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Professor That Predicted Trump’s 2016 Victory Has New 2020 Prediction

Aside from the polls, which can vary widely depending on the voter models and pollster weighting, we can also look at election models that...

A Few Surprises in Tuesday’s Primaries

Happy July. We’re now just four months away from the general election, and June ended with some significant primaries. The most notable...
Problem with Elections Divide

The Real Problem With Our Elections

Over the past week, this writer has focused on the Electoral College and has spent hours doing calculations. After reviewing the options, it seems...

Primary Elections Today in Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma

They're calling it the "sunbelt primary" with respect to the warm, southern states represented in the primary races taking place today. There are several...

Russians Mainly Wanted to Stop Hillary

Donald Trump doesn’t want people to think the Russians helped him in 2016. Maybe not, but their goal was to stop Hillary Clinton,...

Russians May Help Democrats in 2018

Donald Trump takes every opportunity to try to discredit Robert Mueller’s probe of the 2016 election. That’s because he’s afraid his unlikely election will...

Some Primaries Tuesday Will Decide November Midterm

Wake up! We’re finally rolling toward the midterm elections. After months of special elections, and months of, well, nothing, we’re having our first big...

Trump Rebuked In 2017, Obama Rebuked In 2009

There is an unwritten rule of modern politics that concerns Virginia and New Jersey elections. Since 1989, the party that wins the White House...

Will GOP or Dems Lead the ‘Seventh Party System?’

A lot is being made about Republican leaders who are beginning to endorse Hillary Clinton. The media are seeing it as “rats leaving...