Video: Watch the entire Huckabee GOP Presidential Forum

In case you missed the Presidential Forum from Saturday night’s “Huckabee” program on Fox News, here is the entire replay video. Six GOP candidates participated in the forum, taking questions from 3 state Attorneys General, on the topic of Federal power versus States’ rights.

Air Time: Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 8pm ET on Fox News

Candidates: Romney, Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, Perry

Here is the entire video courtesy of MRCTV:

Report from Politico:

The presidential race began Saturday with Herman Cain’s dramatic, theatrical exit from the contest, but it ended with a substantive and subdued discussion of constitutional issues at Mike Huckabee’s presidential forum.

Each allotted an equal, set amount of time, six 2012 hopefuls – Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul – fielded questions on issues of state sovereignty and federal power from a friendly panel of Republican moderators.

Huckabee hosted the forum on an extended version of his Fox News show, and invited three Republican state attorneys general – Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia, Pam Bondi of Florida and Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma – to question the candidates.

“We heard more about the Constitution more than every other debate combined,” Bondi concluded at the end of the two-hour event.

It was an opportunity for the candidates to pay homage to Huckabee – who has so far stayed neutral in the 2012 GOP primary. He’ll hold a similar forum in Iowa, focused on abortion, on Dec. 14.

Overall the format was a welcome change from the typical debate format and provided some insight into how each candidate thinks. The questions were well-put from the panelists and it allowed for each candidate to show some strengths and weaknesses on various topics.

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  • Eric

    Thanks for uploading this. Missed it at work and have seen every debate thus far. Thank God finally… each candidate gets EQUAL time to speak. I wish every primary debate was like this. Fair. Kudos to Huckabee and the Attorney Generals on this program.

    Proud supporter of Ron Paul 2012.

    • Canuk

      Are you sure about that? This debate was a safe and simple, more easily controllable format for fox. If you eliminate the interaction between candidates, you miss out on alot of good information. The candidate that believes in him self and wants it bad enough, will rise to the occasion and respond appropriately and intelligently to challenges from other candidates. The ones that don’t when challenged, show their weakness in background and reveal whether they are the real deal or just propped up by a back room team.

      This format to me is akin to picking my wife off of a dating site. I need to see some interaction. Anyone can answer questions. But only the real strong leaders can believe and project that while face to face with their opponents.

      Life is full of hard tests. Tonight’s debate was not one of them really.

      • E Anderson

        I appreciate both of you comments Canuk, in fact I reposted the first one on my facebook. I would however like to add that this forum was a nice addition to the other types of debates. You are 100% correct in what you say, but I believe a good mix of different types of debates and forums allows the public to become more acquainted with each candidates “ideas” and then knowing those ideas can much more visibly see the flaws when a real debate happens. Just my two cents on that.

  • College Republicans

    Ron paul has such a ridiculous foreign policy, I cant believe he has supporters.Would you like our country to get bombed again Ron Paul supporters? Go newt or perry!!!

    • E Anderson

      We haven’t been bombed since Pearl Harbor. Do you know what the Japanese general said after Pearl Harbor? “I will never invade America because it’s citizens are more heavily armed than our entire military”

      What causes you to think that we will get bombed if Paul’s foreign policies were to be implemented?

      The American military is literally 1/3 of the entire world’s military combined. Also if we were to spend 1/2 of what we spend overseas on border security we would have a defense system so unbelievably advanced that bombs would never reach their destination. All of that money could be used to build high-tech defense systems that could intercept and airborn or naval threat and destroy in 2 seconds, literally!. Think about this, we have GPS systems for the public that are accurate within like 30 feet – the military has laser guided systems that are accurate withing 2 centimeters, our military could be aware of a coming threat minutes before it is even in range our defense grid. We have 40,000 troops overseas, imagine if those troops were instead at our ports and borders controlling the intake of people…we could be VERY secure if our Foreign Policy did not COST us so much.

      Not to mention — we can barely afford to have our military stretched as far as it is…what makes you think another country or organization could afford to do the same back to us?

