite and they gonna protect each other. Civil rights – they don’t care.
    The health insurance is the best America can get. You selfish idiots just don’t think about the future. Your kids will learn about Obama in school one day that he was the man who did this.
    Really start THINKING!!! First off all get to know how much power he really has in your system. It’s not that much that you think.
    I hope Obama wins
    He has more empathy than all of your reps together
    And last
    Check out some really independent newspaper
    It’ll change your life

  89. I believe Romney understands business and knows what needs to happen to improve our economy, bring jobs back to America and make us the land of opportunity again, as our forefathers intended it to be. Romney clearly understands that the purpose of the Federal government is international affairs, regulating trade instead of regulating and micro-managing the American people.
    I also agree, government doesn’t create jobs but can help “level the playing field” for trade, import/export and manufacturing so that it encourages companies to keep jobs domestic and get Americans working again.
    I don’t want another four years like we’ve had. Romney and Ryan clearly know what they are talking about, they have my vote!

  90. these tax cuts are breaks been on books since 2001 how many jobs should they have created???? Another thing deficit there should be no deficits because all these jobs that this tax breaks should have created we should be looking for people to work not looking for jobs thanks for your time have a great day many blessing

  91. OK this will be a note to everyone; when will there be a president that control the money that the government is giving out. SSI, Disability, and Food Stamps are being abused by people who don’t need them. I see people abuse the system and they think its OK but when the government does try to restrict it always blows up in the faces of the people who need it. Neither Romney or Obama has mentioned doing anything about the problem

    • Yeah but that money stays here for the most part. Chump change. And I get a kick out of it when they expose a welfare queen.

    • James, you are getting to the crux of the problem: a lot of people want handouts, but they also don’t want to pay for them. They think that increasing taxes on the rich (whatever that means) will solve our fiscal problems and continue the entitlement programs. Printing more money is also contributing, because it increases inflation and devalues the dollar. You can’t continue to take from one class to give to another, because it widens the rift and the middle class is diminished and demoralized. Germany pre-WWI comes to mind. If we want to learn we should look to history and not repeat the mistakes of the past. However, it appears that we’re so busy maligning the ‘other guy’ that we can’t see the real issues at hand (or the forest for the trees). Such behavior has never been constructive. There are many more serious issues, but many people don’t take the time to educate themselves. How many people do you think have ever read the new healthcare law to know what it really means for them? Take a poll, and I bet you won’t find a single person–not even the people who signed it into law have read it; they depend on their staffers to tell them what’s in it. Most people take a very myopic view, focusing on one orcteo things — like who might have lied less or more– snd form their opinion from the sound bites and group-think on Facebook, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and FOX. Political spin masters take advantage of that, because that’s how votes and elections are won, and we the people gave no idea we have thusly been manipulated. Just call us lemurs, because that’s how we are blissfully led over the cliff one by one. Yet, I shall cast my vote, in the hopes that the best person for the job might win. In the case of politics, and when it comes to the future of our country, ignorance is not equal to bliss–ignorance is clearly what should give everyone who is about to enter the voting booth pause for thought.

    • The Federal Government gives money to each individual State Government to hand out in the Food Stamp and Medicaid programs as they see fit. They are extremely abused by some but also extremely helpful to those who use those resources properly to get back on their feet. They have to pick and choose who they allow to recieve that aide because there is only a certain amount of money that is generated for that.
      That is an issue that should be taken up with your local state leaders. The state of Michigan started making people be drug tested while they were recieving state assistance. I am not saying that is the answer but that is one of the ways that Michigan is trying to deal with the abuse of government assistance. If you have concerns about that then you should become involved in the issues that concern you at a state level. Being involved is the only way to change things.

      • Great observation Yvonne. The problem with involvement is that it’s easy to it behind the commuter screen and gripe about the ‘system’. That’s anonymous and comfortable. If many of those people actually had the guts to come out of hiding to get involved at the local and state levels instead of waiting for the almighty Government to take care of it, they (and we) might actually be able to effect some positive change. I do like Michigan’s new law. I believe everyone should be drug tested before receiving a welfare check. Imagine yourself taking $5 a day out of your pocket and handing it to a stranger on the street corner. As you stand there, you see the stranger take that $5 straight to the drug dealer at the next corner to score a hit. What are your feelings about that stranger now, and what are your thoughts about how those $5 have been spent? By the way, imagine you only earn minimum wage, and those $5 is what you make in one hour after taxes. So, would you rather have your hard-earned tax money wisely spent by your state, and go for actual needs, or would you rather put on some blinders and not know?

    • Well, we know Obama hasn’t done anything in 4 years about it, why would he do anything about it later. Vote Romney!

      • Bob. Romney is the Puppet of Wall Street. Remember? These are the criminals who decimated our economy. Last election, they supported Obama with millions in campaign bribes (I mean donations). Its all a rigged game and you’re falling into the trap of the right/left paradigm.

  92. I wonder if Mitt Romney gets elected or wins the elections would that mean that December 21st 2012 is Real cause sure as hell hes gonna ruin America.

    • no…Its ruin is already in progress. Now it could my the continued demise if either wins. But I’m certain Obama is bad for this country.

        • Rodger:

          Don’t worry about that kind of typo. We all do that, and we all know what you mean.

          It’s just when a misspelling changes the meaning that we may need a correction, but usually, not even then. Relax.

  93. The deficit issues of the US cannot be solved in 4 years. The recession that Bush left the economy was the worst since the Great Depression and not only that, but at the time when Obama became president the US was still at war. Obama couldn’t get the US out of the war overnight, but he did get them out like he promised. During that period however, it still needed to be funded and that, combined with the rapidly accumulating interest on the billions of dollars of debt that the Bush administration left Obama with on our debt has been a huge factor in our current situation. If you look at recoveries from previos recessions of this magnitude, they take about 10 years. Obviously times are different but in general, Obama is doing a pretty good job in improving the economy. The auto and housing markets are slowly improving, and people are starting to gain some financial confidence. Theres a long way to go but I think that Romney’s plans are neither realistic nor detailed enough for us to know if they’ll actualy work mathematically.

  94. Romney wants people to play by the rules. But he isn’t playing by the rules himself. How can he expect people to do what he wants when he can’t even do it himself.

    • I am truly curious as to what rules you are referenceing that Romney wants the people to play by that he himself is not playing by?

    • LOL, you make a blanket statement that gives us nothing to go by. To which rules are you referring? I challenge you to be specific, and provide us with the sources of your information, so that we might see your argument.

    • You laugh. Laugh about this, Obama hasn’t done anything in the last 4 years, why do you think he’d change? He will say anything to get elected. He promised he be a one term President if he didn’t follow through, well?……

  95. Really I have contemplated on a biased view. I have come to the conclusion that there will be bad things as a result of Obama and especially with Romney. I do lean towards Obama because if one is in school, Obama is the way to go but if one is a up and coming business person with growth in mind then Romney, so really what matters is ones frame of mind. If you expect bad, you will get bad, because that is what you focus on. I read anger and frustration and hear it through the voices of the President and the Governor but what sways my vote is the optimism for the country, not the negative.. I think in the two debates President Obama wins in this category. although we have debt and it did increase and get worse,I also think that spending money, and the amount he spent in relation to bush is probably reasonable, is necessary for the increase seen recently in the economy. I don’t think you can give some one a more than empty piggy bank and expect them not to spend any money in order to fix big problems, at least not in any speedy fashion. I don’t get angry because I know that if Romney is elected as president, I will still see improvements, even if they are the improvements that I may want. We have to learn to accept our view and the fact that others disagree. We also have to learn to make our vote counts and also look at the positive sides of our competitors. I think that if we do not do this we will remain a ununited nation always complaining about the things we are given. Be grateful that we have a democracy that works in a reasonable fasion and that we have a diverse and ever balancing system.

  96. I wonder if anyone noticed what struck me as subtle visual censorship: the camera’s fixed behind-Romney position when Obama got hot and said that Romney’s accusing him of using Benghazi for political gain “is offensive”. He was very incensed at that moment, and I imagine that Romney was shocked and frozen, like some of his other moments but worse. The cameras routinely focused close and far, but were always changing. At that moment the only camera chosen was the one behind Romney, and it stayed zoomed way out so you couldn’t see Obama’s face well, and you couldn’t see Romney’s face at all. Only after Obama completely finished did the other cameras come back into play. Anyone got any other ideas as to why this change of rhythm?

  97. i watched this entire video as i also car about america and its future, i believe companys need be here in america, putting americans to work an that the comapnys are mandated to be fair with there pay grades an medical to all company employees acrros the board, that single parents should have it easier on them to, thru child support and programs in place to also help making it easier to have decent income an be able to be there as well for there children as part of the family and not have to work double hours or jobs to achieve this, i belive taxing the rich wont help as well as the poor or middle class, i do belive all countries an others involved should play fair “no more cheating” i belive guns should be out of the hands of crazies or mental ill as prefferred, an that we should be able to hunt an protect ourselves with training an awareness of the ways to do so rfee of course. women should have equal rights as men but in the home place women are important to the children boys an girls alike, so on that level i believe it should be a 60 men forty 40 incomes as it was in the bible ways not exceeding over the men but not holding them back from there rights as well, we dotn want our american kids missing there moms in there lives nor there dads either but how to speak to a lady is helpful to learning as growing up an being there to for there wives abn children after they grow up,help shouldnt always be a workor to come into the home to help it starts with the parents. parents need the money an time for this. we should not except those numbers in poverty or unemployment or welfair, we should get rid of the ileglas those who have been waiting in line should have the first opportunity an yes they will open companys but it should lawed they must employee american worksers as well not only there own kind, higher level of education is over reaching retrianed tho is good,oil an gas stuff cant we use something else even part of the way? some have come up with new enventions on running cars on water or vegetable oils from thrown away vatts from say MCdonalds an other fast food places for cars this may be of use my only question in mind is ozone on that atmisfaire stuff being safe along the way, look into an incorporate these ideas an proofs they may work.giving the break on taxes to those who suffered more sounds good raisng the bar on the rich wont help nor did it ever taxing the others instead of the poor in last hundred years. amercians should always remain inthe hands of the people to vote on independant issues, help seperate, it shouldnt be so hard to qualify for jobs an if your over qualified this should mean your great for the job an person should be paid well with medical from company to do that well for the job along with his family to show its appreciations for working for the company. i think that both candidits , aliitle from this obne an that one would make a great president but congress HAS to work with him as well in order to make anything work at all, people in congress should remain in congress indeffenitly but should change out as well so we may get fresh people in as well with fresh ideas an, there shlef life for these positions may be too long. funds being used for pet projects should come out of there own pocket not enrolled in with bills written an hidden not billed to the amercans done by lobbiest.we need more truethfull honorbale people even if its gona hurt your feels an the people of america should be told right away daily news about the happening in an out of america, why are we adults if qwe cant handle it, and we shouldnt always panic as americans either play more active roll an be allowed to probably on a voting scale, to choose as an american citizen.soem of my spelling may be off sorry about this.just a view point.

  98. To the “Grading Idiots” on this Blog:

    The REAL ECONOMY is what you SEE! Look around! How many strip plazas have multiple vacant stores? How many vacant buildings do you see in Industrial Parks? The Commercial Real Estate Sector is on the verge of collapse. Vacant land earmarked for development, won’t be developed for decades.

    And yet you want to believe the Government when they say things are getting better? What the hell is wrong with you? Businesses are shutting their doors EVERYDAY and it’s happening everywhere we look. (except in Washington, DC)

    QUESTION EVERYTHING! Especially if the information (I mean propaganda) comes from the Government!


    • DT, you make some great observations, and I like that you source your comments. Name calling though detracts from your contributions and deminishes what you have to say. Intelligent discourse should allow for differing opinions without disrespect. That really goes for anyone who wants to contribute. No one is going to persuade me to see their point of view or take their side by calling me a name.

    • Yeah, my home town in the U.S.A. has a mall and about half of the spaces are now empty. The mall’s Sears store is closed now for Petes sake. My home town is Ashtubula and lots of us like to call it Trashtubula. Its getting worse in the states for sure. Btw…Am I a grading Idiot? Just wandering. lol

      • The only thing that qualifies you to be a grading idiot is to believe in the 2 party system. The sooner people stop having short term memory loss and understand that both of these parties are destroying our country with DEBT, the sooner we can break the chains that these psycopaths have bound us with.

      • Bob? Do you suffer from short term memory loss? Or are you still listening to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News as they cheerlead one side of the 2 Puppet System? Think for yourself

  99. Poor Romney. Why can’t the libs have a town hall meeting without having the questions all ready screened? Why was CNNs Candy Crowley chosen and do you think the questions were submitted to Obama secretly before the debate? When on his own, he was a disaster. Strange.

  100. Another thing. Take a look around your town or city and tell me if things are better. Actions speak louder than words. No one is working, our military is weaker, too many people on welfare and freebes.

  101. When Obama ran for President, as an African American who has lived almost three score and ten, I knew it was not the time for a Black man to run for the presidency under the circumstances that our nation had inherited from the Bushs’ Administrations. No one but GOD could the fix the economic downturn our nation was in. Some of you can’t see the forest for the trees and I am not here to point out to you what you cannot see. Believe me you are going to see if Romney gets in the White House. All of you who have contrieved to blame a Black person or the legacy of African Americans for the state of this country have at it. That does not change the facts. Because my experience of history and the hard cold facts of how hateful people are and that raciasm is very much alive, I understand who I am and we are and who you are. That was what part of the war in the middle east is all about. Mankind of today are just EVIL and don’t have a clue. Give it enough time and there won’t be a planet for any of us to occupy. People are suffering and if you don’t get along or learn to, we are not going to survive what’s coming. Not only is/was the war a part of our economic downfall, we cannot afford another one. Who do you think is going to pay for it. Instead of bickering, use your common sense and I see very little of that on this blog. As far as social security is concerned that is another story and from what I can read non of you knows the full story on social security. These are things that you should be researching. DO ANY OF YOU KNOW WHAT CITIZENS CAN DO IF SOCIAL SECURITY BECOMES INSOLVENT? I did’t think so. You can sue the Federal Government for your retirement fund that you have paid into. That is the LAW. Stop bickering and get educated on what is important. May your heart know the peace and tranquility bestowed upon you by the indweller within.

    • Race has nothing to do with leadership! This Black man white man junk shows true stupidity! We all are born without choice of color we all chose to excel (successful)or hide behind excuses (looser). Color no longer holds you back but attitude does.
      In this race we have 2 men. Both came from low income families and are rich today. Michell O. made 1 million a year salary before her husband became president. So both Families are in my view rich.
      Now look at experience. One has been successful in business and government in many areas. The other has never worked outside government has no experience creating jobs or income. Has had the opportunity in his first 2 years to get any laws passed he desired and our country is in worse shape than when he cane into office.
      I don’t care about party, one is a socialist and the other is a communist. So when I vote I want what is best for our country, our kids, and grand kids. The solution is all in the creation of new jobs. More jobs = more income = more taxes = being able to pay bills and debt.
      Vote for the future, not color.

    • I believe that it was the right time for a man of color (I don’t consider him “black” because he is 50% caucasion & 50% Kenyan) to become President, because abililties and intelligence has little to do with race. Look at Oprah Winfrey; Bobby Jindal; Jennifer Lopez; Lucy Liu, all sucessful people that are black; indian; hispanic and asian and are quite successful by today’s standards.

      Most people thought that Barack Obama was cool; hip and would ushered in a new vibe of politics, instead of the typical boring, stuffy, and robotic politicians of yesteryear. “Hope and Change” caught fire and people believed that some real reform and turnaround would be ushered in by him and his administration.

      What the American people got was something far different. Sinister policies and ideologies that are vieled behind lies and confusion. A President who does not work well with others, but is a glory hog and toots his own horn at every opportunity.

      A born leader is someone who watches out for his/her people and utilizes the strengths and gifts of everyone around them. Someone who inspires you to give you all and to work hard for the common good. Look at who Obama has surrounded himself with… People of questionable characters and who have been anti-American and anti-capitalistic from the get go.

      In case you haven’t noticed, there is world wide movement going on called “The New World Order”. Essentially 6,000 elitists (the wealthiest of the world) want to control the remaining 6 billion of us. They want to drastically reduce the world’s population because at the rate we are going, our natural resources will be depleted at an alarming rate. China and Russia are fishing out the oceans at record speed, so much so, that the wild fish will be extinct in 50 years!

      Obama was proped up by some of these elitists and wants to destroy America to make us comply with a new world order. What better man to do this than a man who has ties to many foreign countries and ideologies.

      If American is to remain free and prosperous, we need to get back to our heritage as rugged, independent, God loving people who don’t applogize for our values; our principles; and our TREATMENT to the rest of the world! We are the most generous country in the world and we are the first to help out in any natural disaster! We open our shores to all people, to all nationalities as long as they abide by the rules of our land. Natural-born American citizens are being pushed aside with our current laws and ideologies (State funded colleges give out scholarships to international students to “diversify” the campuses, instead of offering them to students who are natives of their state). I am all for global hospitality, but we need to take care and provide for our OWN first!

      Regarding your statement about “suing the government for our social security”……You can’t get blood from a turnip, so how could a bankrupt system pay for any court ordered award???? Read “The Coming Generational Storm” for a more insightful and workable solution to your correctly stated predicament ~ the coming insolvency of our Social Security and Medicare entitlements…….

    • Talking about good and evil when you make it about someones race show me how desperate republicans are. It is amazing to me how so many people are led to support this garbage republican candidate and the very rich of this country. When does regular americans lost track of what is important in their lives? How republicans become so indoctrinated that are so eager to destroy america? All this for what? For some very rich tobe even richer in the hope that somehow something will trickle down to all of us. When you republicans become the slaves of corporations and richest of the world? You are talking about future and make it about bottom line but it is not your bottom line and in the process you kill our childrens future, healthcare, education, liberty even. Warmongers that kill our people in unwanted wars. Obama kill binladen without invading any country under false pretenses, without selling our future. You want to talk bottom line? Bottom line bush destroy the country. Now you have a mormon a person who don’t believe in Jesus as we Christians, a sectant, a trash not wanted by you, leftover 3rd choice on your party, a guy who evades paying taxes, a pampered rich shithead that destroied much more companies and leved more people without jobs than you want to admit, a guy part of those that begun destroying american economy by outsourcing jobs, one that currently is keeping his money offshore, a protector of the very rich that is pissing on all of us that are working or willing to work. When your dick candidate will pay his taxes? When woremongers will send thei sons and daughters to die? You want to make it about race? It is not but it is about being slaves and eating the garbage of shitheads like romney and bush.

      Obama is valid and genuine. He is all about healthcare, education, future. Romney is just a garbage piece of shit in the wind. He is about his bottom line and walking on cadavres like bush. Iraq was a smokescreen to save the face to one of the worst pieces of shit in the history and we buy it. All rich guys prospered when our sons were dying. In the bad economy when it is a buyers market who made money? We that worked and sacrificed all or these pieces of shit as bush and romney that dismember companies and sent our jobs in india? When americans republicans will stop hating so much and really think about what matters?

      A simple thought. If the war in iraq proved not to be justified, what do you have to say to those families that lost their dear ones? How can you excuse the catastrophic economic results of policies that give tax cuts to the richest when our children were fighting?

      You blame obama that the economy does not recover fast enough, but who destroy it you are ready to forget? You want the same tax cuts for the rich? When our sons were fighting your shit candidate that avoided to serve his country was destroying companies and save money offshore eatng caviar and laughing how stupid you are.

      This piece of shit refused to serve his country!
      This garbage is not Christian!
      To be a good american includes serving your country and paying taxes. Romney is not.

      How do you dare to speak about food stamps fraud and shit like that? Do you have any idea how many foodstamps this garbage of romney is stealing from those in need by not paying taxes?

      Charity? [email protected]@k your charity. I work i do not need your charity you piece of shit. I want you to pay your taxes.

      • For a person who is supposedly DEFINING Christian values, you Greg have just contradicted yourself with your hateful rant and accusations. Most Christians/Catholics that I know (and I know plenty) think that Obama is a closet Muslim and only PRETENDS to be a Christian. Look what he did to his pastor ~ Jeremy Wright. The man that married him, the man that he sat in his church for over 20 years and regarded him as a father/mentor……He tossed him away like yesterday’s news when Rev. Wright’s sermons became public knowledge.

        Yes, Romney did avoid the draft, but you got to remember that he was a 18 year man. In case you haven’t figured it out yet Greg, it isn’t the rich who serve in the military, but the middle class and poor. They, unlike the rich enlist to take the educational opportunities that is available to them through the GI bill and sign-up bonuses. I come from a military family and one of my siblings rose to rate of Lt. Colonel, so I know what I am talking about!!!!

        Mark Twain said it best over 100 years ago. “We have the best President that Money can Buy”. It was true then and it is true today. I am voting for Romney because he has proven record of turning things around and most of all, he has demonstrated that he has leadership abilities and doesn’t blame others nor credit others for his failures!!!!!

        • Daisy:

          As usual, you’re “just a little bit off.” Mark Twain’s quote is “the best GOVERNMENT money can buy,” which is appropriate for a Congress whose approval rating is one-forth of that for the president.

          While I don’t agree with Greg’s comment, I find it hilarious and truly disingenuous for you to cry crocodile tears that Obama disowned Rev. Wright–who gave thousands of sermons, so it was impossible not to find something to hate. I am sure you would be spewing a “hateful rant and accusations” if Obama did not disown Wright. Gold-medal level hypocrisy, girl.

          Likewise “a bit off” is your comment about Romney ducking the draft. My guess is that you screamed about Bush’s desertion. . .oh, wait. . .I mean you no doubt SCREAMED about Clinton getting a college deferment. Now, you’re twisting Romney’s sleazy claim of being a “minister” to get out of the draft. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for the “minister” to bring Mormonism to the troops? Anyway, the volunteer army did not come in until later, and I AM impressed that you at least acknowledge that the volunteer army is a way for NeoCons to send kids to God-fosaken places to protect and enhance THEIR wealth. Good work on that one.

