September is a crowded debate month for the 2012 Republican candidates. On September 22nd, the candidates will meet in a match up sponsored by Fox News, Google and the Florida Republican Party. This debate will be a similar format to the “CNN/YouTube” debate we witnessed during the 2008 elections where candidates took questions from citizens via video.

Air Date: Thursday, September 22nd at 9pm EST on Fox News

Submit Questions: Fox News/Google Debate

Report from Lost Remote:

Fox News and Google will host a September 22nd debate with questions submitted by voters on YouTube. There are some other interesting Google elements, as well: voters will be encouraged to vote up or down their favorite questions using Google Moderator. “Many of the top-voted [questions] will be put straight to the candidates to answer,” explains Google’s Steve Grove on the company blog.

That has to be the first time I’ve seen any TV connection to Google Moderator, and Google also says it plans to wrap in its public data and search trends on air “to give greater context to the questions,” explains Grove. “The result—an informative dialogue about the future of our country centered on the issues you care most about.”

“For access to news and information, it’s hard to imagine two more powerful brands than Fox News and Google,” said Fox’s Michael Clemente. “The strength and reach of both should ensure a thorough and engaging debate that anyone can participate in.”

Fox News’ YouTube channel is accepting questions now. The debate will air — and stream live on YouTube and — on Sept. 22 from 9:00-11:00 p.m. ET.

This format has some advantages such as the entertainment value, however, there was a lot of silly questions via YouTube back in 2008, lets hope this time around yields some better results.


  1. I’d love to have the question asked to all the presidential candidates…If government is too big and states should be allowed to take control of their own issues, than why every time there is a natural disaster do both republican and democratic Governors ask for federal aid? Why can’t the state handle things on their own without making a larger burden to everyone else?

      • States can’t afford it because they get so little of the total tax revenue as compared to the Feds. Shift the tax receipts and see if the States can handle it. Also – this is exactly what insurance is for. A few large insurers could support all the states.

        • Katrina nearly bankrupt several insurance companies. This is why we created “Re-insurance” companies – to insure insurance companies. Yet in the event of a catastrophe (we can’t deal with floods – imagine a tsunami!)it will still wipe out insurance companies, and then the taxpayer will foot the loss.

          States pool their tax revenues together for just such a catastrophic event that we hope only happens in limited situations.

          New York had a category 1 hurricane and will be recieving Federal aid being declared a disaster area, as will NJ, Connecticut and Vermont. If New York can’t afford to restore it’s state on its own, no state can.

          • The Federal Reserve is the biggest insurance company of them all. It is the last resource to bail out everybody and anything. It comes at a cost. That cost is inflation and our savings being worth less and less every day. The only way we will get out of this mess is if we educate ourselves as responsible citizens and take back the liberty that is rightfully given to us by the Constitution. We need a renewed sense of personal responsibility and being able to make choices for ourselves. If we dont wise up soon, it will not be long until we are left with an account full of worthless, fiat paper and we wont be allowed to help ourselves.

        • I Have a question for Romney and anyone else who says we should cap federal spending at 20% of GDP. We know the plan to get spending down from its current 24.5% of GDP to 20% of GDP, but what is their plan to get revenue back up to 20% of GDP from its current 14% of GDP? Unless spending and revenue are the same, we aren’t balancing anything.

        • Many states, mostly red states, get back more than a dollar for every dollar they send in to the fed and are therefore subsidized or stimulated by the fed every single year.

      • The federal government cant afford it either. What happens if you cant afford something? YOU DONT GET IT!!! That is why we are in the deficit that we are in. Stop allowing the government to do anything and spend anything they want. Its not our money they are spending, they are making it so ours is worth less!!

        • The problem with many of natural disasters is personal responsibility. I personally witnessed what happened in Florida with Hurrican Charley. FEMA set up trailers in Punta Gorda called FEMA city. This was supposed to be temporary housing until people found homes, well, it lasted almost 3 years and the people refused to leave, refused to pay their utilities because they thought the government owed it to them. This is what really needs to stop…If you don’t purchase adequate insurance, flood, hurricane, why does the government have to help you out? The rest of us paid into it…and we shouldn’t have to pay for those who elect not to have insurance, the same thing with hurrican Katrina, No insurance, sorry, but it was your choice, sorry about your luck..

          • Many of the people who don’t buy insurance cannot afford to buy it. They are barely making it already and have to make a choice between food and shelter vs insurance. It is an easy generalization to think that all “those people” just chose not to buy insurance figuring that public agencies will bail them out. But the truth, as usual, is more complicated. Yes, there are some people who plan to game the system and ride free when they need it but it is irresponsible for government, both Federal and State, to condemn the many poor people to disaster in the name of catching a few scammers. Obama’s original health care plan (and Romney’s as well for Massachusetts) included a requirement that all people who could afford to pay something toward their own health care do so. Anti-government forces killed that option thereby reducing the funding support for normal healthcare and leaving the only option of going to Emergency Centers whose costs are many times more than the cost of preventive care. Think ahead to what the country would be like if we are each left to our own resources for disaster relief. Groups would form after a disaster, banding together to protect themselves from attacks by other such groups. Food, shelter and safety would be up for grabs to the most powerful groups (let’s call them “gangs”) which would sell their storehouses of food at high prices and offer “protection” from other gangs at exorbitant rates. Doesn’t that sound a lot like the crime gangs like the Mafia of the early 1900s or the drug gangs of today? Do you really want that for your families? Please think carefully before calling for each of us to be “free of government”.

        • you are right! I was always taught to save 10% Why doesn’t the government set its budget at 90% of what it takes in taxes 10% would be used to pay down deficit and when we have a balanced budget it could be used for unforseen events.

    • If the states could KEEP and invest all of the revenue they send to the Federal Government, they would have a bankroll large enough to offset any disaster. That is why we, as state managers, pay billions into the Federal Government – for Defense, Interstate highways, etc., but also to dispatch aid when natural disasters occur. The states are not asking for hand-outs, we have already paid that money in.. several times over in many instances.

    • I wonder why people are providing their own answers? Aren’t these supposed to be questions for the presidential candidates?

  2. My question is for Congressman Paul. I have been working hard for a Fortune 50 company for the past 4 years and despite favorable performance reviews, increases to my wages have not kept up with real inflation. My company is generally well managed and I believe they are having difficulty determining how much they can afford to pay me and many others in the years to come due to legislation that has unpredictable and unintended costs for businesses. What is your plan for increasing predictability in the marketplace?

  3. Question to Governor Rick Perry. I agree with the cause of the problem we’re facing in America being caused mostly by getting away from the original intent of our Constitution drawn up by our founding fathers. Two questions. 1. how are you planning to get the U.S.A. back to the original constitution?
    2. Are you going to with all you effort to make this happen or is this just more vain political talk to get elected.

    • Your use of the term “founding fathers” is incorrect here; the Constitution was written by the framers, the founders were involved with the American Revolution. That aside, don’t bother asking Perry about the Constitution, because he obviously hasn’t studied it. I’m a sophomore in high school and I’ve probably read it more times than he has. On Monday night he said that protecting our boarders was a Constitutional responsibility of the Federal government and that is incorrect.

  4. Governor Rick Perry, I have one more question I forgot. Are you going to get the U.S.A. off the path of socialism & if so how & if not why?

  5. Question for all candidates. If you were debating President Obama on his foreign policy, what would be your arguments against him?

    • Jon P said: Question for all candidates. If you were debating President Obama on his foreign policy, what would be your arguments against him?
      hahahahaha.. omg… where to start…hahahaha…

  6. WE the people of America want term limits on ALL elected officials in America, especially Congress and Senate. WE also want to end to benefits for these people that are not available to the rest of the American people. HOW do we do that?
    Would you support getting that done?

  7. Mr.Perry, Please explain your relationship with Aga Khan and as you should know, muslims are bringing law suits to their employers for religious reasons. Do you believe state and church should be separate?

    • Nowhere in the constitution does it say anything about seperating church & state. This is a twisting of the meaning of the 1st amendment by Washington DC to fit their agenda. The only place concerning the “Seperation of Church & State” is in the 124th ammendment of the constitution of USSR (United States of Soviet Russia)
      Tamara I highly recommend you read:
      1. “Freedom Tide” by Chad Connelly
      2. “Original Intent” by David Barton
      3. “Fed Up” by Rick Perry

      These 3 book will shed a tremendous amount of light that will help you see just how Washington DC has corrupted/twarted what our Founders of the Constitution has put together to protect us/citizens from Govt.

      • The phrase “separation of church and state” (sometimes “wall of separation between church and state”), attributed to Thomas Jefferson and others, and since quoted by the Supreme Court of the United States, expresses an understanding of the intent and function of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The First Amendment reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ….”, while Article VI specifies that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” The modern concept of a wholly secular government is sometimes credited to the writings of English philosopher John Locke, but the phrase “separation of church and state” in this context is generally traced to an 1 January 1802 letter by Thomas Jefferson, addressed to the Danbury, Connecticut, Baptist Association, and published in a Massachusetts newspaper. Echoing the language of the founder of the first Baptist church in America, Roger Williams—who had written in 1644 of “[A] hedge or wall of separation between the garden of the church and the wilderness of the world”— Jefferson wrote, “I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State”.[1]

        • Jefferson, despite his brilliance, was an atheist.

          The founders did not intend “separation of church and state,
          and they certainly did not intend the banishment of religion from
          the public square. Indeed, almost all of them except Jefferson where
          by current standards devout believers. No, what the Constitution
          intended was that no particular religion or sect be favored by the
          government over another.

      • Just the fact that you suggest reading Rick Perry’s book as a way to educate oneself, makes all your arguments null. That is a book of his opinions, he doesn’t cite any research whatsoever. You should also read an american government textbook and discover the difference between founder and framer because you are making yourself sound like an uneducated fool.

      • Larry..
        So you are saying.. State should dictate which religion to follow or which church to go to? Or which religious following should be accepted for holding an office? Really?? You enlighten us.. which are excluded then.. Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Baptist, Catholics..??

        Since you are clear in this.. I am sure you know..

    • Rick Perry, what has been your role in the effort to lease roads in Texas to foreign companies, to turn roads in Texas to turn roads that are already free to drive on into toll roads, and to develop the Trans-Texas Corridor which would be part of the the planned NAFTA superhighway system?

    • Same for Thad McCotter. This guy rocks! Just wait until you hear what he has to say. He’s a rock-solid conservative with a firm grasp of ALL of the issues. T-Mac’s day is approaching. Visit… “The core of our inheritance from our Founding Fathers is that our liberty is from God, not the government.” – Congressman Thaddeus McCotter

  8. My sister is a cancer survivor of 7+years. For just herself her medical insurance is over $1,000. a month and expected to go up to $1200.a month next year.As she is only two years away from medicare she is hopeful that (1) medicare will still be there and (2)it would reduce her costs.Knowing that one insurance doesn’t fit all,she does not support Obama care.My question is everyone knows that the cost of health care is through the roof but know one has said how they would fix the problem.People are financially drowning.What are the candidates solutions?

    • Laura,
      Your sister is paying excessive costs for her health care and will continue to do so until she qualifies for medicare which is the same as “one insurance for all”(it’s for all seniors of a set age). So , why would she want this for herself and not for others who are not yet seniors?
      Additionally, as long as there are lobbyists in Washington, medical costs will not be reduced and that is why none of these candidates have addressed the issue. And, when they do, believe me, it will just be rhetoric to get elected. They can’t compete against the lobbyists.
      Why not agree that as we are all connected, we must want the same for another as we want for ourselves.
      We have been put on this earth to be a man for others. If we could stop worrying about people “gaming” the system and just focus on helping others, then we will all be taken care of. Those taking advantage of the system, will get their justice and we don’t have to worry about it. How do you feel when you reach out to help someone who is not as fortunate as you? I’m sure it’s a good feeling, right? Well, that’s because at your core is your spirit of love and goodness and when you reach out to others you are working from the core of who you really are. So, from my core, I wish your sister much health, happiness and healing that will give her many more years of life.
      And, I wish health and happiness to you as well.
      Give and you will receive is one of my daily mottos.
      Have a Happy Life! Debbie

  9. Everyone seems to want smaller government yet they talk about government creating jobs. Why isn’t the President challenged because government does create jobs, it facilitates the private economy to create jobs with lower taxes and less regulations plus a vision ie; space program? They key word here is FACILITATE not CREATE.

    • Please revise my comment as follows; Everyone seem to want a smaller government, yet they talk about the governmant crearinf jobs. Why isn’t the President challenged because the government does not create jobs, it facilitates the private sector to create jobs with lower taxes and less regulation and an american vision ie; Space Program? The key word is facilitate not create.

  10. To all candidates:
    The President has legislated from the oval office with his Executive Order 13583 concerning illegals. The Congress has previously said no to the DreamAct.
    Would you repeal Obama’s Executive Oder 13583 within the first 30 days of your administration?

