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Protest is Busting Out Around the Globe

In the first part of this article, we discussed Black Lives Matter, and the fact that it spread across the United States,...

Black Lives Matter Amplified by Covid-19

This article is split in two. Months ago, we opined that the frustrations of Covid-19 would cause many kinds of disruptions and...

Can Trump Legally Use Troops Against Protestors?

Does a president have the right to call out the military to attack American citizens on American soil? Before Donald Trump claimed...

Biden Steps On Racial Land Mines in George Floyd Protest Visits

Former Vice President Joe Biden made another public appearance this week by venturing out of this home and meeting with protestors concerning the killing...

Let’s Talk About Nike’s Kaepernick Ad

Sick of hearing about the Robert Woodward book and the New York Times OpEd? Tired of hearing about the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and Corey...

Racial Tensions Simmer From DC to Charlottesville

There was a lot of news over the weekend, most of it pertaining to race-relations coming off the one year anniversary of the original...