Joe Biden and Paul RyanThe one and only Vice Presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan will happen tonight from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. The air time and broadcast channels will be identical to that of the first Presidential Debate and we will carry the live VP debate stream right here on this page beginning around 8pm et. The VP debate will be 90 minutes in length.

Full Video: Watch Full VP Debate Video

VP Debate Air Time: Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 9pm et / 8pm ct / 7pm mt / 6pm pt

Channels: ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and more including CNN Espanol and others

Topics: Not yet released as of this post, expect them prior to Thursday

Moderator: Martha Raddatz (ABC News Chief Foreign Correspondent)

The debate will cover both foreign and domestic topics and be divided into nine time segments of approximately 10 minutes each. The moderator will ask an opening question, after which each candidate will have two minutes to respond. The moderator will use the balance of the time in the segment for a discussion of the question.

We will have a live video stream embedded as well as a list of available live streams from other organizations. The complete video will be available, typically within a couple hours of the debate’s conclusion. We will post the full video as well.


  1. When it comes to budget portion, Biden should yield his time to Ryan, tell him to look into the camera, explain to the people, the math behind his plan

    • Gary Johnson is THE ONLY ONE TO GET YOUR VOTE — if you are a Real American and want to save our Nation!

      Voting for the lesser of two evils, still gets you evil.

      Has anyone noticed the Barack creature looks more and more like a chimpanzee, and the Mitt creature like a statue in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum…and that both are liars and cheats that hate Free Americans!

      So, are you going to vote for Plastic Man or Monkey Boy…hoping whichever one of these evils “wins” will destroy our Free Nation at a slower pace…?

      Or, are you going to take a stand against these two anti-American subhumans, and vote your conscience instead!

      Gary Johnson is THE ONLY ONE TO GET YOUR VOTE!

      • Holy racism batman! That alone makes me not care about your candidate, if he attracts you as a supporter. What does that say about him?

        • I don’t think he was being racist. I think he was giving his own opinion about the appearances of the candidates. We have a big problem with people seeing racism where there is none.

        • Really? I agree. If anything…that ignorance just made me NEVER want to back Gary Johnson. If he has that kind of trash backing him…he’s not a choice for me.

        • Really? — by assuming that Monkey Boy referred to the Barack creature…you exposed yourself as the racist here!

          (I’ve always referred to the Mitt creature as Rmonkey)!

          Now, go to the corner and put on the dunce hat….

      • The best you might say about Gary Johnson is “lesser of three evils.” No matter who you vote for, it’s still going to be a human being.

      • I’m disappointed. I’m an ardent supporter of Gary Johnson myself, but you sir are an idiot. Being outright disrespectful of other candidates is no way to attract votes.

      • Your an idiot! OMG Look at what Obama has done to our country! I have been unemployed twice since he has taken office and he has spent more of our money on foreigners. Mitt has a background in finance and he may have made some mistakes he at least recongizes it and is willing to adjust by what he has learned! Obama is just going to do more of the same thing. Were all going to be homeless by the time Obama gets done with another term.

    • Jack: From a technical standpoint, that would be brilliant. But it would also be a big gamble.

      Ryan’s problem is that he was picked to “balance” the ticket, which means what he wants will never happen. He can’t even talk about it. A few days ago, he was being interviewed and the interviewer asked him how he is going to pay for all the new programs Romney has promised–does he really believe “closing loopholes” can do it? “A voice off-screen” announced that the interview was over. Ryan obediently stood up, removed his microphone, and walked away contritely.

      Ryan should debate as if he’s running for 2016 and just ignore Triple Flippin’ Mitten.

      • wow more lies … he never asked ANY of that … ryan explained about gun laws and what americas strengths were and the commentator ignored all of that and said ‘you can do that by lower taxes’ … it made non sense and the new reporter was obviously out to attack and make it personal. grow up.

        • Maniac: Ryan should grow up. Romney has been talking about all the additional spending he plans to do–from adding to the safety net to buying weapons the military does NOT even want.

          The interviewer gave him a chance to explain how cutting taxes on top of it will work. Note that it was the SPOKESPERSON who decided that Ryan would not be allowed to answer the question.

          Romney’s “handlers” won’t be able to yank Ryan off the stage tonight. Should be interesting.

      • I’m not sure if you actually watched the interview, but I did and what you said is not what was said in the interview at all. It’s actually pretty funny how so far off you are. LOL.

    • How can ryan be “lyin’ ryan” if he can’t even voice his opinion? Seems strange everyone has already choosen obama even though everything he said has been a lie and thats backed by fact not by your own opinions.

    • when it comes to the budget portion ..biden should stand,pull his pockets out..lint balls in the wind..then he should look at the camera and say” heres what the lefty plan has to offer”.

  2. We know what the budget looked like when the Clinton’s were in the White House. No I don’t think it would have continued but the voters did at one time have a choice. Now we got two losers to chose from.

    The nation could do what they are going to do in Chicago and install speed cameras. The mayor says that will get 20 million a year into Chicago. (Guess he figures only the Chinese are going to get caught as taking $150.00 out of the pocket of a Chicago resident, sending 1/2 to Springfield and 15% to Australia would actually be a loss to the city.) And get this, the dumb voters are all for it.

  3. As much as any of the third party candidates have platforms a thousand times better than the major candidates, making a protest vote does not bring me enough satisfaction to give a slide to the American Taliban that Romney accepts into his fold with forked tongue. Mr. Obama, 3 major things you need to “bring together” if you don’t want to criminalise the next generation…
    1.-Wikileaks which is the first version of a real global citizens oversight committee…accept that it has flaws and work with them, don’t criminalise them.
    2.-The NDAA clause to imprison without a trial is putting you in a category with Bush & Cheney, so if you don’t want that as your legacy, you better find a much better compromise then what you’ve got so far which is un-American….
    3.- Cut government ties to Monsanto and beef up the FDA. THAT is the war we need to be fighting, the war on destroying our food supply.

    Mr. President, these are 3 serious areas you need to articulate a more compromising position in favor of our promised democratic freedoms. Nowhere in the constitution does it promise government secrets, especially when it means preferential treatment for criminals. Start prosecuting the crimes revealed by Wikileaks and set Bradley Manning free. Thank you.

  4. Let’s FINALLY begin to discuss how to get more candidates up there. 2-to choose from isn’t working for American’s anymore!

    • How many parties do you want up there debating? For all of the flaws with the two-party system, having 3 or 4 or 8 (Like The Philippines) to choose from just serves to have an even more divided nation. Think about it. If there are 3 candidates and they all neck and neck, the election results could be 34,33,33. 66% of the people would feel “disenfranchised”. If there were 4 candidates, we could see 26,25,25,24 and then 76% of people would not be happy

      What I do like about the Philippine system is that the President and Vice President do not share a ticket. They are usually of different parties and keep an eye on each other.

      What I would really like to see in the US is a multiparty race for a runoff between two candidates. Winner is President and Loser is VP. If they can’t get along, then handcuff them together until they are “Besties”. There would have to be bipartisanship, and better yet since the top two candidates are both in power, the people might be happier

      • Chris: We tried that early in the republic. It didn’t work. You really don’t want a veep “sniping” at the prez all the time (figuratively speaking, of course).

        I agree with our earlier discussion here, that once a candidate qualifies for the ballot in enough states to total 270 electoral votes, that candidate should AUTOMATICALLY be invited to the debates.

      • That was kind of how it was meant to be when the Constitution was ratified. The politicians managed to get the process changed by amendment, just like the process for selecting Senators.

  5. we watch from murcia spain as romney and obama debate and now biden and in span debates are not real. two guys just say what they have prepared never answering the ask about education and they talk about housing.or what the other guy did.i like it that in the states the debates are robust and the moderator is tough even cuttingo ff someone who is clearly selling his book and not answering the many countris the usa debates are seen as the best.really debates.i wish the audience could cut the mike of a candidate who goes off path.. once here a candidate asked the other why he had voted for more public education without control of quality.the response was related to politicans taking free trips.not at all anywhere near the question.i wish all debates were like answer the question you are asked.on the other hand spin doctors dont exist here as well trained as in the usa. here they deny or refuse to answer while in america its an art form. i vote partido popular in murcia and in the states i dont vote as im british.but ill be watchiong the debates the spins the surveys..

  6. Paul Ryan actually is a right-wing extremist who wants to turn Medicare into Vouchercare and privatize Social Security. The story with Mitt Romney is different.

    Mitt is a “moderate with progressive views” (his words). Mitt is “severely conservative” (his words). Mitt “believes that abortion should be safe and legal in this country” (his words). Mitt is “pro-life” (his words).

    See the problem? Mitt, like Tricky Dick Nixon, is a black box. He’s a “perfectly lubricated weathervane”, as Republican Governor Jon Huntsman put it. Or, as Rudy Giuliani’s put it, he is “a man without a core. This is a man without substance. This is a man who will say anything to become president of the United States.”

    We have a black box running against the president who led the way in preventing a 2nd Great Depression, saving the U.S. auto industry, going from 750,000 job losses per month to 140,000 job gains per month, decimating al Qaeda, liquidating bin Laden, ending the war in Iraq, winding down the war in Afghanistan, strengthening healthcare security for middle and working class Americans, ensuring fair pay for women, defending the rights of women to govern their own uteruses, ensuring equal rights for soldiers irregardless of sexual preference, ending the policy of punishing immigrant children for the misdeeds of their parents.

    I don’t see how this race is even remotely close.

    • I see the propoganda worked on you!
      It is sad that you actually believe the talking points that the left puts out. Its all total BS!
      The part about ‘decimating al Qaeda’ has got to be the biggest laugh. Come on, think for yourself. Don’t just replay the same old main media talking points.
      What has he really done?

  7. Chicken Hawk vs. Chicken Hawk debating to be the “Supreme Catalyst” for Neocon Agenda – to send our young men and women into foreign lands to become maimed or to die at the behest and pleasure of Money Manipulators who fund and who benefit from War. The Constitution be Damned!

    • DT you obviously aren’t an American citizen!!! Those young men and women you refer chose to be in that position(as far as i know we havent had a draft for a few years)! If you are looking for support on your comment you may just want to move back to whatever freakin country you came from in the first place.

      • CM

        It’s comments like yours that make me wonder how the German people could have supported Adolf Hitler during WW2. The very same tactics of propaganda (which you fall for) were used to convince the German people to support and follow the Nazis. Yet, those who stood up against the Tyranny, like “The White Rose”, were arrested, tortured and killed.

        CM – Instead of following the Neocon rhetoric and logic and succumbing to their false propaganda on the TV and the radio, each and every American should first ask himself what he would have done if he had been a German citizen during the Hitler regime.

        It sure does look like history is repeating itself to the rest of the world, while we Americans sit on our patios, having a BBQ and drink beer – “blinded” to what is really going on.


        • CM–

          What a load of crap. Our kids didn’t sign up to be sent to goofy places with no plan and no escape route. They joined up to defend OUR country. And they resent being thrown all over the globe with no good reason.

          The proof is in the fact that the actual on-the-ground military gave RON PAUL greater campaign contributions than ALL other candidates, of both parties–combined.

