Open thread: President’s remarks on ISIS


The President will speak at 9pm ET this evening delivering remarks on plans to defeat the terrorist organization known as The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Report from Yahoo News: US President Barack Obama spoke by phone with Saudi King Abdullah on Wednesday and met his top national security and intelligence advisors … (continue reading)

Congress OK with bypassing itself to begin bombing the Islamic State


Just for the sake of a constitutional discussion, here is a topic ripe for the picking. Much was made that President Bush never formally declared war on radical Islam, al-Qaeda, the Taliban or any formal enemy. There was an authorization for a use of force in Afghanistan, and eventually Iraq, but not a formal … (continue reading)

Christie won’t discuss immigration unless he runs for President


For a man who typically doesn’t hold back his thoughts, this one is a bit puzzling. Not even a simply worded statement of some general thoughts on the topic unless or until he launches a Presidential campaign. Report from After criticizing President Obama for his handling of the country’s immigration crisis but declining … (continue reading)

In 2016, Rand Paul must choose between Senate or White House


A little known fact in Kentucky is that state law dictates a candidate cannot appear more than once on a ballot. When applied to Rand Paul, this means he cannot appear on the Kentucky ballot running for Senator and President of the United States simultaneously. Paul had been lobbying for a change in the … (continue reading)

Open thread: ‘We don’t have a strategy yet’


As you may be aware, President Obama delivered some remarks yesterday to address the growing threat of ISIS and how his administration intends to deal with the Islamic terrorist group. The portion of his remarks making headlines came when the President stated that, as of now, “we don’t have a strategy yet” to deal … (continue reading)

Rand Paul attacks Hillary Clinton as a ‘war hawk’


Inevitably a preview of what a match-up between Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton would look like if both candidates end up as their party’s nominee. In 2008, Barack Obama outflanked Hillary Clinton to her left and Rand Paul seems to have taken that lesson to heart, at least when it comes to foreign policy. … (continue reading)

DNC approves 2016 primary schedule in line with RNC


The Democratic National Committee has approved plans to begin formalizing the 2016 primary schedule in line with a plan supported by the Republican National Committee as well. The goal of both parties is to move the primary start away from early January until at least the first of February. Report from CBS News: Democratic … (continue reading)

New York Times defends Rick Perry on abuse of power charges


I highlight the New York Times because their editorial board put out the most backhanded defense of Perry I’ve ever seen. The bottom line, even the Times is skeptical of the charges against Rick Perry which speaks volumes for the validity of the claims. Note the opening paragraph illustrating just how much animosity the … (continue reading)

Open thread: Ferguson, Missouri


August is a slow month for 2016 presidential news but there are a lot of other important topics unfolding around the world. At the moment, the country is focused on the unrest in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Report on the latest from the Washington Post: FERGUSON, Mo. —Attorney General Eric H. Holder … (continue reading)

2016: Year of the Libertarian?


There have been numerous articles touting 2016 as the year when libertarian political philosphies may be poised to make a splash into the mainstream debate of presidential politics. Most reference Rand Paul as the vehicle by which these policies are gaining a spotlight within the Republican Party. The issues of limited government, fewer regulations, … (continue reading)

GOP releases final plans for 2016 debate rules


The Republican National Committee has been working for months on creating a set of guidelines which will govern the upcoming 2016 primary debate season. Consdering the 2012 cycle saw over 20 GOP primary debates, there was a feeling within the party that more control was necessary in limiting the number of debates as well … (continue reading)

Open thread: US approves air strikes in Iraq


Another fast moving story but here’s an open thread to post thoughts and comments. There are so many major international stories happening right now and we haven’t even touched on Russia and the Ukraine. Report from NBC News: The United States dropped laser-guided bombs on ISIS artillery in Iraq on Friday, the Pentagon said … (continue reading)

Open thread: Israel and Hamas


This is a red-hot topic, I’m aware. Here’s an open thread for discussion of the ongoing conflict. Report on the latest via Fox News: Israel resumed strikes on targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire from the area shortly after the expiration of a cease-fire between Israel and the terror group Hamas, Israeli … (continue reading)

Ben Carson hires campaign manager, launches PAC


One of the few who hasn’t denied any interested, he’s simply stated that he needs time to consider the prospects of launching such an endeavor. Well, count him a few steps closer as of today. Report from the Washington Times: Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon turned conservative sensation, is taking a major step toward … (continue reading)

Michele Bachmann hints at possible 2016 run


Because you need something to talk about and Michele Bachmann needs her name in the press again for some reason. Worth noting, I didn’t have her listed in my chart of possible 2016 candidates. I guess it’s time to add the name. Report from the UK Daily Mail: Outgoing Representative Michele Bachmann joined the … (continue reading)