Obama/RomneyThe second in the series of three Presidential Debates will take place tonight featuring a “town hall” style format from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. This debate will be 90 minutes long and will featured pre-screened questions from a group of undecided voters. The topics will range from domestic to foreign policy and everything in between. We will have the live stream embedded so you can watch the debate right here on this page.

Watch Full Debate Video: Full October 16 Debate Video

Air Time: Tuesday, October 16, 2012 @ 9pm et / 8pm ct / 7pm mt / 6pm pt

Channels: ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and more including CNN Espanol and others

Moderator: Candy Crowley (CNN Chief Political Correspondent)

Format: The second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which citizens will ask questions of the candidates on foreign and domestic issues. Candidates each will have two minutes to respond, and an additional minute for the moderator to facilitate a discussion. The town meeting participants will be undecided voters selected by the Gallup Organization.

As always, we’ll have the live embedded feed as well as the full video once the debate is complete.


  1. hello,i live @ torrance, ca 90501 near carson st. & cabrillo. can u help me find a local location where i can watch the debate tu 6pm,10-16-2012. thanks, curt 310872 0072

    • Curt: Torrance is just outside L.A., so you can watch channels 2, 4, 7, 11, 24, 50, 58, and others. If you mean, where can you go, I’d suggest a bar. Or, if you like one party or the other, check with their local party office.

      Anybody here from around L.A. who can help Curt find a place to watch?

  2. Historically there have been remarkable initiative and efforts taken by US government in making ease and stability in Middle East aiming to have a tangible result of cordial, and peaceful co-existence between Israel and Palestine.

    My question to both the Presidential candidates, what course of actions would be followed on post election era by the future President and Commander-in Chief of USA , to safe the world from the catastrophe of war and miserable economic, social, political and environmental havoc.

    Thank you

  3. debate number 2 betwen romney obama.the pro romneys are still pro romney and the pro obama still same so the debte can affect the undecided ones.debate 1 went to romney and then debate 2 went to biden..so 3 4 5 6 will really decide the future.the republicans based george bushes term in office on bin laden and obama got him so if obama talks about that he should win.also the jobless rate is down.romney will have to be specific as he seems to lie alot thinking americans are lazy and wont check the facts but hes wrong.. the undecided check the facts and he needs to tell the truth.obama cant be so polite anymore.we live in murcia spain and will watch the debate in one of our english centers at 3 am..here time.. we are split 19 obama to 11 romney..30 americans already voted via mail ins..i persoanlly voted obama..i think getting bin laden was IT.nobody beats that..its the ace of spades of poker..unless romney pulls out the head of hitler from under his podium,obama should win..

        • Typical response from the losing side. Biden was all over Ryan. Just admit it, Biden came out on top. I’m willing to admit Obama gave it up to Romney in #1…so why can’t you (the collective right) for once…once…just admit you got beat? Don’t worry no one is going to think you’re gay, pro-choice, or the antichrist…just admit that Biden was the better debater that night.

          • I don’t think Biden was the better, he was just more vocal
            and when he was not vocal he was making faces to distract from the actual issues. This behavior is typical when trying to be in control of a situation . Both gentlemen were informative if you would listen. It really should not be about the left side or the right side … it is our side
            as Americans and we all better sit up and really pay attention and stop listening to the garbage in and garbage out and actually do some research on our own before it is too late.

            • Espy, I respectfully disagree with you about the Biden/Ryan debate. From what I saw (which was about 20 minutes, so i might have missed something) it seemed as though Biden had a better hold on the situation compared to Ryan. Unlike the first debate, which felt like Romney and Obama were debating besides each other instead of with each other, it felt that Biden was actually responding to what Ryan was saying. Also, from what I saw of the first debate, Romney was more controlling/interrupting that Obama was. This is what gave Romney the supposed “win” (but who really wins a debate, anyways?) in the first debate. Biden felt as though he was about as controlling/vocal as Romney. Also, the point of a debate isn’t just a fact check; A debate is a matter of public speaking skill and a matter of factual evidence. For example, in a parliamentary style debate, it isn’t as much a debate on facts as it is about how the person presents their view on a subject. The other extreme to that is a more research oriented style debate, where what you say is more important than how. The style that the presidential debates are like falls somewhere in the middle, so having a vocal lead over the person whom they are debating with is a fairly large deal.

          • Biden was rude and very disrespectful! All he wanted to do was interrupt Ryan! If both parties would have had the opportunity to complete their questions then I feel that the population would have a better idea of what each parties goals are. I am so tired of this liar liar pants on fire mentality that the parties have. No-one gets a clear picture.

    • actually obama was not in favor of the bin laden killing until after it was done. then he took all the credit.

    • I agree with Robotoss. Ryan did not show any kind of proof at all while Biden had facts and was able to give examples and answers to the questions. All Ryan could do was talk about plans and policies and not even answering the question at all. I don’t care about plans, every candidate from the pasts have told us about their plans but didn’t really come through. Now Romney comes up mysterious and really not trustworthy at all so really why would you want someone like that to be your president? Obama came up and helped our economy rise, so what if its a little, it is happening and if you give him more time there would be more improvement in this country. It’s not his fault that republicans can’t seem to help him make this country any better. I for one do not want USA soldiers to be stuck in Afghanistan just because we could do more. People want their sons, husbands, brothers, and fathers back alive not in a coffin! Now if your happy to have them back in a coffin then yeah go ahead and vote for Romney, I’m sure that will help your conscious alot.

  4. It seems that the efforts of the last 4 years by the Republican gridlock, to make this president a one term president is starting to errode. Jobless numbers are down, HOUSING starts are turning the corner and the ECONOMY is growing (not a cannon shot, but very stable… Seeing a congressional session on CNN where Bohner actually said that they (Republican) congressmen would not pass anything for this President — we are going to make him a 1 term president is just as much Treason as anything I can think of. We, the people of this United States, elected the congress to represent us with the Federal government, NOT to further personal political agendas like the Koch Brothers and to work for our benefits… President Obahma needs to finally say to the people what programs died on the floor of the house in the last 4 uyears and what their passage would have done for the country. I could go on…Hopefully you do tonite Mr. President. God Bless America and you Sir.

    • I agree. He has to show the math. The shovel ready jobs, if passed How much would it cost? How many would go back to work. How many plants would have to gear up. The end result, how many dollars would flow into the government.
      This would show up Bohner and the house the disgrace they really are.

      As far as Obama’s not fixing Washington, I do believe he was talking to the voting public. Give me a congress I can work with.

      Would like to hear Mitt’s response, if he gets in, to a democratic senator saying his job is to make him a one term president. His having a congress denying him everything.

    • finally someone with a brain on this site. thank you tom morris. romney is a liar and a rich man who will do anything and say anything to take the whitehouse seat. ryan is a phony lyin scroundrel who don’t deserve a vp seat. god forbid someone clock romney if he wins and this snake make president. heaven help us all.

      • Umm, Obama net worth is over 11miiiiilion dollars so if u don’t like Romney because he’s a successful businessman, not a rich socialist like Obama, your an idiot…I wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t know how to make money in office. Stupid liberal

    • Why do y’all talk about the “last 4 years of Republican gridlock”? That’s just ignorant. The Democrats controlled congress for the first two years of Obama’s term.

      • Susan:

        Sounds good, but the truth is that the senate is where bills go to die.

        These days, the minority doesn’t even have to speak to defeat a bill or nomination. In order, to GET a bill through the senate, the minority has to announce that it will NOT filibuster this one, for once.

        If Obama were this big, scary “socialists” as portrayed, he could have passed just about anything in the first part of his term–including a Canadian-style health-care system. But he didn’t.

        He didn’t even try to offer us a “public option,” in case we wanted it. Instead, he passed the long-time Republican plan–ORomneycare–which is corporate welfare for the insurance industry. They have us in a monopoly now, and the fat cats in the insurance companies are going to get a LOT fatter now.

        If ONLY Obama had been even a tiny bit “socialist,” we would have been a lot better off.

    • @tom morris Perhaps he would have got off to a better start if he hadn’t told Republicans that they had to go sit at the back of the bus… Quit power-whining you little girls… Obama and the dems had complete control of the executive branch and both of the legislative branches for the first 2 year and what did they do? nothing but bitch and moan about Bush and spend taxpayer’s money greasing the palms of friends and family, union thugs and those of the occupy wallstreet ilk… Get a life and try a reality check…. Not saying that Romney will do any better but the whining can’t get any worse… or can it?

    • are you actually an American citizen…. do you have a job… can you actually say you are doing good ??? Have you not been forced to tighten your budget and worry just a little about your job if you have one. If you say no you have not worried then I must say good for you because you are one in many who are worried. This is not about the left and the right , it is the world economy. However I do think it was pretty tacky for Mrs. O to take a very lavish vacation several years back .. where was it … oh ya to Spain..google that one and see what it cost the tax payers. Where you fortunate enough to even have a vacation or to be able to afford one in the past 4 years. It is not about what Bush did or Clinton
      or Obama, no one is perfect, I am sorry Obama is really not a good leader , look what he just did to Hillary Clinton on the Bengasi situation and yes she took the hit for Mr. O . If he was a real leader he would have said
      I take full responsibility but no he pointed the finger at someone else. And please don’t say he did not know about the situation because it really just make him look bad.

      • Espy:

        Yeah, that’s a mystery, isn’t it?

        Stock market has doubled in value under Obama–to record-high level. Corporations are bragging about historic records. Productivity is way up.

        Are you trying to tell us all that wealth is not “trickling down”?? That can’t be. Supply-Siders say all you have to do is throw more corporate welfare at them and they’ll give us jobs. Won’t they? Won’t they??

        • ah, hello, what book are you reading …. record high levels in the stock market , Corporations bragging about historic records, productivity way up … hello … where are you !!! Come on in to the real world , It was just reported that the unemployment figures that were reported just around the last debate were wrong, gee California did not get there figures in on time.. or some jibber… dude, really pay attention . with all respect it is not a pretty picture.

          • espy:

            OMIGOD. I was wrong. I looked it up.

            Today’s DJIA closed at 13551.

            That’s according to Rupert Murdock’s Wall Street Journal (print version of Fox News):


            Just after Obama got into office, the market had fallen to 6550. Silly me. If the market had ONLY doubled, it would be at 13100.

            YOU’RE RIGHT–the market has MORE than DOUBLED under Obama.

            • OH–and corporate profits.

              FORTUNE MAGAZINE tells the story.


              It says corporate profits have increased 16.5% in one year–to an ALL-TIME HIGH of 824.6 Billion.

              That beats the next highest increase of 785 Billion, back in the BOOM year of 2006.

              And BUSINESS INSIDER points out that while corporate profit margins are at an ALL-TIME HIGH,

              Wages, as part of the economy, are at an ALL-TIME LOW:


            • so the stock market is up and wages are down, so what are you saying , we are better off now than we were 4 years ago ?? Do you not spend more.. actually quite a bit more on basic items, such as food and fuel ? So you think you are doing better now ??

            • Espy:

              Your point was that the middle class is suffering. Well, duh.

              My point was that there is lots and lots and lots of wealth at the top–with record profits and near record stock market values.

              So you cannot blame Obama for your plight. There’s PLENTY of wealth. It’s just being concentrated among the rich elite and very little is “trickling down.”

              And you think Romney wouldn’t make that worse???

            • I do not blame Obama for anything, As I said earlier he has disappointed me as a leader, He is very wealthy. Everyone works very hard at their jobs very hard and the stock market is doing better right now along with big oil companies now, hello big companies are doing better did he not say that was what he was going to change … it has been 4 years… it has not changed. I don’t know if Romney’s plan will be better, but can it get worse? I know in my line of work there are folks just hanging on waiting for hope and change and all they have seen is it getting worse.
              If I am running a company and that company was down graded several times and I am out on vacations having fun while the company in general is running a muck, I would probably be replaced, it would not matter what the company was like prior to taking the position , it was my job to put it back on the track and if failed so in the works of Donald Trump I would have to say “your Fired”. Let try another plan and hope it for the best.
              The man can give a thousand reasons why , oh the Republicans won’t work with me , oh it was the previous administrations fault, but the bottom line , its his job to bring it all together and he has failed to do so.

            • espy:

              No intelligent incumbent would EVER ask if you were better off today than you were four years ago. In 1960, there is no doubt that we WERE better off, but when Nixon spoke those words, he sealed his defeat.

              Americans, by nature, are dissatisfied. We always want things to be better, so we never settle. And that’s one of the things that keeps making us successful, despite the odds.

              So it does not surprise me at all that people are not wildly impressed that we were in total free-fall, like in 1929. But instead of Hoover’s record of going from 3% to 25% unemployment, our rate didn’t even get as high as the rate under Reagan.

              The difference is that Reagan didn’t spend all his time trying to convince you how bad your life was, and that America is doomed.

              The way I see it, Obama kept us from going through the horrors that Hoover brought us to. And so, YES, things could have been much worse. So the question is, at this point, should we stick with the guy who kept us from total disaster, or switch? And if we switch, to whom?

              Question number 5 last night was “how are you different from Bush”? And Romney carefully avoided saying he would do ANYTHING different from Bush regarding the economy. The ONLY economic point was that he would, supposedly, balance the budget. YET, in speech after speech, he keeps talking about MORE spending and LESS taxation.

              So we have a choice between a guy who didn’t deliver Utopia, but kept us out of hell. OR–a guy who is George Bush with a rich fantasy life.

            • I should clarify, that in addition to asking are you better off today, ROMNEY is the one who is always trying to convince you of gloom and doom, unlike Reagan.

            • oh and by the way, ask the ‘Wealthy if they are better off than they were 4 years ago” no they are not , probably just breaking even about right now.

            • espy:

              (A) There is no question that the wealthy are WILDY and INCREASINGLY more better off, and are ALWAYS better off, because in a depression/recession, they can buy at a discount a lot of stuff the rest of us have to give up. The disparity in wealth has never EVER been this great.

              BUT, you are right:

              (B) If you ASK them if they are better off, they will tell you they don’t have enough, no, they don’t have enough, they won’t ever have enough.

    • Your not taking into consideration the number of people that have given up looking for Jobs that aren’t there! Pres. Obama as far as I am concerned just broke even. Frankly I am tired of our hard earned money (what little we get) goes overseas instead of staying in our country. I am tired of a President who feels the need(for whatever reason) to be on talk shows. He is a waste of time as far as I am concerned.

  5. Seth Green,

    It is voters like you who are the ruin of the country.

    Politicians tell fibs…that is the unfortunate truth. You will find that in fact checking both candidates. What you will find with Romney, that Obama doesn’t have, is a history of success other than just winning elections.

    Obama did not kill Bin Laden. Seal Team Six killed Obama, and all the information that led to the ability to do so was collected using tactics tha Obama openly opposes. The courier, his whereabouts, and his dealings were all the result of intelligence gathered in the Bush Admin ……

      • How is he delusional? It’s easy to call someone names but I wonder why you didn’t bother to explain how, not even one word. Could it be that you don’t really know? Are you just upset that someone wrote something contrary to what you’ve been told?

      • Believe me … If you vote for Obama, you will wish you were in Kansas … in one of those old missile silo , away from everyone… protecting all of your worldly goods.

    • Are you kidding me??? If bush gathered all this intelligence about the where abouts of Bin Laden then why did he not take any action? Was he just sitting around twirling his thumbs knowing where Bin Laden was? If you look at Romney’s stances on different political issues he flip flops on many of them and cant come up with a single stance on anything. I also do now want someone that is clouded with their religious beliefs as president. The leader of a country as great as ours should have a clear direction to where he is headed and base his decisions on the wellbeing of every citizen not certain individuals based on their economic, religious, political or social ties. You my friend are the roadblock to the success of this nation.

  6. On the planet Utopia, where the doors swoosh open and shut just like they do on the Starship Enterprise, they will applaud everything that Obama says. In Venezuela, every time Barack says “fair chance” Chavez will down a beer and shout “Go my brother!”.

    Folks that live in the real world are going to look for solid and pragmatic answers from Mitt again. It’s a battle between Socialism and Capitalism. The community organizer doesn’t have a chance.

    • The art of deception. I am CUBAN!!!! and proud of it. I’ll tell you this; living in Miami FL. doesnt make it easier. The reason YOU all want to make Obama seem weak in Central America is because he is so strong. I am an independant, I build AR’s I beleive in the death penalty.

      I didn’t vote for Obama in 2008, I am voting for the man who will make a diference for the little people “We the People” are the 99%.

      Do me a favor since your so close to chavez put some drano in his CUBAN rum.

      By the way if Cuba wasn’t a freking Island we would have gotten the bstrds.

      Venezuelans should use this to their advantage.

      • If you have such a strong opinion, why not actually tell us what it is instead of attacking everyone else. You have not said anything at all aside from meaningless general statements like “he is so strong”. Tell us how. Right now you sound as though you are just defending a friend.

      • As a Cuban, I would ask, do you have legal status for your residency in Miami? You see, YOU said that you are a Cuban. You did not say that you are AN AMERICAN who came here from Cuba. To me, there are no Mexican-Americans, no Italian-Americans, no Cuban-Americans. You are either an AMERICAN who, like 95+% of us, has family roots that came from another country or you are NOT AN AMERICAN and you have no place even commenting on anything regarding our government. You may be proud of your heritage, but if you have adopted this country as your own, then call yourself an AMERICAN who came from Cuba.

        • Craig: It doesn’t matter. Our system declares all Cubans to be our guests and want to know if there is ANYTHING we can do for them.

          What Castro should do is give Cuban citizenship to all Mexican nationals. Har.

          • Yeah right, then their homicides would definitely spill over. Juarez has been ridiculous for the past 10 years. Something like 8 murders a day. That’s never acknowledged!

  7. I am concerned about Romney being able to be hard on China and him being able to creat jobs here in the USA being that Romney still owns stock in Bain all at the same time Bain bought a company called Sensata in Freeport Il and now has plans to close this plant down by the end of the year of 2012. Romney may not handle the business affairs of Bain but he sure does know who is handling those business affairs! Bain has plans to close the plant only to send all the jobs to China and they brought Chin’s workers to Il and had the Sensata American employees had to train the China employees. Why is Romney asking for votes if he won’t step up to the plate and workout a deal with Bain to keep these jobs here? If Romney is not going to step up while he is running for president what makes me think he will after he is president.

    • I live in Freeport Illinois. This town is dead because of a corrupt political system. Romney had nothing to do with the criminals and cronyism that comprise this hell hole! I moved here 8 years ago, they were threatening to close the plant back then… but wait Romney wasn’t running fro president then? He didn’t have stock in Econofoods, Dominoes, Jewel, and numerous other businesses I have seen close their doors! Typical!

  8. It also concerns me that Romney still owns stock in Bain. And closing down Sensata based in Freeport Il and sending these people’s jobs to China while Romney stil owns stock with Bain will still make money while these people of Freeport Il lose their jobs!

    • From the Obama appointed head of General Motors in 2011:

      “Our commitment to working in China, with China, for China remains strong,” said GM boss Dan Akerson in a 2011 visit to Shanghai. During that speech he also blurted out, “Seven out of ten of our vehicles were made outside the United States.”

  9. Amazing that the people have been bamboozled into thinking that either Barack or Mitt are a solution — when both are AGAINST these principles upon our Nation was built!

    PRINCIPLES we must stand by!

    “A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have….” Thomas Jefferson

    “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

    “When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered.” DOROTHY THOMPSON

    “Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will.” FREDERICK DOUGLAS

    “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.” —Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution (Philadelphia 1787).

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” EDMUND BURKE

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ABRAHAM LINCOLN

    Voting for either would be legitimizing the further corruption that seems to have no end!

    VOTE for Garry Johnson — or face the dire consequences of failing to do so — TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • I guess the question is which is worst of the evil?? one who feels that he can LEAD AMERICA back to a prosperous nation or one who wants to control all aspect of our lives and for all AMERICANS to be dependents of the Government

  10. Just a comment on the jobless rate being down, Its not down its just that the umemployment benefits for many have run out and people are still at home with no income. They only count the people on unemployment when they caculate the jobless rate, so if there is no more benefits then that person is not counted, hmmmmmmmm.