          And for the record, we have no reason to think DT or CM or I are NOT American citizens. Sheesh.

        • What looks like history repeating itself is how our current administration is conducting itself in the footsteps of the eurasian dictatorial powers. Talk with people who survived Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, and they will tell you to be very wary of the current administration.

        • DT — great video!

          Spreading it now (although when watching it crashed my computer midway in the video)!!!!

  8. I just look forward to cozying up with a bag of popcorn and watching Biden choke as he always does. The guy melts in the spotlight, and I’m very curios as to what garbage he’ll spew out tonight.

  9. 16 Trillion and Obama launches the big bird offensive. Here comes Biden, the bird-brain, to complete the package.

    Obama can’t get us out of this fiscal mess, he’s far too vested in keeping us in it.

    • I like when Biden said “Stand up Chuck” and the poor guy is wheelchair bound. God love ya Biden, you freak’n MORON!

  10. Paul Ryan an “extremist?” That’s a good one.

    How extreme is running trillion dollar deficits after promising to cut the deficit in half?

    How extreme is not passing a budget, or even getting a vote on one, for your entire term in office — two of which were completely in your party’s control?

    How extreme is suing states in order to prevent them from protecting their borders?

    How extreme is signing the “Black Liberation Theology” doctrine?

    How extreme is lying to the people when your embassy was attacked, and Americans murdered in order to keep the “momentum” going for your campaign?

    How extreme is forcing churches to pay for abortion?

    How extreme is leaking classified information for sake of politics?

    How extreme is protecting the Black Panther Party as they prevent Americans from voting against you?

    Keep putting up those “big bird” ads…

    • JUst about as extreme as planning with Bibi Netanyahu to start a riot in Libya, THEN coming out all Joyous claiming the President was a failure BEFORE finding out that your little plan to discredit him actually led to the DEATH of an AMERICAN AMBASSADOR. WIsh Wikileaks was around so we could really see the FACTS behind the israeli/Republican plot to unseat the President. Not so nice finding out you were actually responsible for 4 person’s death eh Mr Romney et al?

      • Faith, are you insane? That attack was Al-Queida planned and executed. Funny how at many of the real protests that week the chants were,”we are all Osama, Obama.” Seems to me they were responding to the 30+ times the Demo-socio-crats spiked the “we killed Osama” football.

  11. OK people, this is AMERICA and u have a choice! Dont battle over who
    is best or worst, Just VOTE and then argue, because u will have the
    right to argue. Love our country, so many died to preserve it, DO NOT
    make a battlegraound over 2 different opinions. It shows your ignorance. Get the lead out and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

  12. Joe is a loose cannon, which may be a good thing tonight. I’d like to see the old fox take down the young buck!

    I’m hoping the moderator actually moderates and doesn’t just throw in the towel like the presidential debate.

    I’m making popcorn and counting the times they say “middle class”.

  13. I feel the frustration. But the truth is what it is…A vote for anyone other than Romney, is a vote for the Islamic Obama- Fact. We will have four more years to Force a change for a third party or get ours in the Convention (Republican). PLEASE don’t fuck America for Obama’s Islamic CHANGE! If he is re-elected there will be blood in the streets of Patriots attempting to save Our Republic. Like we say in the Army…”Embrace the Suck.” For God’s sake vote out Obama. Unfortunately, Johnson or anyone else has No Chance. Not Right Now.

    • Shouldn’t we be more worried about the TALIBANIST RIGHT WING RELIGIOUS NUT JOBS who are planning to send women back to the 14th Century and are planning the overthrow of the current President much like the BORGIAS did in ITALY?

  14. It is hilarious to read these comments! Past Obama voters are eager to continue to support him. They don’t want to admit that they were wrong last time.
    Come on, lets get it right this time. Lets give someone, who knows what they are doing, have a chance.
    It is obvious from the last debate who knows more about business. This country is nothing but a very large business. Lets let a businessman have a try this time. VOTE ROMNEY!

  15. and if you vote for him your stpid too. if you havnt realized that he hasnt helped the us in all his term your stpid. if you think hes a great president for making gas go higher every time with his reluctance approve ways for our country to become energy independt your stupid.

    • Stupid is as stupid does:

      “s stpid”
      [“making gas go higher”]
      “his reluctance approve”

      –Stupid is as stupid does.

  16. How about you numb nuts who continue to follow the muslim Socialist, shut up and listen to Ryan. This President and his dipshit partner actually need their heads cut off!

  17. Faith I can’t BELIEVE you use such vitriol and archaic phrases like “talibanic right wing religious nuts ” (such as myself ;-)) “sending women back to the 14th century.”
    How EXACTLY will they do that?

  18. Fair debate?

    ” Raddatz has a connection with Barack Obama going all the way back to their days at Harvard. They worked on the Harvard Law Review together, and Obama attended her 1991 wedding. Fast forward to the present, and President Obama has appointed Raddatz’s husband, Julius Genachowski, to the Federal Communications Commission. Genachowski is also an Obama campaign bundler, meaning that he is a major fundraiser for the president’s re-election effort. That storyline alone raises questions of corruption and rewarding political supporters with powerful federal posts. Yet ABC insists that Raddatz has no conflict of interest in moderating the debate. ”

    • Not fair. She is bias, let’s Biden get away with whatever he wants to do. He interrupts constantly, doesn’t answer the questions she asks him completely. What a joke of a debate.

  19. Martha is a consummate journalist. She covered the state department for many years. She comes from a time when journalists worked hard at being unbiased. She has the correct academic and journalistic background to be a very appropriate debate moderator.

  20. What is Ryan trying to say…is there a point he just seems to be spouting syllables without paying attention to the order.

  21. STOP smiling, biden…the issues discussed are SERIOUS not funny or laughable. State teh facts not your opinions of what you think MIGHT be facts…FREAKIN WAKE UP…or let someone who knows that is going on get the job done…Democrats constistantly drop the ball… let someone knowledgeable carry the ball that is apparently to heavy for you to carry!

    • Joe’s insipid laughter is a failing attempt to make Ryan look young and inept. Joe’s
      only making himself look foolish.

        • Respect is not deserved of one who is so condensending. . .Biden is coming off as a real jerk. . . .he doesn’t care about this country. . .he cares only about his hide.

          • Bet you were saying the same thing about Biden before the debate! And you will be saying it again and again while he’s in his second term as VP.

    • He turned this voter off with his condensending attitude which is no different how he looks down his nose at Americans.

  22. Why does Biden keep laughing like that at Ryan? And why do they keep interupting Ryan? It’s rude and unfair.

  23. unemployment is another joke with government..Biden THINKS that EVERYONE goes to work one and documents the fact that they are unemployed when the ability to do so expired and they live without any income other than welfare..what a stupid way to say you are succeeding in the right direction.

  24. What do you people think will happen with Romney? That everything will be fixed? You’re delusional. Sure he has business sense but as far as people are concerned he is ignorant. With every move Obama tried to improve our country, republicans swore they would stop him at every turn. Now they are saying it is all his fault for the way the country is. Romney is not a good candidate for President. Done.

  25. Dave, the Price is right models MUST be standing nearby…what a stupid way to try to say…I know what I’m talking about!

  26. Why does Biden get both the 1st and last word? Seems pretty shallow to me. Why does Martha cut off Ryan over and over to give Biden even more time?

    Nothing wrong with bankruptcy. It is a re-organization. Paid for by private enterprise who end up making a profit instead of stealing from taxpayers.

    • That’s ABC for you. . .and they’re in the tank for the commabnder-in-cheat. . .why even their own Georgie has to correct statements that are made as they come out the mouths of those that deceive.

  27. WHY did the Obama /Biden admin cut so much from education?…Are we to expect our lesser educated youths to lead a nation they are clearly UNABLE to lead? If cuts are to be made..HEY Mr. Preseident and Mr. Vice President, take a lesser pay, or NO PAY and put the money back where it education and small business.STOP taking from the little businesses and schools and get us back on our feet, headed in the right direction instead of saying we are seeking change..WE ALREADY HAVE CHANGE…what do you think pays for our office visits…and we are still looking for the hope we were promised…hope for…umm a NEW president!

  28. Jeez, stuttering, sweating Ryan is getting crushed. I don’t even care for the guy, but I’m finding it hard to watch him getting battered like this.

  29. Biden is wrong about seniors having more coverage under Obama Care. My husband and I have much less coverage for more cost since Obama Care began. Next year I will loose even more and my husband has lost 2 Advantage 2 plans because the clinic doesn’t want to take them anymore. They aren’t cost effective for the medical community.

    • Iagree 100%. I lost my doctor and my premiums have gone up. AARP does not like to be used in referenced with the unhealthcare bill just as Big Bird doesn’t want to be used either. Joey’s not fooling anyone bui himself.

  30. This is like watching a news talk show instead of a debate. Biden has no respect and keeps interrupting Ryan while he is talking.

  31. Congressman Paul Ryan is tanking this. Smirking, sipping water, interrupting. He’s making an ass out of himself.

    • You are dead wrong. Biden is the one making an ass out of himself. He interrupts Ryan every time Ryan starts to explain the Romney/ Ryan platform. Biden doesn’t want the public to hear how much sense they make and how inept these last 4 years have been under the “leadership” of Obama. (If you can call taking trips, campaigning, bowing to Muslims, and B.S-ing college kids, leadership.) We are in much worse shape economically and we are NOT coming out of this recession like their “cooked” numbers are trying to show, we are NOT safer from terrorism, (look at the 9/11 incident – where request for more security at the embassy was ignored. ), Obamacare does NOT help the elderly, nor the middle class working people. We are NOT better off now than we were 4 years ago and certainly not better off than we were 6 years ago before the Democrats took over Congress. Do your homework. Inform yourself with something other than the biased leftist media or the Socialist newspapers.

  32. Obama nor Romney deserves to be in office…both are a joke..Both need to be called to account and someone who is worthy needs to be in office…let’s think about this for a sec…hmm like someone who is FOR America not for Asia owning, operating, taking over ….how about someone who knows more about SSI and those who have paid their lives into the system to get what they paid into the system?…if those cuts are made DO NOT penalize those who have paid a lifetime into it…surrender your own benefits…then let’s see you fix the problem

      • I’m an independent voter and I would never vote for a ticket who has made America look weak and this ticket doesn’t give a damn us ….it is time for a real change before we end up like Europe…in debt crisis….time for America to give our country back some Hope and Hope for a change to another president!

  33. The reason Paul Ryan is getting clobbered is that he lives in a Randian fantasy world. He can’t handle the truth.

  34. IS Biden Freakin joking? tax cuts for middle class only “slightly?” What is your problem Biden…Give up YOUR RETIREMENT… YOUR TAX CUTS…let’s see how quick you fix the problem and get a level out and refigure the taxes so everyone get an even shake..

  35. I am disabled and i am so scared what will happen if ryan gets into the white house,i may not be 65 but i am a vet that sits in bed all day and need my medicare to stay the same simple.

  36. Would the moderator please keep tell VP Biden to quit interrupting. I don’t care who you are for, it’s completely rude. At least the previous moderator kept the Pres. and Romney on track. This is disgusting!

