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Beto Debate Gun AR15

Beto O’Rourke Bets His Future On Gun Control

At the end of the 1995 movie (spoiler alert), The American President, Michael Douglas playing President Andrew Shepherd, breaks into a press briefing (note:...
Bernie Sanders 2020

Bernie Claims Victory For Mainstreaming Progressive Policies

Despite the fact that Bernie Sanders' poll numbers have continued waning for several months now, the democratic socialist Senator from Vermont is claiming a...
Joe Biden 2020

Democrats Roar Into Debate Week Attacking Trump And Each Other

This is the week we've been talking about since late December when the Democratic National Committee first announced the schedule of twelve 2020 primary...
Pete Buttigieg Kirsten Gillibrand 2020

Candidates Split On #MeToo Resignation Of Sen. Al Franken

This is old news from 2017, perhaps, but it's been resurrected on the presidential campaign trail in the form of Democratic candidates disagreeing over...
Pete Buttigieg Fox News Town Hall

2020 Presidential Election News Roundup (May 22, 2019)

We've been covering news roundups of the Democratic primary, but it's also worth expanding this format to include more aspects of the 2020 presidential...
Beto O'Rourke Pete Buttigieg 2020

Beto Down, Mayor Pete Up

We at “USPEN” like to scan many different sources, to bring you angles you may not have seen. One of them is the betting...
Pete Buttigieg Boring 2020

Is Buttigieg Too Boring To Be President?

Mayor Pete, as he's known by supporters and critics alike, is still working his rhetorical magic on the campaign trail and continues to gain...
Kamala Harris Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren 2020

2020 Democratic Primary News Roundup (April 30, 2019)

It's been a couple of weeks since we dipped into a news roundup to catch the action from all the 2020 Democratic contenders, but...
2020 Democratic Candidates

Here’s Where the 2020 Democratic Field Stands Today

With Vice President Joe Biden officially joining the 2020 Presidential campaign in pursuit of the Democratic nomination to challenge President Trump, here is where...