      • Windisea

        E Anderson

        My great appreciation and kudos to you as well! You are needed in the fight for liberty please keep posting and share the above answer everywhere you can. There may be enough time yet to open the electorates minds!

        Ron Paul 2012 National Sovereignty, Peace, Freedom, Prosperity and The Great Shining City On The Hill!

  • Cool! It must be great to live in the one of the few congressional districts in the whole country where the people actually get it! I swear, if it were possible I’d move there. It’s a lot warmer there than joining the Free State Project and moving to New Hampshire! lol After all, I am a Florida boy!
    Now that RP is retiring I hope there is someone there ready to take up the cause of Liberty!

    • E Anderson

      I have not done my homework on Rand Paul yet, however I too hope that Ron Paul’s demonstrations will cause young minds to follow in his foot steps. I know that if I could start life over that I would definitely be involved in our government and I definitely would carry the same words as Ron Paul.

  • Windisea

    William Wokmann, Christopher
    Lynn Kocal and Canuk

    Kudos to you! I am so grateful to you all for possibly the most important contributions posted on this great forum to date. Your knowledge, insight’s and ability to open minds, inform and explain in real terms the underlying reason for the problem’s America is facing is so vitally important! Please do keep posting here and everywhere you can!
    I continue to hope and pray that Americans will open their ears and minds to the vital message Ron Paul has for us and how important it is for America’s very existence that he be elected. With people like you it may be possible.

    Ron Paul 2012

    • Canuk

      Thanks Windisea,

      Although, I’m leaning towards the thought that America won’t give Ron Paul this chance. I can honestly see Republicans managing to fight their more vain and shallow judgment of him out of a desperation for small government only because Ron’s platform is the only one that enjoys constant reminders from news on many economy and debt related articles. But I’d have to say I somehow can’t see Obama rolling over and playing dead. And I can’t see him demonized either.

      While I see even Democrats disappointment in Obama’s performance, the fact is Bush took over a heavy spending Clinton era and did nothing to correct it in the traditional Republican way and under the Bush government, the Trillion dollar bail out was signed, so really Obama was managing a room full of heroin addicts going through withdrawal with an autonomous Fed dolling out Methadone. Not to mention the almost treasonous act of S&P calling a crack addict’s mortgage tiple A, and then after the crash calling America WORSE than a crack addict for believing them in the first place. And no one going to jail for any of that. What president can appear successful in that kind of Guantanimo like environment. Anyone who is charged with that job will look like an ineffective leader, not to mention that the presidents powers are far more limited than people understand. So we’re not dealing with a joker in Obama. He is probably firmly committed to himself and his party and will have ample time during his campaign to draw clear lines of blame. Don’t kid yourself. No party will promote spending now. Its an even playing field in terms of political platforms and Obama will just pull it off better.

      I sincerely hope the main issue becomes about Foreign policy. Its like America is saying that they are a good and morally strong people to the extent that if they saw a man who’s car broke down, they would stop and give that man their own car. Not help or repairs, but give your own car to him. Something that you can’t actually give him because you’re stuck in the middle of the road now. And in this example, if that man were Pakistan, he’s already driven off laughing and tossing your stuff out the window. And now China has picked you up and only on the promise that you would pay for gas, and you can’t just sit in the middle of the road, so the ride lasts until your credit card is declined and then what do you think happens. Well its China after all… China will kill you and leave you in a ditch and the rest of the cars racing by on the road will only care to the extent that China was courteous enough to push the carcass out of their way.

      Ron probably won’t save you, but he will educate you and go on record with countless things he will be vindicated for in history. But who ever winds up running things, just make sure you remember that your congress is equally capable of destroying America as who ever becomes president. Deal with this stuff locally and blow whistles on anyone who is adding to the problem. Fight partisan politics and control your stupid people. They allow the Sara Palin’s in the front door.