    • I’m sorry, but did you have the same reaction when Romney interrupted in much the same way during the Presidential Debate? And the Moderator seems to be wrangling them both during the course of this. She also tends to ask more specific questions, while the previous moderator could have done better. Moreover, I’m an independent, but it seems to me Biden is leading in the believability department.

  37. Ryan needs to follow Romney’s lead. Lie, flip-flop, evade. That’s the only way they’ll be able to sell their crap policies. Bushonomics didn’t work with Bush and it won’t work now.

    • Well, if you just look at the great mis-step of Pres. Obama when he told the world that the Ambassador and other’s deaths were essentially “our” fault, when indeed it was a terrorist plot, resulting in more hatred by the world for us and putting more and more Americans in potentially harmful situations, I think it is quite clear, who has American’s best interest and protection in mind.

      —a WWII Vet’s daughter

    • Well, if you just look at the great mis-step of Pres. Obama when he told the world that the Ambassador and other’s deaths were essentially “our” fault, when indeed it was a terrorist plot, resulting in more hatred by the world for us and putting more and more Americans in potentially harmful situations, I think it is quite clear, who has American’s best interest and protection in mind.

      —a WWII Vet’s daughter

      • Nonsense. There are times in life when the world is a tinderbox. At times like that, mature leaders know that it’s best not to set a match to the fuse. Obama did not say anything was “our fault.” He just tried to calm things down by not going off half-cocked, as Romney did–before he even knew what was going on.

        Obama has rebuilt our respect by having a thoughtful approach to world events, instead of shooting first and asking questions later.

        –A WWII Vet’s son

  38. I wish they would just stand up and kick the crap out of each other and be done with it.thats correct the rich dont did those taxes breaks

  39. Mark are you middle class? if not you need to volunteer for a higher tax bracket or if you are lowere class you need to find better employment to keep up with welfare…or you need to look at the whole picture and see what you are getting screwed out of…watch biden and see where your money is going…to a fake smile…that YOU are paying for…his false teeth are coming out of YOUR pocket as is his false smile

  40. Biden has to use laughing and his rudeness because that’s all he knows. Bottom line, we are no better today than we were four years ago. Does he really think we are buying his arrogance! Really!!

  41. people only voted for Obama in the first place cause he was black. Now we’re gonna be in hell if he has another four years

    • I agree with this. When I was in college during Obama’s election, my ex-roommate said that she’s voting for Obama because he’s black. I was like “Wow.” I can’t believe people like her were allowed to vote! Her ex-boyfriend at the time was the same way. It was annoying living with such an ignorant person.

  42. this debate is poorly run! it is all over the place too much interrupting each other!! all 3 of them are not presenting favorably!

  43. Damn Biden. He looks like such a pompous ass. I want to hear Paul’s side too. I’m hating this idiot. Someone needs to tell Biden to stop laughing like a clown, shut up for a second, and be a little more courteous like Obama was in his debate.

  44. i made 100k a year till i was cripple xmas eve 2005 thank god for medicare if you have never been in the hospital for a year you would never understand.i have 3 kids and can no longer work,but medicare needs to be left alone.

    • Your medicare will be fine AS LONG AS WE CAN GET AMERICA BACK TO WORK TO PAY FOR IT!
      Get a grip on reality dude.

    • Mark, listen to this, 55 up, NO CHANGE, 54 down GET A CHOICE. What gets me is that some of what Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney want is that Americans take charge of thier future and NOT simply rely on SS/Medicare ONLY. I listen to Dave Ramsey nearly every day and hear people with $20k income and $200k income make the sacrifice, get control over thier credit, bills and budget, get out of debt, stay out of debt and build wealth. One thing Biden forgets(and he makes same tax rate on HIS capital gains investments) Romeny is living in HIS investments, these were made AFTER he worked and paid 30-35% tax rate on income, THEN invested it and now pays 15% on THAT money.
      I am 45, just turned 45, and I WANT control over my investment in my retirement, not depend on some tiny amount the government decides on.
      If Biden would shut up and be respectful it might be more far. Ryan hasnt interrupted a 0.10 of the time that Biden has. biden is a JOKE and you need figure out that Obama has spent nearly $6 trillion in more nationa debt, no yearly budget since elected, AND has ran so many overages they have down graded the US credit rating TWICE. We used to have AAA, we are now at A credit, this is ridiculus. I have a mother who had liver/kidney transplant in 07 and as such she is dependent on it for her meds and care. I would prefer to have the option to invest money for my self and and reap my own retirement WEALTH so as to never NEED government assistance. Used to be people were ashamed to be on government assistance unless actually needed like you. This is what its built for, not to be the survival amount you have to live on ONLY. so far all I see is Biden say “no your way is wrong and wont work” then throws up a left wing agenda group that said Ryans way wouldnt work,,,when actually the numbers DO work acording too the CBO. OH and thank Obamacare for sucking $700b OUT of your medicare.

  45. Biden is such an arrogant jerk!i can’t believe his obnoxious behavior.
    I don’t know what is so funny and he keeps interrupting. Ridiculous. This is our VP– where is his class and professionalism?

  46. Vp Biden cannot complete a thought and stop the snickers, he looks like a fool who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  47. Biden is a joke…he’s laghfing and smileing
    Who dose that…this is a very serious debate!!!our counrty is in big trouble and he has done nothing but lie!!!

  48. This moderator is so biased and Biden is so annoying. You can tell he is under a lot of stress and realizes his administration is about to lose come November.

    • i hope for americans obama loses and he goes back to africa, if you go to you tube you will see that obama and his wife talk about our stuip flag as they say in an interview, it’s OUR country and OUR flag and if you don’t like it then leave

      • I agree & it is Interesting to see Biden interrupting so often and like a great actor now he change the tone of his voice & goes around the Bush not giving a straight answer.

      • But you are a minority and if you can’t get ahead when everyone else is pulling out of this recession then it is your fault. Take some responsibility for your own failure. Obama has pulled this country out of the worst economic disaster in almost 100 years. He deserves a medal.

  49. Ryan’s plan sounds like “fuzzy math”….he sure looks like Eddie Munster too…worried people on Social Security and Medicare will suffer if Romney/Ryan get in

  50. Calm, cool, and collected – Great job Paul Ryan. Evidently VP Biden does not know how to take turns – poor guy – and certainly appears to look threatened by the facts offered.

  51. Biden doesn’t let Ryan finish a sentence without interrupting. When he isn’t interrupting Raddatz is sure to cut Ryan off. I am so glad ABC hires such competent facilitators who are so biased and we have a VP who is so disrespectful. No wonder our country is having troubles.

  52. This moderator absolutely sucks. She has no idea what she is talking about. The only thing I can say is she is being respectful to the VP. She needs to grow some balls and control this debate

  53. My daughters are living through HELL…they qualify for welfare!… How can the military be so self-efficient, yet they quakify for welfare WHILE defending the country?…Is this how we REALLY say thank you?
    Is this REALLY how we WANT our country to end up? is SAD to see our military go. The ones who defend are EXACTLY those who are on welfare and unable to live and make ends meet? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    • Thank your daughters for their service to our country. They certainly deserve more that what the commander-in-cheat has given them. I want to see my tax dollars go to them then entitlements (illegals get better bennies than our troops and that’s a sham!).

    • But the DNC is against God. . .why do you expect God to bless the godless and especially the faux god. If you care about God you would look again at those who you support. . .glad you don’t mind their blasphemy.

  54. Romney went to France to dodge the Vietnam draft. Not one of Romney’s adult sons has served. Real demonstration of strength.

    • Obama and Biden haven’t served and Joey’s son is a JAG. . .he’ll see no fighting action. . .so what’s you’re point.

      • Neither of them ran away to France to dodge the draft, all while supporting the war. Romney did. That’s my point.

  55. if Obama is re-elected you can count on medicare being let go…those who are in real need can hope to be left t the wayside…think about it!

    • Of course not. Not many of our presidents “deserved” to be elected. It’s basically a case of bad vs. worst. You must choose the one that will help out country the most. Which means actually learning about where each canidate stands on each key issue. Don’t just choose the guy with the pretty tie. KNOW WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR.

  56. The Afghan military has turned on our own. . .so much for training the Afghan. Oh by the way, let’s apologize again why don’t we Joey.

  57. 2 min. was the max. Moderator wasn’t good. Biden is a total idiot. Kept interrupting Ryan and she never stopped it.

  58. The Dems address the Moderators affectionately by their first name and look for them to lead the debate their way.

    Same thing happened with Obama and Jim Lehr.

    • ARE YOU KIDDING? Didn’t you notice the constant interruptions and snarky laughing BY THE REPUBLICANS — the constant mocking and interrupting of their counterparts by both Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, the bullying of Jim Lehrer by Mitt Romney to interrupt Obama, and so on and so on. This is the FIRST time a Democrat has adopted the Republican “techniques” of snarky mocking and interrupting, and you say what you are saying? And by the way, do you ever watch Fox and watch them constantly mocking Obama?

  59. The moderator is a family friend of Obama, and she is allowing Biden to have the upper hand, even cutting off Ryan…Talk about being partisan …What a joke …..America is in a tail spin and all Biden does is laugh at everything !

  60. This moderator is so unbelievably biased. She is by far the worst debate moderator I have ever seen.

    Biden is our VP? This guy actuallly represents our country at the 2nd highest level? My God, I though Obama was bad, this guy is the most pompous and arrogant thug I have ever seen. How could anyone respect him?

  61. Why cant Ryan just answer the questions he is asked? I hate when politicians go around a question and this guy does it almost EVERY time.

  62. She is bias , only interrupts and cuts off Ryan. Shows she is for biden. All he does is laugh, cuts off Ryan. What a joke this debate is. She lets Biden gets away with not answering questions. Eo

  63. Since President Obama has been in office not one attack on America, plus he gave permission to KILL OBL. You must know the difference in people running this country.

  64. The moderator is not in control. This debate proves that we need mature adults running the country, not the present administration.

  65. When are people going to wake up and see what the Obama administration has done to this country in four years. Obama has tripled the debt, made America a laughing stock, we are no longer seen as the World leader, our education is no longer #1, and we have more racial tension than we have had in my lifetime. My children do not feel safe and I grew up feeling safe. What legacy are we leaving for our children? Joe Biden is a joke! The entire Obama administration is a joke!

    • SORRY, THAT IS RIDICULOUS. We are more respected in the world than we were for the 8 years of Bush. It was embarrassing to be an American living abroad then. Now the world is respectful of us, just as our President shows respect toward other nations and cultures. And our president is the strongest proponent of education that we have seen in recent years. He is a serious, sincere proponent of education with every speech, with every statement.

  66. Biden’s constant interrupting makes him look desperate. Like he doesn’t want you to hear what Ryan has to say. Moderator has no control and may end up looking biased if she lets Biden continue and stops Ryan from finishing.

  67. I was looking forward to this debate. But Biden and the moderator are really hard to take for too long. What amazes me is that Biden really thinks he knows what he’s talking about.

