With several states which Obama carried in 2008 seeming to slip back into the GOP column, think North Carolina and Indiana, it appears that Ohio will be key for either candidate’s victory. As of now, the RealClearPolitics average of Ohio polls shows President Obama leading by 5.2 points.

However, analysis from ABC News is claiming that Ohio is slipping further into the Obama column in 2012:

On the same day that the Republican presidential candidate will take part in his most intense 10-hour period of campaigning in the Buckeye State in months, a fresh New York Times-CBS News-Quinnipiac poll out this morning found President Obama’s edge there growing.

In Ohio, Obama leads Romney, 53 percent to 43 percent — that’s up from the president’s 50 percent to 44 percent lead in a previous poll on August 23. The findings also track with other public polling available in the state that shows Obama out in front.

The new number, however, do not jibe with the message coming from the Romney campaign. Yesterday the campaign’s political director, Rich Beeson, told reporters: “There’s still 42 days to go. We are by any stretch inside the margin of error in Ohio. And the Obama campaign is going to have some problems there.” And while a lot can change between now and Election Day, the weight of evidence is simply not on Romney’s side.

This morning ABC News moved the state of Ohio and its 18 electoral votes from “Toss Up” territory to “Lean Obama.” This puts the ABC Electoral College estimate at 255 for Obama to 206 for Romney. Without a drastic change in Ohio that means there are only seven battlegrounds left for Romney to capture in his quest for the presidency, including the state of Florida with its 29 electoral votes.

All of this polling news is coming before any of the Presidential Debates occur in October but I think, right now at least, Ohio is proving to be a tough sell for Mitt Romney.




    • You have such harsh words for Romney but do you really know all the things that Obama is planning for our great country? I think not…He wants to cut our military – which will leave us defenseless. He wants to re-distribute money from the hard working people and give it to who he wants to. He wants to apologize to other terrorists countries while we give them billions of dollars each year and they want to dictate to us about free speech. And for your information OBAMA is rich too – off the american people…. So if this is what you want – you just might get it. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way. Don’t think for one minute the Obama’s aren’t phonies…. Have you wondered why Oprah has been around – they used her and kicked her to the curb with insults…..I want a president that will actually work for us – not a comedian and celebrity wannabe.

      • Patti,
        you’re so out of touch…Romney and his little side kick are snakes and only out for the upper tier of the public….
        This country includes all kinds, not everyone has had the posh silver spoon life of the Mitt…he cannot connect, and does not wish to connect with his recent comments. And no, I’m not in the 47% he’d kick to the curb…I am considering disabled, elderly etc, who he basically thinks he is far better than and wants to ignore. A president has to work for ALL people, not just his tier of friends. You’re out of touch..

      • LOL! You want a President that will work for us? Meaning who—not 47% of us, he has made that clear. There’s no need to make up damaging quips, just replay live footage…
        As far as your not wanting a comedian…he was not laughing when he began to clean up Bush’s mess he left, when he did oversee getting Osama etc etc..or have you forgotten? I want someone who is personable, which is he and actually accomplishes something..
        NOT the wannabe model and his side kick Pee wee herman lookalike..

        On a major station they said that Ryan was voted within his own school -the biggest brown-noser. They said that on Natl TV…doesn’t that tell you something? It should, but I guess you must be going after that model type wannabe and his brown noser sidekick….

    • Pete – You are an absolute loser who wants to live off at the mercy or the government and pay no taxes and contribute nothing to build this country. You have probably never been to a high school, did just drugs when you were growing up and now want all the hard working people to pay for you.

      • Rohit, or is it really ROBOT? How dare you respond to Pete who took the time to make a statement. He is entitled to what he sees and no one should insult him for doing just that. You do not know about his school, or anything more than I read about him, so why assume…..when you do you make an ASS out of U and ME….ASSUME. There are people who prefer to sit on their rears and collect welfare but most people “collecting” receive social security or unemployment and all the years they worked they had monies deducted from their checks to cover the costs of these BENEFITS. Those receiving unemployment are for the most part, looking desperately for a job. I worked 53 years, reared two children alone, and after 11 years on my last job (14 yrs at the one before that) I lost my job because the company chose to sell of part of it. No hard feelings here. I collected unemployment and continue to look for a new job. Pete; well I do not know about his situation and doubt you do either. You sound like a party person who acts like a robot without thinking about the issues….as long as you consider it appropriate to label Pete, I guess it is ok to be labeled. Goodnight.

    • Pete – I must agree with rohit. You are a moron! You could have benefited from private school…you are obviously eating STUPID pills.

    • Are you retarded?

      Your comment alone is enough to make me vote against Obama..

      You aren’t even from America so who cares what you say?

      Lol.. Good grief what a mess

    • Is staples bankrupt? Huh what?

      What did I miss?

      Is America bankrupt? Hmmm… Tough to miss slamming into a brick wall. Now, isn’t it?


    • Pete,

      You are obviously a very frustated, angry person. Do you really base your preferences for President or VP in part on looks and the size of their noses? What other prejudices are you hiding there? Were you a bully in that public school?!

      You are not part of the XX% that Romney referred to because you have worked for 32 years! OBTW thanks for your 32 years of contributions to that % of people that we all know exist off of Government handouts provided by those of us that work for a living. How many 60 Minutes shows have you seen focused on welfare fraud?! Want more subsistence?….have another baby! Wake up! You might want to check too how many Republican administrations there have been in the last 32 years of your employment.

      Havent you noticed that only “rich” people get elected to the Presidency? That doesn’t mean they’re bad people…just successful ones.

      Bain is a huge success story…take the time to look at the stats instead of listening to the incomplete campaign rhetoric. One of the managing partners, hired by Romney, (a Democrat by the way) tried to set the record straight in an interview last week touting their record of job creation and “company building” …how many headlines did that make in the leftist media?