          As for Romney’s “record,” it goes from beginning a fairly decent speculative/gambling operation into a dastardly destruction machine. Then he tried to buy a Senate seat–as if he deserved it.

          TWO characteristics stand out in Willard (1) ENTITLEMENT–as if he has “deserved” all the wealth he has taken from the truly deserving, and (2) PLAYING THE VICTIM–nothing is ever HIS fault. It’s those stupid military families and retirees who don’t pay tax, he says.

          Can you give us one example in which he did NOT “blame others nor credit others for his failures”??

          • Goethe, you’re supposed to let Bush go – preach + practice? (Pun intended here.) Why don’t you point out that our current Pres has no mil time? He also was elected despite the rantings of Rev. Wright, and the Birthers have yet to prove he is not a natural born US cit–they should just ask the Pres to submit to a DNA test and be done with it.

            • Steele:

              There’s a difference. I wasn’t “blaming” Bush. I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of criticizing Obama IF you didn’t criticize Bush for doing the same exact thing.

              The military issue is irrelevant, since I don’t think military service is a prerequisite, and in fact, I think it would be very dangerous to our form of government if it were required. The commander-in-chief is a civilian, by design.

              Naw, a DNA test would not shut up birther morons. A film of the birth wouldn’t shut them up. Being able to go back in time to SEE it in person wouldn’t even help, because like the people who claimed the moon shot was filmed in Nevada, some people will carry their paranoid fantasies to their graves.

          • Goethe,

            You missed my point entirely about Obama & Wright. Obama claims to be a Christian, yet he disinvited….distanced himself from Wright, when Wright’s “Black Liberation Theology” became mainstreamed. Let’s see if Romney distances himself from his Mormon beliefs and upbringing, if and when he wins the Presidential race.

            • Daisy:

              I didn’t read it that way at all. But Obama didn’t disavow Christianity. I agree that he should have said, “Rev. Wright WAS right most of the time, but a few times, his passion got the best of him. I loved the man, and I love his passion, but that doesn’t mean that I agree with all of his ideas.”

              Of course, as soon as I say that, I realize the jackal press would have played the Wright quotes for the thousandth time, and then added the Obama quote, “I love the man and I love his passion,” and left it that way.

              So that’s why Obama had to disown Wright.

              I think Romney will continue NOT to mention his true faith. The ONLY problem with that is that there are a lot of people who are voting for him ONLY because they think his beliefs are like theirs. They are NOT. There should be some truth told to THOSE people.

        • dear @daisy, binding full of women.

          the record you are speaking about… equity firms? offshore investments? how he contribute to society? where were the jobs created? don’t be naive. there are people that start from the bottom, but not this shithead.

          i am hateful? republicans keep everybody hostage and oppose anything and everythin accepting and supporting this leftover prick not wanted by republicans, 3rd choice in your hierarchy. be serious!

          preaching moral values? i have nothing against his religion, but i do hate your hypocrisy when it comes to it. as you were and are hypocrits about gay people and see nothing wrong when the dick of dick chaney has a lesbian daughter. whatever works, isn’t it? don’t make me talk about sarah pallin 17y knoked up daughter. practice what you preach. for somebody making a national tragedy every year with the christmas tree you should be ashamed. the moron can be muslim, buddhist, whatever… your hypocrisy makes me sick. one more time: mormons are not christians.

          one more fact about the mormon sect is that they recently renunced at polygamy (even if there is the belief, as muslims, that they will have more wifes in their version of heaven). a few generations before even in your beloved candidate family they were having more wifes. the grand grand father of your mormon had 5 wifes proved and documented. anything goes…


          ROMNEY AVOIDED THE DRAFT… Can you say it again, Daisy?

          Rich people do not go to war… just poor people… really Daisy… i hope you realize you are making my point. maybe you are a democrat in disguise.

          he was 18… i guess if s. pallin’s daughter was knocked up @17 he was good enaugh to serve his country.

          maybe you want to talk about marriage? maybe gay marriage? do we start with the dick or with palin? because it really looks to me that one is lesbian and other minor had a baby and was not married. congrats. good parenting and strong republican beliefs.


          • Greg:

            Dude. Take a breath. Count to ten. You’re sounding desperate.

            Go back and watch Joe Biden’s debate. Sit back and smile. Chuckle a bit. Don’t let ’em get your goat.

            You’ll find it more effective to chuckle when you hear BS.

            • you know about the carot and the stick. i found that republicans do not respond to reason, just plain propaganda.
              one of my teachers years before was saying that if somebody does not understand an argument all you can do is to repeat it.
              now i ve seen that in fact constitutional problems doesn’t really count… healthcare, women rights… fox it make it about food stwms and being disagreable to women (even if romney used “binding full of women”).
              i am not desperate i am just pissed off that so many people are fooled to believe in something so wrong. i will be desperate only if romney is elected, as many others i suppose.
              america is in such delicate position and the great idea republicans have is the old idea that ruin the country.

          • Yes Greg, Romney avoided the draft (legally). So did alot of anti-war hippies who went to Canada. You are probably too young to remember “Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son”, which speaks about this very thing.

            Does avoiding the draft legally (he was a politician’s son, his mother also was in politics) make Romney unfit for the Presidency?

            Why are you calling me a hippocrite? Just because I am voting for a Republican candidate as are alot of other Christians that I know. Don’t you understand what separation of Church and State is really about? Most people know that one candidate is going to have EVERYTHING that desire in one, but you choose the one that you believe would be the lesser of two evils. Personally, I like that people have different ideas, come from different belief systems, because we all have something to teach one other. No one is perfect, only God, who has that supreme distinction!

            If you are a Christian, then you should know that you are to LOVE the sinner, but HATE the sin! To practice the golden rule…..”Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” But civility has gone out the window and now it is a free-for-all. Denigrate, lie, and exaggerate is what most politicians do.

            I want to believe in the “system”, but it is getting harder to do so. Most politicians are trained as lawyers first, and BENEFIT in adulterating the constitution to get their own way. The French say it best….”He/she who benefits from the crime is guilty of the crime.”

            Stop attacking people Greg just because they are voting for someone that you are not. Remember, it is the MAJORITY that determines this race…..not one person.

            • @daisy. you smoothly suggested, for example, that obama is muslim. what was the intent if you are so pure?
              obama is not american… birth certificate scandal… in the end? just propaganda to turn off voters.
              when is about obama nothing is forgiven, everything is push down the throat, even if fictive as the accusation of not being american or being muslim.
              on the other hand we have facts. we know as a fact romney is not christian. problem? no.
              dick’s daughter lesbian. pellin minor daughter unmarried and w/baby.
              considering the big fuss repubkicans are doing about false accusations i am wondering what would had happen if obama was muslim, had a lesbian daughter and another one minor and pregnent.
              at so much dirt for lies we have almost no comments about true. because democrats do not play it this way.
              i am not democrat so i gave you a taste of republican medicine and you didn’t like it. impolite, invasive attacking the person… exactly! isn’t this what fox news is doing 24/7? the only difference is that despite being rude everything i said it is true and may be easily verified.
              when you have different scales for the same thing, as when you suggested the muslim lie about obama, will this make you what?
              i am using strong words but i am stated facts. you voalated suggested a lie (muslim o). so from a moral pov i don’t know…

  102. Romney has all promises, but no plans. He loves skewing questions to get Americans emotionally involved. He just thinks he’s sleek. THAT’S ALL!!! He thinks that sounding smarter by interrupting and bullying is going to get him to win. It’s very easy to pick on other people’s previous decisions and only provide unrealistic promises to get people all emotionally involved to win. He’s making it sound like he is logical when he gives examples…too bad we can’t predict the future to tell for sure how ridiculous and unrealistic his plans are. If he wins office, I doubt many of the plans he is proposing would pass congress anyways…way unrealistic. I hope America doesn’t fall for that…progress is slow…many changes at once may only lead to two different directions…good or bad…are we willing to take that much risk? I’d rather have slow progress and learn as we go…this is more promising and realistic for me. Obama is saying it is not easy and it is not!!! Romney, on the other hand, is picking on Obama and making it sound like it is so simple…like he has this magic formula. Romney is not going to fool me with that!!! I am not saying that Romney is a bad person and has no values, but I think that he has fallen in the trap of “the politics game”. I am a human being for God’s sake…not somebody to play business games with! I am trying to make ends meet and help my family. Just like the rich in this nation, I want the best for my family and want to see my kids do well. It is insulting to me that Romney is using his brilliance to make himself greater and put my family at risk!

    • What about all of Obama’s promises? He is still making the same one’s he made four years ago!! I’m not saying Romney is not making promises without giving us a plan as to how he will actually follow through, but Obama has had FOUR years to follow through & he hasn’t.

      • Did you honestly believe the term Obama came in he would actually fix the economy after what the bush administration put it through? If you did that is naive and foolish, But his first term was no were near a complete failure,and i believe he deserves a seconed.

        • Derrick:

          First, let’s point out that the free-fall we experienced in 2008 was universal and dire. It was equivalent with what Hoover had at the beginning of his term. Results? Hoover’s unemployment rate went from 3% to 25%. Obama’s unemployment didn’t even get as high as Reagan’s.

          As for the economy, under Obama, the stock market more than DOUBLED–to all-time record level. Also, the Fortune 500 recently reported all-time record high PROFITS–easily beating the last record, in boom year 2006.

          The “business recession” ended more than two years ago. The fact that you don’t feel it just shows that “trickle down” economics do not work. When these guys get it, they hold onto it. You get none.

      • When will the mormon become christian?

        When will romney pay his taxes?

        When will romney bring the money he have offshore and invest in america?

        When will stop offshoring jobs and propose or support legislation that prevents it?

        When women problems will count at the very lest to be something more than a binder of women?

        Why he avoided serving his country?
        Because he is a coward pampered piece of shit and he will always be. When you refuse to serve your country you diserve to be spit in the face.

        Any other opinions are welcomed…

        • Mormons are Christians. They might follow a different philosophy as do all other religions; however, they are Christian. Funny, I was a guest in a Mormon household just yesterday, and the blessing at the dinner table ended with, ‘in Jesus’ Name, Amen.’ So how much do you really know about the religion? I am not Mormon, but I have taken the time to know more about their faith. Perhaps before you make a blanket statement like that, you should inform yourself.

          • Steele:

            As a loose interpretation, maybe. There’s another group who had a prophet named Mohammed. The Mormons have Joseph Smith.

            I’m not condemning him for his religion, but if it matters to you:

            He believes that Jesus Christ is Satan’s brother.

            He believes that God lives near a planet called “Kolob.”

            He believes in baptizing dead people.

            He believes that Jesus is married to a goddess wife.

            He believes that The Garden of Eden was in Missouri.

            He believes that it was impossible for Negroes to go to Heaven before 1978.

            He believes that Jesus has children from his wife or wives.

            He believes that Romney is going to become a god.

            He believes he will own his own personal planet after he dies.

            He believes the real Christian God is not eternal but rather that He was once a man on some other planet besides Earth!

            He believes he needs to wear magical underwear created by Mormons and he is never to take it off unless he is bathing.

            He believes it is a sin to drink anything containing caffeine. And that even includes True American™ drinks like Coca-Cola!

            He believes children between the ages of 18-21 should wear name badges, ride bicycles and always smile.

            • …and then there are those who honestly believe that Mr. Obama is a god and/or the returned savior. Others believe the world will come to an end when the planet Nibiru will strike the earth in December this year. What really concerns me more is that going back into history, I am seeming the almost systematic demorilization and dessimation of our middle class with the ever-more expansion of our government. When the President is not getting his way, he issues an E.O., or if a nominee is sure not to receive approval, he/she is appointed a Czar. The spending is out of control with an inordinate number of people reliant on food stamps and on welfare. Issuing E.O.s and appointing people without approval, in my view, is akin to abuse of power and circumvention of the will of the people. I am seeing many similarities to Marxist/Leninist teachings being put into action here as our country is slowly, and irreversibly being moved toward a socialist nation, and that is what really keeps me awake at night.

            • Steele:

              I agree that Mormonism, Scientology, and the folks who think the Mayan calendar calls for the end of the world in December are all pretty crazy. Question is, would hiring one of them be dangerous?

              But I don’t know how you got from an objective list of Mormon theology to more pablum about so-called socialism.

            • Goethe,

              I too think that the Mormon brand of religion is out there, especially when you know the history of its founding father ~ Joseph Smith. The good book says “Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he/she will not depart from it.” Prov. 22:6

              That verse probably explains why Romney hasn’t departed from the Mormon religion. Personally, I don’t care what faith a candidate practices, so long as it is compatible with our constitution and principles of integrity. Mitt seems to be a man of integrity and he also seems principled in his values and love for our country.

              Goethe, you seem to be a Libertarian, which is where I lean, but I do believe in a strong military; non-legalization of drugs/prostitution/gambling. Any vice that hurt families and children.

              I am voting for Romney because I fear that our constitution is under attack. The left has already re-written history in text books and at military historical landmarks (Pearl Harbor for one). My husband was incensed when he saw how Japan was portrayed in the verbiage written on the plaques inside/around the monument.

              I say give Romney a chance, if he doesn’t turn things around, then I will vote for the next candidate (which will probably be Hillary Clinton). We need someone to FIX the economy now and to keep us from sliding into the great abyss of no-return. I fear that we will become like Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain if we don’t act now! Voting for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson is certainly making your vote known, but it is really a “throw-away” vote in the bigger scheme of things…..

            • Daisy, I applaud you for taking your stand and sticking with it. Although I am neither Republican nor Democrat, I am leaning toward Romney because he is a Mormon, not in spite of it. I live in a heavily Mormon populated area, and I see how Mormons treat each other and others. They largely follow the ‘Golden Rule’ and are kind to their own and those outside their religion. I like that they are also respectful, honest, and hard working, have great family values, and when one falls, they take care of him/her. There are bad apples everywhere, and I don’t agree with all of the teachings/practices, but really, are we always in agreement with everything?

            • Daisy:

              Thank you for the thoughtful response. Yes, if it were up to me, we’d be voting for Ron Paul.

              But there are character issues involved. The way that Romney “won” the primaries, and even at the end, cheated (disenfranchising a whole state!) to keep Ron Paul off the stage, the way they rewrote the rules and refused to acknowledge that they were rejected, and even now, the Romney steamroller is working around the country to crush the real grass roots.

              You can vote for that if you want. You can take a shower when you get home.

          • What i find it funny is that you republicans reply only to the christian issue. Did cat eat your tongue? How about NOT SERVING HIS COUNTRY? NOT PAYING TAXES? SENDING JOBS OFFSHORE? “BINDER FULL OF WOMEN” … how about this issues?

            And for the love of God stop pretending that these sectants not recognized by Christian Church are Christian. Stop being so incults and read a book, even if it is the book of mormon or the book of the unwanted war in iraq based on a shitty president lies and destroying the country.

            • Greg, you making assumptions here. I am neither a republican, nor a democrat. I tend to look at the issues from both sides and form my observations on that. I don’t know all, because if I did, I would not read your or others’ input. So if you would be so kind as to put your bias toward those who are trying to engage in civil discourse aside, I for one would appreciate it. You are not helping your argements and are not going to win me over to your side by lobbing insults across the field.

          • What i find it funny is that you republicans reply only to the christian issue. Did cat eat your tongueabout all the other problems? How about NOT SERVING HIS COUNTRY? NOT PAYING TAXES? SENDING JOBS OFFSHORE? “BINDER FULL OF WOMEN” … how about these issues?

            And for the love of God stop pretending that these sectants not recognized by Christian Church are Christian. Stop being so incults and read a book, even if it is the book of mormon or the book of moron aka the unwanted war in iraq based on a shitty president lies that destroyed the country.

          • What i find it funny is that you republicans reply only to the christian issue. Did cat eat your tongueabout all the other problems? How about NOT SERVING HIS COUNTRY? NOT PAYING TAXES? SENDING JOBS OFFSHORE? “BINDER FULL OF WOMEN” … how about these issues?

            And for the love of God stop pretending that these sectants not recognized by Christian Church are Christian. Stop being so … and read a book, even if it is the book of mormon or the book of moron aka the unwanted war in iraq based on a shitty president lies that destroyed the country.

          • Isn’t funny that you have an answer only about religious stuff? How about being a coward that avoided to serve his country? How about not paying taxes? How about stop offshoring jobs? How about the BINDER FULL OF WEMEN? Did cat eat your tongue?

            For the love of God stop pretending mormons are christians as they are not. They are a sect not recognized by church as they are bapthist and oter lunatics. Read a book, even if it is the book of mormon or the book of moron aka the book of unwanted war in iraq started by a shitty president that lied through his teets and brought the country to collapse.

            • Lets be fair here. Mr. Obama never served one minute in the military. The only person who ever came close to serving was his Grandfather. I doubt that Mr. Obama will advocate that his daughters serve in the military, and Mrs. Obama never served in the military either. You’re not calling them cowards, are you?

            • Steele: Let’s have full disclosure. You’re right. Obama is younger, so he did not have to make the decision about the draft.

              But the point is that Romney DID make the decision. So Obama “might have” done the wrong thing, but Romney actually DID do the wrong thing.

              I wouldn’t blame him if he were not now a Chicken Hawk, rattling sabers that he was afraid to touch before.

              Also, it’s hard to blame him, because his father, George Romney, said he was BRAINWASHED by the military during his tour of Vietnam in 1968.

              And I don’t know if George was brainwashed by the military. What I do know is that Willard is a Chicken Hawk, and I’ve had quite enough of them.

            • Sigh…I’m not going to belabor the point. I just don’t think military service is going to make or break it for me. Neither served for whatever reason. Though there might be some truth to the brain-washing given the experimentation on soldiers during that time (requires more research). We have draft dodgers, or Chicken Hawks, serving at all levels of government at this juncture, and while that’s a distracting side-issue, I would like to see tomorrow’s debate to see what’s what on that front.

            • Steele:

              You must be a kid. . .Pull up a chair. . .

              In 1968, Vietnam was still “LBJ’s War.” The war was so unpopular that LBJ–the consummate politician, decided not to run for a second term.

              On the Republican side, Nixon was NOT “against” the war. He just had a “secret plan” (like Willard keeps saying this year). As it turns out, Nixon’s secret plan to end the war was to spread it all over Southeast Asia, with no apparent goal, and no exit strategy.

              But GEORGE ROMNEY was running strong. So he took a tour of Vietnam. The generals showed him around and told him what they wanted him to believe about how it was going.

              When GEORGE ROMNEY got back, he immediately said he was BRAINWASHED by the military, and that he could tell that the war was NOT going the way they said.

              It was an instant end to his candidacy in 1968, like the picture of Muskie crying in the rain in 1972, or Howard Dean screaming a cheer after he lost the primary in 2008.

              Romney was saying the military is not only incompetent, but dishonest.

              If I were to ask Willard a foreign policy question tomorrow, it would be, “your dad said he was brainwashed in Vietnam. Do you think he was right? Do you think our military brainwashes our politicians?”

            • I suppose I am a kid with regard to that bit of information. Thanks for the quick bit of education. Darn that learning part of all this info exchange! I’m just wondering though why we have such darned little information about Mr. Obama’s father, the Kenyan Goat herder. Yes, I can get stuff from Wikipedia, but I venture to guess that some campaign spin masters had an hand in that, and Do you have any onsight as to why Bill Ayers claimed he wrote Mr. Obama’s book?

            • Steele:

              Regarding Obama’s father, I assume we know little about him for the same reason why you don’t know anything about MY father. Sadly, most of us will go to our graves with little or no sign that we were ever here.

              Likewise, I know nothing about my father’s real mother, and don’t think the name on the birth certificate is my grandfather’s real name. Why would we know such things?

              Regarding Ayers: I hope you’re joking. Imagine that you have worked hard and believe in your work, and suddenly you’re part of a silly media circus–for years. Now, let’s say that part of the insane things that are said is that YOU wrote Dan Brown’s biggest, best-selling novel. After hearing it 200 times, don’t you think you’d want to mess with people’s minds?

              Now, please WATCH the second half of this ONE-minute video.

              Note that the video is even being posted by an idiot who is trying to say Ayers was being serious. But I KNOW you’re smarter than that. This is a guy who is joking with his class, and he plays along straight-faced, that is, until the end, where the poster conveniently tries to cut off his sly smile. You tell me:


              “If you can help me prove it, I’ll split the royalties with you.”

              If he really wrote it, he wouldn’t need you to “help him prove it,” right? The guy is joking, but joking has been outlawed in the United States of America.

            • Yes, I saw these sound bites as well, but Mr. Bush and Mr. Ayers had no association, while there is that connection between Mr. Obama & Bill Ayers. I’m not saying I buy into it, but it did give me some pause for thought. Something else I expected to find, but could not, was anything Mr. Obama might have published during his time as President of the Harvard Law Review, or anything he might have worked on as a student or law professor in general. I would have liked to see what he pondered even during the last campaign, but there’s nothing to find. Do you have any ideas? Was he truly as inept a writer as the media proclaimed? And if he is, then who is the true ghost-writer/co-author of his book(s)?

            • Steele:

              To tell you the truth, I don’t feel like looking up a lot of stuff that peaple aren’t going to read, anyway. I’ve posted links and people clearly are NOT going to see what it is, so I don’t want to waste any more time on that.

              However, I did find this link:


              I’ll tell you why I bothered to send it to you. It is a typical anti-nuke that any kid would have written at that time, at that age.

              But here is the interesting part:

              On March 10, 1983,

              the photocopy of the actual publication carries the byline of

              “Barack Obama.”

              Do you think that would help quell some of the silliness of what his name really is? I didn’t think so.

            • If he was anti-nuke in ’83, that might account for wanting the US to be nuke-free . . . except that doesn’t do much for defense, especially when everyone else is spinning up.