      • E Anderson

        Holy crap! I love this entire comment! Particularly your metaphor of what our foreign policy looks like ….I am laughing and crying at the same time, very well written….Canuk for president! :)

      • Mr. Jan

        Don’t forget…. Congressman Ron Paul could save us from the New World Order (One World Government group of ultra rich and powerful) that are taking over our presidents of many lands. He knows whats going on behind our backs…..AND is actually on the USA peoples’ side!!!!!!! He told us about the “Foreign Trade Zones” China will be building on in Boise, ID and having their own laws not ours up there. He will stop the evil “Agenda 21″ also.
        Must see and hear this……… OMG! This explains tons!!
        Depopulation Agenda 21 Simplified – Must Watch
        He’s the only one I can trust!
        Anyone with a brain and a good heart must say “No” to this plan! IMO

  • minijdog

    The truth is it’s gonna be romney and gingrich. both are pretty good but romney is the man to follow.
    And any of the candidates would be so much better than obama.

  • Aaron

    This website has been a great resource for all of these debates! Thank you!

  • Lynn R

    Thank you so much for posting this so that those of us who could not see it on TV had a chance to view in it.

  • FL gal

    Loved the forum format. Keep it up. VOTE Nov. 12 for our Rep. candidate — whoever it is!

  • E Anderson

    I think an extremely important part of this entire forum was stated by Dr. Paul. I am not quoting directly however this is what he said, “The relationship of the federal government, state government and the citizens should put the citizens first, the states second, the federal government third, and most importantly international governing agencies dead last.”

    Remember this! This is EXACTLY how it should be.

    • Windisea

      This article in was shared on the Blue Republican Facebook Page. Created for Democrats and Independents who are disenchanted with Obama. It’s good to know what the other guy is thinking and who they support.

      Ron Paul Should Be The Next President Of The United States – Forbes

      The United States of America may potentially be on the precipice of a Greek-style debt crisis within a few years, and our economy is increasingly looking like it may be at risk of entering another recession – and the Financial Crisis 2.0 could make the Great Recession look tame. Simply put, [.

  • Unimpressed

    I love how Bondi tried to make herself into the center of attention, what an embarrassment…

  • James

    Economy – (noun) – the management of the resources of a country, especially with a view to its productivity.

    The real issue is the Economy. All the politicians say “We need’a git this country werkin ageen” “Need’a put America back to werk” “They took our jobs” “Cockeldoodeldooo”

    Ron Paul is the only candidate in decades who understands economics.
    He asks the only real question in the political arena:

    “Do we want a dollar to be a dollar and the Free-Market to determine value?”
    “Or do we want a Federal Agency dictating what a dollar is worth? Which entities should be taxed less and which should be taxed more? Which companies should go bankrupt and which should be bailed out?”

    Americans should research: Austrian Economics VS Keynesian Economics

  • Augusta

    Please remember we all have differences in opinions but whom ever wins the primaries Please vote for them because ANYONE of these individuals would be 200% better than what we have now

  • Darryl

    Ron Paul makes the case that the MAIN ISSUE for America SHOULD be our Monetary Policy and Ending the FED. I believe he’s correct. What will hurt us most as far as our National Security is concerned is what the Bankers (The FED) are doing to our Economy.

    When we’re Weak Economically, we are Vulnerable.

    It seems that NO one in the Media is talking about what is happening with the European Central Banks and how the FED is “giving away” OUR Money to help the Bankers in Europe. We sure can look forward to Inflation and increasing prices for food and energy. This may be hard for most Americans to grasp. Yes. The MAIN ISSUE should be our Monetary Policy and Ending the FED. Only then can Freedom, Liberty and PEACE be achieved.

    With that said, Ron Paul has the only plan for America that makes sense. People can view it on his website. It’s detailed, concise and it definitely shrinks the size (and cost) of Government.


    I had little opinion about any of these candidates before I started watching the first debate several months ago. I have watched all of them, because I do a yoga workout while I watch, otherwise I am not sure I would spend my time watching. But I have come to have respect and fondness for Ron Paul who is the only candidate who seems genuinely sincere and honest. I dont agree with all of his ideas but I believe that he honestly believes them to be right. Romney I find more and more disgustingly fake, and I dont like the way he criticizes President Obama in such an extreme and distorted way. I expect that of Bachman who I think is nutty and not too bright. As for Newt, I dont think that he is a good or honest man. I think the only reason that he is doing well now in the polls is because many people are uncomfortable with Romney. He just doesnt seem trustworthy somehow.