    • Frank,
      You asked a really good question. I just want to know if you have thought about the fact that these immigrants are not paying taxes? If they became citizens, they would be required to pay taxes, and those that are a part of the Dream Act are productive people who would also contribute to this country. If they continue to be allowed to just be here and reform is not implemented, they will continue to cost the taxpayers, like you(if you are a U.S citizen) and me. How ridiculous is that?

      There are millions of illegal immigrants in this country. So, think about this rationally. Do you believe any president, Democratic or Republican will
      send these immigrants back to Mexico? I hope you don’t because that simply will never happen. In fact, did you know that the most recent population information has shown that the minority is now the majority. Now, does that convince you that they are here to stay.
      Let’s just all learn that we are all connected, and we should just respect, love and care for not only ourselves, but also for others. Additionally, we are all immigrants, other than the native Americans. So, although we came here legally and the undocumented did not, we cannot send back millions of people. Think about it, how would that be done? It’s insane to try to even ponder a way. It’s as silly as building a wall to keep them out. That is preposterous as well. And, mark my word, that will never be done. I don’t care who makes such an inane promise.
      Love is the only way. Love yourself and you love others. Give to others and you will receive your just reward–you will be taken care of.

  11. This question if for Congressman Paul… Can you explain the significance of your two proposed bills from late 2001 – the Air Piracy and Reprisal Act of 2001 and the September 11 Marque and Reprisal Act of 2001?

    • Congressman Paul’s proposed Air Piracy and Reprisal Act of 2001 was an attempt to give the US Govt. a constitutional and legal way of going after Osama Bin Laden and his co-conspirators in the September 11th attacks. They were trying update very old government actions that dealt with acts of piracy and other acts of aggression against the US by parties that aren’t exactly a nation we can declare war on.

  12. this questian is for all of the republican candidates can you tell me what your religious denominonation is and how that will influence you as president
    tom chastain
    tampa florida

    • There are such things as stupid questions, and this is one of them. Religion should in no way affect or influence how a country is run.

      • It is pretty apparent the President has attacked christianity and the Catholic church in particular i.e. abortion, euthanesia, human cloning, gay marraige, no right to consious, contraception, not allowing Catholic hospitals to have a wavier from the health plan etc. In the old testiment (Is)we see that when a country turns away from God and refuses to give Him credit he will turn from that country allowing its destruction. It is better to honor religious rights. Therefore it is resonable to know where a canidates values have been formed.

  13. As a businessman in Las Vegas i use the gauges, Balance Sheet, P and L , Cash flow, etc in washington they use the national Polls. How would you require the Federal Government to run more like a business?

  14. 1. Since only increased sales lead to more hires, why not repeal or modify NAFTA and CAFTA to return those 8 million jobs lost offshore? Stimulists, refunds, less taxes, and less regs won’t do it cause they do not affect sales. Fair trade instead of free trade (which isn’t) means a level playing field between onshore and offshore so that jobs depend only on quality, innovation, and efficiency, not politics.

    Bonus question:

    2. If TeaParty is for financial competence, what do you their opponents are for ?

    • question could we require each countries balance of payments with us to be equal every three months or they would not be able to sell to this country. in doing this would it be an incentive for a country like China to buy equal amounts from us?

  15. 1. Since only increased sales lead to more hires, why not repeal or modify NAFTA and CAFTA to return those 8 million jobs lost offshore? Stimulists, refunds, less taxes, and less regs won’t do it cause they do not affect sales. Fair trade instead of free trade (which isn’t) means a level playing field between onshore and offshore so that jobs depend only on quality, innovation, and efficiency, not politics. More hires mean more taxes as well.

    Bonus question:

    2. If TeaParty is for financial competence, what do you think their opponents are for ?

  16. This question for Ron Paul. I find it hard to understand that the district of Washington DC and 16 other states have legal medical marijuana but yet by federal law this is still illegal. What will you do to end this marijuana prohibition.. 70 years of war is enough?

  17. Herman Cain – You are an incredible man and your views for the direction of this great country make alot of sense. Why do you think that you aren’t given the media attention or opportunities that Romney, Perry, Bachman (and even Palin) are given? At the last debate you weren’t even given much time to speak….and what is your plan (if any) to address this (and receive the time you deserve to share your views wiht the people of this country)? You are a STRONG leader – people need to know you!!!

  18. When will all Federal Agencies be audited and white collar grand theft of any kind, regardless of any political affliations, be pursued to the fullest extent of the law? Why can’t we computerise. red flag, expose, prosecute and permanently close these loop holes in a timely manner, especially when it’s been red flagged years, months, weeks out by American citizens? Starting with the SEC?

  19. A majority of candidates talk about job creation, both past & present trends supporting big business and big government which has failed. When will you seriously talk about supporting Small Busineses, establishing a joint SMALL BUSINESS HOPE BOND for American’s to invest in locally with our own money, our own CAFR (Composite Annual Financial Report/Investments – Credit lines from both Federal -to- City/Town levels)? When will you coordinate SMALL Business Teams (from engineers, small businessmen, cpa’s, builders, scientists) with Score, the U.S.PATENT OFFICE, Small Business Bureau to develop from scratch these SMALL Business Proposals that we can individually invest in for HOPE and local economic growth?

  20. 2-Part Question:
    1) What will you say to the Neo-Con Republican “warhawks” who indirectly encourage acts of terrorism against the United States and it’s citizens, by advocating and advancing US foreign policies that primarily consist of meddling in the affairs of other nations by seeking to “nation build” and “democratize” nations around the globe?
    2) Do you feel it is appropriate for American soldiers to fight for the freedom and democracy in other nations given that our freedom and democracy was won my our own citizens led by our founding fathers?

    Michael A. D’Antonio “Buchanan” Republican and Conservative from Chris Christie’s recently converted conservative state known as New Jersey.

  21. My question for any candidate is this. We hear much discussion about “reducing” the deficit. This is a concern, but does nothing to reduce the debt. In my opinion most Americans don’t understand that the deficit and debt are two different things. Please explain the difference to them. My question is, “Beyond what you would do to decrease the deficit, what would you do to reduce the debt?”

    • Can the canadates discuss the coming financial calamity to be visited upon this country caused by too much debt,overspending,reckless planning,social enginnering, over regulation, and out of balance spending with china? Are politicians aware of these problems or do they cover them up to keep the public in the dark? Will these problems cause a currency collapse, higher interest rates, that our country will have to pay, lowering our standard of living, and making us indentured to our foriegn bond buyers? Will we be able to afford the interest, Will our debt make our currency worthless, Will we lose our status as reserve currency? Are not other nations trading in currencies other than dollars? Could we pay off foriegn bonds first, with a constitutional amendment?

  22. This is a question for all GOP presidential candidates. What JOBs bill have they put up for vote in the past 12 months and what was the outcome?

  23. Governor Perry,

    In 2007, you signed an executive order mandating that all sixth grade girls in Texas be injected with the vaccine Gardasil. An exception was made only to girls whose parents filed an affidavit objecting to the vaccine. You signed this order despite the opposition of your state’s legislature and many medical doctors. This vaccine can protect against a sexually transmitted disease that can lead to cervical cancer. However, only a small percentage of females in the United States develop cervical cancer. On the other hand, this vaccine has resulted in death and serious health problems in a small percentage of females. How can you honestly claim that you are a conservative?

    • Dear Moderator,

      You can delete my first comment and leave in my second comment. I divided the second comment into paragraphs to make it easier to read.

      Sincerely, Kay Weeks

  24. Governor Perry,

    In 2007, you signed an executive order mandating that all sixth grade girls in Texas be injected with the vaccine Gardasil. An exception was made only to girls whose parents filed an affidavit objecting to the vaccine. You signed this order despite the opposition of your state’s legislature and many medical doctors.

    This vaccine can protect against a sexually transmitted disease that can lead to cervical cancer. However, only a small percentage of females in the United States develop cervical cancer. On the other hand, this vaccine has resulted in death and serious health problems in a small percentage of females.

    How can you honestly claim that you are a conservative?

  25. Governor Perry,

    In 2007, you signed an executive order mandating that all sixth grade girls in Texas be injected with the vaccine Gardasil. An exception was made only to girls whose parents filed an affidavit objecting to the vaccine. You signed this order despite the opposition of your state’s legislature and many medical doctors.

    This vaccine can protect against a sexually transmitted disease that can lead to cervical cancer. However, only a small percentage of females in the United States develop cervical cancer. On the other hand, this vaccine has resulted in death and serious health problems in some females.

    How can you honestly claim that you are a conservative?

    Moderator – This is my final version. Delete the other two versions.

  26. Governor Perry,

    In 2007, you signed an executive order mandating that all sixth grade girls in Texas be injected with the vaccine Gardasil. An exception was made only to girls whose parents filed an affidavit objecting to the vaccine. You signed this order despite the opposition of your state’s legislature and many medical doctors.

    This vaccine can protect one from a sexually transmitted disease that can lead to cervical cancer. However, only a small percentage of females in the United States develop cervical cancer. On the other hand, this vaccine has resulted in serious health problems and even death in some females.

    How can you honestly claim that you are a conservative?

    Dear Moderator – I’m sorry for all these revisions. This is my final version, I promise. I’m leaving it at this. Please delete this paragraph as well as all of the other posts from me, Kay Weeks. Sincerely, Kay Weeks.

  27. Gov. Perry, how will you help pay down the national debt, when in Texas, the debt ceiling has been raised from 13 billion to 38 billion since you have been governor.

  28. For Michelle Bachmann: You recently promoted “means testing” as a possible new source of government revenue. Seniors, already exposed to “means testing” by paying higher medicare premiums (if we are fortunate enough to have enough income to meet average nursing home costs), see “means testing” as a neo-political name for a class distinct unfair income tax increase. Why not call it like it is?

  29. I am a recent college graduate (BS and MA) who has been searching for a full-time job with benefits for 18 months and has been working three part-time jobs that don’t even require a college education. Student loans (private and federal) are drowning me financially. It is beginning to look as though a college education is becoming a brilliant invest scam in light of the poor job market.

    Mr./Mrs. GOP Candidate: How will you help former students, such as me, who are struggling under the weight of student loan payments in this economy? And what will you do to keep college costs from continuing to skyrocket?

    • Brittany, really, you dug the hole and it took at least six years. Why should the government (me) help you get out. I paid for my education by giving 4 years of my life to the U S Navy and and threw a paper route 7 days a week while attending classed as have many people. Get busy girl!

  30. Governor Perry –

    Who’s performing the enormous task of Governor for the state of Texas while your running around the country campaigning?

    You proclaim to be a Christian, how do you reconcile the fact that Texas has executed 200 + convicts under your leadership with the 6th commandment?

    How does your executive order mandating that 13 y.o. girls get vaccinated for a venereal disease parallel your campaign of Government staying out of our lives?

    Thanks Rick.

  31. Americans are told unemployment is 9%. Some say the percentage reported is just those who applied for benefits in the last few months. If that is the case what is actual percentage, and why isn’t the total number reported?

    Thanks for your time and consideration,

    George Ravencroft

  32. Dear Governor Romney,

    First allow me to congratulate you on passing universal healthcare in Massachusetts. As a devout Mormon, I know that you believe one day you will stand before our lord and He will ask “what have you done for the least of my brothers” and you sir will have a good answer. People without the basic human need of healthcare is a black mark on our history as a nation; it is tantamount to watching a man drown and not throwing him a life vest.

    On that note, we continue to pay people a minimum wage lower than the poverty level. These people then go to social services and pick up taxpayer funded assistance for housing, food and Medicaid, which should end with mandated health coverage.

    Isn’t it better to pay these people 115% above the poverty rate – an adult minimum wage – and get them off of public assistance – thus ending it. Isn’t it time to stop corporate welfare where businesses aren’t paying a human wage, and creating a strain on the Federal, State and local budgets?

    As fir the argument we can’t afford it, I would start with insisting those executives and CEO’s making multiple millions of dollars take a pay cut so we can hire more workers and put America back to work. If they won’t take a pay cut, tax that higher for extraordinary income.

    As for Medicaid – Obamacare should end it due to the public mandate (everyone has to have coverage). If that portion of the affordable health care act is overturned, I would simply not fund Medicaid anymore, in which case, similar to the volunteer army versus the draft, people will elect to take the coverage because they will have nothing.

    What, sir, is your take on that solution?

    David DiBello
    32 Old Slip
    New York NY 100005

    • David, where on earth do you get the idea, that mandated government healthcare is going to help anyone? Its cost is far more than what we pay now, and it will offer less and less service as this socialist idea always shows when tried. Would you really give up your present healthcare for a lesser service plan so your poor neighbor down the street can also have a lesser service plan? If so, move to Canada or Europe and try it out and be sure you want to give up the best care in the world.

      • Jon,
        We don’t even have mandated health care implemented, so how do you know that it will cost more than what we pay now? And, by the way, that could not be true since insurance costs continue to rise yearly. People will actually soon not be able to afford to purchase medical insurance because of the exorbitant costs. In fact, that’s the reason that so many people don’t have health care now. It will only get worse. And, I’m speaking of middle class Americans who cannot afford it as well as some more affluent Americans as well. This problem will only get worse.

