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Full Video: CNN/New York Times Democratic Debate From Ohio

On Tuesday night, a record twelve Democratic candidates shared the stage in the fourth debate of the 2020 Democratic primary. The debate aired on...

CNN and New York Times to Host October Democratic Debate

No sooner have we finished the third Democratic debate and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is already giving us details on the next installment...

Who Wrote the New York Times OpEd?

Washington loves a “Whodunnit.” And we now have a humdinger. Someone high in the White House has written an OpEd about the Administration for...

NY Times: Rubio’s Exit Leaves Trump a Path to 1,237 Delegates

Now that we're a couple days past the fallout of Tuesday's primary votes, where do we stand in terms of the delegate race on...

New York Times questions Hillary’s credentials on women’s rights

The New York Times was out on Sunday with a story highlighting the Clinton Foundation's donor list which includes many Middle Eastern countries that...

New York Times defends Rick Perry on abuse of power charges

I highlight the New York Times because their editorial board put out the most backhanded defense of Perry I've ever seen. The bottom line,...