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Trump and the Troops, 2020

The big campaign news last week was that Donald Trump was accused of showing disrespect toward our fallen soldiers. Amazingly, much of...

Can Trump Legally Use Troops Against Protestors?

Does a president have the right to call out the military to attack American citizens on American soil? Before Donald Trump claimed...

Right’s Reaction to Afghanistan Speech: Riled

The response to Donald Trump’s Afghanistan speech was quick and negative—from the right. All eyes were on Steve Bannon, who was eased out...

US Military Begins Arming Syrian Kurds Fighting ISIS

In a break with his predecessor, President Trump has decided to go ahead and begin arming Syrian Kurds with weapons as an indirect way...

Did Hillary’s Foreign Policy Trump “America First”?

Last year’s presidential campaign featured stark differences on foreign policy. Hillary Clinton was called a “NeoCon,” because she was seen as the candidate...