        Additionally, why would you not want to help your neighbor? Did you know when you help another, you also help yourself?

        We were put here to be a man for others, and when we do so, our rewards are incomparable to what we have done for others.

      • The concept of mandatory participation in healthcare coverage is simple and it’s benefits are clear. Consider if you, Jon and 3 of your friends went together to buy a car which you all used to carpool to work daily. Let’s say you paid $8000 for a used car, costing each of you $2000. You now have the benefit of an $8000 car to take to work and it only cost you $2000. That worked because the 4 of you pooled your funds thus sharing the cost as well as the benefit. In the same way, a large pool of people paying into a healthcare system will lower the cost per person while providing the benefit to all. Without such a plan you will have to provide for your own healthcare, duplicating the function that each of your friends are providing for themselves. Instead of having the use of a car for $2000, you would each have to pay $8000 for a car of your own thereby increasing not only your initial outlay for transportation to work but also paying for your own maintenance on your car while your friends are also paying those increased costs on their cars. There are almost 300 million citizens of the United States, can you imagine the total cost of having 300 million healthcare facilities? In fact, although you are set against “socialism”, you are proudly implementing and supporting a small socialist group right now for your family. Your health insurance covers yourself, your wife and your children and costs less than if you had to buy a spearate policy for each of them. Please think carefully about your distaste for what you call socialism before voting to send us back 235 years to the time when each family cared for itself and was grateful for the help of it’s neighbors when the barn burned down and needed rebuilding. Those families were thankful for their own local form of socialism.

  33. In terms of specific legislative priorities (the things you would want your presidency to be identified with), what federal functions would you realistically see being returned to the states within your first term?

    • The U.S. Constitution establishes a government based on “federalism,” or the sharing of power between the national, and state (and local) governments. While each of the 50 states has its own constitution, all provisions of state constitutions must comply with the U.S. Constitution.

  34. The Republican party state they want to return power to the people and the States. As more States vote for the use of Medical Marijuana will you use the power of the Federal Government to block the will of the people?

  35. Question: JOBS, JOBS, and JOBS are and should be our top three priorities. Since the USA has lost so many jobs to foreign countries, either due to relocation or to lower labor costs… What does the USA NEED to do to bring those corporations/jobs back home? Please be VERY specific.

    Diane Sutliff
    3675 Africa Rd.
    Galena, Ohio 43021
    740-548-5244; 614-370-0442

  36. Do you support lowering the Federal Corporate Tax Rate? If so, what percent do you think it should be lowered to?

  37. As a Texas citizen I am impressed by Rick Perry and all that he has accomplished, but have a question: Why have you signed on to the teachings of the Muslem faith in our public schools, while Christianity, the origin behind our Constitution is being shunned?

    • Our Constitution has absolutely no ties to the Christian faith. The words God, Jesus, or Christianity never appear in the document or in the Federalist Papers. The Muslim faith is a vital part of world history, as is Christianity, and both are taught in history classrooms. If you took one of these classes you would maybe learn a few things about the Muslim faith and stop being so close minded and ignorant about the beliefs of others.

  38. 1. Why is it that political candidates make campaign promises which they never follow through on?

    2. Why has Obama failed?

    3. Specificially, how would you cut “entitlements’?

    4. Tell me about States Rights.

    5. Morally, why is abortion wrong?

    6. What is the proper role of The Church in government?

    7. If you could cut one thing, and one thing only, what program or expenditure would it be?

    8. What is the one program or expenditure that Republicans and Democrats could easily argee upon cutting? Why haven’t they cut this yet?

    9. President Obama has said that the US is NOT a Christian nation. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

    10. Does the Department of Education need to exhist?

    • 1Q. Why is it that political candidates make campaign promises which they never follow through on?

      1A. Sometimes they have good intentions but the House or Senate block their promise from being fulfilled. And then sometimes they just lie. Why do you think politicians have such bad reputations?

      2Q. Why has Obama failed?.

      2A. Because he has never managed or run anything. He was and is way over his head. In short he has no experience of any kind to even manage as much as a shoe store.. much less the United States of America.
      He has failed as President in every measurable way.

      3Q. Specificially, how would you cut “entitlements’?

      3A. Subjective (wait for response from candidates).

      4Q. Tell me about States Rights.

      4A. (wait for response from candidates).

      5Q. Morally, why is abortion wrong?

      5A. Abortion is morally wrong because another human being’s life is taken in the process. In a humane society, abortion would be illegal as well. A woman has every right to do whatever she chooses to do to her body, but should not be allowed to kill another human just because it has inconvenienced her.

      6Q. What is the proper role of The Church in government?

      6A. NONE.

      7Q. If you could cut one thing, and one thing only, what program or expenditure would it be?

      7A. The correct answer is the Department of Energy. But since this to is subjective (wait for response from candidates).

      8Q. What is the one program or expenditure that Republicans and Democrats could easily argee(sic) upon cutting? Why haven’t they cut this yet?

      8A. Subjective (wait for response from candidates).

      9Q. President Obama has said that the US is NOT a Christian nation. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

      9A. By sheer numbers, the United States citizenry is most definitely made up of more Christians than any other faith. A conservative estimate is that 86% of Americans are Christian. So, President Obama is incorrect if he means the U.S. is not a Christian nation (as a whole).

      10Q. Does the Department of Education need to exhist?(sic)

      10A. No, it does not! Local communities and state governments should handle all educational needs with no interference from the Federal Government.

      Remember, the states created the Federal Government… not the other way around.

  39. Formerly classified WikiLeaks documents appear to confirm an incremental and covert plan within the highest levels of the American and Canadian governments to accomplish deeper “North American Integration,” while keeping most average citizens in the dark and bypassing the constitutions of the existing three sovereign nations of America, Canada and Mexico. What is Governor Perry’s position on this?

    Does Governor Perry support the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC), renamed Innovative Connectivity in Texas (ICT), which is part of the NAFTA Superhighway Trade Corridor System?
    Does the Governor also support the US entering the North American Union (NAU)?

  40. Economic experts say that the FairTax will bring billions of dollars of investment capital into our economy and will create a flood of new jobs. — Will you pledge yourself to lead the fight to eliminate the IRS and pass the FairTax?

  41. Many people do require some assistance and since we, the taxpayer, pays for this why not put these people to work doing the some of the jobs that need to be done. This could apply to those on unemployment also. It may require a bit of training. Those that could not work our of the home could do “in home” jobs including baby and senior setting for those that work outside. If they find a better job they would be free to take it and thereby no longer draw public assistance. This is a “hand up” not a “hand out”.

  42. Some people need public assistance and unemployment sometimes. Since the tax payer, you and me, pay for this anyway why not put those that can work ( maybe with a little training) and those that couldn’t could baby and senior sit with those that could. If those working for their aid money, do find a better job, they could take it and join the job market. This is a “Hand up” and not a “Hand out”.

  43. I feel that our leaders should lead not just by their words, but by their actions. It’s frustrating to see our politicians talk about “shared sacrifice” but they don’t pay their taxes. It’s insulting to see law makers enact laws impacting our morals direction as a nation and they don’t seem to have their own moral compass, so my questions are this.
    Do you think that our nation’s leaders should be held to a higher standard and how would you lead our country though your example?

  44. Question to each of the GOP candidates:
    How important is it to you that our nation should adopt English as the official language and why?

  45. Does the primary/caucus system that we currently use allow ALL Americans to have a say in the choice of who will be on the November ballot? Is it fair to those running?

  46. To Governor Perry: The nation’s two biggest issues are illegal aliens and the islamic threat. Illegal aliens are bankrupting our system through theft of services, they are stealing American’s jobs, and committing crimes (including OVER 50,000 murders since 9/11!) Based on your record, you have publicly supported open borders and you also have close ties to muslim leaders. How can conservative Republicans support you when you have opposite viewpoints from them on these key issues?

    • If you honestly believe that one of our biggest issues is the Islamic threat you are highly uneducated. Islam poses absolutely no threat to Americans, what may pose a threat is Shi’ite extremist groups executing jihad as a promotion of their faith, but that is not a fundamental belief of all Muslims. Muslims, as a principal, have a great respect and tolerance for “people of the book” as most Americans, being Christians, are because of their common belief in the old testament. Thats right, Muslims who you are so afraid of, believe in Adam, Eve, Abraham, Moses, and even Jesus. Take some time and educate yourself before you offend other people’s beliefs.

  47. To Michele Bachmann: You are by far the best all-around candidate and a person of character and values…there are many conservatives who are reserving support of you due to your vote on The Patriot Act. Would you please explain what was hidden in the bill or what specific language was included that caused you to vote “yea.” This is a serious question from many republican voters and I would be happy if you were able to address this issue satisfactorily and put it to rest. Thank you.

  48. For all candidates (or specifically for Perry, Gingrich, and Bachmann): what steps would you take to stop the flow of illegal aliens from entering our country and what would you do with the millions of illegal aliens currently in the country? Also, Americans want to know why Perry voted to give FREE COLLEGE TUITION to illegal aliens, when American citizens are going bankrupt trying to send their children to school and American children are starting their careers tens of thousands of dollars in debt to pay for their own schooling?

  49. Do you belive the seniors now receiving Social Security should receive a cost of living increase each year?

  50. For all candidates: I am only 27 years of age, but as a responsible adult my wife and I already discuss what we need to plan and save for our future. We know that we need to save money and live within our means. As a responsible and informed adult I want an option to “opt out” of the Social Security system because I know I could do more with my money than the federal government can. Why should I be required to pay into the Social Security system when nearly every future projection of Social Security is that it will go bankrupt?

  51. If you are elected, will you bring 9,000+ scientists who agree that Man made Global Warming is a Hoax? And put an end to this hoax. By showing the world the lie that only a few paid off so-called scientists are really behind this hoax. And that the real consensus is with the truth that CO2 is not causing warming nor cooling.

  52. This question is for all of the candidates.

    Here in America, parents can be forced against their will to put their children on powerful psychiatric drugs, even if their kids are harmless and even though no medical tests are used to confirm these psychiatric diagnoses.

    If you support this rule, raise your hand.

  53. This question is for all of the candidates.

    Here in America, parents can be forced against their will to put their children on powerful psychiatric drugs, even if their kids are harmless and even though no medical tests are used to confirm these psychiatric diagnoses.

    If you oppose this rule, raise your hand.

  54. My question is for Ron Paul: You’ve stated many times that as president, you’d bring the troops home immediatley. How will you deal with all the troops coming home to a country where jobs are so scarce?

    • How many of you agree and acknowledge that the election process has been hijacked by special interests, the media, and a monopoli created by both parties that makes it impossible for any 3rd party to have a fair chance? what would you do to fix it? How many of you agree that Ron Paul and several other republican candidates have been treated with bias by the party and media?

  55. I want to hire new workers and buy new production equipment but because I’m unsure of what is going to happen tax wise I have canceled those plans. What can be done to stabilize this uncertain tax plan? If you tax the so called rich, small business is the majority of this, you hurt me and I’m unable to hire or expand my business.

  56. This question is for all candidates. President Reagan’s Trickle-down theory was a great theory but seemed to not carry through with big business profits falling into the pockets of CEO’s, VP’s and Execs. Lowering taxes for small businesses and corporations does seem like a good idea IF and ONLY IF they give back to their employees from top to bottom. How would you make sure the “bottom feeders” would be treated fairly and stop the corruption of the top dogs?

  57. Question for Romney: I am a MA resident and would like to hear a specific reason(s) why a public mandate to purchase health care was good for MA when you passed this into law as our Governor. You say RomneyCare was what our state needed, but you don’t support it federally now that Obama passed the same mandate. What is unique about MA that other states don’t also experience? And can you be specific for a change?

  58. This question is for all candidates. We all believe in cutting out of control spending that being said. Which one of you would take the leadership role by supporting a pay cut or even a pay freeze to all members of government office including state as well as federal?

  59. To all the candidates:

    What is your position regarding the separation of church and state? Is there any room, in your opinion, for religion within politics?

    Voters from all the various religions in the US would like to know.

  60. To all candidates. Some women in this great country of ours choose to birth at home with a midwife. This is the default practice in many European countries. Despite this fact and research supporting the safety of this decision most insurance companies in this country refuse to insure these births. If elected what, if anything, would you do to help these American mothers?

  61. To all candidates

    Will you end prohibition on Marijuana at the federal level and allow the states to decide the issue for themselves?

  62. Most conservatives agree the budget MUST be balanced. What would each canditate do to begin paying down the national debt? My grandchildren can’t be held responsible for this generation’s irresponsability!

  63. I have no problem with socially conservative people. It is their right to have an opinion. I have a problem with Republicans who try to push socially conservative legislation. How does this party – which has always been about getting government out of our lives – justify restricting the freedom of choice for individuals? It is one thing to dislike homosexuals – it is another thing completely to tell them that they don’t have the same rights as everyone else. How do you justify that from a small government stand point?

