President Obama and Mitt Romney were interviewed on CBS News’ 60 Minutes Sunday night and NPR has billed the broadcast as a “shadow debate” providing a preview of what we might see next week at the October 3 debate.

Here is Part 1 of the 60 Minutes broadcast:

Watch the remaining parts: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Report from NPR:

The first official presidential debate isn’t until Oct. 3 in Denver. But as The New York Times writes, last night on CBS News’ 60 Minutes there was something of a “shadow debate that offered a likely preview of the tone and substance” of what will happen on stage next week.

The Times notes that Republican nominee Mitt Romney, “criticized President Obama … for refusing to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, during this week’s United Nations General Assembly meeting, saying it sends a message that the administration is distancing itself from an important Middle East ally.”

Obama, meanwhile, “said he spoke frequently with Mr. Netanyahu … [and] also challenged Mr. Romney, who has accused Mr. Obama of not standing up forcefully enough to Syria and Iran, to be more specific about his foreign policy plans. ‘So if Governor Romney is suggesting that we should start another war,’ Mr. Obama said, ‘he should say so.’ ”

On Morning Edition, NPR’s David Schaper reported that during the interviews, Romney also said “I’m going to win this thing,” and that when it comes to the details of what loopholes, deductions and exemptions he would eliminate to help pay for his plan to lower taxes, “that’s something Congress and I will have to work out together.”

Pressed on why the nation’s unemployment rate has remained above 8 percent throughout his time in office, Obama repeated something he’s said many times on the campaign trail — that “the hole was so deep when we got in [office] that we lost 9 million jobs. We’ve created 4.6 [million].”

The battle lines have been drawn and we can see where the attacks will come from on both sides.


  1. Quote: “I’m going to win this thing,”

    That is one thing that is turning people off. Willard keeps saying “I” this and “I” that, because to Willard, only Willard matters.

    In this case, other candidates at least would include his running-mate, and say “we are going to win.” And that also suggests that Ryan was picked to be a “face,” not someone to be listened to.

    But “His I-ness” also has no concept of win-win solutions. He never has. You MUST lose in order for him to win. And that gives light to his latest flip-flop: after being Mr. “Severely Conservative” during the whole campaign, he is flipping to say he would work with the other side.

    The boy is flipping more than a large-mouth bass loose in an old wooden rowboat. . .

    • STOP NITPICKING!! WHO CARES IF THE MAN IS A POSITIVE OPTIMIST. He’s not Obama who’s completely the opposite. Obama is I can’t and Romney is I can. Obama is very depressing and Mitt is interesting because he sticks to policies. Obama promises but didn’t deliver on any of them and them blamed everyone but himself. Very bad leadership.

      • What??

        “Mitt. . .sticks to policies.”

        You can say a lot about the mittster but you really cannot say that.

  2. Worthless unless you wanted to learn the side step

    I agree Mike but was Obama any better? I mean Romney’s little speech was almost the same as Obama’s three and one half years ago.

  3. I heard from neither presidential candidate how they propose to reduce unemployment if the country continues to absurdly permit discrimination in hiring against the unemployed. Moves to ban discrimination against the unemployed have been blocked in both Houses largely because of partisan politics. How would either candidate remedy this or would they continue to ignore it?

  4. Would have been more interesting if we would have included Gary Johnson and some real perspective, not standard rhetoric. My guess is the other two would not participate if Johnson was invited; thier parties are already using the CPD to exclude other opinions from the view of the people.

  5. Democrats = Democrooks

    GOP = Crooks-R-Us

    On the rotting GOP — actually they’ve become temporarily stronger (since having created a dictatorship within the Republican Party with their CRIMINALLY FALSE “The Ayes Have It” (the whole World saw the print on the teleprompter as the end result, BEFORE the vote was taken (a machine “knew” IN ADVANCE the “final vote tally”))!

    See this infamy here — at minute 1:57 the teleprompter is already starting to show the end result: “In the opinion of the Chair, the “ayes” have it, and the resolution is adopted.”
    Then at minute 1:59 the Chair asks all those opposed to say “no”. And at minute 2:00 you hear a resounding NO till minute 2:03…but why bother to hear the people, when their “ayes” already “won”…before to vote was taken!

    And our media is still SILENT — but all around the world saw it — 2:35 minute video recording that will never go away!


    Since all dictatorships use strong armed tactics to ensure their dead dogma is unchallenged and nurtured, they always prosper historically for a while (especially in the beginning after the dictatorial creation).

