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Biden Is ‘Fine In The Basement’ Says Former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe

Despite the almost backhanded nature of the comment, former DNC Chairman, and former Virginia Gov., Terry McAuliffe, is not incorrect if you follow opinion...

Trump Plans Return to Large Campaign Rallies Soon

When the rallies stopped, with the last Trump rally held in early March, the President said they would return "sooner rather than later." With...
Trump 2020 Campaign Kickoff Orlando

Trump Kicks Off 2020 Re-Election Campaign From Orlando, Fla.

Some media outlets are asking whether Donald Trump ever really stopped campaigning for the presidency even after winning in 2016. He continued holding rallies...
Biden Anita Hill White Mans Culture

Biden Does Housekeeping on Anita Hill and “White Man’s Culture”

There can be no other explanation for former Vice President Joe Biden's latest statements other than to view them through the prism of launching...
Bernie Sanders 2020

Report: Bernie Sanders Taking Steps Toward 2020 Campaign Launch

The news broke earlier today that Vermont Senator, and former 2016 Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, has reportedly recorded an announcement video with the expectation...

Will Trump Be Re-Elected in 2020?

Democrats are coming out of the woodwork to run against President Trump, and we've been covering them as they make their moves toward launching...

Kamala Harris Set to Announce 2020 Presidential Campaign

It has widely been speculated that Senator Kamala Harris would be making a run for the presidency in 2020. Sources now indicate that Harris,...

Facebook Founder Prepping 2020 Presidential Run?

It's never too early to start looking down the road at the 2020 Presidential election, so from time to time stories crop up worth...

Russia: Meddling, Da; Collusion, Nyet

The National Review (NR) has a story that pretty much explains the 2016 election Russian connection: Yes, there was meddling. Even Trump...

Report: False Russian Intel Forced Comey Press Conference in 2016

It's late on Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend, who wants to read about more stories about Russia tampering in the 2016 election? Well,...