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If Texas Turns Blue, How Do Republicans Win The Presidency?

With recent polling indicating that Texas might be closer in 2020 than in 2016, and demographics in the state trending favorably towards the Democrats,...

Pollsters Have Adjusted Their Models Since 2016

It’s normal for a candidate to doubt the polls if the polls show them behind. The public can be drawn into that...

Will GOP or Dems Lead the ‘Seventh Party System?’

A lot is being made about Republican leaders who are beginning to endorse Hillary Clinton. The media are seeing it as “rats leaving...

There’s a Clear Urban-Rural Divide – But Why?

The GOP did a post-mortem after the 2012 election to examine why Mitt Romney was unable to defeat President Obama amid conditions which should...

Iowa voting trends could spell trouble for Democrats in 2016

Iowa has a reputation as being a swing state though in the past two presidential cycles, it has leaned reliably Democrat with Barack Obama...