            • Thank you for that. It’s not really much, since it was almost 30 years ago. People can and do change their views over the course of years as events and circumstances shape their world. Some become more conservative, some become more liberal, some move more to the center, and some even discover that they are human and have a heart. I just want some background and evidence of what shaped Mr. Obama. In that sense, Mr. Romney is more of an open book, while Mr. Obama remains obscure.

            • Steele:

              How do you figure Romney is an open book? He has contradicted himself on everything, sometimes taking three or four different stands on the same issue.

              The only thing that his consistent about Romney is his sense of ENTITLEMENT. Senator? Sure, buy it. Didn’t pay enough? Spend more to become governor. Want the presidency? Buy it. He just assumes he is going to get anything he wants.

              Oh, wait, another thing that’s consistent is that he is NOT consistent. He holds any “ideal” that he needs to get what he wants now. Why on earth do conservatives trust him? He is already bragging about “reaching over the aisle” to sign all of THEIR legislation.

              If you mean by “open book” that he has a “paper trail,” that’s true. But, my God, have you not looked at that trail?

            • I’m not talking about what he’s said, we could go tit for tat on tat. Both of the candidates have lied, no doubt about it. I’m talking about background with regards to openly available records. And please don’t talk about tax records, because those are not normally publicly available records, and I’m really tired of hearing about who paid what amount of tax, since that’s really not a fair argument in my view. Warren Buffet pays less than his secretary…yada, yada, yada…he pays less, because his is investment income, and her’s is salary tax. Does the average American know the difference? Probably not, because how many Americans have enough money left after paying their bills to invest? I’m sorry, I digressed, but thought I’d share anyway.

            • Steele:

              No, that IS the greater point. People with excess cash to play games with play games and get even more money. The tax code calls it “UNEARNED” income, but still taxes it at half the rate of the wages of the waitress or hardware clerk.

              Yeah, Romney says it’s all legal, but he had to juggle the books to get UP to what he considered a tax rate that would play in Peoria. And that was on a year when he KNEW we’d be looking.

              He would have been happy to pay 10.5% when you pay a lot more. The fact that he thinks getting money for nothing should be taxed at half the rate of blood, sweat, and tears tells a lot about him. It’s not what he paid, it’s the fact that he thinks the more you make, the lower rate you pay in taxes is a good idea.

            • Steele – something that i’m sure you already know and were trying to elicit a more reliable source is the DVD 2016. I’m sure this has totally enraged anybody outside the conservative philosophy. And maybe, maybe not all truths. But that is certainly a start to research and validate / invalidate D’Souza’s findings. Just Google “Is Obama a Muslim” and you will get more left, right, independent responses on background and affiliations than you can find time to visit the URL’s.

            • Thank you Sam. I ordered the DVD yesterday and hope to get it by tomorrow. I just hope it’s not as painful to watch as Michael Moore’s ‘documentaries’. I’ve read Mr. Obama’s book, and it just doesn’t ring quite true–more of a this is what I want the public to know to win the liberal vote kind of stuff, rather than a true depiction of the man. He remains an enigma.

            • Nothing like Michael Moore’s theme – however it is long and there are several, “can this be true”. But I have yet to hear, “it’s all a lie”. Most liberals and Obama fans just say, no i haven’t read it, don’t want to, and it’s rubbish. I still say BO paid over a GigaBuck to hide records and past. If you are hiding something, there is probably a reason. I doubt it has anything to do with National Security 🙂

            • I noted that the “bad” reviews on Amazon of the 2016 DVD were mosly (if not all) from people who haven’t actually watched it. That only served to increase my curiosity. What is it that causes these people to want to discourage folks like me from watching this documentary? I’ll watch it, apply analysis from my, albeit jaundiced, point of view, and share my thoughts if you care.

            • Absolutely! it you want to respond privately go to http://Reusser.US and on the Home (not landing) page there are multiple emails – i just switched from Microsoft/HTML to Linux/Wordpress so several links won’t show until i go in and correct upper/lower case issues.

            • Sam:

              It amazes me that the people who hyperventilate about the false story that one candidate might follow a false prophet, think it’s perfectly wonderful that the other candidate does follow a false prophet.

              Religion shouldn’t matter, but the double-standard is glaring.

            • Goethe – Yes, you are correct This is a major fault I have. I am very anti-Islam. In is the only major Religion presently advocating aggressive violence and death to “infidels”. Even the history of Judaism (old KJV testament) is mild in comparison and against it’s own kind. Historic Christians evangelists were much like their Islamic counterparts, but in the 21st century have advanced, but Islam has not and still lives lives in the 7th century and wants to control the world through jihad. Congregations want religion to gather there, but leaders of religion want the power, control and glory.

            • Sam:

              I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that YOU were hyperventilating. Despite our differences, and sometimes stark differences, we have been pretty respectful. Didn’t want you to think I was slamming You.

              But to the point, to tell you the truth, I am a LOT more frightened by the extreme so-called “Christians.” I do not believe that I will EVER feel any negative impact from ANY Muslim–except from our own reactions, like the so-called Patriot Act. Our own stupidity.

              But the extreme “Christians” threaten me everyday, risking my rights, and blaring their propaganda from every possible source. I feel intimidated and I wonder how my rights will be abridged to make them happy.

            • Yes Fundamentalist Christians have a dichotomy. They want their first amendment but they want it their way. But we do have the 1st Amendment and Roe vs Wade – we have no such protection from Islam under this administration.

            • I think we all feel threatened in one way or another. I, too, feel more threatened by Islam than Christian fanatics, but then I have been studying Sharia Law and Islam of late, and that might have a lot to do with it.

              Watched the last debate and am still digesting it….

            • Steele:

              But nobody is going to bring Sharia Law here. And my guess is that once democracy settles in, we’re going to see the countries over there acting more like Turkey and Jordan.

              If THEY don’t feel threatened from the outside, they will turn inward to fix their own countries.

            • I can only hope so. I am sorry I won’t be on for a while. I had a devastating death in my family a few hours ago, and dealing with that will be my focus for now.

            • Steele:

              I am so sorry. I’m sure I speak for all of us in thanking you for your contributions and that our good wishes go with you.

            • I couldn’t watch all of it – but i think it was close to a draw which is bad for MR. What keeps running through my mind is, “Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice”. Evidently there are still millions of people out there trying to quench their thirst on the BO Kool-Aid. No matter what BO says he will continue us down the path of economic bankruptcy and remove all our DOD teeth. The thing to remember is: Qur’an (40:28) – A man is introduced as a believer, but one who must “hide his faith” among those who are not believers. I.e. it is permissive to lie to Infidels if it is to benefit Allah. As you study Shariah, you will find that Islam is even more vindictive towards abortion and homosexuality than evangelical Christians.

          • fair enough. apologiase for the tone, please look at the facts. (duplicate entries bad spelling…etc from phone dificult to type).

            romney as great leader. i do not buy it. it is not only about not serving his country, but also doing it in so repulsive manner. how you address this issue? he was too young? rich people do not go to war? these are the answers i got until now. satisfactory?

            taxes. not even ask if fair or not to pay more or less, i will blanty put it if it’s fair not paying taxes at all by keeping the money offshore.

            job creator. this from a guy that is making money choping companies. capital gains, equity … these are not job creator activities at all.

            outsourcing jobs. romney is a pioneer of such activities.

            economy? 5 points plan that no ody have seen.

            so what do we vote? can you please tell me what you see in him? if he is that good can you explain why he was only the 3rd choice of republican party?

    • Well put….this is out of the question, but we gave Bush a second turn knowing how bad he was…that said i mean might as well we give the second chance now to President B. OBAMA.

    • DT:

      It would have been bad enough to just pervert the system by outspending his opponents by a rate up to 17-to-1.

  103. As I’ve said before and will say again:I am using neither using purely the views of the Democrats or Republicans when I, as an American citizen, give my public opinion: what if, upon graduating high school, everyone without a major disability served twelve weeks in the military. They wouldn’t be in danger overseas, they would be going through basic training. It would teach future generations discipline, which at this moment is desperately needed. Each overwight or obese child would get into shape. Upon graduating the military, those going off to college would get a small scholarship. Those not going to college could either stay in the military or have learned a valuable skill to further their careers, such as engineering. Either way, the unemployement rate would be lowered. Some people may think this is very close to or is socialism. You are entitled to your opinions, and I respect that.

    • I’m not going to say what is wrong with each president, will not use racist comments about their race or religion, but I will use logic: President Barack Obama has been in office for the past four years. He has made many promises regarding the economy, and we are at a worse position than we were in while Bush was in office. Romney shows much potential and I think his five-point-plan will do much more for our economy than what Obama has done. I want to clarify that I’m not saying this because I’m some sort of Obama-hater or hardcore Republican, I’m sayng what I do because it MAKES SENSE.

      • 1. Bush led this country into the worst recession in our lifetimes.

        2. Almost all of the economic problems we have today (debt, joblessness) are a DIRECT RESULT of the recession that Bush led us into.

        3. Obama has made serious progress in cleaning up the Republican mess. Just consider jobs: when Obama took over, the economy was LOSING 750,000 jobs per month. The economy has been ADDING 140,000 jobs per month for each of the last 30 months. ENORMOUS IMPROVEMENT.

        • Steve: I wouldn’t necessarily blame Bush, personally.

          But once the market bottomed out, just after Obama came in, he didn’t sit on his hands, like Hoover–who let unemployment go from 3% to 25%.

          Ignore Bush. He may or may not have been at fault. The point is that Obama stopped the free-fall and led us to a DOUBLING of the stock market, and all-time record corporate profits.

          • You mean they were other factors than bush, but i would blame not only his administration but him personally.

            As commander in chief it was ultimstely his decision snd the war in iraq is his responsability. A lot of people died for presidents bush lies. In all this time the richest of the country were having tax cuts. A nation at war with romney making money offshore. How patriotic!

      • you sound like a parrot. i hope all of your info isn’t gathered by just watching debates and news sound bites.

        • jessie, are you in tha “bi der full of women” that the mormon was speaking about?

          feel safe with romney, your problems count.

          when the richest of the country will shit gold you will get some… until than i am afraid you ll get just shit. but hey! if you are in the mormon s binder you should be ok…

    • This would make the military fail. Do you know how much money it costs to send one person through basic training. For people who chose this lifestyle, it’s an investment for the government because they have them for at least the next four years as a solider, sailor airmen, etc. Why would the government, already in a huge debt, waste millions of dollars on uniforms. lodging , food, etc for a bunch of kids who don’t want to be there. What is a TI supposed to do with a flight full of punk ass kids who know in 12 weeks they are done. They won’t respect their TI or their rules & they likely won’t do anything they don’t feel like doing. In addition, 12 weeks is not enough time for an obese kid to get in shape. In fact, many obese kids will probably end up in the hospital, on the governments dime because they are in the basic training due to injuries.

      • Israel requires all eligible men and women to serve in the Israeli Defense Force at age 18. Men serve for three years, women for 21 months. Deferments are given to women who are pregnant and/or already have children and for religious/educational reasons. Locke is right in that it would get kids in shape and it would also instill national pride and respect for our country and laws.

        People who have served in the military know that “Freedom isn’t Free” for it always cost something of those who serve and pay the price for the rest of us.

        You obviously haven’t been listening to the debates, for you would have heard about Romney’s 5 point plan on how to stimulate the economy to create more jobs. All the money that the United States government collects comes almost entirely from people paying income taxes. Unfortunately only 53% of the US Citizens really pay into the system because the other 47% (Retirees; people living at the poverty level; & disabled people) don’t have too. Retirees and disabled people shouldn’t in my opinion because they have already paid into the system long enough or they don’t have the physical and/or mental abilities to generate income. I do believe that the everyone else SHOULD contribute something, even if it is $100 year!

        After all, we ALL benefit from government roads; highways; military protection; police/fire protection; educational programs; and clean water!!!

        • president obama killed osama without invading a foreign country under false pretenses and without spending trillions as bush did. also without cutting taxes in time of war to the very rich.
          liberty comes to a price, but isn’t it ironic that only regular folks is paying it? also don’t you find it sad that bush bankrupt the country and brought so many sons and doughters in an early grave for a lie?
          also doesn’t trouble you that the great mormon evaded not only paying taxes and being a good human being, but also failed as american refusing to serve his country?
          when you assert strong statements as we pay in blood our liberty remember that your candidate was skiing in alps, choping companies at home, outsourcing to india american jobs. when this is clear, because you sound confused, we may further discuss it.

          • Greg, Bush put policies in place so that Bin Laden could be captured. What did Obama do when he was captured?????? He spiked the football, so to speak, and couldn’t wait to broadcast to the waiting world that Bin Laden was dead. Many military personnel were upset and shocked that he took CREDIT for something that he didn’t do, but for what he SEALS did. He also jeopardized national security when allowing the press to report on how the mission was carried out and which Seal team was involved.

            You are right, it isn’t fair that the price of freedom is mostly shouldered by the poor and middle class. Still, there are ALOT of wealthy sons and daughters who attend military acadamies and serve too. Personally, I like to see a mandatory, compulsory service for every man/woman over the age of 18. Deferrments would only be given in very special cases.

            To attack Romney for something he did (avoided the draft and went to France) seems unfair, given the fact that he was only 18 years old at the time! I am sure if you were in his shoes, you might have done the same.

            Romney DID pay his fair share of taxes, but not at a rate that working people pay. Why???? Because all of his money was made off of investments and it is taxed at a “Capital Gains” rate (15% vs 35%). Did he break any laws? No, he didn’t and he hasn’t done anything different than Warren Buffet; Bill Gates; Donald Trump or any other wealthy stock holder has done.

            The reason why is “effective tax rate” (15%) was low, is because he GAVE AWAY 30% of his income to his church & charity! The Mormon church is known for having warehouses of food/water/supplies ready and available to aid in diaster relief. They were the first ones on the scene to Haiti after hurricane Ike in 2008. Would you rather Mitt give his money to charity or to the government? Most people want to give their excess to the people that they can directly help the most.

            Everyone seems to forget that Michelle and Barack Obama are also millionaries! Yet, when you look at their tax returns, they give only a PITTANCE to charity. They certainly don’t mind using tax payers money to fly to foreign countries for lavish vacations and dinners! Michelle isn’t called the “Marie Antoinette of the West” for nothing. Her spending is legendary and excessive, so unlike a middle class woman that she pretends to be!

            • Daisy:


              To begin with, if you want someone “spiking the ball,” how about Bush flying in (“Mission Accomplished”), all dressed up like one of them?? He looked like Dukakis in a tank, but I digress.

              Obama simply announced to the world that we got bin Laden. If he had not called a press conference, you would have said he wasn’t making a big enough deal. And he DID congratulate the Seals, for crying out loud.

              Likewise Malarkey on the information given out. You would have screamed if he DIDN’T give out info. Also, you, no doubt, celebrated that one of the Seals rushed an entire book into publication. I had no problem with that, but I’ll bet you had a different view of one and the other, right?

              Malarkey–he was only 18. My, my, so you’re saying a lot of our service people are little boys with no brains? Do you want to raise the voting and drinking ages all over? Maybe they shouldn’t be able to drive at 18, because obviously, Romney was irresponsible at that age, right?

              And NO–he didn’t break any laws (as far as we know for sure), but that just shows that the super-rich write the rules. The idea of paying only 15% for what is “UNEARNED income” when waitresses and coal miners and grocery clerks pay twice as much is not only horrendous, it’s nauseating.

              And it’s amazing how you turn on a dime when you go from the pampered and ENTITLED Romney, and then throw such a hissy-fit about the First Lady of the United States trying to look like she belongs in her position.

              Oh, and as for the “PITTANCE,” Obama gave $172,130 to charity last year–or 21.8%. It’s not as much as Romney, but according to Maslow’s Pyramid, the more money you get, the less value it has. Did YOU give $172,130 to charity? NO? Did you at least give 21.8% of your income? NO? Neither did I, but if you DID give even 15% of your income to charity, I wouldn’t call it a “pittance,” because you need it less than Obama–just as Romney needs it less than Obama. For crying out loud, Romney hasn’t even bothered to get a JOB for the past five years. OH, yeah, he must really understand you and me, right?

            • if you want it or not, i know it hurt your guts, osama was killed by obama and not by bush. as cic he gave the order, not bush. under bush happened only the 9/11. you may have a distorted version of reality as all republicans, but stop denying facts.

              spike the ball? authorising a millitary op in a foreign country is spiking the ball to you? it is offensive and show disrespect for the great work of all the people who make it happen. recognize it is a great victory and it was obama responsability.

              in your naive interpretation bush did the legwork and obama steal the glory… but in reality bush ignored reports about 9/11 and invaded a country under false pretenses. many died. america went bankrupt. i wished bush spiked the ball, but in reality he ruined our country.

              not serving your country and running to mommy for milk is shameful at any age. you are from the binding full of women so you cannot understand. ask a veteran and we can further comment.

              even if i concede that capital gains are not a way the richest [email protected]@k the poor, you are wrong. romney is not paying taxes for the money he keep offshore. you know who else is keeping money offshore? criminals.

              but of corse capital gains must be said that do not create jobs. romney pose as the job creator with great track record…etc. unfortunatelly cg doesn’t create jobs.

              i will say again. i have my pride as any person who works honestly. [email protected]@k charity. i want him to pay his taxes. i want to close loopholes that allow outsourcing jobs and keeping money in offshore accounts.

              speaking of charity maybe you are aware that are tax deductible? for haiti there was given even a irs directive, so don’t fool yourself it is from the goodness of his heart. i do not think you can possibly be so naive.

              the other comment is so awful that not worth the time.

            • Let’s get something straight here: Mr. Obama did not kill Osama, the Navy Seals who were sent to do the job killed him. Mr. Obama’s administration, in its effort to grab glory, then compromised the human source who provided the critical information to enable that mission. That human source is now in jail probably for the rest of his life. If something should make one angry, it is the callous and complete disregard for that life for which the present administration should have to answer. The leaks of national security information to bolster the standing of this presidency boggle the mind.

      • Nika: I doubt you have ever been in the military because twelve weeks is plenty of time. We are talking about four months, more than a regular summer. That is more than enough time to get in shape.

        • I served 23 years in our wonderful military, and believe me, 12 weeks is barely enough time to get into shape as you put it. I would be for drafting everyone for 12 to 18 months so each can receive proper training and acquire some decent job sills–aside from giving something back to our glorious country. Most Americans have minimal appreciation for our country, as they take it for granted. Perhaps a bit of service would give them a different perspective.

          • Steele: I can understand more time being necessary, but 18 months would be too long. A year, maybe. We don’t want to end up like all those many European countries who do that.

          • Steele:

            Thoughtful response, thanks.

            Question, though:
            Are you not at all worried that “regimenting” the entire population would “indoctrinate” them? And if so, aren’t you also afraid of who might come to take charge of the indoctrination?

            I have often wondered if we shouldn’t require service as part of citizenship–in the form of military OR other community service. But again, I’m a little concerned about forcing EVERYONE into a program that could be abused.

            • I understand your concern, and if we were anything other than a free society, I old be worried as well, but then the point would be moot. Take a look at the 99 percenter movement and ask yourself how many of them would really have protested if they had something to do that was meaningful and contributed to society. Instead, they occupied a lot of places that obstructed the progress of small business owners. I know in WDC a lot of businesses were vandalized and customers were blocked from entering. The real consequence was that these small businesses are no more. Also, while the occupiers blocked progress for ordinary citizens, they formed lines to buy coffee at Starbucks and electronic stores to buy the newest iPhone. That’s paradoxical to me. Were are they getting the money for such extravagances, not to speak of the cool outdoor equipment many used to camp out. I think that in obligating themselves to say the military, the job corps, or other community service for at least a year, they would not only get a sense of what it means to live in our free republic, but also a sense of accomplishment and pride. Granted not all would feel that way, but in my time, I have seen many a lost youth find direction in giving back to the community and our country as a whole.

            • Steele:

              I mostly agree with you. It seems that a lot of kids drop out of school when they are 16. I wonder if such a program might begin at that age. That is, if you drop out of school, you have to do some kind of community or federal service for two years.

              Anybody else have an opinion on universal, mandatory service?

            • If you ask me, Goethe Behr, would indoctrinating everyone be such a bad thing? Imagine where we would be today if all Americans had the same views…

            • Fulton:

              I mean this as a genuine comment, not satire.

              The fact is that MANY people in the United States during the 1930s felt that democracy had failed, and to survive, we would have to switch to a regimented system, like Communism or Fascism, which could organize quickly and not have to ask anyone’s permission.

              Freedom really does lead to some level of chaos, so the question is whether we have too much freedom?

          • @steele you are so offtrack with your observations that i am happy we found some common ground with you. you served your country. may i ask you what is your feeling when a coward pampered rich piece of shit refuses to serve his country?

            how you feel that bush lied about an unnecessary war that we paid in blood and other sacrifieces at home?

            in all this time when we supported the troops the very rich were having tax breaks. romney was desmember companies and move jobs to india and his money offshore. how do YOU feel about it, a guy who served?

            am i wrong to say that somebody who refuse to serve his country diserve to be spit in the face?

            this is romney.

            i hope at list this thing you agree upon however hate you accummulated in your republi an gut.

            at list mccane served his country.

            on another topic social ans socialism is not the same. i doubt you have any idea about communism and nuances, probably you have the cold war era vocabulary, you all republicans have. it is indeed so rudimentary the republican way of thinking. in fact after reagan there is no republican worthy.

            in the meantime we have twitter and facebook.