    • Pete,
      I have been part of private school education for all 12 years of school. (I am in my senior year) I think it is completely inappropriate that you say they are partially bad people for attending private school. Also, your ignorance is irritating. Unions are the reason that we are able to make money. If it was not for unions we would not be able to go on strike over unfair pay. although people do get greedy like the NFL referees, not everyone is getting paid fairly. This is where the union steps in; according to salary.com the average salary of a United States is $50,299. (http://www1.salary.com/police-officer-Salary.html) with out a union they could be making only say $20,000 a year. Police risk their lives to help us, that’s what they get paid $50,299 a year. Their income is earned. I do not agree with mitt Romney when he said he would let Detroit go bankrupt. I find the US motor companies (GM, Ford, Chryler) a very important part of our country due to the amount of jobs they produce. Now Obama is not quite perfect either. His idea to cut down military spending is awful because we need the self defense. I feel that. We have no good candidates but obviously the choice needs to be made. It is not fair for people to get welfare and not have to take a drug test. It is not fair that you have to be of African American descent or Latino to get more grants for college either. Where is all of this in their debates? The government needs to take charge of helping students and being fair about who will receive welfare.

      P.S. It is very inappropriate to judge a candidate based on looks.

    • BRAVO to you, Pete. I sent one of my two children to public school and the other to private school. I worked for a company that sent replacement workers to companies while its workers were on strike. We kept the business operating so the workers had a job to go back to after negotiations. I worked 53 years and also collected unemployment one time but mine was this past year. I have been higher income and about as low as one can go. Been there, seen it all, and I am voting for President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, because, with all my years in the business world and my ability to read people and understand government, there is no other choice. Good for you in sending back the poster….love it.

    • Sounds as if a lot of negativity is coming from your mouth, brother. Obama is running an equally nasty campaign because he knows his last term was completely fallible and it’s all he can do now to get back in.Look at the core values; read your Bible. What is the real, most important issue here? Life, freedom, or PBS? I, too, by the way, love PBS. Grew up with it. But don’t think it’s important enough to borrow $1 trillion a year from China. Times are tough, we can live without the tv shows.It’s time to get down to the brass tax. I don’t believe all of Romney’s ideas are foolproof or he’s the best choice for the Republican ticket, but I do believe he has consideration for life and freedom, and our safety. Just something to consider, my friend.

  2. Horse race, horse race, horse race.

    We already KNOW that it will come down to one state. The only question is which one. I’ve heard that the REAL race is only in TWELVE counties–not states, but COUNTIES.

    Two things have brought us to this point: The Media Horse Race and Gerrymandering. The media get more “eyeballs” and therefore, more money, if the race is seen as close. So if someone seems to have an advantage, they slam the other. That’s why we had four–count ’em four–“leaks” against Obama because the 47% leak was bringing Romney down. It’s just money to the media, so they’ll boost whoever seems behind.

    But the real problem is that districts have been so horribly Gerrymandered. The party in power in each state draws districts giving themselves small advantages in MANY districts, and large advantages to the opposition in a FEW districts. So even if the popular vote goes against them, the Gerrymandering party wins.

    Instead of playing the Media’s game of “who’s ahead” or “is it true that no GOP candidate can win without Ohio,” how about if we talk about what could be done to bring democracy back to America?

    I have my own suggestion, but I’ll wait to see if anyone else cares.

  3. What polls are you using? Did you know Obama is suing Gallup in an attempt to manipulate low poll results he didn’t like ? So how reliable are polls anyway ? Polls have been wrong before . When did you last check Obama s approval on foreign policy? He’s done a terrible job with Libya after 4 Americans were attacked & murdered by terrorists? Obama did nothing to avenge or punish the terrorists ! I believe polls are “cooked ” by Obama who is so intent on winning he would go on the VIEW instead of meeting with world leaders !

    • Lori: That’s Fox Noise. The story about Gallup started at the Daily Caller, and even Fox notes that the DOJ lawsuit is UNRELATED to their polling.

      The lawsuit is NOT a Justice Department action. The original suit was brought against the company by one of Gallup’s OWN employees–Michael Lindley, who says he was fired in July 2009 after warning his superiors that he would go to the Justice Department if the company did not stop illegally over-billing the federal government. Lindley filed a whistle-blower complaint alleging that Gallup kept two sets of books and illegally inflated the budgets for its work on two federal contracts.

      DOJ began investigating the complaint suit in October of 2009. The timing is way off to consider it some kind of conspiracy. But, of course, that won’t stop Fox.

    • It’s just another way to suck a little bit more MONEY out of you. that’s all it is. Income tax, sales tax, gas tax, property tax, school tax, automobile registration every year, for what, just to pay you 36 dollars a year to say hey i own a car. but you know what really burns my ass. is Gambling winnings tax. ok so if I lose your going to give me 28% back. yeah right. but I won 1200 in AC a few years ago, and forgot to report that on my tax return. now i owe the IRS 1700. WTF that is more then i won. Its true. penalty interest. how can they charge interest on money they don’t even have. Now if anyone is on my side, when i say, The IRS is a joke, and a blood sucker to the end. let me know. i don’t mind paying lagit taxes, but this is bullshit

    • I still say let Ron Paul have a shot at it., but other then that. Obama is alright. Romney is a snake in the grass.

      • justin graupp —

        Ron Paul’s senior adviser, Doug Wead, received this message from me today!
        (let me know your take)

        Doug, are you still Ron Paul’s senior adviser?

        If so, please, have a conversation with Dr Paul, and then inform us what his intentions are. We spent too much effort trying to get him elected, to be left now with just silence on your and his part. We, his supporters, have been left in limbo!

