In terms of broadcast time and coverage, the VP debate is afforded the same treatment as the Presidential Debates but it will likely bring in around half the number of viewers. Many Americans will tune in to see what each VP candidate brings to the table but does it actually sway votes?

Time Magazine discussed this topic:

On last weekend’s Saturday Night Live Weekend Update, Seth Meyers said that the biggest winner after the first presidential debate was really the viewing public. “Is there anything more exciting than Joe Biden thinking it’s up to him to get the lead back?” he joked. “There’s like a 50% chance he’s going to come out at the next debate with his shirt off.” But while the first presidential debate appears to have given Mitt Romney his first polling lead in a year, there’s a much smaller chance that whatever happens at the vice presidential debate on Thursday will impact the election.

That’s not to say that the eight televised vice presidential debates in American history have been without effect.

Researchers Diana Carlin and Peter Bicak posited that Lloyd Bentsen’s performance, including his famous dismissal of Dan Quayle as “no Jack Kennedy” in the 1988 debate, may have actually made Bentsen’s Democratic running mate Michael Dukakis look weak by comparison. And James Stockdale’s bad showing, as Ross Perot’s Independent running mate, made the team appear like a sideshow—and Perot a poor decision-maker–according to focus-group research summarized by University of Richmond professor Mari Boor Tonn for a project on the 1992 debates.

In 2008, viewers anticipated Sarah Palin to betray her ignorance or Joe Biden to gaffe it up. But little happened during the debate or in the polls afterward. The Real Clear Politics averages for Obama and McCain were at 49 and 43.3, respectively, on the morning of the vice presidential debate. Five days later, neither average had moved so much as a point. Despite the hype, sometimes debates are just good television. And Thursday’s matchup should, as Meyers notes, at least be entertaining.

I heard a good analogy the other day regarding the VP debate. Consider it a courtroom. Vice President Biden will be President Obama’s attorney and Congressman Paul Ryan will be Governor Romney’s attorney. Both will argue in favor of their client to the American people which make up the jury.

On a side note, The Daily Caller is reporting that the VP debate moderator, Martha Raddatz, has some undisclosed ties to President Obama. Doesn’t sound like it is too serious at this point but the story is continuing to develop so anything can happen in the next 24 hours.

Exit question: How much does the VP debate affect your decision process?


  1. I’ve already decided my vote but if I hadn’t decided I believe this particular VP debate would be important.

  2. I really feel that with so much of this countries future banking on this election,and it being this close. Even the VP debate is going to make a difference. If people are anything like I am, I want to see how strong Ryan is on the issues. Romney and Ryan are a team, they together will work to bring this country back . Four more years of Obama will destroy and weaken us more than ever.

  3. On a side note, Wikipedia notes that the VP debate moderator, Martha Raddatz, has some undisclosed ties to Mitt Romney, since she is from Salt Lake City, Utah, literally in the shadow of the world headquarters of the Mormon religion. Doesn’t sound like it is too serious at this point but the story is continuing to develop so anything can happen in the next 24 hours.

  4. It is important so that the world can see why our country needs a change. I never saw Biden work with King Obama. Ryan and Romney will work together which makes this election so much fun to watch. One side you have how a dictator operates and the other side you see how leadership works for the good of its people. Mitt and Paul 2012!

    • lol!!! – rewind 12 years …. Cheny never let Bush work with him and made all the descisions leaving Bush nothing else to do other than saying “911” , “WMD” ,”Umnnn..”, “911” “War on terror” , “Osama”, “911” ….

  5. It does affect my decision process because I think that Biden is a doofus and Ryan is highly educated. Ryan would make a great President while Biden would be an utter disaster. Ryan makes decisions, Biden does not.

    • I think it’s funny that last week, when Barrg was up, all the comments were against Willard, and now that Willard is up, all the comments are against Barry.

  6. Ask yourself who would be a better VP if the President passed away (God forbid). If you choose Biden, then this country is completely out of touch and deserves what it might get. Wake up folks.

    • Because if Ryan is president, the world will fall into harmony and perfect prosperity. Wake up, as you so inclined.

      • Biden is now where near perfect. The way I see it the Romney Ryan campaign brings us trickle down economics on a different level and a well thought out plan where all the leprechauns in the world unite to give us all their pots of gold so we can pay off our national debt. Ryan said so himself in the debate. His and Romney’s great plan to pay off the debt is nothing more than a framework with broad swaths and generalizations.

  7. I encourage everyone to vote and you encourage everyone you know to vote. Voting this election is important and every vote will count.

  8. They are reporting that Obama attended Rattatz’s wedding back in the ’90’s when she married a husband that she later divorced. Her former husband has worked in the Obama administration. I don’t know what the big deal is, because everyone knows that she and all her fellow reporters at ABC are shills for Obama and his failed administration.

  9. This is such BS. ABC should just tell the huge number of people who were on the list, to show how ridiculous this is. Drudge is trying to make it sound like Obama and Raddatz were close friends. Besides, he wasn’t even in politics yet–21 years ago.

    To Drudge, things like gravity and sunshine are conspiracies. . .

  10. Henceforth I fully believe that the GOP will not get an unbiased debate – No one can turn around the MainStreamMedia that quick and any audience participation will be heavily liberal and not true independents as advertised. The Moderators are liberal and no way can they submerge their political ideologies.

    • Gary Johnson is THE ONLY ONE TO GET YOUR VOTE — if you are a Real American and want to save our Nation!

      Voting for the lesser of two evils, still gets you evil.

      Has anyone noticed the Barack creature looks more and more like a chimpanzee, and the Mitt creature like a statue in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum…and that both are liars and cheats that hate Free Americans!