  68. i think the best is to keep obama should stay in office and finished what he started. otherwise ramey may get us in a war with iran sure we must keep santsions even more hard so iran can not build a nuclear bomb but at same time ramey keeps insulting china who holds all of bonds if china wanted they could dump all the bonds they hold that will criple the usa even more.

    • He doesn’t look like me. Ryan looks like and acts like Gollum from the Hobbit. That’s why Ryan talks in riddles just like Gollum.

    • He doesn’t look like me. Ryan looks like and acts like Gollum from the Hobbit. That’s why Ryan talks in riddles just like Gollum.

  69. The $716B cut to providers has cost middle class jobs – a friend has had her workload doubled due to the layoffs at the provider with the provider funds being cut. My parents have been denied access to some doctors because the doctor has too many Medicare patients already. A friends parents have personal health insurance available to them & are told they can not use it – they have to use Medicare. A sliding scale presented by Romney/Ryan to have the wealthy pay more towards their health care makes sense.
    For taxes – many middle class families already lose the mortgage deduction because it gets wiped out by the alternative minimum tax (AMT)…

    • you are misinformed. the 716B is over 10 years. Employers are taking advantage of employees due to their greed. The bottom line has been more important than the assembly line employees. By the way I am in healthcare for 30+ years. I know how insurance providers crunch the numbers to take the most from both the insured and the providers (hospitals, physicians and the like). I am also an independent.

      My thesis was on the PPACA (Obama Care) since the advent of EMTALA (the law that allows individuals to walk into an er and be stabilized)there has been no other improvement in the insurance industry. I am glad that insurance companies now how to spend 85% of their premiums on patient care, that care is goal outcome oriented rather giving the same testx10 with no improvement. That cancer will be cured in my lifetime because of this change because the business of cancer will have to improve. Look up Brazinski in Texas he cures cancer, but the FDA has not approved the treatment because it will kill the business as it is run today. How about the proton beam imaging system? After it was proven that it was more harmful no entity has been returned the MILLIONS that have been put forth to own that piece of equipment that has not been mass produced. Lets be honest if we bring back the jobs that are in China/India we would have no unemployment but again the Bush tax cuts were to send these jobs over seas. The bottom line is the bottom line.

    • First lets get some facts straight. The $716B is from 2013-2022. It isn’t 2013 so it isn’t effecting anything yet. Not you friends job or whatever. You can’t blame lay-offs on that.
      I assume you take you “$716B” from Romney saying, “on Medicare for current retirees, (Obama) is cutting $716 billion from the program.”

      That amount — $716 billion — refers to Obamacare’s reductions in Medicare spending over 10 years, primarily paid to insurers and hospitals. But the statement gives the impression that the law takes money already allocated to Medicare away from current recipients.

      His statement is Half True- Fact check.

      Also your post that your parents have Medicare and a doctor can’t take them on because he already has to many medicare patients has nothing to do with anything. Be happy your parents and all those other people have medicare. Romney considers them part of the 47% that he wants to get off medicare.

      P.S. Ever wonder why the “tv people” are mad about Obama taxes? Because he wants to tax the upper class -them- out the butt to pay for the poor and middle class. Would you like it if you were rich and you had to give your money to poor people? Nope. But when you are the lower class it is nice to get some of that money back from the people who are getting rich off of you.

  70. This would be a much more enjoyable debate if the Romney/Ryan campaign wasn’t based entirely on lies and ignorant back-seat driving.

    • Sounds to me like the Republicans have done their job and brain washed Steve. And just the heads up A backseat driver is a vehicle passenger in the back seat who is not controlling the vehicle, and seems to be uncomfortable with the skills of the driver and/or wants to tutor the driver while the driver is at the wheel.
      The Democrats are not going to sit back and let the Republicans crash this “car”.

  71. I’m a small business owner that makes over $100k a year when I pay myself. I take care of my employees first which is typical of the SBA. Obama/Biden have no clue what it means to be a family in business.

  72. Would the lady in control PLEASE shut that Biden piece of crap up so that Ryan can speak? Apparently Biden has been instructed to interrupt Ryan everytime he’s says anything that will affect the electorate. And Ryan has been instructed to “be nice.” What Ryan needs to do is buck up and shut that piece of lying crap up that sits next to him. It’s typical of liberals who feel they have to talk over, talk louder and talk longer than the next guy to try to make the public think they’re believable. Biden has just added nervous laughter in order to make it appear he’s in “control.” I mostly blame the host who refuses to allow Ryan to have equal time to discuss his views. Typical of the liberal media. There’s no question Ryan is more calm, confident and cogent than Biden who feels he has to talk incessantly to sound believable. I just wish Ryan would shut Biden’s mouth!

    • The GOP has mastered the talk over your rival, so what are u bellyaching about? Can dish it out but can’t take it? Yea you are right Ryan should get a chance to lie to us some more and then say that they have a plan that does not exist. Or better yet lets steal the Dems plan and call it our own. It’s always worked in business steal from others so you may grow bigger. I am sure Bill gates is kicking himself now, he did save Apple from going out of business when NO BANKS would give Steve Jobs a loan. Oh look at that things have not changed that much banks still don’t give out loans.

      Had we saved the housing market instead of the stock market I’m sure the 99% as a country we would be much better off.

      Only wall street would be unemployed.


  74. All the same **** again: if Romney spends money it is (by lie) inherently deficit neutral for it self. If Obama does it it is (by reality) debt or taxes.

    But what to do with so many voters who are like spoiled kids who want everything without any taxes and if they can’t have it the illusion seems to be good as well.

  75. Biden looks like a joke tonight. He’s a hot head with no respect. His laughing and eye rolling is a complete slap in the political process. He’s an embarrassment.

    • Ryan/Romney don’t really deserve respect. Romney is a pathological liar and Ryan lives in an Ayn Randian fantasy world. They’re proposing gutting Medicare in order to finance tax cuts for hedge fund managers. They’re proposing a return to Bushonomics.

      Romney/Ryan – zero credibility.

    • Lisa, I agree with you completely. Biden is the most arrogant, disrespectful moron I have ever seen in a presidential debate and I have been voting since 1960.

  76. Biden is crushing Ryan in this debate. He is grinning because Ryan is being ridiculous. Ryan is showing his inexperience and lack of knowledge.

  77. oh yes america is still feared we are not a laughing stock/your so out of touch.have you served/your kids dont feel safe protect them,move to a better housing area.

  78. I can say honestly that I doubt anything that comes from any politician’s mouth…
    they are all potentially up for sale.

    What matters is what they actually do after they are “hired” by WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!

    I am not impressed with what has happened the last 12 years in Washington…let alone the last four. I was hoping for something encouraging tonight….I like Ryan.

    Joe Biden is arrogant and rude. I am dissapointed that our VP can laugh and grins
    when discussing such important issues….

  79. PEOPLE – How can any logical person support a person who is supposed to lead when he laughs off extremely important subjects and mocks anything that challenge his narrow view. Biden is arrogant and condescending.

  80. I thought Biden was winning the debate, but he is rude, constantly interrupting Ryan so that Ryan’s viewpoint is not heard on many issues.

  81. hey here’s an idea….VOTE OBAMA and get a FREE OBAMA-PHONE!…and you can hope for the newest promise..Obama will take car of “his” people!

    • “his people” would you be referring to the African Americans in the country? lol That statement is just simple.. I think that this is a huge decision for ALL American’s to make and the biggest mistake will be making our choices based on race. We need to look at facts, research and understand what we want to see our leaders do for us and what we plan on doing for our own country etc.. let’s leave the ignorant non-informational statements at home and bring some real facts to the table.

      Who are you voting for and why?

      Personally, these debates have given me some insight and I will take that insight and consider what is best for me but to demean an individual leader by stating he’s going to take care of his people shows me that you may be voting on who you choose for obviously wrong reasons..

      BTW.. I am still undecided after the Presidential debate in case you were wondering. 🙂

  82. This is a joke. I didn’t realize Ryan was debating two! Biden is a mouthpiece and Raddatz is useless as a moderator

  83. This Moderator sucks! She is letting Biden interrept Ryan the whole time. Biden is acting like a kid. He sure is not mature. I understand that the moderator, Martha is a friend of Obama’s and that’s why he is getting so much time then Ryan.

  84. This is the worst “debate” I have ever witnessed. Martha Radddatz is the worst moderator that I have ever seen. Her connection/friendship to Obama is apparently making a difference in how she treats each of the candidates. She is letting Joe Biden rudely interrupt Paul Ryan every time he tries to speak, she does not allow Ryan to have his allotted time and lets Biden monopolize the microphone and camera. Biden hasn’t shut up for more than 15 seconds at a time the entire time of the debate. Biden is smug, arrogant and looks like a moron laughing and making faces every time Ryan tries to speak. I don’t think I realized how horrible a personality Biden was until this debate. I only thought of him as “foot in the mouth constantly Joe”.

  85. Ryan isn’t nearly as big a liar as Romney. Have to respect that. He’s an earnest young man. But he’s in way over his head here.

  86. write in a vote, not either of the two choices who do not have out best interstes in mind…or shut up…deal with what you get! You may get an OBAMA phone or a romney-pat-on-the-backor a vouchers for milk,cheese or bread while you drown under government oppression

  87. I really want to know who chose this commentator. Cant we even hear what ryan has to say? I would love to be able to hear his views but she wont let ryan answer so that we can hear the answer!

  88. After watching the presidential debates and this waste of syllables I am more convinced than ever that we need to break both parties. We need a choice. Green or libertarian or the several other parties… If we could have an actual discourse in public instead of either one side or another maybe fresh ideas would be brought up instead of these “talking points”… You will never convince me that if I don’t vote for either ticket I am throwing away my vote…

  89. I hoped we would get the numbers about how debt will be reduced without the kind of cuts one can’t talk about before an election… I hoped we could tell the greek people so they could safe themselfs by the same miracle. It can’t be nothing but empty promises… I want reality to be nice.

  90. Tell Ms. Martha to get control of Idiot Biden, shut up Biden when Ryan is talking. Be respectfully not the old bully you think you are.
    I am feed up with this one sided situation. Get with it Martha, act like a leader.

  91. Joey’s a cafeteria catholic and it’s shocking he even wants to affiliate with the Roman Catholic Church.

  92. What a bunch of bunk! On the other hand I want Martha as the President! Good grief! Can’t you see that she knows more…and asks more challenging questions than either of the candidates ask themselves? Holy smoke…she is the most insightful compared to these other two jokers.

  93. I wish Martha Raddatz would keep Joe Biden from interrupting so much. Paul Ryan has not been able to complete hardly any of his statements. I am sad Joe Biden looked so unrespectful and laughed a lot at Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan was much more respectable toward Joe Biden. Paul Ryan barely talked about what Obama is doing wrong but more about what his party would do differently- FINALLY! Joe Biden has the passion for sure and I have no doubt he cares about our nation but he did not have enough specifics about how democrats would reign in spending in Washington. I am still undecided!

  94. thanks to OBAMA-care…and new insurance. We make 60some odd thou a year… yet owe over 60 thou to medical billing…thanks to co-insurance and higher deductibles and increased taxes!..THANK YOU OBAMA~!..You kept your said we would have change…thats EXACTLY what you gave us…change, what we have to pay for nedical needs and copays and taxes!…CARE TO JOIN US?

