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Could Trump Pick a New Vice President for 2020?

It’s seldom that a winning ticket is broken. Why rock the boat? But the boat has been rocked 11 times in the past, so...

Could We See “President Patrick Leahy” Next Year?

Conspiracy theories have said that Donald Trump will not leave office if he loses. Bill Maher has been saying so for several years, as...
Abortion Alabama 2020 Election

Abortion Explodes Into The 2020 Presidential Race

This past week, with the approval of the Alabama law which restricts abortion in the state, without any exceptions, the issue has exploded onto...

Both Parties Push “Wave” Narrative in Ohio Special Election

We're coming up on a special election in Ohio for a congressional seat abandoned by Republican Pat Tiberi after he retired in January. The...

Hillary Becomes President In Five Simple Steps

Some Democrats are holding out hope that the Russia investigation yields actionable results which would cause Donald Trump to either resign from office, or...