          • @steele you served so my best guess is that you followed orders. in this pyramid of power only the president do not receive orders, everybody else do. how can you minimize the commander, the one who gave the order? it makes no sense. at the end of the day those were soldiers following orders. the burden of command was always on president obama shoulders. i don’t understand how anybody can minimize the role of the president.
            we all understand na y seals executed the mission and many others were involved in intelligence and other branches, but from here to “spike the ball” how fox news put it and somebody was kind do repeate it it’s a big difference.
            if the mission were a failure or a third war were beginning as result i guess nobody were blaming the seals, but obama. this is again a sign of the hypocrisy i was accusing republican fellows.
            bush on parade all the time winning the second term on iraq war compared with the dignity of the president obama and his achievement witout any cost of lifes (and without destroying the eco omy of corse). bush the great warrior where obama spike the ball. wouldn’t you call this hypocrisy?

            • I do believe you’re not quite comprehending the whole picture here. We are not under military rule, and our soldiers can and have refused to follow illegal orders. the President has many advisors, and his legal team tries to make sure he’s within the limits of the law. to your supposition: Had the Navy Seals failed, the spin-masters of this campaign would be all over that. The current administration would deflect and definitely blame the military and the Seals and the CIA for the failure, and the other camp would have exploded into a never-ending barrage of blame against the current administration, leaving the American public to draw its own, most often skewed by news bites, conclusions.

          • @steele i am sorry but i hope you realize you are talking bs.

            basically you say that in fact it was up to the soldiers to execute the order because it was an illegitimate order.

            more than that in a millitary operation president has no saying and carry no responsability.

            also you suggest he has no free will and it is anyway heavily influenced by others so he is not really taking any decision.

            oh my God! now i know the pot suggestion was for real. you are high. i do not mean to insult you i really believe you are high.

            what is your spin on romney not serving the country? obama did not served. however one was not called and the other run to mommy. now i am used with rep math, i am sure they are equal.

            • I wish you would take emotion out of your responses; they would be so much more credible. I was absolutely serious about legalizing pot and regulating and taxing it like alcohol and cigarettes. I don’t smoke the stuff myself, but much like alcohol, the money to fund the rehab programs has to come from somewhere. I digress. If you truly read my response, then you would know that I didn’t say the President didn’t carry the responsibility, I said he didn’t carry out the attack, ergo, he didn’t kill bin Laden, his military arm did. I also said that if the attack had not succeeded, the blame would be squarely placed on the military and the CIA vice the President. I don’t know if you remember the Iran-Contra affair, but you really can’t believe that a Marine LTC carried the sole responsibility for that. He was a mere scapegoat in a much larger scandal, which IMHO eloquently shielded the involvement of the Oval Office. The Pres likely knew, even gave the order to proceed, but when it went wrong…well, you know what happened…oh, and then Watergate comes to mind, but that’s not involving the military, I just remember President Nixon and the lies he told the public straight from the Oval Office. …but then Presidents or those who want to be Presidents, never lie, do they?

  104. Romney did an excellent job. Verry good debate pointing out all Obama’s failures for the past 4 years which there are so many. Romney does a very good job talking about his plans for our future in this country.
    Again all Obama can do is try to deface Romney because his RECORD is soooooo bad.
    All Obama does is lie, lie, lie and blame every one else for his failures.
    Romney is definatly the best choice for president. With Romney we have a chance to get out of this hole Obama has very agressively put us in. He is a very sucessfull business man and will bring that to the office.
    Obama’s idea for our country is socialism. He wants and is trying to push Government control over our lives. Obama is always trying to deface Romney because he has done nothing to improve our country in the last 4 years so he can not bring up any successess he has accomplished. His only way to try to get back into office is try to make Romney look bad. Honestly he can not make Romney look as bad as his record for the last 4 years. Obama never talks about his plans for the future because he plan is what he has been doing for the last 4 years which is run our country into the ground.

    • @honey. can you please define socialism?

      you are all intoxicated with propaganda by fox and you fail to understand that social and socialism have a very different meaning.

      there was a time when black people were not having the same rights and liberties as white people. the change may be seen as a social reform not socialism.

      one more thing honey. a country is not, never was and will never be a company. you are fooled to believe that romney brings something to the table but he doesn’t matter at all. if you run the country as a business you are bound to fail.

      secondly romneys success in business is not associated with anything important, he did not create jobs, invent things or contribute to society. he is just an upper management dick that worked in equity firms and investment making money by cuting jobs, taking them offshore where the labor is cheaper so he can have a bigger bottom line. on top of all these is keeping money offshore not paying taxes (even lower as they are).

      even now there are inequalities as women not being treated in many aspects as man. this is a social issue not socialism.

      as you are probably in the “binding full of women” of the great mormon you should not be afraid…

      even in terms of taxes tere are inequalities as the richest pay a lesser percent than regular folks. even in time of war under bush the ri hest were paying less than you and me.

      to pay your taxes as anybody else is not socialism. when the mormon will bring his money from offshore accounts and pay his fair part of taxes we may further discuss issues. until than i wish you luck in the binder full of women of the leftover of the republicans.

  105. Romney has no plan. He does have an agenda, The US has an electorate which democratically puts officials into office. The Republican party needs Romney to make appointments to the Supreme Court. A conservative court sets the law of the land and furthers the republican agenda. The rich stay rich because they keep the poor at odds with one another and in the dirt fighting and groveling for the scraps that the 2% and Mitt Romney leave. George Bush a republican held office 8 years and there was no increase in wealth for middle income earners. More importantly, personal income for the middle class has not kept pace with the top 2% for 40 (forty) years. If Mitt is elected you will see no change for the better of the working class. If Mitt cared so much about workers in the middle class, would he not take care of the workers in Freeport, Illinois? Mitt Romney owns 51% of BAIN CAPITAL, HE IS HEAVILY INVESTED IN CHINA!. The workers in Illinois are losing their jobs to China, Mitt owns that company.

    • If Bush provided no increase for middle class incomes, at least he didn’t lower income. Let’s see, who did that? Oh, that’s right- Obama! Your man said it himself- some jobs are never coming back- factory workers have to get used to the fact that they will no longer have their job pushing a button for 30.00 an hour. Look at your 401K- any company giving you big returns is invested in CHINA!

      • @lisa

        i will explain republican economic principles in very clear terms.

        trickle down economy
        we all pay taxes, but republicans believe that the mightiest and richest of them are underprivileged for paying the same percent because they are making more money. this is why they ask for more tax cuts and fool people with propaganda and economic voodoo. within these false pretenses, because the right motive will be greed, the cornerstone is this trickle down economic theory.

        simply pur it we give more money, power, consideration…etc to the very rich and they shit on all bellow them. when they will shit gold you will receive some. untill than you receive shit.

        i cannot be any clearer.

        nobody is asking favors from the richest, it is not a gift or charity. what we want is for those who benefit from trading with american citizens to pay their taxes. we want jobs outsourcing to be stopped. we want the richest to pay taxes even if they hide their money as common criminals offshore. we want insurance companies not treating you like merchandise but as persons. we believe every person should have access to education and healthcare. we want women to be a little more than a “binder full of women”. why is this so hard to understand?

          • it’s like harvey i suppose…

            obviously there is no plan, but it is a matter of perception. i would have probably went with 3 as it is more mystical of a number than 5. if you have to make up numbers at least you should be more mystical and i guess being a mormon will help.

            you look like an educated democrat, rational and balanced. i tried to explain, argue, factcheck…etc. my conclusion? republicans are no longer hearing anything. thoughts?

            • Greg: He wouldn’t have used three!! That sounds like the Trinity, and Romney does NOT believe in the Trinity.

            • Sam:

              I wouldn’t care, except that religious-right people are voting for him BECAUSE they think he’s a Christian, and I resent that.

              It’s as if he were sending out mailers to the ghetto saying Obama quit and wants them to vote for Willard, instead. Oh, damn, I didn’t mean to give him an idea.

            • Another quickie – I know a lot of civilians and military and vets on the “right” – they are voting for MR not because he is a Morman, but because they sincerely believe BO is a Sunni. I am a deist and that opinion holds stronger for me than any other. And that is after exhaustive vetting of BO. In addition about the birther issues – under no circumstances is he eligible regardless of father. He never renounced his Indonesian citizenry and therefore is not “natural born”.

            • Sam:

              Right. To the military, he is putting on his “military” face, despite his background. Yet, it his people who keep voting down veteran programs, time after time. Doesn’t that just cheese you off??

              Also, Willard is promising everything to everybody. I plan to go back and make a list of the things he is promising to so many different people, yet, he also claims to be able to cut taxes. What’s gonna get cut to pay for the trillions he wants to spend?? Big Bird?? He has a “secret plan,” just like Nixon.

              You are in good company, most of the Founding Fathers were Deists, that is, if you know what “deist” means.

              As for the birther “issue,”
              once John Roberts swears in a jelly donut,
              that jelly donut IS the president. Period.

            • Goethe – you are correct on every point, including “swearing-in”. but that was four years ago and the clock starts new on Jan 20, 2013. Regarding MR as the saying goes, “You got some ‘splaining to do, Lucy”. If MR is elected there is probably going to be more austerity than Britain is experiencing at present. And as a disabled vet and someone who has paid into SSA since ’54 and medicare since ’64, i will be on the receiving end of that austerity. But I am more assured, in my mind, of of a Democratic Republic and Freedom than the alternative.

              Yes I am a deist. I believe the soul energy is separate from the cortex and, possibly, infinitely in and out of the Energy realm. I believe everyone goes HOME evaluates their selves and, if necessary, goes to an energy hospital to heal. Souls such as Hitler, etc are simply returned to Nature’s Creator’s infinite energy pool. Thank the Creator that our forefathers who supposedly came over as Christians, quickly let their true feelings surface and over 60%(?) became deists and gave us the Documents aligned with those thoughts. No religion, no quandary about abortion or about homosexuality, or any other religious beliefs. The 1st amendment is to protect us from government tyranny.

              No matter what you say you are very, very, good as a facilitator, commentor, and have a background that supersedes most, if not all of us. Thank you for keeping us in line

            • Sam:

              You are too kind.

              Now then. . .
              This is the clause the birthers are relying on:

              “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;”

              • There has been a lot of discussion of what “natural” means. Does that mean Caesarian births are out?? I tease.

              OK, let’s look at the wording and punctuation. . .

              “No person except”–let’s simplify that to “only a person who is.”

              OK, so it says you have to be a “natural born citizen,” which has been interpreted as anything from being born ON American soil to “whatever we say a citizen is.” Table that issue for now.

              As Candy Crowley said, “let’s move on.”

              In order to be president, you have to be born. . .
              OR–already a citizen of the United States.

              That’s pretty clear. You’re either born here, or already here.

              Now then, this is the part I find hilarious. It does NOT say “after the time.” It says “AT THE TIME of the adoption.”

              What is “adoption”? Would that be when it was prepared for ratification, or when it was actually ratified? Let’s say when it was ratified.

              OK–that was 1788.

              NOW, LET’S PUT IT TOGETHER:

              “Only a person, born or living in 1788, shall be eligible to the office of President.”

              So–by my reckoning, every president after #9–William Henry Harrison (1773-1862)–has NOT been eligible to be president.

            • I concur and concede to all possibilities that you put out there – however, unless it is one the hidden documents that BO paid a GigaBuck to lock down, he never renounced his Indonesian citizenship and affirmed his United States citizenship. But actually that is the least of my concerns. Behind all his BS I don’t believe he is aligned with our American values, religious freedom, small government, and free enterprise. What exactly does the ring he has worn on his marriage finger for over 30 years say, if anything. He could be a Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist – anything but Islamist. I agree with your earlier remarks about MR urinating off Britain and no i don’t think Russia or China will be in direct warfare with us for the near future – but I sincerely believe that Islamist’s will start something with Israel and we will be dragged into it – and if BO wins, which side will he support???

            • Sam:

              Idle speculation.

              But let’s assume it is not. What difference does it make?

              The REASON for the “birth or citizen” clause is in the Constitution is that the Founders were worried about dynasties in Europe, where it was common for countries to “form alliances” by marriages. We didn’t want dynasties, and we didn’t want European countries to run us.

              What if Prince William were still in control of government? What if Americans loved him and Kate and Pippa? What if we loved the way he ran Britain, and were jealous of them? What if we decided to elect him president? What would that do to our relationship to Britain?

              Not so bad? What if we decided that Putin is the kind of tough man we want?

              That was the sort of thing the Founding Fathers wanted to prevent. It wasn’t meant to be some kind of picky technicality to argue over for four years (and on into the future).

            • Again I’m on your side, but how can we verify that a candidate or appointed politician is loyal to, and only to, the USA. Without sufficient knowledge of his or her background and previous proofs of loyalty, we could put people in office that will take us out of a Democratic Republic. But i do, and did, fully understand and agree with forefather’s intentions.

            • Sam:

              This is not meant as an insult, but–

              (a) it’s crazy to think that we might have some kind of “Manchurian Candidate”–and crazier to think that if that were the case that a cover story wouldn’t cover it, and

              (b) it’s even crazier to think that people who are interested ONLY in their personal gain and ego gratification (i.e., all politicians) REALLY have ANY loyalty to ANYONE or ANYTHING but themselves.

            • You should know better!!! Thanks for the great chuckle. I think I’ll turn in now. Looking forward to seeing what happens after the debate tomorrow. I’m just hoping things on ths blog/board will remain civil.

            • Steele:

              I’ve been on here most of the year, if not before. In my experience, big events bring in a lot of fresh people. I don’t know how they find us. But the newbies are often rude and irrational. A lot of that is their own hurt feelings, I guess.

              However, after someone is on here for awhile, I’ve had some excellent discussions, mostly with people with whom I have differences. I figure communicating with someone like me is not going to get ME anywhere. But, yeah, after awhile, the newbies become more civil–or else we beat the crap out of them. 😉

              The trick is to be gentle with newbie jerks until they get it.

  106. the true threats to this country are not addressed by the two headed snake that poses as a political choice in this country.. NOTHING YOU do will get rid of the patriot act.. the free trade (economic sabotage) the war profiteers. neither party will address their real agenda.. what a scam on the public. Our nation is dying.. killed from within by greed corruption and dirty politicians.

  107. If we want to turn this deficit into a surplus, what we need to do is legalize and produce drugs. I’m not some kind of druggie who wants to make it easier to get some dope, I’m a law-abiding citizen who says if alcoholics can work in breweries then potheads can work on a weed farm. That could create millions of jobs. I hear about all these crime empires in China, the Middle East, South America, Mexico, in the U.S. who make billions and billions of dollars. If we legalize and produce drugs, those organizations won’t have a giant income because WE will have that income. WE will be the first country to do this, and then others will follow. We sell first, and by the time drugs are a common good in every country, WE will have sold enough of it to make billions. Am I right?

    • Fulton, how old are you? Your idea about legalizing drugs is so flawed, I don’t even know where to begin. For starters you could read the following article and LEARN what the influx of drugs really does to a country and its citizens!!!! http://www.canada.com/news/Canada+faces+flood+heroin+addicts/3963602/story.html

      Afganistan has the most heroin addicts in the world because they grow and sell 92% of the world’s drug supply. I have to believe that most of Afganistan’s addicts are men, not women because women aren’t worthy of such an indulgance.

      Drug useage destroys lives because it becomes the SINGLE IMPORTANT thing in a user’s life. Users will lie, rob, cheat, steal, sell their bodies and even KILL to get their next fix.

      Wake up Numb Nuts and realize that high school is over and you are in the real world!

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t realize drugs were hurtful… Wake up and smell the roses, Daisy. Alcohol and smoking aren’t exactly good for you, either. They are legal. Speaking of alcohol, did Prohibition stop anyone from having a drink? No. Just like drugs today, crooks profited off the alcohol industry. Milliions of Americans are already on drugs, including our politicians. Legalize them and America might have a few more addicts, but so many more people will be employed I’m sure the profit outweighs the cost.

        • I apologize for being so blunt, Daisy, but as a Canidate said the other night, “it’s math, it’s arithmetic”. Sometimes it is necessary to look at the world from a cold perspective and not see every individual human being for what they are, but as figures on a chart. A percentage. Over %5 of Americans already do drugs. That’s a lot.

          • Just because something is “legal”, doesn’t make it good Locke, especially when done excessively.

            Soda consumption is at an alltime high and guess what, more children and adults have tooth decay; diabetes; and obesity then ever before.

            Cigarettes have over 400 chemicals that produce over 4,000 compounds that adversely effect one’s health. Excessive cigarette smoking and drinking and obesity are ALL DIRECT causes of cancer. Acute Myelogenous Leukemia is one such disease. People often times don’t experience the “effects” of their behaviors until ten, twenty, thirty years later, when the chromosomes can’t repair themselves.

            Go to Youtube and type in “Drugs, Inc. – Heroin” There you will find alot of useful information to see how devastating drug use can be. Narcotics are legal, yet they keep getting into the hands of recreational users. Alot of substances are addicting and therefore self-regulation is impossible to maintain.

            • I don’t disagree that drugs are “bad”. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying there is a lot of money to be made. If changing our deficit to a surplus for decades means changing that %5 to %9, I would do it ih a heartbeat.

            • I am all for legalizing pot and prostitution. I know it sounds crazy, but think about the money the law enforcement community could save if it were legal. Those who want it, like cigarettes and booze, are going to get it, no matter what. I have a free will, and I certainly wouldn’t take drugs, because I know better–legal or not. You’re not going to stop people who want them or people who pay for sex. So why not make it legal, regulate it like alcohol and tax the heck out of it. I don’t give a hoot about 92% of Afghans being addicts, I care about what happens in this country. For that matter, have our pharmaceutical companies enter into business with the Afghan farmers to buy their opium so many of our cancer patients can get more affordable pain medications. That ought to start some nice (and not so nice) discourse.

            • Steele:

              I agree. The United States should be ashamed of being the world’s worst jailer. And it’s all because we are wasting the lives of our citizens because they puffed a little weed.

              First, If we made drugs legal, we could cut WAY back on jails and prisons, since they are mostly filled with drug violators. Huge savings. Then, we could redirect that money toward better education and work programs. And, yes, for recovery programs.

              Second, those people could be put to work, to build, not just be warehoused (at horrible expense). Boom to the economy.

              Third, just THINK of all the money the government could take in if drugs were TAXED like booze. Instead of punishing people, we’d be rebuilding roads and bridges and schools with the windfall we’d see.

            • LOL! I like your thinking! People usually look at me cross-eyed when I propose this as a solution to many of our woes. It goes without saying that it would also cut down a bit on the traffic from South America. Of course there would be black marketing schemes that would still keep the LE community busy, but you’re right, just think of the revenue that could be used to get Americas engines roaring once again.

            • Steele:

              Yeah. I think it’s indisputable that organized crime survives because it offers a service people can’t get elsewhere.

              But I disagree that a serious black market would survive. Pot is a fricken WEED. It grows just about anywhere. If it were legalized, we’d run a greater risk of pushing out tomatoes and cukes in family gardens! The stuff would be practically free, so like alcohol, it would probably be controlled, so the govt gets its cut.

              Legalizing pot would have many added benefits. For one thing, pot is considered a “gateway drug,” but only because we force people to go to the SAME dealers who deal the hard stuff. If you could pick up a nickel bag at the liquor store, you might also pick up some beef jerky and Mountain Dew®, but you wouldn’t be talked into trying just a little cocaine.

              Actually, I am NOT actively advocating the legalization of pot, since I don’t use it–but I do feel that legalizing pot would solved a LOT of our problems. Just like the casinos made illegal betting less attractive.

            • Legalizing drugs would cause enormous problems. What is one of Newton’s law of Physics? “For Every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.” Do any of you Einsteins think about the negative effects that drugs would cause? Why do you think alot of our young people can’t get jobs? Because they test positive on their drug tests and prove too risky for an employer to take on. What do you thinks drugs due to people’s bodies and minds? It easy to not care what happens to other people (if you don’t use, but want to PROFIT off of their weakness). But what does that make you? Cold hearted selfish pigs who are self centered and not “othered center”. I bet NONE of you had to ever care for a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Child or inject a needle in an addict so that they wouldn’t convulse or have a severe reaction if more drug wasn’t given.

              http://heroininfo.org/heroin_signs.html is a site to learn more about the life of an addict and how difficult it is to get them clean.

              Steele, Locke, Goethe (all males, I presume) You probably won’t GET it until someone you love has their lives destroyed by drugs, or you have a child/grandchild born with irreversible birth defects that could have been prevented you heartless pricks.

            • Daisy:

              Seems to me, little lady, if’n yer taking the role of Newton, and yer makin’ us Einstein, well, then, shucks, seems like we’re plenty more advanced than you, I reckon.

            • Daisy:

              OK, now, seriously, my guess is that a lot of people died of wood alcohol poisoning during Prohibition.

              Making something illegal, whether it’s booze, drugs, or abortion, won’t stop if from occurring. It just drives it underground–where nobody can help.

              In addition, by taxing the sale, we could afford programs to help such people–programs we don’t have now, because of lack of money, and because the user is automatically a criminal, not someone who may need help.

              Aside from forcing people to interact with, by definition, criminals, and also aside from the murders committed due to trafficking, doesn’t it occur to you that addicts are here, whether there’s a law or not. AND, doesn’t it occur to you that the serious addicts are not pot smokers, but users of harder drugs–drugs they got from the guy who sold them their pot?

              Separating pot from other drugs, it seems to me, would help solve the problem to which you are referring.

              Sorry for the facetious earlier post, but I’m not accustomed to being called an Einstein and a prick in the same post. . . .

            • You presume wrongly; your arguments are emotional and not factual; and name-calling, insulting and bashing is not constructive contribution. Take your emotions out of it, and ask yourself if you would react the same if we talked about alcohol, which is a much larger, and more hidden problem than pot. Also, if you truly read our discussion, you might find that we’re talking about much larger social issues that might be aided by legalizing and regulating pot–not all drugs. To contribute constructively, you might want to try to walk in the shoes of others, and consider how you would feel if someone called you names for providing your opinions. What if someone called you a name in response to what you just posted? Would that be constructive. I’ll gladly take your counter argument, but I’m more apt to listen if you remain civil and respectful. And yes, I might be selfish and callous, because I don’t give a darn about people in Afghanistan, or the rest of the world. I care about people here in my country, and I care about being able pay for the entitlement programs everyone wants, but is not willing to pay for.