  95. Ryan needs to stay away from the tea party nonsense. Stop the lies about “Obamacare”. Stop the lies about the stimulus. He just makes himself sound like a fool. He can’t expect to be taken seriously while espousing all that crackpot nonsense.

    • Steve, I just have to ask– are you even watching the same debate as the rest of us? You seem to just wait a few minutes and then say Ryan is lying without any actual evidence. I can certainly attest to some of the problems with Obamacare….. it is now impossible to get child only health insurance if you do not have access to a family plan for instance. (For instance if parents are on medicare) for proof, you can check abc news or the report by the heritage foundation, or just ask any custodial granparent you know……

  96. Every time Ryan lies or misrepresents, Biden laughs and shakes his head (as do most of us who know the truth.) So it is dictated by Ryan how much Biden laughs.

    Religious liberties do not trump women’s right to autonomy of their bodies and their lives in this free nation. No church has the right to legislate their individual belief to control others in this country who are not of their faith.

  97. Joey’s lying when it comes to the contraceptives and the Catholic Church. . .what a bold face liar. . . .it’s either that or he’s in direct contrast with what his boss has told the Church and that is get ready to fall in line with the law and the conscience clause is no more. . .Cardinal Dolan can tell you exactly what he was told by Obama. . .and it’s the exact opposity of what Joey claims.

  98. A woman should have a right to make decisions with her own body. But why do I have to pay for the stupid decision a woman makes about her own body when she chooses not to not use contraception?

  99. Moderator is either hideously under qualified or HUGE Obama supporter. She is interrogating/ interviewing Ryan and soft balling Biden.

  100. The question that needs to be answered is how is America better than 4 years ago? The minorities and especially the African American families are at a all time low . Homeless is higher than ever. Unemployment is at a record high .

    Let’s talk about reality! We need to stop spending money end welfare and have people look to their churches, community and neighbors for help. Unless we work as a team and quit expecting the government to fix it we will be like the Roman Empire

      • Measuring the peformance of a government by nothing but “better of? yes or no” while totally ignoring all other factors is like most strictly one-dimensional views… not the smartest thing.

        I guess you would also think that a area which had wildfires must have the worst firefighters possible no matter how dry the summer was…

  101. These 2 IDIOTS are a couple of PSYCOPATHS arguing about who has the better way to slaughter people in foreign lands. Both of them are full of meaningless BS proposing more war propaganda.

  102. Support the freedom fighters in a another 3rd world country by providing weapons/equipment. Hmm, this reminds me of a certain politician(Charles Wilson) who lead congress to arm the Mujahideen,

    Now that didnt back fire… >_>

  103. Abortion is about life not religion. My 16 year old bride 36 years ago was advised to abort our first son. That so-called fetus turned out to be a REAL HUMAN LIFE. Abortion kills period!

  104. That last comment of Bidens that it’s their sacred duty to support the troops out in the field and to take care of the ones that come home. The US government doesn’t take care of the troops who have returned if they were they wouldn’t be trying to cut funding for vets and the Suicide rate for troops wouldn’t be so damn high

          • Exactly right. Chicken Hawks want to send our guys into every trouble spot in the entire world, but don’t care to outfit them–and FORGET about them when they come home wounded.

            That’s why RON PAUL got more donations from active military than ALL other candidates–from both parties–combined.

    • How right you are. . .there is not concern for our troops. . .heck, they don’t even want our troops abroad to vote!

    • I absolutely agree with you! We have serious delinquencies in taking care of our returning troops AND in equipping them properly while they are actively fighting! NO cuts to our military! Assessing our methods of action are important and then we need to thoroughly equip & support the plan of action!

    • When you are a Vet and have served for your country…Then you can talk… More has done for me as as vet…. then there has ever been.

      • Sure, Lisa. Every veteran’s experience was different, though. You, being a woman, could tell me all about dealing with combat stress and PTSD, right? Republicans have been snubbing veterans for a while, and I’m sick of them and their “support the troops” BS.

      • Thank you Lisa!! And John!!! The Republicans have PUT THE TROOPS IN DANGER. It has been the Obama Team who has made sure there is more support in place for those returning! Thank you President Obama for taking care of the troops. Thank you Shinseki for being aggressive in making the VA become better able to support our guys and gals who are risking their lives when they come home. I am one Veteran who appreciates all you, My Commander in Chief, have done for me and ALL the VETERANS! THANK YOU

    • Kanae: I agree completely. There needs to be some accountability for the cuts Congress has made in veteran programs.

    • Kanae, I believe you are not quite educated about Our President and Vice President & Congress NOT taking care of Vets. As a Vet who works for Vets, I have personally seen what the Republicans did for our troops – NOTHING but cut funding for VA and expect them to be taken care of. Obama has increased funding for the Vets returning home. Yes, we are going to have increased suicide rates – why?? Because someone got us into 2 WARS at the SAME TIME and our poor troops are having to do multiple deployments which take a huge chunk out of their souls, their families, and their job security. Take a look at what Pres Obama has done with Shinseki in increasing many of the programs for returning troops. Again, this has not helped us with our “National Debt” which is dependent on how much our troops are supported, our elderly are supported, and those who paid the debt before us.

  105. Don’t blame the beating Ryan is taking on the moderator. He’s just overmatched. But I do applaud him from not lying and flip-flopping every millisecond like Romney.

    • He is not overmatched…Biden can talk and smile through the bull crap …the American people are smarter than to buy the crap he is serving up

    • I challenge you to time and calculate the time Biden got to talk and that time that Ryan got to talk…Biden and the moderator interrupted Ryan in almost EVERY speech. Most ridiculous thing I have seen in a while.

        • Actually…he wasn’t. More often than not, Obama was interrupted Romney. Want to go calculate those times…Obama got 4+ more minutes to talk than Romney did. Check THOSE facts.

          • Some people see only what they want to see. Look at the transcript and you’ll see who was rampantly rude. Obama had 480 lines in the official transcript. Romney hd 541.

        • Not sure what you mean. The moderator tried to cut both Romney AND Obama off because they were going over their time of specific issues. But Romney rarely interrupted Obama’s speeches. Most of the time the interruptions were Obama interrupting Romney or the moderator interrupting Obama and Romney because they were off track.

  106. Just wait for the fact checking. Ryan is no more telling the truth than his running mate did last time. The gall of them. I’m insulted that they think the electorate is so dumb and gullible… er but then again so many of their followers are totally Fox News dis-educated.

    • If you are going to say that Ryan is lying and say “wait for the fact checking”, maybe you should do some of your own. Biden lied just as much as HIS running mate did in the last one. You say you are insulted that they “think the electorate is so dumb and gullible”; I’m insulted that Obama and Biden have basically been lying to the American people on a daily basis for the last 4 years!

    • Rae, apparently some of them are “gullible” and lacking knowledge because there are some people who do believe Romney. It scares me these people are reproducing!! Leeya being one of them.. keep looking above and below. There are plenty of people who are snowed by the Republican crap. And many of these are the 47% Romney puts down!!!

      • The fact that you have to resort to crude insults about intellect and reproducing just shows how ridiculous and uninformed you are. If you can’t come up with better arguments than to insult someone or regurgitate purely misconstrued quotes than don’t bother arguing. I might be “gullible” enough to believe the Republican view, but at least I have enough respect for other people than to insult them and call into question their right to reproduce.

  107. what a shame , neither of these candidates answered this soldiers question or Martha’s question ” are you embarrassed”. Overall I think both of these men did not answer the questions asked but turned the question into whatever topic they had studied up for. Poor debate performance. I am not sure this was even a debate. I would call this a question / answer session.

    • Biden did respond to the soldier’s question. He didn’t use the term “embarrassed” but he did say that there are “aspects of this campaign that he is sure both of them regret.”

  108. please…… cant we even get one biden supporter to say how unfair and actually unbelievable this commentator was? Didnt you even want to hear what ryan had to say?

      • Amen! Not to mention, maybe if the moderator and the Vice-President would have shut up long enough then Ryan would have been able to get more then five sentences out.

  109. Martha did a terrible job tonight—-she is clearly a liberal who is probably going to have dinner and drinks at the White House after the debate!

  110. Is Ryan on Romney’s team or not? I can’t tell. He was asked what character traits it takes to lead. If he were on Romney’s team he would have said “lying, flip-flopping and looking down your nose at half the country”.

    • HAHA good one Steve.. but Mitt the Twitt and Ryan have decided they have to flip flop into the “moderate” role now so they can SUCKER PUNCH THE ELDERLY, THE VETERANS, AND ALL OTHERS WHO MAY HAVE EARNED THE MONEY THEY ARE RECEIVING..

  111. Look back at the last 4 years – that is what you can look forward to plus. Please open up your closed liberal minds. Screw the political parties – we need to turn this mess around.

  112. SZ I agree with you. Current debate practice for the last 15 years has been to use your time to talk about the other side and what they “intend to do.” while deflecting questions to yourself about what your plan is. It’s not the training any of us receive in high school or college debate. This was supposed to have a town hall meeting format so it is pretty much question and answers. It’s easy to see that biased people can’t see that interruption is the name of the game tonight on both side. As Biden said, if Ryan doesn’t want to be interrupted, then he should only take half of the 4 minutes allotted.

  113. Still no specifics on Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut mostly benefiting the rich. Still no tax returns from Romney.

  114. hey rwalker do you have a thing for teeth or something your like ryan all talk no truth he gets a check hu what did you spend your money on cheap teeth

  115. It’s funny how rich people know what’s best for us middle class folks. Biden has no clue what’s best for himself let alone anyone else.

  116. Whatever I say I do. . .Joey, you’re a riot. . .you’re not for the middle class . .if you were, we wouldn’t be sinking. Biden is a joke. . .hasn’t fixed anything. . .spin city galore. . .you want an even shot. . .step aside and let some real leaders take over who will take ownership and not pass the blame along. Ryan is right. . .it’s time for a change and America deserves better.

  117. Just 4 years ago Wall Street destroyed the U.S. economy. Now Republicans are telling us we should support a Wall Street huckster for president. Can they possibly be serious?

      • Once again the only comment you can make is to call someone a name and insult them. Please, for everyone’s sake. Get some facts before you comment anymore. I won’t speak for everyone else here, but “stupid” is not having facts before making judgments and condemning others for “the same”.

  118. I cant wait for the fact checking!please all of you — check the facts! youre so smart. Again I say PLEASE check the facts!God bless and HELP us

  119. Joe comes the reality of what you need to play the degraded game of politics. Paul comes across as a real marketing person…selling…selling…selling.

  120. Romney has trained this kid well! He answered really very little questions. Ryan did not answer Big. Joe. Held his ground s

  121. Martha Raddatz is doing a great job, holding them to details. Ryan hasn’t landed a punch, but keeps drinking water, think he’s a bit nervous and unprepared. Biden is overwhelming him with details and facts. Loved when Ryan complained about the democrats giving money to the states, and then Biden pointed out that Ryan wrote two letters asking for the money and even posted them on the web. Ryan looked like a hypocritical deer caught in headlights. Drink some more water, you are losing BIG time.

