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Billions of Covid-19 Lawsuits Will Be Filed

There’s a lot to talk relating to Covid-19. Most of it bad news. Except the celebrating stock market, because the rich get even richer...
Trump Make Farmers Great Again

Trump’s Trade War Opening Window For Democrats In Midwest?

We spend a lot of time focused on the 2020 Democratic presidential primary mainly because that's where most of the political action is right...
U.S. Debt Trump China Tariffs

Might China Fight Trump by Dumping Debt?

People have said that it makes sense for us to raise the trade war with China since they sell us so much more than...
Joe Biden Bernie Sanders 2020

Is Biden Treating China Like Obama Treated Russia?

If you put your presidential history cap on and think way back to the ancient year of 2012, you may recall the pivotal Presidential...

North Korea, Part One: Trump = Obama

We had a recent complaint that some of our stories are way too long. Therefore, this complicated discussion of the North Korea situation...

Trump Swings at North Korea; Russia and China Urge Calm

The typical response from the United States to threats coming from the North Korean regime have been fairly muted over the past couple decades....

Trump Ceding Leadership Role to China?

The media has reported widely that Donald Trump has been trying to increase the importance of Russia, and its leader, Vladimir Putin. Less...

Fears of ‘World War 3’ as U.S. Takes on North Korea

We've entered a strange portion of President Trump's first 100 days. The U.S. missile strike in Syria and the current posturing toward North Korea's...