After the debut of the first Obama/Romney debate, it is now time for the number 2 slot to have a day in the spotlight. Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan will take the debate stage Thursday night (Hello, Thursday night football?) in the one and only Vice Presidential debate.

Report from the Washington Post:

Vice President Biden, a man with nearly four decades of experience in politics, has not been taking lightly his preparations for his debate against Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), holding practice sessions and perusing briefing books in recent months.

Now, in the wake of President Obama’s widely panned performance last week in his first debate against Mitt Romney, the stakes for Biden are suddenly higher than ever. In the Oct. 11 vice-presidential debate he must not only avoid making any gaffes but also try to puncture his Republican opponent’s arguments on taxes, entitlement reform and deficit reduction, something Obama was criticized for failing to do last week.

The pressure on Ryan has risen as well. Romney greatly exceeded expectations, appearing both presidential and in command of the debate stage. Ryan, who has never before debated at the national level, must prove that he is potential presidential material — while also defending the numbers that Romney put forth last week, especially on tax cuts.

Both sides are offering sky-high predictions for the other team. “There’s a lot on the line,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), a chief Romney-Ryan ally. “President Obama failed to defend his record and could not articulate a vision for the future. So I think that challenge now falls to Vice President Biden.”

Bill Burton, former White House deputy press secretary and co-founder of the Democratic super PAC Priorities USA, argued that the burden is actually on Ryan.

“Ryan is going to face pressure to explain some of the dishonest claims he and Romney have been making, especially on things like Medicare, taxes and the auto industry,” he said.

One point on which both sides appear to agree is that Biden is likely to be more aggressive in his face-off against Ryan than Obama was debating Romney.

I am expecting some more aggressive debating from both men. One of their jobs as the VP candidate is to be the attack dog of the campaign in a sense. Both Romney and Obama must make their points but do it without appearing too aggressive. That rule doesn’t apply the same way for the VP candidate and I fully expect Biden to turn on the charm offensive and go for the emotional jugular.


  1. Biden is a teddy bear. The only way he’ll “win” is if Ryan comes off as too mean. Biden should call in sick.

  2. Rasmussen says that Romney got a one-point bounce in Virginia and two points in Florida, and an unstated positive impact nationally. I expected more than that, but movements sometimes take time. A second boost from the VEEP contest could make a serious difference.

    Also, it should be noted that Rasmussen tends to favor Republicans (Rush Limbaugh’s favorite poll).

    • Other polls are showing a similar bounce for Romney:

      Gallup shows a 2 point jump.

      Reuters/Ipsos showed a 2-point jump Friday, and since it’s a 7-day average, it’s likely to increase.

      The New York Times poll also shows move toward Romney.

      Since Ryan is expected to wipe out Biden, the next Prez debate could be make-or-break.


    Paul Ryan has a new plan. It’s called The “Bleed to Death Medical Plan”
    Watch Ryan smugly lecture a senior citizen about taking responsibity for his own health care in this twisted yet funny Southpark like scenario that makes a serious point.

  5. Nate: I just re-read the intro.

    Har. Yeah. Amazing that no one has said putting the debate against football is a “liberal media” plot.

    After all, sports fans will be elsewhere, so the audience that sees Biden “fumble” will be on his side!!

    Of course, Clinton went up against the FIRST NFL game of the year–and he spiked the ball. . .

    • Pittsburgh is playing Thursday. PA is an important state for both sides, especially Western PA which could be the make or break. There’s the conspiracy…

  6. I am looking forward to Ryan exposing Biden as a total fool at the upcoming debate. Biden has spent his entire career in Washington DC sucking off taxpayers money. The guy comes off as Mr know it all, But the real truth is he is a big phoney…Romney will be giving at major speech Monday at VMI in Lexington Va….Obama is the only President since the Civil War not to visit VMI…that should tell people something about our Anti American President, even Hillary Clinton has been to VMI.

  7. Just want to know what TV networks will be carrying the vice-presidential debate. Your website does not provide this info.

        • Surfisher:

          That is a good question. We know that the Republican-Democratic cabal that is the debate commission runs the show. They name the moderator, but I wonder how much control the moderator actually has, once named. It appeared that Jim Lehrer decided how much latitude to give the candidates.

          Or are you asking who the moderator is? That’s Martha Raddatz, ABC chief foreign correspondent.

          All we know is that both foreign and domestic topics will be covered. Nine segments of ten minutes each, with the first four minutes composed of opening statements by each. That leaves six minutes of back-and-forth.

          I wonder if they are not releasing the exact questions so that the campaigns can’t totally program the candidates in their answers.

          OR–did you put “moderator” in quotes because they are so wimpy?

  8. Voting for the lesser of two evils, still gets you evil.

    Has anyone noticed the Barack creature looks more and more like a chimpanzee, and the Mitt creature like a statue in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum…and that both are liars and cheats that hate Free Americans!

    So, are you going to vote for Plastic Man or Monkey Boy…hoping whichever one of these evils “wins” will destroy our Free Nation at a slower pace…?

    Or, are you going to take a stand against these two anti-American subhumans, and vote your conscience instead!