    • They sure don’t mind counting the people who stopped looking for work.Since when do we count the people who quit looking for work as unemployed?Unemployable maybe!It’s not hard to see why.If they would get out of there parents basement and find a job maybe they could contribute to the economy.Oh thats right,they wouldn’t want the numbers to look to good now that we are so close to the election.They will just wait until after it to look for work.So typical of the republican party.Maybe that masters in drinking games isn’t the field it used to be.Or maybe they have a degree in fundamentals of dance theory.I hear there 600,000 jobs that can’t be filled right here in the states because they have no one qualified to fill them.A fine generation of kids these days.Ever think that maybe we as parents have alot to do with the problem

      • Gary: We call people “unemployed” when they seek an unemployment check. If they don’t ask for it, they are not on the list. If they run out of benefits they’re no longer on the list. It’s always been figured that way.

      • I am one of the UNEMPLOYABLE. I have a very unique set of credentials and I haven’t worked much since I was laid off from an university 18 mos. ago. So the unemployed numbers are much higher than stated.

        • Bevterp:

          But it is ALWAYS that way. I remember Tommy Smothers complaining about that on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1968. . . .

    • What about the stories the media won’t run? People living in RV’s, Over half of the Wall street occupiers are Homeless, gas twice as High but thank goodness it all looks great on the outside of the cup! Truth be told, it makes me sick how I feel all the people in our country suffering and for what? Progress? I do not believe we can move forward until the country is steered back on course so we do not leave so many good Americans Behind! ROMNEY/RYAN 2012

  11. Obama wouldn’t know the truth if it slaped him upside his head,I pray that Mr Romny wins this race !! Wake up people ! Obama does not care about you,What has he done in over three and half years ? He has has aded six trillion to our deficient,When four Americans were killed he heads off to Vagas ! To put it in a nut shell he is a liar.Don’t be fooled ,This has nothing to do with skin color at all,It has to do with the fact that He lies ,he uses People,Doesn’t have a clue or even care about what you are going through. Mr. Romny is an up standing man with morals,
    He will bring the USA back , I’m sure he will not go around the world apologizing for America.He will take care of our military,He knows how to bring the jobs back. He will salute and respect our flag, He loves and respects America !! God Bless The USA !!

    Wanda in ALabama

    • Slapped up side the head huh wanda.I can only guess this is a common thing for you.Is that how you get what you want?I hope you slap those hands together and pray and what about mitts kids.Why haven’t any of his 5 sons been in the military?If obama doesn’t care,then why do 4 million kids now have health insurance that didn’t have it before,and why are women getting better health care now.Just abunch of scare tactics that just worry our seniors.You all should be ashamed of yourself.Stick with something your good at mitt,like off shore banking!!!Oh and acting,like you know what the other 47 percent think!!

  12. Booby:

    In the last thread, Steven King said
    mitt romney is a “Terreroist”

    Now you say
    Obama is a “Terrorsrist”

    I think you guys have TERRible spelling.

        • Linda…LOL! But all heed.


          Voting for either Barack or Mitt would be legitimizing further the corruption that seems to have no end in the aim to destroy Americans’ Freedoms and Prosperity!

          If Barack or Mitt win — Free America ENDS in 2012!

          VOTE for Garry Johnson — or face the dire consequences of failing to do so — TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!

          (Would love to write-in Dr. Ron Paul — but ALL indications are that such write-in votes for Ron Paul will be screened and then thrown out — that’s how much the Establishment fears the Good Doctor!)

          • The BO wants to destroy our Freedoms and our Nation!

            But, If Mitt gets into the White House — expect An American Tragedy!

            Mormon Mitt won’t allow Catholic Ryan to be anything but his doormat (to be disposed of when the time comes).

            His 5 Mormon Sons are getting groomed to take over…and create a Dynasty of little Mormon Mitts for decades to come!

            Now, that is truly scary!!!

  13. If you own stock in a company does that mean you can control what goes on in the company, I think not only if you own over 51% of its shares do you have a say in the process. How many of you have 401k, (which by the way Obama wants to take control of) you don’t have any say in those companies that those stocks for your 401k are invested in. YOu may be able to vote on certain issues in that company but that doesn’t mean that your vote will win.

    If you support Obama that is fine, if you support Romney that is fine, But don’t not support Romney just because he is a rich man. Maybe if Obama knew how to make money he wouldn’t be spending more than all of the past presidents combined.

    Obama is the president now, why didn’t he stop all those jobs from going to China?

  14. I think that both Men that’s running for Office really don’t care for the Americans all they care for is what they can get out of us. Obama said that he would have the economy and people back to work, Instead we are more in debt then all the Presidents before him combined. He also said if he could get us out of debt then he shouldn’t be reelected or shouldn’t run for a second term. I think we CAN’T afford another 4 yrs. of this, if we do I don’t think this but I know that we all will here in America go under.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What? Are you being fecetious? Obama didn’t do anything to put America anywhere, all he has done is appologize for America. Bush is the one who put America everywhere and it was the inteligence that the Bush people gathered that took care of Binladen not OBAMA! I would hate to have seen what would have happened on Sept 11 2001 had Obama been in office. Heaven help us all if Obama is in another 4 years.

        • Yvonne:

          I wish that were true. BUT the truth is that ALL of Obama’s projected military spending is HIGHER than every other year in American history.

          Reagan’s average was about $225 billion.
          Clinton’s average was over #300 billion.
          Bush’s average was about $450 billion.
          Obama’s average is projected at about $900 billion.

          Terrible cuts, eh?

          Check the charts from BUSINESS INSIDER:

          The United States has FIVE PERCENT (5%) of the world’s population. But we spend almost 70% of the military spending in the world.

          • @ Goethe: Oh, gosh….you say Bush only spent 450 billion and Obama spent 900 billion projected??? so much for his (and Biden’s) assertion that Bush run up all the debt on the 2 wars… looks to me like Obama spent a chunk of the taxpayer’s change. (about double to Bush)

            • Yvonne:

              Oh, I forgot. These wars are not “spending,” because Bush said we aren’t planning on paying for them during your lifetime.

  15. I’d love to hear questions about the philosophy of federal taxing, not just discussion of the current tax bills before congress. I see the government taxing to influence behaviour instead of just covering expenses of the government performing constitutiuonal duties. I also see taxing based on spending what the government wants to spend and then trying to cover it instead of first deciding how much is fair to take away from a person and then using that to determine how much is available to spend, making the hard choices to fit the spending into that. It’s too easy for politicians to say yes to everyone and then tax and borrow to pay instead of having to make and explain their prioritized choices.

    Government should have to budget like we do at home. See what your income is and then prioritize and allocate. Not spend first and then borrow and tax to cover it.

    Regardless of how much money someone makes, we should all be able to come up with some percent at which we say, it’s just not right to take away a persons property beyond that point.

  16. Why don’t you people look at the facts and then ask yourself who would be better. Job creation sucks, debt doubled, failed policies. Im not saying that Romney is a saint by no means but Obama has sealed his entire life and won’t show us why or who he really is. If all you want are free hand outs, free phones, food stamps then keep the piece of poop. I want to earn my living and do it myself and no rely on the government. Will I ever have millions of dollars, probably not but i’ll be happy. This president needs to go back where he is from, Kenya, Hawaii I dont really care.

  17. Hello,

    Please someone ask both Obama and Romney, which one will agree that the 1st home mortgage tax deduction which not be taken away. Tha would kill the housing industry dead.

  18. Do the Liberals actually believe what they are saying. Bigger government will fix everything. Right, look at Europe, that’s what they want the U.S. to become.
    Did Hillary Clinton take one for the team? What a team player she is. Does not the buck stop at the President’s desk. I doubt an underling can make the calls she supposedly made.

  19. I have two questions for both candidates.
    First, do you support a strict interpretation of the Constitution or a loose interpretation of the Constitution?
    Second, do you support a tight monetary policy or a loose monetary policy?

  20. Guys, have you ever thought where we were in end of Bush administration in 2008. Economy was upside down, when Obama took office it was in 9 trillion deficit… what do you think would it be so easy to make 9 trillion profit… in just 4 year. You are talking 18 Trillion earnings in 4 years.. Just do the math 4.5 Trillion earnings a year. How come romney will cover up that debt just saying i will take care of it just elect me… is it a joke.. Thank to Obama who at least stabilized the economy. If it was Republican then it would have been red alert all over the US same as there flagship.. I dont think thats needed. Obama is doing all he can and he is right on track just support him and he will lead us to our destiny same like Clinton did. God bless Obama and God bless America… 🙂

  21. My roommate gets out of work late will there be a loop of the debate after the live stream, why i ask is this is our only means of “tv”

  22. Don’t you people understand that Obama had 2 full years of an overwhelming Democrat majority in the House and the Senate; recently, for the past year and a half+ he has had to deal with a Republican dominated House, but he still has a Democrat majority in the Senate. For his first 2 years in office, the Democrats could pass any legislation that they truly wanted to pass. All of the things that Obama is promising now, he could have done during these first 2 years. You all have to be products of the American public school system in order to be so mis-informed of the truth!

    • Bobby, well, of course, he did have to deal with the worst financial panic since 1929 first.

      In the same equivalent time, Hoover let unemployment go from 3% to 25%. The current unemployment rate is back under 8%. The stock market has DOUBLED to record-high level. And so on.

  23. I just want to know how President Obama takes credit for killing bin Laden, but Clinton takes the blame for Libya? As Commander in Chief, if he gets credit for one, he has to take credit for the other.

    • J:

      Because Obama walked in the door and said his MAIN goal would be to get bin Laden. Because Obama personally approved the operation.

      In the case of Libya, nobody knew it was going to happen. Even the ambassador’s father says YOU should not be making his death a cheap political talking point.

      • @ Goeth you stated “nobody knew it was going to happen” Wrong on every level. 13 prior attacks against the embassy and one that breeched the wall should have been their first clue.

          • @ Goethe: Just sayin… if somebody starts chuckin grenades at you, (13 attacks) do you think you should perhaps duck and cover or do you sit there and say – oh nothing serious going on here… You don’t keep people in harm’s way when you know the *&^% is going to hit the fan… 13 prior attacks??? Go back to sleep and pull the covers over your head GB. I met Obama when he was a young senator and he and Michelle were lost on the back roads of Ft. A.P. Hill. He was lost then and he’s been lost ever since….

            • Climate:

              It amazes me that some people want to say Obama is personally to blame for this tiny intelligence failure, but Bush bears NO blame a all for 9/11.

              I think also it’s significant that the FATHER of the slain ambassador says he is satisfied with the reports so far about the administration response, and is appalled that YOU are using it for cheap political points.

            • Climate:

              Well, let’s see now. . .

              Rupert Murdock’s (Fox News’) Wall Street Journal says we closed today at 13551. The low was 6626, just as Obama took office. Let me see. . .


              By golly, you’re right. If he market had only DOUBLED, it would be only 13252.

              I stand corrected.

  24. Looking foward to tonight’s 2nd presidential debate. I would like to find out how to ask a question to the 2 candidates. I think the one, of many, questions that I would like to ask the candidates is how they would view women’s healthcare issues if it was their spouses that were facing some form of cancer and their only access to healthcare was through the public assistance that the Romney campaign wants to eliminate.

  25. The founding principles of this country have slowly but surely gone astray. We have a choice now to preserve what little morals and ethics this country was built upon. Obama took on a crappy hand, yes he did. However what he has done/doing with that crappy hand is not in the best interest of The United States of America. Big government, big spending, a choke hold on what for hundreds of years Americans have laid down their lives for. When the Bush Era was over we needed a change. I hoped Obama or anyone could fix but he hasn’t and to me there is NO EXCUSE. I need a change now and I hope Romney gets his chance. PS Joe Biden is a immature childish prick. Believe in America!

    • Kind of hard to believe in a system of government when the Republican members of the House of Representatives blockade every single piece of legislation that might have any glimpse of hope for the American people. It’s a lot easier to point the finger, wave it, and state “Shame on you” at one particular person. When certain representatives come out in public, case in point Mitch McConnell, and state that they’re not going to do anything in order to make the President a one-term president is reprehensively irresposible. It goes against everything that our elected members of Congress were sent to Washington to do—AND THAT’S TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!! Since when does creating a blockade help THE PEOPLE?

    • LOL. Calling someone a “childish prick” is what? Mature, and thoughtful? OK, you had a bad day, week, year, and are a bit grumpy, but let’s try to keep the debate factual and as non-hormonal as possible.

  26. Just found a cool app on my smartphone called SHOUT. You can interact during tonight’s debate with LARRY KING as well as other viewers by sharing your opinions and predicting what will happen…check it out on your smartphone shout.tv/play

  27. We hear all the time about what the candidates think they can do for “Small Business” in America. What I haven’t heard is THEIR definition of “Small Business”. How does each of the candidates define that? Is it based upon number of employees? Is it based upon yearly net income or gross sales/service fees?

    • It may be defined using any of the criteria suggested. However, in this case, Obama definition is very simple: a small business is a business that is not making more than $250,000 a year. He always stated that 97% of the businesses are of this kind as opposed to 3% that are making more than $250k a year.

      Romney has, no surprise, a more slippery definition as it has to accommodate higher-income people/corporations as per Republican economical doctrine. According to Romney, a “small business” is one that have less than 500 employes.

      This exceeds the acceptable number anywhere in the world (compare 250 employees in US vs 50 in EU… it is quite aberrant as it is 250, 500 is double, but it always served Republican purpose… people have to be fooled somehow).

      A more important issue is the fact that Romney as all Republicans regard many other things that do not generate jobs in their definition of “small businesses” (for example, “hedge funds”).

      Also it seems to regard parts of corporations as being independent small businesses, where they clearly are not (for example an Apple store is a “small business” in Romney’s opinion).

      This slippery definition and the trickle down economy that justifies tax cuts to upper-income people constitutes the base of Republican doctrine. They are indeed no smarter than this circus, but many people are fooled to believe it is in their interest to support these privileged 3% with extravagant tax cuts so they will continue to pay less taxes than you an me in the future as well.

      • Greg,

        Are you confusing the $250k for an individual’s annual income threshold or for the income of a “small business” (as you stated) with reference to Obama’s definition of such?

        The reason I ask is because I am familiar with several “small businesses” whose incomes are far more than $250k but by no means whatsoever are the owners enjoying such a profit margin much less such a salary. In fact, and I will use only one example here, one such business does about $1.3m in sales but the owner’s salary is about $130k after all is paid out to operate the business. I should hope that we as a society are not so envious and spiteful of someone who happens to be successful and work for themselves, that we want such a person to be taxed as if they are Exon-Mobil.

        There are plenty of people that make $20k more than my friend by simply being someone’s employee; without taking the numerous additional risks required to be a business owner, not to mention the enormous cost he bears for his and the family’s medical insurance. Being a business owner is not all wine and roses as the “Tax the rich” crowd seem to preach day-in-and-day-out.

        Kind Regards,

        • William, I agree with you – a small business could have quite a lot in revenues but then need to spend it to keep the business running rather than getting to keep much if any for profit. I would be interested in finding out how the president defines it. The federal Small Business Administration has various definitions depending on the industry, based on the number of employees. For telecommunications companies, for example, the SBA defines a small business as 1500 or fewer employees. Perhaps the president uses the SBA’s “small business” definitions since they are already part of federal law in this country?

      • Once again a democrat not following estblished rules set by the government. The definition of a small business is well defined. But to serve your own purpose you tread on the law and create your own rules. And why wouldnt you. You’re just following the lead or in this case your leader.

        • LOL. That’s kind of a snarky reply, an overgeneralization, and doesn’t contribute to the conversation.

          Isn’t the $250,000 you refer to, the net income of the business owner, and in the case of an SCorp, the net profit of the business passes through to the individual according to the percentage that he or she owns. So to my knowledge, it is still an individual income tax and not fundamentally a tax on the business itself. C-corps are treated differently. And I would guess that LLCs are treated in the same manner as Scorps.

          So no one is making up their own rules.

      • I think its not fair that people build these big businesses and then get to keep all of their money. They should be forced to give more of it to people the government thinks deserves it.

      • let me ask this question. Do you think someone earning $250k/year in a place like NYC is the same as a person earning that same amount, say, in Little Rock, AR? Because a family is certainly not living high on the hog in NYC on that amount of money. Sure, they are not poor… but wealthy? that’s ridiculous.

    • Indeed, this a question that became a muddled mess in the “Fact Checks” and it is analysed here…http://www.the-lighthouse.net/3-percent-obama-romney-small-business/

      The Federal Government and the SBA among others define small business as any firm that employs less than 500 people. However, this has nothing to do with Obama’s tax increase which will hit pass-trough business rather than those taxed as Corporations.

      It is true that these two groups are very much related, but they are not the same.

  28. Do you know if you watch this “live stream” after the debate starts if it will take you to where the debate currently is or start at the beginning?

    • With a live stream like this you will usually not be able to ‘rewind’ to the beginning if you aren’t watching it when it starts. However, they will surely have a full video posted to view after the debate is over.

    • starts when you start watching, Live feed picks up the same as watching a baseball game online, you can read updates but what you miss you miss-

  29. what i want to know is if romney got a plan for american people, he should let us know what his plans are. lets wait and see who wins tonight debates. you can also join the debate live on SKYNPLANET.COM

  30. I applaud the spelling guy. That’s the laser focus we need in this country; a guy who rambles aound the internet randomly spell-checking. Here’s to you spelling guy!

    • Completely:

      I assume you’re talking about me. I only make a point of it if someone is being an idiot in what he says and then also looks like an idiot in the WAY he says it.

      But I also point it out when it is just funny:

      Like the guy who called Ryan a “political WANK.”

  31. I worked the ‘small business’ market as a career insurance agent. I saw the small business GROW when they got the support FROM Washington. Try to run a business…keep those working on payroll… and THEN pay your personal expenses. NOT easy to do. The little guy gets to keep what’s left over AFTER business expenses. THIS is what it’s all about. Take away ‘small’ business… and you take away ‘AMERICA’. Wise up out there… those who don’t ‘pull’ the wagon… and like ‘sitting’ in the wagon. Let’s create JOBS…NOT Big government. Let’s put an import tax on Chinese goods as they’re ‘scanned’… and that will slow DOWN the flow of goods FROM China… and put OUR folks to work. We CAN do it…IF you believe IN America. My Dad went to the 4th grade… I grew up in a project… and served IN the military. I put MYSELF through college because I believed IN myself. THIS is what calls foreigners TO America… the opportunity to use your God-given talents and BE the best you CAN be. It’s called ‘giving’… and NOT ‘taking’.

  32. …So you KNOW who I’m voting for! …One who KNOWS the business world…economics… and has common sense… Romney! Don’t beat up on those who ‘pull’ the wagon. Our politicians go in poor and come out rich! They… the crooked ones in Washington who just ‘talk’… need to GO!

    • Just like Silvio Berlusconi, a business man! And he knows how to get more profit for his business by shipping those jobs to China, and funneling money offshore! Yes, let’s elect someone who knows how to make us all unemployed.

      • I’d like to know how many families you have supported. I run a business and only have one employee. She gets paid before I do. I have paid many of my bills late because that is just the way it is. I sed to have 2 employees, but, when the last girl left I literally danced with joy at the office. She was so lazy, I finally got to a point that I would show her the finished product (that I completed with no assistance), ask her if she had called the client like she is supposed to… and finally started telling her.. see.. this is your paycheck.. if you don’t call to get this customer in here.. you don’t get paid. of course, there is absolutely no protection for me, so I couldn’t do that.. but, let me tell you, a valuable employee.. you keep happy. Dead weight… it’s gotta go.

        • Cindy: I’ve had several businesses, going way back, but employing others since 1989. I feel your pain, but I have absolutely no idea what you’re trying to say.

    • Romney, knows business.
      He is well spoken, gunine….and we know he will keep this a free America.

      Obama wants Socialism…well versed Muslim….take that to the bank.
      I really believe Romney will win this election…
      All the money in Hollywood…unless there are cheaters won’t help Obama.

