In case you missed the Republican debate from Thursday, August 11th in Ames, Iowa, you can find the entire video below and watch it in full. The debate was held at Iowa State University and sponsored by Fox News, The Iowa Republican Party and The Washington Examiner.

Originally aired on Thursday, August 11th on The Fox News Channel. Here is the entire debate video, 1 hour and 49 minutes:

Sound off below, how did everyone do?


  1. Herman Cain held his own and did very well in the debate. He is a man of Virtue, a true Conservative, and a great Example of living out the American Experiment. He defuses the ‘Class Warfare Rhetoric’ the only political agenda of the left for a path to the reelection of Obama! (Ops forgot – Corruption at the Ballot Box Chicago style / Acorn!)

  2. Thanks for posting these videos. I’ve searched for 2 hours and couldn’t find the full versions of these videos.


    -Caliph J.

  3. Thank you for posting this encouraging debate. The candidates comments were refreshing and rang true!
    REPUBLICAN – Because everyone cannot be on welfare.

  4. Thanks for posting the full debate. There was a lot of posturing. I liked Rick Santorum not hearing him before. But I continue to love the Solid, to the point, common sense of Mr. Herman Cain. Mr. Cain presented as a confident leader with answers. Wow— I don’t mind calling the others Rick, Michele… but Herman Cain- He is already Mr. Cain. Mr President will come very easy.

  5. I’m a supporter of Michele Bachmann, and thought she did well overall. However, I was disappointed that she opened with repetition of the same canned statement she used in the first debate: “Barak Obama is going to be a ONE – TERM – PRESIDENT”, spoken in a way seems to call the audience to shout it along with her. That statement, spoken in that way, is for cheerleaders, not for a contender, at least not this far into the race. The problem is not the sentiment, but the way in which it is said.

    At this point, when she expresses the sentiment of keeping Obama to one term, it should be in a more thoughtful way, essentially expressing WHY he needs to defeated, i.e., he needs to be stopped from doing even more harm than he’s already done. She could have noted, for example, Obama’s recent statement: “We’re not even half-way there yet. When I said ‘change we can believe in’, I didn’t say change we can believe in tomorrow, not change we can believe in next week. We knew this was going to take time.”

    Even if she is looking to express a sound-bite for TV news, she needs to express that sound-bite in varied ways: e.g.,

    1) “stop Obama from destroying in a second term what he’s only broken in his first!”,
    2) “The American people are not going to double down on a bad bet by reelecting Barak Obama!”,
    3) “2012 is the last exit ramp from Obama’s nightmare ride for four more years — the last chance to exit and get on a new road to recovery!”

    There are many effective ways to express this sentiment, beyond the rah-rah “ONE – TERM – PRESIDENT” line.

  6. Defense of Guantanamo by a national leader is a shameful misrepresentation of EVERY principle of our founding.

    “we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights…….” Who is we?

    If habeas corpus, (Evidence), right to speedy jury trial, basic human treatment is RIGHT, then it is right for all humans. Anywhere, anytime.

    If YOU presume to confine rights within a border to ease your conscience while you torture, kill, and violate your heritage then WE HAVE descended, and are no better than the Terrorists. Jefferson and Madison have lost to Machiavelli and the Strong dictate morality.

  7. I think Ron Paul’s been smoking crack. The idea that there is no way a nation like Iran could get hold of a nuclear missile and use it against Israel (OUR ALLY — REMEMBER?) is both ludicrous and DANGEROUS. Have we not learned the lessons of history? Winston Churchill warned the Allies that Adolf Hitler posed a serious threat to the free world and man kind. Germany had been effectively reduced to a third world country. They had no military strength, their economy was in shambles — there was no way such a weak country could launch a war against powerful nations like England and France. WE FAILED TO RECOGNIZE THE THREAT ADOLF HITLER AND GERMANY POSED, AND BECAUSE OF THAT THE ENTIRE WORLD WAS PLUNGED INTO A HORRIFIC WAR THAT LASTED NEARLY A DECADE, MILLIONS OF INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN WERE BUTCHERED LIKE VERMIN, AND A GROUP OF PEOPLE NEARLY WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THIS EARTH. So you know what Ron Paul, DON’T TELL ME IT CAN’T HAPPEN!