  • Darryl

    @E Anderson – Romney’s “Business” Experience is working in the Financial Sector WITH Wall Street. He’s definitely of the 1% crowd. Just Google who has donated to his Campaign. This alone should automatically DISQUALIFY him with any Conservative, Tea Party and OWS supporter. He will “appoint” more Wall Street CEO’s, FED “stooges” and Crony Capitalist Corporate CEO’s to his Administration than Barack H. Obama did. These are the SAME Criminals who have Decimated Our Economy and so far, are getting away with it. 60 Minutes just did a Program Titled “Prosecuting Wall Street”. It’s on youtube.

    Ron Paul is the ONLY GOP Candidate QUALIFIED to be President in 2012!

    • E Anderson

      Hah! Fantastic – I’m glad Cain is out too, he actually served on the Fed Board.

    • kim

      You can’t run for president without having a lot of money. Would you vote for someone who didn’t know how to do well in their career? Plus, the founder of the occupation of Wall Street said he made up the number of 1%, so don’t be too offended that so many people do and don’t fit in the 1%.

  • dreambigger

    RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • GuvGeek

    Ron Paul seems to be the only one who understands what War is. 9/11 was a Criminal Act by a group of Terrorist. It became an Act of War on the part of the country of Afghanistan went the ruling party of that country, the Taliban, provided shelter to OBL. Bush should have gone to Congress for a Declaration of War and then NUKED Kabul off the face of the planet to show the Islamic Radicals that we were pissed and would use all means available to rid the world of Radical Islam. This whole war would have been over in 6 weeks and Islamic Radicals would have been taken care of by the Islamic Nations for few hundred years at least, because the Islamic Nations wouldn’t want to be caught up in an all out righteous war by America in retaliation for 9/11. Ron Paul is the only one who I think would play by the rules and get a Declaration of War, then unlease a no holes barred attack on the ememy on the battle field which would be on the enemy’s soil resulting in an unconditional surrender and a clear American victory. This “Police Action” stuff is very dangerous and Ron Paul seems to be the only one that understands this!

    Ron Paul seems to be the only one who understands economics and that returning us to economic stability is the key to getting the economy back on the road to expansion which would fuel long term job growth.

    While I can’t remember Ron Paul putting out an exact figure, it seems clear that he would be looking at Federal Government that was in the range of maybe 10% of GDP or about maybe 40% of the size it is today.

    What’s most interesting is how many other candidates have started picking up on Ron Paul’s ideas.

    The more I watch these Debates, the more I think we need Ron Paul as President and Newt Gingrich as VP to twist some arms on Capital Hill.

  • Windisea

    When I see criticism of Ron Paul I understand the fundamental difference is because he’s not a globalist neoconservative. The ideas of groups like The Project For The New American Century that promote global authority from force through U.S. power is not a traditional conservative view. It’s actually the largest form of government one can advocate for.

    That is why there is not a second choice possible for his supporters.

    Ron Paul 2012 National Sovereignty

  • Windisea

    “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.” Daniel Webster

    Ron Paul 2012 Liberty!

  • rob

    The only GOP candidate that makes any sense is Jon Huntsman. The rest of the candidates have so much baggage, brought on by appealing to the Republican Party, which has careened so far to the right it make Regan look like a card carrying member of the ACLU.

    Jon Huntsman only looks viable because he’s not anti-science; believes in Evolution and Climate change and is against torture.
    What has happened to the Republican voter?

    • Canuk

      I don’t know, but when I watch coverage of them on fox, its my favorite reality show.

    • Lindsay

      Evolution, huh? I hadn’t heard that one. If that’s true, I guess he doesn’t live his religion. That sounds like poor moral character to me.

  • Bill Shenefelt

    I am primarily interested in getting the current President out of office. Thas said, we are sort of given a choice between Gingrich and Romney. Ron Paul sounds nice but not electable. Santorum seems sincere but wants all to go with his religous beliefs, and that is not my desire I am a conservative but not an evangalistic conservative. I lean toward Gingrich since he should know the ins and outs of making things get done in DC. I usually feel a split government is best since nothing gets done since it always seems that if something does get done it is always for the worst, so gridlock keeps stupidity from reigning. Thing is though right now we MUST get things changed before we go completely financially bankrupt like Greese. How about Romney President, Gingrich vp?

