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2020 Iowa Caucus Results (Feb. 3, 2020)

Results and analysis of the 2020 Iowa Caucuses from the Des Moines Register and other live video streams below. Alternate Live Streams: Washington Post (YouTube),...

One More Look at Iowa Caucus Polling Chaos

Now that the Des Moines Register, the "paper of record" in Iowa, has decided to withhold the results of the paper's final Iowa caucus...

New Iowa Caucus Poll: Biden 18, Warren 17, Buttigieg 13

Last week, following the October Democratic debate, we tried to explore the question of whether Mayor Pete Buttigieg revived his campaign with a solid...
Joe Biden 2020 Iowa Poll

Latest 2020 Iowa Caucus Poll: Biden 29, Harris 18, Sanders 15

We've been watching the sparse polling of the Democratic field among Iowa caucus voters and, so far, the news has been good for Joe...

Hillary Clinton Declared Winner of Iowa Democratic Caucus

Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner by the Iowa Democratic Party. The razor-thin margin is basically a tie but Clinton edged out by...

Less Than Two Weeks to Iowa Caucus

We're under the two week mark with just thirteen short days before Iowans begin the caucus process on February 1. The Republican race in...

Latest Iowa Caucus Poll: Clinton +3, Cruz +4

The latest polling out of Iowa shows a tightening contest in both parties as the caucus draws closer. There is a discrepancy between what...

Ted Cruz Takes Five Point Lead in Iowa (Updated)

The latest Iowa GOP caucus polling shows Texas Senator Ted Cruz leading the field sitting five points ahead of Donald Trump. Rounding out the...

Countdown to Iowa: Sixty Days Out

Now that we're all filled with Thanksgiving cheer, it's time to drop the pretenses and get back to the messy business of politics. We're...

Jeb Bush skipping Iowa Straw Poll, and perhaps Caucuses

Reports indicate that Jeb Bush is planning to skip the Iowa Straw Poll, an event which happens in August and is somewhat mixed in...

Jeb Bush down to five percent in latest Iowa caucus poll

Yes, that's 5% as in not even cracking the top five in the latest poll of Iowa Republican caucus voters from Quinnipiac. Bush has...

Latest Iowa Poll: Walker up by 10

If you're wondering whether the Scott Walker train has eased up in terms of widespread Republicans support, a new Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll...