Malaysia Airlines passenger jet shot down over Ukraine


This is a develping story but one that could shape the world of foreign policy for years to come as Russia continues flexing international muscle. Some details from Fox News: A Malaysia Airlines passenger plane with 295 aboard was shot down by a surface-to-air missile in Ukraine near the Russian border a day after … (continue reading)

Rick Perry calls out Rand Paul on foreign policy


Between this intentional move to differentiate himself as a candidate and his spotlight on the border issue, the alternate headline could be “Rick Perry officially announces 2016 run.” There’s no other explanation for his choice to specifically pick a fight with Rand Paul over what Perry flatly calls “isolationism.” Report from the CSMonitor: Since … (continue reading)

Cleveland chosen to host 2016 Republican National Convention


As of today it is official, the 2016 Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio. As you may recall, Dallas was the other remaining city on the list which lost the battle to Cleveland. Report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer: CLEVELAND, Ohio – Capping off a months-long lobbying effort, Cleveland will be … (continue reading)

GOP congressman: Mitt Romney will run in 2016


The chorus of support for yet a third presidential run by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney seems to keep growing. Do GOP insiders really feel like they can avoid a party civil war between the likes of the Bush wing versus the Ted Cruz and Rand Paul types if they re-nominate Mitt Romney again? … (continue reading)

Obama may be backing Elizabeth Warren for president in 2016


Is there really that much hostility between the Clintons and the Obamas? That depends on who you ask. However, some unnamed sources are indicating that President Obama has quietly offered his support to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren if she chooses to run for the presidency in 2016. Obviously this would be a slight to … (continue reading)

New poll: Worst President since WWII?


A recent Quinnipiac University poll asked respondents to rate Presidents since World War II. The big losers were George W. Bush and Barack Obama with the latter slightly edging out the former to claim the top spot. Polls like this strike me as fairly biased since it skews toward recent and current events. That … (continue reading)

Democrats narrow 2016 convention cities down to six


Not to be overshadowed by the Republican timetable in choosing a convention site, the Democratic National Committee has also narrowed down a list to six finalists. However, an announcement is not expected until late this year or earlier next year for the DNC site. Report from ABC News: On Wednesday, the Democratic National Committee … (continue reading)

Dallas and Cleveland remain on RNC 2016 short list


The field started with half a dozen cities vying for the 2016 Republican National convention. Since early 2014, the field has been narrowed as numerous cities, including Las Vegas, were booted off the list for one reason or another. Now, we’re down to the final two. It’s Midwest versus Deep South. Report from ABC … (continue reading)

Immigration becoming a big issue in 2014


With a crisis growing on the Southern border as thousands of children continue streaming into the country, there is growing angst on all sides of the immigration issue. Border hawks see this as undeniable truth that our Southern border remains insecure and porous. On the other hand, those in the camp supporting a “pathway … (continue reading)

Comments system upgraded to Disqus

We have updated (overhauled) the comment system to now use the Disqus platform. This is a widely used commenting system employed by many major blogs and news websites. All the old comments have been imported and appear to be showing. To participate, you’ll need to register for an account on the Disqus website. This … (continue reading)

New Hampshire Republicans pick Mitt Romney for 2016


With the 2016 field still churning as candidates stake out positions on the field, New Hampshire Republicans appear willing to settle on a familiar name from 2012. Settle of course, because the field is still taking shape but, for now, Mitt Romney still has support in the Granite State. Report from Politico: Republican voters … (continue reading)

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley testing 2016 waters in Iowa


There are a handful of nationally-known Democrats waiting to jump at the opportunity of the Democratic nomination should Hillary Clinton prove unable or unwilling to clench the mantle in 2016. One of those figures, who has openly affirmed his desire to run, is Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley. O’Malley recently spent some time in Iowa … (continue reading)

Rick Perry openly preparing for 2016 run


Though he has not yet officially committed, he has stated that he is clearing the path for a run if he does decide to make another go at it. Report from Time: Two-and-a-half years after his first campaign for the White House flopped, Texas Governor Rick Perry sounds ready for another run at the … (continue reading)

Rough two weeks for Hillary Clinton


First, there has been a string of high profile interviews which were full of gaffes, testy exchanges, and an element of annoyance on the part of Hillary Clinton. Next, there were revelations that her book only sold 60,000 copies the first week. The publisher already printed a million hard cover copies indicating they were … (continue reading)

Hillary Clinton’s popularity down 18 points since 2012


While still hovering above the even mark at 52%, Hillary Clinton’s popularity is down from 70% in December of 2012. Since that time, she has been forced to deal with a number of embarrassing and politically difficult issues such as the Benghazi terrorist attack and other questionable foreign policy endeavors. Report from Bloomberg: Hillary … (continue reading)