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Trump Drives Agenda as 115th Congress Seated

There seems to be little argument over whether Congress or President-elect Trump will be driving the agenda in 2017. Just hours after the new...

Full 2016 Electoral College Results by State

The 538 Electors of the Electoral College met in their respective state capitals yesterday and easily handed Donald Trump the mantle of Presidency with...

Right and Left Grump at Trump About Carrier Deal

Last week Donald Trump went back on the road. He had had enough of thinking about governing. And who’s surprised? His...

Obamacare Replacement Could Take Years

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump made repeal of Obamacare a primary goal. It was going to be one of the first things...

Confirmed Trump Cabinet Picks So Far

Here's a short list of who Trump has picked for his cabinet so far. Rumors abound that a Secretary of State pick is imminent...

Trump Spokeswoman: No Hillary Prosecution

During the second Presidential Debate back on October 9, Donald Trump unequivocally stated, if elected, he would ask his Attorney General to appoint a...

First Trump Cabinet Pick: Jeff Sessions for AG

News is leaking this morning that Donald Trump has selected Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as his choice for Attorney General. Sessions' name had been...