    • Jerry:

      I’ve had my own business since 1989.

      And to answer your question,

      The stock market has DOUBLED under Obama, according to the Wall Street Journal.

      Corporations are posting ALL-TIME RECORD profits, according to Fortune Magazine–beating the previous record in boom year 2006.

      Oh, yeah, these guys are really “trickling down” jobs, aren’t they? Puts a lie to the “job creators” myth.

  33. I wish I were at that debate tonight, as I have something I would like to ask. If our economy is recovering, and if things are getting better, why are companies still laying off, stating lack of work? If the economy was honestly growing, wouldn’t the “work” be there? In the past 4 months, I have known of 4 different lay offs. 2 from different companies, but both major manufacturers & global, 1 a local machining company, and 1 from government. Can you please explain that?

    • Mass layoffs occur when the economy is growing and when it is in recession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics maintains a data series on mass layoffs which is easily found on their website or through a google search.

      Mass layoffs can occur for a variety of reasons, as well. During the height of globalization many thousands of jobs were lost to mass layoffs as companies offshored production. Meanwhile the economy kept booming.

      I’m not suggesting the economy is booming now, but neither is it crashing.

      The truth about the economy is that a large part of growth in the years before the financial crisis hit was driven by the erosion of our aggregate savings rate. There are many folks who are in debt to credit card companies, mortgage companies, and student loans (to name a few). This is money spent driving yesterday’s economy. As folks pay down debt, the economy is slowed. This is especially true now as businesses are not investing at sufficient rates. The economy is growing, and jobs are being added each and every month, but we also have a large population of folks without jobs who are not properly trained for the current job market. So businesses complain – and rightly so – that they can’t find appropriately skilled labor while the unemployed/chronically unemployed complain that there are no jobs (and what they really mean is that there are no jobs in their area that they are qualified for).

    • Because companies don’t like an unstable economy, albeit profitable one, as measured by the stock market recovery. So instead of hiring, companies are saving their cash. (Like Apple which is sitting on a Mt. Everest of money, and employs cheap labor in China, as pioneered by Bain Capital.) And as long as the Republicans are playing games with the budget, and Europe is playing games with the Euro, business owners are hesitant to hire.

      We have a regulated free market economy. Why is it that when things go well, the government has nothing to do with it, and when things go poorly, it is governments fault? People are trying to make simplistic arguments regarding a complex process. Like elect a businessman and everything will be solved. Wasn’t Herbert Hoover a businessman?

      I’ll give Romney this — Bain probably did create a lot of jobs, but in reality a lot of them are $0.99/hr jobs in China. The middle class is dying, and we’re letting it die.

    • Stephanie:

      I agree. The stock market has DOUBLED since Obama took office–according to Rupert Murdock’s WALL STREET JOURNAL.

      FORTUNE MAGAZINE reported that Corporations have announced ALL-TIME RECORD EARNINGS–beating the record set in boom year 2006.

      There’s plenty of money UP THERE. It just ain’t “trickling down.”

      That explains it.

  34. I’d like to know why ALL presidential candidates aren’t allowed at the debate. Seems a little unfair. Why were the others arrested for attempting to go?

    • Lyndsey: ABSOLUTELY. The debates are owned and operated by a partnership of the Republican and Democratic Parties. They do NOT want competition, so we get what they want us to see.

      In another thread, we agreed that ANY candidate who is on enough state ballots, that candidate should be on the stage.

      Of course, in Michigan, the GOP filed a lawsuit to keep Gary Johnson (Libertarian) off our ballot–on the flimsy (and not previously enforced) idea that he had previously run in a primary for a different party.

  35. I plan to tune into Democracy Now! to watch their special live debate show tonight from Hofstra University. They always have guests, which offer analysis you don’t hear anywhere else. They’re also going to expand the debate by hosting three of the third party presidential candidates on their show Wednesday morning at 8-10am. You can watch live at http://www.democracynow.org/

  36. As a registered Republican (since Eisenhower when the marginal tax rate for those making over $400,000 was 92% and the long term capital gains rate was 25%) , I am voting for Obama because the tax plan proposed by Ryan and endorsed by Romney makes no sense, we need infrastructure repair (Eisenhower interstates) and we need to preserve the gains we have made for minorities and women.

  37. My statement: In 2008 I was a single Mom raising two teenage boys alone. I worked for minimum wage, even though I had was skilled as an all breed pet groomer. If you ever needed a pet groomed you understand what we do.
    Two years ago I was able to find work again as a pet groomer, earning at least $1000 per week. I didn’t mind paying the taxes the government required me to.
    Over the past two years my income has decreased to only $200 a week or less. I have lost two places I tried to give my boys a place to live. When I knew I was not able to support my boys any more, because of my income. I pushed both of them to do the best they could. The placed were we lived was Shawnee, OK, there is not alot of jobs there now. Both of my boys went to work for a temp service, the only work available. thank the Lord one was able to get on temp service, that was my oldest. My youngest, the one whose father never wanted to know him or his full blood older brother, left invisible scares on my boys. What I am asking is my oldest works for GE and my youngest is in Afghanistan. What are your plans to bring my/ and other families back together?

  38. Everthing of substance Obama, and his lackys will lie about. Be ready you conservative whites to defend yourself come election time.

    • Right on, Tom. The white house has not been about substance in a long time. First time may have been a mistake, second time….. well, let’s just say that our society as we know it is crumbling beneath our feet in the american public is ignorant enough to vote this clown in again. It’s bloody pathetic, to be honest.

  39. There is only one fact that needs to be taken into account tonight: THE LAST FOUR YEARS HAS BEEN A CHAOTIC DISASTER WITH OBAMA AT THE HELM!!!! Americans have ceased to use their brains, basing their vote on style, charisma and good marketing. This is the only reason why we have what we have right now. People need to use their GOD given brains and put a real leader in charge of this country …. a leader that is not afraid to be proud of our nation, our veterans, our CAPITALISTIC society, our CULTURE (yes, we do have our own culture here, despite what some may believe) and make no apologies for being the best country in the world.

    • Sarah:

      No, Obama STOPPED the chaotic disaster.

      Last time this happened, Hoover let unemployment rise from 3% to 25%.

      Both presidents came into the situation at about the same point. The difference is where we were at the end of their first term.

  40. Stop the partisan fighting. The government has a definition which has been in place for many years. Forget individual perceptions and use the U.S. Small Business Administration qualifications. I know some of you don’t like that but THAT is the definition. http://www.sba.gov. The government determines when you qualify for the SBA loans based on being a defined small business.

  41. The general definition of small business, according to the SBA, I believe is any business that does $1 million or less in annual business. That’s why candidates do not specify, the SBA defines it.

    • Dave: I don’t think either candidate means “Small business, as defined by the SBA.” It’s like saying someone is “tall.” If you don’t specify the criteria, you can identify anything by your own standards.

  42. With the state of the EU, what are the candidates plans to protect the US economy should the EU fall apart? Secondly, if the EU does fall apart, what are the chances of there being another war in Europe?

  43. Jill Stein, a legitimate Presidential nominee and her running mate Cheri Honkala were arrested for trying to participate in the debate.

    This isn’t representative democracy in action!

  44. Table of Small Business Size Standards

    To help small business owners assess their small business status, SBA has established a Table of Small Business Size Standards (pdf file /excel file), which is matched to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) for industries. The current table of size standards is based on the 2012 NAICS.

    The table of size standards can also be found online in the Small Business Size Regulations (published by the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations).

    Certain government programs, such as SBA loan programs and contracting opportunities, are reserved for small business concerns. In order to qualify, businesses must satisfy SBA’s definition of a small business concern, along with the size standards for small business.

    What is a Small Business Size Standard?

    A size standard, which is usually stated in number of employees or average annual receipts, represents the largest size that a business (including its subsidiaries and affiliates) may be to remain classified as a small business for SBA and federal contracting programs. The definition of “small” varies by industry.

    • Attention:


      Voting for either Barack or Mitt would be legitimizing further the corruption that seems to have no end in the aim to destroy Americans’ Freedoms and Prosperity!

      If Barack or Mitt win — Free America ENDS in 2012!

      VOTE for Garry Johnson — or face the dire consequences of failing to do so — TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!

      (Would love to write-in Dr. Ron Paul — but ALL indications are that such write-in votes for Ron Paul will be screened and then thrown out — that’s how much the Establishment fears the Good Doctor!)


        if obama wins do you want

        1. Micro chips inside ur body?
        2. support them lazy ass people who asking for welfare free food nd houses?
        3. he said he will discreased the debt in 2008 but uhhhhhhh HE DOUBLED IT zzzzz

        • … You are so misinformed it is so sad. Seriously, Microchips? You can’t be serious, Obama has never said anything about Microchip implantation. Also, no one is giving away houses. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a country where children do not have to grow up on the streets and hungry? Even if their parents have made mistakes in the past why should we make them suffer for it?
          And saying “Obama voters don’t know shit”… you do know that “dont” has an apostrophe and the part saying “he will decreased” (even allowing for the spell check) is not even close to proper english. Educate yourself, end of story.

        • Heheheh, microchips. What a perfect example of the stupid, opinionated people who ruin comments sections everywhere

        • If it were not for the lazy asses you are talking about your ancesters would not have made it because they were to lazy to do their own work.

    • romney is a rich, stupid american just like you, since you said that! blah blah blah! all you stupid americans

      • LOL @ blahblah im not rich im actually middle classs and i work hard then those dumb people who are lazy and depending on welfare free housing and food
        @ Sasha i fixed it if you can read low its a typo lol… and do you? the chips can be implanted learn to watch the news nowadays it was all over dumbasss dont say what you dont know..

  45. The only thing that the leftists have left is to portray Romney as an elitist that is out of touch with the “regular” people. The dems have tried to paint the republican party this way for decades…it is not going to work anymore. People are starting to figure out, when they grow up, that it is the MItt Romney’s of the world that cut our payroll checks… not the whiners that are put on the white house that give out record numbers of food stamps and welfare checks without challenging people to better themselves. NEWSFLASH: The more jobs that are created, the less dependent our citizens are on social programs…. its the businessmen that create the jobs, SUCCESSFUL businessmen..not the government… let Obama run on his record…THIS WILL BE HIS DOWNFALL!!! No more hollywood flash and panache, it is what it is: FAILURE.

    • Um…
      Romney IS an elitist who is out of touch with normal, middle-class people.
      Or did you miss that video of him telling his idiot financial backers that 47% of all americans are moochers, layabouts and lazy spongers?
      Can’t get much more elitist and out-of-touch than THAT.

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! I love how you highly educated people take one remark that someone made that was out of context and have to run with it. Is that really the best you can do? Pathetic.

        • Sarah: There was nothing “out of context” about the 47% comment. That WAS the context. The ENTIRE video is available, and his whole speech was about how HE (Willard) was a victim, because of some phantom 47% number that doesn’t even make sense, except in the confines of Willard’s head.

          Willard was playing victim, hoping the fat cats in the audience would throw more money at him.

    • Apparently its working to. Have you seen the TWEETS that go like, “Romney gonna take my food stamps, my welfare! He don’t care SO let’s riot”! This ANTI Romney..rich, successful, business from the most powerful millionaire in the world..the President! Hilarious…what scares me is the realization that the public has bought the BS more than anything…………

  46. how can the pres say that unemployment got better when hes not counting the people that lost the unemployment benefits last month as people still not working. these people are still unemployed and worst off now without their unemployment benefits.

    • It doesn’t matter if you are unemployed with or without benefits. Those two things, as far as the unemployment rate is concerned, the two are not even related.

    • There are more people employed at non farm payroll jobs in July which makes 29 straight months of growth.

      Looking at Bureau of Labor Statistics, “not in labor force” for ages 16-54 show an improvement (fewer people not employed) between June and July of 2012. An increase of “not in labor force” numbers for ages 55+ is not a criticism of job growth I agree with.

    • Hawaii:

      That’s the same complaint Tommy Smothers made in 1968. As long as you use the same criteria every time, it doesn’t matter.

      It’s like saying “but they don’t count four-year-olds!!”

  47. i hear there is a guy with a welly on his head who is running for president. would do better than mitt the wit

    • Wow ruin is a strong word have any points to back up your claim Ian, or are you just another hater without a logical reason?

      • I am a hater….. A hater of leftists, people who create class warfare, uneducated turds who get thier information exclusively from CNN and MSNBC, people who vote for a candidate based on race or sex, the “so called 99%” who whine and complain because they can’t get their college paid for and don’t have jobs, people that think that americans have to assimilate our culture to “embrace” everyone else’s,people that don’t realize that our laws and constitution were established to protect the american citizens FROM government, people that don’t realize that without some sort of value system..we will fall as a nation. Yes, I am a hater… proud of it.

  48. What happened to the press?

    You’d think they would correct fallacies when they hear it, on both sides.

    “Gas prices have doubled.”

    Simply not true.

    So many politicians on both sides, Red and Blue, have created these lies about their opponents that are EASILY checkable, yet nobody bothers to…

    I guess it gets ratings…

    • In January 2009 gas was $1.89 a gallon. Right now it is $4.16 a gallon. I’m told it’s over $5.00 in California. That’s MORE THAN DOUBLED.

  49. Why are they insisting that there are only two parties? The only way to truly restore America is to elect Gary Johnson, who is the true underdog in this election. ABC is obviously very biased.

    • Dallas:

      ABC had no say in the matter.

      The debates are decided by a commission that is made up equally of Republicans and Democrats. They decided that no other party need apply.

  50. i don’t like either of the presidential candidates. Obama’s plan to raise minimum wage to $9.00 is going to cripple small business and get people fired. Romney is forcing his Mormon belief on the U.S. Romney’s plan to make abortion illegal is going to cause a skyrocket in backdoor abortion. Do you know how many women and young girls will die due to this unsanitary practice? i’m just putting this out there so people can see my view. no matter who wins, the next 4 years is going to suck for US.

    • Me neither woof.. i don’t like either one of them as well i think we should get a whole new president altogether. Just saying

    • I think the same thing. I have had a hard time deciding I don’t like either of them strong enough to decide yet, but as a women I am afraid of the plans Romney Ryan have for women

  51. Ok, here’s something everyone REALLY should understand.

    The President does NOT dictate what happens to our country. He (one day she?) does NOT determine the budget, write laws, change the economy, or ANY of it.

    That is congress’ job.

    The President is a figurehead, most notably in the global arena. The President is the commander in chief of our Armed forces. The President can veto laws he does not agree with.

    Gas prices? Unemployment? That is CONGRESS’ job! But nobody blames their representatives for blocking a job creating bill because it was written by the opposing party.

    One should choose a president based on the values they represent, for better or for worse

    • Clark, you are incorrect. The president is NOT a figurehead.
      He sets foreign policy and pursues it. He sets domestic policy, and tries to steer the nation in that proposed direction. He sponsors diplomats and judges for congressional approval. He proposes laws. He is the Commander-in-Chief. He has a veto power. Laws must be signed by him in order to become laws. He leads our Great nation.
      He is not a figurehead.

      • I will second what you just said, and will also add, that it is said that Obama is one of few (if there were any) who did NOT set a budget.

    • Well said! People so blindly ignore this fact! That’s being said the Republican Party has backed doored us from the beginning. People should remember that they flat out said that was their plan for the next for years when Obama got office!

      • Weel, didn’t Obama PROMISSED during his First Campaign . HE would cut the buget in 1/2 ,have a Strong Economy and have 5 million jobs ..Good paying jobs ?? All Lies ! He must have been pinoccole in Walt disney film !

  52. Lets Go ROMNEY Americans if we change we need ROMNEY ROMNEY CAN CHANGE AMERICA FOR THE BETTER


  53. So why does the whole media and everyone have to defend Barack H. Obama? Why do they have to protect him and be sure he does all right tonight??? He is the president, for crying out loud. Why can’t he stand up for himself?

    • Because he has to hide behind the likes of Hillary CLinton … who probably would have made a better president than him. At least she has nads.

      • doubt hillary clinton would have done much better. congress is full of republicans so any option brought up by a democrat would have been dismissed by republicans who control congress and therefore decisions by the US government.

  54. Mitt Romney has proven himself to be a lying sack of #%£[email protected]”$;/[email protected] (u Figure it out)! If you’re an American, and you’ve been listening to what’s been coming out of his mouth (the last two years), and you still want to vote for him (Romney), then you’re nothing but a open/closet racist!!!!!

    • Open closet racist…Yep. Especially considering that I am black. The only thing Obama has done is provide blacks with a free ticket instead of expecting the same of them that he does of himself. So, I guess I am an open racist… but against who? Myself?

      • Well, Obama has covered up the slaughter of our troops AND denied it. hell, at the beginning of this stream, the doing the walk by interview said, “So is Hillary responsible for Benghazi?” Obama=NO RESPONSE
        So, with that being said, I think Obama is a lying sack of shit. I’m white and voting Romney. My original vote was for Herman Cain, but he dropped.

  55. Mitt Romney has proven himself to be a lying sack of #%£[email protected]”$;/[email protected] (u Figure it out)! If you’re an American, and you’ve been listening to what’s been coming out of his mouth (the last two years), and you still want to vote for him (Romney), then you’re nothing but a open/closet racist!!!!!

  56. There are several problems with government programs. There are also several problems with corporate capitalism. The real difference we should focus on in this campaign is not the role of government vs. wall street in our lives. Neither one is going to change in the next 4 years. What we need to think about is how Obama represents honesty and compassion while Romney represents lies and greed.

  57. LOL I about died when the middle class woman called Obama out. You go girl! He hasn’t done anything for us and too many people are proof of that.

    • Gerardo: We aims t’ please. But wait till you get a load of Billy Malone. He’s a riot. He musta got lucky tonight, cuz he’s AWOL.

  58. Anyone who is out of work, in poor health, plain ‘ole poor, working for at or near minimum wage, a union worker, or just not a representative of a major corporation has NO BUSINESS voting for ANYONE who represents BIG business.

    I differentiate between BIG and SMALL business because I very much believe in supporting small business. BIG and SMALL business in this country cannot be thrown into the same basket.

    BIG business strives to take advantage of low wages WHERE EVER it can and then simply imports cheaply produced goods back into the US duty free. This undercuts SMALL business concerns here at home.

    A small business cannot compete with large corporations in the manufacture and sale of any goods in this country unless they have something that is perishable or expensive to ship.

    This pretty much limits small businesses to service type industries.

    Whoever you decide to vote for, make sure they understand that we need to protect our market for SMALL BUSINESS NOT BIG.

  59. Wow! People think putting Romney in the office is going to help the economy think again. If your town was not affected by his actions then you should not be talking. Romney is not for the poor or the ones that think they have money. If you feel Romney is for you then wait until he gets in office and you all will be saying the same thing, that you was about Obama. Obama did not create this mess, it was already there. Then again, I forgot he is an American American mix with Caucasian, but getting treated like sh**. Yep, if Romney get into office sure jobs will come along and that is it, cause Caucasians like to put Afro American in a place to try and clean up the mess that Caucasians made and come back later claiming that they the ones that fix the problem. People need to wake up and realize that they put whomever they want in office. Regardless, look at the Presidential race against Bush and Core. Do the math.
    I vote for whomever I feel can do the job not because of their skin color.

    • correction *- If you feel Romney is for you then wait until he gets in office and you all will be saying the same thing, that you *said* about Obama. Obama did not create this mess, it was already there.

      *try and clean up their mess that was created by Caucasians*

      *not because the color of their skin.*

    • Are You NUTS !! Obama Drama during his campaign ..PROMISSED ..PROMISSED ,Jobs, cut the debt in1/2 and a Strong Economy ! I guess you forgot,huh?

  60. what is so amazing to me is that there are five poeple running for president but if u only get your info from the media the radio or the news then u only know of two this is america right i mean if they did what was needed to be on the ballot dont u think they have a right to share the debate stage,…..well they show us two choices the two they want to be elected the funny thing is that obama and romney both have about the same policys they both like the patriot act the ndaa act and more #$%$ ones to follow im sure !!!

    • Well,nutty : How many is running for President ,right now ?? Only, 2 ! I will vote foe Romney and Ryan 2012 !