  64. Welfare is out of control. Many recipients get free food, medical care, housing, utilities and so on, while working people have to pay for these very things and high taxes on top of that. The greater % of these people will never make an attempt to get off public assistance, and the number of recipients has grown tremendously in past decades…

    Why should taxpayers pay to fully support a single woman and all children she brings into the world simply because she chooses to live an immoral lifestyle?

  65. Why do you think atheis are so afraid of our God. That the want allow us to pray for them or or dead. I’m aware the is a division between church and state. I inturpret that to mean no legislation on church maders not the absence of God in our country.I have the right to pray and you have the right not to.Please explan how I have it wrong.

  66. I would appreciate all the candidates getting equal time to answer questions. The debate I just watched on 9/12 should have been called the Romney/Perry debate! The debate prior was the Bachmann/Romney debate. I assume the candidates that are the front runners are the ones that get the most questions. I actually thought news organizations were to remain unbiased- obviously not the case with the previous debates! Hopefully Fox can produce a truly unbiased presidential debate which can help me make an informed decision!

  67. The wealth gap between the rich and poor in the US is as large as it ever has been. Both the poor and the middle class struggle to survive. This concentration of wealth in the top 1-2% corresponds to the time over the past ~ 30 years when tax breaks for the rich have been in favor on the basis of tickle down economics. Do the candidates wish this to continue and if not how would they go about it as all GOP policies appear to include more tax breaks for the rich?

    • Question for Herman Caine, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich: The top 1% all income earners pay 39% of the taxes, the top 50% pay 97% of the taxes. What would you say to the people who believe Oboma’s class-warfare retoric that the rich need to pay their fair share?

  68. As a scientist in cancer research, I would like to hear if the candidates will still ensure support for government funding agencies. There are many fields of science that are not (and will not be) supported by the private sector (prevention research for example, as well as basic molecular and cellular biology), which are still critical for an understanding of health and disease processes, and which facilitate the development of therapies in the long run.

  69. This question is for Congress woman Bachmann. Obviously you are against Governor Perry’s mandatory HPV shots. However, more and more teenage girls are becoming sexually active. How is this shot any different than a meningitis or tetanus shot? Why would you not want to protect them? Not all 12 year-old girls are as innocent as you think… Time to stop being so politically correct and get back into reality.

    • HPV shots have been proven to cause death and/or permanent irrepairable physical disabilities. I would NEVER want my child to get this shot. The debilitating effects on some girls are heartbreaking. (Research it). Health care for myself and my child is our choice not the governments – ever! Besides, it was all about money and political pursuits.

  70. If you become President of the United States of America would you hold the Congress and Senate to the same hold on cost of living raises as they and yourselves have held the seniors of this country. Inflation has run rampant and the seniors have had to cut some or their priorities to make it trough rough times while Washington has not suffered because they vote raises for themselves….
    Thanking you in advance,
    Don Hancock
    Ridgeway, MO

  71. Obama talks about creating jobs and helping small business, then why did he hire 12,500 new IRS auditors to go after incorperated small businesses.

  72. The public is tired of hearing the same political speeches about why you should be elected. We have heard it enough that we understand it. We don’t want to know your past or what qualifies you. We want to know what you would do in the future. What would you specifically do in ‘detailed’ steps for the economy and for Social Security? (Would the government conceivably consider a continued ‘mandatory’ deduction from paychecks for retirement, (so that individuals have to plan for their future) but allow the employee to put it into either Social Security or an individual retirement account totally monitored by the individual)? Having a ‘choice’ is what makes America the land of liberty that it is.

  73. My question relates to Jobs with regard to those individuals who are in their 50’s who are too young to retire and have the work experience, but are fearful that employeers will preceiving them as “unemployable”. How can we ensure that this important group of people who have so much more to give and considered a valuable contributing force to the economy will not be left behind or denied a position due to their age.

  74. My question is for all of the candidates, but I really would like to hear what Newt’s thoughts are on it given his stance on the FED. What controls would you put in place to ensure politicians didn’t print up some prosperity of thier own a’ la Bernanke if the congress takes a bigger role… would you consider linking the money supply to a proportion of GNP to prevent it? The FED seems to have forgotten about the money supply since Reagan left office, and I see this as a huge problem.

  75. For all of the candidates, but especially Ron Paul. I’ve heard you say that border security is about national security. Since it’s not a law enforcement issue, why would you not support rolling the border gaurd and TSA into the DoD instead of privatizing it? The last time I checked we weren’t farming out our national security. And, while you answer that, maybe you could discuss how Captain Stubing would have captured OBL if we had produced a letter of Marqui, in violation of international treaties according to the modern laws of war instead of an AUMF, which has been reccognized in LAW as a DoW since Bas v Tingy over 200 years ago (when Jefferson did it).

  76. The GOP debate needs some hard core questions about foreign affairs. How will you deal with China, In what manner will you Support or Not Support Israel, where do you stand Mr Canditate. How will you deal with IRAN? How will you handle the existing Afganistan and Iraq Wars? What will be the first thing you regarding foreign affairs after taking office.
    The GOP Debates need some real thought provoking questions, rather than all these little pupppy stuff question that has been being asked.

  77. It seems to me President Obama spends much more of his time making speeches in front of a camera rather than he does behind closed doors solving our Nations problems. What do you feel is the appropriate balance of work, life, and politics.

  78. To all candidates, how will you handle the problem of out of control government spending? The solution is so simple yet neither party wants to admit it and handle the situation.

  79. This question is for all the candidates. The government gives corporations large amounts of tax breaks if they ship jobs overseas. If you become president what or how do you intend to bring these jobs back to the United States.

  80. Rick Perry maintains Texas has the right to secede from the union. Isn’t it then an act of hypocracy to Pledge Alligiance to the Republic as one nation, under God, that is “INDIVISIBLE”? Also, as president, how would he handle a governor who threatened secession?

  81. My question is for any and all of the candidates. If you suceed in privatizing Social Security, what happens to all the people who choose to “opt out”. What will then happen to all these people when they reach retirement age and they have no funds in their “private accounts”? We could be setting up a generation of Americans for poverty with a system like this.

  82. Question for Romney: You have suggested that on your first day in office you will sign an executive order to enable states to “waiver out” of Obamacare. How is that fair for those of us who live in Blue States that are unlikely to submit such a waiver, and why should we vote for you as we will likely be stuck in the program?

  83. Question for Romney: Why did you choose 3 economic advisors to be on your Economic Planning Council who were formally affiliated with the Bush Administration? Couldn’t you find new, smart people to join you? Don’t you think this lessens your candidacy in a presidential primary running against Obama, since many of the Republican base was not pleased with Bush’s economic stewardship?

  84. Question for Ron Paul: Since you were cut off from speaking at the MSNBC debate, can you explain why it is that an old silver dime could buy an American a gallon of gas today and why Americans would be better off had we stayed on a gold-based monetary system and continued to use silver coins as our change?

    • Ellen,hope the moderator will select your question above about old silver dime to pay gasoline. Thank you for bringing up the issue!

  85. Question for Perry: Regarding Social Security, would you consider a model such as the Superannuation program in Australia where individuals save their own money in private accounts, but the overall program operates under a Government-regulated umbrella ensuring that investment professionals don’t run amok? Today, the average Australian has far more money ready for his retirement than the average American.

  86. On Father’s Day 2009 President Obama requested Father’s “Step up” to their duties. Yet Child and Family Services and the Judicial System have actively worked to prohibit me from being a Father due to false reporting of abuse. How am I to “Step up” with such tremendous forces holding me down and how do you plan to address this issue if elected?

  87. In the current state of the United States of America we need a president that has some common sense, good character and honesty. I have only seen that in Congressman Ron Paul and would hope big/small media will stop ignoring him, intentionally* or not. My question is for all the candidates, and a simple, short answer would suffice. With all the promises candidates make before their elected president, if for some reason they have amnesia on those promises once elected president, how should the people of America hold them accountable?

    Candidate: As president I will NOT raise any taxes whatsoever.
    (Wins the presidency)
    Then suddenly taxes rise for some* Americans.

    That is giving false information, lying, deceiving, and if a regular citizen is found doing that he/she will have to face the consequence. So a president should lead by example!

  88. Shattering my spine a few years back I was told there was a four percent chance I would walk again. I am currently pursuing a graduate degree, volunteer with numerous civic organizations, all while battling the adversarial family court system in an attempt to be a father; and I ran the other day on a treadmill, using the side rails, only for a couple minutes, but a “step” in the right direction nonetheless. I assure you, none of this would be possible if I did not alleviate the severe nerve pain I frequently experience with a tincture derived from marijuana.

    Fox News reported in May of 2010 “After 40 years, the United States’ war on drugs has cost $1 trillion and hundreds of thousands of lives”; I daresay largely due to marijuana prevention. Conversely my home state of Montana and 17 other states, including the District of Columbia, have enacted legislation legalizing medical marijuana.

    Enacting legislation Federally would eliminate this waste, benefit American farmers, stabilize a weak economy by creating jobs, ease many of Medicare’s burden’s by eliminating the need for overpriced and ineffective pain medications, all while relieving Americans of their chronic pain.

    Given these clear advantages, not to mention the tremendous potential deficit reducing revenue from taxation on substances the United States already owns patents on, do you oppose the legalization of medical marijuana in the United States?

  89. Texans are well aware of Govenor Perry’s position on cancer awareness, early diagnosis, research, prevention and cure as evidenced in part by Texas voters overwhelmingly approving a constitutional amendment in 2007 establishing the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) and authorizing the state to issue $3 billion in bonds to fund groundbreaking cancer research and prevention programs and services in Texas. As a Phase IV cancer survivor myself, I am well aware of Governor Perry’s fight against this ruthless disease. This Question is for Rep. Bachman. Where do you sit when it comes to making cancer a National Priority? And how will your proposed spending cuts impact funding for early diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure?

  90. This multi-part question is regarding Herman Cane’s 9+9+9 tax proposal. Under your proposal, is it not correct that a person who makes $20,000 a year and spends it all, which is likely, would pay $3438 in taxes or 17.8% of his total annual income? Is it not also true that a person making $2 million dollars a year and only if he only spends $200,000 of it, which is also likely, would pay $198,000 or only approximately 9.1% of his total annual income. Is this not just another scheme to make the poor and middle class finance the lavish lifestyles of the wealthy. Would this plan eliminate FICA, thereby eliminating Social Security and Medicare? Would companies like be outlawed to prevent people from paying zero sales tax on million dollar RV’s like they do now? Would the documentation of yachts be outlawed to stop the wealthy from paying zero sales tax on multi-million dollar yachts, like they do now? Would businesses no longer be able to write off luxury box suites at taxpayer funded stadiums as business expenses, like they do now?

    Your answers to these important questions would be greatly appreciated.

  91. In light of all the trillions of dollars that has printed and given to US Banks and European banks, What should be done about the Federal Reserve?

  92. I would like to know if any of the candidates support deportation of illegals and would they support legislation that prohibits further immegration until the economy recovers. We continue to see the influx of immegrant who are now doing the jobs our high school and college students used to do. These were also the jobs that were second incomes for low income earners. Now these are ALL unemployed people.

  93. I like most of the Republican candidates. I would like to know from Perry and Romney “If were elected President would you ask any of the Republican candidates to be a part of your White House Staff. If yes, Who and what position.”

  94. I would like to know which candidates strongly support a flat tax getting rid of all deductions except for charitable giving. Let the first $20,000 be tax free and everything above that is taxed for everyone. You will balance the budget by downsizing the IRS.

  95. Question for all republican candidates
    At this very moment, Americans citizen are being seen in emergency rooms in Florida and around the country. Some will require emergency lifesaving procedures for example emergency appendix surgery or emergency heart catherization. If you want to repeal affordable care act [Obamacare], would also agree also to repeal the law that guarantee access to healthcare in hospital emergency room for patients without insurance?, the law is EMTALA [emergency medical and active labor act] of 1986 signed by Ronald Reagan

  96. We should stick to questions here I think!

    This one is for the Debate organizers though…Why is Congressmen Thaddeus McCotter being left out of Republican Presidential debates? He is a standing U.S. Congressmen and his views are far more conservative than Ron Paul’s. We all respect Mr. Paul on financial issues, but his other views are to the left of Blue Dog Democrats.

    Congressman McCotters recently released plan for fixing Social Security should be being presented by him in these debates. Money should not be the criteria for debate inclusion. People cannot raise money if the public does not get to hear them. At the very least…he brings considerable undertanding of debt issues to the conversation, please let the American people hear all Conservative Candidates.

  97. I want to ask a question but a question to a certain former President. I know once I give out the question, Fox news will just let Romney and Perry answer it

  98. To all the candidates:
    You all profess to be pro-life though some of you would allow abortion for various reasons (i.e. rape, incest, life of the mother, etc.). You all seem to agree that life begins at conception. You also all profess to support “getting back to the constitution” specifically, returning most legislative power to the states. The constitution says we are all endowed with the unalienable right to life, and that the government’s primary job is to “serve and protect the people.” Finally, none of you have ever expressed a problem with the federal laws prohibiting murder of citizens who have already been born. Given these premises, shouldn’t abortion (murder of unborn citizens) be outlawed at the federal level in all circumstances?