    But, eventually their DEAD DOGMA becomes exposed without, and no matter how hard their enforces try to resuscitate it within, it implodes by lack of observable merit. (History is the ultimate litmus test, showing this to be always true, so far).

    The short term danger is that now The Mitt has dictatorial control over the GOP — and should he remotely succeed in winning the election, his 2nd run WILL BE as THE CHOSEN AND ONLY ONE REPUBLICAN (no other will even be acknowledged as existing — Rand Paul will neutered de facto, and will become persona non grata under this scenario)!

    The beneficial side is that the FRAUDS (upon frauds, and frauds) committed by the GOP to assure this Dictatorial Takeover of the Republican Party has been witnessed and recorded for posterity.
    Should The Mitt lose (and that’s a MUST to save our Nation) — the GOP Elite will take such a beating that the Republican Party will take years to recover (opening the door for a Valid Third Party)!

    • Surfisher:

      I would think that the larger worry would be that Willard loses. Since he has control of the party and its rules, he could run again in 2016.

      It’s not unprecedented. Dewey lost against FDR and then against Truman. Adlai Stevenson lost twice against Ike. He was wiped out the first time, and did worse the second.

      Willard could lose this time, and since he controls the party aparachicks, he could lose even bigger against Hillary in 2016.

  6. I cannot vote for a President who bluntly ignores heads of states. The View and campaigning can wait and telephone don’t get it when it has to do with nuclear bombs.

    • Mack: What you mean is you don’t like that he stood up to Netanyahu. No other head of state would presume that the President of the United States of America must drop everything and grant him an audience. Netanyahu is a abusive punk and Israel is a drain of a THIRD of a TRILLION dollars EVERY year (Obama bumped it up significantly from Bush’s quarter trillion).

      Instead of kissing Netanyahu’s butt and hanging on the phone with him, Obama should sit him down and tell him how it’s gonna be from now on–if he wants to keep his trillions of dollar subsidy.

  7. Come sit in any ER and you will see the true problems of this nation and its ridiculously useless president. Here’s a statistic for you 70%. Thats the percentage of people uninsured or on state insurance that pay 0% of their bill. 65% of which claim disability, welfare or other government assistance. All ages 18-65. 100% of which feel they are “entitled” to this treatment. And all who receive 100% free healthcare in the ER. Unemployment is not meant as a “job” as the Obama administration thinks it is, its for people who can’t work any job, not just the job they want or previously did. Increasing the welfare roll is not good for the economy or for America as Obama states. Standing in line yesterday, I saw 2 people using Food Stamps to purchase chocolates and little Debbie cakes. Really?!? The hospital statistics are real and from a TN hospital that I work for. Get with the program, the entitlement era has to end. Get a job. Can’t find a job, make a job. Can’t make one, find a sign and work whatever you can, mow grass, help a neighbor, work at McDonald’s they are always hiring. Take pride in everything you do, whether its picking up the trash or building airplanes since every job has merit and meaning. You are not entitled to be middle class or upper class. It’s a privilage and takes hard work and dedication for years. And I’ll give Gary Johnson this concession, he’s right on about cutting all aid to other countries at least until we get our own financial house in order. Then we can go back to supporting the rest of the world in a humanitarian fashion, but only while maintaining our own financial responsibility. Vote Romney, remove Obama before our nation collapses and then we can work on getting a Gary Johnson or similar minded individual in there.

    • Concerned_RN — agree with your take. Here is what I sent.

      Ron Paul’s senior adviser, Doug Wead, received this message from me today!
      (let me know your take)

      Doug, are you still Ron Paul’s senior adviser?

      If so, please, have a conversation with Dr Paul, and then inform us what his intentions are. We spent too much effort trying to get him elected, to be left now with just silence on your and his part. We, his supporters, have been left in limbo!

      If he is to utilize the Liberty Movement, that has grown exponentially in numbers, to endorse Gary Johnson (or have us Write In Ron Paul as protest vote)— it needs to be announced ASAP! With only 39 days left, it is negligent to the extreme to allow an election that goes unchallenged by a Third Party with all the support that has been garnered so far in opposition to the BO and the Mitt.

      Awaiting an announcement by end of week!

      Doug Wead, if you are no longer Ron Paul’s adviser, let us now — so we can decide what should be done without adhering to your blog’s intent.

      Thank you in advance,


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