  61. hope this gets posted what is so amazing to me is that there are five poeple running for president but if u only get your info from the media the radio or the news then u only know of two this is america right i mean if they did what was needed to be on the ballot dont u think they have a right to share the debate stage,…..well they show us two choices the two they want to be elected the funny thing is that obama and romney both have about the same policys they both like the patriot act the ndaa act and more #$%$ ones to follow im sure !!!

    • When Romney said “Obama increased the number of people on Food Stamps” all the Obama supporters and future supporters just cheered “Yey!! Food Stamps!”

  62. Obama Drama is destroying America ! Instead of Forward Progress : Obama Admin. has been Backward Progress ! The Media is trying so hard to give Positive Image of Obama drama . We need directions NOT Borrowing More and More indebt! Another point is Illegal means Illegal ! WE have LAWS aginst illegal immigration ! Obama has failed to protect the borders of America. The Media is BIAS ..Don’t listen to these people ! IF, Obama is Doing SOOO GOOD . America would not be wanting Another President !

  63. How will making the minimum wage higher help anyone wont this action just drive prices even higher? Wont that break the small shop owner who is struggling now?

  64. Romney must not ever become president. It would be an unmitigated disaster.
    Millions of americans would be made homeless and hungry. Millions would lose healthcare benefits and insurance. Entire industries would be dismantled and sent abroad. Millions of americans would lose their jobs. Millions more would lose their pension benefits. This guy and his cronies are drooling, just dying to get their hands around the troat of our Great nation so that they can rip it apart and sell the torn flesh and bones to the highest bidder…they way Romney did while at the helm of Bain Capital.
    Romney is an economic rapist, and we will become his victims, if he wins.
    It would be the end of our Great Nation.
    Anyone but Romney, 2012

    • GO Romney he’s going to he me a job when I graduate. O I Boma is just conserned with solar energy that has wasted so much money.

      • So, You want Obama Drama to destroy America with Debt ? Promissing that he can’t deliver ,Jobs, strong economy ,cut debt in 1/2 !

      • hahahahahahahah!!!!! Who wants to screw over women? Im a black woman and see that the only thing democrats do for women is try to pass out birth control and assume that women aren’t educated enough to figure out their motives, which happen to be: keep the poor down and on welfare/foodstamps. They promote single family homes, don’t advocate for pro family agendas, and assume that minorities and poors don’t have the means to make it without “government help.” Democrats belittle minorities more than any republican ever could… by not building up our economy so that us “minorities” have jobs to go to. Wake up blacks, hispanics and all other non whites out there…. the democratic party has put a blindfold over your uneducated and desperate eyes to make you believe that they are the answer to your problems. The answer to your problems is that you need to stop calling yourselves victims to anything other than your own lack of motivation. If you took all of the “victims” out of the democratic vote, the party would be left with new england liberal snobs and socialists. As a black woman , I was once a democrat, then I grew up…started taking responsibility for my own actions…and realized that the government was not the answer to all my problems… THEY ARE THE CAUSE OF MANY PROBLEMS.

  65. So, is the Mormon card coming out tonight? About time for Obama to ask Romney about those magic underpants and holy golden tables… People have the right to know about the nomadic polygamist tribesmen that spawned their president…

    • LaBelle we are not talking about religion here!!! I could careless if he is a Morman!! He is the man for the job!!Obama has done nothing thiss last 4 years except put us in a terible way!! all he does is blow smoke up out asses!!

    • So if he was a…buddist smurf how would your colorful mind describe him? Lol!!! You people crack me up. So many ppl could careless his or Obama’s religion. Learn where we are, what each has done in there past PROFESSIONAL career, what they plan on for us in the future, and worry about that.

    • How about the muslim card? Or the welfare-laden social program food stamp card. Obama has already lost this election.

  66. How about this Slogan : Here goes : U Bombed Obama . Too Much Drama , Obama !!
    Vote for Romney and Ryan in 2012 and there will be Forward Progress : Instead of
    Backward Progress by the Obama Admin. Team ! Try telling the Truth sometimes ..Instead of all those Promisses YOU made during your Campaign for President,Obama Drama !!

  67. The people on this site are emotional and shallow. Not unlike Mitt, so please pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. When this is over, one of you is going to get a brain, one of you will get a heart, and one will get courage.

    • Wow… Just give me someone who can prevent total distraction of America. Obama didn’t do what he said n even in his campaign 4 yrs ago he said “if I can’t fix it in 4 yrs I won’t seek reelection” hmmm

  68. Sam Donaldson- what a liberal ninny- trying so hard to spin the first debate- Obama was being “nice”- well what what about Ryan- oh he was weak?

  69. Seems like just about everyone on here is out of touch. Ms information states the whiners give out record numbers of food stamps and welfare checks without challenging people to better themselves. The majority of poor people don’t choose to be and want to do better but may not have been afforded the same benefits as you. Do you really believe anyone would rather collect food stamps and lower their dignity to live in poverty day in and day out because you think they are making that much money. Book sense doesn’t always mean common sense though. The funny thing about welfare is everyone only sees the young single mom on them but ALL races receive assistance but no one degrades whites latinos Chinese or others of welfare fraud. Don’t step around around it step to the facts. Call that spade what it is.

    • Hey, I agree with You Welfare = welfare . which means if You keep taking handouts after handouts ..Not ,trying to better yourself ..You are heading for Obama Drama Socialism . Where YOU rely on the Gov. for help instead of yourslef !

      • It is easy to blame people on welfare, and I am sure it is sometimes abused. But how are you going to take care of those people who gave it their all and still failed? I don’t want to live in a country where grandma and grandma are homeless, and can’t get their medication just because the investor class stole their retirement plan. I heard recently that the government spends twice as much on corporate welfare than it does on all social programs combined. If that is true, then it seems like we could spend a little more on our social programs and balance things a little better. I want to life in a country where we care for and take care of each other.

  70. Obama is so low class and always blames someone else for his mistakes. He doesn’t do his one and only job which is to protect the American people. He puts Hilary out there to take the blame for HIS job. I really believe that because of his outright incompetence he MURDERED those 4 Americans. He thinks we Americans are so stupid to believe that he didn’t know they were asking for more security a month before the terrorist attact. Then he tries to blame the poor youtube video for the whole thing. He will not take responsibility for the mess he has made our economy. He is such a bad president, I fear what will happen if stupid American’s vote this incompetent narcissist back in the white house. He should just go off in the sunset and play his golf games and leave us alone. We would do a lot better without him.

    • Obama had his chance and failed America ! Now, he is trying to blame everyhting and eveybody for his WRONG decisions as President . Remember, Bush they pointed out soo many wrongs the Media ,Dems ,Libs and Now ..Obama drama does wrong nobody wants to say anything ! I wish President Bush was in OFFICE !!

    • He did take responsibility for the terrorist attach in Libya tonight! He said Hilary works for him so he is responsiable!

  71. I’m with Clark on this one! Let’s clean up congress and stop focusing on the “class presidents” that promise so much and don’t deliver! It feels like high school all over again– whomever makes the best promises and has the most friends and the most glitter on their posters wins. This is what we’ve come to…..

  72. Its funny how Obama inherited such a mess and made it an even greater mess! Don’t ever think the Obama administration has America’s best interest at heart. If that were true then why did he miss so many security briefings? We need a new president, and vice president. I am a registered Democrat, but after last weeks Vice Presidential debate, I am totally embarrassed to be in a party that has such a jerk as vice president. Wake up America!

    • DS, you shouldn’t be discouraged. It is true that Obama didn’t accomplish everything he hoped, but he has moved America forward in the right direction more than any president since Reagan.

    • DS:

      During the equivalent period, unemployment under Hoover went from 3% to 25%. While Obama has kept it pretty steady.

      That is while government jobs have been CUT by 3%.

      Meanwhile, the stock market has more than DOUBLED, to record territory. And corporate profits, according to Forbes, have set a record WAY above the previous record, set in boom year 2006.

      You mean. . .that wealth hasn’t trickled down to you yet??

  73. None of them is perfect but at least Romney wou’dn’t increase the debt. While China can easily reduce the value of $ and the increase it to, they can increase the debt of US dramatically! Socialistic Obama won’t have then money to subsidise his probgrams.

    Republicans will at least try to balance the budget. Vote for Mitt. He’s not 2nd Reagan yet he’s an enterpreneur leader suit for Presidency.

    • “Romney wouldn’t increase the debt”? I am not convinced. If you cut the taxes on the middle class by “70 billion” and “don’t increase the taxes on the rich” then where does the money come from? Romney is all lies, smoke and mirrors. He hopes you won’t notice yourself drowning in inflation.

    • Karol:

      You really should have watched the debates. Romney is promising EVERYTHING to EVERYONE and on top of it, CUTTING revenue. I thought Obama should have begone one answer with, “Thank you, Santa Claus, I assume you print money at the North Pole?”

  74. Mitt the Twit is from a freaking CLUT (mormon for you coached republicans). they cant even commit to a woman let alone to running a country. He lied on public TV the first debate and disgraced his party…but i guess everyone is so blind because apparantly its not what you say but how u say it. Uneducated voters will ruin this country and put it in the wrong hands.

  75. Really? Didn’t 8 years of Republican leadership kind of hurt? Just a little? And now you want what? Someone who switches his agenda every couple of weeks? Come on people. If you are so pro-GOP…go enlist in the Army….You’ll get to keep those borders safe yourselves.

    • Obama –4 yrs increased debt 5.2 Trillion dollars . Notice , I said –4 yrs 5.2 Trillion dollars ..President Bush –8 yrs only 4.89 Trillion dollars ..Notice -=8 yrs .4.89 Trillion dollars . Obama ha not protected our borders and LAWs of America !

  76. Have you people forgot!! Romney said let Detroit go bankrupt!! You know what that would of done to our economy if Obama wouldn’t of stepped up to offer the buy outs!!

    • I know its goig to break your heart ..But, Bush started the bailout for GM ,chrysler ,auto ..Obama just enlarged it. Now, WE are so idebt I don’t know what is going to happen ?? Obama enlarged the Debt to 16 Trillion !

  77. question #1….Romney’s answer NO specifics on how he’d make sure there are jobs for grads…just his WANTS…not freaking FACTS or SOLUTIONS!

  78. Just a thought… I’m sure Obama could turn this mess into his business if he wants to. Ever heard of bad things happen in October? Also most likely the presidents that have started a war had been re-elected.. If Obama wanted to he could turn all this around and “accidentally” fire the first shot in Isreal and get the votes he wants to win this.. But anyway fill up your gas ranks now because even though they are lowering to make you think thy Obama is doing something right for this country he’s just playin ya so you’ll vote for him an get him back Ito office. We need better choices for our president.

  79. ABC News, are you kidding me? If you keep repeating Obama campaign slogans in the captions to the debate, I’ll switch you off and turn on a more neutral channel.

  80. Will a federal agency be allowed to attribute the costs of pollution downstream to another state? The Clean Air Act is based on an understanding that high polluting power plants in midwest states, who didn’t want to regulate the industry, allowed emissions to leak across borders. This could come through water, air or other means. Without a federal agency present what will be the repercussions of Texas choosing to allow any and all drilling in the gulf?

  81. Say no to Romney. Two weeks ago he was totally against wint and solar power nad now he is for them. Did the polls tell him to do that?

  82. Why do I only see supporting information on the captions of the screen for the President and not his opponent? BIASED.

  83. Can we please phrase the questions: Without mentioning the other candidate can you answer this question:
    I am tired of hearing what each candidate has to say about the others policy etc, I want to hear what each candidate plans on their own!

  84. When will Romney admit that the Canadian people recognize that drilling the sand flats for that oil is the worst possible decision they have ever made.

  85. I am listening to the debate and I am so angry. I commute for work and I am proud of how the gas prices have been kept in check and so disappointed in Governor Romney’s rudeness and arrogance in his response to our President!

    • Kept in check? When Obama took office they were $1.89 a gallon. They are $4.16 a gallon down the block from me in Olympia, and over $5.00 a gallon in California. When Reagan left office gas was $1.08 a gallon. It took 20 years to rise 81 cents – and 3 1/2 years to rise $2.27

  86. The lies never end.

    Obama is not a coward, he’s on the same damn side. People intrinsically know this, but the truth is too ugly.

    Both are representatives of the financial and corporate interests of this country and will only do the bare minimum to address all of the important issues the country faces (unemployment, poverty, declining infrastructure, quality health care, etc). That’s how the Democratic and Republican parties work. They don’t work for you or I.

  87. The wind generator factory that the POTUS mentioned in Colorado just laid off a large portion of its work force and will probably be bankrupt by the end of the year..

    • How about let’s hear the truth? Obama’s birth certificate was not real, the name of the hospital on the birth certificate wasn’t even that name until 4 yrs after Obama was supposedly born there……

  88. I am tired of Romney not adhering to the rules of the debate. I am tired of his not following the moderator. Why is he getting away with this. I think that if each candidate agreed to debate with the rules in place, then they should follow them or be asked to leave the debate.

    • Didn’t you hear him in the debate? He doesn’t have to follow the rules because he is an immigrant and immigrants don’t follow rules. Well, his grandfather and wife were immigrants, but that is almost the same thing, right?

  89. When is romney going to start answering the questions? When is romney going to start letting americans know his plans? Say no to romney – it was Obama that got women making the same amount of money as men.

  90. The gas prices Romney quoted is a lie. Google it. “The US national average price of a gallon of regular gasoline reached a high of $4.09 in July 2008.”

    And that is when Bush got into the biggest mess we’ve ever been in!

  91. when the camera is rolling you have to be on your best after the hidden camera. Donn t want to get misquoted twice. More crap,

  92. Energy: Our energy policy as it pertains to Oil and fuel has been so skewed for so many years. Back to Bush 41. We could have 300 billion bbls on stand-by, but that won’t lower the price of fuel because we have no more refining capacity left in the United States. Until we build more refineries we won’t be able to put more product on the market. Global markets continue to play their roles as well. Emerging economies in China and India.

    Oil Man
    15 Years.

  93. Yeah Romney knows how to makes small businesses thrive…by shipping them overseas..look at his record @ Bain Capitol.

  94. president obama has said he wants to fundamentally transform america. america was founded on the constitution and limited federal powers and he has shown blatant disregard for the limitatations to his powers, and has run roughshod over the checks and balances. obviousely a benevolent dictator might be able to fix some short term problems, but in the long run our freedoms will be gone. the ultimate price od freedom is that we are free to make mistakes, but then we must be allowes to pay the price of that failure which is the feedback in a healthy economy, I.e. good ideas do well and bad ideas fail because the market will see to it, as long as governent stays out of the way. president obama doesn’t want only equal opportunity, he wants equal results. just go to russia or other ex-marxist countries and see how well that worked. it didn’t all, it did was make te majority all equally poor and subjected to a few elites.


  96. Go Romney. I’m ready for a change can’t live on the change Obama is handing out. He hasn’t done one thing for this middle class person.

  97. Romney is an arrogant prick! he’s just standing there with that grin on his face, interrupting obama and even kandy.. he has no respect whatsoever!

  98. What specifics is the Presdient sharing? He had total control for four years. No thought about the economy that he “inherited”. We can expect same ineptness in the next 4 years if we reelect the President?

  99. Why instead of people criticize president Obama We don’t think dat republicans dont let him do anything plus dat one who did the mess was president jorge bush.

    • Really? Are you gonna go there? Clinton had a full boat of repulicans he was up against and worked with them to make things happen. Obama is the man in charge, when is he going to take responsiblity for what he has and has not done?

      • OK I miss-spelled republican and used a slang word gonna, my bad! Moving on to the question, when is Obama going to take responsibility for what he has or has not done?? Like most liberals you can’t argue a point because you don’t have one. Is anyone in your social group or family better off then they were 4 years ago?

  100. president obama has said he wants to fundamentally transform america. america was founded on the constitution and limited federal powers and he has shown blatant disregard for the limitatations to his powers, and has run roughshod over the checks and balances. obviousely a benevolent dictator might be able to fix some short term problems, but in the long run our freedoms will be gone.

  101. Go Romney. I’m ready for a change. This middle class person hasn’t seen any good change in 4 yrs. barely keeping my head above wayer

  102. to tab…what the heck are you talking about???? you are CLUELESS….the Pres. is a liar not Romney…He’s been lying since he becamae a President…sont say that we are racist bec we dont agree with his policies, ‘cmon…open your EYES!!!!

    • girl, that is why you cannot give your real name…You area liar too by calling yourself..”girl”..one thing I know is that you are one of the ungrateful ones..can you remember January 2009, we lost 700,000 jobs and the months before same thing…give him a chance..hello…?

      • Really..your friend Mr Bush did that already and we are still paying the price for that and the tea baggers held this country hostage until we lost our credit rating.

    • Romney is NOT a liar?..he changes his positions about as often as he changes his underwear..the tea baggers in Congress have held up every kind of legislation this administration has tried to put through..including the funding to help our VETS find employment which as a result of 2 wars by Mr Bush and his cronies have left the economy of this country in shambles.

      • Tea baggers. That’s sad that you got to name call a group of Americans that are worry about America. An Congress is ran by Democratics. So yeah they have left this country in shambles. Just fyi the house has been only ran by Republicans for only the last two years

      • If you do some checking, you will find that these positions Romney is “changing” from are not his positions at all, but those so-called positions that the Democrats have been falsely putting out in their lying ads as being his positions. You are finally getting to hear his REAL positions, not the bogus ones in the Democrat talking points.

  103. I am already tired of Romney’s rudeness! He has just lost my vote. He should be showing more respect for the moderator and the POTUS. Really, does he have to bully his way through this? Can’t he calm down. He has flipped on the Pell Grant tonight. He started to sound like a Democrat in the last debate, by the next one he will be claiming all the Democratic views

  104. the ultimate price of freedom is that we are free to make mistakes, but then we must be allowes to pay the price of that failure which is the feedback in a healthy economy, I.e. good ideas do well and bad ideas fail because the market will see to it, as long as government stays out of the way.

  105. The debates are a farce! Neither candiate answers the question asked! They tell ‘heart warming’ stories, or go completely off topic without ever answering the REAL question asked!

  106. president obama doesn’t want only equal opportunity, he wants equal results. just go to russia or other ex-marxist countries and see how well that worked. it didn’t all, it did was make te majority all equally poor and subjected to a few elites.

  107. Watch the movie Dreams of my “REAL” father…it tells so much and will blow your mind away and I am a woman, who supports my family w/out assistance from government.

  108. Gas prices were clearly not the same as 2012 which have been over $3.00 gallon solid 2012 tipping $4.00. The networks weren’t simply reporting the painfully high gas prices in early 2008 though, in many cases they were exaggerating them. NBC’s “Today” focused on Redwood City, Calif. on March 6 where regular gasoline cost $3.99, according to the photograph NBC aired. The national average for gas that day was $3.19 a gallon. Ann Curry also failed to tell viewers that California has the highest state gasoline tax in the nation, a whopping 45.5 cents a gallon at that time.

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/julia-seymour/2012/02/22/networks-hype-gas-prices-4-times-more-bush-obama#ixzz29W5Kc2bS

  109. I think this is crazy! Why can we ask questions what your going to do to continue to help women when white me are suffering just as much! All these people are doing are increasing the divided. As a white man all these two men are doing are pissing me off!!!

    • I agree. We all are suffering. Sexist and racist people in America don’t exist anymore. Wish America could move on from the thoughts that we in people in America are racist when we are not

  110. Romney is trying too hard to look tough. Instead he looks like a bully and he comes off as self righteous. That’s the only real republican thing about him.

  111. Romney is an idiot -corporations are not going to leet everyone work flex schedules. It should not be up to the govement what can and can not be done to a womans body. Romney is lying out hid butt, just look up what he has said/done in the past.

  112. This debate is not going to change anything for me. I am proud of how our president has led the country these past 4 difficult years and I’m confident he’ll continue to do the same. Go Obama Go!!

  113. Romney is an idiot -corporations are not going to leet everyone work flex schedules. It should not be up to the govement what can and can not be done to a womans body. Romney is lying out hisdbutt, just look up what he has said/done in the past.

