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Full Video: President Trump Speaks at “March For Life” Rally in Washington

Full remarks from President Trump addressing the annual "March for Life" anti-abortion rally in Washington, DC. What: President Trump's full speech at the March for...
Joe Biden abortion Hyde amendment

Biden Does Abortion Funding Backflip

While former Vice President Joe Biden's official position on abortion, in general, hasn't changed, his views on whether government money should be used to...
Abortion Alabama 2020 Election

Abortion Explodes Into The 2020 Presidential Race

This past week, with the approval of the Alabama law which restricts abortion in the state, without any exceptions, the issue has exploded onto...

Trump Angers Pro-Life Groups Over GOP Platform Changes

There are few topics in politics that can command such strong emotion on both sides as the issue of abortion. Throughout the campaign, Donald...

Rand Paul asks for equal treatment on abortion questions

No sooner did Rand Paul announce his 2016 presidential campaign than he began fielding questions about divisive social issues from eager reporters. These are...