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The Bipartisan Fight to Re-establish Congressional Power

Seven Congresspersons have written an opinion piece in the Washington Post, reminding the country that war is Constitutionally the job of Congress, not any...
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Does Biden’s “Landslide” Poll Over Trump Mean Anything?

There was a lot of chatter this week about a new Quinnipiac poll providing insight to hypothetical one-on-one matchups between President Trump and the...
Nancy Pelosi Donald Trump 2020 President

Why Nancy Pelosi Should Run For President

We’ve been having discussions about the fact that, above all, Democrats want to win in 2020. Although the party has been coming up with...
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Should We Vote For Vice President Separately? Vice.run Says Yes

None of us are alive to remember, but there was a time when President and Vice President were selected independently from one another within...
Kamala Harris 2020

Kamala Harris Officially Running for President

We reported previously that California Sen. Kamala Harris (D) would soon be entering the presidential pool and on Monday she made it official. Harris made...
Larry Hogan and Donald Trump

Another Popular Republican Who Could Challenge Trump in 2020

In an earlier article, we discussed a dozen Republicans who might challenge Donald Trump in 2020. But we now have a new possible challenger....

Julian Castro Forms 2020 Exploratory Committee

I want to say "first in the pool," but he's not the first Democrat to make a formal move toward a 2020 presidential run....

Former Candidates Can’t Run Again (Right Away)

Reader Berkley recently wrote, “The Democrats desperately need to reinvent themselves. They need to put aside Biden, Clinton, Sanders and all the “over seventy”...

Report: Oprah Winfrey ‘Actively Thinking’ About Presidential Run

I think it's fitting in the age of Trump to start off 2018 with speculation about another massive entertainment celebrity considering a presidential run....

Kasich-Hickenlooper to Form Bipartisan Presidential Bid?

There have been rumors that Republican Governor John Kasich, of Ohio, has considered challenging President Trump in a primary for the 2020 Republican nomination....

GOP Insiders Secretly Wish for ‘President Pence’

More and more, as the Russia thing is ongoing and as the Special Counsel ramps up, some within the GOP are looking forward and...