  114. Romney’s Bain Capitol put companies out of business and shipped them to China…he isn’t going to do anything to China…China has been putting money in Romney’s pocket.

  115. Obama and Romney: competition with China should not be an issue because America cannot make China’s growing economic strength and we in Africa welcome China more. Your foreign policy is a killer to yourself!

  116. I’ve heard it all!!! An oppressed white man. That made me laugh. When you NEED affirmative action then we’ll talk!

  117. The United States Dejour Constitution, guarantees a job to every citizen, I would like to ask each candidate to share his thoughts on the original intent of this nations, including those of Indigenous

    • why does tonights audience look like a Mississippi jury? there seems to be 1 token AA, 1 token Asian and 1 Latina who just called Romney President…. who is responsible for the planning of this event?

    • “guarantees a job to every citizen”

      The Constitution says the Right to
      Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness

      You can’t force work on lazy people, definitely not guarantee they will work!

  118. Still not willing to give the president a chance He’s still trying to fix the mess that was already there by you all know who.

    • Yes we have to give the president obama chance to fix the mess that was there befor”he be come president last four yrs ago he is doing good so far. Thank you

    • Good grief, he’s had 4 years to get up to speed on the job he was hired for and hasn’t been able to. But what does that matter if you never have to be accountable for your actions……just keep blaming everyone else. If you are at all interested in actually hearing the truth, stop listening to the media and get on the House and Senate committee websites and watch the committee hearings yourself…..any hearing, and you’ll see your taxes at work. These politicians are shameless.

  119. Obama is pitiful tonight….delusional about the state of his administration….. snake oil anyone? Romney leagues ahead in this debate!!

    • unfortunately its Liz who is not paying attention. If you arent going to approach the debate with an open and thoughtful mind, there is no value to the comment.

      • Plebe ze. Give the Prez a little more time to back slide. Liars both both more so Obama. He cannot hide from the Scandsl and list lives in Libya! Period his foreign policy does not exist it only depends on who’ s rear we need to kiss this week or where do we send more money to make more friends? He is a total spineless joke!

    • you must be watching a different broadcast than I do, Romney is a joke, all his ideas he stole from the democrats because he has none of his own except his conservative views from the 50ies that he is trying to hide – he is a clown, anyone with just an ounce of intelligence can look through his stupid, childish game!!

  120. Obama is a liar and takes credit for things he did not do. But has put America into the greatest debt ever imaginable.

    • So you do not believe that America was already in a great deal of debt before President Obama came into office? I beg to differ there was a crisis handed over to him not started with him!!

      • I don’t know of any other job in the world that gives a new employee 4 years to prove his worth, especially when he messes up. Given this economy and his track record, I really don’t think Obama would hold down a job in the private sector. If you are at all interested in the policies either party push forward, get online and have a look at the live streaming of their committee hearings. There you can actually see who’s voting for what and who’s pushing what through.

    • Could we really expect anything else? Why can’t we get a moderator that doesn’t kiss Obama’s butt and gives fair time to both candidates?

    • Did you actually watch the entire first Presidential debate and the Vice-Presidential debate? you keep saying poor Romney, he is getting cut off by the moderator (not mediator). I tried to remain unbiased during the first debate, and I watched it twice and listened to it once; the majority off the time and I do mean the MAJORITY of the time, Romney acted and responded like a bully and I was shocked. He constantly cut the moderator off, cut Obama off, and disregarded the instructions of the moderator to move on to the next segment!!! He reminded me of a child stomping his feet and talking over everyone in an attempt to be the center of attention; right or wrong, you will hear me and I will do what I have to, if it makes my point look good and believable. Everyone was talking as if Romney was so disrespected….WTH is that?
      Then you have Biden during the VP-debate and he is standing firm and giving Ryan a run for his money and exposing Ryan’s indiscretions at behind the scene politics and smirking in disbelief at how far Ryan will go to keep the finger from pointing at him.
      Now all you can say is “the moderator keeps cutting Romney off.” Please, he will have to, if he wants to keep control of the debate! Romney wants to be boss all the time, regardless of the rules; and frankly sometimes you have to let someone else take the reins and the lead to get progress and stop talking long enough to hear what everyone else is saying.

      Regardless, I was disappointed in Romney’s behavior and his lack of disrespect for all the members of the debate. I was disappointed in Obama’s reluctance to defend his decisions as President of the United States. I was pleased with Biden and his determination to establish the whole truth rather than be depicted as an incapable old man that did not know the difference between the whole truth and half lies. Ryan is so busy trying to pose for the cameras and appear to the public as the new kid in town. He gave off bad vibes to me; you know the young guy trying to take the old guys job and I can do it better than you because I am young, and think I am cute..etc… scenario; but he is still wet behind the ears.

    • well you all seem to live in a dream or something, 4 years has pass on and this country is in a greater debt than ever before, first of all, since clinton and george w. bush together since they were presidents has pass 12 years and in does 12 years they have not spend as much money as obama, our currency mnore than half is owened by china our american dollar is not worth nothing like before but you all think that obama omg he is like the best thing that has happen to this country and if it so then how come out country is like it is today o yeah yeah he doing hes best yeah right 4 years and this country has more debt and more people out of jobs, he shot down NASA now we have to pay the Russian to go up in space beceause we no more can go up to space since he cut the money that goes to NASA

  121. How can you be such an idiot Sarah? George Bush brought your country (I’m Australian) down and Obama has had the almost impossible task of pulling it out of the quagmire. Go back to being brainwashed by Fox and the O’Reilly factor you unfathomable person. C’mon US, you have a responsibility to the rest of the world (you guys got us into this mess in the first place) to employ the right people for the job. And it isn’t the antiquated, idiotic policies of the Republican party.

    • I’m a Libertarian and both America parties have promoted policies that have put ALL of us in a “quagmire”

    • Wow. It’s amazing that people in other countries are better educated on what’s going on in our country and what we need than citizens who live here. Wake up America. What Romney is saying hasn’t worked and still won’t. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, 3,4,5 times…

    • You say Bush brought the country down. Please remember, tho, the country was going UP until the last 2 years, when the Democrats controlled the congress and the economy.

    • I agree Luke and Kelli..The U.S. did not go belly up just because Obama took office. This started back with the first Bush. It is time for America to be educated on the true facts. Romney has followers only because they are scared out of their wits about the economy and since Obama is in office, it has to be his fault of coarse…huh!!!! Wrong…if Romney goes in we are going to be in more trouble than ever before and who do you think they are going to blame….Obama…because he was in office first….
      Keep the positive comments coming Luke from Australia….nice to hear from someone down under…

  122. Why does Romney have to become President to do all these things he thinks this country needs. Why doesn’t he put some of these things in place to put people back to work, he could have been doing this for the last four years. He is full of it.

  123. Can someone please ask the question: What will you do about poverty and poor people? How should we take care of people who are down on their luck in this country? How do we help people get back on their feet? ALl this talk about middle class – what are we doing for the poor famlies trying to feed, cloth and shelter their families?

  124. This debate is just a scam. A HORRIBLE venue. Candy is just that for the administration….candy. We didn’t get the truth. Just the same lies and talk. HE talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. HE (Obama, he thinks he is GOD) has no idea how to run a country. It is a business and Romney can do it, people. PLEASE give the man a chance. Do you think the last four years have been bad? Wait until the next 4. You will regret voting for this man Obama.

    • Bravo Sharon! Candy is handling this just like the other Obama moderator, who happens to be a friend. I agree; if people in this country think things are bad now, just put Obama back in and we will all be sunk! Has Obama said anything new?? He sounds just like he did years ago; the same old pitiful story. All he does is talk; does anyone actually see anything he says come to fruition? I can give him on kudo; he is the best liar I have ever heard.

  125. The shape that the president received this country was not a good shape at all! I agree with Romney when he say the President wants to do well and I also believe that he will do well. You can not expect everything to be back to perfect as fast as you want it when there are so many problems. Obama vision has been put in place and it has been for the positive. The middle class is actually who makes the country in my opinion. The middle class is who keeps the country leveled. Romney answer to every question is to bash the President, instead he should be trying to persuade the people that he can do better. Team Obama!

    • 2.5% annual economic growth. do your homework that is average for FULL EMPLOYMENT economy in this country. This is the slowest recovery in 50 years. The only reason why it is considered recovery is because our GDP is being stimulated consistently. This is no TRUE ECONOMIC GROWTH. Yes we were in a recession when he came in. And what?? Can you honestly look in the mirror and say you like this “change”? If so go busy Your ass at work and divvy up your paycheck with your neighbors. be the change. I want my family and friends to be self sufficient. No one, is taking my right to my hard earned success, or my failures. FREE economy, research history, history has shown us it works the best. If you want to ride coat tails that’s your business. Just do it somewhere else. This is supposed to be the greatest Nation in the World. GET IT TOGETHER, we are not getting back to full employment without some sacrifice. Pull up your big boy/girl pants and get to work.

      • And it seems to me that the Governor idea of getting to work is to wipe out the freaking middle class! How can you say and what? The fact is that we were in terrible shape shape that was not easy to pull out of. Im sick of those saying how they mad at the things that are going at a slow pace to be done how about you look at the things that have been done and that are in the process of being done. Everything does not happen with the snap of a finger so how about you get up off your ass and think about the country as a whole and not just yourself. You never know what “class” you may end up in. High class today and low class tomorrow so when you thinking about the nation being the greatest nation it could be how about you think about how it would effect you if you were in those shoes. The sacrifice that has been made for full employment is not enough for you apparently? So yes I will go to work, count my BIG BUCKS on my paycheck and say President Obama should wear the President Pants!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. First we have a high bill because bush gave it to us. Now how about Romney being supported by the coke brothers who more then 3/4 of there jobs are over seas. And how about this lets start putting the numbers together. Example they want cuts and each say the other is wrong well put a chart and show who is wrong. I hate when they or Romney says I am not cutting or I am bring jobs well stop saying it and start showing. We as a country need a president who is for the people not the rich. How about the former house speaker two days before the towers tell Americans that three trillion dollars was going to be spent and then all of a sudden a plane hits the part of the building where all of those records were or I should say no more and get away with it because of the attacks. If u or I have stole all that money we would be in jail. One more thing how about all the polititions who are robbing us bind and if u don’t know even if they go to jail they keep there salaries now u tell me is that right. Really look at this country it’s not free it’s killing there people not making the strongest country in the world.

  127. Mr. President…
    you spent the first 2 years of your administration playing gold and basketball.
    How did that help craft your immigration policy Mr. President?

      • does anybody know that obamas wife has spend in vacation 10 millon dolars? when obama got in office he did not have no money not a 1 million dollars in his bank acccount and now he has like 4 million and hes wife has spent 10 million so that money were do you think it has come out of? of your tax money plus she has 10 servants for her self since when does the wife of the president need 10 servants for her own self when this countryu turns in to a cominist country i want to hear you all crying like little babbys

  128. Why nobody ask Romney that WHY He won’t release his tax return for the past ten years, like his father. There may be some alien hiding in his tax returns. I think Romney is an angry dude.

    • Because it isn’t necessary. He doesn’t want people to see how much he gives to his church jack ass. 10% is a lot when your a millionaire.

    • Are you afraid he doesn’t pay taxes? Doesn’t HAVE a legal S.S.#? Oh yes, that is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, that wont admit he is not a citizen, or PROVE it… an illegal President… I am fearful for my child growing up in this country right now. Your a fool if you think that is a reason for Romney not to be able to prove his STRATEGIC ECONOMIC POLICY.. Yes why would we want a business man that believes in religion?? That would be horrid to have someone understands business cycles, economics, relations, knows how to use a computer, has morals, beliefs, trust in God AND KNOWS HOW TO SAVE TEN PERCENT FOR HIS CHURCH… That just wouldn’t make any sense…

      Whatever would happen to this country with someone who can make money, HAS CREATED JOBS, has morals, family values before all else, work ethic, proven track record of fixing messed up shit and is humble as well as humane… but protective, and proactive?? whey would we want that. We might be considered the greatest country again..

  129. Girl, open your ears! The Republicans got us here and the President, Mr. Obama is digging us out of the mess. He, Pres. Obama, told u 4 yrs ago, we had a long row to hoe. For u city slickers, that meant we had a long way to go to get out the mess the Republicans put us in. Four year was not going to cut it. It took more than four year to mess up the economy and it will take more than four years to correct it. Open your ears! Romney ain’t said nothing that will help you directly in four years. He speaks only for the rich like himself. I know you are not rich like him because if you were, you would use your real name as clout to build on his constituents. BAMM! Go with someone who has your pockets in mind and look to the future and not the here and now. The poroblem with a lot of young folks today is that they want action and results now. You got to pay your dues first to get ahead….Crawl before you walk or fall flat on your face. Bush put the scab on our face, now let it heal with Obama Care. He’s working for YOU.

    • ?YOUR HIGH. 2.5%? That is digging us out? that my friend is average growth when you DON’T have high unemployment, low median income…. 18 on Free economy chart… are you serious???? we used to be #3. Sacrifice is what is needed to rebuild. Notice I didn’t say “Build and Rebuild”<-that is stupid. If you want to "Share" your success start passing out YOUR paycheck. I plan on working MY ass off, and I'm not taking care of the b!tch down the street with 4 kids and 3 baby daddies on food stamps unemployment(sheNEVERhadAjob_WTH?) and state insurance forever. If you want to keep paying for this bull shit suppressive pretend job creator do it on your dollar. We need to stop throwing money around for companies that WILL foreclose, they are in trouble it is inevitable. They got in to the mess and they need to fail. That will teach them how to better succeed. It isn't always fun to mess around with large sums of money on a maybe this will work… but if not I will just get a few million for the government. Do you honestly want the effing government (regardless of who is elected) to have shares in the largest corporations in the U.S.???? really? LAWS ARE TO CONTROL, PROTECT & REGULATE. We don't need $$$ for that.

    • ?YOUR HIGH. 2.5%? That is digging us out? that my friend is average economic activity when you DON’T have high unemployment, low median income…. 18 on Free economy chart… are you serious???? we used to be #3. Sacrifice is what is needed to rebuild. Notice I didn’t say “Build and Rebuild”<-that is stupid. If you want to "Share" your success start passing out YOUR paycheck. I plan on working MY ass off, and I'm not taking care of the b!tch down the street with 4 kids and 3 baby daddies on food stamps unemployment(sheNEVERhadAjob_WTH?) and state insurance forever. If you want to keep paying for this bull shit suppressive pretend job creator do it on your dollar. We need to stop throwing money around for companies that WILL foreclose, they are in trouble it is inevitable. They got in to the mess and they need to fail. That will teach them how to better succeed. It isn't always fun to mess around with large sums of money on a maybe this will work… but if not I will just get a few million for the government. Do you honestly want the effing government (regardless of who is elected) to have shares in the largest corporations in the U.S.???? really? LAWS ARE TO CONTROL, PROTECT & REGULATE. We don't need $$$ for that.

    • ?YOUR HIGH. two.five percent… That is digging us out? that my friend is average economic activity when you DON’T have high unemployment, low median income…. 18 on Free economy chart… are you serious???? we used to be #3. Sacrifice is what is needed to rebuild. Notice I didn’t say “Build and Rebuild”<-that is stupid. If you want to "Share" your success start passing out YOUR paycheck. I plan on working MY ass off, and I'm not taking care of the b!tch down the street with 4 kids and 3 baby daddies on food stamps unemployment(sheNEVERhadAjob_WTH?) and state insurance forever. If you want to keep paying for this bull shit suppressive pretend job creator do it on your dollar. We need to stop throwing money around for companies that WILL foreclose, they are in trouble it is inevitable. They got in to the mess and they need to fail. That will teach them how to better succeed. It isn't always fun to mess around with large sums of money on a maybe this will work… but if not I will just get a few million for the government. Do you honestly want the effing government (regardless of who is elected) to have shares in the largest corporations in the U.S.???? really? LAWS ARE TO CONTROL, PROTECT & REGULATE. We don't need $$$ for that.

  130. This is so unfair to Obama! Romney is a bully our foreign relations will be terrible if he is president! We will probably go to war just because he doesn’t have basic manners!

    • Yes, you are right… how dare he defend U.S. citizens?? what an idiot!! He should have apologized for the murder–and possible rape, of Stevens. That is honorable. We will all sleep better with our siblings, children, parents, neighbors and friends fighting, as long as we know if any of them are tortured, by sexual deviants before they are murdered Our protecting, smart, caring, noble President will apologize to the bastards

      • …awkward. Look dude, I’m sorry you were raped but that doesn’t have anything to do with Romney’s manners.

  131. I’m a democratic republican, so I am voting based on the best views of both parties.

    I believe Obama need 4 more years to see his vision through I know this man knows what he is doing and his plan will be the one to help get us back on track. I will pray for Romney but the last thing I want is the USA to be ran like the state he governs.

    • His plan… will help us continue the “BUILD&REBUILD” effort. How can you base your vote on something someone ‘says’ if you don’t KNOW it will work? Do you not understand? Stumulated economy is bullshit economy… as soon as the money stops the growth stops. Oh wow! #lightbulb maybe that is why he is labeling this shit as a Recovery. Wake up. I’m sorry if that was roud but this wouldn’t be a recovery if GDP wasn’t going up instead of down evidence is pointing at the downside if we werent pumping our weak as dollars in. two point five growth is regular economic growth not recovery. More people than Ever are not only out of work but working part time because that is the option. Median income has gone down since 08,07? one of those. Less jobs open every month. Its not even enough jobs for people entering the workforce, let alone unemployed. Personal savings droped even further this year. we are in trouble if we dont get to work. SACRIFICE.. americans used to be proud to do it for the better of their families and country. We need to kick it old school, pick up ashovel, pen, laptop, however you do it and get to work. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY IT WILL STOP. further tainty our free economy is going to make it worse. not better as soon as the money stops were screwed. we need to get screwed and benefit from tax cuts. Innovation is supposed to be part of this countries success. get to work. put down the freaking ribs and shrimp foodstamps paid for, quit popping the opiates and Xanax you got from state insurance and get to work. You will feel better knowing you are in control of yourself and you SACRIFICED for your success and family. GET OFF THE COUCH Lower class, get to work, we all had to… they should too. it would be embarrassing having others take care of family and bills.. cant pay for food. if you need it that is one thing 6months if you haven’t found a job create one or start hooking or at least pushing the meds your getting for free. pay for your own damn prepackaged processed food and pack a lunch for your kid

  132. As a female voter, I’m liking Romney more every time I hear him speak. Obama seems to be trying and is finally being aggressive, but isn’t saying any new ideas on the economy and energy prices that continue to rise. So disappointed in our President.

    • honey this isnt a cirque de soleil performance. Romney is a business man for sure, a ruthless one. that is not the basis for making a good President. ALTHOUGH, being white will be a huge advantage when needing toget his way with congress.

    • he and Congress…. if Obama had to paddled any harder within his own administration to get anything done he would be going in reverse.

    • Romney?? Did Biden and Obama take classes on smiling like fools during their debates? Please……………

  133. Romney and Obama are puppets. They are bought and paid for by bankers. Nothing will change regardless of which is in office, the economy is going to collapse and there is no stopping it. The Fed is delaying the inevitable.

        • wow… thats deep VCC and William. you arent watching to learn. You hate and therefore you will accept anything that isntObama. I believe you would vote for Casper the Ghost or Mikey Mouse

      • or to the middle east extremes and see what it is like to be sexually tortured before murdered painfully… see what sacrifice is like. it was ok to happen to others. i wish we had veteran presidents. we need someone who is smart understands business, tough, and understands what it is like to fight for your country #andyourLIFE for the good of others, your family and hopefully for yourself

    • Government jobs are real jobs…families actually support themselves on these job and they even pay income tax ..weird.

  134. I long to see a more mature, effective political process in which we take the best from both sides to achieve a common good. I realize this may be extremely unrealistic at this point, the politics of each side standing far apart in their respective corners will not lead America back to an acceptable future. The politics of “I’ll take my ball and go home because you’re not following my rules” and “all or nothing” is leading us further away from the common good. Why not reduce spending AND tax the rich?

