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Biden Steps On Racial Land Mines in George Floyd Protest Visits

Former Vice President Joe Biden made another public appearance this week by venturing out of this home and meeting with protestors concerning the killing...

Outrage Follows New York’s Decision to Cancel its Presidential Primary

Originally postponed until June 23, New York State has now decided to scrap presidential primary voting altogether citing concerns over the Coronavirus. The reasoning,...

The Urban-Rural Divide May Define the 2018 Midterm Elections

There are often demographic differences between voters: income level, gender, age, etc., but there is one difference that cuts across all those barriers and...
Facebook privacy

The End of Data-Driven Politics?

With the recent uproar over Facebook's privacy practices when it comes to allowing political organizations access to mountains of data, we may be coming...

Did Big Money Defeat Dems in Georgia?

We try to bring you what’s being said around the country in politics. Sometimes, it’s to point out the “common wisdom.” But...

Poll: Trump Still Beats Hillary According to 2016 Voters

Much is being made of President Trump's lagging approval numbers, which remain historically low, but the narrative being sold with those numbers doesn't tell...

Why do Trumpists Love Trump?

Between now and November, you have a decision to make. A lot of articles have been written about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. ...

Who Will Bernie Fans Vote For in November?

As we’ve seen in these pages, no one is more devoted than a Bernie Sanders supporter. The depth of emotion is incredible, and...