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Parties Take Turns Tearing Themselves Apart

This year, the unexpected should have become the expected, yet still we are surprised. The GOP primaries looked increasingly raucous, even bawdy (“small...

Could ‘Mexican’ Judge Debacle Convince the GOP to ‘Dump Trump?’

Bad week for Donald Trump. Yeah, well, he did run the table on those primaries, but that may not be enough. There...

RNC Convention ‘Rule 40’ May Have Unexpected, Shocking Result

Earlier, Donald Trump said that if he goes to the convention ahead by millions of popular votes, and is denied the nomination, there could...

NY Times: Rubio’s Exit Leaves Trump a Path to 1,237 Delegates

Now that we're a couple days past the fallout of Tuesday's primary votes, where do we stand in terms of the delegate race on...

Draft Ryan Movement Underway

In our discussion of the possibility of a Republican “brokered convention,” we noted that none of the candidates may be able to get the...

Could There Really be a ‘Brokered Convention’?

Early on, the GOP assumed that Donald Trump was just playing at politics, and at best, he was a novelty or sideshow. It was...

Ben Carson Threatens GOP Over Brokered Convention Report

The Washington Post broke a story yesterday about a dinner between the Republican National Committee and several top GOP donors to discuss the state...

Dallas and Cleveland remain on RNC 2016 short list

The field started with half a dozen cities vying for the 2016 Republican National convention. Since early 2014, the field has been narrowed as...