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Hunter Biden Breaks Silence On Ukraine Hours Before Democratic Debate

With accusations continuing to be hurled by President Trump at Hunter Biden, son of former vice president Joe Biden, it became apparent that at...

Major Red Flags For Biden Heading Toward Fourth Debate

The fourth Democratic debate is coming up in just a few short days, a one-night affair on CNN happening Oct. 15. However, for some...

Will Impeachment Destroy Joe Biden’s 2020 Hopes?

If impeachment represents, for a large swath of the voting public, another messy game of inside the beltway DC politics, then who wins and...

What Does Pelosi’s Impeachment Bomb Mean For The Presidential Race?

After months of pushing back against members of her own party, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced late Tuesday afternoon that she was directing the...

Russia’s Annexation of Crimea Unsettled Issue, Four Years Later

After last week’s election, Donald Trump was hoping he could change the dialogue from electoral politics to international relations. That was not helped when...

Malaysia Airlines passenger jet shot down over Ukraine

This is a develping story but one that could shape the world of foreign policy for years to come as Russia continues flexing international...