            • Goethe, stay in your make-believe world. Your glasses are muddied and you have had a severe break from reality. I bet a psychiatrist couldn’t put you back together, Mr. Humpty Dumpty.

      • Goethe, abortion would be a good analysis of your proposal. Before it was legalized, women performed abortions on themselves. In my grandmother’s time, a long ladies hair pin would do the trick. Abortions were made “legal” because society demanded that the procedure be done under sanitary conditions, under the watcheful eyes of a trained medical professional. Fast forward it today and what do we have?

        According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), since 1973, roughly 50 million legal induced abortions have been performed in the United States. World wide, there have been over 1,260,000,000 abortions performed. Is that a good thing? I think not. To me, this is the most pressing civil injustice of our time. Not only has it effected our tax/social security system (less workers =less tax revenue), but the long lasting effects it has on women. I have never had an abortion (I came close, but once I got all the info, I declined) and I am glad that I did! I wouldn’t have the beautiful daughter that I have and she is my only child. Other women that have had abortions have life long effects of that choice. Psychological trauma; guilt; shame; and always wondering what their child would have contributed to this world. Abortion clinics do LITTLE if no education, just telling the patient that the meds/gas will make everything easy. They don’t talk about the wretched pain; bleeding and scarring that takes place. Or that fact that it causes fertility to go down. Nope, just hand over the $$$ and get it over with.

        If you want to grow pot, move to California or Colorada and apply for a “license” to sell medicinal marijuana. Your official title would be a “bud tender”.

        • Daisy:

          You are ALL over the map with this. First, you admit that abortions occurred when they were illegal. You admit that it was a horrendous experience, often performed on one’s self.

          You admit that abortion was made legal, not because want abortions, but because we know they will happen, but it’s not quite fair to have well off women take “miscarriage” vacations, while the rest risk injury or death.

          You point out that there have been a lot of abortions, but you don’t point out that the incidence has been CUT IN HALF since Roe.

          Then, you say we need more drones, and unwanted kids make good drones.

          Then you say abortions leave scars, but somehow the “sanitary conditions, watchful eyes, and trained professionals” somehow make the scars worse?

          There seems to be a looking glass involved here.

          • Legitimitizing makes people think that the behavior/practice is normal and acceptable. Abortions are trending down in the US, not because of availabilty, but because of better information and late effects. When birth control became the acceptable way of post-poning or eliminating pregnancies, the effect has changed our modern world. Many women feel that having children is a personal choice and don’t have to include the man in the decision making. With modern medicine, women can even purchase sperm and bypass a man altogether. While I believe in personal choices, I have also seen what “selfish” choices do to a child. A human being is compromised of 50% of genetic material from mother and 50% of genetic material from father. To deny a child a relationship with their birth father (except in the case of adoption)is denying them half of their identity and personhood.

            I have been at many places in the equation. I have been pregnant before I got married; married raising my child, then divorced and raising by child as a single parent for 10 years. From my experience, I can say that children thrive best when both birth parents are involved and are in agreement in how the child is to be raised. The reality is that “ideal” is seldom achieved! Once parents split, the unity disolves; values clash and the child becomes a pawn in an ongoing battle.

      • Goethe, abortion would be a good analysis of your proposal. Before it was legalized, women performed abortions on themselves or with the help from others. In my grandmother’s time, a long ladies hair pin would do the trick. Abortions were made “legal” because society demanded that the procedure be done under sanitary conditions, under the watcheful eyes of a trained medical professional. Fast forward it today and what do we have?

        According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), since 1973, roughly 50 million legal induced abortions have been performed in the United States. World wide, there have been over 1,260,000,000 abortions performed. Is that a good thing? I think not. To me, this is the most pressing civil injustice of our time. Not only has it effected our tax/social security system (less workers =less tax revenue), but the long lasting effects it has on women. I have never had an abortion (I came close, but once I got all the info, I declined) and I am glad that I did! I wouldn’t have the beautiful daughter that I have and she is my only child. Other women that have had abortions have life long effects of that choice. Psychological trauma; guilt; shame; and always wondering what their child would have contributed to this world. Abortion clinics do LITTLE if no education, just telling the patient that the meds/gas will make everything easy. They don’t talk about the wretched pain; bleeding and scarring that takes place. Or that fact that it causes fertility to go down. Nope, just hand over the $$$ and get it over with.

        If you want to grow pot, move to California or Colorada and apply for a “license” to sell medicinal marijuana. Your official title would be a “bud tender”.

        • Goethe Behr and Daisy- I understand what both of you are saying. But Daisy, as far as educating the population on the harm it could do. You hear all your life “don’t do drugs”. “Don’t smoke”. “Don’t drink.” It’s done whether people know the risks or not. I also agree on the point that no matter what happens and how it happens, there will be side affects. Other than that, I won’t repeat the beneficial things on drugs that have already been said. But just imagine if the three biggest things on hear were to happen: welfare is almost nonexistant, drugs are legalized and produced, and abortions are illegal. America might have more people who do drugs, but those people will have jibs. Not only that, but Amerca will have more people. Period. Then welfare… We would be a thriving nation with an economy in excellent shape, plenty of children to help shape this prosperous land, and larger budgets for progrms that matter. That is the kind of world I want to live in.

          • Locke, you said “America might have more people who drugs (if drugs were legalized), but those people will have jobs.” I think that a) you have realized that drug trafficing/drug use is inevitable (even when it is outlawed, therefore we shouldn’t allow it to remain underground, but legalize it and bring it to the surface and allow open use.

            Normalizing/legitimizing always leads to increase consumption. Drugees everywhere will be lining up to get their next fix (whether it be a sterile clinic or backstreet alley). Yes, the drugs offered at a medicial facility will be more pure, (leading to less deaths from reactions of dangerous mixed compounds), but the person is still hooked! Instead of going to jobs, they will be looking to the government to pay for their medicinal weed/narcotics because now they have a medical condition (no fault of their own) and need “ongoing” treatment.

            The other problem that you haven’t thought of is that women are also drug users and they are getting younger every day. A woman is born with all the eggs in her body, unlike men who constantly make new sperm. Mouse studies have shown that when you give female mice fatty, non-nourishing food, their offspring are born with yellow fur (instead of brown fur) and that the baby mice remain obese during their entire lives. Imagine what is happening to the eggs of young females when they ingest drugs? Those drugs not only harm the mother’s body, but the eggs that she is carrying. Have you ever wondered why more kids today have severe psychological problems, are overweight, and have learning difficulties, let alone more incidents of cancer? The reason is the damage that was done to the chromosomes in a female’s eggs. Every cell in your body replaces itself every 3 months, so what you eat, drink, smoke, ingest in your body effects it either positively or negatively.

            • You people want to legalize drugs. Well, the way I see it, that will lead a chain of events. All these countries in Central and South America with giant drug cartels will lose power if drugs are legal, that’s a given. Now, why stop there? Why not ANNEX MEXICO. Make it part of the U.S. either by pen or by sword. No more Mexican aliens. No more border patrol (billions saved). No more drug cartels. With all the drugs there, we could make so much cash. Like someone said before, Afgan makes %92 of our opium. We get in on crack and weed (both natural and not as harmful as meth or ecstasy) and America just made a million jobs per drug. Besides that, America always wants to help these other countries. If we took over Mexico, we would be helping them as well as us.

        • @daisy the thing is that i am pro life from my heart but pro choice as political issue.
          you said youself that you were at a crossroad and you get informed and made a decision that i am sure makes you very happy. then you get to realization of some of your feelings and thoughts and generalized.
          why exactly your path cannot be used as example? maybe some will make what here we both believe to be the wrong decision, but it is just our opinion and their choice.
          nobody prevent you to advocate what you believe, but to deny abortion is probably too much.
          you said you are libertarian, in this philosophy the main property of somebody is his/her own body.
          you are concerd that making it legal will legitimize it. a) church and general opinion have a strong way of promoting one side of the issue. b) in the internet age information is quickly accessible to anybody, but this could be biased or harmful. why not actualy legalize it and promote the “good” way, healty, legal of having an abortion?

          • Greg, what are you trying to ask me? Is English your first language?

            If your asking if I support/believe in abortion, the answer is no! I think making a decision reactively, instead of proactively is heartless and un-necessary given the availabilty of birth control pills, IUD’s, tubal ligation; Depo-Provera injection; vasectomy; etc.) Once a sperm penetrates an egg, life begins. There are folks (staunch Catholics) who don’t believe in any birth control, other than the rythmn method, and they are certainly entitled to their belief. I have considered their reasons, and while they make sense in both theology and biology, it is not practical for most women.

            I think the biggest controversary regarding women’s issues and birth control is that once something becomes law (as in the case of Obamacare mandating that all employers pay for birth control for their employees) and the continual federal funding of Planned Parenthood (which pays for abortions), then there is no going back. Democrats started raising a ruckus about all of this when Sandra Fluke became the poster girl for “women’s rights and staying out of women’s vaginas.”

            BTW, are you a natural born American or an expatriate?

            • i believe i was clear enough. i will try again. you told us your personal story. in your words you said you ve vot to a point ehere you needed to make a decision if you want or not to have a baby. you get informed and decided to have it and now you are happy with your decision. now you advocate, which is fine, but you also oppose to the very choice that you had. why other women cannot have the same choice?

              legalizing will legitimate behavior is what you argue. but church isn’t in fact doing the same thing, meaning to legitimize your desired outcome?

              you can be pro life with your heart, you can advocate but don’t you think that denying the choice you had to other women is too much?

              you declare youself libertarian. i remind you that in this philosophy ones body is regarded as own property.

              i find very hard to see how all these can coherently exist because they are contradictoty. you cannot be libertarian denying the right to chose.

              i didn’t address obamacare at all. i just point out that you made a choice, but now you oppose legislation that in fact gave women more liberty and means to exercise this liberty, which again looks incongruent with your life experience.

              i hope it make sense. for me is a delicate issue and i find it difficult to put it down. much easier hammering on romnry

            • Greg,

              Just because I don’t believe in abortion, doesn’t mean that I don’t allow others to have that choice. I am wise enough to know that once you let the genie out of the bottle (in this case Roe vs Wade), she isn’t going to be let back in. I am not voting for Romney (or the GOP for the matter) based on this one issue, as you seem to think. My biggest concern is our sinking economy and the shredding of the constitution, by a master manipulator who has his intent on becoming the next Secretary-General of the United Nations and to muscle the United States into a one world society.

    • as a mental experiment food for thought, i do not mind to discuss about drugs and prostitution. however i do not think it is of any benefit for these elections. president obama put it quite right, maybe in a different order. i would reorder it having the supreme court issues at top.
      in everything that matters republicans are retrograd. it s like their brain stopped with the cuba missle crisis. the world changed and we are facing many new problems that cannot be addressed with the rudimentary republican culture. the capitalism never was as described and free market with the only exception of hong kong was just a myth. what we have now is no longercthe capitalism we opposed to socialism as two main highways of political doctrine. anybody that is still evaluating the world in these terms is clearly in denial. take a look at china and say this is the china you know it. it isn’t. same goes for russia. maybe republicans suffer for not having the ethernal evil adversary but true be told it’s long gone that reallity.
      where democrats propose social changes and progressive legislations, republicans bring it to medieval times that are no longer real. they create fictions as the world as percepted do not cut to their doctrine anymore. very blunt put it, the republican theory is so rudimentary, so naive and so unfit that it is amazing to me how many americans are still hanged up o a vision of the world that belonged to the grand grandfathers.

      a small example may be the tragedy of commons. in the past such an issue was never discussed seriously. there is a finit set of resources that are exploated by the richest for their bottom line with sisrespect for everything else. in very simple terms they consume more oxigen and it should be only fair to be forced through regulations not to do so and pay higher taxes because of the damages they cause. polution, climate change… this is my air as much as it is your air. with surrogate arguments and billion dollars propaganda brainwash people for their profit and to make it even more insulting they argue that our wellbeing depends of the wealthiest wellbeing.

      it is such a confusion in republican heads… my wellbeing depends of my actions, but in the same time depends of the richest of the world.

      maybe this example is too difficult for some republicans that are denying even physics truths as it is the climate change. republicans are so confused that consider a sect with extravagant visions of the world and religion as being christians. again and again idiots reply to me saying that pope is crazy and vatican is evil and i am idiot that believe in jesus christ and the holy church. republicans! you are confused. mormons are not christians. i suppose if you deny climate change religion is much more easier to manipulate towards your goal.

      again and again it surprises me the very little depth of republicans. i can teach my dog republican doctrine in 10 minutes and trust me that he will bark as strong as any republican leader.

      trickle down economy, tax cuts for the richest, deregulation, some form of darwinism no matter what issue… really, my dog – a beautiful rottweiler – will be more republican than romney and he will pay about the same taxes.

      ludwig von mises was discussing all his life these issues, like prostitution is a free trade… but in all truthness, by his own words, these were just food for mind, exercises to challenge the understanding of liberty and free market. legalizing pot will not resolve constitutional problems as the right to decent healthcare, definition of marriage, abortion. with all do respect i think we shoul discuss these and not pot and prostitution.

  108. Wow!
    After this debate, if I were American I really couldn’t decide for who vote!
    Previous debate I feel that Romney “won” but now we saw a more aggressive Obama.
    Hope that either of them do a good job for the next 4 years not only for the sake of the Americans but for the sake of the rest of the world!

  109. How did Candy fact check the “act of terror” statement? Or did she have the transcript of the speech the President gave in the Rose Garden? She held up a hand full of paper, was that the transcript? If so, why dod she have it, and not “facts” for all the other questions, because she knew the questions in advance.

    • yeah i dont know what that was about, The fact she was the moderator she should not have spoke about the conflict to keep the debate from becoming “bias”.

      • Derrick:

        It would be “biased,” not “bias.” I only bring it up because we seem to have an epidemic.

        Anyway, the REASON she interrupted was because they were going around in circles, so she said, YES, the president said it the next day, and YES, he didn’t fully explain until two weeks later, now let’s move on.

        To consider that some kind of “bias” is just paranoia or hyper-partisanship.

        • She should have kept her mouth shut! Her job was to ask the questions and to keep the speakers from running over on time. Nothing else was required of her!

          • Daisy:

            If you were not so biased, you’d realize that that is EXACTLY what she was trying to do. They were going nowhere, so she said, he’s right that he used the word the next day, and you’re right because it took him two weeks to put it in full perspective, now can we PLEASE move on?!

            What they need is a bell or buzzer, so the audience knows WHEN the candidate goes over time, and they would be shamed into shutting up–and this silliness of blaming the moderator for trying to keep time would be eliminated.

            • I am not going to say that it was a biased statement that she made, however, she did not have to say anything other than just say “Let’s move on.” She did that many other times throughout the debate to keep it going by stating that many people have questions she wants to get to. So why on this subject did she give an opinion? Just an opinion that she might have crossed the line and probably shouldn’t have stated what she said.

            • Candy was absolutely biased – she selected & previewed the questions, said she was going to take the right to interrupt, knew the WH statement and as do all MSM take it out of context to side with BO and then apologize the next day for taking it out of context. Every question was designed to put BO in a aggressive light and MR in a defensive light.

            • Sam:

              What BS. If she were biased, she wouldn’t have hit Obama with the Libya question. wouldn’t have had the gas price question, and wouldn’t have had the kid ask “what have you done to earn my vote”?

              Romney’s people LOVE portraying themselves as VICTIMS. If he screws up, oh, it must be the media’s fault! It must be the moderator’s fault! It must be the polls fault–until they get a positive poll, then they change their tune.

              And of course, it’s all because Romney is always playing the poor little VICTIM, and he’s the one who keeps changing HIS tune.

            • Again MR Behr – The MSM (except FOX in the last few years) has been Liberal biased since JFK was a candidate. But you are blinded by Liberal’s lights so I wouldn’t expect any different from you. BTW Candy chose the questions and had all info on them, why would she cut Romney off with incorrect info and then apologize the next day. Had Libya happened on a GOP watch, Congress would already impeached him. Same with the Constitutional violations BO is guilty of. Romney recent quotes from Al Smith’s dinner that both BO & MR were at: “I can already see the headlines today! Obama dines with Catholics! Romney dines with rich people.” & “I never suggest that the press is biased. I recognize that they have their job to do, and I have my job to do. My job is to lay out a positive vision for the future of the country, and their job is to make sure no one else finds out about it…..”

            • Sam: Do you know WHY you think the media are liberally (not liberal) biased since JFK? Because the warmongers fed Spiro Agnew the propaganda line right after that, and it’s been beat like a cheap drum since then. Why? Because there is no way to disprove it, and as much as the media bend over backward to try to prove otherwise, it’s like the old “when did you stop beating your wife?” question. The very question assumes the worst.

              “Liberal” means interested in others. And since the media try to report on foreign countries, Agnew et al made the argument that they must HATE America because they believe that other countries have their own interests. I used to read ATLAS/Word Press Review, which printed VERBATIM articles from newspapers around the world (translated to English, of course).

              I was struck by two things: First, that the foreign press is SO knowledgeable about us that they even spoke of INDIVIDUAL STREETS in our country. BUT, second, I found that 90% of their papers were about THEIR relationships with the 94% of the world that is NOT us. We are SIX percent of the world’s population, yet we think EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, is ALWAYS shouting either “USA-USA-USA!!! or “Death to America!” In truth, the rest of the world is mostly interested in things like why the garbage truck is a day late?

              As for MSM, I don’t have television, so nope, that can’t be the cause of the horrible perversion you see in me. And I can’t really be blinded, or I couldn’t be writing this, silly.

              Regarding Candy, she didn’t “cut Romney off,” she cut them BOTH off, because they were just bickering at that point–and it was because they had gone overtime. You could tell by the clocks we often saw, which went down to zero, and she let BOTH go WAY over. What we need is a BELL or BUZZER, so the CANDIDATE will look like a fool for going over, instead of “blaming the messenger” who over and over and over had to say, “let’s move on.”

              AND, she didn’t “apologize the next day.” She pointed out that she said Obama WAS right–because he DID say “terrorist” the next day–and Romney WAS right–because Obama didn’t fully explain for two weeks (waiting for full information–not known for shooting his mouth off before he even knows what’s going on, you know, you know?). AND she did not “apologize” for separating the children. She just clarified that they were both right, were getting nowhere, and it was time to move on.

              As for picking the questions, if they were biased, you can bet your sweet tushy that she wouldn’t have chosen the Libya question–which, admittedly, there was no good answer Obama could possibly give. Likewise, she wouldn’t have chosen the question on gas prices. From my perspective, YOU are the one who is blinded by the propaganda at Fox, which is unconscionable, from what I used to see, and from what I now see in snippets online.

            • you see what i mean? even if solid proved facts are against the mormon republicans are in denying. the great mormon in his bright judgement opened alone this can of worms. he failed in his own trap as a great white mormon leader hunter of the freecworld with his extraordinary intelligence spirit of observation and love for the people…

              PLEASE PROCEED…

              and the BIDING FULL OF WOMEN was chanting… great romney, great leader, great capitalist person! ura! ura!

              PLEASE PROCEED…

    • Bingo Myra! It was another dirty Chicago style politics’ trick!

      No doubt she was “approached” by the POTUS or his handlers and offered a sweet deal. Run interference, throw Mitt off his game and you will get exclusive rights and press privileges.

      Back Peddling might have caused Candy Crowley her pride, but her pocketbook got a whole lot fatter!

      The Benghazi debacle is going to unravel based on the following info:

      June 6, 2012 is when the American Embassy in Benghazi Egypt got hit with a rocket launcher and blew a whole through the wall so wide that 40 people could walk through it!

      Last week of June: British Consulate and the International Red Cross pulled out of Egypt, leaving the American Embassy as the only “Western government target” remaining.

      Early July: “Sam Bacile” uploads a 11 minute excerpt of his movie “The Innocence of Muslims” onto You-tube.

      Sept. 9, 2012, A 2 minute Dubbing of “The Innocence of Muslims” was aired on a Egyptian Extremist television station.

      Sept. 11, 2012 4 Americans were killed at the American Embassy in Benghazi with numerous of other copy cat terrorist acts errupting in other Muslim cities/countries.

      For two weeks, the Obama administration would not confirm that the Benghazi killings was a terrorist attack, but maintained and perpetrated that it was the direct result of the You-tube video.

      Sam Bacille aka ” Nakoula Basseley Nakoula” is arrested by an order of a Federal judge for the violation of his parole. He had been convicted of selling Meth and mail fraud and as a condition of his parole, was not allowed to be using the internet, without his parole officer’s permission.

      • daisy, binding full of woman, don’t be such a sore loser. nobody invited your mormon in this “chicago trick” as you name it. his bright inteligence lead it as a great leader what it is into being plain idiot. now you cannot change facts just because you don’t like it. mormon was a moron by himself. if it helps, he was a pathetic candidate from the very beginning when he was the rebublicans third choice as you probably know it. i remember you: not even your beloved fox news support it in the beginning. so what do you expect from a leftover?

        please proceed…

        it must feel well to be refered to by your shitty candidate as a BINDING FULL OF WOMEN.

        republicans dig the grave with bush now they want to push us in the grave with romney. and the future of the party is ryan! massacrated by biden, proved what he/it is: nobody/nothing.

        • Greg:

          You need to back off.

          I think Romney is a despicable person of questionable character, but try to tone down the language and rant and try to provide some links if you’re going to make a charge against him.

          We really shouldn’t have to get emotional to beat THIS guy.

        • Greg:

          And as a correction, it’s “BINDERS full of women, referring to the binders that women’s rights group, MassGAP, developed before the election and Romney claimed was HIS idea, and he supposedly made a big deal about, even though it was handed TO him before he might have asked.