        If he is to utilize the Liberty Movement, that has grown exponentially in numbers, to endorse Gary Johnson (or have us Write In Ron Paul as protest vote)— it needs to be announced ASAP! With only 39 days left, it is negligent to the extreme to allow an election that goes unchallenged by a Third Party with all the support that has been garnered so far in opposition to the BO and the Mitt.

        Awaiting an announcement by end of week!

        Doug Wead, if you are no longer Ron Paul’s adviser, let us now — so we can decide what should be done without adhering to your blog’s intent.

        Thank you in advance,


        • Surisher:

          I think Dr. Paul made it pretty clear on Leno that he was burned out. It would really be up to his supporters to carry the banner for him at this point.

          You probably should have said in the last sentence that the movement will act without him UNLESS he responds. He might read that sentence as keeping you down by not responding to you.

  4. What is wrong with all of you people… Romney and Ryan are decent people, trying to help the country, help everyone! You need to read whats in the obama health care! All the hidden taxes that we all are going to have to pay and then some… but also the healthcare that is going to be denied to older people… You all need to wake up and listen a little better!

    • Cate – Keep voting against your own interests. “Hidden taxes” for Obamacare? Hope you don;t get sick under their plan. You get a voucher and when you are over the value of that voucher…well…been nice knowing ya! THAT is denial of health care. Romnet invented Obamacare in Mass!!! Do you own a home or have children? Say goodbye to your mortage and dependent child deductions under Romney. If you don’t need that refund every spring guess you won’t care. Romney is a flip flopper who will say anything to get elected. And yes lastly, he believes God lives on the planet Kolob and that Rhe himself, Romney, can one day become a God in the celestial kingdom. Happy voting!


      • Your mortage and dependent child deductions will end under Obama as well. Obama is letting the Bush tax cuts run out at the end of the year. The simple fact is, every plan put in place by President Obama has caused additional financial burden to everyone at ALL levels – poor, middle class and wealthy Americans. Higher income/ property taxes, increased health insurance premiums, higher price for gas, utility costs have increased, high jobless rate, bailouts for businesses that were poorly managed. Every one of these examples have placed American businesses in a financial stranglehold. Obama may have been a fantastic community organizer but he knows nothing of economic growth. Thomas Sowell could probably help him with that though.

    • Cate: You need up update your talking points. NOW Romney has flipped again. NOW he is saying he is proud of Oromneycare.

      He was so worried about seeming uncaring and out of touch that he is now saying he is proud of his part in Oromneycare.

      Also, you seem to have a pretty low bar set for “decent.”

    • Cate – I agree with you. Some people have to learn the hard way. I worked in the medical field for 30 years and I know whats coming with Obamacare, so do my doctors…. There is NO FREE LUNCH…. The american people are going to pay dearly for Obamacare. They will change their minds when a group of bureaucrats in Washington tell their doctors what they can and can’t do for them….. Good luck…. I hope people wake up before it is too late.

  5. I think if most Americans really knew the real Barack Obama they wouldn’t want him running this country. I think the vast majority of us, US citizens want the same things: a healthy economy, freedom, peace here and abroad. The problem is Obama distracts the more liberal voters with the social issues – gay marriage, abortion, with one hand as he moves his real agenda forward. Do some research about The Muslim Brotherhood, Obama freeing the Blind Sheik who was behind the bombing of the World Trade Center, how he was mentored as a teen and young adult by Communist, radical anticolonialists. JUST KNOW WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR before you vote. I don’t love Romney either but I think he at least wants the same basic things for this country that most of us want.

    • I COMPLETELY AGREE! Liberals are so blind to the fact that OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST! It’s funny how some of them even support his socialist views. If you want to be a socialist please become a Chinese citizen; I’m sure someone in their country would be glad to trade their citizenship for yours! NOBAMA 2012! Romney is a businessmen, don’t envy his success, utilize it in 2012 to provide a thriving economy which will then give you the opportunity for your own success. Oh, and please, please, please, if you are going to pretend to be intelligent liberals, work on your punctuation and grammar. We can’t take you seriously!

      • Great comments Rachael……. I totally agree…. Obama is NOT what he pretends to be. If he wins the election, you will see the REAL Obama. God help us.

    • @ Sheri~~WELL SAID!!!! My opinion is Obama fooled everyone (not me, I didn’t vote for him to begin with and won’t for him this time!) Who is he?? Where did him come from?? Noone knows anything about him, I do believe everyone has the right to decide for themselves, I am not here to argue who is right or wrong, I will say~~~ Take the time to look up Obamacare. I’m not saying look up the views of people like ourselves…look at what’s really in there, then believe what you want to. Why spend money on the elderly?? They’re not going to live very long, after so much we have to stop and start educating them on their impending death. Babies, born with disabilities (anything that is more costly)basically you can uthanize them. You have Sally who is 40 and Rick who is 70 (just ex) they both are awaiting a kidney transplant~~who gets it??~~ Sally, she has a better chance of living longer, afterall…shes younger. I have to say (sure this will offend many, I am sorry, JUST MY VIEW…We know Romney will not get the gay voters…I am like him, and what the bible says. I know everyone is going to say “God made me this way” No, he didn’t, maybe the devil, but not God. I have 2 within my family circle & that’s their business…they can do whatever they please BUT NOT IN FRONT OF ME!!! Abortions??~~I get soooooo tired of hearing “it’s my body, don’t tell me what to do…ok, I won’t, but maybe if you kept your legs closed you wouldn’t have to kill an innocent life(that of course refers to those who have no excuse!)… If by any other form such as incest or rape, I think that is sooo sad, and would be so difficult BUT still, not the babys fault…there are millions who can’t have children and would love to care for it, besides, will killing the child change anything that put you in that situation?? Obama has done nothing that have seen the last 4 years, sometimes I’m not soooo thrilled about Romney~~I’m worried, could it get any worse than it is now?? Maybe, but I don’t see we have much to lose at this point. One more thing…I wish I could get a chance to ask the President what his brother meant in his interview. I’m sure Obama was aware of it…why not address it?? did anyone else see that??
      AGAIN, No intentions to argue with anyone, it does nothing…this is a type of “forum” where we all can share our individual views and not be pushed one way or the other.

