With Iowa looking more like a 3 or 4 person race, currently showing Newt Gingrich at the top, the gloves have come off and the sights are set squarely on the former House Speaker. Texas Congressman Ron Paul launched a scathing attack ad on Monday aimed at questioning Gingrich’s conservative credentials and judgment.


Report from Politico:

The hardest blow yet against Newt Gingrich comes this afternoon from Ron Paul’s campaign, which dropped a lengthy, scathing video documenting Gingrich’s ideological deviations and ties to the D.C. influence trade.

Featured in the video: Gingrich’s comments about Paul Ryan, Rush Limbaugh’s response, the former speaker’s climate change video with Nancy Pelosi, extensive reports on Gingrich’s ties to health care companies and Freddie Mac.

Oh, and remember that Iowa voter who told Gingrich last spring that he was an “embarrassment to our party”? He’s there, too.

We’ll see who, if anyone, actually puts clips like this up on television, but at the very least Paul’s well-produced video shows how much damning source material is available.

Paul’s only chance of a path to the nomination will come almost exclusively with a win in Iowa. A second or third place finish will not provide enough momentum to propel him into the tougher primary battles in January and February.

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