  135. I am watching the programm but my gosh how the hostess can be prejudiced!!!!

    The 2 minute rule is nowhere!!!! the hostess is giving Rombley very more time than Obama,Obama can not react but Rombley can… etc etc

    You can learn a lot from the Netherlands with fact controls etc….

    This is a Rombley show

    SHIT USA in tha world they thing they can rule but its just a show!

    fok usa!!!!

  136. Why don’t this Crowley woman just go and sit by Obama’s side — it’s obvious she is helping him out… Why are all these CNN women (another word for Liberal)having this position in these debates? It is obvious they are biased. Very disturbing to see this happen. It’s like two on one side and Romney on the other. But he’s a winner!

    • EXACTLY! This seems so biased toward Obama. I have no problem with a good debate, but it needs to be fair. Instead, I’m walking away from this knowing who Crowley is going to vote for (Obama). It’s ridiculous!

      • Do you agree with Romney’s position that women should not be allowed to decide what to do about their own body’s, in the form of abortion/contraceptives?

        • I do. An unborn baby is not simply “part of a woman’s body” it is a separate life. You know that it is not simply part of the mother and rather a separate life because it has a separate DNA. In that respect, it is a separate human being, therefore abortion is murder, and I’m against it. Furthermore, Romney is not against women using contraceptives. Instead, he is against employers having to pay for it for women. Having sex when you do not want to have a child is a choice, not a necessity. Therefore, if you want to have sex you are making a choice and if you don’t want to have a child then you can choose to purchase contraceptives. In no way are they a requirement. Neither of these things truly disrupt women’s rights. Abortion is murder, and no one has the right to do that. Contraceptives will still be around to purchase, but you can do it out of your own pocket. It’s that simple.

            • Oh come on that’s so ridiculous! Everyone is entitled to their opinions, we all know that. There’s no need to say things like that. Not only do they not help express your opinions, but they’re just plain childish. If you disagree I’m sure you have your own reasons and that’s ok. Thanks!

          • Well then, HOW do you feel about that freeloading unborn baby not supporting else? It is part of the 47% Romney talked about isn’t it? Why is it everyone is for protecting these babies while they are in the womb, but as soon as it is a crying, care needing baby it is on its own mother and baby. He is all for cutting these programs that help single parents get through those times on their own. The unfortunate truth is mistakes are made, no one is perfect. So why do we not at least go the whole way and help these struggling parents?

            • I understand what you mean, but I honestly do not believe that Romney would cut every program that helps support parents and children. There are so many positive programs out there that help children, especially with school regarding free and reduced lunches, etc., and it would not be the case that every one of these programs would get cut. I think the bottom line is that some people unfairly rely on government assistance and shouldn’t. Some truly need it and they will still get it. No candidate is going to please everyone, so we just have to try to figure out who can do the best job with the perpetual mess of decisions there are.

            • I have a daughter who had a baby at 16… she graduated high school, works in a factory 12 hours a day to support my granddaughter WITH NO GOVERNMENT HELP. Because her mom taught her that you work for what you have. If an 18 year old single parent can do it… Im sure that many of these welfare mommas can do it. Its all about motivation and pride. You’re right…no one is perfect, but that’s not excuse to sit on your ass and let the government pay for your shit.

  137. Welcome to the pathetic debate…

    Where is talk of Ending the Federal Reserve???
    Where is talk of ending Interventionism and Nation Building???
    Where is the talk of making Government SMALLER by ELIMINATING Departments of this Government… NOT Big Bird!

  138. I personally dislike how Romney is criticizing Obama, picking on all these things that Obama did or didn’t do well. He could’ve been the same and performed the same actions in Obama’s situation.
    It’s easy for Romney to say all that he’s going to do because he had not done anything yet.

    Obama did all he could. The country was in the shape it’s in, and the president’s decision had limited power. His decision needed support of congress and time to be performed. Obama became president in a period of time when the country is not doing so well, and it would take time before the country recovers and electing a new president won’t solve the problem. What might help would be keeping the same president who had four years of experience dealing with these issues,and let him proceed his plans.

    • No you are so wrong obama had time to do things and did nothing to help our country…..the house and senet was being run by the dems…and he still did nothing….so ya romney can do all the talking about what he will do..that’s what a debate is for

      • I stopped reading anything you had to say after “senet” How can you know anything about the senate if you can’t even spell it. Not sure what your point was it might have been a good one.

      • My point is that it’s almost impossible for Obama to win the debate for he had all these problems to deal with in these short 4 years.
        People only see what hasn’t been accomplished and made better by the president, but can anybody see how hard it is to do so?

        Yeah, Of course, Romney can say all he wants. He can say that when he is elected president, the economy will suddenly become better, and everyone votes for him, and after 4 years, nothing is accomplished.

        We are trying to make a choice that will benefit us more, not just hearing all these empty promises that are given and will remain empty after 4 years when the people are in deep regret of their choice.

      • really? President Obama did nothing? For four years? He sat in an office and tickled his own ego for four whole years? Huh. You’d think there’d be more rioting in the streets and calls for impeachment but instead anti-Obama Americans are just calmly posting ignorant comments and praising some lying corporate tool . Seriously, i’m surprised there hasn’t been any organized assassination attempts on Obama from the way fox news openly slanders him as a useless tyrant.

    • If Obama was Republican? Would you vote for him? Record deficts, which we hated about Bush. We have gas at 3 times the cost today rhen when he took office. Where is the media stating he is in bed with Oil companies. Unemployment should not be where it is at given the money the president and the democratic congress passed. Then we have the biggest government intrusion on us with Obama care. Hope and promise? Not under Obama. He has hia chance. Its time to give someone else a chance

      • BUT Obama is not a republican and that’s why he has the ideas he has.

        And about the last thing you said, yes, giving someone else a chance is also like taking chances ourselves. History today has proven that the people’s choices aren’t as good as they should be. Bush is good example.

    • Foul! Romney has a record as governor. Obama has a record ass president. You have to decided between Obama’s record as president and Romney’s as governor.
      Obama did not know what he was getting into running for president, never having previously held an executive position, and now does not know enough to make a graceful exit.
      Romney has been successful as both a businessman and a governor (executive political office).

      • Not neccesarily.
        Obama was able to work with these issues for 4 years and has enough experience and knowledge to finaly start resolving them, and the people elect another person for president and turn away from the one now can actually start to do something instead of starting to figure things out?

        And BTW, ever heard of the expression: every man for themselves?
        well, that saying applies to businessman and the rich more than anybody else.

    • When Obama was given the house and congress and could not do ANYTHING positive-You think he needs more-I am from a city away from Chicago and DC and we have seen NO IMPROVEMENTS. The only increaae is in cost-gas,electric bills and food. We have to have a NEW PRESIDENT

      • Improvement are usually not seen immediatly. and also, rising of gas prices is actually a sign of economic recovery.

        • Recoery??? in the goverments pocket through fed tax and it hurts the WHOLE COUNTRY by effecting how we get to work. I drive 600 miles a week for my job in a truck–a pris cannot do my job! Unless you want a house made out of your shoeboxes.

    • It’s called taking responsibility for a job that is SUB PAR. If he was a man, he would take the blame for HIS failed presidency. WHiny democrats are so unattractive. Without victims, they would have no voter base 🙂

      • Well we can’t all be winners who achieve such extraordinary accomplishments like your daughter. What an inspiration she is having sex while I was still playing with dolls. She has a bastard and I have a law degree. I wish I could be more like her… My mama had sense enough to accept welfare when she needed it and she and her adult children are all successful. You’re going to eat your wrd when you’re a great grandma in 2-3 years and your family gets that first welfare check and suddenly you’ll realize you ARE the type of people who abuse welfare cause your family will be on it FOREVER.

  139. I’d love to see these guys in boxing gloves.
    I agree with the earlier post. There are others whom have qualified to run for this this office. They should have a right to be on this stage.
    There are so few of us who even know of these others. I would bet that [without using a search engine] most posters on this blog can’t even name ONE other candidate.
    People, this paridigm has to stop. I have no idea how it can stop if we continue on this two party cluster-f#*!. We lost our chance years ago with Ross Perot, we lost our chance in these last two election cycles with Ron Paul. Both were against the global banking system and the military industrial complex. Both were demeaned and ridiculed.
    I am rambling here, let me cut to the chase…. Has anyone here seen the movie “Idiocracy”? THAT’S EXACTLY WHERE WE ARE HEADED!! Knowledge is Power. The majority of our population is only thinking of their iPhone, football scores, one-upping the neighbor, and beer on Friday.
    Until our population regains its morals and dignity and humility…..NOTHING will change.
    “Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito” -Virgil

    • Romney is like a pit bull. He is a lot of hot air. When he was with Bain…. they sent jobs galore overseas. He is a rich person who cannot, cannot, cannot relate to the poor on this earth. The majority of the people on food stamps are not minority either.

      • Yeah sure…
        Obama loves the poor…
        He created an addtional 17 million of them

        Romney doesn’t need to use Class Warfare to divide the country as Obama does at EVERY opportunity

        • could it be that class and welfare are in fact relevant in this country??? Good grief, you need to accept that just because you have no personal frame of reference the issue doesnt have meaning?

      • I work for a manufacturing company that sent jobs overseas. Guess what? That move is the only reason the company did not go bankrupt. No only that. This company now has more jobs in the USA (sales, marketing, engineering, software) than before sending jobs overseas.
        Reality check: alternative to sending jobs overseas is bankruptcy. Which is better for the economy?

      • We cannot survive as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by spreading the wealth(Obama has his hand DEEP in somebodies pocket) by taking from the rich. Nevermind that if it lands in the Washington circle it only builds a BIGGER FEDERAL GOVERMENT TO FEED THE ONES NURSING OF THE GOVERMENT FOR FREE. We have the RIGHT TO THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS—-NOT FREELY GIVEN. We must work for a better goverment. If you get handouts, they are not a hand-up. We need to go back to the days of the CCC camps where you earned the goverments’ ASSISTANTS NOT JUST WALKED TO THE MAILBOX!!!!

    • People who live off the government don’t have to listen to anyone but the hand that feeds them…you know that lumber man!!!! I say…eliminate all of the non tax payers from voting, anyone on welfare, no vote…if you don’t speak english-no vote… let’s see…that would definatley eliminate a good portion of the Obama base.

      • Sarah: You mean shiftless no-count bums like Mitt’s dad? Lousy slacker was on the dole for some time, you know. He must have been a loser, eh?

  140. Romney is right on every issue. I don’t care if Obama sounds good. Obama is like Coca-Cola for the United States. He goes down smooth, but he is SO bad for us.

  141. While Obama will spend more Romney will allow himself to be dragged into another war. Reckless spending at home vs reckless spending abroad. Choose.

    • Jobs are the issue Mr Sanjay… who will create more jobs? A community organizer or a job creator? Hmmmmmmmm……. Harvard educated law/and business major or constitutional professor? Hmmmmmm….. Too bad we are not just looking at the failed record of a failed presidency. Facts speak for themselves

  142. Blame it on George Washington! Obama didn’t inherit a mess he campaigned for it, spent millions to get it and now claims he was given it? Anybody PLEASE name a single promise he fullfilled. You can’t, you’ll be left only with, “he inherited it” PLEASE NAME JUST ONE IN 4 years???

  143. Really? Romney talking about sending business going to China. How HE wants them to com back to America…. He is half the problem!!! That’s what HIS company did!

  144. I can’t believe what I’m watching! Obama lies and makes accusations that he knows are not true. I’m not sure why we live in a country where there are so many ignorant people. I was a democrat all of my life until he was elected. He is the Worst president that we have ever had. He sits up there and acts like he is running this debate with Candy Crowley. Whenever Romney states the truth, Obama wants to move along. Please listen to what he says and do the fact checking for yourself and see how many lies stack up. The man wants to be a celebrity, not president. I’m sick of all the double standards that the press use to make this man look better than Romney. My god, they talk about how much Romneys wife’s shirt cost, how disgusting it is that she spends that much, but when MIchelle wears a $2000 dollar sweater It’s so fashionable and she looks great. You all need to wake the hell up! Do you want a socialist country? Well buckle up because that’s what you’re getting.

    • Do we really want to listen to Obama saying “look” to preface all statements for 4 more years? He is obnoxious and unpresidential tonight.

    illegal is illegal = duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    give me a ********* break. Get rid of them. They have already committed a crime by coming ot the USA illegally whether they wanted to or not. If the minors truly wanted to stay here they would have applied for citizenship when they turned 18 years old.

    • You sad person. You are an immigrant. Are you so into yourself that you think you by virtue of being born here entitles you to more? So very sad. You are no more important than anyone else…

      • Yes…. by virtue of being born in this country, we are citizens of the united states. THat’s a bullshit liberal line that “ohhhh, we are all immigrants…ohhh….” sickening. WHy not let the borders open and have every disease, drug lords, terrorist come in because WE WERE ALL IMMIGRANTS. Grow up…. people that think like that are either teenage girls or whiny liberals.

        • That concept you just spewed out is right ..we are all immigrants ..But, we established the USA LAWS about IMMIGRANTION : illegal versus legal : You can’t use that line WE are All immigrats in Now aday WE live ..Maybe, 100 + years ago . You might be able to use that kind of arguement ..But, NOT NOW ! WE have LAWS on the BOOKS about illegals coming to this Country .

      • Or better yet… why don’t you tell that to my husband… who came here on a work visa and became a citizen of the United States the legal way… learned english, worked to pay for his citizen ship and he is proud of it. It’s not fair for people that go through the toil of legal citizenship to hear this nonsense. Who are you to go against the laws that were set up by our legal system because “we are all immigrants”….. that is the funniest sack of crap that I have heard in a long while.

    • i respect your opinion about ‘keeping it legal’ but you probably havent earned ELITE status, even after all this time.

  146. Blame it on George Washington! Obama didn’t inherit a mess he campaigned for it, spent millions to get it and now claims he was given it? Anybody PLEASE name a single promise he fullfilled. You can’t, you’ll be left only with, “he inherited it”

  147. Gains in Match & Science? who is Obama kidding? Spending on education over the last 20 years has increased exponentially and test scores in rading and math have flatlined. I don’t have a figure for the opeational cost of the U.S. Dept. of Education, but get rid of it and put that money against the deficit.

  148. This debate is so biased for Obama. Funny how much extra time he gets to speak, but skip around answering the questions that are actually asked.

  149. Mitt wants all of us to work for less and live with less so that we can all make iphone for his rich friends!

    • Hey, no poor man ever gave you a paycheck my friend. This class warfare crap is just another political ploy by the democrats because they can’t cowboy up to their failed agendas. Let them implode on themselves…or better yet…maybe Biden will do the imploding and exploding for everyone..he looks to be on the verge of a stroke or possibly major heart attack from over excitement.

  150. Why was a debate to help encourage swing voters held in New York, a democrat stronghold, by Candy Crowley, a democrat?

    Am I the only liberal left who actually wants to see a fair debate?

  151. Where has the idiot talking about gas prices been ????? Gasoline was $1.78 per gallon. It is now $3.75 per gallon.

    Obama did not answer the question about who declined to increase Embassy protection. He rambled on about finding out what happened.

    Obama has failed in all his programs. We need a change.

    • We can only hope there are enough smart people left in this country who can hear the constant BS coming out of Obama’s mouth. If he is talking, he is lying. It is just unbelievable how the moderator’s are all in Obama’s court, but I guess he needs all the help he can get. There is always someone covering Barry’s butt; he cannot do it on his own.

    • Yeah.. it was a Republican committee that cut funding to all of the embassies.. make try looking it up. It was led by the same guy who accused Obama of not providing enough security. Critical thinking is your best friend.

      • what was said was we need to cut the spending and the republicans tried to get the free wheeling dems to the table to work on the budget they could not make it, so blame the republicans WE ARE GROWN-UPS

  152. That’s correct…

    Government does not create jobs.

    More taxes to government stiffels job growht.

    Class war fare is a poison to our economy and our nations harmony

  153. In addition, if Obama truly wanted to honor Cesar Chavez he would have done it earlier- not 4 weeks before the election. Totally politically motivated.

  154. candy is Obamas’ side. The President who is our commander in chief, he should of protected these four people who died, it is criminal that he didn’t know what was going on. and its’ criminal that he did not allow more protection for those embassies. What a terrible president. He is sending us down the tubes.

    • Would you agree that it was criminal that Bush did nothing to prevent 9/11? Also are you aware that they had adequate protection and funding in Libya, but a republican led committee cut that funding and withdrew that protection?

      • Not true…
        The “Commander in Chief” has authority to protect his Ambasadors.

        No budgets are necessary to be cut or approved

        • So the president could just tell the republican led comittee that their choices didn’t matter, that he could foresee the future and a terrorist attack would happen, and that he personally would stop them from doing their job? Interesting. Please tell me how.

          • Scott,
            It was Hillary’s job to provide security as requested by Stevens

            Senate committee investigations have revealed that Stevens requested a security detail multiple occasions.

            Especially since even the Lybian security people also knew the threats were real

      • Geez garryl, Bush has been out of office for 4 years and that is the best you can come up with. Go drink your kool-aid.

        • How is it not a fair comparison? No one EVER said that Bush was a criminal where were all of you when that happened? But this happens and all of a sudden it is a great thing to criticize our President… when that happened it was unpatriotic to do so. What is the difference, please tell me.

      • Garryl,

        Maybe we should have nuked those 19 Saudi highjackers before they left the their country?

        Maybe we should stop occupying every 12 Middle Eastern countries and end the drone strikes, thus inviting more blowback?

      • I agree it was criminal that BUSH (and others) “carried out” the 911 attacks. Look up 911 in a nutshell, it may be simple enough for you to understand!


        Wake Up people, there are all bad apples at the top!

      • Leftside,

        Embassies are protected by Marine Details, not police or CIA.

        Marines are already on duty and being paid.

        Why didn’t Obama deploy them when Stevens asked for them!

    • You are stupid if you believe that garbage coming out your mouth.

      I am in the military and the security was significant across the board. Meaning…we can’t spend more money than what is feasible to ensure more than above average security at a premium cost. So…what is enough security verses what is more than enough? Unless it is an act of war, we can NOT afford to up security above what is already feasible, significant and effective. So…if you now advocate more security for all of the US interests abroad, as well as here in the USA…who will pay for it? Where will we get the additional income to do so? Duh…you don’t know? Exactly….so shut the @!#$ up, stupid!!!!

      • Protect the people of Katrina…. Dude… People were told to leave…so you leave, the mayor left…I guess you would expect President Bush to personally hold their hands and escort them out… Leave means leave, I bet if they said we will pay you to leave ,or we are going to give you something for free, they would have found a way to get out

    • @leah – “he should of protected these four people…it is criminal that he didnt know what was going on” Is it me or did common sense just get thrown out the door? Who says this? Do you think that any one person can predict terrorist attacks? Obviously judging from your response you learned nothing from 9/11 or any other bit of history. The President stood in front of the American people today and stated that he asked for three things, one of them being increasing the protection within the embassies in the region. I think you might have fallen asleep at the TV on this one. Like every person, every president has had their ups and downs, pluses and minuses. “he is sending us down the tubes” Oh you mean the tube that we have all been riding since the start of the Bush administration? Yup…you are correct about that one. Romney can only pass judgment on Obama based on what he has or has not done within the last 4 years. But Obama or whoever was going to take office 4 years ago was put in between a rock and a hard place after what the Bush administration left over. Obama had a lot of weight to carry for a lot of things he was not accountable for and one of those being our economy.

  155. Nice cheap shot on the “47 percent” gaffe, Mr. President, knowing that your opponent would not be able to respond.

      • Your right, but its actually more like 62% are government dependents who won’t vote for a Private Sector candidate.

  156. If anyone will admit it, I can remember more than 4 years ago, that people complained about the price of gas, food and everything. It has always been this way. As for the price of food, if you watch your local news, due to lack of rain and the heat killing crops effects the price of food. On jobs, no one can guarantee you will get a job.
    The shape of American has been on a downward spiral for a long time, long before Obama, and it takes more than 4 years, even 8 to turn things around, and there is no promise that anyone who is president turn things around. No president can do all they say they are going to do and it doesn’t help when the opposite party is in charge of the house.