  6. you people must make a lot of money…because, as the 47 percent video proves, Mr. romney really doesnt care about you unless you are wealthy…obama has to do nothing but show romney speaking his own words…these arent campaign adds….they are videos of him..

    republicans keep on narrowing their tent….gay, we dont like you….other than white we dont like you., better be christian, or we hate you…union member, they hate you..

    he must win 63 % of the white vote to even have a chance at winning…he polls at 0% among blacks, heck even mccain got 6%….latino’s, hes screwed, women-screwed..

    if the republicans cant win this one, they will never win…i did not leave the republican party, the party has left me..

    • Polls 0% amongst blacks? Keep believing that. There’s an endless stream of videos (YouTube), where African Americans are telling their brothers and sisters to wake up and leave the Democratic Plantation. And it’s not just clergy, but rather average citizens speaking the truth. Refreshing to watch my fellow Americans “seeing the light”. Definitely lifts the spirit, and restores hope for the future of this country.


    The only reason anyone cares about Ohio is that the whole country has been Gerrymandered to keep districts safe for incumbents.

    Here’s my SOLUTION: Use a computer to create RECTANGULAR districts. Depending on the number of districts needed, draw horizontal lines. Then, draw vertical lines when the correct number of voters is reached.

    Go left-to-right for the first layer. When you get to the end, add that number last to the first number in the next layer, going right-to-left. That way, the ONLY districts that are not perfect rectangles would be the districts on the far east and west of the state, and even then, the district would be ALL straight lines, except for how the state line was originally drawn.

    That would be impossible to Gerrymander, because it would be fully verifiable, and a matter of very simple arithmetic.


  8. The bottom line……….Are we better off today since obama? I can’t see that anyone could say affimative. What about our world standing ? Why are we so hated by most of the world ? Could it be that obama apoligized for our strenght to all of the countries that hate us; but we keep doling out money we don’t have to them.

  9. It’s a pretty clear choice to me. One is about inclusion and one is about exclusion. Obama is far from perfect but I could never in good conscience vote for Romney. I think the president has got this one locked up.

  10. I hear more people talk about the importance of having a president they would be comfortable having a beer with or one that sounds sincere or confident when speaking. You think Lee Iacocca was a fun guy to be around? Hell no!! He made tough decisions that many didn’t like, but he did it because it was the smart thing to do for business to survive. We need that same kind of president today for our country to survive and prosper!!!

  11. QUESTION: How can a man who has never been part of the middle class ever fight for the middle class? ANSWER: He can’t. OBAMA will fight for everyone’s civil rights, i.e., a woman’s health rights, saving jobs at US household names like GM by using goverment support (Remember is was BUSH who gave Wall Street the $700Billion Dollars and left a mess for OBAMA to clean up — do any of you remember that fact?)…if a voter said why are people talking about my cat’s right, Romney would be on the next add saying I think we need to support cats!…bullying kids at 14 because his dad had money and power, 10,000 dollar bets, when asked if he likes NASCAR he says yeah I know a few of the car owners, stating that 47% don’t pay taxes and are VICTIMs?, stepping behind his wife who is yelling “Stop it, stop it you people, this is so hard”, negative comments about the UK Olympics, I mean how hard is to say something positive like I am looking forward to great athletic performances? — because he is only about himself, not the American people…the man is out of touch with the Americans and the middle class and he will bring us all down, OBAMA will keep America at the hearts and minds of the World and our leadership position there, it is our responsibility as Americans to vote OBAMA…vote republican today and you must take responsibility for the downfall of America. A man who has never had to worry about money in today’s world is not experienced and has no empathy for the middle class in the US or around the world. VOTE OBAMA.

    • ditto
      “A man who has never had to worry about money in today’s world is not experienced and has no empathy for the middle class in the US or around the world. VOTE OBAMA.

    • Obama has never had a real job in his life and his plan is to try to redistribute the wealth in the country. Unfortunately Margaret Thatcher quote is quite on for this country that’s in a financial crisis “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”. So you in the welfare line if Obama gets elected.

  12. Romney is not in touch with the general public, he just concentrates on how to give a “good ol’ boy, I’m just like you” speak. Here is someone who has always had life handed to him on a silver platter, makes millions and pays less tax than the average American, and has worked the system, PERIOD. He has no connection to to general public-PERIOD, and really could care less, he is only interested in gaining more for himself and those in his tier…..
    He can keep his, “oh don’t worry, it will trickle down” politics, that has proved to be a lie over an over again. The wealthiest, like him, just keep lining their pockets with one eye on the calendar to see they can make a clean get away….
    He has already highlighted he looks out for his own and 47% of you he could care less about, and will NOT work for you….
    he is his brown nosing side kick, just hope to be polished enough to win some dumb bells votes, you’d have to be nuts to vote for him, unless of course you are wealthy, greedy, and used to getting by off others any which way you can.