  99. Where do you stand on government eminent domain cases that happen throughout the country? People should be able to purchase land with piece of mind that their homes and property will remain in their families without this concern.. Special interest always seems to have more resources to fight than individuals pursuing the american dream..

  100. 2 Question for any candidate. In the last debate the crowd applauded when asked about the 30 yr old male without insurance falls and slips into a comma should be left to die. My first question is If a child is born into a uninsured/under insured family and said child is born with medical issue such as mental issues or physical issues should this child’s life be terminated such as the man not given the chance to come out of his comma if not whats the difference?

    Question 2. While many Republicans have anti-abortion beliefs where would they draw the line of parents in poverty stricken welfare acceptable incomes from having more children to be taken care of for until adulthood and would it be less costly to allow the abortions instead of many years of tax payer funded welfare?

  101. The Democrats have their leftwing feminist in Hillary and the Republicans have their rightwing feminist in Bachmann. Instead of attacking Gov. Perry about sexually trasmitted diseases the Republicans need to be talking about jobs in the private sector, the Federal Reserve Board, the national debt, the gold and silver standard, the security of the border, and the threat of Iran. I’m a rancher in West Texas. An 800 mile wall is an absurdity. Gov. Perry is right that boots on the ground is the solution. He is also right that children who were brought here, have been here for 3 yrs and have applied for citizenship should receive in-state college tuition. I would much rather have educated illegals. As a rancher in West Texas I know the border. Gov. Romney needs to go back to Mass. and enforce his healthcare law and Mrs. Bachmann needs to get some executive experience before running for President. We have a senator in that position now and a disaster.

  102. We learnt from President Obama that UBL was shot and thrown in the sea without being questioned. Does Guantanamo and other secret prisons have any sense since we lost the chance to question (ordinary or enhanced) the most wanted man in the world?

  103. My question is to Mitt Romney. You stated that the health care plan in Massachusettes is so much different than what many Republicans call Obamacare. How is it different? Would you get rid of a federal health care program altogether or would you just overhaul it? If you would change it, what changes would you make?


    • Lyn, It is obvious from your comments that it is your lack of a good education in writing and spelling skills that has kept you from earning more than $10K per year. It sounds as though you are the perfect Perry voter because he did horribly in school and is highly intimidated by people with even a hint of intellectual capacity.

  105. To all canidates: Do you think the United States should resume diplomatic and/or econonomic ties with Cuba?

  106. Question for All: The United States became the most successful country in the world without the Fed by having commodity-backed money instead of money printed out of thin air in the form of debt by private bankers. The current monetary system has devalued the American dollar and allowed both political parties to run up unsustainable debt to the detriment of the American public. Why can’t we return to real money backed by gold and have real silver in our coins … and end the Fed?

  107. My question is for all candidates. I am an Active Duty Service member with over 20 years of service to this great country. My question is simply this. When is the government going to wake up and realize that the current pay scale that is used to pay the military, police, fire fighters and teachers just isn’t cutting it. Every time we get a slight pay raise the cost of living goes up equally or even more. We have men and women that protect this country daily that are on food stamps and welfare because their military paycheck isn’t adequate enough to cover daily living expenses. Too many people in this country are looking for a handout and aren’t willing to work for their wages. I believe the afore mentioned people earn theirs daily. During the Reagan Presidency the average pay raise for the military over his term was 4.8% to include a 14.3% raise in 1982. President Bush Senior’s average was 3.9%, President Clinton’s average was 3.4%, President Bush’s average was 4.1% and currently President Obama’s average is 2.4%. Now take into account the cost of gasoline, food prices rising and God only know’s what else. Not to mention the federal employees, who are on a current pay freeze and police officers, teachers, etc. that haven’t received a raise in the last three years or more. Better yet, why not have the Senate and Congress take a massive paycut and free up some money for the people that are actually doing something for this country of ours.
    Secondly, rumor has it that the current Administration wants to revamp the military retirement system, as the next President would you support such a change? If you do, would you grandfather members who are currently serving the country? Would you be willing to look at the Congressional retirement and revamp as well to reduce government spending and our deficit?

  108. What are your plans for illegal immigration? Our country is wasting millions of dollars annually on people who illegally come here. The Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, TX reported that 70% of women that gave birth in the first three months of 2006 were illegal immigrants, at a cost of $70.7 million dollars, Medicaid paid 34.5 million and the local taxpayer paid 31.3 million and 9.5 million paid by the federal government. Granted those are old statisics, but am sure they have not reduced. I know we can find a much better use for these millions of dollars than to hand out money to those that do not pay taxes. There is an illegal immigrant in Virginia that has been arrested twice for DUI and still remains in America. He last DUI resulted in the death of an American teenager. Do you agree that when illegal immigrants are caught, they should be deported. Their is an immigration process that must be adhered to.
    Budget reduction is a must, however there are certain areas that must remain fully funded. Defense and Education are keys to our success and future. Begin by eliminating useless spending, ie spending money on illegal immigrants! Let them apply and let the process work, not come here and become a burden on the American taxpayer.

    • why dont u look up WET FEET DRY FEET POLICY that allows cubans to come here to our country illegally!! yet they get to stay here

  109. For candidates Romney, Perry, and Gingrich: Where do you stand on Second Amendment rights for the private citizen to bear arms? In other words, are you for banning guns and ammunition for private citizens?

  110. Since it costs so much for a Candidate to run for Office, either Presidential or Congress. Candidates must make promises to their donors, which leaves the average American out when it comes to representation. Will you make Campaign finance reform one of your priorities and what will you do to change it for the better?

  111. I would like to ask the candidates are they going to start all-conservative pledge to create conservative mainstream media.
    We see how conservative, American ideas are spun by leftist media. Any contentious situation has only leftist spin, which works like a clockwork.
    I know that through my experience being soviet union citizen for 48 years. And, please, don’t tell me it doesn’t work. I assure you, it does!
    So, my question is about how much effort the future leader of GOP will apply toward creation of conservative media and academia?

  112. I’d like to ask the question of Congressman Paul:

    I understand you take a pro-life stance on abortion- does this also apply to cases of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest?

  113. Republican talk about how you dont support illegal immigration, yet i dont hear anything about “THE WET FEET, DRY FEET POLICY” that has been taken advantage of. We want to deport illegals crossing the border but yet when Cubans come here illegally they are aloud to stay if they touch land!! Get RID OF IT!!! NO FREE RIDES!!!!

  114. Regarding the foreclosure crisis : There have been numerous admissions of fraud , under oath , by numerous employees of banks , mortgage companies etc. Why have few if any of these people , including management , gone to jail for their crimes ?

  115. There is very little attention given to the main reason for our high unemployment , that is the outsourcing of jobs to third world countries. Why are you avoiding this critical issue.?

  116. There is very little attention paid to the main reason for our unemployment crisis, which is caused by outsourcing jobs to third world countries. Why is this issue largely avoided?

  117. Republicans and Democrats are more polarized than ever. If you became president, what would you specifically do to reduce partisanship in Washington? If you had to work with a divided congress, how would you do any better than the current president has been doing recently at accomplishing your agenda?

  118. It seems that nobody is talking in these debates about the now the ascending regional power of Turkey. Its leadership has been traveling around the middle east and is now putting profound pressure on Israel. What is your thoughts on the recent moves by Turkey to pressure Israel and solidify its influence in the Middle East. What are the short and long term ramifications of these events?

  119. This question is for Perry concerning social security; Is it true that you are pro-elderly-euthanisia? If so, would Ron Paul be the first to go?

  120. What are your thoughts and concerns about the so-called “Arab Spring?” How would you have handled handled events in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen and Libya differently?

  121. In last years debate, the question was brought up about making English our national language. Frankly, I was suprised to find out it wasn’t already and even more suprised when none of the candidates supported the idea. Why is that? Why isn’t English our national language and what is the big objection to it? I would like to see this question asked of the new candidates.

  122. To Ron Paul and Rick Perry:

    Mexican drug war violence is rampant among the drug cartels on the border towns and cities along the USA/Mexican border. There are tens of thousands of murders every year there. What will you do to end this drug war violence, what are its causes, and how would it help our economy?

  123. If he were alive today what three issues would Lincoln be focused on and what party would he be affiliated with?

  124. Where do you see the housing market, employment and international security standing of our country in five years?

  125. Where do you see the housing market, employment and our international security for the United States of America in five years?

  126. This question is for all candidates. Human traffacking of women and children is occurring in alarming numbers along Interstate 10 from Jackonsville, Florida to Santa Monica, California involving the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisana and Alabama. If you are elected President of the United States, what will you do to help us fight against forced labor, sexual exploration and modern-day slavery? This is so heart-wrenching and a total disgrace in the land of the free.

  127. Greetings,

    It seems that we often discover after a debate that a candidate’s response(s) to a question(s)involved inadequate research and thus misrepresented the facts or that the statements even involved deceit. It would be helpful to voters to have these issues clarified in succeeding debates so we can best evaluate the candidates. Referencing previously videoed statements is very helpful in order to fairly judge knowledge, experience, expertise, honesty, consistency, ethics, etc. I hope the latter technique continues in the upcoming debates.
    Thank you. The debates are very helpful.

  128. How can we truthfully work on all of our “problems” when the country is being run by lobbyists? How could you as president abolish this practice?

  129. Why want they let Buddy Roemer debate? He’s a former Governer and Congressman. Doesn’t he deserve to be heard? He’s a presidential canidate.

  130. Governor Perry, I’m from Texas and a supporter of yours, BUT… you have been quoted as wanting to see the 17th amendment repealed. That amendment MANDATES that all states select their Senators by popular vote rather than by a vote of the State Legislature which is how most States chose their Senators before. Well, many states used to choose their electors to the Electoral College through a vote of the legislature also and no constitutional amendment has ever forced them to choose their Electoral College slate and thereby their Presidential votes through the Popular vote. Would you like to see Texas or some of the other states go back to selecting their Presidential Electors by a vote of the Legislature and if not why not?
    Dr Ron Paul has ALSO suggested that the 17th be repealed. How about it? Should the legislatures pick the Presidential electors also?? Why not?

  131. Answer This
    A topic on Immigration
    For every candidate

    My family and I moved here 10 years ago. We migrated from Uzbekistan LEGALLY.
    So answer what can we do? We didn’t have enough time to apply since the immigration/legalization process takes so long it’d be impossible.

    We are now unfortunately illegal. We know so many people who have received green cards and yet they don’t know the language nor have respect for this place. Now I’m wondering what can you offer for illegal immigrants that came here legally? Especially since they have not committed any crimes.

  132. Many Republicans and TEA Party members support a balanced budget approach while only cutting federal spending. In the last decade the United States fought two wars and gave large tax cuts without being paid for in the budgetthat only increased deficit spending. How would our country be able to respond to another threat around the globe and cut taxes in the future when we are already so far into the red annually?

  133. Under the current law, the US limits the number of legal immigrants into the country giving some priorities to immigrants from certain countries and those with higher skills. Under the current program it would take over 85 years for the 14 million illegal immigrants to legally immigrate into our country. What plan would you put forth that would begin to address the archaic immigrant law that has never worked?

  134. Over the past two years, there have been several cases regarding Mexican nationals that came into this country illegally at a very early age with their parents and only know the United States as home. How would your future immigration policy address students like Olga Zanella, a 20 year old college student who was facing deportation until recently who resided in this country since she was 5 and is more Americanized than than she is a Mexican national?

  135. To date, whenever a candidate has supplied a solution to a posed question or issue, he or she has included something that must be legislated. Please remind the candidates that they are all running for the head of the Executive Branch of the government. Respect the separation of powers and answer ‘What would you do as President to better run the Executive Branch of the government to improve upon, if not solve, the issues facing our country?’

  136. In the last debate, Ending the Fed was discussed thoroughly. Ron Paul, the author of the audit the fed bill and the originator of this new movement, was not asked. He is also the House Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy… How is this possible? Please let him give his take, as many of the other candidates had the opportunity to do so. Fair and Balanced please?

  137. Why is it that RON PAUL is the only honest and genuine candidate?! And when he speaks the Truth people boo him. But when other candidates speak the lies people cheer them. Something is seriously wrong here!
    Wake up America!
    This is the time!

    • Peter,
      Sadly enough, people are brainwashed by believing the media. People need to spend a couple of hours of their lives to do a little research on the candidates. If they would just Google “Ron Paul” and find out about him, they wouldn’t be able to boo him anymore. So in my opinion, I blame ignorance for the general public.

  138. For all,
    I am a Grandfather to a 24 yold Grandson. my Social Security check is extremely important to my wife and I. With this in mind, I have two questions:
    1. Is there anyone up there who would take away any of my SS benefits or nbenefits of those 50 and older?
    2. Without some type of modifications, my Grandson will not have any solvent benefits?
    Are you willing to take the political heat that it will require to fix it for him?