  122. Joey didn’t win me over. . . lost me when he opened his mouth as a consending sell out to this nation. The lamestream media propped up their base and that’s what they set out to do. . .Joey blew it with his arrogance.

  123. Ryan sounded childish on foreign policy but that’s no surprise. Like Romney, he has zero experience in that department.

  124. Please America look up 2013 Obama tax rates and what he is supporting. Tax rates START at 15% then 28% for the middle class. Child Tax Credit cute in half!!!! AOC education taken away!!!! Alt Min Tax will hit ALL MIDDLE CLASS!!!! you DEMO check it OUT!!!!!!!!! If you think I am wrong LOOK it UP!!!!!!!

  125. Wow. Thanks to the vacuous commentators for their horse-race commentary. Is this ESPN? You have no idea how much you are shaping the future narrative of the event. Wouldn’t it be easier just to analyze their explication of the issues. Answer: No, that would be harder, and that’s why you fail to do it.

  126. While I had a lucrative business, (in no way considered middle class by government standards), my husband became ill and I have taken the upside to raise three children to be upstanding American citizens. While I have given up my business and have chosen to take care of my husband that is ill, as well as three elderly people and three children, (ages 2, 3, and 4), I have no insurance or assurance of the future welfare of me. I am willing to do this and teach the children that we have to look out for each other as humans. I will die with the hope that I have instilled in these people that it is worth giving of yourself; rather than having your character compromised.

    This entire debate over the presidential election has been over the middle & upper class. What do I have to base my vote on???

  127. Are you guys really thinking that we (voters) are so shallow that we only think about parodies and comedy afterward? Come on. This is important for our future and you are more concerned about looks and barbs, etc. I enjoyed hearing about the foreign policy.

  128. I did not like the idea of Ms. Raddatz hosting this debate, for some of the reasons above. That said, I believe she did a decent job. Joe Biden was over-the-top aggressive and it drove this debate south. His smiling and laughing was fun at first but became very annoying. Ryan used too many of his canned responses when an ad lib answer would have been more appropriate.

  129. Steve—do you think Obama has experience in ANYTHING but spending money?!?! I’d trust Romney with our military and foreign policy over Obama ANY day. Hell I wouldn’t trust Obama with opening a door for me!
    THINK people. Do your research!! You are going to drown in taxes if Obama is re-elected.

      • The Navy Team 6 got Bin Laden. . .give credit where credit is due. . .remember Valerie Jarrett wanted to postpone the nab time and time again.

        • I give credit both to Seal Team 6 and to the Commander in Chief. I give no credit to draft-dodging Romney, who said we shouldn’t move heaven and earth to get bin Laden.

          • Forget Bin laden. . .who is going to save this country. . .not socialist Obama and communist Jarrett. . .you’re in the demoncraps’ camp and Biden pushed me to Romney. . .his arrogance was disguisting and how this administration treats the American people.

      • Steve: That’s unfair! Romney has destroyed LOTS of lives and dreams at Bain. Then, his Mormon buddies in Salt Lake City brought him out to run up a historic deficit for the Olympics. Then he purchased a governorship by out-liberaling his opposition. He has also purchased the nomination by outspending his opponents by up to 17-to-1 this year. He has flipped and flopped on so many issues that nobody knows where he stands on anything. Give him his due, Steve!

        • Sorry, Goethe. You’re right. Romney is the king of all flip-flopping, fabricating, draft-dodging, job-killing Wall Street vulture capitalists. He deserves credit for that. He also apparently deserves the Republican presidential nomination. Makes it pretty clear what that party stands for, doesn’t it?

  130. Post-debate talking heads keep going back to the smiling of J. Biden? Seriously? After a debate on every key issue about the policies of the platforms? He was moved and moving, full of clear details and called out Ryan on details…to which Ryan couldn’t respond!

    • Bee: Sadly, if you talk to people about any debate, going back to Kennedy Vs. Nixon, style has trumped detail.

      Tonight was “SmileyGuy” versus “SmirkBoy.” And that’s what people will remember.

  131. Gov. O’Malley has to be a cheerleader. . .he knows his party is in the tanker and have downgraded America. Worse job loss. . .under this administration 600,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost and those that are dropped off the rolls aren’t even counted any long. Biden knows the direction this country will go in under another 4 ears and 62.7% say this counry is headed in the wrong direction. What would happen if Biden told the truth for once and didn’t interrupt.

  132. Big Joe did. A great job. Very. Well seasoned!. Ryan did not answer questions! He has been trained by Romney very well. The only pts made fir Ryan. His sincere response abt abortions. Joe. Biden the body. Language was that of a person responding to nonsense or a
    person who is feedup!

  133. @ Dee – trust Romney with the military? To give them more money than they ask for, and then send them to Iran and Syria!? Yeah, nice. Oh, by the way, good thing Bush said “Osama bin Laden is not the issue, this is not about one man” after years of failing to make good on his “smoke him out” promises…too bad no one has since found him through good use of intelligence and then killed him through brilliant deployment of special forces. Sigh, sad world we live in that he still romps around out there somewhere…partisan Republicans would reject ANY Democrat as somehow “anti-military” or incapable of being Commander in Chief, regardless of their capacities. It’s a bias, a blind spot, and a powerfully ignorant attitude.

  134. Romney is a draft-dodging chicken hawk. He has less than zero credibility on foreign policy. Paul Ryan has zero foreign policy experience. He also lacks credibility on the issue.

    But at least Paul Ryan didn’t insult our troops by calling them deadbeats who “refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives” like Romney did. That was indefensible.

    Romney is a flip-flopping, out-of-touch country-clubber. Most definitely not a leader.

  135. Biden missed a perfect opportunity. When Ryan brought up the $718 billion “cut” in Social Security, it wasn’t enough to point out that it was NOT a “cut,” but rather, tightening up the system. It was “savings,” not “cut.”

    But what he SHOULD have said is, “Senator Ryan, I can’t put you under oath, but I do ask for a straight answer. Isn’t it true that YOUR PLAN includes this very same $716 billion in savings, and isn’t it also true that Governor Romney said he would sign that plan?”

    Missed opportunity.

  136. Biden put me in Romney column for sure now!!! Thanks Joey, Paul you did a great job and you’ll take better care of this country for your children than the demoncraps will. Given the time you were given you shined!

  137. I am a conservative Republican. I think Biden debated and controlled the debate more aggressively then Ryan. Biden interrupted Ryan’s initial comment and rebuttal’s continuously which was allowed and not controlled by the moderator. Biden didn’t gaffe so Obama can rest easy. Biden did not look good with his rolling eyes in the split screen and his demeanor. The left might view Ryan with his constant sipping of water not very well either. Though I don’t agree with the President or Biden nor the Democratic Platform, Biden took the win as a debate, notwithstanding fact checking, etc. Does it help the President? Didn’t hurt which means it helped.

    I am still voting Romney simply because he has never failed at what he does. He has always turned losing situations into winning ones once he has the job. That is a good characteristic to have in a President. I have no doubts he can turn this economy into a better one for all, especially the middle and lower class.

    One note: I wished that ABC would not have put up various past quotes from the candidates. Let the debate speak for itself and not interject the potential of any bias, which the quotes interjected.

    • Andrew:

      I disagree with you, but yours was a very thoughtful comment.

      And I do agree with you that the past quotes were confusing and distracting.

      What they should have done is put up the QUESTION ASKED, so viewers could decide if the candidate were actually answering the question asked.

  138. ee Marc. . .hope Hollyweird doesn’t mind you calling them out when it comes to millions made. . . aftr all, that’s where the wealth is concentrated.

  139. IS THE GUY FROM THE CHAT ROOM A JOKE! So, the next time my kids are yelling at each other…i’ll just tell them that that was a GREAT way to communicate.

  140. Id like to see what the CIA and state department have to say about Bidens comments about the intelligence of Libya attack being about video instead of a terrorist attack…Obamas foreign policy is weaker than my 15 year old sons…Reagan didnt blame Carter when he was running for reelection. Reagan ran for reelection based on his record..Obama runs on blame and doesnt have a shred of credibility of what he has accomplished which is zero. Everything has gotten worse in the last 4 years from economy to foreign relations. Countries look at us being a weaker America and they like that. Our enemies must be rooting for Obama because they know Romney will scare the crap out of them as it should be to get the respect America should have once again.

      • Since when was Obama a navy seal? Without Guantonimo bay interrogations from Bush we would never have gotten information to follow courier to where bin laden was.

  141. Ok, Facts people. Ask our tropps who thye like. My son SERVED in IRAQ!!! MILITARY do not like Obama. He is cutting military he is hitting self employed. BY the WAY MOST OF THE DEMOCRATES ONLY SIGN THE BACK OF A CHECK NOT THE FRONT! Try it sometime you will change your vote!!! I have owned my business for 28 years and trust me I will let go employees and work 18 hours a day before I take a wage cut!!!! Romney understands this. Obaama HAS NEVER SIGNED THE FRONT OF A CHECK ONLY TO PAY BILLS!!!!

    • Kirk: The troops overwhelmingly like RON PAUL. He got more money in contributions from the troops than all the other candidates of both parties COMBINED. And his message was to get out of places where we do NOT belong.

    • We get it. You think you’re special. You’re better than every working stiff who punches a clock. Hooray for you. Friend, you’re just another participant in the labor market. Some people sell labor, some people buy it, most people do both. You’re no different than anyone else. Get over yourself.

  142. Really enjoyed watching Joe Biden in this debate. He definitely won! My only critique is that of presentation style / delivery for the final remarks. I would love to see President Obama give his remarks straight into the camera next time …

  143. I like that Ryan didn’t defend Romney’s idiotic, smarmy country-club remarks about 47% of the country being freeloaders. Unlike Romney, Paul Ryan has actually changed a tire in his life.

  144. Biden’s insane grin cannot be seen by any thinking person as appropriate given the seriousness of the subject matter. If the underlying problem is senility, then please step off the stage and let the country get on with its serious work. Either way, Biden is a sad embarrassment for America and Americans.

  145. On the 47% READ THE WHOLE COMMENT PEOPLE. This is been misrepresented!!!! HEY Democrates try google. READ THE WHOLE comment. BUT you won’t. Google me I use my real whole name nothing to hide.

  146. Steve google me I defend people like you against the IRS and look out for the middle class. I know what is happening to the middle class. You spend your money locally?? Romney has to file FBAR annully IRS required! He accounts for his foreign accounts. Half Obamaa’s relatives are not US citizens. I am sure Romney’s are.

  147. If you win a debate by shouting the opposition down, Joe Biden won. If you win a debate by being the smiling contestant, Joe Biden won. If you win a debate by being rude and interrupting the oppositions’ replies, Joe Biden won. But if you win a debate by keeping your cool with a talking fool, Paul Ryan won.