          L:kewise, Biden “massacred” Ryan. “Massacrated” sounds like something Palin would come up with.

          And, finally, try to forget Bush. On the one hand, Romney’s people have pretty much made him an “unperson,” the way the Soviets made an “unperson” of Nikita Kruchev. But more importantly, Bush was duped by the guys (like Rove) who are STILL calling the shots.

          They made Bush the scape goat and sent him off into the wilderness–in the way Daisy claims Obama turned on Rev. Wright. I’m not defending Bush OR Wright. They are both just totally irrelevant this year. Let ’em go.

          • sure, thx for corrections and suggestions. it will be hard to forget bush as he did so much harm, but i get your point.
            i did provided links on 1st debate but have no computer and hard to do it from mobile pho e. but well received this suggestion ascwell.
            in any case this is a public forum not an academic paper, picking on spelling snd grammar it’s nonsense. i

            • …but you’ve got to stop with the binders of women. It’s getting old and really detracts from everything else you have to say.

            • Greg:

              I used to teach English, and I told my students that the MAIN thing was to communicate. HOWEVER, the higher classes are more precise in their grammar and spelling, so if you want to “pass,” and maybe eventually be accepted by them, you need to sound like them.

              Or in this case, proper spelling and grammar suggests intelligence, so it gives added weight to your writing–just like we assume someone with a British accent must be smart.

          • true. in my defense i am after 12h of work + transit and on a mobile phone because i believe it is my civic duty to support the president. it is a better excuse than “blind trust” when it come to romndys wrongdoings, isn’t it?

            it was instru tive as i didn’t know some particulars you put down. also fun, @Steele was kind to explain me that in fact president has nothing to do with killing osama as it is up to the soldiers to follow or refuse illegal orders and in this case they did good by themselves alone. in any case now i learned that the president has no saying in carrying out millitary operations. with this in mind i go to sleep.


            • Oh goodness, you’re tired, and you should go to sleep to approach things with freshness in the morning. If you care to, read the responses again the, perhaps they will appear clearer to you. I wish you a good night.

        • Greg, do you have an orginal thought of your own? All you seem to do is spew out television sound bites to make your points, but fail to back up any of your assertions with facts or logic.

          “Binding Full of Women”? Do you mean “Binders full of women”? Do you know even what that statement was in reference to? It is really silly when you know. When Mitt was governor (six years ago) he wanted to look at the applicants for his cabinet appointed positions. All that he had were men’s, so he said “Bring me the Binders full of women.” People’s applications/work histories were kept in binders. Alot of government workers loose their jobs when the incumbent leaves and when they are replaced by the newly elected candidates’ appointed people. The interesting thing is that this comment hasn’t hurt Romney, but has helped him. Many women who were once in the “binders”, served in his cabinet, have come forth, singing his praises!

          Don’t be swayed by political ads Greg……they are ALL design (Republican ads too) to either scare you into a choice or convince you that Christmas is coming, if you vote for the candidate that the ad is endorsing!!!!

          • Daisy:

            MALARKEY! That “Binders full of Women” lie was caught right away. A women’s group put together the “Binders of Women” BEFORE the election, and they took it TO HIM.

            The idea that he got into office and said, “OH, MY, WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH WOMEN!!!” Just shows that the guy does not even know the difference between “what will help him” and a lie. They went to HIM and they nailed him to the wall over it.

            At least I will agree with your final comment:
            don’t be swayed by political ads.
            My guess is that there will be a LOT more Willard ads from here on out, cuz Karl Rove and all those folks have more money than God.

        • Greg, I am beginning to believe you’re not even American. Your language is much too rudimentary and crude and your arguments aren’t really based in fact. Perhaps you’re working for a foreign government to interject insults and incite riot?

          • i am precisely that. or maybe i am on a mobile phone and tired from work. either way my thoughts are the same.
            i do not have an original political thought. neither do you. the pot extravaganza i suppose it doesn’t count and it is not original anyway. so you cast the stone: what is your original thought?
            i guess binders full of women is an original thought.
            @steele you served but you minimize the role of commander. soldiers follow orders. we are not idiots, we know seals put the trigger, but the burden of command was always on president obama’s shoulders. when you say obama just “spike the ball” you minimize with bad intention the role of the president. he gave the order. soldiers followed the order. consequences were all on obama.
            so when you acuse me of not being american you should at least reevaluatev things that should be familiar like chain of command and who did what. obama gave the order, soldiers execute it. unless something changed in the army and navy seals go by themselves in foreign hostile countries.

            Binders full of women, my bad. i guess it sounds as despicable as possible. certainly not being an american woman i do not find this offensive. instead greg spelling is a big election issue especially when our republican friends ended the ammunition.

            just to remind daisy a few unoriginal questions left unanswered.

            outsourcing jobs in romneys life – a pioneer
            not creating jobs in his activities
            not paying taxes for money kept offshore
            not giving any specifics a out the mystical 5pts plan

            also some of the good answers to other questions

            he was young this is why not served the country
            only poor (good enough you didn’t say stupid) serve the country
            he don’t have to pay taxes because he donates to charity

            obama is muslim
            obama is not american
            obama just spike the ball it is bush who make it happen

            so can we pick it in a civil way from here?

            • Greg – you are correct, CinC has final responsibility, after much deliberation with Civ & Mil to pull the trigger, that applies to POTUS as well. Goethe is almost right, POTUS and CinC are two separate entities within the same man and Congress has the responsibility to supposedly keep him honest and the last six years of congress have not done a good job. But there were years, before This CinC pulled the trigger on the last Osama Op, that led up to it. Intelligence from many many sources were involved and instead of being a narcissist, he should have given due to everyone else before himself and “we” should have been the pronoun not “I”. Good leaders never have to praise themselves because their subordinates will do it for them.

  110. First and all, I believe both parties are at fault. Now, what am I trying to say with this, in order for a law to be pass the republicans need to suppor Obama’s view. They do not do so because they fear if Obama is succesful the young generation between 18 to 21 will vote Democrate from then on. The same happen with Theodore Roosevelt. Now Obama is also at fault because he does not take any risks. The budget he receives from Congress allos him to make moves without asking permission to the other branches, ofcourse there are restrictions. But the man is too afraid in losing the budget he has. I do not know if he is waiting for a specific moment but I believe he is taking too long to make some action.

  111. Romney’s last statement was telling. He takes pride in getting 100% of the people in the state of Massachusetts insured, but take the position that we should not focus on getting all Americans insured. What the hell is that. What a hypocrite.

  112. If there is going to be any kind of buisness open on the streets in america it should be one that will help us americans. A buisness we will benefit from. Like for example gas stations, food stores, laundry mats, cell phone services. Health care offices. Buinesses that people are going to be comming to everyday. Those buisness should have non stop customers and should be making enough money to support there own company and pay there taxes and should live comfortably. If romney wants to go cutting all these taxes for all the small buisnesses so they can afford there company well then maybe there companies arent worth having and they should think of a new company that will excell. Like for example someone in my family is running a buiness for trading cards and having computers for online gaming and cant afford there taxes to keep it open. how many people are really going to be wanting to play games in there store and trade cards and buy soda really? maybe you should invest in something that will benefit all of us. If you did you would make more and be able to pay the bills. make more space available for those who have better companies that will excel. My husband works for the state and gets money taken out of his paychecks to go towards paying for those dont have a job. we dont mind since we are lucky to even have a job and to make enough to get us by. we can sit around and be selfish and hate on those who arent working but we dont. my kids are going to grow up and go to school someday with every other kid on the street. I want to make sure those other kids get the help they need and that there parents are getting the help they need so they can be comfortable enough and not go robbing me physically or taking out there finical frustration on my kid at school. if you work you help make sense to me. romney is saying for us to depend on our parents and if we cant we are supposed to depend on other citizens. its what we do now but he wants us to go up to them and beg and expect them to take money out of there pockets and hand it over. we all know that isnt going to happen so yeah take it out of our paychecks. let them get some money that way rather than showing up at my door step with a gun to my family heading asking for it physically. Whats the problem with the rich you make enough to pay your bills and feed your family and buy fancy stuff why is it such a big deal to give away some of your money if you make enough to do so. I read articles about big companys and there owners who have the biggest house in america saying if obama wins hes going to have to fire his workers and probably shut down his company. really?! what are you doing with all of your money that you cant afford to help out other or keep your buisness intact? if you do fire all of your works than atleast they will still get the help they need to survive. Then maybe after your company shuts down you can come up with a better one you can afford and that will stay in buisness because its actually worth having and helping grow the economy. Obama might not have made some good decisions but in my household things havent changed negatively actually we can now afford to get a place of our owns alot of my young friends are buying there own homes. not living under there parents roofs anymore which i thought would never change. Things to seem to get better and i feel if romney wins i will feel a affect in my household the day he would become president. In the last debate he said he would rather have the mother of a child have a choice to put her money towards the school of her choice wether public or private not have no choices like obama. not exact words but close enough. obama wants to help all the public schools and i agree that sounds like a better plan. If the public schools were safe enough and have better teachers and smaller classes than why wouldnt a parent choose it? most def if its free! people are willing to pay out of pocket for private schools because the public schools are horrible. I grew up in miami and westpalm went to horrible schools had a math teacher who only spoke spanish had security guards and metal detectors because it was a graded a D school. Honestly aftering hearing a little boy in elementary brought a gun to school in his backpack sat it down on the desk and it ended up going off and killing the girl next to him, no matter what grade the schoo is that security is taken more seriously in all public schools even elementary! I dont want to have to worry about my kid in school and having that happen and no matter how much lower private schools are going to cost if romney wins i still wont be able to spend money on that and my kid will have to go to the school thats free and i will have to live in fear everytime i drop him off. regulations need to be more strict with public schools maybe metal detectors at all the main entrances and gaurds at all other entrances not allwoing kids to enter back in that way. if thats what it takes to make my family feel safe so be it. kids shouldnt have anything else in there backpacks besides educational stuff anyways so i dont see why anyone would disagree with it. wether its an A school or a D school. In the end of this debate the last question that was asked. hes the one who is always attacking rather than talking about his actual plans. damnit i did have alot more i typed and went to submit but forgot to enter my email above and erased it so this is it from here.

  113. Directly to the Management of “2012 Election Central” – why do you continue, time after time, every four years, to set up the debates so that the Democratic candidate and Moderator are together and against the Republican candidate. It so obvious even to moderate liberals who have open eyes. Fire Bob Schieffer (Host of Face the Nation on CBS) now and substitute a foreign relations expert from FOX. Next election (if BO wins we won’t have anymore elections) put in Moderators who are not MSM and who can referee totally independent.

      • You got me there – I Record it, but have never been able to sit and watch live a complete debate. I get bit and pieces, read reviews and re-watch segments, but I am always infuriated. I watched the first live debate in ’60 home on leave but don’t remember if it was tilted towards JFK –

  114. In my opinion ,Romney as no plan.’Binders of women”? Are you serious?Women are breadwinner for their family and this country we love.The people that vote 4 years ago should remember why they had voted and the condition of the economy when obama took office.I think this economy is making progress.We all need to be patient,Bush had wrecked this country,its impossible to fix all and clean up this economy in 4yrs.Good JoB Obama.Romney,what plan?

    • You show your ignorance with the binders comment. Actually research the facts on the economy before you spew your uninformed opinion. Do you go to the grocery store and shop for food? Do you ever pay a utility bill? Take off the rose colored glasses, and get an education.

      • Lol.Romney h as you fooled.Talk is cheap.It takes an ignorant being to another ignorant being..fyi we all have to buy groceries and pay our electricity whats is your point? There is alot of mess that still need to clean up,and we all have to suffer because the Bush adminstration ruin the economy.wake up and smell the Rose Garden..and stop being a dumbo…

    • Sorry to Disappoint you Tricia, but the Democratic Congress starting in 2006 started the real train wreck and Barney Frank was the engineer. And Frank actually started down that path during the Clinton Administration.

        • DT you are right but Frank and Cronies started during Clinton era to relax Fannie and Freddie and reduce qualifying ratios and “junk” bonds started becoming real junk bonds

          • Sam

            What about the CRA under Jimmy Carter? What about Clinton expanding the CRA in 1995? Then, what about the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (all Republicans) which repealed the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933 which started the inflating of the Housing Bubble which burst in 2008? What about George Bush SUPPORTING “Affordable Housing”?


            Bottom line is that the Democraps and the Repukes have DESTROYED this Country to the point where we can NEVER Recover! It’s not mathematically possible.

            • DT – I don’t think CRA’s or Housing affordable has nearly as much impact on the bubble as Frank did in encouraging sub-primes. The upfront buydown $$ rolled into the loans for low credit scores and high ratios and lower interest rates is what really created the subprime market and finally the burst. Bush complained, starting in ’03, several times to put some binders on Fannie and Freddie as they were allowing to many sub-primes. mortgage companies were buying Subprimes and selling the service immediately and those being resold. Ratios got as high as 55% and creit scores as low as 475. Bush encouraged none of this.

            • Sam

              I guess you didn’t watch the video. Not only did Repuke George Bush “encourage” it – he “directed” Congress and the GSE’s ,Fannie and Freddie, to “dole-out” $440 BILLION in “taxpayer” money for mortgages by eliminating the down payment barriers through the “American Dream Down Payment Fund” for low income folks. Thus, people had no skin in the game. He also wanted the “fine print” on mortgage applications, “changed and streamlined” to encourage Banks to bring down their standards. Yes. Barney Frank was instrumental in protecting Fannie and Freddie from Regulators, but Bush got the whole increase of sub-prime mortgages moving down the income ladder through his Polices of Affordable Home Loan Sub-Prime Mortgages.

              Bush was partly to blame, but probably the WORST POLICY ever was put forth by one of our WORST PRESIDENTS ever – Democrap Bill Clinton. He, in 1995, created the CRA mandate which told banks to lend to these low income buyers of homes. How do they do that? Moving down the income ladder. Thus, this expansion of the CRA mandate caused sub-prime loans to Explode! GREEDY Banks saw an OPPORTUNITY! So, they lobbied Congress to repeal Glass-Steagall and replace it with Gramm-Leach-Bliley. After all, the Government will “guarantee” these loans if these mortgages go south. So, what happened? Prices of homes began to rise becoming unhinged from inflation. People were treating their home like a piggy-bank, buying everything and anything. Then, gas prices rose squeezing low income paychecks. People stopped paying their mortgages and then banks stopped lending. Why? Because foreclosures started piling up, thus freezing credit and bursting the bubble.

              The Moral of the Story is that when Government, whether Repukes or Democraps, “stick-their-noses” into the Market Place to “make-things-better”, BAD THINGS HAPPEN. Why? Because their “end-game” is that they are ALWAYS doing it for VOTES – NEVER looking at the “what ifs”. Generally, Politicians are just Unqualified people pretending to Economically Smart.

    • Tricia -Back in the day binders is what we used for compilations of data to sift through, Personnel, products, customer profiles, etc. we do the same thing now only they go into word docs in a hard drive folder and then compare traits and skills in Excel. Wake up and quit watching MSM and slanderous campaign ads.

  115. Amazing that the people have been bamboozled into thinking that either Barack or Mitt are a solution — when both are AGAINST these principles upon which our Nation was built!

    PRINCIPLES we must stand by!!!

    “A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have….” Thomas Jefferson

    “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

    “When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered.” DOROTHY THOMPSON

    “Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will.” FREDERICK DOUGLAS

    “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.” —Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution (Philadelphia 1787).

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” EDMUND BURKE

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ABRAHAM LINCOLN

    Voting for either would be legitimizing the further corruption that seems to have no end!

    VOTE for Garry Johnson — or face the dire consequences of failing to do so — TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • @Surfisher – Your heart maybe in the right place, but not sure where your head is!! I don’t know whether you are a BO believer or a MR believer, but trust me it will be one of those two that will sit in the Oval office next year. MR is a lot closer to a Libertarian than BO, But a vote for GJ is a vote for BO, let your conscience be your guide. It you want to be a real supporter, start NOW to build a strong Libertarian party for the next election (assuming there is one). You can put the Dems in the grave and take a lot of conservatives and TeaParty into your party – just convince them the 1st Amendment is the 1st Amendment and only Natures Creator can take away Women’s abortion choice and Gays decided before they came to this plane their choice and lesson. No religion has the right to infringe on our inalienable rights. PS Socialist Sunni Muslim or Capitalistic Mormon Christian!!

      • I would have wrote-in Ron Paul, had I not been informed from “those in-the-know” that all write-in ballots would be screened and any with Ron Paul’s name would then be destroyed (as “unable to read write-in name” thus Invalid)!

        We’ll be voting for Gary Johnson — a vote that may actually get counted.

        Voting for Barack Romney or Mitt Obama — is like choosing by which train you want our Nation to be destroyed…a bullet train or a freight train…?!

        • That is our Constitutional Right, we fought and served to ensure that freedom. You should vote for GJ. Just know if BO wins because Libertarians took popular vote from MR and BO captures the Electoral votes. The USA is finished and we will be USSA singled party control and USA will cease to exist.

          • Sam Reusser —

            Have the American People been reduced again to vote for the “lesser of two evils” — are there no other options?

            My conscience cannot allow me to vote for the “lesser of two evils”, because, that means that an Evil will still get elected!

            1) The Barack is the evil we know — a Socialist minded professional politician that will have most of its venomous teeth pulled out when republicans win more seats this election. Thus, it will lack the ability to do much more damage than it’s done already. If the Barack is “elected” it will end its last term in a whimper.

            2) The Mitt — the evil we don’t know…yet. But all indicators are that it is supported by the Central Banks. And that it supports Israel unquestionably to the detriment of our own national security (will start more unconstitutional wars to protect Israel, not the USA).

            Should the Mitt win, we may be in bigger trouble — since it assured itself of no competition for the next republican nomination (see the false vote it made the GOP do on his behalf): http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=77W5OKStO5s


            So, unless we vote for Gary Johnson — who wants to restore Liberty and Prosperity, what would you get instead:

            Final four years of ‘toothless’ BO — or 8 more years of the Mitt (with the possibility it has groomed its spawn — 5 Mormon Sons — to keep the dynasty going) for many decades to come…?!

    • Have the American People been reduced again to vote for the “lesser of two evils” — are there no other options?

      My conscience cannot allow me to vote for the “lesser of two evils”, because, that means that an Evil will still get elected!

      1) The Barack is the evil we know — a Socialist minded professional politician that will have most of its venomous teeth pulled out when republicans win more seats this election. Thus, it will lack the ability to do much more damage than it’s done already. If the Barack is “elected” it will end its last term in a whimper.

      2) The Mitt — the evil we don’t know…yet. But all indicators are that it is supported by the Central Banks. And that it supports Israel unquestionably to the detriment of our own national security (will start more unconstitutional wars to protect Israel, not the USA).

      Should the Mitt win, we may be in bigger trouble — since it assured itself of no competition for the next republican nomination (see the false vote it made the GOP do on its behalf — THE TELEPROMPTER “KNEW” IN ADVANCE HOW THE VOTE WILL GO…SHAME, SHAME SHAME on the Mitt creature):



      So, unless we vote for Gary Johnson — who wants to restore Liberty and Prosperity, what would you get instead:

      Final four years of ‘toothless’ BO — or 8 more years of the Mitt (with the possibility it has groomed its spawn — 5 Mormon Sons — to keep the dynasty going) for many decades to come…?!

      • @Surfisher – I’m inclined to believe you watch mainly MSM and read similar rags only.MR’s controlling the RNC was taking control because Romney or Cain were the only two viable competitors for the GOP & Cain got shot early on. I think you probably haven’t seen 2016. Straightforward BO will use his E.O.s to achieve what Congress or the SCOTUS won’t give him – no one in either branch has yet to veto his un-Constitutional EOs. He is set up right now to declare martial law and doesn’t have to ask anyone. BO has worn an Islam ring on marriage finger for over 30 years & leans in the Sunni direction, does not like America and wants to downgrade us and pull our teeth and make us subservient to the UN. MR is a somewhat ruthless man in business who is also a finance wizard, has exceptional CEO skills, make stands and decisions, wants to downsize government and build a superior DOD. R/R won’t screw with Medicare / Social Security for anyone 55 and older. He loves America. He is a devout Mormon Christian, with a huge generosity to donate. Your vote for Johnson helps to insure BO is elected and believe you me – the “more Flexibility” he told Russia will transform the US into something no loyal American wants to see happen. HE WILL NOT BE TOOTHLESS, but you and I will be toothless in two years if BO stays in office.

          • Goethe you are correct, i don’t know Surfisher. I’m sure he is very politically wise and an obvious Libertarian. I am an independent and new to this comment blog, so i probably let my alligator mouth overload my Canary butt. When measured politically, i come out as a strong Libertarian with a little conservative bent. And when no one else was going to vet BO and the right did, it was amazing to find out his past and true goals for America. I would love to have a true Libertarian candidate surface starting now and put Dems and GOP in history books only – but not gonna happen in 2012 so who ever is best to take BO is who i’m backing.

            • Sam Reusser — in few words.

              Obama is an abomination that will take us into ruination….

              Romney is ruination that will end in abomination….

              So, I choose neither.

            • @surfisher – I’m not into fighting windmills – there are only two possible choices – The fact that one of choices does not like America, intends to downgrade us, denigrate DOD, and make us subservient to the UN – leaves me only one choice and the more i research and read his background i better i feel about voting for him

            • Sam:

              What BS. Obama’s military spending for his four years is going to be TWICE Bush’s. (Average $450 billion versus $900 billion.)

              And just because he doesn’t run around spitting in other leaders’ faces is actually a good thing, I think.

              As for Willard, he offended people in every country he visited during his trip abroad. Is that really what we want to go back to?

            • Mr Behr – I have to assume you’ve been around one or more blocks and this isn’t your first rodeo – I really think you should honestly vet both candidates completely through multiple sources of research. And BTW In his own words BO has said that he is rifting 110,000 military and decreasing DOD spending by $500M. It also takes a lot more $$ to fight two wars for a almost 2 years. And then bring 30K troops home and move the other 100K troops to Afghanistan from Iraq. The only foreign leaders MR has pissed off are mid-east and Russia, and they are not nor will ever be our allies.

