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Can Trump Intimidate The Presidential Debate Moderators?

No sooner than the list of 2020 presidential debate moderators was released than the Trump campaign began expressing displeasure at the selections. It's typical...

To Debate or Not to Debate

As we have seen, 2020 is like no other election year. Most obviously, we have a pandemic, which in turn, has caused...

First Trump-Biden Debate Moved to Ohio Due to Coronavirus Concerns

For the second time this summer, a debate venue has pulled out of hosting a presidential debate due to concerns over health safety related...

Trump Wants More Debates With Biden This Fall

In a typical presidential year, at least in modern times, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) will schedule one vice presidential debate and three...

Fixing The Presidential Primary Process—Is It Broken?

The clunky and somewhat outdated process of how major parties select their presidential nominees is often criticized for being out of touch with modern...
2020 Presidential Debates CPD

2020 Presidential Debate Sites and Dates Announced

After a lengthy process that happens every four years, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced today the four universities which will play host...

Fall Democratic Debate Schedule: What We Know So Far

As Summer finally bids us farewell and we head into the fall campaign season, here's a look at the upcoming Democratic debates in October,...
Trump Debate 2020

Will There Be Presidential Debates In 2020?

We’re all focused on the Democratic debates, but it got us to thinking, what if Donald Trump refuses to debate—not only his GOP challengers,...

Candidates Hit DNC Over Debate Rules As Deadline Approaches

The last day for candidates to submit their polling and fundraising data to earn a September Democratic debate spot is on Wednesday, August 28....
Bernie Sanders Debate

Bernie Sanders: Democratic Debates Are A Reality TV Show Of Soundbites

Earlier this week, while speaking on the Joe Rogan podcast, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders opened up with his thoughts on the current format and...
Trump Join Democratic Debate

Trump May Join The Democratic Debate With Live-Tweets

You didn't think that Democrats would get away with having four hours of national broadcast airtime without President Trump trying to intervene and push...
Lester Holt NBC News

First Democratic Debate Moderators Announced By NBC

As we approach the first Democratic debate of the 2020 Democratic primary, the final details are finally coming into place. Following a recent announcement...