  148. Biden came off as an mean old junk yard dog, barking & pointing his finger a lot & I found him disgustingly rude. It was extremely hypocritical that Biden accused Ryan of not saying what Romney & he has planned to change the economy, when neither Obama or Biden have said anything either. We already had 4 years of Obama’s lies, corruption & he did doing nothing noteworthy that he promised. The sad truth is, if Obama wins again, the US will lose its Constitution & Bill of Rights…the USA will be finished. People need to do their own research & find out what is really going on in the US govt instead of listening to what the major media tells them. They say nothing about the real issues, because they are afraid to speak the truth. Most people do not even know that major media has to clear their “news” with the White House before it can be aired or printed. The “sheeple” that think Obama has done good for the country have their heads buried in the sands of socialism & major media.

    • I agree with you Mo on EVERYTHING you mentioned! Also, the Mediator shouldn’t be allowed to Mediate again! She had no idea of what her position was as a Mediator and was OBVIOUS who’s side she was on. After watching as much as I could take last night I now know what my decision will be.

    • I agree with Mo. I think that we would be a lot better off if the media could just tell the story how it is. Not how Obama thinks it is. I also think that you can’t keep spending money that we get from China. How are our grandchildren going to be able to pay for this.
      I don’t know about the rest of you people out there in America, but for me at least, I’m voting for a Mormon, rather than a Moron.

      • Wouldn’t be interesting if America became a colony of China interesting twist of history.

        If the leaders are truly interested in the future of America then they should invest their interest in the education system. China, India and Japan value education! Does the US? Where are the leaders going to come from if they can not read or write?
        Will quality education only be available to those who can pay for private schools?

        • It would be a hard sell to me anyhow as if education were such a great investment, why are we 16 trillion in debt. I got a GED and never used the credit system in my life. Retired at 40. Anybody can do it, just do without until you can pay for it.

      • South:

        First, the media have been cheerleading for Romney for two solid weeks, trying to make it more of a “horse race.”

        Second, in the middle of a depression, you have to do something to keep people from starving. The stock market has doubled under Obama, and corporations are boasting historic profits–but you’re not going to get help from them.

        Third, this year is unusual in that you can vote for a mormon AND a moron at once.

      • I wish people would shut up about how Biden did this or how he did that.
        Listen to the debate as if you only had a radio. Hear the tone and the substance, then make a judgement.

        • Jack:

          The same could be said for the first debate. If you look at what Obama actually said in the first debate, he seemed solid, direct, organized, and respectful. But the camera was focused on Romney, jumping around waving his arms, pointing, bouncing, and frothing at the mouth. The camera does not like stillness.

          Jon Stewart ripped Obama a new one, showing this clip, but if you look at just this clip, Obama looked very good:


          You only need to watch the 45 seconds between 3:15 and 4.

        • I tend to agree in part anyhow. I think a jury trial should be conducted in the same way as you posted. People only get body language right 50% of the time.

  149. Responding to Alex Plains–seeing as this is probably fact; what you stated about President Obama’s inter-connections & being ‘hooked’ up with Raddatz moderating the VP debate, finish the statement. Talk about who Romney has in his pocket as well. The only difference here is Romney is a Governor and Obama is the President…it’s politics; business as usual–right. And thank you for your source.

  150. Romney is good at some things. He did make a lot of money for himself. He was very good at that. He has done an excellent job of shielding it from taxation by stashing it in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts. He did a fine job of strip-mining companies while at Bain. He did a great job of avoiding service in Vietnam by running away to France.

    Romney has done an excellent job of lying shamelessly about President Obama’s record (gutted work requirements in welfare, doubled the deficit, spent $90 billion on wind and solar, “You didn’t build that”, Obama doesn’t understand America, Obama has an entitlement mentality etc). I guess those last two examples were more schoolyard smears.

    Romney didn’t do so well with the Olympics. Needed a federal bailout. Romney wasn’t invited back for a second term as Governor of MA. He was 47th in job creation in MA. He won’t come close to winning his home state this year.

    Romney should go back to Wall Street. He was good at that. He wouldn’t be a good president (Nixon fans will disagree).

      • John:

        Proof? OK. Here’s why I don’t think Romney should be allowed to call himself a “businessman,” since he was a parasite that destroyed business, or as Steve put it, “strip-mining companies:”

        How about Romney’s “black hole” finances, including Cayman accounts, Equity Swaps, AIVs, and Other Tax-Dodging Tricks;
        his Endless ‘Retirement’ Package, Short Sales, Other Exotic Financial Instruments can be found here:

        And his “buried treasure” in the Caymans, harrr:

        That article also touches on his ethics.

        Oh, and the “gutting welfare work requirements” is gut-wrenchingly false:

        Regarding deficits, here’s a good explanation:

        As you’ll note, the largest contributor to the deficit has been the “Bush tax cuts,” followed by two wars that went directly onto the credit card, and of course, we went into Depression, so instead of sitting, like Hoover, Obama put the brakes on the freefall.

        As for the money put into new energy, Romney said “half” of the businesses went under, whereas the TRUTH is that only THREE out of THREE DOZEN went bankrupt. And they were due to (surprise) Chinese dumping of cheap cells.

        Regarding “you didn’t build that,” the entire Republican convention was a lie, since the only mistake Obama made was in repeating the phrase, “if you’ve got a business,” which allowed you to twist the meaning. Here it is without that one phrase:

        If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.

        There’s a lot more, but you stopped reading way ahead of this.

      • really? we’re going with guilty until innocent? the accuser is supposed to dig up the evidence, b/c it kinda hard to defend yourself against something you didn’t do!
        You’re a fat, gay walrus with a purple horn, and until you prove otherwise, you are.

        • Well tell that to the 90+ witches that were executed in this country after have been given a fair trial. And it all started in Romney’s home state.

  151. Last comment going home to family that we all cherish. PLEASE ANYBODY WHO READS THIS PLEASE LOOK UP THE 2013 TAX RATES AND TAX INCENTIVES. I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO FAX THEM TO YOU. They do nothing for you Steve. FACTS DO NOT LIE.

  152. I was one of the first people to comment and I feel so defeated to read all of the comments after me. Please research before you vote.You all seem so smart -well most -.just please use your brain and look into all the things that you heard tonight

  153. Yes I am for Obama care, and what!!!!!!!!!! You don’t like it, get a life. Keep your comments, I do not care!

  154. Funny Romney has a history of business and people heard his name…. Obama was NEVER known until 2007. Senator only 2 years prior. Google Romney then Obama prior to 2007…….If you can

    • Kirk:

      Romney was never actually IN business.

      He’s only been a speculator and one-man business “death panel.” And in nearly all cases, and increasingly, all he did is DESTROY businesses (as well as families, and dreams).

      I have had my own business since 1989. I know business. Business has been a friend of mine. Governor, you’re no businessman.

  155. one last thing- I’m 59 years old and have been listening to debates for at least 30 years and I have NEVER seen a more unprofessional commentator

  156. Biden seemed to nail it. Especially on the topic of the Afgan War. Ryan seemed confused and not in touch with the reality on the ground. Biden’s military experience was decisive. I oppose all war, and the suggestion by Ryan that we might continue the war after 2014 is wrong. This is America’s longest war. End it. Definitely.

    On Economics, Biden said what Obama didn’t in the last debate.

    On abortion, Biden’s position is more reasonable. I am against abortion personally, but the government should not make those decisions for women in crisis.

    Peace to All

    • Drane: Biden did miss an opportunity there. The topic was on how your Catholic faith informs your attitude toward abortion. Biden hinted at it, but should have come right out and said, (a) like John Kennedy, I do not take orders from the Vatican on America’s issues, AND (b) I believe that the First Amendment forbids me from forcing my church’s beliefs on others.

    • confused,I think not,if you listened carefully through Biden’s interuptions Ryan said that we should be out of Afganastan by 2014 but not advertise it to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. And as for abortion as long as she got herself into the situation she has no cause for murder “a person is a person no matter how small”.

      • I think Biden says it very clear and Ryan was schooled across the board. It is insane to me that a guy that won’t make it as an assistant teacher in a public university is such a big shot in politics. He is confused, but mediocre people are very often confused.

        American troops get out, Afghan troops get in. We train them. They follow their interest which is our interest, this is why we train them.

        The date is set “until x”, not “at x”. So there is no “advertising” of any kind. This information is not harmful at all if you think about it. If you say “until March next year I will read some books” it will not give too many information to anybody. It doesn’t really say what books you plan to read, where are these books, when will you read them, in what order…etc.

        Compare this with the aberrant situation where no time frame is provided and troops are brought home without anybody knowing it. How will this be helpful for our troops? How this situation will be better? It lacks transparency, accountability…etc.

        Ryan is just a mediocre guy. It is no surprise maybe that it is pushed forward as Republicans, as you probably notice, lack front runners. Romney is just a left over, not a choice.

  157. Well Joe succeeded in one thing he made it hard to keep listening to Paul Ryan’s answers and message. Now everyone is talking about Biden’s laughing instead of some key issues and differences between the two.

    I was totally disgusted when they were talking about War, people dying, and the nuclear threat and Joe had to sit there laughing. Is that what Biden and Obama think about the American people. We are people to be laugh at?

    No wonder the democratic can’t work with the republicans and come to some agreement. You laugh, be little and talk over your opponents instead of listening and understand both side.

    Ryan did great, he appeared the maturer and wiser of the two.

    • Obama is an “abomination” to all republicans. I doubt even 0.01% will vote for him.

      With Ron Paul out of the Republican picture (by what most Republican Voters are UNAWARE was a Fascist-like brow-beating of duly elected Ron Paul delegates, and their subsequent removal by nefarious means at the DIRECTION of Mitt Rmoney) the majority of registered republicans will vote Republican.

      It is our job to educate them that Rmoney is NOT a True Republican, but a puppet of the Banking Cartels!

      Ron Paul was a Libertarian before he became republican — so now the torch has been passed to another Libertarian: GARY JOHNSON!

      All Independents, Democrats and Republicans MUST take a look at what Gary Johnson stands for!

      Vote for Gary Johnson — or submit to Dictatorship (there are no other options)!

  158. I’m really digging the double standard at work in the comments here. Just a week ago Mitt Romney was being praised for his aggression and control of the debate floor, and now when Joe Biden does the same thing it’s “rude”. Disgraceful.

  159. This presidential race is about the lesser of two evils. Mr. Obama has not done anything to really help the middle class and Mr. Romney has not stated what he will do! Can I have another candidate? I need someone with conviction, substance, and the moral fiber to build a team on capitol hill that will unify the country and bring prosperity to all.

    Healthcare reform was necessary.
    Providing me a voucher for healthcare is unacceptable.
    More taxes is unacceptable.
    Creating jobs is a must.

    Lets stop and do this over with a new cast of characters.

  160. Neither of these Politicians will do a DAMN THING to reign in the DEBT. One Party is for Entitlements – the other is for War. They BOTH will continue to BORROW and SPEND.

    It doesn’t matter who wins. Whichever Ticket wins this Election will PRESIDE over the Collapse of the US Economy!

    • DT: The difference is that Romney is the only one promising a LOT of additional spending, such as additional safety net AND massive military spending, including weapons they do NOT want. Oh, and lots of additional tax cuts, too.