    • @Mark
      Whoa there, hoss! Your boy did say he was going to turn things around or else he’d be a one-term President. Things HAVEN’T turned around AND he’s running for a second term. Did I miss something, or is this just plain ol’ “malarky” (to quote the Vice-Bumbler…ummm, Vice President)? TRUTH be known, most realistic, logical and intelligent people call lying…well, LYING!

      De Oppresso Liber

    • @Mark
      It apparently escaped you: For two (2) years PRIOR to Mr Obama taking (yes, literally “taking,” as in larcenously committing fraud” by assuming an office for which he was not qualified to be a candidate) the Oval Office and for two (2) years after taking (same caveat as aforementioned), HIS OWN PARTY HAD CONTROL OF BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS! You must have missed the memo, and for that you are forgiven.

      De Oppresso Liber

  157. amazing…President Obama knew what Gov. Romney was saying behind closed doors about our welfare state. Was he listening at the keyhole?

  158. Romney does say that the way to grow jobs is to cut taxes all the way across. 60% tax on the top earners is high if we cannot do something with that much of a tax rate even on the top 2 to 5 % tax then something is wrong with management.

  159. I don’t think Romney works well on the defensive. That’s not his strength. Once he starts talking he just adds things that don’t even pertain to the question.

  160. Candy Crowley was very bias to Obama, she was sure to give him cover especially on the Terror attack on Lebia

  161. The FED should hire 12 Million Banksters and pay them minium wage.
    That would only cost $181Billion
    A cheap way to reduce unemployment

  162. Obama another four years would be devastating to this once great country. When I get out of college, I need a job. If there is “good” in this world, please let Governor Romney become President Romney.

  163. Where is the trust? Will Ryan write a book like Sarah Palin to make money same character. In Poliics to make money not if Romney wins…he doesnt care. Palin is an insult for a person in Politics

  164. I hope anyone who supports an assault weapons ban understands the shit storm that will come from it. Trying to take away a persons right will only lead to more bloodshed. I’m glad Romney didn’t say he was for a ban and I am praying one doesn’t come from 4 more years of Obama. I’ll be voting for Johnson because this country needs real change. A change from the constant fighting between the 2 party super powers. No donkeys, no elephants. Real people. Live free. Gary Johnson 2012.

    • Re “Assault Weapons” ban:
      With only two voluntary combat tours with Special Forces, a career in law enforcement, and NRA certification as a firearms Instructor. I have yet to find any definitive characterization of what an “assault weapon” is, other than “an item resembling a scary-looking firearm.” Would those of y’all far more knowledgeable than I and with more exceptional experience please post a credible definition?

      Intelligent liberals are the only persons permitted to respond. (THAT should narrow the field considerably!)

      Thank you.

      De Oppresso Liber

  165. ALL OF YALL ARE IGNORANT AND CANT SPELL!!!! I hope Whoever Wins Invest In Better Schooling! Because You ALL need to GET IT TOGETHER. How can you all talk politics but cant even use proper english!?!

  166. I was disgusted that Candy Crowley was trying to help President Obama by injecting her opinion against Governor Romney. Couldn’t Obama do it himself? She was definitely bias.

  167. Three weeks left till the election. Let’s see who wins the presidency. I’ll bet no one on this blog will have anything to say! “Get ready for four more years!”

  168. Have you noticed obama is always trying to start shit and talk shit about romney? But doesn’t reallly answer the questions he all over romneys dick :p

  169. When you imagine trying to enlighten voters who express themselves as those above have done … it is amazing that anyone ever manages to run this country at all.

  170. My favorite comment by Mr. Obama included the phrase ‘when I was President’. I liked the sound of that.

    • VERY astute observation…… I was wondering if anyone else would pick up on that phrase by incumbent /Candidate Obama

  171. The idealism that Obama talks about where everyone gets a fair shot is not likely in an administration that was totally democratic, anything he said he could get done if he won and he had the congress, he did and he did nothing. Also I was wondering over could get a facilitator that does not lead the pres that is ridiculously unprofessional and really not fair…her verification of Obamas statement was biased and unprofessional. That is not what a moderates job is. Her loyalty to Obama was embarrassing to him and me as a former journalist.

    • I am concerned that so many are willing to allow others to limit achievement…. Why would someone settle to JUST be Middle Class? And at the same time accept being penalized for wanting to achieve beyond that classification? This reminds me of some of the proposals of the Senate in Rome just before Rome fell….

    • She simply stated the fact. If she had backed Romney you would be praising her right now. I’m a republican and I’m not upset with her. The facts are the facts.

    • yes…. it is al about JOBS ! If you want to hear the concerns of thousands of people echoed…. check out a video and song called “are you listening uncle sam?”….. on any of the search engines…. it says it all. Too many people have been hired at various Governmental levels [city, county, state, federal], and they don’t understand that their pay checks are being paid by their neighbors, friends, and millions of others. The politicians are NOT listening to what the people want. It’s jobs through small businesses….. unshackle the regulations that hinder the expansion for job growth would be my suggestion.

    • Tav….. what specific economic, international diplomacy, and crisis justifies your statement? ‘Everyone’ would indicate there is no dissension by even one individual….. which there seems to be dissension throughout this forum/blog discussion this evening….
      Having owned a multimillion dollar company with many, many employees…. it seems important that econ 101 should be taught in school starting as early as kindergarden, so that each individual understands how money travels through the system to enable people to provide for their needs. Without people like me, all my employees would NOT have had as cushy a life as each of them indicated they had. It takes people WITH money to create businesses that hire people. I taught many employees how to start and grow their own businesses to help grow the economy and thus hire more people. Countries without FREE enterprise [Cuba, Russia, etc. etc] end up collapsing….

  172. it was very entertaining but i think i’m gonna have to go with the president on this one and don’t you have to be 35 and born in the US to become president

    • THe biggest racists in this country are the blacks and minorities who voted for Obama because of his skin color. I would rather be an honest hillbilly than a prejudiced minority anyday. And Im black.

      • Ok Sarah,
        So what about the people who vote for Romney because they don’t like Obama cause he is black man. That BS you talking go both ways. And if they do vote for him cause he black and whatever reason, (it’s the land of the free) so I can vote the person I want

        • If black people voted for Obama last time, this time white people wonnt vote for Romney because he is white, but because of Obamas really bad 4 year results!!!
          Romney is the serious condidate to be a president!

      • Wow,never thought of that way . Very deep thinking . I hope that didn’t happen why Obama got elected ..because, of the color of his skin ..But,the statement you made .wow,it is something to think about .

    • Again….. a lack of complete understanding and a willingness to blatantly ignore printed facts, shows that those who ‘believe’ without truly knowing are the ignorant and will be led like lemmings over the cliff. You could be one of those Lemmings….. I hope you will review your statement and consider the reality of what you are asking others to lamely follow. Barrack Obama speaks in generalities not truthful specifics. REGARDLESS of what political party, with which a person affiliates themselves, the important aspect if whether the person is of strong character, unwavering strength of conviction, ethics, and guided by a moral compass. That is the type of leader America needs.

    • That is such a lazy cop-out of a thing to say. It’s what people say when they don’t have any actual reason for why they believe in Obama as a leader. I’m so sick of it.

    • @Tav
      The definition of “Constitutionalist” does not include any mention of being racist. What IS racist is to defend a usurper of the Constitution of the United States of America because the subject usurper is half Caucasoid.

      De Oppresso Liber

  173. The President just lied to the American people during the debate. He said he stood in the Rose Garden the day after the Benghazi attack and called it a, “Terror Attack”. The President said, “get the transcripts” [as to say they will prove he’s right]. The President’s lie is verifiable here on the White House’s own? You Tube page.


    • You could’ve knock me over with a feather when he said that. If it was true, why did UN Ambassador Susan Rice come out and say all she did, and that the attack was because of the stupid video?? Then have the FBI go on a witch hunt for the film producer for violating terms of his probation (which are still unknown)……..but seriously, the FBI?? for a probation violation?? A little overkill wouldn’t you say?

      • The President did not say it was a terror attack, but did mention we would go after terorist if that were the case. Bottom line is why did the administration lead all of us to think they thought it was due to the video? Does this administration really think we are that stupid. He did not end the war, we still have soldiers giving their lives for us.

        • Linda:

          One might also ask why Romney ran out and got his PR going with a press conference to try to chalk up points before he had ANY idea what he was talking about?

          Generally, in the history of our country, you don’t play such games, or as Ronald Reagan famously said–we have only ONE president at a time.

  174. I have never seen such an intollerance in America for a President. I am sadden that average Americans can’t get out of personal feeling to The greater good. We tell people on a micro level to look at best choices. If a doctor shows fact on things to change your life style to help your heart we listen. However no doctor does research without positive result in 4 years and we call an illness cured. Yet we allowed former Presidents to run up the nations debt and create wars and stood as deer in the headlights and raied our fist like barbarians supporting a wrong choice. Now we have some one that has live the reality that as a minority you have to be prepared to have the right answer and be a messenger that has no negative actions or scandal near them in thier life. How can peole blindly and ignorantly think the President broke the American infrastructure or fix it so fast?!!! It has been broken when we allowed slavery, the economical isolation of minorities and poor, and finally not holding Agencies accountable to the laws the President, Congress and Senate develop. This is where the problem really is. In America 2012 most voters want to see a WWE match instead of preparing this nation for the Future! Other countries again are laughing at us because bottomline in France there is no African Frenchman or Hispanic British. America uses Capitalism as a segrator. When we see knowlege, results, and respect of person and hard working dedication America with our Leaders and we align behind them; then and only then will the UNITED States of America be a Great Nation. My Presedint did a Diplomic, eloquent job. He lives up to the professional standards we call morals. You will never find a smoking gun in his past and his wife is equally intelligent, experience and grounded their life is the American dream lived. I can’t support a person that did not show up while campaigning to a lay off just in September 2012 of employees that had their company owned by Bain capital group close its doors and out source their work and leave 15000 people added to unemployment rolls just before the holiday season. What have we come to in America when the ignorance of fear and prejudice guides us to our own demise. Sad thing is not many minorities work for companies in the Bain Corp portfolio. Poor white Americans now needing unemployment, health care, and some welfare;yet they are voting for the person(Romney/Ryan) that really had a hand creating the formula years back that is puting them into this present day empoverished state. All over old historic foolish pride.

    We hold these truths; to be self evedent, that all men are created equal. When will we live by this? There was nothing victorius in disrespectful agression from Mr Romney. And it bothers me Americans are thisty for that, rather than the colorful dignity of Pres. Obama. GO! WIN! POTUS and FLOTUS! 4 more years!!

    • Um. You wasted alot of space, when all that you really need to do is look at Obama’s record: FAILURE. It’s really quite simple. And, do your fact checker sister, people don’t fall for that liberal horsecrap anymore.

    • @Sonya
      What in the heck is just one verifiable point in your chaotic ramblings? Really! I’m interested.

      De Oppresso Liber

    • Many things said in large space without true substance. Why do many people have an issue with this president? This is said with nothing to do with race, voting should not be done based on anyones color of thier skin-that is not the issues. I am happy we have finally had a black man as president.
      First, a great leader does not blame someone else constantly. Yes, he came into a fiscal mess (but partially due to Pres Bush trying to win 2 wars), that was OK for about the first year. Yet this President has run up as much debt as Bush did in only 4 years. This is what is making our country weak and tearing it apart, not race. He does not try to work in any bipartison way at all.
      Second, much of his vision for america is a socialist idealogy that history has shown us time and again simply does not work. Those that have followed these socialist idealogoies have had poor innovation and lower standard of living. His platform will decrease jobs and increase taxes.
      Lastly, he is not truthful. Foe example-the reason for the gas prices were $1.89 when he came to office-was due to a recession-bull!

    • sonja, I don’t know where you are getting all of your factS, but maybe you should do a little more research . Obama is no saint , You accuse the Govenor of things not necessarly true, but Obama put poor folks out in the cold in the dead of winter by having them thrown out of their apartments which by the way were also slums,. You speak of Poor white folks like white folks have never had to draw unemployment or never applied for food stamps. Were you a slave??? …. BOTTOM LINE you are an American
      quit living in the past, quit looking back or you will end up like Lot’s wife…who turned to salt and could not move FORWARD!

    • AND BY THE WAY, you want someone to be President whos wife said on National TV “for the first time in my life I am proud to be an AMERICAN. WHAT.. she was only proud to be an American after she had become the First Lady. And just what has Mrs O done as the first Black First Lady Lets see… telling kids not to get fat and taking lavish vacations one of them costing just under a half a million dollars and costing the tax payers hunders of thousands… What a Legacy for the FIRST BLACK FIRST LADY. Obama is not a leader. We need a leader

      • Espy:

        Haters gonna hate.

        It is not even that people misunderstand Michelle Obama’s statement. It’s that it makes good propaganda.

        When she said–

        “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.”

        –what she clearly meant was that as children, we trust and believe and hope easily. We think our parents know everything, and will protect us from anything.

        But as adults, we seldom feel that kind of hope and pride. It takes something big to move us. And, thus, she was moved like she never had in her adult life.

        And for you to try to turn that into something sick and dirty is what is really pathetic.

  175. I feel bad anybody who cant see through the lies of Obama. Yes Romney isn’t perfect. But wait were all human right? Look at Obama’s last four years and tell me you can vote for a person who has pretty much doubled the debt and what jobs do we have to show for it? A man that I talk to regularly said its getting better. He said its gonna take time. Of course its gonna take time. But how can we lower the deficit when it has been doubled? Your telling me your going to risk four more years? I thought Obama was gonna fix healthcare? Not make a band-aid. That’s all Obamacare is. And don’t try and blame gas prices on anybody. Obama hasn’t tried to do anything. But its traded in US dollars. Well the dollar is in the tank. Also oil is sold under speculation. So a president can only do so much. We need to get the economy back on track. Get the dollar back on top. Lets put somebody in office that wont double the debt. That will help the middle class (me). Not raise taxes on me and my family. Somehow I don’t get why people cant see that. If your rich your going to pay more taxes. If your in the middle class your gonna pay more. And if your poor your gonna get more. So lets all be poor. How bad can it be? I mean they take care of you. Except it doesn’t work. Look at Russia. Where is the USSR? It fell. If Obama wins expect the worse. But don’t cry to me. I will tell you I didn’t vote for that idiot.

      • I take it that you have forgotten that gas prices under George W Bush was slightly over $4.00 a gallon (Jun 2008). Or that in 2000 when George Bush took office the United States had a budget surplus of $230 billion dollars. When President Bush left office, the United States public debt as of Sept 2008 was over ten trillion dollars. That didnot include his 700 billion bank bailout when the banking system was collasping. Question. If Bush saw fit to bailout the banking system and add to the national debt, why is so unthinkable that Obama bailed out the automobile industry, thereby saving thousands of jobs. The automobile industry has already repaid the treasury in full. If you make $250,000.00 (or under that amount as most citizens do)you are paying less in taxes than you did in 2008. For the first time in several years, April of 2012, the United States Treasury took in 59 billion dollars more than it spent. Feel free to use Fact Check on this.
        Albert Einstein said it well “intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”.

  176. Romney = a white Obama.

    Romney has the exact same plans economically as Bush did what led to the crises and Obama is someone who doesn’t know how to run a country.

    Lets all rise up against these elite chosen dictators and get Ron Paul in office.

    • Unfortunately it might be of benefit from you standpoint if you do a ‘fact check’ regarding your comment that the two individuals has the same identical Economic Plans. This statement is incorrect.
      On your 2nd statement…. you are totally correct is referencing Obama’s inability to run a Country. He lacks the economic background to understand how money is moved about the system to create business…. which in turn, creates jobs for people….. which in turn, people then create a Country.

      Regarding Ron Paul: He has many attributes when it comes to policies regarding governing a Country….. However, a majority of the population does not understand the intricacies and the interwoven conflicts of which Ron Paul tried to explain throughout his campaign. He needs to simplify…. then, perhaps, more people might sign on to his philosophy and support his vision.

      [some of my background is International Money and Banking…. World Bank, etc.]

    • Actually Romney believes in freedoms our country holds. Ron Paul does not have a chance to win and could so nothing but splitting the vote.


  178. Obama is just jealous that Romney has a bigger pension plan. That’s because Romney was smart with his money in investments and business. When you think about it, America is a giant BUSINESS! America is the employer, while we, the citizens, are her employees. With that analogy, the only with business experience is Romney!
    My vote goes to Romney. I believe he has the experience to create jobs for America. Plus, I completely agree with his illegal immigration policy. I’m so sick of illegal immigrant coming to America and expecting to be treated the same way as the legal citizens. They bring down the value of places…for example whenever I go to Lowes, drive by the U-Haul, etc I always see illegal immigrants standing on the side of the road hoping someone will pick them up and pay them CASH to help move things. It bugs me. Illegal immigrants expect to get the same benefits without footing any of the bills–they don’t pay taxes, yet my taxes pay for their healthcare, their legalization process, and their prison time. RIDICULOUS!

    • It is good that you and your son are being medically treated for whatever ailments your family has…… HOWEVER, your son does NOT have healthcare BECAUSE of Obama….. the Obama plan does not take affect until next year and other aspects of his plan go into affect years in the future.

      The health programs you are getting and utilizing at this time for your son, are programs that were setup to take effect and be implemented within the last 4 years….

      …………….but they were voted upon by the Congress, going as far back as 20 years ago!!!!!

      Please don’t be fooled by the verbal comments and printed editorials of newscasters. Seek out the actual legislation of the health program you are currently under, as it was passed by congress and written into law.

      Take time to speak with doctors and they will help to explain this to you.

      • The Affordable Healthcare Act was signed by March 23, 2010 by President Obama. Go to Health & Human Services website and you can read what has already been accomplished by this bill and the timeline for what will be done in the future. In this year, 2012, significant changes went into effect,such as: many consumers will recieve rebate checks from insurance companies that failed to spend 80% of collected premiums on patient care; healthcare was still tied to paper records and the new law brings changes to electronic records; Physicians and Hospitals that demonstrate improved quality healthcare with lower costs will share the savings; preventive healthcare services must be provided without a copay, such as,”well woman” doctor visits, diabetic screening for pregnant women, DNA tests for HPV virus, birth control free to women, domestic violence counseling,and more. This is Obamacare for women and is very much needed.

  179. It seemed to me that the moderator was in favor of Obama every time he gave an answer she would let him more than the 2 minutes allowed and she didn’t do it with Mr. Romney not did she not give him more time she also interrupted him and tried to interpreted what he say in a negative way. I don’t care who this lady is or she came from if you cannot be biased as a moderator don’t agree to be one. Furthermore is it possible that she agreed so she could help the President to give him a chance to win this debate.
    In regards to the President he has had his opportunity to do great things for us Americans yet he has failed to do so. What is worst he has put our civil and religious liberties. . George Washington stated: “The establishment of Civil and Religious Liberty was the motive that induced me to the field of battle.” Thomas Jefferson stated: “No provision in our constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprise of civil authority.”
    Mr Obama the facts prove that the President has rejected what the overwhelming majority of Americans believe is the essence of America: religious freedom.
    Farewell Mr Obama

  180. Tuesday, 16 October 2012

    WHO WON? Well, that depends on the rules of the match, referee biases, and which contestant adhered most closely to what set of rules.

    Governor Romney mostly followed the rules stated by the referee. But then he overlaid them with concepts of fairness as if the Marquess of Queensbury were the ultimate judge. On both class and substance, generally, the win would have to go to Governor Romney.

    Mr BHO fought like a ghetto gangster who had no idea that the stated rules applied to both contestants. If class, substance, fairness and adherence to to stated rules were to be disregarded as factors, and the only issue of note is winning, then BHO takes the Emperor’s crown, even without clothes.