  13. All of you people are fools. The only choice in this election is the lesser of two evils. All of this talk of the 47% is stupid. Romney shouldn’t be bashed for his comments and becuase someone secretly video taped him. He was speaking to a specific voter base and of course his speech was geared towards them. It’s called politics 101. Obama is no better. He started an African Americans for Obama support group. That is totally racist and is exactly the smae thing as the 47% comment just in a different package. Obama is way worse with his voter base massaging. Now Obama is using the 47% comment in a smear campaign what a disgrace to the intellect of every american. He is taking the real issues out of the election and focusing on blowing smoke. When will we get back to real politics and a real canidate that will actually follow in the footsteps of our fore fathers. Everyone needs to wake up and focus on making the election about getting this country out of the depression and getting the economy back on track. For everyones information I am in the 47% I worked all four years through college and now have a full time job and support 3 people. I have so much more to say so please reply.

    Will McAvoy for President.

    • CharlietheBeard, how is Obama’s “African Americans for Obama support group” racist? There are millions of support groups in America that have been created for political support. Why is this particular group racist because it consists of African Americans? Gays, single moms, Lesbians, etc have come together to support one political party or another. Your thought itself is racist minded. And Yes I agree that Romney was speaking to a certain voting group but we all have the duty to maintain moral and ethical standards. Just because his comment in regards to the 47% was said behind closed doors does not justify its severity. Even though the statement does not apply to myself, it still hurt to know that a man interested in being my President would think that way.

  14. Do you really think Obama or anyone in Washington cares about you? Politics caters to the groups with the most votes they don’t care about you, anyone with a simple understanding of math can look at the expenses and income of the government and tell that if something doesn’t happen to reduce the expenses, the entire system can kiss itself goodbye.


  15. I’m really disappointed Gary Johnson’s not being allowed to debate. So many Americans, myself included, would like another choice. I’m not ignorant to that he most likely would split the vote, and might anyway, but if he’s not allowed to be in the debate, he, nor any future other party candidate will have a chance.

  16. I am utterly and completely shocked by the lack of knowledge expressed in the preceeding posts! The fate of this country as we know it hangs in the balance. Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist politician and he seeks to steer our country in that direction! The $800 billion a year increase in the welfare system is all the evidence an inteligent person would need to see that the current administration wants its citizen2 to be dependent. Wake up Liberals your civil liberties are being infringed upon and you’re voting for the guy (Obama) who wants to take them away.
    Registered rep, you have been mis-informed GW Bush didnt give the banks a $700 billion bail out, the DEMOCRATIC controlled congress did! you really should do some research before just re-gurgitating whatever propaganda the liberal media has fed you. Do’nt be so gullible.
    The Obama administration has exhibited the most wreckless deficit spending in history! Again a government shut down was just recently averted with the last minute approval of a 6 month budget in the amount of $1.06 trillion! In total the Obama administration has increased the national debt by over $6 trillion in a single 4 year term. Print more money Obama! Your minions are depending on you!
    “PAUL RYAN IS UGLY. HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT BEAK FOR A NOSE AND NO LIPS AND BIG EARS. HE LOOK LIKE GONZO FROM THE MUPPETS”. Is this really the most convincing reason that you could come up with to not vote for Romney/Ryan? Please do not breed! You want to talk about cake? Lets talk about the $1.4 billion man, thats what it cost just to keep the Obama family in the Whitehouse for a single term. The words pillage, plunder and loot come to mind!

  17. Look, Obama is not the greatest, but face it: It is him or thst snake Romney and his sidekick. Romney is not to be trusted. He tells us what he thinks he wants us to hear, but in private (so he thinks) with his rich buddies, he shows us his true colors. He is a manipulaitve pig out to line his own pockets, and he sees us (all of us, not just the 47%) as nothing but resources to be expended in his endless quest for money, power and prestige.

    Where are his tax returns for 10 years? Why did he stash money in Cayman and Switzerland? People don’t stash money there because they like the rate of return. He skipped out on US taxes, he knows it, and he knows his missing tax returns will blow his cover.

    Is this who we want to lead the free world? God help us.

  18. I am from alabama and have lived here in ohio for 9 years and now am employed in ohio and go to school also im 52 yrs old and i would like to thank obama and biden for the chance to do these things and to say thank you for ending the war and as the song says bring the troops home

  19. I’m just not sure I’d want a businessman running my country. Business is driven by profits (read ‘greed’ and all the other things that are implied by that approach, e.g. streamlining the working population (job cuts)), and that’s certainly not how I’d want to manage policy and governance. A businessman is far better placed as an advisor of some sort in government, but certainly not as the man at the top.

  20. This first debate has left me terribly concerned for the nation. Romney used the etch-i-sketch and a confidence man image to great leverage in this debate. The president was overly polite and not ready for the slam-down that the far right really begs for. Hopefully, Biden and clarify things when he debate the kid Ryan. These corporate thugs are the ruin of this nation, and so we need Obama to gather himself together and focus on commanding wins in the remaining debates…

  21. None of you know the actual truth, not even I. Only President Obama, and Governor Romney know what’s going through their heads and their true intentions. Politics are a lie, unfortunately everything is done for personal interest. But, I do have some faith in Obama… I’d like to believe he as not as decieving as Romney seems to be. But then again I could be wrong. I just want someone who cares for the people, not only the middle class, and not only the rich, but everyone. We need someone who can help us get back on our feet. There’s no need to be bashing on each other. We’re all claiming we know these things when in reality we probably got them from the media or some other misleading sources.
    Our current situation, is not Obama’s fault (in my opinion). Unfortunately, Bush did screw us over and he did leave the economy in devastation. 4 years is not nearly enough to heal from that, but it is long enough for at least some progress to be done. Let’s hope for the best…

  22. I must add too…even though some say he is a rich business man, why would he care about us? Could it possibly make him the right one?? He does know how to manage money because if he didn’t he wouldn’t be a rich business man?? ! That aside, I still am voting based on my views I posted earlier, no matter what…I hope whoever wins this makes us pleased that he is in charge, afterall, it’s going to have to be one of them!

  23. Do you know under the new healthcare Obama will be giving 925 millin to Puerto Rico? And have you seen he took the flag off of “his” plane?