            • Sam:

              Yep. I’ve been around the whole damned CITY a bunch o’ times, and yep, I’ve gone through a bunch o’ rodeos, but they often seem more like circuses.

              So when you say Obama wants to cut $500M from the military budget, I know that that’s a small part of a $900,000M budget.

              And while I agree with you that it will cost some money to END two foreign wars, it should be less than FIGHTING those foreign wars, and anyway, does this ZERO-POINT-ZERO-ZERO-ZERO-56 (0.00056) cut really make a difference?

              Willard says that Russia is America’s greatest threat. Well, aside from being a just plain stupid thing to say, it shows that the guy has his head in the last century.

              The real risk we face is small groups of nutcases. You don’t REALLY foresee a large military campaign against Russia, China, India, or the European Union, right? What we need to do is streamline and be ready for THIS century’s threats.

              And, no, you’re forgetting that he made a fool of himself in Britain and Poland.

              The guy’s ENTIRE governmental “experience” is ONE purchased term as governor of a tiny liberal state, in which he admits that he mostly just signed bills passed by the 87% liberal legislature. And he’s been unemployed for five years. Oh, yeah, Willard fills me with GOBS of confidence that he won’t make us the international laughing stock. . .

            • Goethe – I am not a debater, never have been. But I too have down the path aways. At 30 years military (some of it part time) with a few overseas, and over 40 years in high tech business, I concede you are more learned than I am. So I’ll leave it at my intuition. BO has shown me that he hates America and want wants to make us a third world country whereas MR, with all his moles, boils, sores, and many misplaced ideas, loves America. So, I’m for the dude who feels the same way i do about America.

            • Gut feelings are usually the best feelings. Only, we tend to second-guess ourselves. Kudos to you for taking a stand!

            • Steele – I’ve been on the email notice list for a few days now and have gotten somewhere around 200 emails around this particular blog. I don’t know who you are, what core beliefs you have, who you’ll vote for, but I respect what you have said.

            • Sam: As much as we complain about lack of rational reasons, I agree that we should and MUST vote for who feels right.

              I’ve been watching conventions since 1956. I liked Ike. I loved Jack Kennedy. I respected Goldwater. I didn’t like Nixon OR Humphrey (who was just LBJ’s beeyitch). I liked McGovern’s innocence, but knew he had no chance. Ford was just like Joe Biden, so I took a chance on the peanut farmer. Didn’t trust Reagan, but nobody ran against him. I liked Poppy Bush, he was a statesman. I didn’t like Bubba as much as Billy did, but Dole was just pathetic. Gore and W and Kerry were all pathetic. And that brings us up to date.

              I believe that Obaba loves and is proud of America, even though he didn’t think an adult male had to wear flag jewelry to “prove” it. I did not like that we committed ourselves to Afghanistan long-term, and are throwing drones at anything that moves. I like Obama’s reserved, thoughtful approach.

              Meanwhile, we have Willard, who keeps threatening everybody and says out-loud that he wants to attack Syria and threatens Iran with empty words, and he shoots from the hip without thinking, much less waiting for facts.

              Sorry, but while I am “disappointed” in Obama, I am disgusted to the point of nauseousness by Willard–especially for what he did to Ron Paul, and even what he did to Newt and others–but particularly what he did to American businessmen, their dreams, and their families.

            • Goethe – have you ever heard, “it’s just politics!”? You are correct that freezing out Ron Paul was just plain nasty. But I firmly believe that “The Party” felt that the only person possible to take BO was MR – so that’s how it went down. And if I didn’t totally despise or not trust BO, i would be closer aligned with you. Which is why I have harped on starting Nov 7th and building a campaign outside of Dems and GOP.

            • That’s one of the reasons my argument as been that we need a viable third party to break the cycle and the gridlock. I am working toward that end in my state for 2014 and 2016. It’s difficult to break the “chose the lesser of two evils” cycle, but we’ve got to try. So no matter what, if you’re for a third option and would rather an independent, reform, libertarian, constitutionalist, or other party become a force to be reckoned with by those in power who feel so secure within the two-party system, then you have to start now. You can’t just gripe, you have to do something, then at least you’ve earned the right to gripe.

            • Sam:

              I agree. This year, up to 42% said they did NOT want the two parties. But you’re right. It will take a couple of years to get organized.

              For one thing, it may take a lawsuit to open up the debates to a third candidate. The commission is a devil’s agreement between the Republicans and Democrats to lock out everyone else.

            • Sam Reusser —

              DOD — meaning Department of Offense…?

              Is Rmoney pledging to have his 5 sons go and fight on the front lines, in the wars he intends to start?

              Voting for the “lesser” of two evils still gets you evil.

              It’s your deluded pragmatism that is destroying our Nation — for if All Americans voted their conscience, such subhumans would never be elected!

            • Surfisher:

              Of course not. Willard has actually said that his boys are not in Afghanistan because they are “fighting for America” in an air conditioned bus, touring this country.

              Remember that Chicken Hawk Willard, who seems to want to send troops to every country in the world, including Syria, Iran, and Bogmatov. (There is no “Bogmatov,” but he doesn’t know that.) Also remember when the Chicken Hawk was draft age, and after they ended college deferments, he became a “minister” who was then “fighting” in France. . . . OO-oo-la-la!

    • Butcher takes down sick animals but keeps the strong good looking ones out front to make money. And unfortunately BO wants to butcher the good in America leaving only the bad and turn the cripples over to the UN. That the Gorilla in the room no one wants to talk about. MR maybe business ruthless but stands the best chance of getting us back on our feet and strong and the eagle will scream again like when JFK took over from Eisenhower and Reagan took over from Carter.

      • Sam

        Really? What do we do about all Suffering and Riots which the Romney/Ryan “austerity” will bring about? Yes. The Rich and Wall Street won’t feel it, so they’ll be just fine. But what do we do when the austerity is implemented? We already know that the Rich, Wall Street and the Banks WANT austerity – and they are betting their money on Romney by contributing their Campaign Bribes.

        Oh. I forgot. The Democraps and Repukes passed laws like the NDAA and the Anti-Trespass Bill to keep the people down. Not to mention all those FEMA Camps. Good thing MR supports BO on these things. Right?

        • DT – i don’t believe for a minute that R/R will immediately create austerity. what i believe is he will roll illegals of the books, put stronger rules on food stamps and make non-whites go by the same rules as whites do for approval. And he will bring BIG money back into America as we stabilize and take a stand. I’m sorry but i don’t know what NDAA and anti-Trespass bills are. He is a 2nd amendment supporter and the “make my day” supporter. The rich only want austerity in government not in “We the People”. That lib trash talking about any other party.

          • Sam

            NO WAY will big money come back into America; that is until the Income Tax is abolished. If that were to happen, the United States would see economic prosperity like it had never seen before. But it won’t happen. The Banksters, who control this country and the money, won’t allow it.

  116. Waaaay too much time and energy on this. Dig really deep inside yourself and choose the right Candidate for YOU and then vote for him. These discussions will not make a Republican a Democrat or viceversa.

  117. Jobs LOST during Bush’s last year: 4.5 million
    Jobs GAINED during the last 30 months under Obama: 5 million

    Deficit when Bush took over: There was none! We had a $230 billion surplus.
    Deficit when Bush left office: $1.3 TRILLION

    This is all I need to know in terms of economics. Romney’s plan to return to Bushonomics (tax cuts mostly for the rich, trickle down fantasies, deregulation of Wall Street) is clearly foolish. That should be obvious to anyone who was alive and awake 4 years ago.

    • Sam Reusser: you are correct. Barrack Obama has had four years to do something, and I see no improvement. Beyond that: ever since Bush H. came, the political parties have been playing a game of tag over who is in office. Bush leaves and we have Clinton, who undoes several of Bush’s policies and puts his own in. Then Bush #2 comes and does likewise. In 2008: Obama. And the way things are going with him, our next president will be Republican. Anyone detecting a pattern?

      • Locke – I think you are on to something! unfortunately the two ideologies are getting farther apart not growing together. That’s the reason i think we are ready for a brilliant Libertarian to start stumping Nov 7th to bring us back to some Constitutional and B of R’s values. If you aren’t familiar the LP, then go to http://www.lp.org/ and get it straight from the horsey’s mouth.

      • Locke:

        Yeah. I was afraid we’d go from Poppy to Bubba to Dubya to Hillary to Jeb to Chelsea. . .

        At least we had a break in the dynastic spiral. . .

    • Sam:

      The first job was to put the brakes on the free-fall. After the 1929 crash, unemployment went from 3% to 25%. This time, the unemployment didn’t even go as high as under Reagan.

      As for bringing back big business, Fortune Magazine says big business is reporting historic, high profits–beating out the previous record in boom year 2006. And the stock market DOUBLED in the last 3-1/2 years.

      The trouble is not that corporations are not rolling in dough (they are). The problem is that you and I don’t have cash to buy, so there’s little demand, and so, the corporations can keep laying off, if they can get away with it. Corporations are NOT “job creators.”

  118. One way to help the economy: give Welfare so small a budget it will barely do anything. Let’s say you have a husbandless 19-year-old- girl in Chicago who has a child. The government tells her they will give her $600 a month so she can care for it and support herself (because she doesn’t have a job). Then she has another child, and the governement gives an additional $600 every month. By age 23 she has five kids with five different fathers, no job, and is making $3,000 a month! Why? Because she doesn’t understand how to use a damn condom! What we should do is, after the fist child is born, give her just enough money to make it through the next month and get a job or a fatherly figure. She doesn’t get the picture and has another baby: she nailed her own coffin.

    • Fulton: You have made a very interesting statement. However, if the Federal Government were to do as you say, then what is stopping all these teenage girls or immature women from just having abortions? I myself am a firm Catholic and will say because of such: Abortion is wrong. Abortion is murder. May take place every year, and what you are saying will cause many more. Unless you are also stating abortion should be illegal… ?

    • Fulton,

      William Raspberry, a Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated American public affairs columnist wrote about this very subject 20 years ago. He saw the trend in the African-American population (he too was a black man) and said that “the women are marrying the welfare system instead of men.” The reason he surmised was that the welfare system was more reliable then the men! Given their propensity for drugs, violence and limited education, thirty percent of them end up in prison and alot end up dead. Fast forward things today and “Father-less-ness” is a HUGE social problem. Only 13% of African-American women get married and the hispanics and caucasians are catching up. Women and girls who were raised in two-parent families are even embracing this trend. I believe that the government should only pay once, like they do with military dependents. The military use to pay for unlimited dependents (before the mid eighties) and because of their un-restraint, birth rates were very high. Once they lowered the military dependent rate, the birth rates drastically decreased.

      The other devastating result of father-less-ness is the increase incidents of child abuse and neglect. When women aren’t married, they aren’t required by law to provide the birth father’s name nor give the child his surname. Without legitimate claim, it is costly, and very difficult for the father to enforce parental rights and visitation….

      • Yeah, abortion should be illegal. It’s murder. It’s the murder of our future doctors, lawyers, politicians, researchers, and businessmen. That little 19-year-old I mentioned could end up killing the man who discovers the cure for cancer, or leukemia, or Alzheimer’s. It needs to be stopped. But let me ask you: do you think any politician is just going to read these and say “I see the light?” No. Someone needs to actually do something. Is anyone here a senator???

  119. Steele, I am a medical professional and I have seen what drugs, alchohol, cigratte smoking and obesity has done! It has cost us tax payers and insurance companies billions in health care. Ten percent of all cancers are inheritied. The remaining 90% is caused by excessive behaviors like drinking alcohol and smoking every day. Once the human genome is analysed and all cancers have been sequenced, the entire world will see the cause/effect of our “LEGALIZED” human behaviors. I appologize for my name calling, but until you worked in the trenches, seen the devastation, you have no idea what your wanting to legalize drugs would do to the population.

    • Daisy:

      OK, well at least that’s a rational argument. You are claiming that if pot were legalized, a lot more people would use it. That may or may not be true.

      People speed now. Do you think they’d speed more without laws? I spoke to a traffic tech for the city. I asked him why parts of the city have unreasonably low speed limits. He said it was all politics. If you have influence,you get to name the limit in front of your house.

      But his point was HOW limits are set. He says that about 20% of the people drive too fast, and 20% of the people drive too slowly, and so, if they are not fooled with, they set the “limit” at where studies show 80% of the people top-off.

      That is, most people drive at a SAFE speed, because, duh, it’s their car and their lives they are moving around.

      Would more people smoke it if it were legal? Would others up their intake? Maybe, maybe not.

      Maybe legalization is not the answer, but what we have is a TOTAL nightmare, and legalization would solve SO many societal problems. Perhaps, it would then be up to society to help the individuals who cannot control themselves. And since they would no longer be forced underground, maybe it would be easier, too.

      • Driving speed can be self regulated without an addictive component (if you don’t count driving while drinking coffee or redbull), but using drugs recreationally and expecting to self-regulate, when the drugs/weeds/caffine that you are ingesting is an entirely different thing. Most hard drug addicts didn’t set out to ruin their lives…..they just wanted to feel better. Why do you think they call heroin the “devil’s dandruff”?

        • I don’t buy into that argument, because behavior can be just as addictive as any drug, as it tends to release certain chemicals in the brain that are pleasurable. Speeding for me is like a drug, I derive pleasure from it, and the be thing that keeps that in check are the laws (the ticket I just received), and those darned cameras. Regulation at work to control my addiction to the pleasure hormones speeding causes my brain to release.

        • Daisy:

          But that gets back to my point that if you regulate pot, make it cheap enough that the pushers can no longer make big profits, take it OUT of their hands, so it is no longer a “gateway drug,” tax it so you can develop programs for those who need it, stop throwing people in expensive prisons to rot and learn worse habits. . .

          Obviously, you wouldn’t legalize every possible drug at once, but if you separated pot from the hard stuff, you would make it that much easier to solve the problems.

    • It’s likely that my perceptions are colored for having served in the trenches and seeing the devastation humans wreak in each other and themselves after many of them are already under the pathologist’s knife, and it’s too late for them. You on the other hand can still effect positive change. I did not arrive at my conclusions lightly, but after a life-time in the military and as a crime fighter, I have come very close to human nature and developed a sense for what we as a nation should and could focus on to bring us and our young back from the brink of the hopelessness they seem to feel now. Remember, I also talked about legalizing prostitution. You talked about abortion and why you think it’s a good thing it was legalized. I agree with you there. It’s so much better for a young woman to be able to go to a hospital and have that abortion under sanitary conditions to at least save that one life. I think it’s murder, but it’s also something that’s a choice the woman has to live with and perhaps reconcile with herself. I imagine in later years, many women regret their choice–adoption might have been the better option. If you legalize prostitution, you can also minimize the transmission of AIDS and other STDs, because it would require regular health checks. Pimps would be eliminated and the mistreatment of women who chose to enter the profession would diminish. As a healthcare professional, how many women do you see who have been beaten to a pulp by their pimps? And yes, there are women who become prostitutes because they think its what they can do best, so why not seek to protect them? Another benefit, other than health, is that they would report their income and pay taxes. They would work in set places in towns/cities that would not infringe on neighborhoods and they would be far away from children and schools. My thoughts are that this is a trade that is thousands of years old, will never stop, so why not make it safer? The principle is the same as you mentioned about abortions. Only, abortions kill potential lives, and that breaks my heart. Legalizing prostitution might even help save lives and help protect the women who chose that road in life. Your thoughts?

      • Legalizing prostitution will only enforce that it is an acceptable choice and it will result in more women and children being victimized and viewed as objects of pleasure. The porn industry is now a billion dollar business and its victims are increasing in numbers. Like any other seratonin stimulate, porn imprints on the brain and requires more “shock”, more extreme to get the same pleasure. Why do you think people go from looking at hetrosexual sex to enjoying kiddie porn or beastiality? They can’t be satisfied with vanilla anymore and constantly need something more edgier.

        The human sex trade is rampant in our nation. I have personally thwarted a prostitution ring that was operating out of Atlanta, Georgia. The girls (all underage) were lured in by other girls through ads on Craig’s list advertising for a room mate and fun times. The pimp (who by the way was a married man with children, worked at a Christian school) drove to our city (which was 800 miles north) and picked up the girl in a hotel. She willfully went with him and she was only 16 years old. Flyers; pictures; prayers were blitzed out and her parents were frantic. I won’t divulge how I helped get her back, but it took 3 weeks. In the three weeks that she was missing, she was being indoctrinated with the ways of a prostitute. The older girls (over 18 years old) were the “Top Bitches” and were set up in apartments and computers and were responsible for “recruiting” the younger ones. The “Pimp” (married man, flew below the radar, living like a law abiding citizen with his family). The girl was given money to spend on clothes; taken to movies; and amusement parks to gain her trust and control. I don’t know if she serviced any johns, but my guess is that she did. In regards to children, many dark skin children are taken to Mexico or close to the border so that “law biding American men” can have their kicks. Bruises don’t show up on the dark skin children like they do on caucasian children, so they are more contolled and better commodities. The sex trade market is a re-newable commodity that can be bought/sold many times over. That is why it is more profitable than guns and drugs, because those commodities are only sold once, unless you count the # of times that heroin is cut. One only has to look at what “legalizing” porn has done to this country and to our children, nevermind what it would do to legalizing the sex trade.

        As a Christian, I know what the good book says. All things will come to their full depravity before God steps in and changes things….

        • Thank you for engaging in civilized and rational discussion. Once you take emotion out of the equation, thoughts become clearer and are easier to articulate. Your points are well-taken. I am tired though tonight, and will have to give a response to you more careful and deserving thought when I’m more refreshed.

  120. I think it is all common sense…everybody wants to point the finger at cigarettes and not the people that are manufacturing them. The finger points at President Obama for the economy, but nobody is looking at the big picture. Previous presidents have jacked the economy up and covered it and they felt that when a black man ran for president, yeah, let him have the term so we can blame him for issues that have been snow balling for a long time. Get real…there is no way that months after Obama got in office all of a suddent the economy is in a disaray for lack of words…what person in they’re right mind actually thought that it would take 4 years to fix or even believe that the next 4 years it would be fixed…not realistic. But what I can say is if Romney gets in office, the ones that are raggin on Obama will be the same ones cryin and wishin they voted for someone that has all of Americans best interests at heart…..show me one person that made promises and kept them all….if you can do better…run for president…and only then will you understand why they go grey so fast and only a number of things get done…I pray for this country….

    • Surfisher:

      Sadly, most people don’t care enough to go to a link, so let’s tell them what they’ll find. But first, some background:

      In the primaries and caucuses, Ron Paul was gaining strength. He actually won five states, outright.

      Leading to the convention, the Romney people did truly outrageous things to disenfranchise voters and their duly-elected delegates. At the end, if Paul had five states, he would be automatically be allowed to speak at the convention. So the Rombots disenfranchised an entire state. They are that afraid of free speech. And the silly thing is that Ron Paul probably would have fired up the troops FOR Willard.

      At the convention, the Rombots proposed rule changes to stifle grassroots participation. And when it came to a voice vote, they lost, but claimed victory, anyway.

      Now, the Rombots are working in state after state to stifle and purge anyone who is not a totally establishment drone. Democracy is expendable to Romney, and if he is elected, you’ll see it everywhere.

      Now go to Surfisher’s link, and see for yourself:


  121. I only have a few things to say. Personally I think Obama has did a wonderful job doing his best as president, and fulfillng his promises as he said he would. The problem is you that are bashing him are looking for a complete turn around in 4 years, that took 8 to create. Have you took the time to look at what he did do, instead of what he hasnt yet? My question to you folks is how can you succeed when you constantly are fought against not by just the people that are not on your same political party (Republicans), but also fought against and not having full cooperation by his own Democratic Party that is suppose to have his back? To me that is absurd!!!

    • The BO wants to destroy our Freedoms and our Nation!

      But, If Mitt gets into the White House — expect An American Tragedy!

      Mormon Mitt won’t allow Catholic Ryan to be anything but his doormat (to be disposed of when the time comes).

      His 5 Mormon Sons are getting groomed to take over…and create a Dynasty of little Mormon Mitts for decades to come!

      Now, that is truly scary!

  122. Regarding the Libya attack:

    The other day, someone was complaining that the “guards” at the consulate compound were undermanned and under-equipped for the type of attack they faced.

    Did you realize that security at our embassies is another of these jobs that we have handed over to INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS?

    QUESTION: Why is no one asking why the independent contractor didn’t do its job of protecting the consulate? And why didn’t they have any backup plan in case of attack? Why didn’t they have a direct line to the Libyan army? Why didn’t they do their job?

    As it turns out, Stevens DID go to a “safe room.” The attackers could NOT reach him. He should have been safe there until help came. STEVENS DID NOT DIE OF GUNSHOT, he died of smoke inhalation because the attackers set fire of the building.

    QUESTION: What kind of “safe room” is not safe from smoke??? Who built that consulate and so-called “safe room”?? Do we have these unsafe “safe rooms” elsewhere? Were they also “contracted” out to someone else to build??

    QUESTION: How could it have been a “planned attack”? Stevens did not arrive at the consulate until the DAY before the attack. People seem to think he had been living there. I’m sure Stevens didn’t give his itinerary to the attackers. How could it have been a “planned attack” if he was not there until just before the attack??

    Here’s the timeline:


    • One more question:

      QUESTION: I have heard of four Americans dying. I have not heard that ANY of these contractors died. Has anyone heard if these independent contractors even TRIED to defend the place?

      • The only ICs there were likely the Ambassador’s guard & driver, who died with him. It’s the US Marines who have the charter to guard & protect, but when under siege, their primary duty is to evacuate those DoS employees and their families. These unsung heros did an admirable job of that and it’s a testament to them – few as they were – that not more lives were lost in this well-orchestrated terrorist attack.