    The referee (moderator) effectively handcuffed Governor Romney in her choice of questions, giving BHO gloves with some lead in them. Too, by unequal enforcement of the stated and commonly understood rules regarding courtesy, she betrayed her liberal (“progressive”) biases, as if those weren’t previously well known. Although being better than the previous two moderators, being “better” than abysmal is not a mark of a quality product. In this contest, the referee lost my vote.

    In this fight, BHO showed remarkably boorish, ghetto-gangsterly behavior as the churlish Chicago thug he is. In the civilized society to which my aspirations lean, BHO lost by default, Governor Romney taking the Emperor’s crown from him, storing it respectfully and, by default, winning the decision of equitable judges.

  181. My,vote is for Romney.People look around and tell me one thing that is better today,then four years ago.People are loosing thier jobs,homes,and cant afford food to feed their children.Gas prices,wow that alone has slowed everything down and until someone steps up and puts limits on these oil companies,nothing is every going to change.Also when it comes to my health the last thing I what is someone to tell what I can and cant have done.Another thought look how good the goverment does with running this country do you really what them running your health care,I am a nurse and I am really concered that if Obama care wins and is not stopped,we will all have to take a number take a seat and lets see who gets care and who will have to wait.

  182. I think this country needs someone who can run a business– in charge. What really bothered me was the bit on Libya and the middle east. Obama has no clue what the important things are that need his attention first. Our country didnt just start to fall apart… but in the last 4 years, I have no job (and I have worked since I was 14)no healthcare. I went back to school and all I can see is that when I graduate.. I will have no job and no way to pay back my student loans. Its great Obama wants to make sure everyone gets a chance to go to college.. but Romney KNOWS that when school is over there better be a job waiting for you or whats the point.


    Voting for either Barack or Mitt would be legitimizing further the corruption that seems to have no end in the aim to destroy Americans’ Freedoms and Prosperity!

    If Barack or Mitt win — Free America ENDS in 2012!

    VOTE for Garry Johnson — or face the dire consequences of failing to do so — TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!

    (Would love to write-in Dr. Ron Paul — but ALL indications are that such write-in votes for Ron Paul will be screened and then thrown out — that’s how much the Establishment fears the Good Doctor!)

    • Gary Johnson, that liberal pot head from New Mexico! Yeah, that is what this country needs, a President who hits the bong every day! Get real Surfisher and stop littering this thread with your insane endorsement of hippy Gary.

      • Daisy:

        Polls show that a full one-third of the population refuses to identify as either Republican or Democrat.

        A full one-third.

        To me, that means it is time to admit that we want and NEED to hear from a third party.

        The Libertarian party is long established and has a solid following. AND they are on enough state ballots to win more than the needed 270 electoral votes. Gary Johnson should be on the stage with the other two candidates on Monday.

        • Goethe Behr:

          My comments reflect neither support nor condemnation of your premises.

          By citing the supposed results of unnamed polls without any source attribution, you are using what is known, in the profession mass manipulation, as “grey” (or “gray”) propaganda. For those of us who recognize this technique, you do your cause no favors.

          By inserting the inflammatory topic of a 3d-party candidate at this late date, when tensions are running high, you do neither your party nor your candidate any good — or your cause either, for showing such poor judgment. Build a stronger base next time, one more able to insure a 3d-party candidate is heard. For now, since it’s a foregone conclusion that such a candidate will not win, let it go. The most your divisiveness can accomplish is splitting the vote sufficiently to get an avowed Marxist back into the Oval Office.

          De Oppresso Liber

          • Drawer:

            I belong to no party. I support no party. I think both parties suck. I just see someone who embodies everything that’s bad about politics, as well as everything that is bad about capitalism–and I have tried to show why HE is such a danger.

            Regarding party affiliation, I have given more links and support than ANYONE on this blog. I didn’t do so this time, because I thought it was self-evident. Also, I was being generous to the two parties. I said 1/3 reject both.

            As it turns out, the correct number–according Gallup–you know Gallup, right? Gallup says that since the first of this year,

            a low of TWENTY-ONE PERCENT (21%) identify as Republicans
            a low of TWENTY-SIX PERCENT (26%) identify as Democrats
            a high of FORTY-SIX PERCENT (46%) reject both

            The current number is not that extreme, but those who refuse either label is still higher than the !/3 I claimed:

            Republican: 28%
            Democrat: 32%
            Independents: 38%

            Source: http://www.gallup.com/poll/15370/party-affiliation.aspx

            I did not bring it up. Surfisher broke into the Obomney babble to say he liked Gary Johnson. Daisy disagreed. And I jumped at the opportunity to break from the Obomney babble.

            NOW THEN, I would appreciate an apology for your attack on my character, since the GALLUP poll above states a STRONGER case than the one I was making.

  184. All i can say is that more and more companies are going to be laying off more workers due to the economy if they re-elect obama. More higher crime, due to lack of jobs. you really want 4 more yrs? If you do, then you need to wait in line for the foodstamps. Companies will not tolerate with this country anymore if america is not heading the right direction. Crime will target the rich and especially hollywood. God bless you all

  185. Sarah you appear to be a confused black hillbilly and that is why no one should listen to anything you have to say..pick up a book learn your history…you seem very confused and your comment about black and minorites and latinos voting for Obama because they are black is plain stupid. It was called voting for a change!!!!!Stereotyping everyone to that category is plum ridiculous… like I said learn your history ..read your histgory and dont hate on the president just because he is black…He is still a man…it sickens me how ignorant some of you are…racist remarks ,comments will get you no where..do the research and look at what really has been done! catch it!get it! now go vote!

  186. Sunshine.. you must not have not been around during the last 20 years do you realize how bad crime has been? do you realize that over the past twenty years there has been a spiral down fall and recession. Do you realize people have had five generations of welfare.. and you think it is going to get worst.It all ready is worst cant get no worser..do you realize what reagonomics mean/meant. This administration inherited all of the problems we face and four years is not enough to fix the mess that waS already there..still shaking my head at how ignorant some of you are….

  187. Thick headed people think OBAMA should be able to reverse/fix a great depression which Bush lead us into over 8yrs of horrific polices and irresponsible spending of 2 Wars, Medical Part B and huge tax cut for the wealthy.

    Additionally the voters who continues to blame Obama for not cleaning Bush’s incompetence fast enough arent considering the FACTS that a Republican congress applied record breaking FILIBUSTERS in congress to uphold votes to pass job bills to help the economy recover at a faster rate. This is all facts recorded by Congress.. The Republican Congress came out on day one and said they will obstruct Obama’s attempts at anything and make him a one term president. This is the same Republican Congress who signed a pledge to ONE MAN, MR NORQUEST to not increases taxes for the rich rather to uphold their oath to serve ALL OF THE PEOPLE of USA..


  188. THIS IS GOOD:

    Remember Willard’s fantasy that it was HIS idea that he needed women for his administration, and after all the “business” experience, he didn’t KNOW any women to appoint?

    It gets worse.

    According to the Phoenix of Boston:

    What actually happened was that in 2002 — prior to the election, not even knowing yet whether it would be a Republican or Democratic administration — a bipartisan group of women in Massachusetts formed MassGAP to address the problem of few women in senior leadership positions in state government. There were more than 40 organizations involved with the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus (also bipartisan) as the lead sponsor.

    They did the research and put together the binder full of women qualified for all the different cabinet positions, agency heads, and authorities and commissions. They presented this binder to Governor Romney when he was elected.


    The thing is, if you put Romney on a lie detector, he’d pass it, because his mentality is “what will be good for me?” And as long as something will get him what he wants, he will say whatever it takes to get it, and he thinks that’s “normal.”

    In this case, it would be bad enough if he had no idea how to find qualified women on his own. The fact that binders were HANDED to him, by an outside women’s group–demanding some equality–and he remembers it as an extensive search HE spearheaded is truly scary. Truly scary.

    • @Goethe Behr

      Let’s see: A liberal author, writing in a liberal blog for a liberal publication in a liberal city of a liberal state. Sounds pretty unbiased to any liberal! (CAUTION: Truly unbiased persons need not take offense.)

      De Oppresso Liber

      • Drawer:

        Something either happens or it doesn’t. The way you can usually determine if there’s a basis in fact is if you can find WHO is reporting the incident. In the case, the GROUP is called MassGap, a well-established BIPARTISAN organization.


        “While MassGAP is a nonpartisan effort, its organizers feel it is imperative to set the record straight about the efforts it spearheaded in 2002 and the results of that effort,” Marissa Szabo, associate director of the MA Women’s Political Caucus (lead sponsor of MassGAP) told TPM Wednesday.


        Executive director Priti Rao told CBS News that the parties had previously agreed that regardless of who won the election, MassGAP would send them the resources — ie, the binders — they had gathered following the election.


        I think it’s most telling that Romney’s own people are now acknowledging it:

        An adviser to the Romney campaign with knowledge of Romney’s hiring process acknowledged that the former governor had been approached about — and agreed to — the pledge before taking office, and that the outside group had already been engaging in independent outreach efforts to solicit resumes for women who would be willing to work in government.

        Cat’s otta the bag, dude.

  189. Well, its been three days since the last debate and four days to go before the next and final debate…And it seems everyone is still throwing mud and pointing fingers. I would like to ask anyone who reads this a question but first would like to remind you of a few things.
    First of all during the time President Bush was President , we had Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Katrina, and September 11th. All of these horrible events put a heavy burden on our ecomony. Of course 911 was devestating, it brought so much pain to so many and I respectfully give my condolences to the many directly affected. But we are a stong country, a proud country. However we have become a country that loves to point fingers and place blame. Also during the time that President Bush took office other “things were developing” on the horizon , the collapse of the Internet bubble, the crisis of “everyone deserves a home” idea was not really working out. But through it all I feel he was a leader. President Clinton was a leader. Now this country is faced with a ripping election and many folks are just undecided because they are just not happy with either canidate. So here is the question. Suppose you own a family business, a business that has been in your family for years and years. Your are have problems with the business and are looking for someone to help you run it so you can keep the businees that your family worked so hard to build. It turns out you only have two people to choose from , you have never meet them, you do not know what they look like, you do not know their religious beliefs all you have is a packet in front of you containing their resumes. The resumes give details of the past thirty years of their lifes, their accomplishments and achievements. Who would you hire?

  190. Have the American People been reduced again to vote for the “lesser of two evils” — are there no other options?

    My conscience cannot allow me to vote for the “lesser of two evils”, because, that means that an Evil will still get elected!

    1) The Barack is the evil we know — a Socialist minded professional politician that will have most of its venomous teeth pulled out when republicans win more seats this election. Thus, it will lack the ability to do much more damage than it’s done already. If the Barack is “elected” it will end its last term in a whimper.

    2) The Mitt — the evil we don’t know…yet. But all indicators are that it is supported by the Central Banks. And that it supports Israel unquestionably to the detriment of our own national security (will start more unconstitutional wars to protect Israel, not the USA).

    Should the Mitt win, we may be in bigger trouble — since it assured itself of no competition for the next republican nomination (see the false vote it made the GOP do on its behalf — THE TELEPROMPTER “KNEW” IN ADVANCE HOW THE VOTE WILL GO…SHAME, SHAME SHAME on the Mitt creature):



    So, unless we vote for Gary Johnson — who wants to restore Liberty and Prosperity, what would you get instead:

    Final four years of ‘toothless’ BO — or 8 more years of the Mitt (with the possibility it has groomed its spawn — 5 Mormon Sons — to keep the dynasty going) for many decades to come…?!

  191. Have the American People been reduced again to vote for the “lesser of two evils” — are there no other options?

    My conscience cannot allow me to vote for the “lesser of two evils”, because, that means that an Evil will still get elected!

    1) The Barack is the evil we know — a Socialist minded professional politician that will have most of its venomous teeth pulled out when republicans win more seats this election. Thus, it will lack the ability to do much more damage than it’s done already. If the Barack is “elected” it will end its last term in a whimper.

    2) The Mitt — the evil we don’t know…yet. But all indicators are that it is supported by the Central Banks. And that it supports Israel unquestionably to the detriment of our own national security (will start more unconstitutional wars to protect Israel, not the USA).

    Should the Mitt win, we may be in bigger trouble — since it assured itself of no competition for the next republican nomination (see the false vote it made the GOP do on its behalf — THE TELEPROMPTER “KNEW” IN ADVANCE HOW THE VOTE WILL GO…SHAME, SHAME SHAME on the Mitt creature):



    So, unless we vote for Gary Johnson — who wants to restore Liberty and Prosperity, what would you get instead:

    Final four years of ‘toothless’ BO — or 8 more years of the Mitt (with the possibility it has groomed its spawn — 5 Mormon Sons — to keep the dynasty going) for many decades to come…?!

    • Surfisher:

      I saw that when it happened. What I wondered was why Ron Paul’s supporters didn’t start chanting, “we object”? Boehner said, “without objection.” If they USED the word “object,” how could he have just talked over that? One of many times when strategic errors by Paul supporters cost him the nomination.

  192. The BO wants to destroy our Freedoms and our Nation!

    But, If Mitt gets into the White House — expect An American Tragedy!

    Mormon Mitt won’t allow Catholic Ryan to be anything but his doormat (to be disposed of when the time comes).

    His 5 Mormon Sons are getting groomed to take over…and create a Dynasty of little Mormon Mitts for decades to come!

    Now, that is truly scary!

  193. I don’t like to repeat postings, but I just found this information online, and have heard it from no one, nowhere else:

    Regarding the Libya attack:

    The other day, someone was complaining that the “guards” at the consulate compound were undermanned and under-equipped for the type of attack they faced.

    Did you realize that security at our embassies is another of these jobs that we have handed over to INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS?

    QUESTION: Why is no one asking why the independent contractor didn’t do its job of protecting the consulate? And why didn’t they have any backup plan in case of attack? Why didn’t they have a direct line to the Libyan army? Why didn’t they do their job?

    QUESTION: I have heard of four Americans dying. I have not heard that ANY of these contractors have died. Has anyone heard if these contraactors even TRIED to defend the place?

    As it turns out, Stevens DID go to a “safe room.” The attackers could NOT reach him. He should have been safe there until help came. STEVENS DID NOT DIE OF GUNSHOT, he died of smoke inhalation because the attackers set fire of the building.

    QUESTION: What kind of “safe room” is not safe from smoke??? Who built that consulate and so-called “safe room”?? Do we have these unsafe “safe rooms” elsewhere? Were they also “contracted” out to someone else to build??

    QUESTION: How could it have been a “planned attack”? Stevens did not arrive at the consulate until the DAY before the attack. People seem to think he had been living there. I’m sure Stevens didn’t give his itinerary to the attackers. How could it have been a “planned attack” if he was not there until just before the attack??

    Here’s the timeline:


  194. Why do people have to bring Racism into the picture ? First of all Obama Drama was Elected by all RACES ! Number two , If Obama Drama Loses its because of his FAILED POLICYS ,not the color of skin !! IF, that was SO, HE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ELECTED FOR PRESIDENT IN THE FIRST PLACE !! People are upset with MR. Obama Drama For the Economy , Jobs and going DEEPER in DEBT ! If, they were not UPSET there would be NO WAY a person could RUN Aginst HIM and WIN..BUT, because ,of his FAILED ADMIN. People are tired of FALSE PROMISSES ,Tired of his LIES ..That is why PEOPLE want a NEW PRESIDENT !! They , want to CHANGE the Direction America is going !!

  195. i vote for obama all the way and he did not make that much much mistakes back in his 4 years of staying and the mess that bush caused is going to take a long time to clean up because he messedd up a lot just give him some more time and get of his case

      • Drawer:

        I agree. To use the name “Bush” makes no sense. Republicans have turned Bush into an “unperson,” the way the Soviets turned Kruchev into an “unperson.”

        Bush simply does NOT exist, so it makes no sense to mention his name.

        It makes more sense to just say we were in the middle of a total economic collapse and panic. It doesn’t matter who “caused” it. In matter, to his credit, Bush tried to stop the collapse.

        If something had not been done firmly and quickly, we would have been into another Great Depression, in which unemployment went from 3% to 25% in Hoover’s term. AND the stock market lost 90% of its value. Luckily, we had Obama’s cool hand to stop the collapse.

        So the question should not be “are you better off,” but rather, “aren’t you glad you’re not in a bread line?”

        • @Goethe
          So we should all be glad we’re not worse off in an economy made ever worse and living in a land of continually depleted liberties? Gee! Now THAT has me grateful for “Cool Hand” Bummer “firmly and quickly” squeezing my private parts! NOT!

          De Oppresso Liber

          • Drawer:

            Obama didn’t squeeze your parts as tightly as Bush did.

            Obama’s problem is the same as Bush’s in handling a crisis. After 9/11, we had the ENTIRE world on our side. His father wouldn’t have squandered that. And on the home front, he could have and should have said YES we have a crisis and we will have to work TOGETHER, they way we did during World War II. Instead, he said, “go shopping and don’t worry your pretty head, this is my chance to profit from the crisis.” And he put the entire war efforts on our credit card–in addition to continuing the tax cuts–which were ONLY instituted because we thought we had a “surplus.”

            Likewise, Obama was too cool about the economic crisis. He should have told us how BAD it looks, but that we can lick it together. Instead, he only tried to reassure us, and underestimated how bad things really were.

            In both cases, someone like Jesse Ventura would have gone on TV and said, Look, we’re in a PILE of crap here. Let’s show ’em what America can do.

  196. Would ask all that find merit in the below to SPREAD IT! Thanks.

    VOTE for Gary Johnson (do not write-in Ron Paul, please)!

    Here is why:

    The Establishment fears Ron Paul so much that they will do anything to stop him and his (our) movement for Liberty on the election level (since so far they have not been able to control the internet, and thus shut us down completely)!

    The Major Networks will show after the election NOTHING for Ron Paul (not even that he got ANY of the Vote, for that would be admitting that some actually dared to write-in his name).

    The Apparatchiks have been instructed to shred all write-in ballots where Ron Paul’s name appears (for proof just watch after the election and see if Ron Paul is even mentioned, let alone how many votes he got)!

    Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 States — so a vote for him is a vote COUNTED against the wannabe despots of America! (Plus, if he breaks the 5+% level, the Libertarian Party (Ron Paul’s original party) will be eligible for federal funds to the tune of about 90 million dollars for the next election — and no longer will be a financial shoe-string operation!!!).

    VOTE GARY JOHNSON (or write-in Ron Paul if you must) — as long as you vote for what you realize is BEST for our Nation, and NOT get bamboozled into voting again for the “lesser of two evils”: the Kenyan Barack or Mitt the Mormon (this path only leads to more and bigger evil, for the next election cycle…should there be one)!!!

  197. http://www.thedebate.org/thedebate/afghanistan.asp . The real reason they don’t want to abandon Afghanistan is, because of the Exxon Mobile’s pipeline pumping oil from Afghanistan. George Bush Jr. brags he went to Iraq for the oil, to show off to his affluent friends. So instead of half the national deficit, we have it double, they want to build permanent bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, so big oil, and the Republican’s can get rich. So why do they want to make Afghanistan a permanent duty station so they can protect the interest’s of big oil and the pipeline, before they started drilling and pumping oil out of Afghanistan, the country was considered the largest untapped oil resource in the world. They don’t talk much about the pipeline now because the Billionaire’s and corporations have silence everyone. I don’t vote and support neither party. George Bush Jr and the Republican party wanted to control the oil infrastructure of Iraq, and Afghanistan to enrich themselves, Billions traded for the corporations, while America accumulated Trillions in national debt, not such a good trade off, but it was for 1% of the population. The people of Afghanistan live simple lives as farmers and ranchers, living off of mountain goats, and sheep’s, and simple crops, too stupid to realize what they have an abundant source of natural resources that they do not benefit from, while Hamid Karzai hordes over 100 Billion in secret accounts for himself. The people of Afghanistan use horses and donkeys, and pick up trucks, as their main weapons, while military contractor’s keep building new weapon system’s for themselves and get richer, America goes down hill in debt. China owns 11% of the national debt, and Japan owns 10% and they are over 200% over GDP in national debt. So who owns most of the national debt Private Security Firms profiting off the national debt of the U.S. Corporate raiders interested in maximizing profit margins and corporate gains overseas, while the U.S. economy suffers at the expense of the people.

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