  24. A lot of folks on here seem to be dissatisfied with both candidates. Please check out some of the other candidates. I have found that I agree most with Gary Johnson, but you can also look at Jill Stein and Virgil Goode. The two-party system will only rule so long as we continue vote for it. Voting your conscience, rather than voting for the lesser of two evils, gives a voice to what’s most important to you.

  25. Take a look at the polls; especially Massachusetts where Romney was Governor, and New Hampshire where he has his summer estate. I do believe he is losing in the polls of each state. Massachusetts had him, did not like it, and do not want him for the country. They are done with Romney!!!! He lived in Belmont, Massachusetts and it just so happens, so did I. I now live in New Hampshire, the LIVE FREE OR DIE state, and I will be voting for the incumbents.

  26. Massachusetts – where Romney was Governor and where he lived in Belmont, Massachusetts AND New Hampshire – where Romney has him summer estate – BOTH STATES’ POLLS are down for Romney. Massachusetts had enough of him and do not want him back, certainly not on the national scene. I lived in Belmont too and now am in New Hampshire, the land of LIVE FREE OR DIE. I will NOT be voting for Romney……I am one of those independent voters who do not vote party, but platform. I do not want them messing with social security and medicare and women’s rights……

  27. There is no sense in arguing with some of the previous posts-however, I cannot in good conscience vote for an individual who refuses to pay his fair share. When a wealthy man puts his money in other country’s banks, then I say he is not American-he is trying to avoid paying taxes that he should, he leaves me no choice then to vote for the other guy.

    • So Obama doesn’t have a dime of his pension in offshore accounts? In the caymans? Did you know that Romney paid in taxes and charities over 57% of his total income last year? It’s in his tax return. Look it up. Shut up with your fair share bullshit, and start an investment firm, and work hard. Stop trying to criticize and penalize success in this country.

      • I agree with you James and how they think Onama pays his share is beyond me. I even here people saying Romney never served in the Military well neither did Obama. Tonights debate was clearly a Romney winn. Obama put romeney down for old polices in goverment, well some of those old policies worked. Today we are in worse shape than ever because of his new policies.

        • Virginia:

          Sounds like I might be able to interest you in a deal. I own this “Brooklyn Bridge” I could sell you. You could charge tolls and get your money back in no time. Calm down, calm down, I’ll get the sales agreement ready as soon as I can.

          • For you to say Romney won the last debate, you must not have watched it! Or you merely were dreaming…just saying it doesn’t make it real…it was still only a dream.

    • Lynne, I think you fail to realize that capital gains (from investments) are taxed differently than paychecks which have payroll taxes which are also matched by the employer. It has been that way for decades – thats the way taxes work. These days it can be smart for a “wealthy man” to have foreign investments in his portfolio due to the current state of our economy, if you need evidence just look at our credit rating – that speaks for it’s self. Some foreign countries offer less investment risk than the United States, I can’t fault a man for being intelligent with his money. However, none of this is preventing investors from re-allocating their dollars back to the United States once our economy finally starts moving. Just like the field of dreams – “if you build it, they will come”.

      Personally, the prolonged and outright denial of a terrorist attack, on 9/11, is more of a “turn off” than a candidate who has foreign holdings.

      • Roger:

        That’s such propaganda. The logic is that, at a prior step, that money was taxed. That doesn’t change the fact that this particular transfer is “INCOME” and what we have, if you’ve noticed, is an “income” tax.

        Using the “double taxation” silliness, every dollar that is ever printed will only be taxed once. Billy earns the dollar for working at the government print shop. He pays for his groceries, but the grocer doesn’t have to pay tax–because Billy already paid tax with that money. And for the rest of its life, that dollar is tax-free to anyone who touches it.

        If you look at our tax form, it doesn’t say “capital gains.” It says “UNEARNED income.”

        Making money ON money is not the same as working. And I consider it a crime that fat cats sit on their butts, pay people to shuffle their cash, get huge profits from gambling schemes, and then pay HALF as much tax as the coal miner, waitress, or teacher.

        • Isn’t that what your retirement account is? Same for the retirement accounts of the miners, teachers, etc. Most are invested in stocks and bonds.

          You are right in saying that making money on money is not the same as working. It is called investing.

          The rest of your argument is absurd. When you receive a dividend from corporate stock, that dividend is paid from the after tax earnings of the company. Take an economics class before you comment further.

          • Roger:

            Look up the word “income” in the dictionary.

            In order for the “income” to be “double taxed” it would have to be income both times, and even then, it wouldn’t make sense because if I pay income tax and then him someone to fix my car, it’s income a second time, right? Are you saying the auto shop owner should never pay income tax?

            Bringing in “retirement accounts” is totally irrelevant.

            And, if the dividend is paid by “after tax income,” are you not saying that you are being paid from the money that is not taxed?

            But more importantly, corporate tax is not personal income tax. It’s a different tax. I suppose you’re now going to tell me I shouldn’t have to pay sales tax because I’ve already paid income tax?

            • You insist on arguing invalid points, while making ridiculous assertions. Perhaps you will pay attention when you take econ in high school.

              If I own a share of stock, I own a fraction of a company. That company receives income and is taxed on the profit (at a rate that even Democrats say is high, because it is higher than the rates of other countries and makes our companies less competitive). Since you obviously do not know much about economics, the remainder is called after tax income. If the company then pays some of the remaining money in the form of a dividend, that money is taxed again. The top corporate tax rate plus the capital gains rate equals 50%.

              I never said anything about both being income taxes, but they are both taxes that are levied against the same dollars before they get to their rightful owner (the shareholder). Once the shareholder receives the money, he can decide whether to spend it or to invest it (at which point he controls whether or not to pay sales taxes).

