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Biden Does Abortion Funding Backflip

While former Vice President Joe Biden's official position on abortion, in general, hasn't changed, his views on whether government money should be used to...

Shutdown: What Happened and Why?

Now that the government shutdown is over (except for the long startup), let’s do a post-mortem. What are the results of the shutdown? Why...

Trump: Government to Reopen With No Border Wall Funding

On Friday afternoon, news broke that an agreement had been reached by both parties to halt the partial government shutdown for three weeks, until...

Senate to Vote on Two Funding Bills Thursday

Senate leader Mitch McConnell has finally gotten back to work, and the government shutdown could be over by the end of the week. As...

If Republicans Were Smart (They’re Not)

This is a “bookend” piece. We already did “Stupid Democrats.” Republicans are usually much better than Democrats at messaging, but not this time, they...

Poll: 84% Say Shutdown Was “Mainly Unnecessary”

Shutdown? What shutdown? Ahh, that's right, we've forgotten already and it's only Thursday. The short-lived shutdown used as an attempt by Democrats to extract...

Does The Shutdown Really Mean Anything?

Once the shutdown happened on Friday, as the Senate failed to pass a funding bill, the speculation and analyses went directly to asking which...

Government Shutdown Seems Imminent

The House passed a funding bill yesterday, but Democrats in the Senate don't appear willing to take it up and provide the needed votes...

Trump Deals With Democrats on Debt Ceiling, Hurricane Relief

While Americans are rightly focused on Hurricane Irma and the impending landfall somewhere along the coast of Florida this Saturday, the federal government is...

Democrats Tout Victory in Trump Budget Deal

The threat of a government shutdown has been averted, but not without some serious concessions from the Trump administration on issues such as no...

Trump Sanctuary City Plans Thwarted by Obama Judge

President Trump's fight with the federal judiciary continues as his most recent push to withhold federal funding from cities which proudly fly under the...

Government Shutdown Looms Over Border Wall Funding

There are fears of a government shutdown in days if Democrats in Congress and the President cannot agree on some sort of deal over...