Following her victories on Tuesday night in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, most of the media have begun referring to Hillary Clinton the “presumptive” Democratic nominee. At this point, it is not probable that Bernie Sanders would be able to catch Hillary in terms of pledged delegates in the remaining contests. As a result, the Democratic campaign has moved into the “bargaining” mode where the runner-up seeks some concessions in order to start the unification process.

Report from The Hill:

Hillary Clinton won’t bow to many demands from Bernie Sanders, according to her supporters.

Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee after a dominating performance in Tuesday’s primaries. She holds a huge delegate lead over Sanders and is focused more than ever on the general election.

Sanders says he’ll stay in the primary fight, but has also signaled a change in his campaign by laying off campaign staffers and talking about the importance of the party platform to be written at the Democratic National Convention.

The signals are the early moves and machinations of a negotiation typical in Democratic contests.

Clinton will want Sanders’s help in winning over his diehard supporters and unifying the party — and Sanders will want something in return.

The Vermont senator has been trying to push Clinton and Democrats to adopt positions on free tuition at public colleges, and to break up the nation’s six largest banks to lessen their dominance in the credit card and mortgage business.

Clinton supporters argue the former secretary of State has already been forced to the left by Sanders, and can’t risk moving further ahead of a general election.

“I don’t know what’s left to extract,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), a Clinton supporter, said in an interview with The Hill.

He said the Democratic primary moved the discussion “farther to the left than most moderate Democrats would like to see.

For much of the primary, Sanders has been dragging Clinton a bit further to the left than she ultimately feels comfortable, especially with her eye on the general election. However, that was his stated goal from the start, even if he knew that fighting this battle might be an exercise in futility.

If he could get Hillary to adopt even one of his major platform items, such as some form of banking reform, it could be counted as a win in terms of steering the conversation. It’s unlikely Clinton will take up the mantle of “free” college tuition, which was always a topic of disagreement at the debates, but it’s likely they’ll get together and find some common ground to bring Bernie into the Clinton fold, eventually.

This isn’t to suggest that Bernie supporters are going to eagerly embrace Hillary’s candidacy, as I suspect there will be many holdouts.

Sanders has vowed to continue through June, though he has begun laying off hundreds of staffers as the campaign winds down.


  1. A way to win votes with Bernie supporters/progressives, would be be to have someone like Elizabeth Warren as a running mate. At least that way, she can show that she is indeed serious about getting progressive things done. It is not like it is two people on the “far” left on the same ticket, so one can’t argue that the ticket is too heavy.

    • Not a chance.

      Warren has proven herself to be an utter complicit coward. Bending over and being silent (and thus complicit) with the DNC for what? Hopes of getting a butt-snogging position in a Clinton administration?

      Yeah. NO.

  2. I think the winning candidate should be able to run on her own platform, and not that of the person who lost the nomination. Bernie supporters should be adult enough to know the consequences of not voting for the Democratic nominee in the general, and what can happen if they don’t.. Both, when in Congress together voted the same 93 percent of the time, and are not that different when it comes down to everything, and the cost Democrats, and every liberal person out there would pay if the D nominee, who ever it is, doesn’t win this election. I think they have plenty in common that could be added to the platform such as the repeal of Citizens United and campaign finance reform. Most politicians would rather not have to spend half of their time in office fundraIsing, and worrying about paying for their campaigns.

    • Hillary is being investigated by both the IG and the FBI — as such, she should never be allowed to even run.

    • If you think that Clinton will change the campaign- finance system you are the one dreaming. I think the same goes for the big banks otherwise she would public those transcrips.
      My personal opinion is that in the long run Drumpf is great, in 2 years it will be much easier for progressivs and after 4 Years of nonsens a real progressiv candidat will have muche better chances to get in office.

    • That’s new. Throwing out your moral compass to vote for the popular candidate is “being an adult”. That used to be called cowardice. I don’t care about the outcome if Bernie loses. Hillary earned that.

      And stop calling things you don’t agree with childish old timer, it shows your age. We’ve thought about this decision for a long time and this is our choice.

      I wouldn’t have minded sucking up a vote for Hillary if she didn’t insult my intelligence by running as a “progressive”. Her voting record is abismal, and she has NEGATIVE interest in removing money from politics. Her campaigne is built off a lie done so well that none of her supporters can even name half her policies or how she plans on accomplishing them. She can burn in superPAC hell.

      • Blah, blah. If the Democrats lose you will have to deal with the misery all yourself, but I suspect you will be whining your little heart out blaming everyone in sight instead of yourself. That is where you come in as a child.

        • I think this country would endure it. Donald Trump will have the same policies as Clinton in virtually every single way, if he wins he will end up in the same boat as Obama was with an opposed congress because dems will rewin the senate. Both Clinton and Trump would only be one term presidents.

    • Gin: I’ve been watching campaigns since Ike. Usually, no one cares what the platform says. When asked, a candidate will say, “yeah, of course,” but once elected, he or she can do what they want. The platform is intended as a way to differentiate the parties. No other value or meaning.

      • Yes, I know. I was using maybe the wrong term. Bernie wants to influence the platform, but he also want her to run on many of his own issues, such as 15 dollars minimum wage, instead of 12 dollars. He can’t expect the winning candidate to take on the losers issues. That is just ridiculous, and he is pretending to make these demands in order for him to endorse her. Frankly, those who are going to fight for her, and the Democrats to win are going to do that regardless of what Bernie wants them to do. I’m tired of all this Bernie or Bust crap.

        • Even if Hillary got 5,000,000 of the hypothetical 10,000,000 democratic votes. That still means half of the country Supports Bernie’s ideas.
          That’s hardly worth calling “a loser’s policies”.

          Roughly half of all democrats believe in these policies. Don’t you think it would be a little unwise to dismiss us in such a way? Then you wonder why I wouldn’t vote for a candidate who doesn’t fight for me? Not to mention how her allegiance changes with the seasons.

      • Devil–cantankerous old man–it doesn’t really matter. When it’s all said and done, anything can be said and it doesn’t really matter. A friend asked me if I thought if Bernie looked like the nominee would HE make a deal? NO!! Who cares? I’m having fun with it.

        • What exactly will Hillary (cough) “get done” again with a Congress who hates her with the searing heat of 10,000 suns?

          That’s right. Absolutely NOTHING.

          Oh. Except start more war and chaos.

          • What will the only Socialist get done with a Congress full of Republicans and Democrats. BS has nothing encouraging to say about anyone except BS.

      • Thanks for joking around. Folks get SO serious. I want the “Hillary for Devil” sticker!!!

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