      Romney is used to Bain logic, in which he profits no matter what happened to the companies he destroyed. Now he wants to treat the nation the same way.

      • I’m pretty sure that you are talking about Obama, right? If you are gonna point the finger at Romney for things he never did then what did Obama ever do to help the U.S. economy and everything else having to do with the U.S.

        • John: No, look at the debate. He talked about how he was going to add all these NEW spending programs to help the poor and old people. He sounded like FDR. Then, of course, he keeps talking about throwing more trillions down the military-industrial rathole. OH, and he wants to cut taxes again, on top of it. Every time you hear a speech, Romney’s offering someone else a handout.

  161. It was very inarropriate how Vice President Biden would interupt and laugh off nearly all of Ryan’s coments,the moderator should have cracked down on this.

    • Grading the “theatrical” Vice Presidential Reality Show sure makes people look really really stupid. Anyone who would listen – let alone FOLLOW these clowns – must suffer from a serious case of Daddy Complex.

        • John

          To give either one of these PSYCHOPATHS any kind of credibility is pretty clear evidence that those who follow either of them are really really stupid people – especially when you consider that these PSYCHOPATHIC Democrats and Republicans are “working together” to destroy America with DEBT and WAR, while at the same time taking away our Freedoms and Liberties here at home – so we can’t fight back.

          It’s like it or lump it, John. Do you really believe that the course we’re on is going to change with either one of these Tickets in the White House? I say NO way! Do you think the Debt and Deficit will stop increasing? Not a Chance! Do you really think the DEBT Ceiling will ever get a Ceiling? I don’t think so. It’s all “Theater”, John – and THEY know that the American people are TOO STUPID to figure it out.

            • LOL, I’m in Chicago right now and the time stated on their license means nothing in this corrupt city.

            • I don’t think they need one for that in Chicago. Just read about a bit of corruption with the speed trap cameras.. Chicago has taken from its citizens over 600 million with the red light cameras. Well I don’t know if they all paid but Chicago is number one in the world for the amount of tickets issued.

            • Billy

              When people choose either a Democrat (Obama/Biden) or a Republican (Romney/Ryan) to “follow”, the only conclusion one can come to about these people is that their STUPIDITY is the unwitting tendency to self-destruct.

              People should start thinking for themselves, instead of listening to all the crap on the TV and on the radio. It’s all “Theater”. BOTH Candidates for President are the SAME and they will do the SAME things as President/VP. There is NO difference between either of them – just the Marketing Strategy it different.


            • No problem with that statement.

              ” And we should
              not ever forget that. And when somebody does not do the job, we
              got to let them go.”

            • Look at it this way…


              They are DEATHLY AFRAID that the American people are going to figure it out someday. That’s the REAL reason why the Dems and Repubs “joined together” and passed the NDAA and H.R. Bill 347 (also known as the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011).

              They’re keeping us from FIGHTING BACK against their Tyranny.

            • Hey I was in Tampa during the RNC and for me it was fear, big time. They can do it, one city at a time, no problem.

            • DT: Billy was agreeing with you. Just wanted to make sure that was clear.

              I want people to think for themselves. But I don’t want them to think they can think for other people.

            • Gothe I know he was agreeing with me. I’m just sickened by the Romneyites and Obamatons touting their meaninless differences, wnen they are EXACTLY the SAME on everything that matters.

            • DT: Bullshit. What you’re actually doing is copping out of the situation altogether. It’s easy to sit back, cross your arms, and declare: “They’re both awful, so I’ll support neither”, but the fact of the matter is that one of these two men is going to get elected whether you like it or not. In a perfect world we’d all be able to honestly support the candidate we felt best reflected our views, and the best candidate would win. That is not the world we live in; sometimes we don’t like the leaders we get saddled with.

              I’m a Democrat, and I admit that President Obama has many positions which I do not personally agree with. I am particularly upset about how he has chosen to handle the issue of Super PACS and his silence on the subject of campaign finance reform. I’m still voting for him in November. Know why? Because even a cursory look at the facts behind these two candidates will show a very real discrepancy in policy. They are not, as you assert, carbon copies of one another. A quick look at Romney’s history at Bain Capital, compared to President Obama’s time teaching at the University of Chicago Law School will show that.

              Sometimes we have to make choices we don’t like. Sometimes we have to choose the lesser of two evils.

              Right now the lesser of two evils is President Barack Obama.

            • You are right but it will be with no help from me. My Daddy always told me there are a lot more horses’ rear ends than there are horses.

            • sansDaedalus

              If you want to be counted amongst the “Sheeple”, that’s up to you. And so you know the I’m not sitting back – nor crossing my arms – taking the “easy” way out. The “easy” way is to “settle” for what you say is the “lesser of 2 evils”. By that statement alone, you KNOW that both of these candidates will not be good nor right for America. They’re both the SAME! When you go to vote, you may as well close your eyes and drop the point of your pencil onto the ballot – and color in the circle closest to the point.

              I chuckle as you bring up Mitt Romney and Bain Capital – and then compare that to Barack Obama teaching at the University of Chicago Law School to show their “differences”. LOL. Is that how you “measure” the candidates? Based on those differences???

              What about the Unconstitutional “Fascist” Bailouts? They BOTH supported them. You, like Romney and Obama, obviously don’t believe in Free Markets or Capitalism. You’re like Rush Limbaugh “saying” we need to support candidates who abide by the Constitution – yet when the Constitution is violated – it’s all good. After all, we needed to save the Banks. LOL. Never mind about the Bankruptcy Laws which would have cleared the DEBT which these Banks incurred – which are now saddled on-the-backs of the American people.

              It’s “Dolts” like you who haven’t a CLUE on where we’re headed. You go ahead and vote for your “lesser of 2 evils”. When the SHTF, let me know how that all worked for you.

              Take the “Crash Course” in Economics and then tell me if you think either of these CLOWNS should get your vote. They certainly won’t get mine!


            • I’m sorry but your application to the “Soderquist Paradox” is a pretty paper-thin justification for that kind of political position.

            • Sans:

              That may be true, but the same applies for their extremities.

              Horses have forelegs and they have two hind legs,
              and it makes one wonder how they run with six legs.

            • I never noticed but I’ll count them next time I see one. fore & two do make six, I just asked my GF.

    • In all honesty Ryan made everybody laugh, it’s one of the clown functions. When you have such a mediocre guy running for vp something is off. All his answers were scripted and stupid to the core. He was like a boy without the homework done speaking about things he has no idea. I am wondering when Republicans will be ready with some decent candidates. It looks to me that this school of thought become to produce only sub-humans. This year was the Circus in town. You have the leftover romney and this guy ryan, the convention with some senile people…etc. You had mccaine and pallin before that. and before that you had bush… wow… How disappointing, isn’t it? Why are you such a very sore losers? When the team is romney-ryan, mccaine-palling what would you expect?

  162. In the news:

    The father of Christopher Stephens, the United States ambassador who was killed in the attack in Libya last month, said Saturday that it would be “abhorrent” for his son’s death to be politicized in the presidential campaign.

    In an interview with Bloomberg News, Jan Stevens said the attack on Benghazi and the ensuing investigation has no place in the upcoming election.

    “The security matters are being adequately investigated,” Stevens, who is getting briefings from the State Department on the investigation, said. “We don’t pretend to be experts in security. It has to be objectively examined. That’s where it belongs. It does not belong in the campaign arena.”

      • Billy:

        The dad is being briefed on the situation, and therefore, knows more than the rest of us. And for someone who really DOES have a direct stake to say that we should shut up about it, that’s good enough for me.

  163. In the veep debate, I thought it was interesting that Ryan gave an answer that was the exact OPPOSITE of the one given by JFK.

    John F. Kennedy said that the Vatican would NOT dictate his actions as president.

    Ryan said, “I don’t see how a person can separate their public life from their private life or from their faith.

  164. How is that with a Democratic Senate, with a almost equal party line amount in the House, that the President can only blame the previous administration for his lack of accomplishment? If I had his job I would have been fired for nonperformance, and I worked for the Federal Government for 20 years!


      Voting for either Barack or Mitt would be legitimizing further the corruption that seems to have no end in the aim to destroy Americans’ Freedoms and Prosperity!

      If Barack or Mitt win — Free America ENDS in 2012!

      VOTE for Garry Johnson — or face the dire consequences of failing to do so — TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!

      (Would love to write-in Dr. Ron Paul — but ALL indications are that such write-in votes for Ron Paul will be screened and then thrown out — that’s how much the Establishment fears the Good Doctor!)

    • fired for nonperformance ? ? ? Now that doesn’t happen very often but the government is riddled with non performers.

      • Have the American People been reduced again to vote for the “lesser of two evils” — are there no other options?

        My conscience cannot allow me to vote for the “lesser of two evils”, because, that means that an Evil will still get elected!

        1) The Barack is the evil we know — a Socialist minded professional politician that will have most of its venomous teeth pulled out when republicans win more seats this election. Thus, it will lack the ability to do much more damage than it’s done already. If the Barack is “elected” it will end its last term in a whimper.

        2) The Mitt — the evil we don’t know…yet. But all indicators are that it is supported by the Central Banks. And that it supports Israel unquestionably to the detriment of our own national security (will start more unconstitutional wars to protect Israel, not the USA).

        Should the Mitt win, we may be in bigger trouble — since it assured itself of no competition for the next republican nomination (see the false vote it made the GOP do on its behalf — THE TELEPROMPTER “KNEW” IN ADVANCE HOW THE VOTE WILL GO…SHAME, SHAME SHAME on the Mitt creature):


        So, unless we vote for Gary Johnson — who wants to restore Liberty and Prosperity, what would you get instead:

        Final four years of ‘toothless’ BO — or 8 more years of the Mitt (with the possibility it has groomed its spawn — 5 Mormon Sons — to keep the dynasty going) for many decades to come…?!

  165. Would ask all that find merit in the below to SPREAD IT! Thanks.

    VOTE for Gary Johnson (do not write-in Ron Paul, please)!

    Here is why:

    The Establishment fears Ron Paul so much that they will do anything to stop him and his (our) movement for Liberty on the election level (since so far they have not been able to control the internet, and thus shut us down completely)!

    The Major Networks will show after the election NOTHING for Ron Paul (not even that he got ANY of the Vote, for that would be admitting that some actually dared to write-in his name).

    The Apparatchiks have been instructed to shred all write-in ballots where Ron Paul’s name appears (for proof just watch after the election and see if Ron Paul is even mentioned, let alone how many votes he got)!

    Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 States — so a vote for him is a vote COUNTED against the wannabe despots of America! (Plus, if he breaks the 5+% level, the Libertarian Party (Ron Paul’s original party) will be eligible for federal funds to the tune of about 90 million dollars for the next election — and no longer will be a financial shoe-string operation!!!).

    VOTE GARY JOHNSON (or write-in Ron Paul if you must) — as long as you vote for what you realize is BEST for our Nation, and NOT get bamboozled into voting again for the “lesser of two evils”: the Kenyan Barack or Mitt the Mormon (this path only leads to more and bigger evil, for the next election cycle…should there be one)!!!

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