              Retirement accounts are irrelevant? Tell that to the teachers, miners, etc. Do you propose that they stash their savings in their mattresses?

              What you are really proposing is that we tax “rich” people regardless of the consequences. Is 70% enough (or 90%)? I take it that you want to prevent the “criminal” fat cats from making money. At a certain point, they will simply invest overseas. Who will invest in new businesses (to create more jobs) here if they face onerous taxes?

            • Roger:

              You’ll eventually understand that insults won’t get you anywhere.

              For point of reference, I have had businesses of my own since 1971, have hired since the 80s, had several businesses since 1989, incorporated in 1998, have invested in the stock market since 1975, traded stock and commodity options for decades and learned when not to short stocks and silver prices.

              Now, then, maybe you didn’t realize that there are many different kinds of taxes, such as income tax, corporate tax, sales tax, property tax, cigarette tex, and others, that are levied at the federal, state, and local level. Just because you pay one does not mean you don’t have to pay the others. You’ll learn that as you get older.

              Anyway, yes, a company takes in money (“gross income”) and pays expenses. After paying all its labor and material and maintenance expenses, what it has left is called “net income.” Then you pay a percentage of that small portion of gross revenues in what the government calls corporate tax.

              That leaves profit. If you’re smart, you put part of that away for future needs. Then you decide to pay stockholders some kind of dividend. And money transfer to an individual is what we call “income.” And the individual pays “income tax” on that “income.”

              I ignored the last third of your rant because it was irrelevant and immaterial.

              My point is that getting income for sitting on your butt should be taxed at LEAST as high as the “teachers and miners” that you’re trying to use to cloud the unfairness of zapping workers and giving, in effect, tax kickbacks to the idle rich.

            • Roger:

              I wanted to separate this, since I wanted it to hit home:

              You mentioned teachers and miners and cried about their “investment income.”

              Let’s look at that.

              The bottom 80%–that’s FOUR out of five of us–derive less than 0.7% of our income from dividends and capital gains.

              The top 1%–that’s ONE out of a HUNDRED of us–derive 51.9% of their income from dividends and capital gains. And the amazing thing is that that is even with the obscene salaries, ludicrous bonuses, and golden parachutes they get.



              The fact that you focused on dividends instead of equity price increase also makes your argument suspect.

              If you put money into BAC (Bank of America’s stock symbol), you’re whopping dividend is 0.064%. You’d make more money by taking the same money to a Bank of America branch and put it in a basic SAVINGS account.

              Dividends are a teeny-tiny part of capital gains, and I suspect you know that.

  28. I am reading your comments with great respect for you, but Mr. Romney is paying more than his share. The way the information is reported presents a picture of his taxes being a certain percent, but that is not the whole picture.
    Have you watched the video on youtube Dishonarble Disclosure? The tax issue pales when you watch this presentation by some of our most respected citizens.Please check it out. Betty Dozier

  29. This debate is ridiculous! Candy Crowley does not have control of the debate and is allowing Obama to overrun his time limit. She does not appear to be very objective, either. What respect I had for Obama as President is gone. The more I watch, the more confident I am that Romney is the person to lead this country. Romney has a much more balanced energy plan. Obama is killing industry with regulations, and lets not forget his stimulus package given to green companies, such as Solendra — bankrupt!! Millions of taxpayer dollars lost. Trillions of dollars in debt…and growing.

  30. Ford is also alive our libyian ambas. is dead.four more years?? No matter what obama says at this point,His actions an inactiions of the last four years speak louder.He had complete control of both houses when he first got in office.He used that power to shove things the american people did not want down their throats.His response for bipartiionship”we are in the front of the bus now”.He has proven he is not for the future of America.

  31. It is blatantly obvious that Romney is more honest and open than Obama.. I’m sick of the media labeling Romney as rich and out of touch.. isn’t this discrimination?? Check it out, it is documented that he has contributed enormous amounts of money to charity. He is respected in the business world and has the knowledge and expertise to get this country going again before we collapse at the hands of a leader who has no clue about the American Dream!! This government needs a major budget overhaul and total restructure for us to get back to where we were during the Reagan yrs… Romney’s the man to do the job.. not to mention handling foreign policy,and our relationships in the MIddle EAst… Obama has proven that he is not concerned with this, and I’m sick of him apologizing for America.. and I also wonder what he will be more “flexible” about concerning matters with Mr. Putin…??

    • It is blatantly obvious that Romney is more honest and open than Obama..

      Really?? That’s almost funny…you obviously have not followed the fact checkers …you would have already seen he lies ALOT….
      It is people who are not real aware, kind of naive really , that can be so easily wooed by a speech..or visual ..instead of really THINKING or following up. I cannot believe ANYONE would vote for Romney…or yes, I can…those who are “simple” or wealthy.

      • Hey Carol,

        While you’re throwing out judgements about who is “simple” I wanted to inform you that “ALOT” isn’t a word.

  32. Gwenn I completely agree with your comment. I am praying that Romney will win this election and that the country can come together and heal. I think we all agree on more than we think. Certainly Obama has done nothing for race relations and has only made them worse by stirring up hate. Dems/Liberal media are finding anything about Romney to hate. Its absurd.

  33. You may want to try and do even just 10 minutes of research and take a look at the millions of dollars that Mitt Romney has paid in taxes in his lifetime and stop believing the the political spin. Think about it, we all live in this country and we all pitch in and contribute some much much more than others. Romney is a rich man, that is obvious but he is just a single individual person who by the time he’s dead and gone will have paid more to the federal government than a thousand men. Have you ever stopped to think about that for a minute? Because of his hard work and business sense he’s employed many people, who also made a living and paid even more taxes, and on and on. All of that because of an extraordinary man. I admire people like Mitt Romney both for his success and the perhaps thousands of people who were assisted in some way either by a job or through the millions in taxes he’s paid to fund food stamps, welfare, medicaid etc. In addition he gives away millions in charity, he has worked in missions sacrificing his own time for weekend upon weekend, and he never talks about it. So I ask you, if one man can help this many people because of his success, has he paid his fair share? I think the question ought to be have you?

