New York enters the National Popular Vote Compact

Popular Vote Electoral College

Along with a short but growing list of other states, New York has now officially joined the National Vote Compact by deciding to award its 29 electoral votes “in any manner it deems appropriate.” This would allow the transition to a national popular vote once enough states pass similar measures. Report from the National … (continue reading)

Christie rebounds in latest GOP primary poll

Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had been suferring since the “bridge gate” scandal erupted months ago but it appears some of this baggage is starting to fall away, at least in the eyes of some GOP primary voters. Report from Fox News: With about 20 months to go before the Iowa precinct caucuses, New … (continue reading)

Nevada Republicans drop abortion and traditional marriage from platform


Is this a preview of what we might see in 2016 on a national level at the Republican National Convention? I doubt such a move would occur but it is interesting to see it happening at the state level considering social issues have been a solid plank within the GOP since the days of … (continue reading)

Las Vegas the front runner for the 2016 GOP convention?


If you asked me, and nobody does, I’d instinctively say probably not. Vegas has a reputation as “sin city,” which isn’t going to sit well with a good portion of the socially conservative Republican base. On the other hand, Vegas has Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino owner who does sit well with Republican fundraisers … (continue reading)

Do Republicans need a woman to battle Hillary Clinton?

Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton

With conventional wisdom believing Hillary Clinton has a greater than 50% chance of being the 2016 nominee, does that mean Republicans will be pushed to counter with a female on the GOP ticket? If they were, who would that female be? Report from Cheat Sheet: Will Sarah Palin run against Hillary Clinton in the … (continue reading)

Supreme Court eases restrictions on federal campaign donations

The Supreme Court ruled today finding that aggregate limits on federal campaign donations violate the First Amendment’s free speech protection. While the actual limit per candidate remains in place, the limit on how much in total can be donated throughout an election cycle has been lifted. Report from the Washington Times: The Supreme Court … (continue reading)

RNC narrowing down list of 2016 convention host cities

Denver is competing against a handful of other cities to make the cut in the next round of the Republican National Committee’s decision on where to host their 2016 convention. Report from ABC 7 Denver: Denver is waiting to find out whether it will make the next cut in the competition to host the … (continue reading)

Utah trying to jump the 2016 primary line

Call it an instance of caucus envy. The Utah House has already passed a bill which would hold an online primary prior to the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary in 2016. So far, the bill has stalled in the Utah Senate. Report from KSL: There’s still a push for Utah to play a … (continue reading)

Moving up the 2016 conventions

Both major parties are now considering moving their nominating conventions from late summer, around August and September, up as early as June in 2016. The most obvious reason is to name a nominee quicker and give them access to money which is locked up until they’re officially coronated. Report from Reuters: A Republican proposal … (continue reading)

Like father, like son? GOP hawks lining up against Rand Paul

With the measurable rise in Rand Paul’s star power over the past six months, a fear has awakened within some Republican circles that the “noninterventionist foreign policy” message may be resonating with young voters for 2016. Many potential candidates will allude to Rand Paul, without mentioning his name, but connect the dots close enough. … (continue reading)

Democrats also seeking limited 2016 debate calendar

Republicans have been working on ways to cut down what was over 20 primary debates in 2012 down to a manageable number with more limitations on moderators and media outlets presenting the debates. It now appears that many within the Democratic Party are having similar thoughts. Report from Reuters: Some veterans of Democratic presidential … (continue reading)

Jeb Bush as the Christie replacement

With Christie being perceived as damaged goods, many of his supporters are now working toward a draft-Jeb movement to convince the former Florida governor to join the race. Report from the Washington Post: Many of the Republican Party’s most powerful insiders and financiers have begun a behind-the-scenes campaign to draft former Florida governor Jeb … (continue reading)

What if Hillary Clinton doesn’t run?

Call this a table-top political war game exercise. Everyone is assuming, myself included, that Hillary Clinton is, at minimum, running in 2016 and, perhaps likely, is a strong favorite for the nomination. That being said, what if she decides not to run, for health reasons or otherwise? Report from the Washington Post: Second tier … (continue reading)

Rand Paul courting GOP donors with 50-state network

As with most of the 2016 contenders, Rand Paul is touting his nationwide network of volunteers and state-level organizations as a way to gin up donations and support from big name GOP donors. Report from the Washington Post: Sen. Rand Paul has become the first Republican to assemble a network in all 50 states … (continue reading)

Russia, foreign policy and 2016

During the 2008 and 2012 elections, the candidates mostly slid by topics of foreign policy since, generally, it’s a hard topic. It appears that some lessons are being taught right now with Russia flexing some international might which will require a pop quiz for the next presidential contenders in a few short months. Report … (continue reading)