Bad week for Donald Trump. Yeah, well, he did run the table on those primaries, but that may not be enough. There was that judge thing. And just about every GOP leader jumped on that bandwagon that ran over him. . .and backed up to do it again. Now, Hugh Hewitt says it’s time to find a way to dump Trump at the altar.

Trump is used to saying anything that pops into his head. That’s why his supporters love him. But he is also, let’s say, thin skinned. So when someone crosses him, he is quick and vicious in his response. Just ask “Lil’” Marco Rubio.

This time, it was the judge who is trying the civil case of Trump University. The Wall Street Journal explains it.

In an interview, Mr. Trump said U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel had “an absolute conflict” in presiding over the litigation given that he was “of Mexican heritage” and. . .“I’m building a wall. It’s an inherent conflict of interest,” Mr. Trump said.

In fact, Trump also included Muslims.

Trump on “Mexican” Judge: We have to stop being so politically correct in this country

Donald Trump says it is “absolutely possible” that a judge of Muslim or Mexican heritage would treat him unfairly because of his political stances with regard to building a wall and temporarily banning Muslim refugees.

Unlike the brash things he said during the primaries, the backlash was immediate and almost unanimous. Even Trump’s own attorney said the judge was “doing his job,” according to Red State.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said it was a “textbook definition of a racist comment,”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell piled on, urging Trump to “start talking about the issues the American people care about.… Quit attacking the various people that you competed with and various minority groups, and get on message.”

Even strong Ally, Newt Gingrich, tweeted, “his description of the judge in terms of his parentage is completely unacceptable.”

Trump’s not completely alone. Bill O’Reilly agrees that the judge should recuse himself.

Judge Gonzalo Curiel should recuse himself from the Trump University lawsuits over which he is presiding because of the remarks made by Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly said at the outset of “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday night on Fox News.

“Not because he did anything wrong. He didn’t,” O’Reilly said, moments before welcoming the presumptive Republican nominee to his show. “But to eliminate any doubt as to the motivation in court rulings. There are plenty of federal judges that could immediately step in. It is valid that some may see any recusal as caving to intimidation. But stark justice in a case this important, trumps — pardon the pun — any theoretical argument.”

Of course, once the furor got too hot, Trump did, uncharacteristically, back off.

Donald Trump said Tuesday his comments that a Indiana-born federal judge might be biased against him because of his Mexican heritage had been misconstrued by the media.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee made the assertion in a new statement Tuesday afternoon as he scrambles to contain blowback from Republicans. . .

The statement came after a telephone call from Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, according to a Politico report.

Even more uncharacteristically, the next time Trump saw the light of day, he was speaking in front of a teleprompter, giving what the Clinton camp described as a “muted, low energy speech.”

The GOP Establishment may have succeeded in “muzzling” Trump, but they didn’t “neuter” him. While obediently following the teleprompter speech, a comment got him going.

A man in the audience shouted out, “No PPP,” confusing it with TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal pushed by the Obama administration, which Trump vociferously opposes.

Trump replied, “No PPP. You’re right about that.”

He then paused.

“And you mean,” Trump added, smiling, “no pee-pee.”

Trump quickly returned to his prepared message.

It’s clear that Trump cannot be controlled. So radio host, Hugh Hewitt, is calling to dump Trump.

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday said the GOP should look to change the rules at this summer’s Cleveland convention so it can ditch Donald Trump as its nominee. . .

“The worst 72 hours for the Republican Party since 2000 when the George W. Bush DUI was dropped,” he said on his program, adding, “We’re going to get killed. We’re going to get killed.”. . .

Hewitt is not the first to suggest Republicans change the convention rules to stop Trump.

On Tuesday, the former New Jersey chairman for Ted Cruz’s 2016 White House bid said delegates have a “moral obligation” to launch an “insurrection” and “unbind” themselves to halt the billionaire’s rise. Moreover, a Wall Street Journal editorial on Wednesday suggested that if Trump “doesn’t start to act like a political leader” he could “hear rumblings that delegates are looking for someone else to nominate.”