  34. For all you Obama supporters………watch 2016….You will see just how this works if we give him 4 more years. Read up on Obama Care, do you realize that by 2016 if this passes completely it will bankrupt our drug companies? Hello people!!! Not everyone likes Romney but listen, Obama hasn’t done his job! What happens to people who don’t do their jobs? They get fired. Lets give Romney a chance to do the job since Obama has failed!

    • Dee Dee:

      You like propaganda films? Did you watch Fahrenheit 9/11??

      Obama’s main job was to stop the free-fall the economy was in. We had not faced such a total panic since Hoover. Hoover’s first year the market crashed and unemployment was 3%. At the end of his term, unemployment was 25%. He didn’t stop the crash.

      Obama stopped the crash. Not only did we avoid skyrocketing unemployment, it didn’t even get as high as under Reagan.

      And, speaking of the crash, under Hoover, the DJIA lost NINETY PERCENT (90%) of its value. Under Obama, the market bottomed and has DOUBLED since he’s been in office–to record high levels.

      Corporate profits? The Fortuen
      The economy? The Fortune 500 reported all-time record profits, easily beating the previous record–boom year 2006.

      Do you mean all that wealth hasn’t “trickled down” to you??

      • Goethe, I work at a large multinational company and we engineer large machines, I’ll leave it at that. I and the others who lead large multi-national engineering teams have a choice of where we will hire our engineers, I’ve been hiring all throughout 2012 and will hire more engineers in 2013. I will say a large portion of them have been in the US, because of how difficult it is to find someone in Europe, then when you do you have to work around these intricate labor laws that makes it at times difficult to be a flexible and nimble worforce. I do also have many engineers in Europe but it comes with extra work to manage all the various union labor laws. So if the US continues on it’s path to becoming Europe the unemployment rate here will get worse, for sure. Also, you talk about corp profit and has it trickled down to you? If companies can hire wherever they want, they will hire as to maximize their profit, it is a fiduciary responsibility to the owners of the company, the shareholders. If US companies began a “charity” hiring plan but their competitors in foreign countries did not, how long would they remain in business? One last point to educate you, do you realize that I cannot find enough engineers to fill my positions??? It is highly frustrating for me to here about Americans wining about unemployment when I cannot find enough skilled engineers to deliver my projects. What frustrates me more it’s usually the liberals who are the most vocal about the terrible economy and they are only low paying jobs and that’s why food stamps is so high. Yet it was those same liberals who I saw in the school union hanging out, while getting degrees in liberal arts, art history, polititical science, etc. The same people were the ones going out and partying everynight because getting good grades must not have been so difficult. I had to forgo the parties 9 times out of 10 because Engineering school was really hard and it took a lot of studying every night and weekends. So it seems to me we have a group of people who took the easy way, the cool, fun path in life in college and now are either in deadened jobs or are unemployed. Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize those degrees although you will learn interesting and great things, they are not going to be good for you economically on whole. Also, coming back to my situation I can’t find enough engineers, so I’m forced to hire Indians, Chinese to makeup the shortfall, and use offshore labor when it makes sense to do so. I would much rather hire American engineers, just seems people are not interested, they are instead looking for an easier path, I guess partying in school is more important.

        • Paul:

          I agree with everything you said, and it is my point.

          As you say, the PURPOSE and GOAL of a corporation is to–

          “maximize their profit, it is a fiduciary responsibility to the owners of the company.”

          Exactly. That’s the system. That’s economics. And that’s fine. My argument is not against that.

          My argument is that “trickle down” “supply side” advocates try to sell the fantasy that companies WANT to hire people as a goal–and if we increase “corporate welfare” that it will somehow get to workers.

          That’s just laughable. Their goal and purpose–and, yes, their fiduciary responsibility–is to maximize profits and minimize costs (ie, jobs).

          The stock market is in record high territory.
          Profits blew away the previous record in boom year 2006.
          That proves that “the private sector is doing well.”
          The problem is clearly NOT that companies can’t “afford” to hire.
          That’s all I’m saying. I was answering the gloom and doom talk.

        • Paul:

          I agree with your concern for our lack of engineers. I assume that means that you applaud Obamas efforts in these areas:

          • Attract more students to science and math
          • Establish school programs to highlight space and science achievements
          • Increase funding for land-grant colleges
          • Recruit math and science degree graduates to the teaching profession
          • Create an Advanced Manufacturing Fund
          • Create international tax haven watch list
          • Protect American intellectual property abroad
          • Reform the patent system
          Support regional innovation clusters
          • Appoint the nation’s first Chief Technology Officer
          • Appoint an assistant to the president for science and technology policy
          • Enhance earth mapping
          • Increase spending to prepare for longer space missions
          • Conduct robust research and development on future space missions
          • Support commercial access to space
          • Explore whether International Space Station can operate after 2016
          • Use the private sector to improve spaceflight
          • Use the International Space Station for fundamental biological and physical research
          • Create job training programs for clean technologies
          • Require states to provide incentives for utilities to reduce energy consumption

          Those are steps in the right direction, right?

    • Yes, let’s make sure we give the wealthy more and plead they trickle it down some way….as you said “Hello people” they line their pockets and move on…..what part are you not getting here?

  35. I believe Romney will take Ohio. The people of Ohio are convinced Romney will do a better job with the economy. Tonight’s debate will not effect the results. Swing voters do not care about foreign policy.

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