Who will Christians support in 2016?


The battle for evangelical Christian votes in 2016, sometimes called “values voters,” is currently being waged by several Republican contenders including Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, to name a few. Report from Charisma News: The left-wing National Journal ran a piece on Sunday making the argument that the evangelical choice for 2016 has already … (continue reading)

Will ‘vote by mail’ eliminate the likely voter gap?


The state of Colorado is implementing a new system this year which allows registered voters to cast a ballot by mail. Every registered voter in the state has been mailed a ballot to simply fill out and return. Of course, voters can still show up at the polls to vote in person if they … (continue reading)

Some 2014 midterm races that will impact 2016


There are several Republicans, and a few Democrats, running races in 2014 which will directly impact the playing field in 2016. This piece will examine a few of those races. 1. Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) Scott Walker was cruising to a fairly easy victory just a few months ago yet now finds himself nearly … (continue reading)

Hillary channels Elizabeth Warren: It’s not businesses that create jobs


There is no doubt that with a statement taking a swipe at big corporations, Hillary Clinton is channeling her inner Elizabeth Warren. The Clinton’s have long been friends of Wall Street and with the 2016 Democratic primary coming around in a year, Hillary is most vulnerable from her left, as in 2008. Report from … (continue reading)

Jeb Bush moves closer to 2016 run according to family


A report out over the weekend indicates the entire Bush clan is supportive of a Jeb Bush 2016 campaign and will work on his behalf in the coming months. Report from the New York Times: When Jeb Bush decides whether to run for president, there will be no family meeting à la Mitt Romney, … (continue reading)

Hillary for President, Warren for VP?


New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, not the staunchest friend of Hillary Clinton, is offering a plan to keep her “in check” if she becomes the Democratic nominee. Krugman would put Elizabeth Warren in the VP slot to keep an eye on Hillary so she doesn’t stray too far from the Democratic base. Report … (continue reading)

Rand Paul plots 2016 strategy days after 2014 election


In yet another sure sign that Rand Paul will be launching a campaign for president in 2016, reports indicate that he has summoned his top strategists to Washington only a week after the 2014 midterms. The meeting will focus on what strategies Paul will employ in officially launching his 2016 campaign. Report from the … (continue reading)

Hillary advances the ‘war on women’ meme


Coming at a Democratic fundraiser aimed primarily at women, what more would you expect? Identity politics are ingrained in our daily lives now whether it’s a run for a city council seat, the 2014 midterms, or the 2016 presidential election. Report from the Washington Times: Hillary Rodham Clinton urged Democratic voters not to be … (continue reading)

The Tea Party and 2016


Not the first thing I’ve written about the Tea Party and 2016, definitely won’t be the last either. Report from the Washington Post: The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Mitt Romney, who is not running (probably?), leading the field, with former Florida governor Jeb Bush in second place. As we’ve written before, though, … (continue reading)

Republican field continues to widen in 2016


You’d think the field would begin to narrow somewhat for Republicans in 2016 yet, as no single contender has been able to grab any momentum, it only continues to widen. For example, a new Washington Post poll now shows there are twelve potential 2016 GOP candidates within striking distance of winning the nomination. This … (continue reading)

Ebola by the numbers, an exponential problem


Our first two numbers are four U.S. Hospitals with significant isolation units with 23 beds in those facilities. Our third number is that, conservatively, each Ebola victim was in contact with 80 people. Hold those numbers in mind. Based on the Center for Disease Control’s reporting of the 75 health care workers that cared … (continue reading)

Almost 1 million votes already cast in 2014 midterms


This is certainly a topic which transcends election years and as more and more states embrace various methods, early voting is becoming all the rage these days. According to the Associated Press, nearly 1 million votes (904,000 to be exact) have already been cast in various 2014 midterm races around the country. Report from … (continue reading)

2016: The politics of pot


I can say with quite certainty that this topic will be much more heavily debated amid the 2016 Democratic primary than the Republican one. Then again, maybe not considering the various levels of marijuana decriminalization support within some factions of the GOP. Rand Paul, I’m looking at you. Either way, Hillary Clinton will be … (continue reading)

Chris Christie, Jeb Bush would face conservative Iowa caucus voters


As this story points out, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush poll quite well around the country but they fall short in early states like Iowa where the caucus electorate will be much more conservative than either man. In that regard, Iowa tends to differ greatly from New Hampshire, which favors more socially liberal, slightly … (continue reading)

Is Tim Kaine the front runner for Democratic VP?


Virginia Senator Tim Kaine has a strong list of positives when it comes to consideration for the Vice President slot on a Democratic ticket. Being from Virginia, a newly minted swing state, his name can have considerable pull on the ballot since he’s already won several statewide elections. Report from the Washington Post: Is … (continue reading)