Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney took aim at President Obama’s yet-to-be-delivered speech where the President plans to unveil his new strategy to create jobs and jump start the economy (again).

Report from First Read:

TAMPA — On a morning where job creation — or the lack of it — was the primary issue on the political spectrum, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney promised that his plan — not President Obama’s — would be the one to get Americans back to work.

“My plan radically restructures the American economy to do what it’s done in the past,” Romney told supporters at the opening of his Florida headquarters here. “Lead the world, create jobs, drive rising incomes, and make sure that America remains the strong nation that can defend ourselves and provide a future of promise and prosperity for our kids.”

Romney also attacked the president’s plan, set to be unveiled before a joint session of congress two days after Romney presents his plan.

“I haven’t seen his, but I saw version one, two, three, four and five of his jobs plan and last month it came out with zero new jobs,” Romney said, referencing today’s newest employment statistics, which had the U.S. unemployment rate holding steady at 9.1% and a net-zero number of jobs created.

While Romney today did not provide any new details on his jobs plan, he once again hinted at several elements it is likely to contain.

I personally think Romney does more good for himself when taking his criticism to the President instead of Rick Perry. I think GOP voters are itching to find a candidate that will not pull any punches when proclaiming their agenda and speaking against President Obama’s policies and record. Perry, from the start, seemed to fill that void better than Romney, however, if Romney can keep his sights set on the President, I think it will alleviate some of those fears with GOP primary voters.


  1. Blaming Obama for the failure of our monetary system is lame as him blaming Bush. Romney and Perry’s superficial responses to our nations problems is why Ron Paul has my support. Paul is not entrenched with the mainstream corporatists and is not afraid to openly criticize the Fed and our foreign policy. Perry and Romy’s political budgets are dependent upon the financial oligarchy destroying America.

  2. Obama bashing Bush cracks me up especially since he more than doubled Bush’s debt within the first few months and now it is quadrupled. He is a complete joke and has done nothing except run this country into the ground. I really hope Ron Paul wins but I don’t think he will since he is so far to the right that he won’t be able to get the middle or any left votes. I can hope though.

  3. To Jo Jo: While Perry doesn’t have an economic plan in place, I would hardly call Romeny “superficial” in his responses to the current US financial system as he has created a substantial 59 point plan outlining a well-detailed solution to US current financial crisis. As much as what you deem a “financial oligarchy” is to blame for America’s current financial state, fixing America’s economy involved collaboration not dependence with the American commercial system which Romney has not disregard of the financial banks. That is why Romney has support. America’s first priority is fixing our own economy and Romney has the experience to do it.

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