    • Aaron L

      I find it comical when people say Ron Paul is unelectable… why? Ron Paul is entirely electable… He has a grassroots voter base and by far, has more supporters than any of the other FOX appointed front-runners. The lack of media coverage for Ron Paul has no effect on his support base and only highlights right-wing conservative fears that we will actually have an honest president who knows what needs to be done.

  • Nice to see an even amount of time across all of the candidates.

    Be sure to get to your primaries and vote. Be active and stick to your 1st choice.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Ketter

    Gingrich can have Iowa! their filled with a bunch of evangelicals that would rather vote for an immoral man over anybody else!! so stupid!!!

  • I have found very few people actually engaged in and responsible for carrying out our foreign policy who are not supporting Ron Paul. One Navy Seal who was in charge of training Afgan troops recently took a good half hour of his time explaining what a “Joke” (His words, not mine) our foreign policy is. It does not surprise me Ron Paul has more support from the military than any other candidate. This is a fact which is easily confirmed by anyone, yet many seemed surprised to learn it. When I go to the pages and forums which have the most vile attacks against Ron Paul, and usually cute attacks in the way of childish name calling for his supporters as well, I can easily understand the disgust felt by many of these men. One of them hit the nail on the head when he told me “When you read that stuff, it’s almost always from the same kind of coward. it’s always from a Chicken Hawk or draft dodger or both”

    The truth is, these Ron Paul supporters, whether you agree with them or not, are very intelligent and they know their stuff. They know their history and they care. Every bumper sticker or sign or TV ad you see is paid for out of their own hard earned money, not corporate interest.

    I am 64 years old, but I’m not too old to learn something. I’ve learned from them and I’ve learned to reevaluate everything I thought I knew. I’ve read more history and researched more and have gone back to my old 1968 Economics books and have asked questions. Ron Paul is not a great speaker and he’s not there to entertain you. If you’re not already educated you will not grasp what’s in his words unless you happen to have the time to listen to one of his hour long speeches with questions which are more like a college lecture than a speech. A dumb and easily board people who must have constant stimulation will not vote for Ron Paul.

    These Ron Paul supporters have made me especially proud of our young people and optimistic about America’s future. Our Forefathers had it right after all, and I’m now proud to now count myself as a “Paulbot”. The day of the news media determining what and how we “Think” is nearing an end and it’s the truth that will set us and our children all free, not Ron Paul. He’s only one of many messengers in a world where there is ever increasing Light.

  • Robert Stone

    Ron Paul is categorizing war on terror not to open us up to outside terror, but to LIMIT the dictatorial measures the US government is taking. You cannot believe someone who is sold out to freedom would give it away to some foreign terrorists. That is not the case at all. He is merely defining it as many Americans see the greatest threat is from our own so called government which has been hijacked.
    To the person who says that he loses his train of thought, you obviously do not understand, that he is trying to answer the questions according to what he thinks is most important and not just to the questions.
    Unfortunately many people do not understand what is has been like to stand alone on liberty and be attacked constantly by the press and others on his long stand and attack on the greatest threat to the US, the Fed and those who control the office of the president. But perhaps you will get that chance soon as things worsen.

  • Erika

    Ron Paul isnt saying the gov is going to bankrupting america, he says they have. he always talks about the facts. the cuts he wants to make are what america really need right now. we cant send any more money we dont have to other countrys, or fight any more wars. he wants to get ride of the monopoly the fed has. this is his plan for creating jobs, by stopping the gov from taxing us to death. he knows a company will hire more employes if you cute taxes were they count.

  • Windisea

    Mr. Jan

    Please repost the link it did not bring up the video you want to share.