        • Steele: Let’s try some facts:

          “Five diplomatic security officers are present, along with four members of a local militia deployed by Libya’s government to provide added security.”

          BUT–Regardless, our guys SHOULD have been safe in the “safe room” and WERE safe in the other building. IF they had been able to stay in the “safe room” ALL of them would have been safe.


          “Attackers penetrate Stevens’ building and try to break the grill locks for the safe room but cannot gain access. They dump jerry cans of diesel fuel in the building, light furniture on fire and set aflame part of the exterior of the building.

          “Two of the remaining four agents are in the compound’s other residence. Attackers penetrate that building, but the agents barricade themselves in

          “and the attackers can’t reach them.

          “Attackers try to enter the tactical operations center, where the last two agents are located. They smash up the door but cannot enter the building.”


          WHERE did you get the story about the driver and guard?? I have found no such information.

          These are the deaths I found:

          (1-2) Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty die in the initial confrontation.

          (3) AFTER the “safe room” failed to keep smoke (for crying out loud) from the room, Sean Smith crawled through a window and was shot.

          (4) Stevens crawled out but died of “safe room” smoke inhalation.

          Where EXACTLY did you get the “driver and guard” story?

          • Oops, that was response to a different incident. Was supposed to cut & paste to different blog on another issue in Afghanistan. Mea Culpa, too many irons in the fire at the same time and getting a bit addled….

          • Please disregard the 1st response to your post as well as the lame excuse post to cover the 1st. My teenage child decided to post as me about something he has little knowledge. He now has computer-verbot.

  123. Steele: Requiring everyone to serve in the Military is a form of Communism. That is NOT freedom of choice. Our Military is powerful because you can NOT beat the power of a volunteer. Forcing someone to do something they do not want to do will take away from the Military. They will not have any ambition, and they will rebel.

    • Interesting take on that issue. Since the US had the draft at other times in history, and other countries require this service and have not had this issue arise, would you mind elaborating on how you see the rebellion happen as it applies to the United States. I would be I interested in knowing more.

    • Everyone should be conscripted to serve in the military and evaluated if they choose it as a career. If they drop out of school then they go early and pursue a GED along with other training. This gives everyone a even break and there are many other vocations after basic other than combat. The most free country in the world, but not an isolationist, is Switzerland. they conscript males and option females. There is a moral code inside of each of us and should be taught and passed down by our parents, especially between the ages of 3 months and 6 years old. The military will either reinforce or teach that training to everyone equally, discipline, love, sincerity, truthfulness, and respect. This gives every young person the opportunity to decide who and what they want to be, if they already know then they can get a head start in the military and have VA benefits when they get out (or stay in). In Switzerland, their choice of weapon goes with them when they are separated. There is no no bias, religiously, politically, or racially (NOW) and the only declaration and promise to defend is to the founding documents of the United States of America. If this is not to your liking there are well over 200 countries on this planet and would probably love to receive you if you hate America. As Mr. Behr says we are not too well liked abroad – but I believe that has more to do with the fact we are independent, think we are better than any other country, and except for BO, we bow to NO ONE, and a certain level of jealousy exists.

  124. Sad Day!
    This is another blog sponsored by some ignorant, uneducated, uninformed or some educated but simply too lazy to seek credible sources of information or rather in denial about racism in this country because they have no idea what experiencing it first hand is like or they belong to the group afflicting it. Regardless of any achievement someone other than from pure Caucasian descent accomplishes, it will never witness similar to close merit. All the blurbs about what Obama did not do is all people can focus on, you know what “he has not lifted a finger since he has been in office, or while we are at it let’s just make it sounds worse; OK! That it is by saying he caused us to be here in the first place”. I understand that most of us want things to get better but a lot of idiots just want to see the next Bush in power and probably believe Bush was a better President than Obama ever will be. You know it comes down to the psychology that any effort Obama makes; even if the economy was better it would not have made a difference. The word “Road to Recovery” is a very deep word, in any setting for that matter takes far more time than it takes creating the disaster in the first place, but we are incapable to make peace with that. Somehow that is not so far from a bunch of overweigh Fast Food Addict wanting to shed pounds believing that a simple drug can take care of it , fast , Lazy and quiet disturbing that we rather divert the responsibility to someone by buying these pill that do nothing for us, Placebo. But you know what “That’s the American way”. Also America is not just about applying business principle to people that’s what we just got out of. Overly ambitious , vicious and dishonest business man trying to take advantage of the little Guy coming up with an uprising unfounded to kick order out the way because they can’t easily help themselves screwing us over in t he process by giving you a mortgage or a loan they are confident you will default on. Yeah let’s bring Greed back to the table as soon as things starting to get better. We can’t wait so let’s fuck ourselves over by choosing camouflaged worst case scenario. By the time it’s all said and done, we’ll probably try to move to Canada and forget the past. People so out of touch with reality, they think this is a MMA Championship involving Obama and Romney that has no bearing on their day to day lives. Sad for the nation i have learned to praise.

    • Thank you, the enjoyment is likewise. It’s refreshing to be able to exchange thoughts and ideas, get told to shut up and sit down, or earn an agreement without bashing and/or emotional insults being hurled across the Net (pun fully intended).

    • Sam: The second link is about foreigners who want to watch our election, to see if it’s fair.

      Seems fair to me. We are always sending people to watch THEIR elections.

      If we have no corruption, we have nothing to worry about, right? Shouldn’t we WELCOME such visitors, so we can display how fair we are?

      Actually, it’s probably a very good idea. We hate each other, so when one candidate wins, the other will charge fraud. If we have outside monitors, that should shut up the losers, right?

      • Goethe – that sounds perfectly plausible – IF – they only observe! I don’t get that feeling. I believe that voting should be by voter ID and I’m even up for a UV stamp that a person has voted. I also believe that all remote voting is verified, I’m just not sure how to do that.

        • Sam:

          Let’s just put a chip in your skull. Then, the private sector could also use it. . .

          “Sam, you enjoy Coca Cola and you are approaching a grocery store. . .Look! You are stuck in traffic (judging from your lack of motion, as detected by GPS)–why not consider a trip to Disney World–your reservation has been sent for your confirmation. We interrupt this message to have your government remind you that your taxes are good for you! They support schools and cops and weapons we can try out in third-world countries. . .”

          • Goethe – now I think you are just goading me. In reality the chip(s) are not a bad idea, from my hi tech marketing standpoint. As long as the cortex can control it and it has multicahannel and selectivity like cable, internet, radio, and mute. Great marketing. Would work great to prevent voter fraud as well. You are given a password and that is your voter id, “no tickee, no washee.” Obviously where are the stops when a revolution comes or Amendment 14 is violated. There is always the “Free Society” vs “Big Brother.”

            • Sam:

              I think we need to do appropriate research. I don’t think we need a normal chip implanted. That would have to be replaced with each upgrade, and that would be a real mess. It would probably be better to have it just stapled to the skull, on the outside, so upgrades could be done without surgery. And it could give you a jolt if you try to use someone else’s credit card, too.

            • 🙂 🙂 🙂 see you on the other blog after the debate – oh btw it’s called an E-squared (EERam) and just like cameras and phones. Lets patent the idea and sell it to TI

            • Sam:

              On a serious note, I live in Michigan and we used to have a pharmaceutical company that did a lot of research. I think it was about 1960 that I went to one of their shows, and they had a cat with wires hooked to its head. The guy pushed a switch in the control box and he was able to get the cat to sit, raise its leg, walk, stop, you name it.

              This was not a matter of learned behavior. This was the controller hooked directly to the cat’s brain. Mind control. In 1960. LONG before the computer technology revolution. And this is what they were showing the general public. I was there.

              Imagine how research has improved in more than a half century. Pretty scary.

            • Actually Goethe – it is terrifying, and I’ve designed sold IC’s and Electronic test equipment since 1969 and worked in the trons since 1960. Nothing or nobody should ever have that level of control over any other live subject. If they were to issue a cell phone to everybody and force regulations on us ist would be a travesty. And that is how close we really are already!!!

            • Sam:

              I agree. I hate to see the traffic cameras watching me. It wouldn’t be so bad if they ONLY used it as an “instant replay” for traffic accidents.

              But, yeah, they now have GPS built into our cell phones, so they know where are cell phones are at all times, and can reconstruct everywhere we’ve gone. Online, there are ALL KINDS of people watching us.

              I don’t dwell on it, but it creeps me out, big time.

  125. Sam:

    The first link strikes me as rational–IF you buy the premise. It is about punishing Iran.

    IF you think that sanctions keeping money from going to Iran makes sense, how can you object to a rule that money going to Iran is confiscated?

    If you buy the Iran premise.

    • The seizing of accounts appears to me to be accusation without representation and no recourse – proven to be Iranian or other similar, then declare as an enemy move on – if it’s my accounts, prove it, and allow me expedient representation. IF BO is reelected, some of the radical emails i have posted against this administration, they might seize my accounts and knock on my door. Nothing harmful, but absolutely derogatory against BO and the present Administration.

      • Sam:

        This is such a convoluted “issue.”

        Romney is the one who says we should get tougher on Iran.

        Do you really think that he’s going to RELAX rules like this??

        If there’s one thing that Romney is NOT it’s a Libertarian.

        • As I mentioned before, Romney in not my most favorite candidate, and he has a lot of explaining to do if elected. I supported Ron Paul early on until I realized that he is 5 years older than I am and my stamina is not what it used to be plus he would never gain sufficient support to take out BO. My ideal would be to continue sanctions on financials of Iran until the demise of a nuclear threat. Remove all troops from the middle east and advise all middle east (except Israel) to leave Israel alone, do your own thing and if Israel is truly threatened the US will rain EMPs over you from our world wide Boomers and the middle east can truly return to the 7th century. Hawkish, chicken-hawkish, whatever you want to call him, i don’t think MR has that in him.

          • Sam:

            Willard doesn’t have much of ANYTHING “in him.” But during the primaries, he sounded a lot like any other NeoCon, like Wolfowitz or Cheney.

            You can gamble that he’ll flip again. He seems to have toned down a little, but still sounds like he wants war with Syria, possibly simultaneously with Iran. But who knows? Next week, he could join the Muslim Brotherhood.

  126. I was thrilled to see the president take such an offensive stance in this debate. This showed he was not willing to give up his seat so easily.
    While sticking it to Romney he made the light hearted joke that his pension was not as big as Romney’s, therefore he did not check it often. This also showed a willingness to get a dig on his adversary, while laughing off the fact that Romney was stating the presidential pension has money invested in overseas interests the same as he does.
    In addition to the president’s snarky remarks referring to Romney’s money he also attacked his character when Romney tried to say he lied about calling the Benghazi attack an act of terror. When Romney tried to question wither it took the president two weeks to acknowledge it was an act of terror, Candy stepped in and said the president did in fact state it was an act of terror at the press conference in the rose garden. When Candy did that the president asked if she could say it a little louder, another slightly dirty jab at his opponent.

  127. Goethe Behr, Obviously read my comment…. 🙂
    Steele, a typical xenophobe asks “and you are from which country again?” Correlation?

    I am a citizen of the world. You can buy common sense at the store.
    All i am saying is:
    1- Get informed!
    2- Get some facts, Get your beliefs checked!
    3- Get Out of you comfort Zone!
    4- Be Opened Minded!
    5- Dare to experience!
    6- Dare to recognize!
    7- Dare to Call People Out when you have credible facts!
    Thanks you!

    • The story of the Scorpion and the Frog

      The Scorpion and the Frog is a fable about a scorpion asking a frog to carry him across a river. The frog is afraid of being stung during the trip, but the scorpion argues that if it stung the frog, the frog would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and begins carrying the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why by the frog, the scorpion points out that this is its nature.

      The fable is used to illustrate the position that the behavior of some creatures, such as Politicians, is irrepressible, no matter how they are treated and no matter what the consequences.

      Obama and Romney are RICH scorpions. Its their nature to want to “control” people. They are both truly PSYCHOPATHIC “Nutjobs” with an “uncontrollable” NEED to control the masses of people. Money isn’t their “driving force” anymore – it’s all about POWER and CONTROL to these COWARDS! Both of these CREEPS are NARCISSISTIC, EVIL and MANIACAL, but they hide it well with their forked tongues. They’ll stop at nothing to get what they want and they both will exact revenge on anyone who questions their TRUE motivation for their “lust” of POWER over YOU!

      And if you FOLLOW these “Whackjobs” and believe that they’re gonna do something “good” for you? – Then you should bend over, right now! You deserve EVERYTHING that they’re going to do to you…

    • Citizen of the world to me means not a citizen of the US, so butt out, and turn to the problems of your own country, which are likely looming larger – provided you have a country. Oops, I’d I get emotional? Perhaps, because America is the country of my choice to which I pledged allegiance. Makes me a proud citizen of this, my country, not one of the world. You’re only a citizen of the world if you have nowhere to call home or to belong. So very sad for you.

      • Steele:

        I disagree. I have loyalty to and pride in my home and family, then my street, my neighorhood, my city, my state, my country, my world, my solar sytem, and universe. Some people ONLY have pride in their country, and that seems very odd to me.

        • You might not understand, because you might have been born into this free county. I was not; I chose it, and am priviledged to live in it. I therefore have intrinsic instinct and need to protect and defend it. Odd perhaps, but it’s akin to the need of experiencing unhappiness (bondage) to truly appreciate happiness (and fight for freedom). My perspective and perception are colored by my experiences.

          • Steele:

            Indeed. And I can understand someone coming here in refuge, glad to be away from whatever persecution. And proud.

            But, as a native, I see way too many people who MAY accept you as an “outsider,” but do NOT try to understand the wants and needs of people in countries–and do not care.

            That’s why it’s important for Americans to comprehend that they also belong to the world, and that other peoples ALSO have a right to THEIR life, THEIR liberty, and THEIR pursuit of happiness.

            • Goethe and Steele – for this time and place i am a fan of the Convoluted Rule of Reciprocity – “Do unto others as they do until you” – don’t dip the USA flag first, just respond accordingly. If any group/nation starts something, the USA will finish it!

        • Goethe – You just upped the ante on what Steele’s discussion was about. I don’t know if you served or not but when you sign on the line that saying the check is upto and including your life and you visit other countries, there is no doubt in your mind that allegiance, pride is unique to the USA for the realm of which Steele was referring. I mentioned earlier my deism. Actually I find it hard to believe that i chose to visit this barbaric, uncaring for life and love, planet. This is supposedly the hardest planet to incarnate on because of it’s human dispositions. There are so many millions of the Creator’s gifts here outside of humanity it is shameful how we treat each other. I hope I’ve learned all the lessons i need to here and can choose a different planet in a different solar system, hell, maybe even a different universe.

          • Sam, Goethe, aside from taking pride in this my great country of choice, I also take pride in my family, my street, my neighborhood, my family’s accomplishments, etc., but none of us would have been able to accomplish any of what we have to take pride in without ensuring the freedom to speak out, to study, and to live our dreams. Few places on earth offer us that opportunity; the US is one of them, and I am fiercely protective of that.

            • Steele & Goethe – I am in agreement with both of you of pride in certain elements. But with the exception of a few relatives and a few friends – It is my country’s Constitution that I plead allegiance to and agreed, if necessary, to die for its protection. Of the few countries i have visited, none live up to the values available to me in the USA. And if any person or other country threatens the US with harm or to change our way of life, i see it as a threat to what “We the People” stand for and our rights from Nature’s Creator. After extensive reading, watching, and impact from one particular man. I am more afraid than ever, in my 72 years of life. this person hates America, Colonialzation, has used free enterprise and celebrity to make his 12GigaBuck and be donated a $23M home in Hawaii. This man has charged himself with saving the world and all it’s people – the easiest way it to take down America, remove it’s teeth and submit its carcass to the UN. I’m betting i could get a sniper expert to teach teach me to accurately at 1800yds.

            • Sam:

              This is the kind of discussion every American should have: who are we, and what do we value?

              I know that I’ll be crucified for saying this, but since I was a kid, I have resented the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s like Paul Simon’s song, My Little Town, in which kids “pledge allegiance to the wall.” Yes, the flag is a SYMBOL of America, but it is also just a hunk of cloth, and to pledge allegiance to a hunk of cloth has struck me as dangerous, mindless regimentation.

              Wouldn’t it be wonderful if schools taught the CONSTITUTION? Wouldn’t it be much better if we PLEDGED ALLEGIANCE TO THE CONSTITUTION!!

              To me, pledging allegiance to a flag is SURRENDER of identity and personal responsibility. Yes, we must defend the country, but more importantly, we should defend the IDEALS of our country.

              The pledge is about surrendering to AUTHORITY–and if you know the history of the “pledge,” you know that that is EXACTLY what was intended. White, Protestant Americans were scared to death of the influx of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe–and wanted to force them to CONFORM, so among other things, they wanted all the kids to be regimented into surrendering to authority.

              Instead of a flag in every classroom, I’d rather see a copy of the CONSTITUTION in every classroom–at ground level, so that kids could see it, touch it, read for themselves–and talk about what it means. And if we MUST have regimentation, let’s make it a pledge of allegiance to the CONSTITUTION.

            • Goethe (and Steele) – I agree 100% about the Pledge of Allegiance reading “the Constitution of the United States of America” vice “Flag” and i don’t know about the immigration oath but should be the Constitution as well. All of my enlisted and commissioned officer swearing in oaths were to the Constitution not a flag. Strangely, my three enlisted were to the constitution and officers and POTUS -but- my several officer oaths were strictly to the constitution and to “faithfully discharge the duties of my office”. About the flag, to me it represents the entire entity of the USA and all it’s components. If soiled or defamed, it is like soiling the USA to me. When at sea and we encounter a ship from another country They dipped the colors and we in turn would then dip to acknowledge. There was an eventual agreement with the USSR to simultaneously dip and sometimes dipping didn’t occur. When Britain was still an Empire many a fight was encountered in Hong Kong over the little patch on our shoulder. So, again, the flag is us as an entity but any pledge should in fact be to the Constitution (which includes it’s all important Amendments).

            • Sam:

              I expected to be trashed because I really don’t like the Pledge. It started out as a commercial and has been used for such awful purposes.

              ON THE OTHER HAND, while I did not serve in the military, I was an Eagle Scout, and I learned all about proper handling of the flag. It makes me sick that people abuse it and think they are being so “patriotic.”

              FOR INSTANCE:

              The flag should NOT fly at night. It should be raised in the morning and lowered at night.

              The ONLY way a flag may be flown at night is if it is fully illuminated, so that it is on display.

              The flag should NOT be allowed to fly in a storm. It should be taken down and protected.

              The flag should NEVER touch the ground.

              The flag should ALWAYS be in good condition.

              I am totally disgusted when I see a flag that is so faded that it looks like a cowboy kerchief–or is so tattered that it looks like someone went after it with a knife. If there is a TEAR, it should NOT be flown.

              People who don’t know how to FLY the flag should not HAVE a flag.

            • Goethe – I actually think we both are on pretty much the same page. I think we both want a more central president that will come closer to the values of http://LP.org but i’m not going to stand on principles this election. Hoping Libertarians can put together a winning story in future elections. I have very much enjoyed our discourse and your logical thoughts. Thank you. Voted early today for MR and hope I can vote in a couple more before “I buy the farm”. You can find me Reusser.US url if you desire. Take care, sam

          • Sam:

            You went in two directions. In the first part, you seem to say that people in other countries have no national pride–that they don’t feel nationalism.

            Then you got into cosmic contemplation that seems to make nationalism seem small, petty, and irrelevant.

            • You’re correct Goethe – I don’t believe many (maybe Australia & Switzerland) have the same level of pride in their Nation its self as do most US citizens. They mostly rage about about pride in their ancestry or religion or type of life they live. When you included the Earth and Universe, I leaned into a different theme. The Creator put so many incredible and beautiful non-animates and minerals here to grow, evolve, and undergo metamorphosis; but when he allowed the amoeba free choice to evolve a human strain and continue to give an unenlightened and in-mature society free will . . . I know it’s omniscient and has a bunch of Masters assisting but man, in general, we humans are barbaric, using a convoluted Law of Reciprocity, and unless we observe a domestic canine have no clue about unconditional love. Getting back to original – i don’t want take a chance that Johnson will take more votes from BO than MR, so i’m going with the Dude who has pride in America and hope we can put together a prideful party consisting of what “We the People” want for 2014 and for sure 2016. Can’t be just POTUS, has to include a number of Congress as well.

    • Would ask all that find merit in the below to SPREAD IT! Thanks.

      VOTE for Gary Johnson (do not write-in Ron Paul, please)!

      Here is why:

      The Establishment fears Ron Paul so much that they will do anything to stop him and his (our) movement for Liberty on the election level (since so far they have not been able to control the internet, and thus shut us down completely)!

      The Major Networks will show after the election NOTHING for Ron Paul (not even that he got ANY of the Vote, for that would be admitting that some actually dared to write-in his name).

      The Apparatchiks have been instructed to shred all write-in ballots where Ron Paul’s name appears (for proof just watch after the election and see if Ron Paul is even mentioned, let alone how many votes he got)!

      Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 States — so a vote for him is a vote COUNTED against the wannabe despots of America! (Plus, if he breaks the 5+% level, the Libertarian Party (Ron Paul’s original party) will be eligible for federal funds to the tune of about 90 million dollars for the next election — and no longer will be a financial shoe-string operation!!!).

      VOTE GARY JOHNSON (or write-in Ron Paul if you must) — as long as you vote for what you realize is BEST for our Nation, and NOT get bamboozled into voting again for the “lesser of two evils”: the Kenyan Barack or Mitt the Mormon (this path only leads to more and bigger evil, for the next election cycle…should there be one)!!!

    • Obamatons and Mittiots are just totally asleep concerning the economy. If they were awake, they’d NEVER vote for either one of these Plutocrats.

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