      So, are you going to vote for Plastic Man or Monkey Boy…hoping whichever one of these evils “wins” will destroy our Free Nation at a slower pace…?

      Or, are you going to take a stand against these two anti-American subhumans, and vote your conscience instead!

      Gary Johnson is THE ONLY ONE TO GET YOUR VOTE!

      • Gary Johnson may or may not be the best solution – BUT!!! – a vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama, who is for Government control cradle to grave – OR – you can vote for Romney, who is a Constitutionalist & defender of Bill of Rights, believes in a big military for defense and will in fact reduce our deficit and not raise the IRS demand on taxes for anyone.

      • why dont you (In america) the most powerfull country on earth just abolish the Federal reserve // Immediately wipe off your debt problems

    • Sam: And, of course, there are those who see unfair “bias” in anyone who doesn’t think EXACTLY as they do. . .

      If half the people you call “liberal” were really liberal, Dennis Kucinich would be president and Ralph Nader would be vice president.

  11. It matters to ME.

    The VP is one of the president’s advisers. He’s also president of the Senate. He has a party leadership position. He acts as a goodwill ambassador overseas. And, of course, he takes over if the POTUS becomes incapacitated or dies.

    Any presidential candidate who picks an unworthy VP (perhaps as “impeachment insurance”) obviously loves short-term political expediency more than he loves his country.

  12. Dear 2012 Election Central,
    What is your opinion on the Presidential Debates only having the Republicans and Democrats in them? The debates should allow other parties in them also. The reason that the Green Party, Libertarian Party, Republicans and Democrats parties should be in is so that the American people would have a better idea about who is running and what they propose and who to vote for. Do you agree?
    Just about all I read about and see on TV is with the different candidates cutting the other guy down. I haven’t really seen what they propose, mainly cutting the other one down. That is NO way to run and election. How are the American people going to know what they propose and how they propose to accomplish it?
    Yes, maybe the Green and Libertarian parties don’t have the money that the main parties do, but if you would listen to what they have to say you may want to change your vote.
    Question: Who won the election to be governor of Minnesota that was not a republican or a democrat? It was Jessie Ventura, a Reform Party member. He was also a pro wrestler, Navy Seal, actor, author. Who was governor of New Mexico that was not a Rep. or Dem.? Gary Johnson. He was a Libertarian. That should tell you that the ONLY candidates that are listened to should NOT be just the Reb. and Dem.

  13. Really people, if you all believe that Mitt will not raise taxes, you better do more research!!! If you are rich, he is your man but if you like me, part of the middle class, you will be screwed if Mitt wins!!! He don’t care about anyone that is not rich!! He knows nothing else!!!

  14. I agree with David Brooks. I also found the antics of VP Joe Biden during the debate insulting and offensive. Has he never been taught about respect. I started watching the debate having respect for both candidates, but by the end of the debate, I had lost respect for VP Joe Biden because of his behavior.

    • Obama is an “abomination” to all republicans. I doubt even 0.01% will vote for him.

      With Ron Paul out of the Republican picture (by what most Republican Voters are UNAWARE was a Fascist-like brow-beating of duly elected Ron Paul delegates, and their subsequent removal by nefarious means at the DIRECTION of Mitt Rmoney) the majority of registered republicans will vote Republican.

      It is our job to educate them that Rmoney is NOT a True Republican, but a puppet of the Banking Cartels!

      Ron Paul was a Libertarian before he became republican — so now the torch has been passed to another Libertarian: GARY JOHNSON!

      All Independents, Democrats and Republicans MUST take a look at what Gary Johnson stands for!

      Vote for Gary Johnson — or submit to Dictatorship (there are no other options)!


      Voting for either Barack or Mitt would be legitimizing further the corruption that seems to have no end in the aim to destroy Americans’ Freedoms and Prosperity!

      If Barack or Mitt win — Free America ENDS in 2012!

      VOTE for Garry Johnson — or face the dire consequences of failing to do so — TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!

      (Would love to write-in Dr. Ron Paul — but ALL indications are that such write-in votes for Ron Paul will be screened and then thrown out — that’s how much the Establishment fears the Good Doctor!)

  15. Our forefathers who framed the Constitution were “Statesmen”, something our politicians know nothing about. It is easy to berate and badger each other in public debates. It is quite another matter to present plans to represent all American with provable facts.

    • Have the American People been reduced again to vote for the “lesser of two evils” — are there no other options?

      My conscience cannot allow me to vote for the “lesser of two evils”, because, that means that an Evil will still get elected!

      1) The Barack is the evil we know — a Socialist minded professional politician that will have most of its venomous teeth pulled out when republicans win more seats this election. Thus, it will lack the ability to do much more damage than it’s done already. If the Barack is “elected” it will end its last term in a whimper.

      2) The Mitt — the evil we don’t know…yet. But all indicators are that it is supported by the Central Banks. And that it supports Israel unquestionably to the detriment of our own national security (will start more unconstitutional wars to protect Israel, not the USA).

      Should the Mitt win, we may be in bigger trouble — since it assured itself of no competition for the next republican nomination (see the false vote it made the GOP do on its behalf — THE TELEPROMPTER “KNEW” IN ADVANCE HOW THE VOTE WILL GO…SHAME, SHAME SHAME on the Mitt creature):


      So, unless we vote for Gary Johnson — who wants to restore Liberty and Prosperity, what would you get instead:

      Final four years of ‘toothless’ BO — or 8 more years of the Mitt (with the possibility it has groomed its spawn — 5 Mormon Sons — to keep the dynasty going) for many decades to come…?!

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