  • Windisea

    William Wokkman

    Would you please try to repost the link you referenced? Below is the message:

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    The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

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    Juan Reynoso’s Blog –
    December 7th, 2011
    Ron Paul sound the alarm but not body listen
    Support Ron Paul
    Fellow Americans, Ron Paul sound the alarm but no body listen, most Americans think that the value of the US Dollar is constant, but the truth is that our Dollar is being devalued, it lost 40% of its value since 2002.
    The reasons is the incompetence and corruption of the Washington politicians that are engage in this expending frenzy to bailout and promoted economic stimulus to benefit their cronies at the expenses of the American taxpayers and our country’s economy.
    Fellow Americans to save our country, we must clean up Washington corruption, we only have few law makers that we should work to keep in our government, our job is to cleanse Washington; United we stand for the future of our country and the economic and welfare of the American family.
    Our founding fathers legacy, is our freedom, they give us the Constitution and our bill of rights, that guaranty our liberty to pursuit our happiness through our own endeavor to succeed and become the best we can be. We must learn from our pass, we are not perfect, in the pass we commit acts that today we repudiate, but we give thanks to the ones that give every thing including their lives for what is right and save our country from it’s own demise. Our sin always have being greed for money and power and that is what today is destroying our country.
    Fellow Americans greed for money and power is destroying our country Washington is engage in making you and me an economic slave, they are promoting a concentration of wealth by exploitation and corruption they commit crimes against humanity and deprive us of jobs. Washington made possible for our US Corporations to go to foreign countries to exploit the people’s labor, made goods cheaper than American made goods and compete with small American manufactures and put them out of business creating a huge unemployment, millions of Americans lost their jobs from the legislations pass by Washington to help the multinational corporations to get rich at the expenses of the American people and the exploitation of the foreign workers.
    Today we need jobs for Americans, we need to work so we be able to pay taxes, we need to demand from Washington to end Free trade and the out sourcing of Americans jobs; Washington expended trillions on job stimulus that don’t work, because Washington don’t have the slightest clue of how the economic works, they didn’t have the foresight to see the impact of their ill legislations on our economic and the future of our country; from the tech bubble to the real estate bubble in 2007, they completely missed the recent MF- EU collapse in fact Washington did not see any of these financial crisis coming, they actually fostered with the reckless monetary policy and artificially low interest rates, they ignored the importance of fiscal policies and engage on a frenzy expending to cover up their ill policies.
    Fellow Americans, it is time for us; to make Washington pay for their incompetence and inept regulations and legislations, Republicans and Democrats are guilty of the demise of our economic and the future of our country, we need to vote them all out, we must restore honesty and trust in our Government.
    You decide vote for Ron Paul and the future of our country, or believe this corrupt establishment and contribute to the demise of our country.

  • Michael

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that I even consider anymore. He knows how to get our country out of debt and promote a free market economy.. Gingrich and Romney are somehow frontrunners yet they both flip flop.. and the fact that Gingrich was involved with Fannie and Freddie disgusts me. Neither of them really believe in smaller government, but that a republican can run our huge government more effectively. If anything Perry would be a possible second choice, but what really sets Paul apart is his views on foreign policy and government spending.

    People who are scared he puts the nation at danger are wrong. The only reason we’re in danger is because we are trying to police the world and control other countries. Paul has TWICE as much money donated from the military than ALL other candidates combined!!! And more than 1.5x as much as Obama. He knows what he is talking about. A strong defense is much more important than policing the world.

    We need to take care of our nation and have a sound currency/economy before we even consider building other nations. We don’t get our country out of debt by raising taxes, we do it by CUTTING government spending tremendously and cutting taxes to create economic stimulation.

    Also, Ron Paul protects our Liberty. We should never be told what to do by our government so long as we aren’t harming other individuals. Christians should be able to pray in any public setting, just as atheists should be able to stand up and say “I don’t believe in religion.” If they aren’t imposing on anyone’s views or harming anyone than they have the right to do it. Stoners should be able to smoke their marijuana so long as they aren’t harming anyone or driving under the influence.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate willing to make huge changes to set our country back on track.. At the rate we’re going the dollar will be worthless and our government will be a dictatorship. His message is slowly getting across to the American people and his supporters don’t flip. Protect our freedom, protect our nation, and protect our future. Ron Paul 2012!