  139. Question for Perry, Romney, and Paul: The Federal Government is not only mandating that Americans buy health insurance, but is also mandating what features my insurance policy must cover, thereby driving up my premium price. Why can’t I buy the product I want, that meets my budget, from anywhere in the country? Why am I limited to buying health insurance in the State where I live? What are you going to do to bring free-market competition to health insurance so I have more choices, more competition and lower prices? This current system is un-American and Obamacare has made it even worse.

  140. In response to the HPV vaccine story, I would like to know if all the candidates would have opposed the Salk polio vaccine that was given to all children in the 50’s and 60’s?

  141. What will you do about the federal fuding of abortion, planned parenthood, and what will you do to influence the overturn the roe.v.wade decision


    #1 Huntsman… you’re not funny and you don’t have to try and slam Mitt and Perry everytime you talk. Notice how they are taking the high road with your jealousy. You don’t have a chance. Save the people’s money that your spending.

    #2 Perry.. You fell apart last debate once your skeletons started coming out. Deer in a headlight.

    #3 Paul.. Your ideas are good but not realistic. And you need to work on your anger problem.

    #4 Michelle.. We know you don’t like Obamacare, talk about something else.

    #5 Santorum… Don’t talk in 3rd person.

    #6 Herman… I like more and more each time you talk.

    #7 Newt.. Everyone can tell that you are trying to keep friends with everyone on stage so that you can be V.P…. Go for the GOLD. Stop holding back.

    #8 Romney… Don’t play the mud throwing game with Perry. He will choke himself out with each word he says.

  143. I’m a Texas Republican and I want to know why Gov. Perry vetoed the Bill banning texting while driving. I have lost several close friends in two separate accidents where the initial and final cause listed in each was a young driver who ran a redlight and t-boned a mini van loaded with adults and kids. In the other crash, it is alleged the young driver piled into the back of a Toyota sedan with 2 Adults and 3 kids. Report indicates the young person saw the Toyota way too late to try and stop. I haven’t heard a credible answer/reason as to why Perry decided not to sign bill into law.

  144. I can say with great certainty that, a year from now, there will be an RNC affiliated and endorsed Republican candidate running that will be paired with a Tea Party endorsed Vice Presidential candidate. This is the way that the two groups will: 1) unite as one; and 2) the RNC WILL retain their position as the US having a Republican Party and a two-party system by absorbing the Tea Party foreverafter. Conservatives that are split into two large factions supporting either the RNC or the Tea Party will not stand past reasoning in the end. By having this many voting Conservatives would replicate or even drawf the “Ross Perot Effect” that allowed Bill Clinton to win in 1992. And the RNC has been an enduring party that has the means to force an absortion of the Tea Party into their ranks and it will broker a deal that ends this type of future fracture by perhaps having a RNC co-chair that is a Tea Party elite (Palin, Bachmann or someone yet known, but currently I could see it being most likely Bachmann). But at the same time, at the time of this writing, I would forecast the final Republican Candidates as Mitt Romney for President with Michelle Bachmann as Vice President. And if that ticket wins the 2012 Presidential election, some yet identified Tea Party elite will co-chair the RNC and have a unified platform once that they see this to be a winning hybrid ticket. In the end, the RNC WILL NOT allow a third party to formally exist beyond the 2012 Presidential and Congressional bids for office(s).

  145. My question would be for the debate participants is: Would, you as a Tea Party or Republican candidate for president PREFER to seek a Vice Presidential candidate that IS NOT a member of your particular party affiliation such as a Tea Party president/ Republican Vice president hybrid ticket in order to unify the two platforms into one solidified Rebublican or hybrid “Conservative Party” since the US seemingly HAS to remain a two party system in fear of, again, suffering something likening to a “Ross Perot Effect”?

  146. The most telling signs of a great leader is in the company one keeps closest to his or her person. Who is your mentor, and have you had to break off a relationship because of there disregard for ethical issues.

  147. Question for Congressman Paul: You have stated in the past that you would end welfare, my question is how would you work to phase out welfare while the country is in a recession and we have millions of Americans unemployed that rely on government help to survive?

  148. Question for Congressman Paul: If you are elected president what is your step by step plan to get the country back on its feet?

  149. Romney stated during the Ames debate that he and Cain are the only candidates with experience in the “real economy.” I would love for him to explain why Ron Paul’s decade spanning medical practice during which he delivered thousands of babies doesn’t quality as experience in the “real economy.”

    • I love the quotes these guys say about “real economy” experience. If they are so experienced, why is the economy in such bad shape. I submit we should vote for the “inexperience” and allow them to use good common sense instead of voting to make your donors happy!

  150. No one discusses what i perceive to be core problems in our country today.
    NAFTA: Since it began in 1994 our federal trade deficit is approx. 2 trillion dollars(exports vs imports), and that’s just Mexico and Canada. I can’t imagine what it is with China and others.
    LARGE UNIONS: IMO these unions have made us non-competetive in the global market let alone destroying our manufacturing base at home. In other words we have priced ourselves out of business.
    JOBS: There are non to be had, unless you move to Canada, Mexico or China. We can’t create jobs until we create saleable products.

  151. My question: Governor Perry, what do you think about the bill just passed through the California legislature allowing 12 year old children to decide for themselves, without parental knowledge or consent either before or after, whether to be vaccinated, including with Gardisil?

  152. Candidates-
    Overall, members of Congress saw their personal wealth grow by more than 16 percent during the worst economic downturn in the United States since the Great Depression, according to financial disclosures submitted by lawmakers. The current salary (2011) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year not to mention the savings in health care alone. Do you feel this was fair for Congressman and Senators to pad their pockets while Americans lost their jobs? What do you plan to do about it?

  153. Candidates-

    Do you think our economy and job numbers would be stronger now if our Congressman and Senators were paid somewhere in the middle class wages?

  154. This question is about Social Security for all candidates. Seeing as how Congress has miss-used this fund for general expense over the passed years. Why don’t Congress repay this fund and make it solvent? If the lock-box fund had been left alone to draw dividends there would be more than enough money to cover present and future expense.

  155. To: All candidates
    1.Since Florida is influenced by only registered republicans and barring independents, how can you convince a conservative, capitalist, independent retiree that you are the most qualified GOP presidential candidate to deliver the “knockout punch” to the present incumbent?
    2.As a capitalist, I also would like to know your position on taxing the “rich” as Mr. Buffet, the incumbent and most liberals are strongly pushing forward.

  156. If I had a bumper sticker making machine, the first sticker I would make for my car would be…..”Mr. politician, could you please re-explain NAFTA, and why it’s still good for America?” I ask because I see many 18 wheel trucks from Ontario on U.S. roads, and at railroad crossings, I see an almost infinite number of rail cars loaded with “Canfor” lumber. Seems to me that the politicians sold out the U.S. by knocking down the trade barriers. So now, the 18 wheelers and rail cars, along with the big container ships all come into the U.S. loaded and go home empty. Fair trade ? I don’t think so. NAFTA has to go.

  157. To all candidates-how is your definition of the American Dream DIFFERENT from Obama’s? How can you get me to mine faster?

    • You plan on relying on the government to help you reach your dream? may be waiting for a while… Unless you have low expectations.

  158. Because of the nature of world politics and global issues, especially those of the middle east, it is important to understand the abilities of our nation’s executive branch leader to swiftly and effectively handle crisis, both at home and afar. Please explain your histories with crisis’ and how you have handled that crisis and what you would have done differently. (please start with Huntsman in order to get an honest truth from all).

  159. My question: Governor Romney, please state your position on Lobbyist – who in my opinion pay our Senators and Represenatives to vote against the people’s will. Shouldn’t this be illegal?

  160. This question is for all candidates: In what way(s)do you support free, fair and honest trade – through trade agreements and legislation, or through the trust and faith within the people and governments?

  161. This question is for all candidates: If elected President of the United States how will you go about selecting your potential cabinet members, with special regards to the highly influential positions of the Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve? Any names that come to mind in these early stages?

  162. I want to know if all the candidates are in agreement that if the federal government is too large. How would they feel with removing all federal agencies that are repetitive and should be handled by the states. Ie education, agriculture, epa, any could we sunset all these agencies that do nothing more than drain our countries money. I suggest that these agencies go before congress and request funding on a bi yearly basis in order that they can be eliminated when deemed unnecessary..

  163. I ask this question to all candidates because I prefer to vote republican . As a CWA union member the union suggest that we vote democratic because the democrats supposedly support union activity . I would like to know what your feelings are towards union jobs and why ! ? The reason I ask is because there are thousands if not millions of union employees jobs at stake in the up coming years . It seems every company in America is trying to contract out so they can pay less and provide minimum to no insurance rather than having in-house employees . If we make less with no insurance than there will be less tax dollars paid in to keep this country’s head above water !

  164. Question submission:
    Please explain to the general public why Government jobs result in a complete negative drain
    On the treasury, and that it takes around 20 private jobs to pay for a single Government job.

  165. I have read Huffington’s account of the lobbyists who have emerged from Perry’s staff’s going on to make millions from being lobbyists for firms who vie for state projects such as the nuclear waste dump. Doesn’t this plethora of former Perry staffers who become lobbyists confirms the accusations leveled at him of crony capitalism that he is accused of?

  166. I’d like to know what, if anything, you’ll do for the LGBT community if you are elected? I think it can be agreed upon that we can’t simply stand by and watch teenagers struggle with self hate, to the point of suicide.

  167. Why are all the parties and congress scared to talk about all these young people who are too lazy to work? They get full Social Security Disability, some get unemployment also ( yes they can do that too) and then work for cash, when they want to work a little. They also get food stamps and keep having children they cannot afford. Yet everyone wants the people that will work to keep working until they are almost dead. It’s time for personal responsibility !!! Stop the free giveaways to dead beats. A great % of this money goes to the lawyers you see on tv helping them lie about being able to work!

  168. In these desperate times of budget balancing why isn’t anyone addressing the taxing of churches, their property holdings and the near total deductability of the overhead of pastors, priests and rabbis ?

  169. I am beginning to think that we have a party of warmongers! Even the President can’t keep his promise to stop the wars. There does not seem to be a war that our military and political leaders who have been in power forever don’t love. Wave the flag, scare us, say we are defending America and while we are at it let’s make them a democracy, build them schools, roads etc. and off we go to lose thousands of our young people who can’t get a job and our schools, sewers, roads and bridges are falling apart. After being in Vietnam 10 years and not winning why should we continue to be in other countries for 10 years or longer and expect a different result? Sorry ! That no longer works for me. The system is corrupt!

  170. I hope that FOX & Google can create the first honest and democratic debate so far. The previous ones (exception: the one in s.carolina on Sept 5th) were really disgusting in terms of the amount of time given and the type of questions asked to each candidate. The mainstream media is hurting the democratic process and people are noticing.

    • Amen, brother! Romney and Bachmann, and now Perry have been in the center of the stage on every debate. Why is the moderator singling out what ‘Candidate A’ said yesterday, and asking Candidate A, “who do you think is right, Candidate B or Candidate C?” The networks need to leave TV ratings out of the democratic process and let the candidate draw podiums by lot.

  171. (question to all candidates)

    Wonderful having you all here. I am from Austin, Tx.
    So a special hello from Texas to Governor Perry! 🙂
    Like you all are aware of, one of the biggest burdens for any family these days in a
    slowed down economy is to find ways on how to save money and cut our
    daily expenditure as much as possible. But, one of the things that bites into my wallet, is the prices at the gas pump!. We need your help to lower the cost of gasoline!!.

    So, the simple Question I have is: Can each candidate please look at the camera and tell America, that if they became the President of United States,
    what would be the cost per gallon of Gasoline at the pump.
    Please mention a dollar amount. (All I am looking for is a
    one line reply in the form of a dollar amount that you can promise without getting into a huge discussion on auto industry and hybrid or technology cars).

    -Thanks for your time,
    Raj Kumar

  172. Question for all candidates:

    If the federal government were to reduce or even terminate social entitlement programs, do you truely believe that churches, volunteer organizations, family and friends, ect. would step up and the meet the needs of citizens who are currently relying on the programs or those that are in need of aid? If not, how would you emcourage society to become less self serving and more compasionate to the needs of their neighbors.

  173. Governor Perry,
    You said that you will always err on the side of saving a life. Why then did you veto the bill to ban texting while driving in Texas?

  174. To all canidates,

    Do you or would you support the repeal of NAFTA? What is your stance on abolishing the Federal Reserve? Do you think we should go back to the gold standard?

  175. Question to all candidates.

    Every one talks about increasing cost of health care, yet last 10 years, community physicians and hospitals have seen cuts in payments for the same services. The cost increase is due to tort laws, unnecessary regulations that physicians need to comply and the fact that more Americans use the health care services. Number of physicians and some hospitals are going out of business and patients find it hard to get into physician’s office. Physicians understand and can work with reduced payment but the regulatory compliance and paperwork costs heavily and brings only inefficiency. When and how are you going to address these issues sitting down with community Physicians and not AMA which represents only less than 15 % of physicians?

  176. Top 5 % of people pay 60. % of all federal tax When are you going to say Thank you to these tax payers that are successful and are job producers instead of demanding more tax from them?