    Gary Johnson is THE ONLY ONE TO GET YOUR VOTE — if you are a Real American and want to save our Nation!

  9. I would expect Ryan to come out way on top as did Romney but so what? 47% are going to vote for Obama no matter what and Obama only needs 7% of the 53%. Romney needs 96% of the 53%. Looks like Obama is in !

    • Billy: That assumes Willard knows what he’s talking about, which he doesn’t. Even many of us 47% retirees and other “deadbeats” vote Republican even if we ARE on the “dole.”

      The way I see it, Obama has a lock on the African-American 13%, but only 2/3 of them voted in 2008, and I’d count on 50% this year. Obama could also count on another 10% from the Hispanic 16%, but their turnout was only 50% in 2008, and I’d forecast 40% this year, due to many factors.

      Thus, due to race, Obama can count on no more than 12% of the electorate.

      Women are 50% of the population, and probably 60% will be for Obama, so that’s 30% (reduce that amount by 6% redundancy, since half of Blacks and Hispanics are female). That gives you 24% in addition to the 12% for race–36%.

      That leaves white men, who will probably vote 30% for him, cut in half by gender is 15% and again by race redundancy, to 9%.

      So Obama really only can count on a total of 45% of the vote. That’s way short of a win.

      IRONICALLY, if Ryan alienates an additional few percent of the white/blue-collar vote by coming off as “Professor KnowItAll,” believe it or not, Biden really COULD make the difference this year.

  10. Unfortunately, those 47% that Romney doesn’t care about don’t realize that it is them he is talking about. I have a family member who is disabled and expects the government to take care of her AND she is a hard core Republican who doesn’t realize she is part of the 47%. She is not a minority, does not have more than a high school education, and yet believes she is better than others who are highly educated and from a minority group. She thinks she is part of the middle class ($500 monthly income). There are lots of people like her where I live in Florida. She will NOT benefit from voting for Romney, but no one can make her believe that. I guess we’ll see what happens. I am a high school teacher, a native Texan, and I try to be open-minded about everything, especially this election. President Obama will help education in the U.S. much more so than Romney will, so I will vote to re-elect him.

  11. I didn’t vote for Obama last time and I won’t this time. If you are a teacher you might vote for Obama, if you are the 47% that don’t count you might vote Obama and If you love the Obamacare you will probably vote Obama. If you are looking for a change and a chance for our military to remain strong you probably will vote Rommey. The important thing is VOTE don’t assume that you don’t need to, every vote will count.

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  13. Everyone agrees that Biden would be a disaster should he ever become President. It makes me sick to even think about it. King Obama and Queen Michele need to step aside and let some true Americans run our country. Mitt Paul 2012!

  14. What we need to demand is a clean contest, cut out the “out-of-context” ads, the non-specific statements of the other’s position and all the other in-U-Endo attempts at corrupt persuasion. Debates should be about policies, and why they are good or bad for the country. Each candidate’s website should be the candidates “word” on a topic. An opponent should reference that as a “fact”. I like a debate to reveal which candidate can state the position of the other candidate to that opponent’s satisfaction AND THEN promote their own persuasive policy ideals. That would be clean, eh?

  15. By reading comments here it sounds like this website is popular with 1%-wannaby tea-party types. Biden against Ryan will be like a pro team against your local high school. (Do you mind if I come back and tell you I told you so?) Unless you are already multimillionaires, you are better off voting against Rawmoney: he will gut this country the same way Bain Capital did with the companies it took over, if history is any indication of the future.

  16. Chet,

    I am afraid you are showing your political and financial ignorance. RR is the ticket to get our country back on track. I am not part of the 47% and proud of it. I will not depend on the federal government to take care of me and own me. You see, this is the issue – How in the world could anyone vote for Barrack Hussein Obama – just with the name alone says something……I stand for the constitution – my rights- my country- liberty and freedom. I am tired of sitting back and watching the liberal socialist try to take our country down. It is time to stand up and make change happen…..

  17. Have the American People been reduced again to vote for the “lesser of two evils” — are there no other options?

    My conscience cannot allow me to vote for the “lesser of two evils”, because, that means that an Evil will still get elected!

    1) The Barack is the evil we know — a Socialist minded professional politician that will have most of its venomous teeth pulled out when republicans win more seats this election. Thus, it will lack the ability to do much more damage than it’s done already. If the Barack is “elected” it will end its last term in a whimper.

    2) The Mitt — the evil we don’t know…yet. But all indicators are that it is supported by the Central Banks. And that it supports Israel unquestionably to the detriment of our own national security (will start more unconstitutional wars to protect Israel, not the USA).

    Should the Mitt win, we may be in bigger trouble — since it assured itself of no competition for the next republican nomination (see the false vote it made the GOP do on its behalf — THE TELEPROMPTER “KNEW” IN ADVANCE HOW THE VOTE WILL GO…SHAME, SHAME SHAME on the Mitt creature):


    So, unless we vote for Gary Johnson — who wants to restore Liberty and Prosperity, what would you get instead:

    Final four years of ‘toothless’ BO — or 8 more years of the Mitt (with the possibility it has groomed its spawn — 5 Mormon Sons — to keep the dynasty going) for many decades to come…?!

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