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Hillary Clinches Nomination, General Election Begins Today

As the 2016 primary season draws to an end, with the exception of the District of Columbia Democratic Caucus on June 14th, the general...

AP Calls the Nomination for Hillary–But Why Today?

Everything is in dispute this year, of course, but the Associated Press (AP) is reporting that Hillary Clinton now has all the delegates she...

Whose Party Is It, Anyway?

Usually, the presidential nominee is considered the leader of the entire party. We’ve made that person almost like a god. He has made the...

Republicans Fall In and Out of Line Behind Trump

Since Donald Trump claimed the mantle of "presumptive" GOP nominee on Tuesday, Republican power brokers and elected officials have been called on to decide...

So Far, Hillary Reluctant to ‘Make a Deal’ With Bernie

Following her victories on Tuesday night in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, most of the media have begun referring to Hillary Clinton the "presumptive"...