  177. Question to all candidates What %of Medicare expense is used for just administration and not for actual medical care delivered? I know the answer do you?

  178. This question is for Ron Paul:


    Could you explain what steps you would take to correct the economy? Do you believe that there is any way to truly fix the economy without reverting to a commodity backed dollar and allowing competition amongst banks?

  179. With 80 of the Leading Economists in the Nation supporting passage of the FairTax Act HR25/S13 as it is written, why has not EVERY GOP candidate on this stage espoused their support for its passage? Are any of you more qualified than the 80 leading economists committing their personal reputation and intellectual intergity to signing this open letter to the President, the Congress and the American People?

    Source: page sort Open Letter

  180. Can not submit thru UTUBE because I am working out of the country and can not create an accout from my work e-mail. This would be my question, if I could submit. Can you someone help submit this.
    I am 61 and had planned to retire at 62. I am hoping Obama care is defeated, but I would like to know what will be done about health care cost. In preparation for retirement, I am being told that my wife can not get health insureance due to a pre-existing condition, but if we do find insurance, it will cover very little and cost more than 1/2 of my full retirment income, so I will not be able to retire just due to the cost of heath care. When I asked our finacial advisor how other people are doing it, he said that unfortunatly, many people like me that have done a good job saving for a retirment with an equal income that we had while working, are finding that they can not retire just because of heath care costs. After Oboma care is defeated, what will the candidates do to make it possible for well prepared people to be able to retire?

  181. A right to life is called out in the Declaration of Independance. The ‘right to life’ movement is often claimed as a cornerstone Republican issue. If you align yourself with these beliefs, how can you justify taking a life via the death penalty?

  182. I think it appalling that the Administration through the National Labor Relations Board is attempting to prosecute Boeing for hiring workers to build a multi-million dollar aircraft plant that will employ thousands of workers. How will you reign in the abusive policies of the NLRB in order to support all workers, not just the current union favoritism the Obama Administration wants?

  183. I’d like to have the question asked if the candidates agree with Obama on the American Jobs Act and if yes, Why will taxing the rich more help the middle class?

  184. I would like to know what Republicans think is a fair price to pay for health insurance? My wife and I live on Social Security only now and can’t get medicare yet. The cost for us to buy health insurance is over $700 a month and my social security check is only $1193.00 per month. Our rich governor in Florida pays $30 a month for health insurance for himself and his wife. Something wrong with this picture!

  185. We (the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen) have been at war since 2001. By the time the war in Afghanistan is “over” it will have been 13 years of fighting and sacrifice. Yet all over the news, and within the government, there are talks about cutting our benefits and reducing our retirement. Do you (any GOP candidate for that matter) think cutting our benefits,reducing retirement, and our pay is right? And, how do you plan to balance the budget and bring this country out of debt without hurting military personnel?

  186. Mr Perry;
    If elected President would you go after employers that hire illegal immagrants,and if found to do so,would they be fined.and jail time after first offense.


  187. To; Michelle Bachmann – In an earlier debate you had stated, one of your main purposes in the campaign would be for the Republican Party to win not only the Presidency, but also Congress and the Senate. In the 2010 elections the Republican Parties won a major victory, due in relation too, “the Tea Party”. Election,”fraud” has run rampent in many States, Districts and National elections. Several factions have played a part in this. One of the foremost being the Electronic Voting Machines. For example, “Harry Reid’s” checkbox in Nevada. It has been well established that these machines are “rigged”. Not only locally but Nationally, as the vote count goes to a Central,”hub” in New York were early results are gathered and announced. Lawsuits brought forward have determined in evidence the “fraud”. Only to be,”sealed”, by the Courts. As President, how will you insure to the American people that their vote counts, legally?

  188. If we are all equal under the law, why doesn’t the same thing apply to our tax code?

    Do you believe that this country could use tax reform in the form of a flat rate tax or Fair Tax?

  189. as president what would you’r policy be about”the pariot act”and if you voted for it explain yourself as it is un=constitutional

  190. To all Candidates, The vetting process of Presidential candidates is a major concern to our “National Security” and Foreign relations. Point in fact. Of the 2008, Presidential elections, Senator John McCain was vetted as eligible with a Senate Resolution. Declaring, Senator McCain to be a, “natural-born Citizen”, as required of the Constitution for the Office of President. Nevertheless, Senator McCain was ineligible according to the Constitution of the State of Arizona, years of Service, before being able to seek another electorial position. Mr.Obama was never, “vetted”. The failure of the political structure to establish a level field is, in fact, treason against the Republic and the Constitution. The implications of the sorid affair are like unto a, “third worlds nations”, elections. The elected place themselves, “above the law”, and against their oath of service. When Congressman Ron Paul was confronted, his reply was that he’d be laughed out of Congress. Each of the all the other candidates has made light of the issue. The requirements of the Constitution for the Office of President state that, “No person except a natural-born Citizen, shall be eligible for the Office of the President”, Article II, etc. The Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett defines the term, “natural-born Citizen”, as a citizen born of Citizen parents. The decision of the Supreme Court gives the term president in law to eligiblity of candicency. As was witnessed in the McCain Resolution. Negligence is apparent on the part of all the branches of our Constitutional Repblic. If elected to the Presidency, how will you remedy the failure?

  191. Social Security must be reformed! We need to put the SS Money out for bid each year to the best Private Insurance firms, with strict controls, to get the maximum amount for the money invested, and create a whole new business venture, with Federal regulation into the private Corporations. Complete audits, and all items available for scrutiny by the Public and Government. The current ability to raid the funds by Congress has to be stopped. Identify the IOU’s issued, and collect the money. Is this a legal tactic? Pass laws prohibiting it. We need a Balanced Budget, No borrowing from future funds, all expenditures aproved by Congress and Signed by the President, need to be paid for before they are spent, or if the money is funded over several years, get the project funded before it is started!

  192. Union leadership has taken the individual rights of workers and turned them into a political weapon to that divide the country with inequitable compensation and that greatly hinders our international competitiveness. What new ideas and problem solving solutions due can you create to bring fair compensation, treatment, to all American workers with fair wages and profit sharing between management, investors, and all workers? Also, eliminating the super high compensation packages and golden parachutes of executives.

  193. What are you going to do to win the Jewish Vote? It will take more than just support for Israel, although that is a great start. I am a Jewish Conservative Republican and I have been called a Nazi, the devil…you name it. They don’t understand the danger of Obama.

    Thank you.

  194. Which of the candidates will do the right thing with Social Security. Will any have the morals to put back the monies they stole from our savings account that they were sworn to keep their hands off? Will any have the integrity to admit the american taxpayers have been mugged by congress? Will any commit to putting back our monies, reinstate all increases we have been cheated out of and give us the true inflation rate increases and protect us from reforms that cut our program?

  195. To all candidates – Should, Mr. Obama decide against a second term or if not. As a note of interest, it has been suggested that Sarah Palin could register as a Democratic and seek the Presidential nomination. Who would you predict as a likely Presidential Candidate for the Democratic National Party in a either case senario, one without Sarah Palin, one without Obama and one without either?

  196. To Ron Paul. I understand that you support eliminating the individual income tax and not replacing it with anything, whereas your opponents want to less dramatic changes to the tax code or replace the income tax with a consumption or flat tax. Why is your approach superior, and how will we fund government without an income tax?

  197. To Congressman Ron Paul – As noted in earlier debates by yourself, the Federal Reserve was audited earlier this year citing expendictures of some 16 trillion above the amount alotted by Congress. Apparently, further audits were to be held sometime in mid-October of this year which were cancelled. As of today and the current events with a European bailout in progress by the Federal Reserve, could you bring we laymen up to date on these financial issues and conjure a conclusion should the Federal Reserve be abolished as your term as President?

  198. President Obama states he wants to grow jobs; I am confused about why the FBI has raided Gibson guitar company to confiscate the wood which comes from India. they state it is illegal. the government stated it would have been okay if the steel elements were mounted by the Indians. Is that not taking jobs away from a small business and condoning outsourcing.

  199. For most of human history, paper currencies have been backed by either gold or silver. Do you believe that the Nixon Administration made an error taking the US off the gold standard?

  200. Whoever is qualified to give a GOOD REASON: one month shy of 62 (ss age eligible)and one month shy of vesting for savings..I was LAID OFF due to FORCE REDUCTION. My plan was to work to the age of 66 for full benefits even though I was employed at the age of 16. I was divorced at the childrens age of 3and 4… and Have ALWAYS managed to pay bills and pay on time. Now because I don’t miss my payments, I do not qualify for a interest rate reductition on my place of residence as to lower my monthly payments. My NOW income is LESS than 50% of my income over the years and the struggle is disheartening. This is a truely and UNFAIR deal for the ones that have EXCELLENT credit but less income to live on due to no other than “the ECONOMIC ENGINE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

  201. Why are we suppose to believe the repubs have all the answers for us now, when in fact they seem to have NONE during their 8 yrs. Where was their health care plan, immigration plan, financial plan etc…remember Bush went on TV 2 weeks before financial collaspe telling the American people..”the economy is strong”. The only plan they have is to “attack the democratic party”. They are excellent at that. Just wish all that energy they use attacking the “black” democratic president could be used on helping the american worker. The american worker/citizen is like the farthest thing from their focus when it comes to helping anybody..why is that?

  202. The Governors of Wisconsin and New Jersey are putting new rules into effect as far as teacher pension and health insurance benefits are concerned. I believe it is the correct step to get everyone to contribute to their pension and to their health insurance as the majority of most Americans must do. To support this effort would any of the 2012 GOP candidates agree that it’s time for all of government to start contributing to their pensions and health insurance? No one is paying for my benefits except me, but I am paying for the benefits of government employees and would like them to be treated just like me!

  203. To Rick Perry-

    Federal, state and local debt in 2011 is expected to reach the post WWII level. As the only major Western country with its economic power largely intact after WWII, the U.S. economy steadily grew and gradually reduced its debt load throughout the 1950’s. How can we repeat the miracle of the 50’s given that we have to compete with other major powers trying to grow out of their own debt loads?

  204. The Republicans want to repeal “Obamacare” – my question to the Republicans is what is their plan to cover those that are now not insured and do not have the money to pay for insurance? I have never heard their solution, but I guess to let them die. When Ron Paul says to have the churches help….our church now is over budget just trying to survive and we have a large congregation.

  205. To all Candidates – Syria is in the News currently. NATO troops covertly are being summoned to cause a regime change much like what occured in Lybia. Eygpt, Lybia and next Syria. Mr. Obama has already placed strong sanctions against Syria, without the consent of Congress, again. The administrations intrusions in the name of democracy are a falacy to date and always were. Eygpt is under military law, Lybia is islamic jihadists, under sharia law and next is Syria. Palistine is seeking Statehood recogniztion at the U.N. through a vote in the Security Council. If the administration veto’s the admission as is most likely it is only a political stunt to obtain the Jewish vote for the next election. After the election depending on the outcome they will be admitted by Obama. The Jewish vote needs a strong administration to come to bears with the turmoil in the Mid-east. What assurances does Israel and the American people have that as President your administration can aliviate the coming storm?

  206. Question for congressman Ron Paul, What is your position with the Israel and Palestine? how would you support either?

  207. Question to All Presidential Candidates:

    I am a legal immigrant with an advanced degree, working in USA with proper work permit. I pay my Federal/State taxes, Social Security, Medicare and follow rules. My permanent residency application was filed 4 years ago, but the process is slow, stagnant, non-transparent and complicated. If elected would you support a faster legal permanent immigration process for qualified candidates?

  208. Question for all candidates: What would you do to stop sending billions of dollars in foreign aid to over a hundred countries, many of which are our enemies? Until we have our own finances in order, we should not be sending air to other countries, that we have to borrow the funds in order to send!

  209. what makes Perry differ then Obama
    Texas was jusst as bad as everywhere else till the boom of the eagle-ford fault so why is Perry taking credit for God’s work? Perry stated peoples opinion didn’t matter (they complaint when Texas put in the Farm to Market roads too) Trans Texas Corridor, will he do this in the white house? Perry made orders over rule of law (consitution) concerning voilating parent rights and there was no op-out in order, sure he says sorry after being up against ropes, why should we trust him with more power (white house)? Texas didn’t raise taxes but did raise fees and regs on small business (ask local Electricians and realtors), so is his opinion that only big business effords breaks? He allowed DOT (more goverment) funds so people of Texas don’t have to stand in line for licenses but cut school budgets, so does goverment come before Texas children? DO ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS? or should we trust him this time?

  210. I’d like to hear the canidates call Obama out on his comment today that Warren Buffet pays a higher tax rate than his secretary. He needs to be called out for misleading people. Warren Buffet pays capital gains tax and his secretary pays federal income tax. Please have them explain how dangerous these false statements are and how it feeds the class warfare.

    • Weather Buffet Capital Gains or his secretary pays Federal Tax if he makes 100X what she makes I want him to pay 100X what she pays in taxes

  211. Governor Perry- You ordered over 230 executions more than Charles Manson did how come he is in prison and you are running for the Republican Presidential nomination ?