    • Are you really implying that Iran is so suicidal that they will develop a nuke and use it on Israel? Israel has over 300 nukes in their arsenal. To attack them would be calling for the complete eradication of Iran. They would not exist. Not to mention Iran, especially compared to Germany, has a great track record of NOT starting wars.

      We really need to realize that we aren’t the world police. We aren’t protecting anyone, we are starting wars and killing millions of innocent citizens. This idea that everyone is a secret Hitler waiting to grow up and destroy everyone is ridiculous and just war propaganda.

      If anything, our continued interference and presence in the politics of the Arabian peninsula is putting us in even more danger as hostility is growing. Open your eyes, these people aren’t just evil Muslims bent on destroying us because we’re good and free. These people are just people who want to be left alone, and I say that’s exactly what we should be doing.

    • Ron Paul has already proved himself as a successful congressman. He has 9 bills to audit the Fed Reserve and has voted no on almost every bill government tried to pass. He stands for freedom. the others all stand just for a vote.
      Fox is biased against ron paul, if you dont see that then you are the one smoking crack

  8. Ron Paul is the only republican candidate who actually said SOMETHING. All of the other candidates just regurgitated the same sound bites over and over. Ron Paul has ideas and parameters for his policies. He takes positions on issues. The republican field is otherwise an appalling disgrace.

  9. Ron Paul is the only candidate who doesn’t make me cringe. Everyone else takes the popular stance on an issue and smothers it in generalized statements. When asked a tough question I don’t want to hear what you’ve done in the past or some catch phrase, I want to hear an answer.

  10. How can anyone support Herman Cain? He’s got to be the least knowledgeable person on that stage. It seems like there’s always a Cain fanboy in the comment section that must be detached from reality.

  11. It is a shame that of all the candidates NOT one spoke about getting rid of the cancer in Congress :LOBBYISTS, term limits, how much any candidate running for congress or President can spend on a race and finally not accepting monies from corporations.

    If the American people want a top notch President they have to demand responsibility from our Congress and presidential candidates.

    The only way to get rid of large government is to eliminate lobbing.

    Until I see a stand-up, back-boned candidate I will not support the GOP and neither will the rest of my family. When you say you are a conservative, please know what that really means.

    God Bless us All

  12. Let us consider a few facts – the Moral Majority is gone, and its leaders are either dead or disgraced. The system that everyone seems to support in these pathetic debates is not simply broken – it is corrupted and has run its course; i.e. it is obsolescent. The United States cannot support an overseas empire, and as we strain to maintain our control we illustrate to the rest of the world our inability to be consistent according to our principles. Ever since the end of World War II, the US has tried o dictate to the rest of the world that it desires to control events and manipulate foreign markets. The onset of Pax Americana has severely strained our economy and has substantially weakened our will to impose our national subjective reality onto others. The system is bankrupt and must be discarded. Republican principles follow most of the past Whig party (that it replaced) – and now we need to revise the Republican party in order to be socially relevant. I agree totally with Mr. Ron Paul. You cannot argue with facts; you cannot ridicule a belief in the original principles of the Constitution. We must rid ourselves of ideology, and return to practicality and principle.

  13. How did Michele Bauchmann win this? She sounds like a radio and apparently ignored tthe TALKING POINTS rule. Ron Paul blew EVERYONE out of the water and the fact that he has a voting record decades long to prove he is being honest, has made me decide he is getting my vote even if I have to write him in and waste my vote. Herman Cain was very impressive as well. Unfortunately, the Banks and Corporations aren’t backing either Paul or Cain as apparent by the manipulated polls and media coverage. As an active duty Gunnery Sergeant of Marines, I would be never more proud to serve for a President as I would for Ron Paul even if it meant downsizing the military or at least closing foreign bases. I just find it absurd that we spend so much money preempitively “defending” our nation in the Middle East, yet we don’t even have secure borders here at home.

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