Coming out of the Ames Straw Poll, Bachmann was looking pretty good in a strong position until Perry began seriously taking boat loads of her supporters. At this point, her position in the field is softening and we’ll probably see where it ends up following the crowded debate schedule this month.

Report from The Daily Caller:

In the latest Fox News poll, Rep. Michele Bachmann scored a surprisingly low four percent, behind Texas Governor Rick Perry, who led with 26 percent. Mitt Romney followed at 18 percent, Sarah Palin doubled Bachmann’s support with eight percent, and Rep. Ron Paul registered seven percent.

The downward slide for Bachmann comes just weeks after she swept the Ames Straw poll — an early test of the GOP field. But that field lacked the presence of the now dominant Rick Perry. And, the Fox News poll goes one step further in cementing what analysts have suspected for days: Rick Perry is sucking all the wind out of Bachmann’s sails.

Since Perry’s late entry, he has surged in the polls so much so, that the Real Clear Politics average has him at 26.3 percent, while Bachmann sits at 8.8 percent.

So where does Bachmann’s campaign go from here?

“Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney share the same problem, but in a different way,” pollster Scott Rasmussen told The Daily Caller. “The problem is Rick Perry.”

“For Bachmann, the Perry problem is that he captures a lot of the outsider appeal that gave the congresswoman a boost,” Rasmussen added. “Unless he stumbles, there is nowhere for her campaign to go.”

That’s not to say Bachmann’s campaign can’t or won’t serve an important role in 2012. Bachmann is lined up to become a potential “RINO-killer”. In 2010, Senate candidates Joe Miller of Alaska and Christine O’Donnell of Delaware filled that niche when they defeated establishment candidates Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle, respectively, in their primaries.

It can be argued that Bachmann single-handedly took out Tim Pawlenty in the last debate held on August 11th, I’m eager to see who she comes out swinging against harder, Perry or Romney this time around. She’ll need to keep her strong debate record spotless if she has a hopes of rekindling some of her earlier poll numbers.


  1. I live in Texas and like Perry. The only thing that concerns me is we have an abundance of illegals and over 70% of them are on food stamps and welfare. This past legislative session Perry took on the issue of illegal immigration, banning sanctuary cities and trying to pass a Arizona type law of identitying illegals when they are stopped for traffic violations. However, it failed and we had just voted in a majority of republicans to do just that for us. Was it just political posturing for Perry or was he really trying to finally address the problem of illegal immigration. In all fairness until Bush took office we didn’t have a whole lot of illegals but since Bush and Obama we look like Mexico. I want a candidate that will begin deportations and get our country back.

  2. Building an eight hundred mile wall is an absurdity. I’m a West Texas rancher and I know the border. Gov. Romney should go back to Mass. and enforce his healthcare law and Mrs. Bachmann needs to get some executive experience before running for President.

  3. Perry used to be a Democrat and I can see it in some of his answers such as wanting to give free educations to immigrants. We, the hard working American taxpayers don’t get free educations but we are expected to pay for the educations of others as well as ourselves, on top of paying for their health care, welfare, HUD… We need a serious conservative in office. One who has the brains and balls to enforce our laws that we already have in place that for some reason get blown off.

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