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Does Money Matter in Presidential Campaigns?

Politico reports that many Republicans are upset that Trump “went dark” in the media the last week of the month. They note...

Elizabeth Warren Blasts Mike Bloomberg For Delaying Financial Disclosures

Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks about the influence of money in politics and directly blasts former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for spending $200...

Buttigieg, Klobuchar Win Post-Debate Fundraising Bump

Aside from measuring post-debate polls, it's always worth watching the fundraising numbers to judge which candidates had a debate night good enough to encourage...

Trump Fundraising Doubles Obama At Same Point In 2011

As a candidate in 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama was a prolific fundraiser. As a first-term president running for reelection, he was an even better...

FBI Raids Office of Trump’s Personal Lawyer (Updated)

The news broke late yesterday that FBI investigators, based on a tip originating with Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation, raided the office, home and...

Georgia 6: The Most Expensive House Race in History

The money has been flowing in on both sides from the parties and outside donors making the Georgia 6th district special election the most...

Conservative PACs Now Attacking Trump

The quintessential establishment figure, Mitt Romney, went on TV to deliver a “major” speech. And Mitch McConnell has said GOP senators may have...

Jeb Bush and allies haul in over $100 million

The end of June marked the end of the second quarter of fundraising for many of the 2016 presidential candidates. All eyes have been...