  212. In order for U.S companies to do business overseas, they’re often required by foreign governments to outsource a percentage of their operations to companies in the foreign country. This results in Americans losing jobs, and companies being forced to deal with logistical nightmares.

    Since the current administration has chosen a hand-off approach to this imbalance, ignoring the deleterious effect on our economy and society at large, what would you do to convince big trade partners like China and India to drop these unfair trade practices? How would you level the field for American companies and employees?

  213. Question for Congressman Ron Paul and all other candidates to reponse,

    If you become an elected US President, will United States able to pay off all US Debts held by foreign countries $4.5 trilion and a very deep US Debts held by public $11 trillion by 2015 in order to rebuild America stronger?

  214. Question for Congressman Ron Paul and all other candidates to response…..

    If you become an elected US President, will United States able to pay off all US Debts by foreign countries $4.4 trillion dollars and a very deep cut of US Debts by public Americans $11 trillion dollars by 2015 in order to rebuild America stronger?

  215. My question would be focused on unemployment – I have heard multiple senators and congressmen say that giving unemployment benefits makes the unemployed “lazy and unwilling to take jobs that pay them less,” but in truth when there are no jobs for them to apply to and when someone does apply for a job that pays less and they are told they over qualified for the position, does that still hold true and should the unemployed be punished for circumstances that they themselves did not create? Answer that and you can have my vote!

  216. Question for Congressman Ron Paul and all other candidates may response…..

    If you become an elected US President,will United States able to pay off all US Debts held by foreign countries in amount of $4.4 trillion dollars immediately by 2013?

  217. Question to all the candidates:
    To make a dent in Federal spending, we must ELIMINATE and Cut most of the federal agencies. I want to begin by eliminating these agencies, namely: OBAMACARE, FCC, EPA, EDUCATION, ENERGY, LABOR, FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC, HOMELAND SECURITY (they have not done one thing to protect; they only sexually abuse us), and HUD.
    Question: What other agencies would you add to this list for elimination? Or which of these agencies would you eliminate totally?

  218. Why have the candidate’s views on the legalization/decriminalization of marijuana not been addressed? It is clearly a heated topic in today’s political arena.

  219. what do you think about this:
    1. A flat tax.?
    2. close borders and eliminate our medical and welfare to
    anyone in the USA that is here illegally and send them
    back to wherever they came from.
    3. Smaller government and get rid of the czars.
    4. No more trips for first lady and friends at tax payer
    5. No changing our laws to accomodate other coultures
    coming into the USA. (shareia law.)
    6. Will you stand with Isreal.?
    cultures coming

  220. To All Candidates – China currently owes U.S. bondholders in excess of 2 trillion U.S. dollars. China has refused to pay on their debt, except to Great Britian who threatened their removal from their financial trade market. The U.S. Treasurey acknowledges the sovereign bonds sold by the government of China as legal. This at issue the U.S. could have paid off the debt ceiling without any increase in taxes and infused every State with over 2 billion dollars to the economy. As President what will you do concerning this unpaid debt for the American bondholders?

  221. We know that one of our problems is our corporate tax rate is too high driving corporations to other countries for financial gain. Would you consider a flexible corporate tax rate where the corporate tax is lower for company’s that do not outsource manpower and materials to other countries. This would create incentive to bring these company’s and jobs back into the United States.

  222. We know that one of our problems is our corporate tax rate is too high driving corporations to other countries for financial gain. Would you consider a flexible corporate tax rate where the corporate tax is lower for company’s that do not outsource manpower and materials to other countries. This would create incentive to bring these company’s and jobs back into the United States………

  223. Who will be your selection for DEA chief, and will it be the same person that both Bush and Obama selected? Will Californians still have to hide behind a bush to take their legal medications under your administration?

  224. Would you consider civilibertarians or folks like Barney Frank or Ralph Nader on your cabinet, or how do you plan to work with these people or get Dems to support you intbeing general election?

  225. Would you ever consider having Barney Frank, Ralph Nader, or a left-leaning progressive on your cabinet if their position on a policy matched yours? How will you work with liberals and civil libertarians?

  226. Question to Congressman Ron Paul and all other candidates may response…….

    Should United States secede a membership from United Nations?

  227. Since many conservatives believe that debt is a bad thing, to demonstrate your fiscal responsibility, will each of you pledge to run your campaign with no debt? (no loans, all invoices paid by due date, etc.)

  228. Question for Former Utah Governor John Huntsman and all other candidates response…….

    Should we start more Made in USA products here in America than Made in China? The reasons are to increase more job growths and stricter regulations here.

  229. Question for Texas Governor Rick Perry and all other candidates may response….

    Do you believe all individuals on Death Row is really committed to the crimes? What if you are wrong when other people really committed the crimes while some innocences on Death Row passed away from lethal weapon?

  230. Question for Governor Jon Huntsman and Congressman Ron Paul as well other candidates may response….

    Should all other 49 states consider to accept gold and silver coins as currency options? Utah now is only state accept legal tenders such gold and silver coins to purchase at the stores,gas stations, and groceries etc.

  231. Congressman Ron Paul and all other candidates may response,

    Should United States release at least a million prisoners to save our US budget?

  232. Question for the moderators. Are you planning on giving Congressman Ron Paul fair air time during this debate, or is this going to be a rerun of the previous debates? It’s time to stop ignoring Dr. Paul and accept that he is a viable candidate for president!

    • Agree with you,Jennifer! Moderators shall be considered all candidates equally time based on submitted questions! Give Dr Paul chances to response and he has a lot of explanations of various issues! Thank you for speaking out!

  233. Rep. Bachmann and Senator Santorum, In your efforts to drag down Gov.Perry have your attacks on the HPV issue descended to kind of demagoguery you decry from your opponents on the left?

    (Follow up) Hepatitis B is a MANDATORY vaccine. The disease is less deadly, and spread primarily through sexual contact and needle sharing where do you stand on it’s placement on mandatory vacination schedules?

  234. To All Candidates – The Section beneath is from the new,”you must pass this bill”. There goes,”State Sovereignty”, your opinions?


    (a) Abrogation of State Immunity- A State shall not be immune under the 11th Amendment to the Constitution from a suit brought in a Federal court of competent jurisdiction for a violation of this Act.

    (b) Waiver of State Immunity-

    (1) IN GENERAL-

    (A) WAIVER- A State’s receipt or use of Federal financial assistance for any program or activity of a State shall constitute a waiver of sovereign immunity, under the 11th Amendment to the Constitution or otherwise, to a suit brought by an employee or applicant for employment of that program or activity under this Act for a remedy authorized under Section 375(c) of this Act.

    (B) DEFINITION- In this paragraph, the term `program or activity’ has the meaning given the term in section 606 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000d-4a).”

    Here is the link to 42 USC 2000d-4a which defines “program or activity”:

    “For the purposes of this subchapter, the term “program or activity” and the term “program” mean all of the operations of—

    (A) a department, agency, special purpose district, or other instrumentality of a State or of a local government; or

    (B) the entity of such State or local government that distributes such assistance and each such department or agency (and each other State or local government entity) to which the assistance is extended, in the case of assistance to a State or local government;”


    “any part of which is extended Federal financial assistance.”

    The above is stated as an extension of the actual citation of the general section itself.

    More from Section 376 (emphasis added):

    “(2) EFFECTIVE DATE- With respect to a particular program or activity, paragraph (1) applies to conduct occurring on or after the day, after the date of enactment of this Act, on which a State first receives or uses Federal financial assistance for that program or activity.”

  235. We’ve heard Mr. Obama use the term “their fair share” repeatedly. This code word for the progressive, graduated income tax is a pillar of Communism. Our nation has adopted, in varying degrees, many of these “pillars” of Communism. Which of the candidates support a flat tax, a fair tax or more of this graduated income taxation?

  236. Why do we continually waste money by sending it to countries that do not even believe the same things we do about humanitarian issues, and democracy? we send money to pakistan and palestine and then I watch them threaten to do us harm and burn our flags. This is just plain stupid.

  237. To candidates Governors Romney and Perry,

    What do you think Ayn Rand would say of President Obama’s establishing a “class warfare” by taxing higher the most successful producers of this country and briefly explain Marxism?


  238. To Gov. Perry The majority of americans have lost confidence and trust with politicans. Will you being an Aggie, take and represent The Aggie Code of Honor to Washington if you make it to the White House? ( aggie code of honoe—an aggie does not lie,cheat or steal, or tolorate those who do )

  239. To all candidates,
    It’s obvious that the Democratic controlled Senate are setting up the Republicans for the 2012 election by deliberately shelving all bills originated by the Republican controlled House. I’m sure it’s a concern of any candidate about the accusations of the “do nothing congress”, where in actuality the Democratic controlled Senate is the “do nothing senate”. What have you done in your campaign to set straight the verbal attacks by the incumbent president and the left?


  240. The next president likely will not have a filibuster proof Senate and a majority in the House of Representatives in his favor. There are a number of steps that can be taken to help the economy, but in order of most to least important what are the three most important actions the next president can take to most dramatically improve the unemployment rate and how do you think each will contribute to that result?

  241. Mr Kain – Solution to our unemployment and energy independence – Give loans to GM, Ford and Chrysler in return for stock or options. They start by building fuel effient vehicles hybrids and electric Jeeps, buses, trucks, locomotives etc. the armed forces could be their first customers.

  242. My question to all the candidates is “Manufacturing has been a vital part of the economic success of the United States yet continues to deteriorate to its current sad state of just 12% of GDP. Part of the reason is our balance of trade deficit. We import by a ratio of 5 to 1 more than we export. The biggest importer is China, a communist country, who is also our largest creditor. If you were president what would you do to increase manufacturing in the United States.”

  243. Why isn’t consideration being considered in undoing the government unified budget which was adopted by the Johnson Administration in 1968. This change resulted in a single measure of the fiscal status of the government, based on the sum of all government activity. The surplus in Social Security trust funds offsets the total debt, making it appear much smaller than it otherwise would. What the Johnson Administration did was allow the Federal government to go deeper in debt without being challenged.
    I would like to hear each candidate opinion on the consideration which would include recreating the separate and fenced Social Security Program combined with increase in the maximum upper limit dollar amount to which payments for the fund would be taken. This would allow the fund to grow over time and become more solvent rather than be continuous support the overall Federal Budget. To provide for growth from the fund surplus a percentage of the funds would be placed in the hands of investments firm would receive payment for their service based upon fund performance. This approach would provide for an addition revenue source in addition to incoming taxes. Another consideration to enhance revenue for Social Secuirty would the implementation for a National Lottery with 50% of the funds being deposited into the Social Security Program
    The legislation which would change the Social Security Program must be written to preclude and prevent any further effort to recreate the unified budget. This would insure Social Security Funding for many years to come.

  244. Do you believe in Term limit for all elected officials, the removal of the current foolish retirement and pension plans (according to most it is the retirement and pension plans that are bankrupting everything) and if convicted of a felony all benefits are lost for elected officials?

  245. Frankly I wish someone would ask a ‘SPECIFIC’ question regarding what is considered to be a FAIR SHARE. There have been countless speeches by politicians, and comments by the talking heads on the media and yet noone has yet definied what a ‘FAIR SHARE’ actually is.

    I personally don’t consider a TAX SYSTEM fair, where 30% of the population pays 90% of the taxes. With that in mind….what kind of tax system would the candidates envision or favor that would be FAIR, and state publicly what the ACTUAL barriers are to making the change to that type of tax system. Bet they all have too many lobbyists already lined up that would refuse to embrace such a change.

  246. Question for Rick Perry – You said during the last debate that you favored in state tuition for illegal immigrants and cited the basis as it wasn’t THEIR fault that they had been born here or brought here by a parent that came into this country illegally.
    1) What other social, medical and educational grants and benefits would you favor for those in this country that are non-citizens and
    2) Would you also support and favor these same benefit programs and in-state tuition for students who were residents and citizens from other States?

  247. Question for Newt Gingrich. You voted to establish the dept of education. You supported the WTO. You supported more excecutive powers during the Clinton years even wanting more troops in Bosnia. Why should I as a libertarian support you?

  248. 1. Is mass media the reason the market is on a weekly swing? Does mass media’s hourly reporting cause people and investors to panic?

    2. I live on the border where there’s always been high unemployment, but the jobs that are here are illegal(drugs and guns). It seems that drugs and guns are the only thing making money. My question is to Perry, ” Are drugs and guns the modern day gold rush?”

    3. In todays business there are so many obstacles and regulations that some businesses break even before they get started. The only people that can start a business are corporations. And when someone cant start a business because it will cost millions of dollars, that to me is not the American Dream. My question is, “Has Capitalism turned into a Ponzi scheme?(The rich keep getting richer)”

  249. To Rick Santurom. I recently googled you to learn more. The first result I got was a crude sexual definiton. Why?

  250. Fox states they have adopted the moro, “fair and balanced”. Please prove this to the American public by letting us know how many questions have been written for each candidate and at the end of the debate please ask the candidates if they believe the debate was in fact “fair and balanced”. Thank you.

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